The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 11, 1937
Page 3
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SATURDAY, DKCRMHKR II (ARK.) COURIEJI AJonji; Koiid to Vic-lory Bf B. S, IN 1ST I fund Marked Under Farm Tenant Act To Aid General Welfare |IV KHKI) HAll.KV I'imea iTess stall Viirrciiiioimi-iii WASHINGTON'. Dec. 10 lUl'i — " v -ii'-ral I'xiienditiues under the farm purchase provision :>S die Farm Tenant Act will be concentrated immediately in the Plains area. Sforetars- of A'iiicul- (ure Henry A. Wallace ha* an- Muimci'd. Title three of tlie -,u-l :lire:-t.s I!M sfcri't.iry to "dcreloji a 1)1-0-41,1111 of laud conservation and land util- iwitlon. Including lh e retirement of laiwts which are submarjjinal or not primarily suitable for mltiniMan. To tidminister the land pur;lme Iirojriim congress authorized app o I.Tiation of $.50,000.00(1 over :i three- ' year period, of which Slo.owwn has been made available this fiscal year. i I'latiN Am First Wallace said 80 ucr cent of the money to he spent for land ttiis year will be in (he Great plains | '"•'•». in wileits laid out on (lie I basis of land-use planning studies ! (Hiring the past two years. The remainder will be spent for "block- i ini* in" already existing projects in • other" parts of the country. I "During the three-year period the Important consideration in sclectine ' land for purchase will he to place | under government ownership lands v v whose uresont use is not in accord with the public welfare ami tlie v;elfare of the persons now occupying it," Wallace said. "Tlie land retired from cultivation will be used for forests, recre- •alional areas, wildlife refuges, controlled range and other pur- ixises for which it is best, suited and which ivill promote the gcner nl welfare." Each project will he selected, in cooperation with state and local agencies, so as lo permit the efficient use and administration of the land purchased, to contribute lo an improvement in economy of the entire area and to prevent the waste or misuse of the land, Wallace said. Siate Policy Important Special consideration will be given to the purchase of land in j areas zoned against, agricultural settlements, in areas where the stale is applying n vigorous policy of retaining tax-delinquent lands in public hands, with suitable conservation protection. "In lhe t Great' Plains." Wallace Faid. "considerable areas of land whiaii are definitely .subiirarginat are imccctipicd and in various .si;i"c.s of abandonment or disuse. "Many ot these lands are absentee-owned. Some are farmed one year by 'suitcase farmers' and allowed to lie idle the next. Some are completely abandoned fields or pastures. "Frequently soil drifting from lands ruins adjacent occupied lands. Public i acquisition appears to offer the only means of restoring these lands to cfficientuse —in some instances, of preventing them from being a menace (o surrounding lands." Wallace said. AH possible help will be given to families residing on land purchased to find new homes, he said. They will be helped to locate good lands. As far as the funds penult, the necessary debt adjustment, rehabilitation and related assistance will be provided, Wallace aid. PAGE THRER WIDOWS-WINNER 1 Commillee. lo Mnkc Roroiiwirmla- liotis Before Jan, 15 KV ItODNliy DUTCIIIill Omrlri- Mm* Wuslilngloii Currcspiimli'nl WASHINGTON, !>(-. || ... The possibility linn there will be a «(h state . ||iiw«l| ... iippi-oiu-hi's the Btn«o of likelihood.. A i> iiimiitU'e of r> scniiloi i mill 12 remi'.'i.ntutlvcs. the Joint Com- mitli'o ., n liuwiilt. |H<rson:Oly ln- vi'sllKati'd the ([iic.stloii of sliilohoocl mid other Hawaiian problems .bis fall. Tlie miMiiher.'i had u dchhll'ii) time mid presumably Inum-d :i tii-eal dal about tlir'islands Iti tin' course of comprehensive licnrlnvs. Some time iwfore Jun. 15 tin 1 probably will, report to ry American veteran who toiled toward the front lines along the troop-congested «hell lorn of France will te carried back to World W.