Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 21, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 21, 1896
Page 3
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Almost Distracted • MILEAGETICKETS Railroads Can Expect Small Public Support. D ID YOU EVEl; MitTor from retil ncr- vc)ii.sutx*s? Wbcu every norvcseemed to mtivyr wt'th a. peculiar, creepy feeling, first tri one place, and iliaa another and ;ill scorned lir.nlly to concentrate In a •wtitbini; jar.iolo in the Drain. :u;it you bo-< come ir-r.aOlc, fretful and peevish; to bo followed hy :m impotent, n'uiufciicd condl- tion of tlio nurvo Renters, rin^m;; lu the oars, luidsloepiusi, onisoniblo nights? Mrs. J'.ujrcne Scarles, 110 Sinsonton St., Elkhart, Irju., says: "Nervous troubles had tnacic me nearly in.sane :uid physicians wcru unable Co .hc'iu me. ii:y memory ivas ah.-ios: pone and every little thins worried me until I was almost tiistractou. I reiilly (eaivu I was becoming a maniac. I imagined nil sorts of evil iliing.* and would Cry over nothlnp. [ coinmencod takins Dr. Miles' F.estoratlve Nervino and four bottles of this wonderful remedy completely cured mo, and I am as well now as I ever was." Dr. Miles' Nervine is sold on guarantee, firs'.bottle, will benefit or money refunded. IN FIGHTING BROKERS STATE BAR ASSOCIATION. Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores Health..,. THE Munson Typewriter Is a GoodiMachine.i A high standard of eicellence. Manj ssers of the "Munson" consider It THE .BEST. You will llnd It a valuable assistant In your office. Address tor particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO aiAXU-FACTUKKKS. nt I.nk» St., Chlc»e<>. 111. L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and eollclta a. Bhare of the public patronage. None but First Clasi Companies Repro- •ented, Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all of Its dcllKUt-- if you toko one of the LAKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CD'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, Sailings between Chicago and Mucklnnc tour tlmea every week. TiW new stool steamship "Manltou" in a iv.iitliii; piil;i(:i>. Travels 'twlxt Chicago <Ch:irlovol^, Harbor Spring*, Petusksy. nacklnuc bland, etc. Write for our readable reading matter, Iroo, or usk your nour-tist agent- i Aduruss Jos. BcrolzliOlui JLAKE ITIICH. AND 1LAK1E SUPEHIOK TIIANS. CO. HujhjndN.WitarSt.. Chicago. DAILY JOURNAL. SUXDAV, JUNE 21, 1SO(>. Hammocks at your own price at Gco. Harrison's. The "Odds" b:isc ball club plays today at Lucerne. Will Quigloy will i;a fu-turc be employed with, Hl^ifntlier in tlie candy factory. » / C. H. SKvenlTs gallery at 414 Market street Is now open. Competent -workmen. Work guaranteed. Prof, G. W. Michael rcijucsls that all who are iibterested in music will please ..send to Michael's university for circu- lais. Londreth Seed Company of Philadelphia, havo bee-o Beed srowers for one hundred and fifteen years. Harrison !• their agent In C&ea county. It doesn't take much med'lctoe to cure Marbirtol Fever, provided you take Simmons- Lirer Regulator. It is just -tho remedy for Malaria, and all Spring ailments. And you don't need to take much of W, "Simmons Wver Regulator broke a case or Malarial Fever of three years standing JCor me, and less than one bottle did it. I stitll use it when in need of any medicine."—C, Htarod, Lancaster, Ohio. People are With Scalpers While Money is Saved. Tlio Sioux City, Iowa, Journal, speaking editorially of tJio mileage bocxk question as rola.ftrng to ticket brokers and Hie rajltroads says: The dofllsicm tlie otJier day of an Ohio court to the effect that a railroad company has no right to confiscate :i mlileage tiBCkot J'wuad in the h.Tuds. ot auothia 1 tluui tlio one to whom t'he company .sold It may prove a serious obstacle- in the systematic otl'or.t which the railroad companies are making to limit uarrow-Jy 'Wic- use of mileage tickets. The count ln.bimsi.tal rJRi.t the company \vhiile iit tiviig-ht ivi'uso to caj-ry a third party ou such a tk.