The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1933
Page 3
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1933 jai.YTnrcvn.LK. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MFTGI PEOPLE™ News ot Blythevilie Schools Expect 1,350 to AttendB. Y. P, U. Convention at Fort Smith. Faculty Members Honored by A. E. A. ! A few pupils knew most of Use ' books at drat, but before the week was over nearly every pupil was familiar with the list. As. many of '"* * as possible 'were pm 01; Several honors wci* bestowed upon members of the local school I faculty lust week at the annual meeting of the Arkansas Education Association. Miss Rosa Hardy, The awarding of trophies for principal of the junior-senior high " KK were olll >' tlucc excellence in B. Y. P. U. work in schools, was selected as secretary the past year will feature the an- 0 [ U K secondary Principals Group nual state convention of the B. Y. cr { \ w coming year ling table In I lie room. At the beginning of the week there were in pupils who hail never read a book, ut tlie end of the week The 5B groi:p has enlarged their I room library by members of the Annie Maude McCorvcy.l 8'v'up donating Uooks. Virginia P. U. of Baptist churches at Port . Smith November 30 to December home economics teacher, was se- i J!a . v "« and Louise IvIUs are 3. Approximately 1350 young peo- i Med lss chairman of one of the' "Brians. pie throughout Arkansas are ex- slat ,, committees lo work on the' pcctcd to attend the meeting at rcv | s)on of tnc st!Ue comix of the Immanucl Baptist ehurcli. j fludy ,„ home ecollcmlcs . The largest delegation from oul- Superintendent Crawford Greene frcshments were served. "Tlie Boy's Club meet November 17 and elected officers ns follows: President. Homer Besharse; vice president, John How.ud Willie; secretary und iiensmvr. Pat Obrlue; reponcr, Blan 3. Heath. Assembly piogrnm for Junior high school. November n,- sponsored by 8A clnjis: A musical -skit, "Who's Afnilcl of lhe Big I5:i( Wolf?" dlrecleil by Miss llooil. Cast of flmrncU'is: Sara Lou Mc- Cutelien for ll:e solo part; Betty Lou Isniic. Hilly Chnmblln. V;t:'\ Rutterford as "Tluce Lltt'.e PlV-" and I3ad Mary \Voil 1 Helen Moore us Song by all, "Omv.ird PAGE THRER side the 'host county will receive was as treasurer of the a silver loving cup. A similar cup Af)cansas Education Association for y,-ill be awarded the B. Y. P. u. Ulc f on i KO]n i, 1B ycar . M r. Greene having made the best — ""•" l <» 3933 and another for efficient department. The of tlic sword drill is to receive A citizenship club !>ns been or gitnized In Miss Matthews' 2B group. The members cl the group have Y. P. U. record. In vas ^y, e i ecle< i ns „ member of, the most t)le cxecut j vp committee of the' winner £t!UC athletic association. | . . . ... , , . . Miss Hardy and Mr. Greene ap-1 medal and will also win the right pMrC(1 m p rograms of t wo see- 1 meetings. c''osin the following ciliccis: prr>sl- ienl, Phillip Reed; vice president, Billy Cross, and secretary, Bettyc Central School Chrlsllun Soldiers;" Inspiring tull: on "Keeping Promises" hy the Rev. Mr. Womnrt. the new minister of Hie First Metnc:!!5l Church. to represent Arkansas at the southwide convention in Nashville. 1 Tenn., December 27.29. Twelve have entered this contest. i J. P. Friend. Blytheville. presl-, , dent of the group, will be an out-: .standing ligure at the meeting. He I will also be toastmaster for the! FarnUu Hoarc RpnnrU ' dl - uu y nears ixejiuns Tiic tallowing program was pre- I senicd at assembly at Central .sriiool F.-ld3y morning: Playlet, v H*ar« KCDOrtS j"Wr.c's Afraid of the Bis; Had y nears neppris ^ | Wnlf „ by Sara ^ McClUchcn _ On A. E. A. Convention Di " Oiamblln. Betty Brooks Isaacs. I Mary Helen Moore and Freddie faculiyl R " tlwrford ' Qjty i Piano solo— 1 Prarices Shuuse. __ , m . ! Schools was held Monday after-1 Play—"Book Friends," by 4B pu- The keynote. 