-ir days by (l,is glimpse of the Japanese Army on the iciir Shanghai. AK far as the eye can see are soldiers and supply (rains. Pack horses are. loaded vith boxes of machine gun ammunition, caissons are piled h! B li with provisions and munitions consider the lot of the soldiers who drug along [lie broken down motorcycle nnd .sidecar And left. Japan's "Big Parade" Through Ruined ( liina County School Heads Hear State Official Members of the home economic; • classes of the Dell high school scrvixl a three course turkey din- npr at the regular meeting of the Mississippi county superintendents and principals held Thursday night. Tlie dinner was served in the honle economics collage which had many Christinas decorations. The table was decorated with laiiert and a tray of pine cones and other Christmas decorations. M. R. Owens, member of the .state department of education made a talk on "Continuing the Program of Improvement of Instruction", in which he pointed cut the progress Iliat has been made In the schools of Arkansas within tlie past few years. Miss Charles Jones, Blythcville, spoke on the state wide safety program. At n meeting at 5 o'clock the coaches and .superintendents drew up tentative plans for basketball schedules lor the county. A committee be appointed at the January meeting to make plans for the county tournament to be held the last of February. ' Tl'-ii: Ihe territory ot llawull cveiituallv should bcvojni' n M»I ( . 2. 'Ilint tlie people ;if linn-all should vole in u pk-blsclli 1 on the 1 tuiestion of statehood. 3. That in tin. meantime tlie ler- r'l; -v sliuiijd ix' treated in imyon- j al ti'gislnilon lu the same manner us u st;ite. criiLs Is piuUnilaily Important lo Hawaii In conm'ciion with suw (|»ola legislation.) II is not e.\)x-i'led (lint the com- inllfer. will set any dale fur achievement of .statehood. l'l)U Srrkit/'lliiliinfc" in SKC '1'heri! lire two vnenncles on the Securities ami Exchange Comiuls- 1 mill one of them will un tilled by the President's appointment, nf Jerome Prank, one o( the original, outstanding and Incorrigible New iVuli'i's. r n-f Frank iippolnlinent probably will be ''balanced" by appointing lo Ihc other vacancy n Will) Street broker who ts n member of the New York Stock Exchange's so-culled "Insurgent" group. ri ink, n.s gtwcrnl counsel for •\AA. wns a close associate of Dr. fiexfonl oiiy ' Tugwell. Ousted because of his uncompromising liberalism, h e subsequently served with RFC and then with PWA as special counsel In Ihc municipal loan-grunt i)n«-ei- cases now before the Su- premo Court. Ki:iH-r;il Wajros anil Hours n i> ilvol A. I-', of L. nnd C. I. O. federal employe unions, vying for memberships among government Nipponese :fkc a scene from a Japanese production of "The Big Parade," is this picture of rain moving into the .shambles was Cliinslian after the strategic city on Ihe northern coast langcliow Bay ivns shelled by Jap shiiis and captured by a landing parly. Mearcd, but as yet no effort has been made to remove evidence of (lie supply el Tlie roadway has been destructive bombardment. Mrs. McAdains Is Chri.slmas Queen At ("arnUiersvilic CARUTilERSVlLLE, Mo.—Mrs. )sborne McAdains. the former .li.« Mary Jane Eiiell. was named Christinas mieen at Uie dance in ^arulhersville last nighl follo-,v- 'iig (he Christmas parndc. The parade was made up of 35 mils and was led by the 140th 'nfaiilry band from ChatTee. Six :(hcr bar.ds took par. Of the 11 loals many of (hem represented -ccncs from loyland wllh one ot- inff a jack-in-lhe-box-. auolher Santa's workshop, and others of the .same type. The parade started at Fifteenth' ?trccl and continued on Ward avo- nuc ivlierc it turned to the lefli and went to the fVisco sta'.inn' where it disbanded. Approximately n.OOO people were Several 4-H Clubs dent; . Rachel Lou Cleveland, vice- Name New Officers t>'' csi ." e »l: VirgHHn Cook, secretary; " j Uessie Hcmphlll, reporter. Throve: Dorothy Davis, Louise Loveless, vice- Election of officers of Boys and i n ^,i'. Girls 4-H clubs in Mississippi conn- i , rc s|. ", '.' .... , , ' Ori " Alexander, vice - president; Clubs which have elected offiters) Norma Forrest secretary Muriel within the past few days include: Davis, reporter. Blackwater: Clell Forty nnd Eight: Niics Welch, pres- Virginla Hooper, vice-presi- idcnt; president; Ethel castleman, Marie Maples dent; Dorothy' Alley, score- 1 vice-president- Francis Cole