The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1933
Page 2
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oss BLYTKEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS lead held high score among thf uesl* and Mrs. Stvem low score. Next wrtk Mrs. Sidney Miller Jr., •Ill entertain (he club. WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON: Paul In Corinth Miss Josephine HoUy anttrUln- thc Mid-Wwk club and eight T«xl: I Cor. 1:10-18; 2:1-5 .Social Calendar «ry Klrby and 1. A. Leech com- et!*, W. A. Stlckiixm and Chirles ers, Mary Symondi, Maxina .'W&1- •osed th« committee in charge of oStoe,' 7:30 P. M. sical First Presbyterian church 3 !ji ra. by piano .'papUs ot Miss CaUipott pi -BirtlwvUie and ' • ' ' C. G. -Redman am) Mrs. teell. Pur'-. "eriterUtnlng with bdtee put; at' Woman's club, 2: 3D j>.r*. .--... Children o! Confedmcy meeting with Ml* Pslty; 3}iaiie.. , Binio Tarty J'oilponfd The Bingo parly, planned by the entral -Ward : P. T. A'; for Batur- ay evening at the Gee .Salei ompany, fins been' postponed' uii* 1 alter Thanksgiving Day. D»n« Attended. by JSW^Gwjfc. Blythevllie .country :lub'fi xne was formally opened last with a 'dtnce attended by 2W<members and ywir.out of town gusts who inade"nierrimeut frtmv nine until one o'clock. 'ft was an Informal aflalr In vwdi ' practically all tlic members participated. Before the dancing the guests were • escorted through tlje club house, which was completed this ireck, The Wge -ball room hiad been , decorated with autumn leaves and red berries hanging from toe. overhead boms. Boughs dropped Irotn the mantel of the fireplace and red wrrlcs filled earthen urns on the mantel and piano. Small tables and chairs, in -red and black, •were scattered through the grill, sun room and mezzanine floors. iiJor.fetli .and serpentine strcam- cn,'tniovn from the balconies durini: tire final dances, added color to' the occasion. jJJanclhg began at ten o'clock TJitli music by Hllbum Graves and his 11 piece orchestra from Mobile, Ala., and Paragould, featuring Bur- tiflle Stone, girl., entertainer with ajj' accord Ion. At intermission there •was a floor show with -Misses Martra'.Jane CarUrlght,. Pearl Cart- ifright, Olivia Geshan aud Erie Brantley of Osceola ' giving two oance numbers in bell boy costumes ofpaitel shades, and Earl Roberts, formerly of here. and now of Lu»- ora, giving a tap solo. ^Sandwiches, cake, and coffee were served -in buffet- fashion before dincing was resumed. - ;';Amohg the out., of. 'town, guests wire: Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Og<J«n of ^Clinton,. Iowa, hpuscguests at .Mr. and itrs..R. F. Kirshner Mr. and ills. Ben Vineyard, Mr *Sd Mrs.. Reginald, 'potuschnlck and Mrs. Ella Grubb of Cape Gi- rjinieau, Mo., who -are visiting Mr anil Mrs. Everett B. Gee, Don Black and Joe.Blanton, also of Cape Gi- i*rd«au, Mr. and. Mrs. Bill Hemp- WU, Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Rice, Mr ifed Mrs. Paul'Joies, ifrharid O. IXJwter, Mr. and Mre. Juliu Btohn of Kennett,;Mo.,'Miss Willie Aj'Uwson of Uttle Rock, Mr. and Mrs. j. A. Waterman and Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Clay of Memphis, house guests of Mr. and Mrs. w. J. Pol Iftrd, Mr. and Mrs.' c. B. Driver Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coleman, Mr and Mrs. Godfrey White, Miss Max ita Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jame Jgrtver, Mr. and Mrs. Hale Jackson $ Osceola, Miss Jessalyn Coppedg of Portageville, Mo.,. Mr. and Mrs O:D. Martin and : their niece, Mis. Eoise GUlum of-Slcelc, and shel «y Stiles Jr., of Carutbersville Miss Graciie Moore of Caruthersvill Mrs. W. -R. Noririan of May'fielc Ky.. ioueeguest of Mr. and Mr J/ A. I>eeh, Mr. and Mrs. Raljtf Anderson of Gideon, Mo., xir. an Mrs. Coy Ward -of Memphis. M and Mrs. Nell Helm of Caruthcr. rule. i^Mmes. W. J. Pollard, o. P. Moss 0 Present Pupils Miss Leone Callltott will pre- «nt a number of her piano pulls end membra of one ..Kiddy and''in a "musical Saturday'nf- ernoon, 3 o'clock, at the -first resbyterlan chfirch. ..'''