The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1968 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1968
Page 12
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— 'Wythwfflt (Art.) Courier Nevn - Monday, May «, Kit! Four; One Escapes Newsman Tells of Shootings s as Editor's note — The writer of | this dispatch, an Australian freelance journalist, was one of five news correspondents attacked by the Viet Cong Sunday. Eour were killed. 5 By FRANK PALMOS Written for The Associated' a Press 3SAIGON (AP) - We had headed toward the Mekong Delta' but there was nothing doing down there, so we decided to liiad back toward Saigon. gjohn Cantwell, an Australian and a Time magazine staffer, vfas driving. Michael Birch of the Australian Associated Press was in the right front seat of the small, open jeep-type vehicle. On the right in back was Ron Laramy, a British national who worked for Reuters; in the center was another Reuters man, Bruce Pigott, an Australian. I was the last to get in and had to take the half seat in the back with my left leg hanging out over the side. We saw two gunship helicopters attacking about 1,000 yards to the north. We headed into a very crowded and poor district on a muddy street about 12 feet wide. Moving the other way was a strong current of refugees shouting, "Viet Cong! VC! VC! VC!." I was sitting on the mudguard on the left. So I had a higher view and I said, perhaps from intuition, "The VC are up ahead —stop! stop! stop!" Bruce said, "Oh, go ahead anyway," but immediately after his face went pale. Apparently he had seen something that I hadn't seen. We drove into an open intersection. It was empty. I shouted, "Stop! Stop!" because I was scared and I felt that there were VC there. Cantwell swerved to the left and while he was trying to get into reverse, two Viet Cong opened fire. One on our left had a burp gun, the one on the right an AK47. There were two other VC there in the background and the fifth, the commander as I learned later, was nearby. It wasn't a real ambush. They were holding the perimeter of the VC area. The burp gun and the AK47 pushed bullets for a full 10 seconds through the jeep. I jumped to the left, staggered about 10 yards, pretending I was hit, then fell. After the burst, I looked under my shoulder and could only see two others of the four. One, whom I thought was Laramy, had his arms and head thrown back, his mouth open and he looked dead: FROM KITCHEN TO SPACE FUEL VALLEY FORGE, Pa. AP) —. Scientists at General Electric's Space Technology Center here say Teflon can be modified into fuel for tiny rocket-like "thrustors" needed on satelliles to keep them in the desired attitude or position in space. It burns without leaving any after- deposit, and is insensitive to heat, humidity and acids. Engineers here have been using Teflon to fuel an engine named "SPET" in a continuing test. The engine has operated successfully for nearly four months, firing a miniature burst every half-second. The second, whom I believe was John Cantwell, was lying on his back to the left of the jeep parallel to me but about six feet away. The automatic fire stopped and the commander came forward with his left arm outstretched, holding a 45. He began to walk toward the jeep. Everything was quiet for a few seconds. Then I heard Michael Birch call out pleadingly, "Bao Chi! Bao Chi!" — Vietnamese for newsman. The commander just looked at him, still pointing his gun, and said derisively, "Bao Chi." Then he pumped two slugs into the jeep. * * * I don't know whether he fired at Birch or anyone. I was lying there pretending I was dead. This fellow walked around the back of the jeep and the .person lying on his back parallel with me about four feet away was moving. : The man took very, deliberate aim from about five feet away and he shot three times. The 'first one hit below the body, skipped over the body and missed my head by a fraction of an. inch. One of the next two bullets entered the body. The body tightened up, then relaxed. I waited until he had finished his clip and was starting to put the gun back in his belt. Then I peeked under my left elbow and saw that the burp gunner had also lowered his sights. What I didn't know was that both of them were refilling their clips. . I had my left foot under my body sort of in a starting position for running.' I had about 100 feet to run and I ran a football dash, zigging and sagging. The AK47 and a burp gun opened up on me, but the VC were lousy shots. They hit poles and advertising signs in front of me: ' ' I turned a .slight corner and the automatics stopped. Then I