sectary; Aubrey Lee Woodhousc. Ircas- rclary; Woodrow Whitney nrer; Opai llcnson, re|»rter. > Ynrbro: Mildred Richardson, president; Cecil Johnson, vice- president; Oletla French, secretary; Jano Stiles, rciwrtcr. Gosnell: J. C. Euuanks jr., prcsi- RUPTURE Since "he Seven Koosrvclls al Harvard W. M. S. At Lepanto , lB} ,, in Mh co , Ucsls Holds Annual Election T"" - shc '»«>''''«i MI-. McAdams. but ' LEPANTO. Ark.. Dec. 10. — The following officers were elected bv the w. M. S. of the Methodis't church at a meeting held this week: president, Mrs. W. J. LeHoy; vice- president, Mrs. A. B. Haltom; cor- rfespondln^ secretary, Mrs. O. E. Deyerle; recording secretary, Mrs. Joyton Seymour; treasurer. Mrs. J. O. Stuckey; assistant treasurer, Mi't. U D. MulUns; sccrctarj- young women's groups, Mrs. Dan Porlts jr. The peacock worm builds tall lubes in the sand near sea shores, and as the tide rises, it protrudes Ha gill-plumes to feed. SHIELD EXPERT HERE II. V. SIIEVNAN. widely known "perl of Chicago, will personally lie at Ihc rcalmdy Hotel, Memphis. Mouil.iy anrl Tuesday, only, l)e- ccmticr 13 anil 14, from n A. M. In G 1'. SI. . , . , , Shield U a tremendous improra- 1a*l Oc t obcr. AmC She" SX ™ M "" "' f ° r '™ r mel "°" s ' ^ hi Cimithrvsvillc lo .see Wit TJioina played for the dance following the parade. Mrs. McAdains was ween at the feeling inimediale results. 11 not only hold the rupture perfectly but increase the has continued her schooling att.i „., ** Haytiivhere she nil, bo g radL J Sy ^^".h.'^ln™ K cd Horn high .school this spring | daj , s > n , (lc , 1V(!nig c ca i c , regaul- circulation, parts, •eragc le-«s of heavy llftin.?. straining ' any posllion the body may assume CAMBRIDGE. .Mass, run—Pros- ' no matter lhe size or location. Klent Roosevelt's only remaining j nationally known scientific mcth- suulent reprcscnUitivc at Harvard j.od. No under straps or cnmbcr- :> His youngest son, John, but the | some nrrangcments and absolutely Hooscvnlta now there total seven. j no medicines or medical treat- Besides (lie President's sou nre mcnte Joscpli Willard, Arclii- Qucntln. , liaid Bulloch jr., James West, Daniel Stewart mid Henn r Parrlsh. In rare case? of color blindness, Hie afflicted person sees everything us' nil uiicolonM photojtrflrih. . Mr. Sheviun will bo jflad to demonstrate \rilhout charge. Add. 6441 N. RICHMOND ST., Chicane. For IS years assistant to P. H. Sceley, famous rupture expert of Chicago, It i.s said that hedgehogs arc not immune to (he common cold which affects human beings. Although mice and ferrets arc Immune to Oils Infection, they are susceptible to human influenza. * PRESTONE * ANTI-FREEZE * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS Complete Stock Prompt Service To .All Makes of Cars TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 21 Hour Service Call C33 Happy Ml l-'iirtiiiii'- New Yoilicr. imltllx-rl lu-tv. Ill Melody. 1 1 HooMock 12 Thick lubricant, M I'd -tuliiini; bees. Ill 1'01/in. )7K\iits. IHSIIr. ID I'l'Ofniiiul. 'J I Kjxidi. •.'.< And, :>:> Fuolhiill Answer tii )'rr\ Inns I'm/I,. •Id Til mill I. •I 1 .! TH handle. « Orijiin nt :-! •Ifi llii'.hl, -IV Utiux i lirojieily. 'SllMiili; cat. flH Hndli' bird. 5!i linat rowed liy two. ' til Afternoon meal. CIlJIv is of Ji'lsJi 0-1 lie inmlr: th<< bt'owu (Ifrby 20 Ovum. 'U Hops kiln, 'i-l Tu hind, 2(1 To let fall. ^1 Wni-.ship of idols. !!8 Viscous.' HP Native mvdil aO Brooch. 32 Mociern. 3.1 Quoits pin. '.17 Dove's cry. ,'J8 J-'ejn.-ilc 1 drci. 41 Queer. •14 To dcciiy. •IK Indian •i Jnltl. « li( '<l 'alii- 5 Not so dimciilt 4!l Unit <lf '''"•' <! Klowi-r purl. VCIiurl. B IVrlnlniiiK (• tilt! iris. 'j Amphibian 12 He was of Ni'iv Vor 50 Mooley apple. 52 VuriiMi M O«jnc, M Slop! 57 liKli-in. Wl Mother. 5'J Postscript, 13 Discovery. Ifi lie. w:is a (/, H. liOSun i;oil. 02 Like MM. Dcnsmorc Sluile, nlmvo, won o Oolf Widows' lourn'miicnt nt (ho Minml Billmoro Cotuilry -Club, Cor.-il Gnbles. Fin., with n wore of 53 for (ho nine-hole iiil'nlr. Wives of pros prepr.rliif; for (he 510,000 Mtntnl lllllmore Open, Dec. 10-in, pni'llclpnlccl. come oiil wllh lls own program, ivhlch Is: 1. A minimum vtigf of ilfiOO n year for nil full-time ijovci'uiiuM't employes, wilh stalutory automatic Incrivisc.'i. crlils carries an es|>celal- ly sti'ono upiK'iil to charwomen and elevator qpernlors, mostly colored, mnonu wliom the UPWA also has (.arrli'd on n strong cum|ralgii.) 