The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 11, 1937
Page 5
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER. 11, 1937 BUYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION \ Daily Tale per line for can&ecu- lly'e insertions: D\i time per line lOc] l*v\\tlines pei 1 line per day ...OUc: N,,..X\ ,,. u(;s |icr j| tlc Jier day -> g flc . [ Canary Mncjcrs. ICca.sonaUle prices, j Mrs. MiiCullough, 'J01 South 21st ! Street. ll-pk-13 Home & business. 3 room anl.. acre land. Groceries, beer. Carters Anyone minting reliable driver to Foil Smith or Oklahoma City, notify Mr. TUK! Mrs. 0. M. Recelcv I new KOO.W feathers. Dox Washing nwelline (or 150 pounds. 1-laia early ueariim peeiut & Irnit 1'osl Office. ^, Ul. 2, Box 98-A, OseeojH. 3-pk-W. lixlvnes |icr line per day' Ooe. Shirley Tcmplo doll \villi hand made t:onlh rate pur line GOc clotlics. call «5-W. O-ck-lli i'nrds i ( Thanks SCo As 75<; MVilnnuu c'lwrijc Mr. Ads o\']ered for Ihrcc or sLx lime* im<V.. slopped before expiration will h\' charged for the num- ter of times, the add appeared and I'Jjuiitnicnt 4 r bill made. All Classified Advertising copy luumiltcd by persons vending out-! Me W- Mail orders lo H. (.!. Me fide of Ihc city JUiisl lie nccom-j Halley. m. 3. Blylherille. panie<i by csisli. Hates inny he mlly computed from nliove table. niiihiK room sullr. Davenport, ,t Chair. Mrs. C. W. Aflliek. ;tek-tf 193U n<idu<i Panel delivery tru:k, A-l oHidition. $278. Phone IIC. HOME MADE WINE ordered for irregular isGitions t^kc.'i tlie rme liinc i~ate. No i csponsiMlity will he tafeen for more (Man one incorrect i:tscr- llon ol any clnraifieri nd. Business Directory Visil Hurry IJailcv's Nc-.v MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. COAL ffi.oo i: U]> per '1'UN. Washed iiiid Pirknl. Kim 'I'nniUiiiiii I'lione -n On Highway (il at Holland M;il;e one .stop Tor JJ u c !-, Wine, Whiskey, Fresh Crap pie, Good Fowls. WALLPAPER S'eir )."»8 irillrriis. ciuse prlce.s. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 j 0 room mortem house ut 1500 W. | Ash. for sale or trade. See J. Vf. I Mnloncy, Clart: and Railroad Sis. Qtandnrd Refereuco Books. Com- Delivered in lilylhevillt- 1m- Sl.Ij Ktitl mi. All Coal Guaranteed.— rltom; S-F-l & «7,S MODERNIZED COAL Washed, Waxolized, Dust Trpixtcd Four grades: SS.flO. $100, 55.00 and S5.S5 per 1(100 pounds. Phone 100 for a trial order. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. U-pk-13 Want to contact 50 ulrls Interest- and u'lUIni! lo dcvolc six niontlis lime lo learnlnsj highly paid pro- fe.s;;ioji ul IScauly C'ulturr. New Hehool to open in Blylhcvillc Jt nary isl. Write for full details loj Letter Fl.sher Gip.voii, filfj ICrcusoji, Ave.. Jonestoro, Ark. Kirljy's Tasteless j CHILL TONIC Contains More <)uimne~More Tronj Tlia RflwmmendciJ Ti«*lmeot for . HAI.AHIAI, Ollll.LS and FEVGK SiVAMI' FEVKH — AGVIIJ I'KVJiltl At All Klrli^ Drue Slor«« Washing lives now, Ciitnlu;: Iree. Bass I'l'-jj Courier, or phone 727. ll-ck-15[cun Coni|inny. Lumln'iion, Miss. Wnshliif!. rouiih-ilry & llnishcd. Hi- livereil. li quilts or blankets. SI Miiyiu;; iviisher. I wusli fiiitnin:; **x Willy Bell Crrriti behind Diown's Ice Piwnl. 30-iik-12-:iO Female AURREfiS ENVELOPES AT HOME von as. ooou PAY. Experi- 1'iicc imnecessnvy. Wonderful m>- pcrluiiily. Everything Sii|iji!l-:d. Soybeans - WANT til) - Soybeans We I'ay Hljlu'sl market I'rici-s lor All Varieties MALDKN GRAIN CO. W. (). Hccvr*. Agent Su. II. II. St., Next (« Magnolia I'l.inU-ItlvllH-vtllr, ,Hli. IMV I'IKINK T,55 NKillT JMIUNV, W!) Highest Market Prices Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. Uenr Jcifl (mites' Slorii FARM LOANS •"•" J500 unit Ur Athiiivas and MUMuri l.mvfsl rail's—luivesl ri|>ni« •>lMl I'ltv IIMlpUlllt's DON H. KASSI5KMAN Thomas Ijiitil Co. Ollloe 1'. 0. Box no. Phono 52T. Hemorrhoids-Piles CURKD WITHOUT SURGKKY& CUAUANTKKU Safe, sum unit wllli less illsenmfort. All diseases anil romlldims of IIITVHUS "ilsfii. foot ailments ami sliln riiur-rr.i (rralci) anil cured ul our rllnki. DRS. NIES &. NIES ' Osleupathlc I'liYdrhns Ml Main Photic 38 Mylhcvlllr, Ark. &-PRESCRIPTIONS* t'honti Ul FOWLER DRUG STORE We Specialize Ij\ & Fender Repairs Come In »nd See Vi Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Preston* Heaters Delrotlcrs Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Owr Joe Isaacs' store "WK MAKE 'KM BRE" Phono MO Wanted Pecans USED CMS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, INC. t I'rici'H 1'akl WOLF AR1AN i:. Minn m Funiitiii'c BARGAJNSTN New & Used Furniture We Buy & WADE KURNITl'RK CO. 113 \V. Main rjmnr 15." EID9NG AT BUST PmCF.K 1'ltONfl'T SKIiVlCE Barksdale M!g. Co. Hubert Ut!ey's Service Station ad Cafe PHONE 19 WANTED Junk Auto Tires and Tubes HENRY LOBERG \\. Axli 1'lnin,. 1 Used Tracks & Cars IMii Chfv. Pickup. Uood Tire.% S375 1331 I 1 2 Ion Clicv. 155" W. II. stake body lit A-l condition ...... $27.1 MHO Inleniulioiuil Pickup $310 if>:M chev, us" w. n. Plntlonii hody, tjood- iivrii '. ?no AM. THUCKS CiUAKANTEED TO PASS STATK INSPECTION Delta Implements, Inc. PHONE 244 L. I. RICE , COAL! AI.I, (iKAW.S »UY KINDUiNXi Now l.ocaltil nt 101 Norlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWARDK, All mukcs o( Rebuilt Typewrite™, Adding Michlnn ant C'alCBlalors— Rtnaltlne— l'«r»*— Kltiboiu Tailors TRAUK VOtJR OLI) SUIT IN A NEW ONE GliOKUK J,. JJt'in "Blyliievlllc's Only '1'aiior" We Allo\v S-', to On Riiilroad toulli of Alain St. •c Repairing Quality Shoe Shop Today the only bargain in repairing !s Quality material Rubber Heels. -J5c up. Soles 50c «|). Uycs. Poh'shei luces. Any shots dyixl blath. 