heard the commander coming after me. I caught up with the tail end of the refugee column, ripped my shirt off and splashed mud on myslef. I crouched over because I was a good foot taller than most of those people. The VC commander fired shots over the refugees' heads to get them to stop me. But not only did. they not give me up, but they didn't turn their heads. I walked for about 200 yards and commandeered a Vietnamese vehicle. We had gone about a mile when I saw an Australian soldier. He rode With me to a secure area. I was still hoping that the others were playing dead, too. WE'LL SAVE YOU $ DOLLARS S On Your Next 1 Prescription ANNOUNCING . . . Effective now, we are inaugurating a new CASH AND CARRY PLAN of operation in this store. It means that new lower prices are now being charged on most every item throughout our drug store and reductions in prices will amount to tO% to 40%. From now on we will strive for low overhead & high volume to pass these savings on to you. Delivery Service, Gift Wrapping & Charge Accounts are not included. Mail your doctor's prescription to us and we will return the filled prescription by mail to you. Let us price your next prescription. MALL DRUGS Located Between Safeway & Mont. Wards Day Shopping Center—Ph. PO 3-0411 United We Stand, Democrats Say i RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. AP) | ings of Democrats he had seen — Democratic candidates ex-1 in many years. .pressed confidence Saturday 'night that a united Democratic party could oust the Republican administration in the November general election. On hand for the rally were five gubernatorial candidates, one candidate for the U.S. Senate, one for Congress and many aspirants for state offices. Gubernatorial candidate Marion Crank appealed to the Democrats to close ranks after the primaries and support the party nominees. Former Atty. Gen. Bruce Bennett, also seeking. the governorship, said the state must be made Democratic again for the next 100 years. "Have you seen the present administration say anything good about the state?" Bennett asked. Ted Boswell, also a gubernatorial candidate, called for Democrats "to face the challenge of the new generation"— a generation he said that knew no age limit but believed in progress and the future. Mrs. Hale Boggs, wife of the Louisiana representative who is majority whip in the U.S. House, said, "I think it is time for demonstrations to be over and time for positive action." Clyde Byrd, also among the six Democrats seeking, the gubernatorial nomination, said the rally was among the best meet- Tkc Swwatawd! w&i\ witty—By Harkei China Company, America's Oldest fwdwl on Mtictwml* M SAVE UP TO no/ 6UAK» MAID NONITDHf SAVINGS OF MOM THAN 50% OH OPIN STOCK COMPLtm ITIMSt YD, you con mm this btwitiM SoHn Irw •ton* Dinnenram for only 9c f*f pwct jnt kf trading with us. With each $5.00 in trade punched an mtrchandiH cord, pu may buy one pitct far only 9c (nines «p to $1.80). Pick up a merchandise cord and start toward your complete set today! VahMto?i-80for«ilrM Oru rmt Plaza .WALGREEN AGENCY PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER — PH. PO 3-4507 "If we can have more of them throughout the state, there will be no. question about the outcome in November," Byrd said. "We've got them (Republicans) outnumbered if we stay togeth- NOTICE The Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, will offer for sale by sealed bids the following parcel of land in the Central .Urban Renewal Area, Project No, Ark. R-39: C-50A2 400 Block N. Broadway Any information concerning the above property may be obtained at the Urban Renewal Office, 211 N. Broadway, Blytheville, Arkansas. Parcels must be bid separately, and each bid must be accompanied by redevelopment plans and a depoit of ten percent. Bids will be opened Thursday, May 16, 1968, at 2 P.M. at the Agency Office. All bids and plans are subject to the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority who reserve the right to reject any and all bids and plan. HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE by: W. J. Cupples Executive Director 5-6, 13 IN THE COUNTY COURT FOR THE CfllCKASAVfSA DISTRICT OS MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Number 604 . IN.THE MATTER OF ANNEXATION OF CERTAIN TERRITORY TO THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, LOCATED IN THE WEST HALF (VWi) OF SECTION ELEVEN (11), TOWNSHIP FIFTEEN (15) NORTH, RANGE ELEVEN (11) EAST NOTICE Notice is hereby given that there has been filed in" the County Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, a Petition to annex certain