-ket, had absoluti'Iy no rigLl to toucJi or ID lake it, since Hie title and ownership o-C it piissetl to tin 1 pinvhafw when lie pinid li-is money for if; lie st:Hl ou-.nod if, .-uul lio might •.use it. altlimigh die company mi^hi refuse : to accept It I'ronu ihe hands of any other iH-.-sini. This will strike mosr people :ts eom-iiHi!) sense, especially as die giMiw.l riiio is Uiat w1ia.t oue may buy hi! may a^:iin sell. The dedsfon, however, doiw not no to ihis extent, but only holds that a mMttigc -ticket iK.'lungs t.o V.lio man wlu> buys i,t aud (hat. the wMiipsiuy IKI.S n.o right to it whnti'vri' after ;-t lias so-ld i;r. Tlieiv will lie little public sympathy -wiit:lL tin- railroad COTiipaiiies tu tilioi-r recent war ou the ticket brokers, and thnt war may be pushed to such an extreme as to give frvsf-li iinpeliiis 1o a iiopnlar a.iritatlou for lowor OT t-'ven a 2-con.t peir m-i'Je rate of p;ic>iiMigo.r fare. While it may bo true tceliiLic.-i.lly cliat the offer of mileage ttekiMs is gftiier.iJ aud OPOJI to all who con>i.ply wiitllv tflio coiHli.r.i.ons, still practically tlio conditions arc such that, only a fraction O'f Hie ti-aveling public can or wUl comity with them, and the fraction wltich can comply with Uicm Is not composed of tliose who most need con, cfNsions. In Sounh Dakofii UK; average p;Lst--engw is forced, under the terms wh-k-U the nviloase tickets are offered by the tfompaaite;, to pay 4 edits a. mile, wluh.' those wlio are more fortunate by tho usu of such lickots can travel for - cenrs u miile. East of the Missouri river •the flJfK.iliiiiiua-t.iou is not so great, but it U still very great, Tlie only possible condition on ^-liiMi the ticket broker can do buKlrie* K that 2ie saves money for the public. This'is exactly what he doosi, and so Ions: ns" he docs this It will be migl;(y liard for tlio i"iilrc.'i<l companies 10 put him in tho liglit of a public enemy or to Ka.ta public syan.pnthy by (.renting luiini as sucli. Tiie railroad, companies have It ic t-hc-lT 1 power to drive him out of existence by the simple expedient, of abolishing all discrimination in fares, by putting the public without exception on the srune base. So long as they fail to do so, ajid by failing put R in t'lie power of )3ie broker to save money for tbe public, so long will -the broker continue in business in one way or another, although occasionally tlie cojnpaHat's may make war on li/wn. Tlie broker tVrst floutislied chiefly fis an adjunct of the niih-oacls in their competitions .ml iva,i-s among themselves. TJioy gjive him life and a .strong stonillng. And so long us the- public merely dealt wMili the companies through him they had littles complaint against him, but often really noddled aaid favored himi. But when ticket brokerage wa.s syst.omatixed and put on as strong and sound a basis as banking, with, wihlch 'tlie public could tie;il iii pra-feet socurify, and wJieu Its life online t'o rest upon 'that margin wiiith it could save t'he traveling public, then it begain to be regarded by the railroads as tliciir enemy. In Mils sitn- tlon they will be foolish to expect the public .(o Ix; sympathetically impressed with tho z-ensoas wHili. wltieh they as- sumc to charactorly.e tic ti'cket Vn-olfei-s as u public caiemy. Meeting- to be Held Tuesday to Organize it. Iml'ianapoLis .Touimil: Some time ago tlie Indianapolis Bar Association ap- ixriiiitcd a comuiiittec to a.rnmge for th.e Oirganizauiou of a S'laite Bar Assocation, ThEs conwiiittoe is composed of Johji W. Kara, John R. Wilson, Byron K. Elliott, A. C. Harris, C. W. Smith, W. A. K-ctolmm, S. O. Pjickeus and Albert Ea.bb. After <.oiiBWentl>)e cw-z-espond- once tiie conTinMtee has culled a ineot- i'ng of -1.ho niembei-s of the various county associations to bo hold next Tuesday in the Supreme Court room. All members of cpunily bar associations iii good tstatuling are invited to attend. MUNYON'S REMEDIES TiVith Miinyou's Improved Homoeo- pathic Rem'edios You C;iu Doctor and DEATHS. Theresa, the six-montlis-old daughter ot' Mr. and Mil 1 *. Charles UolhermeJ, illiHl yostiM-day a-fteriioou, at 12:30 at I'hf.iir •ru.