The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1943
Page 2
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' PAGE POTJ1 THE BLYTfcEVILLE COURIER NEWS IBS COURttR\,NE*S OO. ", W. RAINES, Publisher ' . GATE ? S . Advertising Manner RAUjYME DAVIS, Circuhtloa M4B«ge r ,;fuMto»ijET«ry.Aft«niobn Biigpt Sunday r . io^Meond class m»tt*f,»t the i»st- MjFtheville; -ArtahsM, under act ol October 9, «17. , serwd bj the United Prws, ,..., .. RATES . 9 1 *™" in, the city of Blythevllle, 15c per wjlp, ,05 «5<\ per mpnlb., ,. , , , " By mall, within » ( radlus of 50 miles, »300 per year, »150 for sh ponth;, 75o,for three months; bvma 11 'outside 50 mile tone $1000 per ve&r »or 3 vif (' tl ' 1* T\vo important objections have been raised Against the Austin-Waclsworih imliishial draft bill. Rotli £o straight, to ifs^ heart—to the question whether any iiuhsliial draff! act should he adopted. V-The' ( first Stresses thai' voluntary • methods, have not. yot licen given ojY- ; -jibrtiinity to prove I lici'nsclvc.s. 1 f. labor hoarding,' mifjiiiaiiagemcjit, short , woi'k weeks, ab'scntecisiii, feathcr-bed- -, ding, .racial discrimination and similar .-'nracticw'. "\ycre_.a'bollsliccl, there would 1)6 no need lor a labor draft now, if ' ever, But as \\c have pointed out before, the fidniimshahon nevci has shown anv intention of ending down on such practices, and piobabh \\ill not until (he political millenium .nines. The .second objection, \oiccd most rc- eenth by Picsident Giccn of Die American Fcdeialio,n of Laboi, is thai an nidiishial diaft \\ould impose invohm- tarv seivitficio in violation of the 18th amendment and of "om most bnsic arid chenshed concepts of Jiccdom " * * * That is just as hue ol ,i laboi draft as it is of a nulitaiv diaft Hath forces men, I'egaullcss of peisonal and' family hardship, to take nc« jobs.un- dei nc\\ emplo\eis—not neccssaiify of the man's 6\\n choosing Let's waive the diffeicnccs in com- . foit^ iafetv, salruv and geneial -edo- , ; iiomic^ecuiity, m disinption of homes and fafnilj ties, belwceu mihfaiV 'anff mdustiial diafts 'the\ all npei.iie iii 1 favoi of an mdustiial diaft ^Thc sokhei has no altein.itixp of eiit- .ployefs, he # woiks foi Uncle Sam,' or C K C ^We can not baigain as to salary. He can not demand mcidme p,u schedules He tan not like time df) if he gets boicd or tned 01 sick Tie has none of the puvileges which \\ould be retained In LOjoi tmdei t'hc Austin- W.idswoflh bill * * * . . Is he, (heiefoie, a seif Not at all. He is a loyal Amencan, doing for his count!v what the lav. and Ins conscience requite His nnol.mlaiv seiviludc is foi, the dm aboii Neither would the laboi ci be a serf. He would he piotected b\ volumes of laws enacted to assuie that no employer shall take athantngc of hnn by -i do^en and one aic.t, woiko, pniiinl federal ^and .state, bv politi- - eians who know \\hence then \otcs come, by vigilant public watchfulness. His^wage, \\oikmj? conditions, living conditions, all aie amplx seemed He could not be exploited. Mr. Gieen's giound loi opposilion is not irnpiessive Co-Operation *~ ^1^1 'v T»o Orldndo, Fla, (ax,cab compan , m dramati/e the simphcilj «,th uhicl war savings can be mtido. b| thop wlirj nve. alert (q natipiifll ..ijccas. fiV one' week, by co-o|)cralion, ihoy saved' 16,000 miles of lire wear, 12SO gallons of Kasoline and consitlerabln money. The method was so obvious nobody had,adopted it. The companies : merely nrrnn^tl thnt whenever orjc'r'eceivcS a call, the dispfttcher cnc'ckf! (o see which lias a cab nearest the' viciiiitv of tlje pichiip. Thdt ear is ,seiit,,nisffca(l of Iclting it roll lincl<-6mptj' 'while nii- ollier travels miles, empty, to answer tlio call. ' ' Fireirieii Come Thrtiiigh Now ,York.'s (ircnien votpd to ilelor- mine whether th'ey sh'oiikl conlimie' do- i»K tinpa'Ui "V duty" an a stilndby pre- ca n (ion ngaiiih't hir raids or..oiher \yftr emergencies. It was predicted that (hey would turn dowr'i Ih'e : .proposal by a heavy margin. ( liisteiid, they,, i/cccp't- cd it l)y a majority of 'iiiniost two to one, Once agniii it develops jh^th^mcn in llic ranks see more clearly th^ii'their alleged spokesmen, who, seerji 'jo'/i'nil it de.sifiible to rani ^iiul riive hiul pfojeci —perhaps. In. let It .be known that iiicy are -slil! on (he jol). I I I think we nve^ dolnfe' j'yretty well - \vlth n bunch, of ( hoys who tire pitching all .rl^hl, We nro all. trying, r The inoi'alc'of our forces , Is high—in. hie I, so high it scares me.