The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 11, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS •me 1 rwi im j A M»Y» umttovx*firm A _ . " * ^^f^ VOU'ME XXXIV—NO. 228. Blythevllle, Courier Hlythcvllle Herald DOMINANT Blythevi)le~DftJly News Mississippi Valley Leader NORTHEAST AKKAN8A8 AND MISSOURI ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DKCWIHKK II, SINGLE COPIES FIVE'CENTS issyyiiTEo Determination of Interest Rale Is Subject of Discussions Further study of u, 0 purchase by Ihe city of Blvthevllie rr )]„. !„,.,,) ivaierwcrks system from 11. K. Johnston of Oklahoma City lor $300.000. an oral agreement for which has already been entered into In- Mr. Johnston and .Mayor Marlon Williams, apparently tuvalt- edjeceipt here of the amortization <• > -->i.|» <», bond payments and sotting of th e interest rale on such bonds. 'the city if the deal is finally . r/"»iit n . n <ii Rr | would purchase the plant through the floating of n bond issue, against revenue of the waterworks system, to be retired over a period of 30 years. Present indications are Hint .Ihe bond issue would bo for about $322.500. to include the-five per cent commission fee allowed W. J. Herring and Company, Inc.'as the city's agent in buying the plant and incidental expenses. Both supporters nnd opponents of the purchase presumably admit that further detailed study of the proposal depends entirely on the bond payment, schedule and more particularly the interest rate lo be allowed. While the bonds can carry ns high as six per cent interest clt-y officials are hooeful thai bonds, carrying not more than 4 3-4 irer cent interest, can be floated They have indicated that under no circumstances will the deal be con.. .suminatcd if six »er cent interest bearing bonds are necessary to its completion. They admit that retire- ment'of the bonds and operation of the plant on the mnreiii of income, over expenses, with bonds - bearing,nix per cent, mieht be' n doubtful business proposition. While the bonds will be solely revenue bonds and no property tax can be levied if the city is unable to meet bond payments at t>'" ^mp n m r> jC is possible that the plant could be thrown Into receivership If bond payments are not met with the subsequent possibility of an Increase in water rates to meet bond payments and carrv the burden of receibership. A rate Increase would be possible, even without receivership, if [he board of commissioners who would operate the plant for the city found that It coutd not meet payments without tin Increase. The chamber of commerce board or directors, after meeting \vlih city officials ye.sti'Klrn'. named a committee to Investigate the proposal nnd study the matter with the cltv council end make recommendations The committee Is composed of B A. Lynch, L. L. Ward, C. R. Bnb- cock, Jesse Taylor and R. p. Paddi- Kon. Last night the council held a public session for discussion of the proposal with only a few citizens in attendance. Mr. Ward, who wa< not present at the chnmber of commerce meeting, participated in the discussion but indicated he could make no final rocommemU- tion pending receipt, of more In. formation. Others taking part in the Informal discussion Included J. Mel) Brooks, it. N. Swearengen. James Hill jr., and the manager of the water company here In addition to several others nnd members of the council. Mayor Williams and City Attorney Roy E. Nelson. The city council will meet, Tuesday rileht in regular session at which time it is anticipated that the amortization schedule and information on Interest rales likely will be available. jl'aragould Attorney Succumbs In Courtroom I'AHAOOULD. Ark.. Dec. 11.