Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 11, 1897 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 11, 1897
Page 5
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John Gray's ...Corner on Plain and... Fancy Dress Goods In all the fashionable shades and weaves, Including all Covort and Granlll Cloths. Something new in Silks for wal&ts in Roman Stripes and Checks. New Ribbons and Gloves. Come In and look through this stock. MEATS! ^^d juicy Enough to Tempt a Vegetarian Wm. Howe, Cor. Broadway and Fifth Sts Phone 247- G. W. Campbell Has removed his Second Hand Store to 212 SIXTH STREET Next to Moynlhan'u. And wishes to Inform tbe public that he IB still In the business. Stove Repairing a Specialty. w^-^^^ Undertaker, Erobalmer and Funeral Director. phones soe B. H.GRACE' D.D.S. DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market Street New Aluminlte Rubber Plates. Buys and Sells Second Hand Goods. 200 6th Btreet Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. - . --- DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank CornerOtFottrthandBroadwaT Now Is Your Chance. i divide the commission with you, M. M. Gordon, 8pr '£S?iW. Old Pbone office 306. residence 189. _ When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -60 TO- F H. Wipperman, MM Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance. ^^•^^^••^ — I ,OGAN8POKT RAILROAD Becomes an tone In the Indianapolis City Election. That the Republicans Will Glre It the Eight of Way- Railroad Scfws. The Indianapolis- Sentinel Is claiming that the election of Newton Harding, Republican, as mayor of Indianapolis, at tomorrow's election, will mean the granting a rieht of way into that ity for the proposed Indianapolis, Logansport & Chicago railway. It says that Harding w already committed to the road and will appoint a man as president of the board of public works who is interested in the company. As is well known, the road has remained at a stand-still for several years because ot Its inability to secure an entrance into Indianapolis. RAILKOAD NEWS. Chester O. Philbrtnk, the Vandalia engineer, has returned from a •visit at Chicago. C H. Church Is examining the watches of Vandalia and Panhandle trainmen and engineers. Sixteen freight trains were run on tbe Vandalia yesterday. There were 42 loaded cars in one train run north out of Logansport. The Wabash compromised for 14UU the B10.000 damage suit tor the kill- Irg of Wm. Scott, while driving across the track near Wabash. William Bowman, tbe Vandalia engineer, having been changed from the north to the south end, exchanged positions with Henry Swadener and Is now running a yard engine here, Notice, has been given on the manhandle lines that hereafter the paymaster will not collect bills of restaurant keepers from employes, as it so much increased the work of the paymaster. Indiana railways are experiencing a good deal of trouble from fires along their lines Section men are kept busy fighting fires. The grass along the line is so dry that it easily catches fire. The "flyer," on the Wabash, due here at 8:13 p. m., came near being wrecked last night- One of the drivers was found to be loose, and the train was delayed here until another engine was procured from Peru. A passenger official says that the roads have definitely decided to change the interchangeable mileage book so as to make It satisfactory to all parties and be thinks that tbe traveling men ought now to give the matter a rest for a time. A. big decree was ordered Thursday in Toledo against the Wabash company, as tbe following message states: A decree was entered in the U.S. court by Judge Taft, In the case of James Oompton against the Wabash, St Louis & Pacific railway, involving the payment of over $500,000 by the railway company. The decree orders the road to pay Compton 1532,202.02 within ten days from the date of filing. In default of payment, the rnad is ordered sold. CHICAGO MARKETS ADDITIONAL ITEMS- The will of the late John Geyer was admitted to probate today. Tomorrow you can get a fine boucle or beaver cloth jacket,26 inches long, front trimmed with kersey straps and buttons for 15.98, It would be cheap at f8.50.