—LletiL-Ocn. Onoriso C. keni)ey, allied "Kir loi'ccs cornhinnder In .southwest Paclflc. ' * ' * . .* We ;,U1I have a long an'd hnril road to travel, tofore bur linal goal Is, nchleVcil. ti'ml our nniVi BOH! ts ami. nin'4 fj'c'.(lie compicte criishliig of Illtlerllc Gcrmiiiiy—niissliin' yinVimssa'cfor io liri- liiin Ivan Maisky. •+•'•'* * .1 say it wilHakc 15,000,006' Americans in uhl- fanii to do ihi job ifmt needs lo be, jionc, for ye ];aye the only manpower left.—Cn'fit. Eddie I .-firmly,.believe thftt not/until fhefe is im- cl on every man iiiid woman' Ih'e Cflual obli- iadon lo rcmlJM- ( service. In v llie ,war,_effort wi]l IhLs country make,the all : oul,.war effort.viilcii we nre cft'pnbie'.—Uhdursecrelary (if' War ;Robt'rl I'. PiitCcvsbn. . •' •' We imisl o(rer.,ihe.. relm-ijiug^soUlfpvs some-' inorc llmii ti .starvation existence on Hit ,,. .,, TI ' C I " iu .'y^ lo " s '' 1 -'' x l'«"si0] l i of o'iir indiif- ti'lc's shows whit biisincs.^ will'do in pence. \Ve lie willing to co-oijernie with uVe worldV —Alf M. Inndbii.' "... *..*,,» .We look it for a while, aiwi iiow.,we're disli- '."6. '!•. S u %. .AiKl.thc men who ore doing it are IhCj same old lirectl or Americans.—Navy SecS-e- tiify Fi-finfc Knox. - iliilcis the liitlcrilc army ; ami state :aiid tne new ordei- In Europe Is completely .sniashed, we cannot hojic lor any. belter fuUire for the world, for your country, for, my cpiiutry.-Rnssimi' Arri-f bnssiuior lo Britain Ivan Miiiskv! I think it will bb a • long \vni- riiiti there 'is much danger rihcail for Irnnsiib'rlafiin'.-btrr' Dircctur Joseph u. Enstniiiii. • ; . * * * ' • ' . Every American must.,dp hb utin' to help win the wnr in thJ shortest possible' time at llic loirest posslWe cost of Hfc, for the harder wc work [he sooner will our victory come.-Jaiiras A Farley. * * * ,-Mnch,Heavy ,i,,d hnfd njhtinff still iW alicncl' for British nnd, American forces (in Africa)- Wiiwio'n Churchill. ,* * * . The allies have achieved notable victories recently, but lo count on,« qificK conciusion of he. wr would only work to get onr.sclws In troublc-Briti,!, Foreign SccromVy SIDE GLANCES iy.diftnl* f ^= * V**«J£r- f £S** A*' B' Hit. 5 HI CC fcC T M Rio u - P«T OFF/ I \MS \\ondennf! it joud speed up niy imlutlion no- tuo—then nij piieiils \\oiilcln t find out' I'd ne\ei have : gridintcd fiom hiqli sdiool (his year .invw <»>•'" > f v f HIS CURIOUS WORLD e y wmiam Fergujofi INSTRUME^IK AND SKILL, A PERSON' STANDING OH SOUD EARTW C^N C3BSERVE ,;,TME ^EAVEMUY. BODIES AND DETER. <V\lf4E,HIS OWN ; ' . SHIR AT SEA,' HE CAN ipCATE HIS POSITION WITHIN A •... !(0 THE AJR ABOARD. A 'PLANED WITHIN i. M. aec. 0. s. PAT. OFF COPft. mi BY NEA SEflVICF. If, IN HOLLAND, ROASTED TULIP BULBS ARE BEINS GROUND UP AS A . GINGER ALE-IS ALWAYS WET, "%..,• - ROMAUp AA. ANGUS. " lights of the sky train trip. "Slarl- ing from Phoenix al t p. m., am heading out over Superslilioi Mountain. Is that, right?" i "Yes," Pal said. "The firs, glider leaves the train at Globe Arizona, 100 miles away 1 ." "But you do fly right over Superstition?" "Sure. It's on the direct route.' "Aren't you afraid?" "Goodness no! Sailplanes fly best over mountains, because ol the thermals or iip-curronU common Ihere." "Kut Miss Sluart, I meant the —Ihe history of dealh.s in Superstition,".the reporter smiled. "The lost gold mine up there has hired more than 20 people to mysterious deaths. A lot of storms originate up there, too." "Sony," she smiled bade. "Can't work up any fear." Pat had to keep alert in order lo remember she was Miss Stuart, in (he public's mind. "Okay, Ihen. Eastern Girl Defies ^ Superstition Jinx, f can wriie a few cracks about that." ."Surely. Have your