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Delphos, Ohio
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the Latest Telegraphic News International News Service OS fifi HERALD tonight and Wednesday. Not much change la tempera? ture. PRICE, THREE CENTS. DELPHOS, OHIO, TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUA RY 28, 1933. VOL.

XXXIX. NO. 219 Fire Desttoys Building UNDER ARREST CITY Seek New Trial for Convicted Killer COLUMBUS, Feb. 28 (INS) Claim that Herbert Meeker, convicted Holmes county wife murderer, is entitled to a new trial because several jurors were "biased and prejudiced" was today to the Ohio su- German Police Launch Drastic Preme court by Attorney Henry Bruce. Measures Against counsel for the condemned Following Outbreak of Incen- prisoner.

diary Communist Starts Fire Twelve Reichstag Deputies Among Those. to Building Unestimated. BERLIN, Feb. 28, 8.0 communists were already under arrest, German police today launched drastic measures against radicals following outbreak of an incendiary fire, started by a Dutch communist, which gutted the Reichstag building and caused milllonsr of marks damage. Among the 80 under arrest, police said, were 12 communist Reichstag deputies.

They stated, however, that Communist Deputies Torgler and Koeuen, specifically named In the arrest orders, had fled and had not been found. Offices of the Socialist newspaper Vorwaerts and of several Communist trade unions were padlocked. The entire morning editions of and.several Communist papers were opposition opinion regarding the fire virtually impossible. Germany's" new official auxiliary police, the Nazi storm troopers and the steel helmets, were rapidly mobilized while police trucks raced through the streets, carrying the arrested Communists to jail. Squads of police ripped Communist and Socialist election posters from bill boards.

Attempting to counter-act many wild rumors flying about, the Nazi newspaper Voelkischer Beobachter an- the -new Reichstag elections will be held on Sunday as scheduled. A cabinet meeting was held at' 'which further drastic measures were adopted. The cabinet also voted to submit to President Von Hindenburg for his signature an emergency decree entitled "For the Protection of the People Against the Communist Menace." The contains far-reaching restrictions of 'personal freedom. identified the Dutch Communist who started the Reichstag fire as Marinus Van Der Luebbe, stating he was born in Leyden in 1909 and had been an active member of the Communist Spartanus league in Holland. They said he suddenly disappeared from Holland in 1931, expressing the belief he went to Soviet Russia and then came to Germany.

Pending final decision on Meeker's appeal from the judgment of the lower courts which sentenced him to die in the electric chair at Ohio penitentiary, the supreme court recently granted Meeker an indefinite stay of sentence. PENNSYLVANIA BANKS GRANTED EMERGENCY POWER HARRISBURG, Feb. 28 (INS) Banks of Pennsylvania tolday were- granted 'emergency powers by the state legislature and Gov. Clifford Pinchot to regulate withdrawal of deposits. Both houses of the legislature adopted the resolution just before midnight and it was signed by the governor early this morning -as the climax of a night of swift-moving action.

In signing the resolution, Gov. Pinchot said: "Conditions-iwliich; liave. arisen from- causes largely outside of this commonwealth have made this.action necessary. This action is taken to safeguard the mass of Pennsylvania depositors from suffering from the neeid- less desire of hysterical depositors to withdraw their funds." The withdrawal curtailment can be made effective- on all deposits made up through yesterday. New deposits will not be affected.

SENATE HARD TO PASS TWO MEASURES Body Passes Precedent-Shalter- ing Bankruptcy Reform Act Monday by; Vote of to 8--Bill Would Down on Individual, Railroad Debts Adjourp- ment Swiftly Approaching. Four Persons Held Oh Murder Charges AKRON, Feb. 28 persons, including -a father, mother and daughter, faced first degree murder charges today in connection with the death of Louis Harlacher, 41, a former Dover, Ohio, resident, who was shot and killed during an attempted loldup liere. Those bound over to the grand jury without bond on the charges were: Henry J. Hite, 45, his wife, 44.

Their daughter, Betty, 19, and John W. Miller 36, a roomer in the Hite home. '(INS) In the face swKtiy-approaciilng, adjournment, senate today resumed -consideration of two remaining appropriation: bills after passings precedent-scattering reform act, which would permit a scaling down on individual, farm) and railroad debts. The bankruptcy act would permit individuals or groups of farmers to effect a compromise with their creditors for settlement of all outstanding debts. It would authorize a liquidation of debts rather: than the present system debts through, bankruptcy.

It passed the senate 44 to 8. This emergency measure carries a giving insolvent railroads a, recapitalize, consolidate or merge providing the plan meets with the approval of the Interstate Commerce Commission. It would permit the carriers to reduce their capitalization, and scale down their debts. The would be authorized specifically. to rights of or holders, if solid financial basis.

The bill previously passed thJe house in somewhat different form. The'rail- road provision, was included by the after bitter debate, by a vote of 42 to 15. Individuals of groups of farmers New Secretary of War Roosevelt Keeps in Touch With Congress HYDE PARK, N. Feb. (INS) President-elect Roosevelt kept close touch today with the limping progress of the dying seventy-second congress through its four final working days.