35e. Tree Ucilrery Photic 120 H. B. Glass AUTO GLASS Kxpcrt \\"orkmansiii[) We UcJivt'c Wythcville 1'ninf \Val I pa per We Cut & Install I'hone o8f> in H. Kecotu; ~ ~~ i 3 Batteries BATTKU? SERVICE J. Ben Ciune i'hone 8 et Tom Jsolcson Announcement Land Kor Sair ICO ciose. tolilvievile" ,i-eH' ' imjirovc:!. tv.o nice ' hnmw.' .ikii many oilier b;ii!c|ii,u.'.. S8000 per AcreviUi S30W cash ;.i.d m yra^i Wan Jed Used goat'vvajon. 113 Lake street. C uh IS Wrile ImmrUintcly for Free D,-- tnlls. Nntimuvirtn Distribliloi\s 101 Brcathvay. H. V. Wanted To Rent plete 10 volume net with Loose Leaf Binder. Call '239 or "i02. Sff. noo 1 or a room house at. once. Call <i:l. | Repairing I'OK ANY KIND OK HIGH GRADE COAL CAM, K. R l-'UY AT 477 Wonder City Coal Co. KAKK HAHGAIX.S IN .1IODKHN' 1IOSIKS '' Gas liquids of Beer, (.li|imr, \\-im-. (,•!„ ami Tlie Krawick Cnrp. lias nsk«t us titni repairs. Ciitaraiilced work. IT i to cftse out their real estate ul BijUievillr. .ami iirice.s have been reduced so Ilicy will sell. M. Uamon. U!5 E. Wain. Restaurant Ciarclles, 2 Pks. 25c, $.1.15 Carl on Gl— llolliinil, Mil. COBB FUNERAL HOME 101 K. KciUuchy. 7 room cottage. " tots $1230.00 CHOP SVEY. Muck's lieslamnnt next to thealcr. Joiner. Ark. 1501 to 1513 Chickasnwha Avc.. 'i entire block ....52500.00 ill JUS DROP IMAM' PUT OOOLA W!SE;rHAT WHEW KMOTTV PROBLEMS IM HEE JOB ' ARISE, SHE CAM OE- FEUD OM ME TO GLAOLV AOv'ISE WELL,HELLOTHEg OOOLA-i JUST DROPPED IM TO see HOW GRAMDWIIEE. ! 7HIWK IT'S JUST GRAWO, VOU'VE GOT lH.5. - _ JOB -TH' OLD VOU MUST VWUE fDSGOTTEM THE LITTLE CAVE WHERE. VOU TWO USED TO MEET SECRETLY EVER 1 / WIGHT IN'fHE PARK- 2231 Ci'.rolj-n. Rtuceo \vi!!i bath, h»rdwoixl floors, (iro- $1100. M 231S Hiuhwiiy 18, S voimt stucco l:uii!!»lo',v. willi bath, hardwooi floors $1200.00 :!U7 N. l'" Uouble'. '2 lols KcnU: lit f20.0i) ......... ?(I5U.OC DIO LEACWTHB GIRL NOU CHASED place ................... .51250.Q 1 310 Ull«:ill. EllgJiiil blHlgalOU- 311 1)113:111 iinslish hungnlow Sr!5l) 108 liiiyan. Ti room sturco. ?lal)O.UO UOOTS AND HER BUDDIES "»AT_NlJYr7 H'I 'OPE 7WHV OO SMftVV We v,il! fell any of hcsc jilarc;; on ;:iuail dov.n payuient. and ntonlli'-y less than rent at B'r interest. 'IHO.M.1S I.AiVI) OO. Sole /Ic lj-ck-13 riioni njiiirUnenl do'.vmtairs. 108 W. Keitlucky. phone limi. Il-pkl8 Lovely 2 i-nom npavtmcnt. Partly furbished. 