}; Marjoric . Stevuhs.'Paulfii'e f&j- er, Patty June Matthews,-Mime Workman, William Johnsbh ' Shd >ances Shpusc,, of here,, and larthn Bobbins', 1 MarttiH" Wilfofd 3rishnm, Wllllard Armstrong, oiga <hourie and Marjorle Kelly, ~;ot leelc, will play piano selections. Miss Mary Elizabeth Boruni will ivc a short talk on "Hulas for rnctlce" find' Miss Calllcott will peak on "Why We Study Music." Members of the Kiddy Band who •111 perform are louls Green, "eorge Mulr, Pony Isaac, 1 Frances Little Kock where all except Mrs. Gescll attended thc convention o^ thn Eastern Star. ' Mrs. Harry W. .Hoincs, ijho.has been ill several days, ts now better. Mrs. J. Nea! .Gcscll returne'd yesterday frdhi' several day's stay in Joncsboro and Newport, hay-, Ing accompanied Mr. Gescll wHo travels in ilia tlcrrilory. Mrs. George Jolins nnd daughter, Margaret, nrc In Memphis lor the Christmas parade tonight, - Miss Willie A-. Lawso'n, formerly superintendent of Mlsslssjppl conn- :ty schools nnd now of Little Rock, •Is ylsltiiK here ins week while at tending to business. Wilson Society — Personal Tlic Woman's Missionary society of the Methodist church met Tuesday afternoon at the home of, Mrs. H. C. Davidson.' Mrs. H. M. Lewte Frances Field. Joel Chand- led tiio discussion of , .- laoe, jetmetta Phillips, Mary. Louise Gregson. ESnuia Claire Halrstbn pacliel Berry /and Matlan Ch»nd- ler attended "Green Pastures" in Memphis Wednesday night. •Mrs. Rlley B. Jones of Blythe- ViUe. vjjUjid .her parente, Mr." and Mrs. Walter Card, Thursday , " r -"* Mrs. Frank- Gillette of .Memphis • visited r- friends -"ere rhurs4ay. : Mr. Gillette -is' much Improved after a month it Warm Springs, Oa. Misses jcrene OTfeli -and Esther SlelnheusfMY who have betnT Ing the former's sister, Mr«. Gus Fwler, for, Uw . pa,t, - wpi, l«u Tuesday ufcmlng 'for .'thiir homes n Detroit, Mich, .but retur^Sre inc eame day because of an"acci- d«nt nesr.slkcstQn, M O ., la .whic their' car' was overturned. TKey * celved cuts and bruises but no se. rlons injuries. . . n " The Methodist parsonage U being redecorated. Mrs. a B . £eo Wilson donated a suit* of bedroon furniture and draperies for the guest-rooms. ' •• " Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sullivan spent .Thursday In Memphis'. er Jr., Herbert Swrarengen, Jean forrls, Carol Chopin and Jlmmle .lien. .-, Bitso/Netts Mostly Personal SSg**TTT^^"-'^™™^pe^^™—*»^-^—• Mrs. Herman Cross nnd daugh- er, "Miss Margarel, and Edward jengraves, of Luxora, went to lemphls this afternoon • where Mss Cross will represent Biythe- •11 Ic in the doll imrade at the .lemphls auditorium immediately ollowlng the Spirit of Christmas sarade at 7:30 o'cock. Miss Cross, who l& to represent n baby doll, will shore honors with other girls n the tri-statcs ns guesls of honor at a dance'which will'follow the doll show. These events tire for he benefit of the community .fund )f Memphis. No prizes will be awarded.. ' . . ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grisby nnd J. S. Corbctt : wlll go'to'Mcm'phts ontght for the Spirit of Christmas nnd doll parades and the dnnce at he auditorium. Clarence Wilson attended to business in Little Rock yesterday, Crawford Noble, of Jonesboro, transacted Wislnere here yesterday. enc« of Christianity "The Infiu Upon Bud- dhisnv" Mrs. Arthur Hudson reported that n coliec'tton o! toys' given by members of "The World Friend club" would be sent to Japan. The Junior Cooperative club met Thursday afternoon at the home of Its sponsor, Mrs. C, O. Williamson, with Miss Gwendolyn Grecr as co-hostess. The following officers were elected: president, Minnie Ma- vlcc-presldcnt, Gwendolyn secretary. Margie Williams; Ijer; Greer treasurer, Edith Mlllican; reporter, Ruth Williams. Mcsdamcs J. E, Jolly, David Barton nnd Stanley Barton spent Tuesday in Memphis. H. o. Davidson and A. J. Lnn- drum spent Tuesday in Little. Rock on business. Mrs. S. C. Brandon-Jr., has accepted the position of librarian in the Wilson high -school. .The senior, class of Stiawiiee high school at Joiner will entertain the Mrs. T. E. Brigganco was heal ess Tuesday Rfternoon to the Joll club at Cooler with a bunco par ty. High score prize went to Mri Vclmer Campbell, and low score >rlze to Mrs, A. R. Becklmm. Mrs Gns .Cooper received the bunc prize. • • * ' The Women's Aid society of In Cooler Methodist church had' quilting nt the parsonage Wednes day. a lome In Cooler ernoon. Mrs. Hayes Smith won ugh score club prize and Mrs. 'ohnrjic Rhodes the low score club irize. Mrs. W. M. Holly won the >unco prlie and Mrs. Lewis Le S - er was higli among the guests. The guest* were Meidames Raymond Droolu, Gerald Brooks,-Lewis us 'the divisions The Inttn " u »' u " Unlf " m Sunday that were of a somewhat personal ^ S * ho ° 1 LKSOn for Nov - 2S » aturo - ri ' ills dlurch at Corinth ' Ath « ns was ln lhe ^Iture-had been fortunate In the distin- Holly, W Dewa'rt Holly .ester, Buel Mllle Crlcc, Homer Smith. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Spencer and drs. A. L. McBride are shopping n Caruthersvlllc today. Miss Ophelia Young has 'apcept- ed a position as assistant post- mislrcss at .Cooler,. .'u E. Brooks, who has been crltic- the Corinth was in Its general prosperity. It was called "the eye of Greece," and "to live as they do at Corinth" became a byword in the ancient world for luxurious in a sophisticated and pros- > had ed there or spent sonic lime .with •he church, and the result, was that « e nlly ill at his home'In Cooler, | S , shortness. ,H«re, Inevitably, In its congest of the Grecian cities the gospel must, make Its way. H was notable tor the fact, that raul paused In hi.i Journeying to and fro long enough to have at Corinth a period corresponding to some modern pastorates, (.hough mtidi more. Intense and crowded in Its relative towers. Inasmuch as the leaders represented somewhat different viewpoints and emphasis, the tendency was toward the breaking up oi the church into divisive seels or groups, some saying "I am of Paul," others, "I am ol Apollos," and others, -I am of Cephas." For some even Christ had become the head of a party, and they were saying "I am of Christ." raul meets this situation very determinedly and yet la excellent spirit. He challenges these Christians regarding the unworthlness of their divisions. He asks them, ''Is Christ divided?" Was Paul cruel- fled for them or were they bap- er spent Thursday In St. Louis.' much detail" the most intimate tlzed '" thc " ame ot Paul? Jack Hanley, Thomas Northern, Picture that we have of conditions i. He . even : ''W 1 "' U>al ne had .howing slight Improvement. The marks of this deeper. mln- Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Speiice spent ' istr y of contact and Influence are Sunday In Harrisburg, Ark., with evidenced In the fact that the two their daughter, .Mrs. Irvln Greer, e P ist les to . the Corlnlhiaus are nnd family. . much the longest that we have of N. Johnson and Atty. Roy Harp- ' Paul's writings, and give us with Gcd that tavc-s men. It Is the pov.'cr of Gcd tliat transforms tf.cir lira ,ind makes them worthy co b= in the Christian Church. Men should seeV that poucr above all things and should yivc their lives ovsr fully to the intlu- :hcse leaders tended to develop fol- 1 e n ccs of redemptive love, rather ' than take pride in any o( their own or in any .assumed KU- ]>C!