- J. T. Craiij, lUlonit-y, fil, died at ?:45 o'clock Thursday afternoon In the Greene county 'circuit courl- J'OMI live niiiniU's after he irmclc •lie om-nlng iiryiimwil tot thi> slate in the murder trial of Vornon Da'•us. 22, un trial f 0r murder In iiif slnytiij, of r-Vftiik tiwilier. Mr. Craig, v,ho wns city police court judge, was sitting In it window or tin. 1 counroom when stricken and Tel) Into 1)10 room. Death resulted from u heart attack. Uaeus wns later round guilty ol manslaughter nnd sentenced to'two years In the jieiiiiemlm-y. AMENDMENT Drinking; for Safety's Sake Mrs. Calhei'ine Beal! Of Wilson 1-lad Been In 111 Health ' Stock Prices NEW YORK. Dec. 11 (UP) — Firmness in railroad shares featured an Irregularly higher slock market today. Trading was bery light. Rsils for the most part regis- lered small gains. A. T. & T 149 3-4 Anaconda Cop 31 7-3 Assoc. D. G 7 .1-4 Beth. Stee 1 56 5-3 Hoeing Air 28 7-? Chrysler 55 1-2 Wiles Serv 21-8 Coca Cola 115 Oen. Elec 43 1-8 Gen. Mot 34 1-2 Int. Harvest 67 Montgomery Ward 34 1-2 N. Y. Central 197-3 Packard 47-8 Phillip.? Pet 40 3-8 Hadlo 67-8 Schenly Dlst 28 • Simmons 223-4 Socony Vac 151-4 Std. Oil N. J ,... 44 1-4 Texas Corp W 1-2 U. S. Smelt m 1-2 0. S. Steel 57 1-2 Thomas Norris Sentenced To 99 Years In Texas District Court RICHMOND, Tex.. Dec. 11 (UP) —Thomas N. Norris, 26-year-olil 4rknnsn.s Kiuigslcr, «as given a 99. year prison sentence today In' a district, court, jury w hich convicted him of murdering R. c. Rntiedge, ^8. during a race bet booking shop robbery at Stafford, Tex. last May. Rutledgc. a bookie "sheet writer", was climbing the stairs of the establishment with 52.600 for (lie day's operations in one hand and a sawed off shotgun In the other when lie \vas slain and robbed Police identified the men as Norris. William "Ooldie" Hahston and Alfred "Sonny" Lamb. Early last August. Norris was "ounrted and captured y officers fit Rogers, Ark. Hairston was killed by officers at Giilfporl, Miss., and Lamb was slain in a police trap at Hot Springs, Ark. swim IS FUJI Lxpecl To Have Entire Capital Under Control By Nightfall SKANGIIAr, Dec. 11. (UP) — Thousands of Japanese Iroop.s- stormed the last defenses Islde Nunklii'j today ami hop;d lo subdue completely the cllv by nightfall. Nankliiji'.s ancient wall, 32 miles loiig, imd been broken in ninny plates by Die thousands of shells poured into it by heavy artillery. Tanks ted the final assault ami crumbled Ihe wall in some plac-.-x. The first Japanese detachment to enter the capital broke through the Kuniig Una gll i e | a | C ycs i_ fr . tiny and advanced to (he Chinese inner defenses In the crowded bloceks a half mile away. A rain of Chinese machine nun bullels. poured from houses and street blockades, swept, (he hall' mile wide open space to (he i;ale and cut down hundreds of Japanese. Lack Leadership Some reports described the flghi ins Hiwln e « swell time trying lo corner with u botllc ol beer e gt- u c o eer Ihe most .serious ol Hie! 1 " OI1C '"""I, Truck Driver Edwurd Gulch, above Is shown ns lu> jmr- to defend the capUal to ue (l b - v t1 "' Bclrolt Salety Couiiell. The council gave each itiiu i lit uiijjiiHi to i no irs" — — *•>*»- i.nmiv-11 gut *.; linn but seemed to lack adenualcr." 