—Trade Palace. Warrants were issued today for the arrest of Herman Horst for an alleged assault upon Eidora Snyder, and for the arrest of Albert Berndt and Wallie Hendrlcks for alleged trespass upon the premises of Wm. Hammond. Oa account of the presentation of '•Egypta," at Peru, on the night of the 14th, the Wabash will not run a special train to enable citizens of that place to witness the presentation of "Palmer Cox's Brownies," at Dolan's opera house on that night. Dr. Crismond Drake bis caae over tbe heads of three toughs who insulted him, at 12:30 yesterday afternoon, as he was crossing from Market street to Broadway on Fifth street. When the battle opened one of the fellows hit the doctor In the face with his fist. The loafers were strangers to the doctor, and they escaped arrest. Police Sew. Jesse Falrehlld, trespassing in tbe opera house, Saturday night. Released. , Thomas McGaughey, of Richmond, was drunk. Released. Fred Plumaier, of Peru, was intoxicated. Ten days in jail. B. O. Mitchell, Of Marion, intoxicated. Ten days. Pat Gafiney, a local, was intoxicated. Dismissed. Charles Zook, of the Southside, was intoxicated. Dismissed. Maggie Tworney, an old offender, was intoxicated. She was too sick to appear this morning. ' -Our Shoes Fit £ Like gloves And they wear Like Iron. "We treat cur customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their trade. Our prices are Low— Wonderfully low— And quality is High- Very high— And we want Your trade. Elias Winter. Tailor and Draper, Our Faft and Winter Styles.^ In elegant combinations of color In up-to-date fabrics in pialdi, cnecki, atrlpw, tweeds, twills, serge. «• waiting for your inspection. Skilled workmen are »lso waiting W fashion them into the best fitting and finely finished suits that would cost you twice as much if landed under the new tariff- GarlliW. Keller, 311 Market St. GERMAN TAUGHT -AT- HALL'S BUSINESS COLLEGE The great and Increasing demand for the German lawruase in business circle I tae led Praaident Moore to add this branch to tae practical business course. afC ure V We have been foitut,ate enoxign to sf cure Mrs. Edith Cotter, .he popular^and »*«ienc DH» been changed to a pleasant the Colby Natural Method. 'MUSIC CABINETS: ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR THESTOR- AGE OF PRINTED MUSIC. The«« R«-;cptacle» Are Decorati-re In Ap- pe^rmnc*, and Protect Their Content. From Wear and Punt—Plans Suggested For Both Ljorgie and Small Boom*. The convenient storage of music in an ordinary drawing room is best effected by means of a small cabinet specially designed for the purpose Such arrange fora (jau at LUG v/vf^nA*' ~ — — -~—practical course m German. Hall's Business College. Corner Broadway »nd Sixth St. Second floor. Saloon Burned. The one one-story brick building near the south end of the Clcott street bridge, occupied by Frank He- Graw as a saloon, was destroyed by fire between 12 and 1 o'clock last night. The origin of tbe fire is unknown The department wae called out Mr McGraw carried *50 insurance on his stock and fixtures. The building was tbe property of a man named John Quill, residing at Richmond. It was valued at »700 and was insured for 1350. Mr. McGraw's loss is in tbe neighborhood ot 8300. DR. C. D. EVBBSOLE'S DEETAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store. Comer of j Fourth and Market Streets. RecelTed Dally bj n. W. Mllner, at 6. A. B. Bnlldlnff. Chicago, Oct. 11, 1881. Wheat—Dec., opened. 91@9Hc; high, 9l}@91i-c; low, 9lc; closed at 91f@91Jo. Wheat—For May, open, 90i@91c; high, 9l|c: low, 90ic; closed, 90*@ 90|c. Corn—For Dec., opened, 28Jc; high, 29c; low, 2S|c; closed, at 303 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. McConnell&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. Oats—Dec., opened, 19Jc: high, 19Jc; low, 19|c; closed, I9|c. Eye—Dec. ouened, 46}c; high 47c; low, 46|c; closed, 47c. p or t—For Dec,opened, »7."5;nigb .85; low, $7.72; closed, $7.SO. Lard—For Dec., opened, »4.27; Igh, $4.32; low, 84.27; closed, 4 27. Ribs—For Dec., opened, »4.4o: igh, 14 47; low, »4.40; closed at 14.47. Hogs today, 27,000; left over,2,500 Estimated receipts for tomorrow .1,000. Market opened strong, to DC igher; closed active and 5c higher Mixed, *3.70@I4.07; heavy, »3.3i @405; rough, $3.35@t3.45; light DA1LYPKAROS MONDAY, OCT. 11. 139 OITY NB.WS L sells John Kelly shoes jllgs Dollle Henderson Is critically 111. The remains of the late W. Glnn •ho filed at Longcllfl yesterday, were .hipped to Xenla, Ohio, today for burial. The lather of Mrs. Brown, wile o Herbert Brown, the Adams «pres agent, died, Saturday, at bin \bom in McOonnelUTllle Beer Thieves. Charles Smitb, of Allentown, Pa., and Thomas Evans, of Lafayette, bobos, were caught, about 12:30 Saturday night, in the Terre Haute Brewing company's cold storage on the Westside. They had broken into the building. The arrest was made by Patrolmen Liming and Schreyer. They will be given a preliminary hearing at 2 p. m. tjmorrow before the mayor. Evans passed the greater part of last weetc In the county jail. Death of Mrs. Catharine Wolf. Mrs Catharine, wife of Patrick Wolf, died at 5 o'clock last evening at the ramlly residence, In Waahlng- ou township, of paralysis, aged 67 ;ears. The luneral will be beld tomorrow at 10 a.m.from St. Bridget's church, Eev. B. Kroeger officiating, Interment will be made in Mt, St Vincent cemetery. Declared Insane. Nathanial Kale, the carpenter,was declared Insane today by a court of inquiry composed of Esquires Laing and Walters and Dr. J. B. Shuliz. He will be committed to Longcliff hospital for treatment. Tnmgs to "Try. Try cranberries for malaria. Try a sun bath for rheumatism- Try clam broth for a •weak stomach. Try cranberry poultice for erysipelas. Try a wet towel to the back of the neck -when sleepless. Try swallowing saliva -when troubled •with sour stomach- Try buttermilk for removal of freo- kles,"tan and butternut stains. Try breathing the fumes of turpentine to relieve the -whooping cough. Try taking your cod liver oil in tomato sauce if yon "want to make it palatable. Try -walking -with your hands behind you if you find yourself becoming bent forward.