'Tlie Empowering i wmn av lhe „,„„ Scho0 | Reports Pi's: - :' Christ; will be dominant In thel on the statc education association 1 Poem-"Bookhouse." Betty Jean Osceoia "Doll" Unable to Participate in Parade OSCKOLA, Aik..-Nov. 2i.--MiiS Catherine Jones, named by Mayor A S. Havwell lo represent Osix?- oia In the doll ]>:ira<k- to be lidd ut Kills Auditorium in Memphis this evening folluwlng ilie Spihl of Christmas imnulc, will be im- nble to nttentl bmiube of Illness. Miss Jones has been confined lo her bed for several days with n seven. 1 case of liifliwnpa. the addresses by nationally known Baptist church leaders and B. Y. meeting were made by Miss Rosa'Hill. Flardy. Miss Annie Maude McCor- and Supt. Crawford Greene. Miss Willie Lawson, former county superintendent of Mississippi county, WILS present at the meeting and spoke briefly before ing and spoke briefly. P. U. leaders from six states who will challenge the young people to ineet the problems and opportunities of tlie changing world along with the opportunities of the Baptist 'hurch. When the meeting opens next Thursday evening it- is expected i« • urn t\- thai every B. Y. P. U. association IcacheFS Will LJlSCUSS in Arkansas will be represented. Gayle Holcomb, Hot Springs, is to lead the music for all sessions. Tlie Rev. Gerald Meek, B. Y. P. U. director of the hostess church, and the Rev. will give the Victor Coffman, pastor, the welcome addresses with the response by H. W. Blaylock. Fayetteville. Tlie Rev. Perry P. Webb, formerly pastor of the iBlytheville First 'churcli and now pastor of ; the Pine Bluff First church, will be the 'principal speak•e- it that meeting. ' Trie Rev. Roy L. Hurst. Hot .Springs, the Rev. E. H. Westmoreland,. MontiCfllO; and Wllliford Lbe; Oudchita .college. Arkadelphia, will-speak at .the Friday morning f esslon. Group -conferences -will be lead by the.B. Y.. P.. U. leaders frd'rh....vistine states. Cth'er talks slated for Fridav are ' by Keith Sherman, Pine Bluff, E. i E. Lee. Dallas. Texas, Dr. Ben L. bridges. Little Rock. Alton De- Black, North Little Rock, L. W. Wiley, DuQuoin. 111., and Dr. Will C. McClung. Wichita. Kan. In the Saturday session prominent speakers include Mrs. Grace Mosley, Shiloh, Garland Tackett, Little Rock, J. Ramsey, T. H. Farmer, Oklahoma City. Okla.. the Rev. Lee Nichols, Booneville. the Rev. L. O. McCracken. Newport, Dr. Chesterfield Turner, Shawnee, Okla.. A. I,. Malone, Fort Smith, Espy O'Neal. Fort Smith. The Rev. Victor Coffman will preach the closing sermon Sunday morning. . Curriculum Revision The teachers of the local system have been organized into discussion groups for participation in the Arkansas Curriculum Revision Study Program. Each group consists of about six teachers. These "The World's Biggest Book"—by Vera Elizabeth Goodrich. "The World's Smallest.. Dock."— by Hunter Sims Jr. There were scv.- eral mothers at assembly. Pupils of Miss Outlaw's room ob-'. served National Book Week In] many interesting ways. Monday being the birthday of Robert Louis Stevenson, two days were devoted to his life and works. Posters were made representing some of his peems. Each child read his favorite poem and told why he liked 11. best. All week t'nere was a gift ta-! [ No End To The Gly-Cas Praise In Blytheville Mr. Hunt Kinds In Two Itoxcs of flly-Ciis .lust the Rc- f-'t?Hs Ho H:wl Keep Wiint- in£ for Mitny Years It Is a striking many instances of fat!, thai awfui ng where ail kinds of medicines Me n the and each dav bo i . , groups ,. do their, reading on the I }""''• B J' nrocram smaralelv. "discuss the \ ln . erc ' «««< were brought and placed on this I table. "•• II — -- J -• •' and treatments had failed. vegetable Gly-Cas has silvcn ?lief that Is astound 1 ! 1 . 