1 " 1 he ™ nle(l to drink, then tested reactions on a laboratory ientlershlp and fought ns well ns | "automobile." Results were Inconcliislye. because Mrs. Catherine Jackson Beall. ••I), wife of Charles Beall of Wll- on, was Instantly killed when she Ircd a bullet through her heart •'eslerday noon at the home of Mr. leall's parents at Wilson. Mrs. Beall Imd been in ill s.'ilth for some time and had recently undergone an Dp- ration at a Little Rock hos- iltal. Since slic relumed lo Wil•on three weeks ago .she and ifr. leall were visiting his parents •mill she grew stroiis; enough to •eturn to their home In the conn- She was employed In the office if the Arkansas Power and Light •ompany there and had worked 'Esterday morning. When she ivent 'lome for lunch she went Into the lathroom. where she was found lead when the shot was heard y other members of the family. Funeral services were held at he home Mils morning before the •emalns were taken to Arkadfil- >hia, Ark., her former home, vhere burial will be made. Mrs. Beall attended Oimchita -oHej-e at Arkadelphia and later aught in the school at Fayctte- .'ille, where she met Mr. Hcall .vltcn he was a student at the tale university. She had also 'aught in the school at Wilson 'ince their marriage three years igo. Mr. Beall Is a farm manager or the Lee Wilson company. Besides her husband she is survived by her parents. Mr. and they dill only becaiise of „ bitter hatred for the invaders. The battle raged throughout the night and at lo o'clock this moni-| ing Lt. General Prince Yasuhiko. a member of Japan's stirpcme 'council and commander Nanking area, ordered troops to the assault. Immediately . Japanese swarmivl up lo the walls from three sidsj; Correspondents for the Dome! news agency—only Japanese newspaper men were permuted to accompany the imperial hoops— reported tlmt mountain guns, -jite pounders and machine guns had been placed atop the outer wail at several points lo cover Ihe Infantry advance on Chinese positions In Ihe hearl of Ihe capital. Once (he Chinese attempted n one man "drove 1 tlmn when he wns .stone souir. suicidal counter offensive were thrown back. bul Murder Charge Filed After Woman Dies In Little Rock Hospital OFFICERS SEEK Estimate Damage At $30,-|Find Corpse of Possible, 000 When B u s n c s s Buildings Burn HAMPTON, Ark., Dec. 11. (UP) —A line of store.*, n block Ions, in the business district of Hamilton, lay in ruins today, the result of an early morniim fire, origin of which was not determined. Murder" Victim To Be Missing PARIS, Dec. U (UP)—Inspectors rushed to suburban Clarche today '•> exhume the body of n woman they suspected of having been-another victim of Eugene George Weidmimn, (he executioner of" a Loss of the fire was estimated, kidnap murder gang, bul found lliat nl $Je v°, 00 - I ll had ''ecu mysteriously taken The Miizo wns discovered short- abroad. ly before -midnight ami due to' The woman'had died tinder lack of (ire fighting equipment In | strange circumstances In Cardie, Hits small town, It soon was out!"car the suburb of St. Cloud and of control. j Weinman's "murder villa". The fire department from Cam- It- was understood that her body fieri, 25 miles from here, respond- j llali been taken to n forclKn id to a call hut most of the 'country about two months ago. buildings had burned before (he trucks arrived. A bucket brigade was prgantetl In an effort lo confine tlic fire to the small area. All buildings destroyed \vere frame nnd slnsjlc slory structures. Authorities believed that the dead woman may have been one of those whose photographs were found In We-klmami's villa. | Newport Auditorium IGNORE. Ark.. Dec. 11. (UP)- , , i U7 1 D • C Srrln^Hrsf de^' 1 :,;^ l ™ *«-? L °™ Head-OD, < Wo ' k Be «' nS Soon ricr cliarecs aealnst Jeff High -12 for the fatal shooting of his wife Mrs. Zcna Bell High. «. Mi,' ' T ieh succumbed at a Little Rock But