Upon the outcome of legislative achievement in that brief period before inauguration clay will depend in large measure the new chief executive's recommended program to a special session of the now congreai In mid-April. STATE WINS PURDUE GAME IN ROUGH CONTEST OHIO LEGALIZES RESTRICTIONS ON WITHDRAWAL .1 i State Goes About Busjness Tuesday Encumbered 'with i i Its Greatest Handicap.Since piinio of 1907 Apprcixlmateiy '1feO State Banks Out of 540 Have Taken Advantage of Measure to Regulate Withdrawals, LAFAYETTE, Feb. 28 (INS) Ohio State university's Glassy basketball team today maintained its lead in the Western Conference race after defeating Purdue, 29 to 17, In a rough and tumble game that required the vigilance ot Lafayette's police force I to. prevent an out and out riot last Former Governor George Dem, of Utah, Secretary of the Roosevelt cabinet, photographed with his family in Chicago where he spent the: week-end before or Washington the inauguratibnv'Left-tb right: Mrs. Pern, John pern on the his and Mrs.

John Dern," daughtfirHh-law. In the; i-ear are J6hri and" Mrs. Harry-Baxter, daughter; TROOPS' BEING FORMED AIE night. The game came to a climax with a -fisticuff affray between Bill Hosket, Buckeye star, and Parmenter, Purdue guard, after one of the Boilermakers had allegedly attempted trip the Jhio State player. Hardly had the two players bean separated when a crowjd of ardent Purdue rooters rushed to the'" floor.

They were met by a crowd of Ohio fans and finally Purdue officials were 'forced to call in the police to prevent actual hostilities. COLU Eeb. Although encumbered with its handicap since the roncy panic of 1907, Ohio good-natur- edly went about Its business with its banking structure under, the protective blanket of legalized restricted deposit withdrawala. Applications for permission to-Jake advantage of ihti (emergency latys passed by the state legislature night virtually swamped the ata.te -Banking department today and officials said they were toeing granted rapidly. Out of the 540 state banks In Ohio approximately 150 had availed them- the of achieve a Wets Fear Defeat of Smotka Resolution Japanese Delegate To Visit America PARIS, Feb.

28 In a swift reversal of decision Yosuke Matsuoka, who was Japanese delegate to the League of Nations, today announced lie would return to Tokyo by way the United States. He will arrive COLUMBUS, Feb. 28 (INS) Their forces reduced by death and absences, wets frankly feared defeat today in their scheduled fight in.the Ohio house of representatives for adoption of the Smolka resolution which provides for a referendum on state prohibition, repeal at the November election. English Yacht Challenges Gar Wood could scale down their debts, if a majority, of their creditors approved the settlement. Individuals could propose their own settlements, subject only to this condition and approval by the bankruptcy court.

A house 'provision, gram, authorizing settlements without the approval of a majority of the- creditors, was left ot of-the senate bill. Immediately after passing it, the- senate sent the measure to conference with the house. The Hull-Walcott bill, proposing a two-year moratorium on the foVe- closure of mortgages on homes valued at less than $8,000, or farm lands, was side-tracked. This bill would authorize the Reconstruction Finance corporation to use in preventing such foreclosures for a two- year period by advancing loans to meet interest payments. A $100,000,000 would be given joint stock land banks for a like purpose.

The two appropriation bills pending were the District of Columbia, with and the Navy Department bill, with $308,000,000. Leaders hoped to pass both during the day. Then, conference reports on five appropriation bills must-be finally approved, before congress completes its task of Febl 28 (INS) The loyalty of- 137' new- Deuio- crata to. the deal" heralded by. President-elect was pledged.

today leaders of the movement to weld the members into a fighting force. Disclaiming- any intention of dis- older members from their seats of power, 'the members planned to constitute themselves "shock troops" fonthe" Roosevelt pro- With the house embroiled In a fight over the the new members quieted reports that their organ-, ization meeting scheduled for Wed-; nesday night is designed to settle the race. A triumvirate of ''freshman" nienv bers, le)d by Rogers, of Oklahoma; O'Malley, of Wisconsin; and Brown, of Kentucky, are the leading spirits in the- "shock troop" movement. Temperatures of 30 Degrees Below Zero Paralyzes More; Towns in. Jehol Province Taken Over by Japanese in Drive Monday.

Notre Dame Starts Spring Grid Practice SOUTH BEND, Fob. 28 (INS) A football army of more than 300 candidates cavorted on Cartier field today under the direction of Coach Heartly (Hunk) Anderson as spring practice got under way at Notre Dame. Signal drills and charging wll occupy the squad for i the first few days. selves of the opportunity to regulate deposit withdrawals as authorized ast by the state legislature. O'f- ficic at the banking department indicated they expected the majority or probably all of the 540 state banks to ake advantage of the legislature's mergency measures.