-fi'dwice, co'tiiH'!' AVllUJiiisoii strict :lll"l JiL-IlOcil aVlMUC. TllC 1'llMCral Will raki' phice t-cnnorrow morning at 8 o'clock jii. iiilio St. Joseph's diui'uh, Hie Key. K.-uiluT Kofh.ne oflicia.iui;:. The Aincivil M' Mr.-;. Mary Kennedy, whoso death was made mention of iu ywlui'day'i* issue wall lip ln-ld iouioi'J'ow moirn.i'tijf :i'i: 0 o'clock from SI. Bridget's church, conducted by ihc 1'ev. Father lumber. ljitc.itiiie.ttt iji Mr, St. Vin- ClMlif. Tl'.c funeral uf li'lt.le Mi.'i-y, daughter U'l' M.i', anil Mrs. Fred llu-rsliiuan, will be held tlife 41-ri.rnioon ill: -:.'!0 o'clock at iJiii nwidoiioo. 417 IVcsl Bro;uhv;)y, and will bo coiiiliietctl by flie Rev. J. C. Ivaull'iuan of I ha 13n;il.it;hi l.nilierau clsmvh. In.temioiiit; will lie made iu Mt. Hope ceiiMi.ery. CURE YQIIESELF. No Gwiss T\'ork—Xo ExperimciitiBs— No Big Doctor's Bills—Each Rem-- edy -Has Plain Directions, so There Cm Be No Mistake. A SEPARATE CUKE FOR EACH DISEASE. They Relievo Almost Immediately— Are Absolutely Harmless and Should be in Every Home, Read This. SUMflER SUITINGS. To thiose who arc looking I! to keep cool in, we would so. and vests. They arc of exec also have them in- auy grad liuo of Alpacas, Draratas an Get an outfit, it will make y or something light aud airy, something y, try our ?5 line of skelton serge coat* lent (juality, and price is right. We e and price desired. \Vc also have full. 0 light woolen garments, from ?1.25 up-, ou fool good. MAY UKCOVER COST. The Supruiiio t-omrt has liauxled down a decision that where a person is found "not LTuiilly" of the violation' of a eMy ordinance lio is cjiitjii li'O to recover his costs as a di"renHlri.iiJ, and nnfcli.U'd to a urau- dale requiring the city .authorities to issue .to h'liii a wnnimt upo-n the city •tronsuiy; Hire amount of costs recoverable oau onJy be those for which the defendant was liimst'Jf lialile. IS CHR.IST TO COMK AGAIX Will lio tlio sulijcct of an addrese, by the I!ev. T. R. li"rc<aii;iti this .afternoon at 3 o'clock in the TC. I!. Y. M. C. A. room.. ."'I men aix 1 cordi;illy invited to hoar IJie adilrcss. THE KAKER. Of Deviled Crabs Asks a Question. Children Cry for PStcher's Castorla. HOWS THIS! Wo offer One Hundred Dollars Reward, for any case of Catarrh thnt can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! r. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, have known F. .T, Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe Mm perfectly honorable in nil business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made by tbe firm. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale. Druggists, Toledo, 0. WALDING, KINNAN & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all-druggists Testimonials free. • . • ' EXCURSION TO INDIANAPOLIS Via Pennsylvania Lines, .Tune 23 and 24, for the Democratic State convention of Indiana. Low rate round trip tickets will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines; vnlld returning', June 27th, inclusive. The following correspondence between 3Ir. AIcMpn.'Mniu, Uic' well known producer of henueticaHy sealed sea. food, o( Hampton, Ya., and the Post inn Cereal Co., nwj- interest some as it tone-lies a point upon which there have boon sonic queries: "Haiinpton, Va.—Postuni Cereal Co., Battle- Creek, Mich.