It's Only Auto Crash' "EWPORT, Ark.. Dec. n. ( UPI I —The local city council this week KANKAKEE, III. (UP) _ Love! MfSe ' 1 " rf!solll < l( >» Blvlnt Ihe caused hospital after physicians had fu- litefy administered four blootl transfusions , ••••'• """ « CUIUUC. ' Wlial'S Mellon acted upon the reconi-|vour name?" he asked one driver mendation ol a coroner's Jury T 'ie answer was "Love" which returned a verdict of tint 1 "What's yours?" LaPontalncask- , . _ a inlxup on a downtown i authority lo bcelu work oi t)lf! ni<-"'ove<l Newnort municipal ducted at England, which is "What the " said LaPonlalne the community where the tragedy Hc finally learned that Ihe drivers occurred. were o. I,. Lore, Aroma Park, III Mrs. High, according to Hie nl- allcl Joll » Love. Bonfleld. Ill legations, was shot five limes with a .38 caliber pistol by her husband late Thursday when he came home In a drunken condition,, of- street ncro. i ~ " wn-• n\;» HIM v IIHMLIUIIJII Deputy .Sheriff Qcnc LaFonlalnc j "" <lltorlum - WPA olflclals apnrovci two autos collide. "What's T '" ""'' Jalln ror th " project 1 late last week. According to sponsors of the nroicct. the structure will be crwtttl for nn approximate cost of ""' I'ould hive _ -'--.._~ .*. .,, ,„ ....... 1V ,...,, Li.u UUU'IIIU USK- .. —--...*. -c-jree murder in the death of w ' <"<? other motorist who rcnlied " coM f o r «" miproxlmni Mrs. Hlijh. The Inquest was con-, "Love." S'4.00(l. Approve<l plans w. ficers said. Mrs. C. C. Jackson, and one sts- i e eiphi!r Jnncl Jacfe °"' of ArV;a -1 Parking Meter Poles . lelp, S«m Undertaking company was -n charge of arrangements. York Cotlnn NEW YORK. Dec. H iUP>— Col- 'on closed steady, ojjen Dec. "in. May Jul. Oct. 803 803 899 811 816 823 high low close 805 198 799 805 800 7R9 801 811 812 817 812 815 818 823 807 811 812b 818 Spots closed quiet at 816, off 5. Hew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 11 (UP)_ Cotton closed steady today, off one lo three polnls. open high . 821 821 . 8l2b . 819 . 821 . 821 , 323 Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. Oct. 815 823 822 827 829 low close 814 814 815 815 819 821 823 82(3 819 821 821 820 Used For Decorations HOT SPRINGS. Ark., Dec 11 (UP)-nemoval of parking meters for a month's "trial" here has simplified problems of decoratln^ the uptown district for (lie Christmas season. The empty poles on which the meters were situated make Ideal holders for Christmas foliage. They arc hollow and open nt the lop. and merchants ar c using them as 0= "vases" for Christmas evergreens. Chicaao Wheat open high low close Dec. 9^3-8 955-8 941-8 941-8 May 921-1 926-8 913-8 911-2 the WPA give materials and labor nmounlln* to $15.000. the city of Newnort floating bonds for S8.000, and tho War Department furnishing $1,000. Chicago Com open high low close Dec. 551-4 551-2 543-4 651-8 May 583-8 581-2 581-8 581-8 Aslios .ire never thrown out on Christmas Day in certain sections of Europe, because ot the widespread superstition that they would be cast into (he face ol tho Savior. II Luxora Girl 13, Dies From Throat Infection Miss I/>ulse cummins. 