The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 12, 1950
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNE 12, 1050 BLVTHEVILI.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Guerrillas Start Drive on Chinese Reds Reports Speak Of Massed Men Near Formosa TAIPEI, June 11. I/I'/— News re- ppris said 70,000 Natlonnlist guor- I'iUas liad started a drive CjfciiHinists near Lhe lx>rdci's of Hufiaii and Kwangsi provinces in south China. The guerrillas were reported to have overrun large areas between Suining In Hunan and Stmchlang in K\ The news accounts said the Reds withdrew east-ward toward the Ilun- Kwangsi railroad and were digging in to meet feared attacks on the line itself. Other reports continued to speak of Red preparations for invasion of Formosa with large numbers of nien massing in the seaboard province of Pukicii opposite this island. Klissjan Jets'. 7 Some Russian made jet planes wore said to have arrived at Foochow airfield in Fukien pr vince. Meanwhile the executive Yuan here decreed the deatli penalty for any regimental commander who orders a retreat without, approva from higher authority. It also decreed that if a rrsl mental commander dies In aclioi after an unauthorized retreat b his subordinate officers they sha Ml be killed. |^. New Order Considered Tiie executive Yuan also Is con .iidering an order which would pro hibit Nationalist officials who re fuse to come to Formosa from holding public office for life. Saturday the government excel ted two generals, a colonel and woman civilian or plotting wit mainland Reds for the delivery of Formosa to the Communists. Those executed were Gen. Wu Shih, former vice minister of defense, Gen. Chen pao-chonb, who was in charge of conscription when he was arrested. Col. Nyi Shih and Mrs. Tsu Kan-tse. 4 Shot In Heart All four were shot in the back of the head while they knelt with their hands tied behind them. At his trial General Wu said he first thought of joining the Communist, party when Gen. George Marsall failed in his peace mission in China. Marshal Smuts Suffers Set-Back Bank Says American Business Barometers Show U.S. Strong PRETORIA, SoiiUi Africa. Jim 12, </p»—Field Marshal Jan Chris tlan Smuts was l reported by hi doctors today to he very sick mai afier a collapse on Saturday. H firsl became ill on May 28 clui'in nationwide celebration of tils 8(Hh birthday. The doctors say It will be a long time before he wiH be able to participate in politics again and that perhaps he may never be able to do so. The former prime minister was described as intensely interested in the current session of par- \ liament and insistent that he be kept informed of developments. A back ailment first put him In bed and he later developed pneumonia. PHILADELPHIA. Jimp 12, OVi —' The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia says "business barometers now point to n very hljjh, If not record level of activity." rn a report issued yesterday, the bank sa^d American business ability lo avoid speculation and less than one In 10 was that young. n i a m%r« C9 ? C n r°5- We U i S J ° f thc The 'nlnWy Mid the same trend resources at their disposal." ww found a ^ mm> probably nr» strong'or stronger now than at any time in the last three years." As tbe result of U.S, business conditions, the bank pointed to these conclusions: 1- "By the end of 1840 business had recuperated financially from the recession of 19J8-'59. 2. "When considered In the light of business conditions siticc the be- KinuliiK oC this year, it. Is apparent thnt business Is in position to respond In the opportunities presented by trcbnotopfcal Improvement and growing consumer markets. 3, "With prices tending upward, bi' is in position to accunuilsxlc Inveniory once iiKain." The bank said that while there arc "elements of d;\np-cr" in potential overbuying and overpricing, "the caul ion exercised by bankers and businessmen in the post-war period thus fur speaks well for the Jap Girls Wed Younger TOKYO <Ap) _ arc marrying younger than ever be Tore. A survey by the welfare ministry; shows that one out, 01 every five j girls married Just year was under 20 years of age. years ago Here's Our New I'liune Number 6817 CITY DKUG CO. LOANS CARS, TRUCKS Estate A FHA United Insurance Agency A. F. (Dec) Dietrich, Miir. Ibt A: M.iln—Rear City Drii Hlytheville, Ark. MOTHER OF THE BRIDE—Few mothers live to enjoy their children's Golden Wedding anniversary, so OO-ycr.r-r.'