—Gentlemen; Replying to your letter I beg to say that your health coffee lias a flavor, so far as I cau reaiem-ber, of the bost collce, and tliis coffee flavor was po pronounced that I suspected that coffee was mixed with the other grate. I served It to some of my guests without telling thorn what it was, and they pronounced it very excellent coltee. One of them was a coffee drinker who had to have it throe times a day. I would like to know if there is any coltee In it. Very tiniJj- yours, James ifojonajnin," "Battle Creek, Mich.,—Mr. Tames JIc- Menaniln, Hampton, Va. Dear Sir: We have your esteemed favor of the 2Sth and M reply to your Inquiry as to the Ingredients will say that we arc willing to stake every penny we can get together that Postum not only docs not contain coffee, but that it is composed strictly and entirely of pure cereals of the field, the greater portion being tlio various parts of -wheat. It took us ueanly a year ot experimenting to produce .Poslum the health coffee. It is an easy matter to make a wenlc sort of driuk from browned rye, wheat or malt but to produce a liquid from the cereals th.it has the color, taste and nourishing properties of our present product, taxed onr best energies and that of one of the mast export analytical chemists In America. We felt a desire to demonstrate the principal that man's drink at meaJ.j should be made from grains, without any sort of adulteration or chemical preparation, aslfle from simple cooking. It may be further explained, that in order to produce Postum the cereals are cooked hi different ways aud the final mixing of the proper proportions is what gives us the desired result. Thero Is no possible argument that can can be brought forward that will i-aise the question for a moment regard- Ing the fixed fact of the healthful, nourishing and fattening properties of 1'our Druggist Will Give You the 'Names o,C I-lnudruils of His Cns'.'Miiers Who Have Boon Cured by Those Wonderful Urtle Pellets. Munyou's Rheumatism Cure seldom fails to relieve in one to three hours, and cures In a. few clays. Price 25c. Munyou's Dyspepsia Cure positively cures all forms of indigestion and stomach troubles. Pries 25 cents. Muuyon's Cold Cure prevents pneumonia, iuid breaks up a cold in a few hours. Price '1~> ceJits. lluiiywi's Confrli Ciu'c stops coughs, uiglit sweats, allays soreness and speedily heals the lungs. -Price 25 cents. Muuyon's Kidney Cure speedily cures pains lu the back, loins or groins and all forms of kidney disease. Price 2o cents. Miiuyon's Nerve Cure stops nervousness and Imiflds up :ho system. Price 2i"t:. Munyon's Catarrh -Rcmedic* never fail. The Catarrh Cure—price 25c.—er- adicates the disease from, tlio system, and the Catfiwh Tablets—price- 2,"ic.-- cleanse and heal the parts. Munyon's Asthma Remedies relieve in 3 minutes and cure permanently. Price .«!Munyon's Headache Cure slops headache ia three minutes. Price 2.jc. Munyon's Pile Ointment positively cures all forms of piles. Price 2H cents. Munyon's Blood Cure eradicates all impurities of the blood. Price 25c. Munyon's Female Remedies arc a lx>on to all women. Munyou's Vitalizor restores lost vigor Price ?1, A separate cure for each disease At all druggists, mostly 2ii cents a viaL Personul letters to Prof. Munyon. 1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa., answered with free medical advice for any disease. BICYCLE GOODS Latest out In bicycle sui from ifo to $7.50 per suit. AV belts, hose, racing suits an keep a full line of those goo stock. l-s, with caps to match, ranguiR in price e carry best grades of bicycle sweaters, (3 caps, Golf pattern if preferred. We Os. and can supply anything- not In SPECIAL SALE KNEE PANT5. This week we arc makiu z a special sale of cerlajn lines of children's knee pants, in wash g oods, and medium summer weights, at from 0 cents to JO cents p': r pair. Full assortment we make the price that w.ill close them; o lit, simply 1.0 reduce stock. Those whc are looking for bargains in t his liuo should call at once, and make their selections, before the 1 ots are broken up. f JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. I>. FERttUSOX. A. P. JENK8 Inventors anOusiness Men. the cereals, fumlshed by the nil-wise creator for man's natural use. We •thank you for your kind letter. Yoiirs, respectful!