13. dau?h- .r of Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Cummins, of the Luxora community, died this morning at her home of a throat Infection. Burial will be made this afternoon at the Sandv Rlche cemetery at 2 o'clock. The Kf\>. Mr. Reynolds, of Uixora. will conduct the funeral Mi's Cummins h survived bv her ,nnrents; two brothers. Jack Cummins of Kosclusko. Miss., nnd Pete Cummtns of Luxora; and two sisters, Mrs. Ijoylc Wilson of Conchas '•>°m. N. M,. »nd Mrs. Pete P^rgu- son' of Tulwiler, Miss. Moss Funeral service Is In charge of the arrangement 1 ;. •P. R,' Cosily, Kul Saves More TOLEDO (UP) — 11 cost $5,333 for extra help at Iho central counllnR station and $1,302 for added elecllon board staff to count the proportional representation election returns for a new city council here. The plan, however, eliminated a city primary which , would have cost approximately $25,000. g)) IliWhcri IH d (lliainnaii Goodfcllow* Of 'liiKli lldihert has been selected ns I'hnlrmim of thi> Cloodfellowx club tills year, lie nlun;i lo start his work Monday when lie \vlll call PI ] r , _ "is v,°vx Monday when he \vlll call J'lOOClS, bales, h|)OW and " ""''-'""H »t the city imll to make T«i.«,.,i;«l I?..:..- r.. hl i™»"'""*>« appointments. Torrential crease Suffering In- By United 1'rcsn , Floods, yules nix) torrential ruins I on Hit: I'ucinc const, combined wltn >L> ter advanci i.n,| . day. cold mid heavy snows lo was pointed mil by tin- American 'I. fni- the winter's most bit- ' "''-' caused nciy hardship This morning jm anonymous nation lo- donor uuvi< $to to Ihe club, Fred llulherford KKVO $2, Floyd A. While In Polk County's Lone 'Negro Resident Dies MENA, Ark.. Dec. 11. (UP) — Polk county's only iieijro resident 'ilr/i week. Tone Hnvs. si, former slave. Wits burned to death when he fell Into the fireplace at his home nenr here enrly this week. .Sheriff Walter E. Jones, who investigated, attributed Ihe death lo Hays' oge and feebleness. He ex- Only upimwliiiiitely $'JG hus been •wvlml In cash. With only two M'cks It'fl nnd Ihi! coldest winter NyUii'vllle has wen for irmny jwu-s nheiiily here, thnt amount Is wuefully small lor tlm lielp that Is iicluiilly In tliln coimmmliy. It Hut this will mil ' provide „ huppy Chrlstinns for 6RO fumllkv; or even 500 Ihut Ihe dui) Wlm | s to ulcl this yenr. - •- ~>,«ji,i i,i,»i; ^«, i-iv)yu ^v. ^Vlllll^ uie west const, from Cnllfnriifi B«vc J5, 11 lluiitlst Stmdiiy school ••' Wiishlu-'ton. wns laslml by heavy cluss gave $1 In cash mid n (jood "'indx At, ftuffalu He<l Cross work- innny toys have been n v ci' ere nlded city and suburban dwell- Hie Boy Scmilx for repair p's, vhlunllv mnrooncd by one of ""* '"""'i'" 1 '- ""owstorins for Ihe area In n decade. 'ViM l« (luahntril Prom Die nbrllm-est down tlironuli Ihe central stales to the «mlh freowliN tcmiKratures conlinueil unn bated. United Slnles Bovei'iiincnt rvjro- cnslcr c. A. Donnell said Hint the '-"'cl nnti snow which has caused 110 denlhs may moderate In the north central states over the week end. But a groat mass of nolar air """"'I'll ""C-r tlv« McKen/lc! liver basin nnd probably will Advance' over tin. United slules early next week, h e said. (•nlirnralu Tnwn Flontltil Tn Cullfornla the rapidly rising walers of the Ynlin river Kwlvlc<l Into tlic Hllle lown of Downlcville, Isolntln^ II from the outsWe world. At least CO persons fled from Ihelr Impies. One man 'was missing. The northern California rivers nenred Hood stage from nearly five -inrlirs of rain In 24 hours. .°M"s rxnorlcd liui-rlcanc winds and motmtnlnous waves alon« the coast. The Dollar liner President Hoover utruck u reef and wai fast aground, soulh of Ihe Island of Por- ii'osii, -IW) miles from (he I'hlllp- pliicu. All Us 500 passciigcrs wore rnnortcd safely landed on lloshro Island. Fh'e RC|M>rled Dead Five persons wcro dead in the Butfalo urea. Thirty "Inches of snow, driven by Rale like winds, fell there In Ihree days, Resellers reached 13 persons, snow bound In n .garage two miles from Buffalo. Tlie stranded had subsisted on popcorn, crackers anil limn slnei> v llii?lr Isolation