—Health Monthly. Conch Pillow*. Everything v/arm and oriental looking is to be used for couch pillows this winter. Squares of turkish velvet, in- dia silks of dark, rich colors and intricate design, pieces of old brocade flowered gorgeously and darkened by backgrounds of black, deep crimson or yellow, and even the heavy, woven rugs that are used usually for couch covers are used this year for cushions. The furnishing shops sell odd pieces of upholstery goods of different sizes and in all colors that make beautiful pillows. Satin brocaded with velvet flowers, stiff damask silk in wonderful colors and huge scattered designs, liberty velvets iu soft aesthetic greens, sentimental pinks aud clear bines and yellows, soft liberty silks embroidered with silver thread, india vegetable cloth, white and scarlet baudauua handkerchiefs and an endless array of linen and wool stuffs are all suitable for pillows for the divan.—Exchange. Half a Century Ago. In 1840, when the great Harriet Mar- ttnean came to this country, she found onlv seven paying occupations into which women- had entered. They were allowed to teach, to sew, they could keep boarding houses and make hash, they were allowed to be factory operatives and to enter printing offices and become bookbinders by trade. Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make up a Suit lor you that for Price. Style ami Fit cannot be beaten. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABRICS For Fall and Winter, Up-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and inspect. W. D CRAIG, Tailor 416 Broadway, Next to Frazee's. THR City National Bank. LoGAKSrOKT, INC. CAPITAL......$200.000 JOEK GRAY. President, I. N. CRA-WFOKD, Vice Pres. F. R. FOWLER, Cashier. -DIKKCTORS- Tohn Gray I. N Craw-fort, J. T. Elliott, Dr. W H Be™ A P- Jen**, W. «• Pwmock, I***e SUldeier Geo. w. Funk ana John C. Ingww. Loan money on personal and collateral security. One Kecipe For Soft Gingerbread. Two cnpfuls of molasses, a cupful of milk, an egg, three-fourths of a cupful of butter, a teaspoonfnl of soda dissolved in hot water. Stir in silted flour to the consistency of common Stirred cake. By adding a cupful of seeded raisins and spices it makes very good plain fruit cake. Dr. Bolton Exonerated. Chicago, Oct. 11.—At the Rock River conference of the Methodist church the committee appointed to investigate the charges against Dr.Bolton declared him guiltless, wholly exonerated him and his character was "passed" to his new conference. This was unanimously indorsed by the conference without comment. It was agreed that the demands of the laymen for equal representation in church government should be taken up today. Lot* of Room Outside. Dubuque, la., Oct. 11.—The feature of the session of the upper Iowa Methodist conference rvas Bishop Warren's address to the class presented for ordination. He declared for the old standards, and suggested there was lots of room outsideYor those who did not believe in them. Mefficlnc creek, a. smaTi stream whose source is in Iowa and which runs through the eastern part of Livingston county, Mo., is found to abound in Cearls. CABINET FOR SHEET MUSIC. makeshift contrivances as music seat with boxes below are usually unsatis factory in that the performer mus needs be interrupted each time a new piece of music is being sought,^ while the comparatively small capacity of such meager repositories forbids the keeping handy of anything like an appreciable selection of favorite works. The open whatnot, too, is an untidy thing at the best, for the music, being placed in an upright position, is doomed to dog ears and raggedness, while nothing short of the most drastic measures will insure its freedom from dust. In small drawing rooms where space is limited it is a good plan to embrace accommodation for music; m the large cabinet. This can generally be done without in any way detracting from either the dignity or the usefulness of the cabinet, "in fact, in a great many instances the substitution of printed music for commonplace Viic-a-brac would be a distinct advantage. Thus it occurs to us that it would enhance the salableness of many china cabinets if, say, their center part were made to do duty as a music