1 * ic most stubborn the end of the week •re about twenty-five new During the week about two- literature, and'iater come together J. hirds °f trie pupils visited the city in larger groups for discussion. The !lbra fy. large groups are composed-of the :'n the Citizenship club Friday the ,tely\ 'discuss the various -phases<,and aspects of the junior and senior high school following new officers were elected: teachers the intermediate teach- president, Bobby McHaney; vice- president, George Hubbard; secre- ; tary, Jettye Clalr Huffman. The club discussed buying a radio for I the room and a committee conslst- I ing of George Hubbard, Joe Evrard The Lange First Grade childrei and Jack Cliamblin was appointed , srs. find the primary teachers. Lange School Miss Virginia Portis Will Represent Lepanto LEPANTO, Ark.—Miss Virginia PortU, daughter of Mrs. D. F. Portis of Lepanto, was selected by Mayor M. P. Smith of Lepanto tc represent this city in the Doll pageant at thn Memphis Auditorium tonight. Miss Portis, a popular high schcol student, was honorcc twice before, when she was selected to represent Lepanto at the Marked Tree bridge celebration and later was chosen Miss Lepanto al the American Legion Terrapin Derby. are working on a Farm Unit. Some of the activities they have engaged are: A farm trip to Betty Jean aines' home: the building of i arm house, a barn and a garage IT the miniature farm: the plant- ig of wheat in the sand table and lit in U~.e school garden; the niak- ng ot a farm frieze for the schcol oom and farm booklets. This unit is providin gexcellent .aterial for reading, health teach- ng. nature study and science .ac- ivltles and art. . Twenty mothers visited the firs! rade room on Visitor's day of Ei- cation Week, also others visiuxl uring the week. This week, being Book Week the hildren are illustrating Mother Goose rhymes and making" them ito bcoklets. also dramatizing many tories. ' A bill granting San Francisco 120 acres of tidelands for use as an airport was approved by the California .governor. James Rolsih * ME MINE'S ADVICE IF GIMS HUT AFTER BUSHING YOIR TEETH ' Tf there i 'tleedtnj an sore ness 11 your gums r.f tcr you brusl your tcetli. re lleve tlic in fla m ma t loi and Infectlo by using t li home p treat In cut whic leading den tists are prc scrib Ing to (heir 'ir.ticnts. Then you know yo will te using the treatment whlc ineso nisn u-ho know what yo should use, personally approve. You can get this dentists' pre (i-rlplton right at home, here, b ji^l nsklng for Prescription Toot end Gum Powder nt the dru store. It ( s the same pov:de which people jet when their den list prescribes this same formul he wire to rmeiiibcr 111-; n.imc- l : i .icrlitSon ToDtlvnnrt Gum Pow ier. Bell's Pharmacv and Klrb Bros., distributors, havp It. Oth ticrcs do. too. — Adv G. G. Caudill (Jcncral Insorance IM N. Broadway Phont 797 Sudbury School In-observance of Book Weak tlr -A pupils gavo reports on !>3okf bat hcd been read durln; thr •rm. seme mnhe covers to repre- cnt the book that was reported on. A list of books, stories and char- icters that fourth grnde pupils hoiiM knoV. fcund in the Nc-vem- vr Instructor, was "Iven to the :lnss to work on during the week. to investigate the price. At tlie close ot the meeting Sallie Mathis. Mary Babcock and Wanda Fisher surprised the pupils by serving orangeade. HUNT of rheumatism, neuritis, stomach, kidney, bowel troubles. Read the 'n ounmhi,. t.C-1 • i, *>u'":y. oowei crouDics. Head tn< n"aj, w» de7el! 1 p > ed ni T n 7' ' ' f °"° U ' ing plaising stp ' temeilt madi class during the week." """"^ N^MBWhcrtllc?'^'^ High School The French club met last night local man: "I had tried all kinds of med Iclnes before but never one to equal Gly-Cas," he said: "I was miserable years with stomach, The meeting was ' opened "with' b ,™ el troubl eS' .Would become leading of the minutes by the sec-! nt my stomach after catin: retary, Doris Douglas The pro-I s sourcd ' bloated so. Always gram follou-ed with a talk by Ruth l' had to take stron S laxatives lo Jenkins '-on the "Contourlers", get any actlon - I was In this (dress makers) of France. Margar-l condition for years.. then since I ' - - pinno hact the n " lfL<; t winter mv whole system seemed to go back on inc. Was worn-out nil the time, tired. . «t Shaver