2. A nve-day. thirty-five horn- week, with no reduction In nny. H. Eslabllsliin'eiil of a U. S. Civil Service lioanl of Ainieuls, so oi'unii- l/ed as lo fully protect the rijhls 'ot employes. employes, bolh now /Icnnlte platforms or objectives— neither of them very radical. The new Unlcd Federal Workers nf America 1C. I. O.) clime out with a five-point program, as follows 1. A five-day :wock in the government service. : : 2. All "nctunl inlnlniiun wage In the government service capable of sustaining a standard of living con- '•hlecit. -with modern American requirements." 3. An appeals system for federal employes (who feel themselves victims of discrimination, personal or otherwise). 4. Mandatory transfer aiui rt-cm- ployment agency by which all efficient federal employes engaged in useful work may be assured of Icn- :re. (Meaning that if n few hundred thoiiMniul employes are released from one government agency. those employes would get first cull on jobs being created by a new or old agency which is adilln.r ( o || S staff.) 5. A merit all employes. A. P. of I,. Has Platform, Too Tlie older A. F. ot u union for federal workers, knoivn us the American Federation of Government Employes and apparently not just. system (ipplicnolc to wiililiij; lo be outdone, has Missionary Society At Dyess Plans Activity DYKSS. Ark., nee. ll.-Thc Center Missionary Society, meeilni! licre in tin- community building .vesterdiiy, mndi: phms ( or un;ii- Christmos work. It was plannr-d to hike flowers, fruit and tray cards lo the Dyess hospital far us c Christmas week, nnd lo (jnlher cannnl Boods for the, orphanage; at Monticello. Mrs. Harvey Gray led Ocvo- lions. using for Hie scdutiirc le.ssoii the 103rd psalm. Mrs. Almos Overtoil ts president of the orsjani/alion, Mrs. A. 1.. llol- lanit, vice pri'sklcni, Mrs. Onrlnml Scott, secretary-treasuier, Mrs. Uoh VVilllnms, assistant .secretary. Mrs. lioy Fcnnell. iirojfram rhnlnnnii, Mr. J. [j Jucn'js. stewardship chalr- umn, Mrs. Homer Ollflon, social ctiainnan, Mrs. Harvey Gray, personal sfrvlcc i-lialaiiiin, and Miss Helen «bnw, lilble and minion sludy lonelier. " " i but Ihe navy chiefs arc nt their Elaborate Menus Of British wlts ' L ' U(1 lo Imtl Cooks wll ° cftn Navy Wear Out Cooks I-ONnON (Ul'l - The jjrllish Navy Is running siioit of cooks. The reason Is the «ay they feed Hie modern sailor. This Is well rtvin- onstrutcil by » ,slniu!n r< | •'gen»ni) mess menu" Irmu H.M.JJ finiulllles. which prescribes tour mculs a'day —breakfast, (tinner, tea mid supper. Vhcnklaslx arc varied mid-include imiTldgc. or oranges wllh" bacon, fried CUBS, boiled e.jjjjs und loniTiJbcs. Olmier is n ilnw-raiiiw iiirnli' \vcll vui'kcl, the imiin mcnt und vcjje- lable course Including beef, pork I and vcul unit Innu pie. Supper con- sisL-i of such ill.slics us soup und fried steak and chips. This Is all very well for the men, stiind the and maintain this * Most, imlmiils hold their mouths open when they wish lo breathe luster, but Hit: toad cannot breathe' nl nil will! Ills mouth open, for In: Ims to swallow nil-, and he cannot, swallow unless his mouth Is rloscd. J. C. EVANS IJox S« Hlylhcville. Ark. lUslik-t Miiiingcr UAMII/ION TltliST Fl)NI> Siwnsored By llnmillon Depositors Corp. Rend Courier News Want Ads. PHONE 103 FOR 'PETE 1 THE PLUMBER FOR CHRISTMAS The Loveliest Gift of All - - - t Ymir F'hofoRraph W SOUTHWORTH Over ,IOf Isaacs' ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITYf LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms [•'aslcsl closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities OSCROLA, ARK. FOR PERFECT LAUNDRY SERVICE • Escape from thai wash day dungeon this winter . . . enjoy more leisure ami better health \v sending your laundry to us! Our service is PERFECT from our prompt pick-up 'til lyour cjothes come back crispy clean and flawlessly ironed! ['hone 327 todny ... and discover for yourself what a truly perfect laundry service is. Blytheville Laundry

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