101 E. Missouri. Mrs. i LaFaycltc May. 3 or 4 room furnished ap.irltncnt. n W.. Kentucky. Mrs. Sisk. ll-ck-13 .COPT. I»3T BY SEASEBVICt. IMC. T. H.RCC. U.S. PAT.Off. ilcain healed 3 room lurnisli-jd uparimcnl. WJ \vf Main, nlionc !l-ck-15 F'/ASH TURRS ( WISH I COULD STA ' AM) V.'UAT A I'I,K,\SH«K! SAY i WE YOU GOING TO KEEP 011,1 FORGOT! LISTEW.SU&AR, THE PLATONIC? BOX WHAT LUCKP LOOK so GLUM ABOUT IT, OVER, BARNEY, BUT I I'M BOUND TOR THE ME STANDING HERE ALL DAY?.x RUN ACROSS AN OLD FRIEND. YOU WONT MIND TAKING /• IN THE TOWN WITH/ OH ^ WASH , WILL YOU ? I riJ ' E SLIG( ! ' A DEAR. ^'> WHY, IM SENDING BF.VERLV, MY LITTLE GIRL ' OLD HORSECOLLAR: HERE SHE is. AND SHE'S OH- THE _SAWC SHIP- AND YOU'RE THE PERSON TO LOOK AFTER HER ! 5AV5 IM GUJWN? i BARNEY, IT'S A PLEASURE'. vith board. SG.OO ircr week ) '°" ltl '•<••'•«'«"•''- Immediate fcssic "' l " 2 N - nih ' p '"° llr 2 ' 13 - 6-ck-tf FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I JDST TOOK WUTTY....BL;T HAVE YOU POR BEING UP SO LATH? ,AWD , ;T WHAT EXCUSE / ( T JUST CAME POR BEI.kJ.-7 I ID ^ O^T HERE TO is THETRe; cy W" CAM srr AWTTHIHS I \> CME^R ME UP • IF SOMEOWE CAW DOj )\ DOESW'TjIlLL HAVE TD GO HOME. •Z /r~[ AMD THEH MOM V/ILL LEAVE,... DOESW'T LIKE TO 5 ^"01 ME CRY, EITHER .' WHATS THE TROUBLE WUTTY ? DID ' J ' T 1HIWK T SAv/MER.... IF. V/OBkS HARD, TRECK, AMD V/E DOM'T HAVE MUCH MOIJfrv.'I GUESS SHE V.'AS FEELIKS / BLUE,V/ITH ) - CI-fPISTMAS ( ( COMIWQ OH !j We Cilre EAGLE STAMPS PJCKARDS GPvOCERY ! '•' ««•"•• «<•«• .:ro.nm •< miles souil, 1014 Clilckasn»^a I'linnc W.I j .f Rivrl1 - Ml> - w - A. Lewis. Miv , TAT . rnADr , T , ltr • ! inln. Arl:.. Rt l .11 Uist Ciine' | *>M Eb ABOARD THE Radio ~ RADIO SERVICE j m Kmlac]iy - 1>110 " c f\ 13 WADE FURNITURE CO. \>-^^-^ toaa ,r'^ PHONF l^ i latli. tientlr-nien preferred. Phone ' *" * JJ j701-WorHil. 7-ck-tf. ; room ftunlsliud apartmcnl. W. 'Waliinl. C-Dk-13 : heat. I:iuersprin<: , ~" ..... : \V. Main. Phone MO. K?0 Acre:, on Bayou N. W. of My-'; ----- ..... . ... .._ ...... thrvjli". Wei; improved. $7.1 nc:r '• 3 Fnriii.slircl room.s. :! upstair. 1 ; or 3 reasonnblr down payment and bin-; tliwnstnirs. DM llcarn. ar.ce STSO.'JO annunllv at fi^ ' :in-iik-12-iO THOMAS I.ANT) CO. i ------ --------- ----------------Sole AgcnU; ' l''iniiishid tiouse on Hollv. Call IJ-I-K-!'!' fr ' rs - a - s - Stcmbcrg at 084. - - — --- . --- _1 ! I'j-ck-ll or 3 furnished son able, DH Hearn St. Uooin and Board A n.veii Tlurroiitjh.^ arldin^ itiiichuie.i Musi be cheap. See Jodie Na-j tors ,it Wcs! End Grocery and j Market or call l"4. 10-ck-H f, ,",' , ,—;-;• _|Hoom and board or meals. HIS Fifty girls to 'enroll now for stole' w - Ai -''- M 1 '"- K- '''• '-ow'cry. Approved Beauty Kchool lo open 24-pk-12-2'l I . T anu;iry Is.t, Coops r Bldg., Blylhe- " ~~ ville. Wrile Lester l-'lshci- Clpwi T> '•' trr 1 Sla Ki-emou Avc.. ,, ArxJ rOSlllOll watlteCl for I till detail;;. Middle aged while woman houte work in pi i; ate home. Call nt 1511 Chickasawbst St. 10-pk-i7

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