fun. But please print (his, loo: this Is a genuine, test flight, or demonstration. To prove the feasibility of glider trains. Jimmy will—I mean, Captain Can- will pilot the towing airplane and he'll lead the (rain from city (o city over (he southwest, mostly over Arizona. It's an ideal place because Ihe test ivill be severe.""How. so?" m "It covers such varied country, Captaiii Carr says. Plal arid land', wilh only cactus growing. Some more actually below..sea .level Then rolling sand dunes. Next low foolhills. Then ranges of mountains made of red and purple rocks—not that the colors mallei-, I guess, but I saw thorn coming here from New York/And filially, over giant forests and mountain ranges that extend up (o J2.000 feet altitude. You sec? Every possible kind of air current ought to he encountered. More than any average trip lo Ihe easl- w&fftil em sl.ilcs would oltcr." - Pat had penciled llic roule for him on ;i map. ."But Miss Sluart, there aren't half a dozen landing fields on that whole roule! I'll bet on that." She laughed ge»IIy. "Sailplanes <lon't need 'em. "No, really. Tjial's ' one good thing about coni-ing ami gliding.' ,> * 'M "How do you "I mean that a sailplane: can land on-a very final I area. Pancake down on a school yard or '•ily lot it need be. Not like a power plane." That's great business Sluarl." "Surely. Thai's why Globe, Arizona, was chosen (or one stop Jimmy says. It'.-i a town in a gulch or canyon. Hardly any flat ground. . And the first plane'to leave (he sky (rain will be over Globe." "And have to take ils chances." "Right." :. "And Miss Stuart, you're the only girl | n be on Ihe train?" ^ "Yes." Sbo .smiled again. "I I'm afraid (he men pilols kind of 'osent mo." .1 "Gosh, I wouldn't!" said flic re- wrier, in frank admiration. In- en-jewinff predy "Loraine Slu- >rl," whom they thought Pat to be, had been Y fhe reporters' main Jlcasurc in.covering this soaring -nrniviil, anyway. . ;••••*» * . papers of course had already carried .Pat's picture mil write-up as being the girl of he (rain. I[ added zest to the lews stories thus to. have a ro- nance.. Handsome Captain Can- Noting the .tow plane. His de- icious looking little fiancee looked on somewhere behind, in ruth, America, had pretty well alien in Jove with Pal's pictures ince she slat-led that-adventurous imk«t from New York. What icrsislently nagged al her was the acl ol her pose, her mascjuerade. Is being necessary made it no ess distasteful.' The real Loraine.Stuart may,or lay not,have seen the morning apers, however. She wouldn't ave cared; she felt that she had nailers absolutely under conlrol nee more. Jim Carr had made ove to her right in the presence f that little snip! Jim had al- owed. her lo announce their wed- ing plans, for tomorrow noon, o, o£ course she, the real Loraine, ould "fake over" 2iow, about as ic pleased. Lorainc. gave that pleasure] NEXT:_ When (he northern, lights lurnea traitor. Farm Woman's Column . Mississippi County homcmakers, in.,the, opinion of "Mis.s Cora Lee Colenmn, county home.demonstra- tion, .agent, .are becoming more consclovjs every day that clothing is. nou.just .1 luxury, bill Is second in-importance only to food in the family ..budget.. • ' . Poinliiig out Ihal the cost - of Clothing increased about -1-1 pel- cent in 194.2, Miss'.Colcman said llial this rteveloism'eiu together with the .f!\ct,thnt clothins rationing is in prospect sonic time in the future if the wnr continues • for aiiy lenglli pf linie, will probably result m,increased .interest, in Ihe purchase..of long-wearing, clothes .'