then played a solo. Massenet's "Elegie." After the club sang "Frere Jnc- - ------- ques" and "La Marseillaise," re- dra ggy and had no pep. But Gly_ --- -- _ Cas wasted no time in helping mt. Don't Trifle -With Combs - . , ; nian. Gaining in weight an^ strangle strength, eat and sleen good and It is wonderful to tc _ . , .. , Don't let them get , l.old. Fight germs quickly. Crco- f ce , fine . nuilsion combines the 1 best helps so well again-and I owe ail mv known to mortem science. Power- present, good health to this one In! but harmless. Pleasant to take, medicine— Gly-Cas " No narcotics. Your own druggist Gly-Cas is sold by Klrby rs. :s authorized to refund your money Drug Co., and by all leading drug the spot if your cough or cold stores in surrounding towns. Is not relieved by Crcomulston. Artv —Artv. M ADE to an ancient formula, Falstaff possesses the fame incomparable aroma, lhe sainu supremely delicious taste developed in secret more than a century ago. Since time out of mind, real judges of beer have implored us never to change our old-time formula. We never in'//.' •Today, try old-time Falslaff—lhe one lieer absolutely uniform and identical, whether from bottle or keg. Your first taste will reveal it aa The Choicest Product of the Brewer's Art Ml INVEST DA1KY PRODUCTS CO. Phone G3 Buy itbylheCise for your home C;Q 5,,, M is 5,O:U.R I PIGGLY WIGGLY^ KROGER STORE J. H. PARK lilt, Stoic Mgr. K. A. SAUltA, Market MRI-. M. H. CAMEKON. Store M K r. J. H. TYRONE, Market Mgr. 'flu' HiiviiiK Department of (his nrj;inm.:iUon hus scare him [ n mi (he Atlantic to the 1'ucffic and'from Canada l» I'loriila for I hi- Very l-'uiitii-sl 1'rnits, VvjrcluWcH anil Meals fur lhe stores. We will have Kverythint to malif yinir ThsinksKiviiiK Table ami]>k'le—Celery. Crnnberries, I.eltuee, Artichokes, Apple?, Oranges Rhiibart), liians, Avacoila I'ears, Kte.—He Sure to I'liu-e Your t)i'«ier with UH for Fowls, Turkeys, (ice.* and Ducks. (KM SPECIAL PRICES for FRIDAY and SATURDAY Clean, Bright, Yellow Fruit Doz. 20c Baldwin Dozen Wi'll Stulk Knth Cocoanuts Selected Fresh • Bach Pure Cane 10 Lbs. Cranberries lOc Oranges 11G C'alir. Hoi ilk 150 Florida. 10-I.ti. B.IK Grapefruit Florida Each PC] Km per iM'ors 1Q*- :i Ujs. LU POTATOES IU'<1 COFFEE J °:;' ,.„.. 55 C c - c - Countr - v (/man. No. 2 Can Sliced or lU'nular 1A(, l.^c. -.'2-oy.. l.uaf iU AnKll ' r<>0 " TOKT Kllcll Pumpkin c. c. e. 2/2 Can .'! for A DDT EC J<'«:ith;in and C All LEiO Yurks. LI). J ONIONS 1 "" yK.29 L APRICOTS cc. ^ Cun MINCE MEAT X CANDY .l W HOMINY stoklcy ' s No. '/.'.'. Can I LETTUCE LEMONS Calif -."£, If ""'sin, Wheat or 1 AL Uye. 17-oz Loaf 1U M. /u i;b. — i9c Molassea, Lb. -' 12c Twinkle ,'inklc ETl 1'kjf. t> Scott ISU! Cofton Soft 4Roils25c Mackerel California No. I Tall Can 2forl5c Asparagus c. c. All Green No. 2 Can Each • Coffee Country Club Mb. Can Crackers Country Club 2-lb. box Butter C. C. '/, 's or Roll U. 24c: Spring Brook, i '/('s, Pound PEACHES Country Club Large 2|/ z Can •FarfH^r jLJatli Ut •^••§••1 Evaporated Counlry Club G Smail or 3 Tall 18c GuKrnntccd IT izcn Uu Dozen O RANGE, LEMON PEEl, nTRON. l.ti. "B«l Cream"'•• 2l-Lb; Sack irp|7 Bake« J s 1AC 1-5 IM. Ill Pitted or UnpittcdlfTC c-oz. e, Lb. - - JiJJc SUE I IITIHI/'A Shortening (PO OC Stlluilll l.vl.'-. Om ^J.iD PEAS Stoklcy's No. 2 Can IVORY SOAP, KIDNEY BEANS£. C 7" BRICK FIGS ,„,,„, 7 1 , it Hour, Dill, qt OLEO Eatmorc I.b. Swift's Empire Half or Whole Pound Kwift, Morrcll nnd Kev | SC-lb fan S3.65' Hulk, Found Bellies Pound Pork Chops Bacon Swift's. Sliced Guaranteed No Ends Pound 13k Mince Meat Hramly Added Pound 15c Roast From the Best K. C. Beef SliouWer, Lb. 15c Thick Rib, Lb. UJic BrUket, I.b. 6Jc Steaks Fey. K C Heef Round or Loin Pound Fancy. Fat Full Dressed Pound Fancy All Cream Pound Pork Roast Fresh Torn Fed Hogs Pound PigTaiis Bacon Ears and Snoots Fresh, Poimd In the Piece Hickory Smoked Pound lllc Oysters Fresh Selects Pint 35c

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