Wednesday, The mercury held below freezing oi'er tlic northeastern section of tlic country and ncaretl frec^lnj; Florida and northern Texas. Water Pours Into Alturas, Calif., In Raging Tor- 'rents Today ALTUHAS. Calif., Dec. 11 (UP) —The pine creek reservoir dam. <x miarter mllo abovo Alliirn.s, K nvi! wav today and sent thousand's of gallons of water pouring Inlo the "lly. Business streets wcro turned inlo aslm lovrcnta, bullOlnss wevu un- dcrmlitcd und rcsldonccs wnshctl oi)t , . s j . First reports did riot tell of uny ilcalii'i" but htiiulrKl'i of lives were n-^ue crew's sfm^leirio remove patlenls from the county hospital before the wave ot wiUcr reachcil (hem. ' p )ii dam crumbled ufler lorrcn- tlal rains fed It for almost 38 hoir.s Tlic rush of waters ad'.lcd to the dcsl Pitt ''iincnclmctil To Senate I'ai'm Control Measure) h Adopted Today , TOc. 11 (UP) — Minorltj 1 Leader ClwrJcs n. McNary iltep.. Ore.) loday nsseited, that MI> inc:hnnlM ot the senate farm ''111 would destroy tlic "ever normal Ki-uimry" oblcc-live houijht by fc'crelnry of AtsrlcuHtire Henry'. A. ' . M-Murvcontotirtcd that provisions if Ihe ill intended to raise prices 'hrou'ili a scarcity oolicv would re'"II In virtual elimination or Hie over normal frranary and woulft -••'"• »n" wovlslons for JKITS of drought, flood or oltior ailvcrsc conditions. AJI nmemlmflnt; lntia<lim<d by Sennlor Haydcn (Dem,, N M.) to lake Into consideration trends In cotton producilon for Individual states wns adopted, The amendment provides that the mnrkctln? quota, of cotton apportioned to any state «nnll not be less than 70 per tent of the normal yield from cotton acreage In pro-Auction us of ,Iulv : i, 1037. The bill previously provided Hint Die .should 1» bused oti a nvc year average of cotloh pro- dilution. •";•: The amendment permits states.' which have newly entered Into cat- ion production, to base their maf- their hUhesl cotton ncrcnge ratlici- limn the lower average. '.;.• He cited a provision which would eliminate tho cvor nori«al pranary. Ill the oyeiil llmt tho secretary of asilculture believed that the cin> . rent nvcraqe farm price voulil ex- : cccd the goal price set -by tile government in the nro;?ratn. : "In my onlnlan," McNnry - saltl, .-.; the bill destroys the 'chief objective of lli c secretary of nwlculturo." Senator Jnmcs P^ Pope (Dem.-, Ida.), co-author of tho farm bill, agreed lhat "we should Hie validity of senator McNury's iir°umenls." - : Pope contended however that the uic jubii ui waters na'.ied to the "(flctillurc coinmlttije had felt that instruction nlroudv caused by the tllc objcclfvo of Increasing prices Pitt river which earlier rent three!''"" 1 "'*" "-"°V control was more cs- i-iw river wiucii earner r.ent three ' " " ' :r °l' rxuuroi was more cs- fcet of water Inlo business streets I Fonl| nl lnM> tlic storing of qrnln, ftf til* lt\lt'lt Ofi-o >n ^l.i,. i.f niHAr. >....( TJlf? <;fl1fifrt flrfmif<V? nil n tn nni'ir, m-. I- of th e town, swamping slores nnd '-'-o'/liiT stocks. Tho river hud beon rlslnj a foot an hour for IB hams, even before the <!atn gave way. Loss of life II iras belleceti wns minimized by the fact tlmt (JOO persons were forced to evacuate tholv homes before the reservoir broke. The singe of tho water from the broken reservoir tosk out 100 yards of the tracks of the Southern m- elfle railway In the heart of the city. ! Tlie senate adopted an amendment offered by Senator WilllanrE. Do- rnh (Rep., Ida,) which urovlded for '•onsldemHon of freight rates In comnutaMan of tha goal prices sot by the government. ; Archers Gel Licenses HARRISDURO, Pa. (UP)—Modern Robin Hoods, dressed In khaki and scarlet Instead of the mrthl- cal leaf-green of the English Sherwood Forcsl. may obtain licenses ,,.