. Miss. Coleinah. however cauliori- ed; against the purchase of nny clolh.lng thai 15 nol an abjblutc necessity. Excessive buying aiiti noartlinjf. she (vnrned, will oiily hasten the day of clothing ration- ^ She then advised thai no clothing should be. bought tills Spring until a Ihorough checkup has been made of all clothing on hand lo see what -. ._ . . ' ,,ij - ' ' OUT LETTIM' M.Y MA KSX3W i'M TH1MKIK1' . OF HER.' S ' ^ . t LftMD SWELL JOBS iirticlcs can be allcrctl or rem'odel- Federal Lknd Bank 31 LOANS —I.ONG TERM LOANS —LOW INTEREST —Short Term Privileges Marcus Williams Secreiary-Trcasnrer Colloii Belt -N.F.I/4. Osccola, Ark. '\ .for continued use. Altliough (here is only 10 per cent ss le.xtile ynrdngc .iivnilablc for Q« than in 1041, Miss Colcmnii lid, Ihere Is .beginning to lie a shortage of some materials. Mississippi County homcmakers will find more blending of re-used and repossessed wool in wool fabrics. Increased nmoimt.5 of .short stap! c collon .will be (ised to replace long ,,NEA Service, Inc. ••' " — some (houghl. Jimmy had lo leave her right afler lunch, ct L'ourse, as bodi.he mid Pat Friday were, swamped wilh lasl-miiuilc preparalions for the sky train. But JLoraliic.jsat.Jn a luxurious swing on. the. cafe, und sipped drinks and eiijoycxl .smoking. She could look otil ov«- Ihe «reat Hying field. Tomorrow \ noon, she thought again, they would bo married. At 2 o'clock she look, a taxi ' back to her hotel, re-dressed self rather gorgeously in I,.,,,,; togs, including a .cnfe new helme. .she had purchased. It was more ornnmonlnl. llian useful. It did just (he light things to Loraine's blond curls. The whole cutfll, in fact, was sporty, smart; it gave iicr lovely figure full emphasis, so that when she came back to Sky Harbor people inevitably turned to n dm ire. That was at a quarter of four -no being lale lor Loraine (his j .ime! There was a feel of excite- j ment, a (ension in the very.air.-• Thousands of spectators had gathered. Radio men were putting i he show on national chains. : S'ewsrcel men were scurrying : icre and there. Loraine's culry [ was quiet, unassuming, but defi- 1 i.ile. She bluffed past the guard ' .ines and started directly toward i he group nearest tlie train of | sailplanes. Ed Bryan, one of the ' >ilols, stood there wilh the oilier . lilots. So did Pat Friday, Jimmv j -arr, a dozen or so officials, cor^S Tiitleemen, rejx>rlers and sucli. As-Lofaine approached, she heard v Eat Friday speak rather vehc- ' menlly. j 'All right, what jf. a|: mere' woman?" Pat was demand- i ng of Ihe )nen pilols. "Women' ire as good as men. But if yon ' nsist on my taking (lie tail-end' plane, I will." j "iN'ow, please," some man said, 'We just don't want anything to lappen to you, is all. You take he tenlh plane so you can cut oose first and face less danger ice?" i Pat didn't smile, but she , youldn'l argue any more. She | iidn't want fo make a scene. ; Then she furnctl and saw Lorainc \ Sluart approaching. "Jimmy!" she breathed. "Ed! ".ook!" A reporter discovered gorgeous ' .oraine at that moment, too. lie ' ang out, "Gosh, is this lady one ' 'f your pilots, too, Captain Carr?'!, Loraine herself answered, 0^,^; I disdainfully. "Do I look as it L < vcre dressed for" ; (To Be Continuei) Wayne Oliick. r ari(1 .Poultry Feeds . on IVajne iiualif) \ihcn hiiyin;; feeds of all kimls HAYS STORE i "ftnncr's Headquarter! . In Bljthefille * M staple cotlon fonnerly used. : There will be less'. dimity, batiste, fine chambray, and oilier material'!' made from long slapl c cotton. R«ad Courier News want ads'. We Buy Geo. H, McFadden & Bros. Asfcy. Over Bonmi* nrug Slore V. o'. g a!t 2 J8, tily'llievillc Ark r rSA*wtt >honW2 BAKER L. WILSON •—..'. 'J LKaKA ,j,i Let Us De-lint and Treat four Now I* f}ii> Time To Get Tins Work Done—Before The Rush Is On! Lee Wilson & Co. Armorcl, Arkansns Mr. Farmer See Us For Fa'rm FIJNK'fj IIYijRII) CORN Order Now! Equipment Of All Kinds! All siics Clipper , SEEfi CLEAN KRS Need certificate) Horse .Drawn, 1 row PLANTERS' (No certificate required) All sizes new A-C TRACTORS (Need certificate) .122 E. Main Horse anrl Tractor DFSC HARROWS (Need cerlificatc) See us for FIELD SEED ot all kinds. BYRUM Phone 401 the Books Are Now Open for the Payments of 1842 SfftfE & fcOUHTV TfiXES — and — 1943 IMPROVEMENT TAXES On Real Estate arid Personal Property Penalties Will Apply After Penalties nidy be avoided by pai/inff at least bnc-foiirth of tfte total ariual tax befoi-e April 19th HALE JACKSON Sheriff and Collector Missisripipi Coim^y Arkansas

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