territory to the.City of Blytheville, 'Arkansas, filed by Denny Hammond and .others, said land to. be annexed lying in the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wit: '•:' Land carved out 6f the West Half of Section 11,'Township 15 North, Range 11 East described as,follows: Start at the Northwest:. corner of Southwest Quarter of Section 11, Township 15 North, Range 11 East, thence North 130 feet for point of beginning, thence East 465.6 feet; thence South 130 feet to the North line ; of said SW'A; thence' West 165.6 feet; thence South 145 feet; thence West 300 feet to the West boundary of said Section 11, thence North 275 feet to point of beginning, and Start Northwest Corner of Southwest Quarter of Section 11, Township 15 North, Range 11 East, run thence South along Section line 542 feet for point of beginning thence East 300 feet; thence South 130 feet; thence West 300 feet; thence North 130 feet to point of beginning. dedicated to the highest standards of service COBB FUNERAL HOME i$ a member of NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS an International Association of Funeral Directors with a code of ethics dedicated to serve and protect the public interest. 0 MEMBER BY INVITATION Cobb Funeral Home BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. JOIN US FOR A WORSHIP BREAK AT NOONDAY Monday-Ihru-Friday, May 6 thru 11 SERVICES FROM 12:30 TO 12:55 IN THE MARTIN ROOM OF THE FORMER GOFF HOTEL Dr. Morris Ashcraft, Speaker Ervin Keathley, Music Leader SPONSORED BY FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Light Lunch Available at Nominal Cost From Noon to 12:30 and After Services JOIN US FOR EVENING SERVICES FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 715 W. WALNUT 7:30 EACH EVENING A plat of said Proposed Annexation is on file with said Petition in the office of the Clerk of said .Coiirt and 'the under- sighed has been named by the Petitioners as a person authorized to act for them in the premises/The Court has fixed the 5th day of June, 1968, at 9:30 o'clock A.' M., Courthouse, Blytheville, Arkansas, as the date arid time to hear the aforesaid Petition for all relief prayed and all interested persons are now notified to be present in said Court on the date so fixed. GIVEN This 3rd day of May, 1968. J. W. Steinsiek ' c/o Gardner & Steinsiek 115 North 2nd Street BlytheviHe, Arkansas Attorneys for Petitioners. • 5-6, 13 IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOB THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS ARTHUR J. POINTER AND ANNA MAY POINTER AND JAMES TERRY, AS TRUSTEE; PLAINTIFFS. VS. . NO. 17,555 EDDIE SMITH AND'~ LULA MAE SMITH, DEFENDANTS. NOTICE OF SALE Pursuant to the provisions of a Decree rendered by the Chancery Coiirt for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 25th day of April, 1968, in a cause therein pending and numbered 17,555 on the docket of said Court, wherein Arthur J. Pointer and Anna May Pointer were Plaintiffs, and Eddie Smith and Lula Mae Smith were Defendants, I, the undersigned Commissioner, will within the lawful hours on the 31st day of May, 1968, offer for sale at public auction to the highets and best bidder, upon a credit of three (3) months, at the front (South) door of the Courthouse in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, the' following described property: Lot Twenty-nine (»)> to•••'"' Block Six (6) of the W. W. Hollipeter Second Addition to the City of Blytheville, '.Arkansas. ; Said property will be sold subject to first lien of mortgage to BlytheviHe Federal Savings and Loan Association. The purchaser at said sale will be required to give Bond with approved security to secure the payment of his bid, and a lien will also be retained on the property therefor. SEAL GERALDINE USTON, ' COMMISSIONER IN CHANCERY. GRAHAM SUDBURY 115 North Second Street Blytheville^ Arkansas Attorney for Plaintiffs 5-8,13,20 You feel BETTER INSURED with MFA ....because YOU ARE! see your For that "Pea! Better Feeling" HFA INSURANCE . , ef>;nf BUELL W. CARTER, Agent-607 N. 6th-PO 3-3361 For the fashion minded, Gricketeer features this double breasted blazer in a hopsack weave, of Dacron Polyester and wool. The contrasting Crick- eteer check slacks make this an outstanding combination for spring and summer, available in regulars and longs. Blazer $49.95. Slacks from $14.95. Shop Our Complete Gift Dept. For Gifts for the Graduates We Have Sizes of Graduates In This Area and the Surrounding Area Schools! ree Gift Wrap And Mail Wrap Fin* Apparel For Mtn and Boys Mason Day

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