}-, Postum Cereal Co., LIm," Xhevo is but one genutne original Postum Cereal coffee with a multitude of Imitations offered as. "just as pood." . Merchants supplied by J. T. Elliott & Son; - ' '. Trro wheels, olieap.—717 North street. There is ;i general imj^rcssion tlint Jt will not pay to Imve old. buggies repaired, on account of the exceedingly low prices of. iw;w ones. An iiivt^Uga- t!au of clie ttise wiJJ prove to you that tliis iy a wrong I'mprresioi). A reasonably good bnggy caainot be purchased for le.«;s tlisui Sixrj'-Five Doll.-17-s. It is true that you can buy cheap buggies for from Thlnty-Five to Forty-Five Dollars, and they will be worth all you pay fw t-hean a.ud HO more. You will always Oiul that any goods you buy will bo no better than the price. A buggy properly repaired at a reasonable price is much cheaper thau a new oue for the reason that M you trade your old bnggy as part pay on a new one it wi.ll be, welil, just such a trade as yo.u would make i.'u trading an oW sewing machin on a. now machine, the man would b seUauig you the neiv jiiaclifne and tal Ing the old o<n.e oit your hands, NOM if yo\i wiJl no.tice (he following prices you wffiil (lrt)d tJntt t'le old buggy wliic La I'I'S dilapidated coiwlitroai is of 110 va! ne 'to yoiii can be made as good as i at lea<$t as gwd as a new cltoip bug. at a very small cost. The parts t1i;t usually woar out arc t:he wheels, tli top, irncl the patatiiiig, wltfch we can-fur aiiit?'h you n't 'Hie if oil owing prices, ,-uid gi\ p o you a,s good goods as yoii can ge .iji a 1 SixJry-Fivc Doiliar buggy. ^V'e \rfll put 0:ii a set of wheels for Sb Dollar; we will put on a top for from Six Dollars aud FiiOty Cents, Eight Dol IMS and. Fifity Cents or Ten Dollars; we uviJI tlt> ii job of painting good enough for a repa.ired buggy for Six Dollars, 01 wt- wiJl do a ftrst-cihiss jot) of painting tor Eight Dott-irs. On this basis, foi E'ighitcen- or 'ivcnty Dol.la.re you can •have your, old buggy put in a condition that will make it equal to a Sixty-Five 'Dollar new buggy. No-w, if you will consider that your old, buggy is of no value to you in its. present condition, .and virtually you cnn. get noUhing for It in trading it on a new one, you can see plainly that virtually you will have a new buggy a.t a very small cost. I am well equipped for building now buggies njiil repairing old ones, aiud if you wlU call at my place of "business, G17-C23 Designs for letter heads, bill heads prepared for business purposes. Drawings of all kinds prepared for newspapers, etc. Cla.Lms for letters of patent prosecuted. BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport. Logansport & Wash •B-i'oadway, I -will satisfy you that it will bo to your advantage to have your old buggy repaired. -It will cost you noth'ing to investigate tluis matter, aud if you find that there is nothing in. it, there will be no harm done. GJGO. HARRISON. Pitcher's Castori9> . Children Ciry for Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. Ail bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. Are built in the Largest and Best quipped Factory in World. tlw Ma liallt to stand for years. We have » reputation established asd to maintain, hence can not afford to supply luutfiing but tbe b«-t tbnt brains 8D4 niontijr cnn produce. The Wnvocleys sboiv 1C. Scorcher. 3 helfihts, $S5.00. Belle 26 anU 2S Inch, $75. W and 985.00. Call and soe them. Built For Service - Hftdebr INDIANA BICTCLB CO., Indianapolis, Ind. CLINE BROS., Agents. Victor Hugo Says A purs stimulant is Try o • . . • CUMMINS i;a:y *j j:£:^un \'vc burden of years cio Sour-Hash Whfsltcv ESS

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