cabinet. Of course in larger rooms an additional piece of furniture is necessary. Happily, in these matters exact conformity in design with the larger pieces in the room is now not so rigidly required as it was formerly; hence it is optional to the purchaser to have his music cabinet en suite with the chairs and tables, etc., or not. It setmis strange . $5 to $15 per year. THE SHINING LIGHT —The New— Wheeler I Wilson SEWING MACHINE is the most Up-to-date. 308 Third Street. J. Ho well, Agent ... Cattle—Receipts 14,000; sheep, 16,000. nn . Dec. wheat-Curb, 9Uc puts,90^c; , 93Hc. Clorer Huller Bnrned. A clover huller burned, at 10 o'clock Saturday night, on the farm of Bruce Scott, In Adams township. There was no fire about, the machine, which had been put away for the season. It Is thought to have been an incendiary fire. The machine was iued it $600, and was the property ot Mr. Scott. The Weather. Showers tonight »nd Tuesday. Codfish Stcaln. There are various ways of serving codfish steaks. The following is a plan illustrated and described in the Boston Cooking School Magazine: Cut four fine steaks crosswise, roll them in olive oil, seasoned with salt and white pepper, then lay them on a gridiron, well oiled and very hot, and broil on both CODFISH STEAKS AXD POTATO BAIXS. •ides. They -will broil in about ten minutes. Arrange them on a monnd of potato balls. Season with maitre d'hotel barter and garnish with a lemon basket filled -with parsley. To make the maitre d'hotel hntter beat half a cup of bnt- ter to a cream, add salt and pepper, a little lemon juice and some parsley ghopped i The United States Government will not bny baking powders containing alum at any price. The Government does buy Cleveland's baking powder, which speaks volumes in its favor. Cleveland's is a pure cream of tartar powder. Gtiarantee. FBESCH IS that such regularity should have been eo common, especially when we remember that one of the most important items of furniture in the drawing room —to wit, the pianoforte— very seldom if ereroorresponda in the ktwtdegree fh the articles snnonnding it A pretty cabimet is d«rfgned in jym- •vrtth the preraphaeUto «chool, n prominent lighta majbetabsn wi typical of the didactic miaaion o* the colt. In stained green or dark mahnga- A New A new material for skirts and drew linings, which is used very extensively in Paris by all the leading dressmakers, is called silkcrin. This material, entirely new and of very pretty appearance, is an all silk article, well suited to the shape of dresses now worn. It maintains any soft material and does not give as much stiffness as some varieties of linings. With it there is no necessity to use any other silk lining. Although it is all silk, silkcrin is much cheaper than other silk materials. It is very light, but substantial and elastic enough to sustain the dress. It cannot be torn and does not rumple or shrink. It is capable of being put to many nses other than lining. In Paris they make it up into very pretty underskirts. This material, which will be in this market very soon, will be nsed here, as it is in Paris, by every leading dressmaker in place of other linings, for the reason that it takes the place of both silk and haircloth, For the October Bride. This season white taffeta takes the lead for bridal gowns and has a v«.y high satin finish. The trimmings are used as a softening effect and are made of chiffon of the same whitu tint in tbe .form of soft gathered ruches or full narrow ruffles. Sleeves cf chiffon, made in monsquetaire style, reaching down well over the wrist, finish with a narrow ruche of the same. Fashion, has made a departure, aud aow consents, though with much reluctance, to a very modestly low necked bodice, though the high necked waist is always considered in better taste for a bride, who is always jxpected to pose a« a modest, unassuming maiden on her -wedding day. Veils are draped in Russian style from the crown of the head, held with flowers, having the short face veil, •which is removed just after the marriage ceremony. Congratulations mnst never be offered until tbe short veil ha* been removed.—Woman's Home Companion- . n thi« simple design conld be produced tntttpensively. _ A second design ia nomewha* JFitoOD. in character and relies upon its amply fretted door «nd gracefully shaped pl»t- Ibrm abore lor its eff »f A piano should be opened at lea* once a month, and the strings andall ledges of wood, etc., be earefnlly wiped down with a piec* of chamois leather. It is test to use this fabric, as linen or cotton might leave fluff, which wonM. in time clog the keys. An T thia «^ i ends, bits of cotton, etc., Oa* have fallen between tbekey»€r Huvugh the top should h* reraored^tf -possible. Eventh*«malleit trifle mikM d notio«bl* differenceJ» f 1 * •"••* :

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