-l Mrr. J™" Terry, center, is right proud of being the guest of honnr a' the mid-June C.otden Wedding party of her daughter an'! : ..'. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Watt, of Novelty, Ohio. Houston TV Followers Hear Fan Shoot Self to Death in Press Box HOUSTON, Tex.. June 12. IIP) — something to tell you." Mexico Food Stores j Switch New Centavos •or Gum 'Change' I MEXICO CITY, June 12. (AP) —' 'on won't get chewing gum instead f change any more hi Mexico's iggcst chain of food stores. The overnnicnt announced ir.s now is- ue ol Cnntnvo pieces (slightiy more lian one-tenth of a U. B. cent) had already begun to circulate. The old copper cenlnvo pieces vere worth more as copper than n-s money after the peso was devalued ast, year. They virtually disappeared. The Joocl stores gave the clicw- ng gum. at, the rate of one ccnlitvo a stick, Instead of the odd centavos. The new centavo pieces are a~ cheap alloy, but it still costs more than two ccntavos to mint them. Johnson, Bradley Leave for Tokyo FATRFIELD-SUISUN AIR BASE. Calif., June 12. (/P> — Secretary of Defense Louts Johnson and General Omar N, Bradley left here by pJnne nt 12,35 a.m. (PDT) (3:35 EOT) to- L route to Tokyo. .cy were .due. at Hickam Field, Honolulu in about 10 hours. Informed sources said the U.S. defense officials were going to dEs- c'lss a possible Japanese peace treaty with General Douglas MacArthur. Houston television followers heard a 50-year-old Inundryman commit suicide last night at a Texas League baseball game. Stanford B. Tsvente shot himself lo death as he sat beside telecastcr Dick Gottlieb in a press box at Buffalo Stadium. The shot .wax heard over television throughout tlie stadium. Seconds later a TV camera lo- cuseri on Twentc's slimmed body. Justice of the Peace Tom Maes was among those watching the game on television. He returned an Inquest verdict of suicide without leaving his home. "I saw the man oil television," Maes (old Detective George Chapman. Police, bad a report a hair hour; before the shooting that Twentc' hart lold a waitress he was going to kill himself and "to watch me at the end of the fifth." The shooting orcurrea as pitcher Don Stephens of Houston stepped to the plate to start the last half ol the sixth inning against Tulsa. Twentc died in a" hospital about two hours after the shooting. Twente appeared at the television Gottlieb waved the man nwa and continued narrating the game Twente was seated between the an nouncer anci the TV engineer. Le Bennett. Just as Bennett started t get Twcnle to leave the box, Twcnt pulled a pistol, shot himself nnt fell across the engineer. The TV camera was focused the Houston dugout and listener saw the Houston players sudden turn a.nd look toward the press bo The camera (lien swung lowtird Gottlieb, who told his audience: "Ladies and gentlemen, a tremendous thing has just happened. A gentleman has just, shot, himseH. I return you now lo the studio." Two mini'tes later the telecast ot the baseball game was resumed. 00 YOU OWN A HOME? HERE IS A SPRSNG SPECIAL: $ 50 Any ordinary house treated ror termites - \Vo don't have to practice 01 cxptrinicnl on your joli — we have had \'i years »f ox peri two All our work is' done iifcoi <lhi(, r to regulations, our work is li- hy the Arkansas Stale I'lant Hoard. FREE INSPECTION & ESTIMATE— !F NEEDED SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H. C. Hlankcnship ........ L. J. Zeller 309 Basl Kentucky ........ Phone 2350 or 3579 The mountain bluebird was bc- Heved .sacred by Navajo Indians. exist, you ran bet they belong to the United States Air Force." Air officials have insisted they have no such equipment. 'Saucers' Are Real, Rickenbacker Says INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.. June 12 OPj — Cnpt. Eddie RIctenbackcr World War I air ace, .says he thinks flying saucers are real. Rickenbacker, president of Eas'- ern Air Lines, flew in yesterday and told a reporter: "Too many good Political Announcement The Courier News has been author- ised to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8. FOR COUNTY JUDGE Roland Green FOK booth and told Gottlieb. "I got men have seen them. Anil il they STATE REPKKSENTATIVE L. R Autry Re-election post No 3 John ,1 Cowan Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No 2 E, O. "Gene" Flee man (For re-election Post No. <) W. P. Wells For Rtatc Sc'i.itor W R. Nicholson ; J. Lee Benrden ? SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR Osee Nunnally Fire-safe, weathcrtiglit, rodcnt-p roof. Permanent., long-life construction. 