-iority to their fellows. Tlic topic of this lesson for in- , . Alvln "Red" Story and Boone ' n the ancient church. Frakes left today for Greenville, I" Corinth the divisions over ml s nt baptized only a few, lest anybody had baptized in his , Miss., where they will be employ- matters, of doctrine and concern- ' ° wn ni « me - Hc la l' s emphasis that ed by the Trinity Farms Con- Ing matters of practice became beneath all .differences of opinion structlon Co. Paul Glen McCutcheii is much improved after three weeks illness with scarlet, fever. Announcements are being received here of the birth last week of an 8-pound son to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hailey of Charleston. Mrs. Hailey Is the daughter of Mr.' and Mrs. Charlie King of • near Steelc and the sister of D. W. Spencer. Mrs. Randell Mend and son, who have been the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. D. B. Holly and daughter, Miss Josephine, returned to their home In Kcnnett Wednesday night. Miss Irene Guthrie of Lake City, Ark., will spend the week end here with her sisters, Mrs. Ruth Mrs. Lewis Lester wns hostess tt> the Matrons club of Cooler wlfh a bunco parly Tuesday afternoon. There was an extra table of guests' "-- Randell MeiS of Kennetl, Ida Lesler Severn and the Wilson seniors and Juniors wilh a Misses Josephine Holly and Helen dance and floor show tonight at the Tnylor. Mrs. Glen White won high scoul hut on 'the Shawnrt- campus.' " ~ "" • - -Mrs. Robert Roach is confined to her home with a severe attack'Of- lonsUills. . . ' J, 11. Apple of Lorioke returned to his home Thursday af Icr a week's Visit with- his son, J. A. Apple, and Mrs. Apple. Hopper held Lawhon rlc. and Miss Eunice Guth- To Preach at Lorie Oak The Rev. W. J. LeRoy, paslor of the Lake Street Methodist church, will preach at Lone Oak. 2:30 o'clock, Sunday afternoon. Tlic term "Eurasian" first was used in India years ago to describe bunco prize the child of n Hindu mother and Mrs.! a Portuguese father. very marked..'. A' great deal will " .. be found" in the Epistles concern Ing questions of conduct, answering the perplexity of these early Christians as to Just what the new faith implied in pagan surround jno. is the gospel of the Christ calling upon men to live together ip love nnd righteousness. tcrmediatcs and seniors is given us, "How to work \\ith uthers." That Is a good expression of the practical meaning of the lesson for us all. It is very necessary to learn if men would, in miy sense fulfill the will of God, for \ve ar? all G oil's children, and in our relationships In life we are all subject lu his will whether or not we acknowledge it. It Is strange that, with such plain words as Paul • has spoken and with the example of this dissension in the church of Corinth before us, ihe Christian. -Church throughout its hlstOryi'iBs'TjeL'n sa marred by divisions .-'and strife. Even tlfosc who have professed a common faith and - purpas:' in Christ haw often displayed ' the greatest unwillingness to work-to- gcthcr or the utmost to do so in any practical \vay. ; It- is thc neglect nnd failure of Paul reminds them that thc test | (his essential privilege and :|nty of the Christian way is not foiuid that makes a lesson like so In outward expressions of wisdom, important, and that makes it so ,or in'flow Ing words, but In the re- necessary that we should return Here in our lesson, however, we) alitles-of. faith. It is the power of [to it again and again. Luxora Society — Personal i,- y* Mesdarnes J. • c.