-„.! .1 _ i ,i , i, .— woou forcsi, may outa n censes £r ,t.m,l IM r? 1C ',"T "' P«'"sylvn.Ua for the first time i^r stumbNI or suffered iu stroke M.,,., ycar ,„ hllnl am( , „.„,, , ns he was lending the fire. The and arrow. Two 1,000-acre preserves ?ni mn, MEgrO OCCUIllled whcrc gum(! imist , )C hu|U(!t , „,„, for many years was destroyed by bo.v nnd arrow have been nuthor- the spreacllnif flames. ]Mt] Begin Construction Of Hospital At Batesville BATESVILLE, Ark,, Dec. 11 (UP) —Work has benmi on the neiv hos- Dltal being constructed here by Dr. Prank A. Gray, and according lo present plans the butldltxr will IK compleled and in operation by i June 1, 1938. | The building will bo a $60,000 pro]-1 "Ct, consisting of four stories with 60 rooms. The Interior will be of reinforced concrete and slccl. Dr. Gray said, with the exterior walls being of white brick laid against fireproof tllc. The structure will be wholly fireproof, he said. Dr. Gray announced tlmt the Institution will be cqult>petl wllh the most modern apparatus. Twenty To Begin Work At Paragould Factory PARAGOULD, Ark., Dec. 11.— The .Ely & Walker shirt factory here will begin operations Monday, It nns been announced oy Frank j. Echrell, manager of the plant. | Twenty local women and girls have been asked lo report for training Monday morning, i;l wrucli time operations will begin on a limited scale. . I Tow instructors will be on duty to train the women and girls and the number of workers will be Increased as they are trained, Th3 workers will receive one dollar a day during the training period. Picture to the Point T exartana Celebrates 64th Birthday This Week TEXAHKANA, Ark., Dec. U 'UP) — Tcxnrkann celebrated its 'Mth blrthdny tMs week. The city was .founded December 8, 1813, I when town lots were offered for inle the first time. The observance here Wednesday nnsscd almost unheralded with lipt more than 50 attending the armi- veraary dinner. Pioneers recalled that at one lime observers occupied 'he whole roof floor dining room of a locnl hotel when the annual birthday dinner wns held. Smoke From Furnace Causes False Alarm Smoke from the furnace of the J. C. Penney store building caused a false fire alarm this morning abniit one o'clock. Patrolman V. E. Tomllnson discovered smoke in the buildm? while on his rounds and Immediately notified the fire department. An Investigation disclosed that smoke hart been forced Into the building from the furnace In some manner, but (lint no damage had resulted. Forrest City Plans To Enact Zoning Law FORREST CITY, Ark.. Dec. 11 (UP)—Forrest City's council this week passed an ordinance creat- Inu n planning board with the authority to one the- city bito business, industrial and residential districts. I If you were fencing wild Eleanor MacDonald. the only Englishwoman ever lo win the hifiii- est French award, this is the view you'd gel on ?oing Into action—one of nn allraetive voting woman making a pointed effoit to pjnelralc your "defenses WEATHER Arkansas—Increasing cloudiness and probably snow or ruin In west portion late tonight and Sunday and in east portion Sunday with Memphis and vicinity—Fair, not so cold tonight, lowest temperature, 24 to 28; Sunday cloudy, somewhat wanner, probably followed by light snow or rain. The cold wave, continued lost night when the official tnermo. meter here agsln went to ten degrees for the third cftisecuttvc night. ',

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