COLUMBUS, Feb. 28 (INS) The state of Ohio was entrenched behind a bulwark of two new laws, passed with unprecedented speed by state legislature last night, designed to permit state banks to restrict withdrawals and effiecct permanent banking stability. The two new laws were passed by 1 the legislature following receipt of, a special message from Governor Geo. White, who although DETROIT, Feb. '28 (INS) The Now York March 22 aboard the liner i Royal Motor Yacht club of England Europa, he said.

Yesterday, Mlatsuoka it be known that Secretary of State Stimson's action in approving the league's condemnation of Japanese military activities in Manchuria had caused him change his plans and give up his proposed visit to the United States; today formally challenged Gar for the Harmsworth Trophy, symbol of world speed supremacy on water. Hubert Scott Payne, of Great Britain was named as the entrant. The famous speedboat classic wll be run again next September on Lake St. Glair. SECRETARY TO HENRY FORD IS M1SSINGTODAY DETROIT, Feb.

28 Liebold, secretary to G. Henry Ford, providing funds for operating the government in the next fiscal year. PrehUtorlc Snow Folks who put on their big goggles and go driving In their cars have nothing on the ancient Eskimos of the Far North. A Smithsonian expedition excavating at Point Barrow, Alaska, found a pair of prehistoric ivory snow goggles. motor magnate, is missing, police today were informed.

cj Harry Bennett, Ford Motor corn- pahy'executive, asked Jjid, of Detroit police in finding one of the most prominent. men, in Detroit automotive circles, has Ford's secretary for 20 He has been one of Ford's chief aides in the present banking, situation, has been mentioned as a prospective director of the new People's National and the Manufacturer's National banks which Henry and Edsel Ford are backing. PEIPING, Feb. 28 icy gale, sweeping-down from tho northern Manchurian plains and plunging the temperature to 30'degrees' below zero, paralyzed the Japanese advance on Jehol City today. Helpless in the merciloHs grip of the biting cold, the Japanese halted abruptly after of successes which promised early capture of the capital of Jehol province.

The frigid wind swept over the advancing, army in' the early hours of the morning. Death and intense suffering came in Its wake. Hundreds of Japanese, accustomed to the mild climate of their native land, succumbed to the numbing cold. TOKYO, Feb. 28- stiffened Chinese resistance, the'Jap- anese war machine captured four more towns ia Jehol province today as the drive Jehol pro- Canzoneri Suffering From Fractured Thumb NEW YORK, Feb.

28 Canzoneri, lightweight champion, was on the shelf today for two months an the result of a broken right thumb. The injury was suffered in his bout with Pete Nebo last week In Miami. He was to have defended his title against a leading contender here March 31. i Linguan, gateway to the important Chinese defense area at Llngyuan. Many Chinese were killed in" this eu- reports said.

The war office announced Chinese casualties in the Jehol campaign wp to yesterday numbered 3,000. Japanese troops, it was stated, were more, se piously plagued by frostbite than by gressed. Paishekpuplenmen and Kolu- Chinese bullets. yeutsu fell' before: the invaders, who reported widespread opposition in the mountains surrounding, Lingyuau, important Chinese. stronghold, Sweeping from north, a detachment led-by Major General Mogi occupied Fangshen; bringing tho Japanese forces, even; closer to Chtnfeng, northern terminus of the Chinese defense Another battalion, after a stiff all- night -fight; captured 1 the Shamaoshan area, a mountainous district outside From Mukden, Manchuria, came word that Marshal Chang Ksueh-liang directing the defense of Jehel and de terrnined to prevent annexation, of the province to Manchukuo, had decided upon a change of leadership in.

the battle zone. The military commander of Nortl China, it was reported, appointed General Chang Tso-Hsiang' command er of a new second combined division whose task is to strengthen the Liu gyuan defense Hu0i there is no need for, a general banking holiday in Ohio, pointed 1 out that the "unusual pressure" caused in part the Michigan banking holiday makes a policy ot restricted payments to depositors necessary in order to keep the Ohio banking structure fundamentally strong. One of the new laws empowers tho banking superintendent to suspend payments by any bank for a period of one to 120 days'. other, allows banks to place themaeJveB In liquidation voluntarily and without permission of the baukln'g department. Both laws become effective iately.

As a result, under thei emer- ency power granted-last night, Ira Fulton, state banking superintend- ut, today began Authorizing state tanks to restrict withdrawals until the Ohio situation is relieved by improved Conditions in neighboring state.8. Officials expressed the belief today the limitations can be lifted within a week or ten or possibly sooner. The- action 01! tho legislature in paas- ng the emergency laws climaxed a day during which banks iu aeveral Ohio cities and villages, anticipating egislative authorization, moved to put into effect.policies of restricted paynn Only 38 minutes were required by the legislature foe the introduction, consideration and passage of-jthe two emergency measures proposed by the governor. It was the fastest "time ever in tiie Ohio assembly. The bills were signed by the governor, at llioO o'clock last night.

Ttius they were put into effect immediately. Cincinnati and Columbus 5 banks promptly announced (Continued on Last.

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