\ Perkins, Olay nW- 3-1°- Oescll,-vL; M. Burn; Hudson and the Mlsset Vlrglc Aro you feeling "low"? •t*. Bilious, .headache, quic, easy relief from constipation , ., gas in stomach, bud taste, no appetite;, due to constipation ? Cheer up, clear up, with this old reliable laxative that has brought relief to millions in 92 \cara. It coats so little (a penny or less a dose). Serious illness, result of con sti pation , costs so much! Be sensible and safe. Get a box from your druggist today. The Luxora P. T. A. Is sponsor- Ing a play. "Oh Doctor," to be given at the Luxora high school nudl- lorium tonight. ' The characters arc Mortimer Bddens. A. J. Lynch; Gcrrel, James McRae; Pcnlon, Joe Corkran; Jim, Earl Roberts; Johnson Hewlltl, Jesso Gallop; John Kelsey, Cllne Page; Detective, cline Page; Patricia, Vivian Lynch; -Mrs. Ertdcns, Fina Wood; Penelope. Dixie Howard; Kitty, Ruth Turner; Nessa, Margaret Rotell; School Teacher, Estelle Davis. The members of the Baptist W. M. U. will have a market next Wednesday at the Thompson build- Ing here. Mrs. R:-A. Klmbrough was !los- less to the members of the Baptist W. M: U. Tuesday afternoon. Tlie tudy course, "Christ In the World," was concluded at this meeting. Twelve.members were present. The p. T. A. met at the high school bui'din g!:ere Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Richard Rcvier presided. The first grade was award-: ed the attendance prize' of one dol-' lar, having nineteen mothers present. The fifth and eleventh gr.ides' tied in the contest for-.having the most parents who have paid their dues. ' • - ' • : •• ""• ' ''; ! ••'Mrs. R. c. Langston attended the matinee performance of "Green Pastures'' at the Auditorium in Memphis Wednesday. Anne Claire Wilkins, small daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Wil- klns, has been ill for the past few Jesse Brown has returned days. Mis. after several days in Memphis. I!ea<l Courier News Want Ads. COUGH -i . . . Real Throat reliefl .Indicated with ingredi-: . 'ents.of,yicks VapoRub ' ••': rf ::.'&'. ":-. ' ' ov.f aeoMes .BAD BREATH I1E.MORKIIOIDS (Piles) cored without the knife. Skin cancer, varicosed veins, (on- siU removed non-surgically. DBS. N1ES and NIES Office 5U Main Phone US •CSS Ci igarettes Give your frocks Beauty l Therd are 6 types of home-grown tobaccos that are best for cigarettes new What a difference good cleaning, makes in the appearance o^jroar dresse*. Cleaned in our modern, improved plant your frScks wifl emerge with a new beauty. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE "Raises the Standard'' Phone 171 BRICFIT TOBACCOS V,S. Types II, 12, 13,14. SUBLET TOBACCO V. S. Type 31. SOUTHERN MARYLAND TOBACCO V. S. Type 32.' U. S. Type 11 is produced in the Piedmont Belt of Virginia and part of North Carolina: U. S. Type 12 is produced in eastern North Carolina. U. S. Type 13 grows in South Carolina. . • U. S. Type 14 is produced .mostly fn,southern Georgia— a few million pounds in northern 'Florida and Alabama. ..-' U. 'S. Type 31 includes what is called White Biirlcy tobacco. It was first produced by George \Vcbb in 1864. It is light in color nnd body, and is milder than tlic Burley used for pipes. • U. S. Type 32, Maryland tobacco, is noted for its "burn". In this respect Maryland excels most other tobaccos. These are the kinds of home-grown tobaccos used for making Chesterfield Cigarettes. Then Chesterfield adds aromatic Turkish tobacco to give just the right seasoning or spice. Chesterfield ages f/iesc tobaccos for ',}Q months — 2Yi years — to make sure (hat they are milder and taste better. Teiaas teing sold at auctim in a Swthtrn market. • 195J. Liwrrr«.- Mn« To««co estertie \* O VV< J- -i- JL X^ tlic cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER ii

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