3 convenient sixes: M'xS'— 1000 bu.; 18'xl I' — 2200 bu.; 18'xlfi'—3276 bu. Order Butler Galvanized Grain Bins NOW from 31 2 South 2nd Phone 6863 IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWHA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS W. C. GATES, et al., PlHs. Vs EMNfA WFI'SEt, CROUCH, El nl.. Dfts. WARNING ORDER Defendants Lillian Wet^cl,' Louclla Walsh Durrer, Mis. Homer Koonlz Martha Artnms Faulkner, Mrs. Maude Shobe Haycr.ift, Henry Bell nnd Sue Bell, Herbert Bell and Louise C. Bell, Harold Bell and Im- ogcne Bell, Ralph Rogers and Katherine Rogers, La^Tence Rogers and Virgle nosers, Mrs. Vera Bell. Earl Bell and Grace Bell and Mrs. Laura BelJ Rcnnnig are warned to appear ir. the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas within thirty (30) days to answer complaint of plaintiffs W. C. Catcs, Mildred Mitchusson Cutler and Francis Wilbur "Possum" Adams. WITNESS my hand as Clerk of snid Court and the Seal thereof this 20th day of May. 1950. Harvey Morris, ClerK • By Ruth Masee, D.C. 5,22-20-8|5-12 Chr/iler'i Now Yorl*r f BURYYOUR WORRIES/ COMPtfTt AUTOMOI1LI INSURANCI f«OTICTIOH FARMERS oMrtniEMUVi rni-mtn CHiniOti wrjc -W3 tunCtHO SC * K>C OTKTt Ot COVTTiO* Chrysler Newport Slock and smarl as a convertible . . . snug ancJ safe as a sedanl Nev/os! of the new body slylos. Developed first by Chryslerl Envied . , . copied . . . twl never equalled! Every losl gleaming inch is a masterpiece of engineering- Come look at the great workmanship! At ihe qualily ol rhe materials! You find sofrc/ value a/I /he way through that only Chrysler oHers! Built-in vafue Ihol gives you o car with no rival m performance, comfort, and safety] Quofj'ly, we believe, thai will keep you buying Chryslers from now onl W. L. Walker, District Agent 200 Isaacs Bldg. ns. Phone S130 R CS . Z ChryiTcr Windior Newport ... the seniational rnetJiuTi priced >«ri<on of itiii iporMing, ipoflfng ear with lh« oil itiel lop and Clsarbac rear window. Ho tar, regorrflen of pile*, can malch ihc luxurious tnotenaU end totleful oppaintmrnfv feolured in ihe inleriou of ihil bcouljlvl Chrx* Special N«w YorVtr Newport i>iown above. Galvanized STEEL GRAIN BINS Introducing the Beautifu ^AVAILABLE • ORDER NOIY!^ classic! T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. • 121 E. Main Street RIGID FRAME TRUSS-CLEAR STEEL * ALUMINUM BUILDINGS CAPACITIES f« hrtkr lulldinci 40'WidexlOO'Lonj 28,450 BUSHELS By shoring up 5 feel ilong tides anil endi. 13,000 BUSHELS On the floor (without ihoring} V Quickly erected — in days instead of weeks — to meet urgent demands for on-tlie- farm grain storage. After grain is marketed,your Duller Building gives you year-round use «5 implement or livestock she-tier, for hay storage, many other farm purposes. See us today for full Information on these sturdylonglife building*. A fROPUCT Ol C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authorized Dealer For Butler Steel Buildings General Contracting P.O. Box 83 Phone 6896 Blytheville,, Ark. MANUFACruUNS COMPANY Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer Custom Application Chas. Brogdon Phones 6847 — 6234 '/2 Mile South on Highway 61 GROVEITS BODY SHOP Clear Lake Ave. * Clark St. Expert Body and Fender Repair Highest Quality Auto 1'ainting All Types Radiator Work By Hifrhly Skilled Mechanics Every ,Inl) Giiannlml Owned & Opcraled by Grover Canada I'honc (iOSl RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Pactnry-Triined Mechanics Any , Make or Mode) Prompt Service Reasonable Pricet ' Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Delirer Fred Coliihan I in So Firs! SI.. SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo !/•! inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South lirondwsy I'hone 2B51 REMODEL NOW Nothing Down — Up to 36 Mos. to Pay It's easy to finance your home improvements — or a new jjni'ajje — through linilders Supply. Now you can get n low interest KHA loan with easy monthly payments. Don't delay any longer. . .call us for the details. Builders Supply Co., Inc. South Highway 61 Phone 2434 A IET7ER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA

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