The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1933
Page 6
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'"PACK SIX m.YTUKVINNK. (AKK) f'OUKIKK NKWS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, Friday Afternoon />• \vi-Licr hi Way; Lux- Big Climice. ' The (Us: "rinytlOio" name- en the Chic!:?.' home fcheflnic v.'til !«• played at Halev Hold Friday af- u-inocr. with the Utxorn eleven cppcsiirg the Maroon and White round. Til? gDir.e will be called M three o'c'otr:. Infinite decision as tn ll'.e lime \va« announced this iiioi-ntnii. Loea! school officials had he-en anxious to Ftase. the cnntesl nt nlfjl)l but Uixorn authorities, pclntins r.m that they had other j-ohool activities planned for to- r>crror ripht. insisted that the tame I)? played as scheduled, in thrv.iite-r.ccn. All other ho:ne panics on t:m Chick schedule so far this yiw, h;:ve b.'on floodlight affairs wlthj Die.exception of the so-called "t\vl- h'Rht" Kami- truly in the season with O=ceola. stitvtine about live o'clock hi the nftriuoon. when I ho I lishK were! on late in the : fame. , Trie Chicks ore ratrcl to turn ; tacl: the Luxora grldilcrs but ' COBcli Herbert Schwartz's team Is i nil-sat tn "ive the locals (he sur• I'jriW-of grid history. A victory for I Miv^ra v.-oidd be probably the big-i i rest™.uixet, ever rei-orded hero cvenj ' ihouB'n the Luxorans did lx:at Ihej Wiic-n BnlldoRs v:lth picater en.'.e ( i'•<"<"the Chicks turned tlie same! :; TJjc biggest shock of a Lurorn } '.Ictor-.- would be tiie supremacy of .' n sma". lo\in fdicol. only recently '• n njni "foollnll minded." over thcl " Chicks who have long stood at the } v-vi .if th; (Ti'ltllron parade In .'viis'ifsiopi county. Tlie Maroon . nnil White team, despite a flockJ s (if .injuries b determined thai !« i-cpulntlon. for what it is worth. - v,-il! -icl be lowered by a lof.s to Ihc . i.iiti less experienced Li:x- r.;a eleven. i Coaches Kramer and Puckett 1 h-a|ve had thc-ir charges goiny ]• tbrouzh lo'i" workouts (his weeV; . v lih the noodlishts turned on in •. Hit' !afp Afternoon to give the '- ni-jcia thn benefit of long prs>c- Mosley. the injured Chick pass •; llifGWer. 'I -slated to see service J; :'/pinst ' the. Luxora; .IC.ITTI . nnd in .: -".? v~v of a iv.irnin? in Co:ich t Eciiwartz and his prEdrters lei t; f ! U'i'known that his throwing nrm is n r .,goo(! ns ever. Tlie Ir.jured Wil."'.•n cm still po up in the :'ir nfifr tl'.ose p?-is^s ton w it will likely I' 11 ! a nrettv -live'y .bunch of erip- ]:!« . tlie Chicks will parade. Arizona Stages Annual Buffalo Hunt Arizona will fitA£c the only hunt in <lm ivorftY m ,J:miuuy. ATiovo Is ji ^niuj> of Aiiirrimii IwasLs. ITjj- '.?. ("cello Huu^h'of 1VJ.S 0310 l'f SJ.V hist M-JLSUII for KiuhlisS. T,. Lewis super- to < k \|H-«lili<m Huck Viilk'i sri-don uf 1 Ihc M;I(O. O ;to Ls a bL ; an, scientists will tell Ipcrature of 14S degrees in the pre-ihave been registered for Irade'lS, Belle of Nelson and 1 Old Ati^-:i. A biiifal'i Is o dlliercnl sort ;l!mlnai-y iiiutcurizlng process, and mark protection In (he secretary glei 1 . of animal wilhotit the character- before It is run over tlie cooling of .stale's office. , Fourteen brands of beer have :•::•_• .••houkk-r hump, and is found: units. It, is passed In a thin film Among the labels familiar to been recorded since its !egtil!?a- • cnly on liihi-r continents. But theibetori; a battery of ultra-violet' old tipplers are: Old Taylor, Blue tion in Louisiana. !C;-;.jr Is an old. -1:1 on? and noljoJy - lamps. Any harmful bacteria es- Grass, Shenandoah, Old Ciramt- |hu;;i'.s to (.crroet it now. " ' caplng destruction irom the iivutlDad. Old McBrayer. Kcd Top, Old Read Courier News Want, Ads. I thus are subjected to the :lisiiilc- I Ultra-Violet Rays are subjected to the.' ' grating r-jrrcts cf (he my*. Purify Fresh Milkj. I Drink •Famous Liquor Brands U IL ^? K 5 E uTr AE .!^£i Registered in Louisiana Ir.r-.. i~ iiiipi^vij In- a dairy jim-1 . i:mv iib=o:iuc'p:ii-iiy in the! "ATON ROUGE, La'. lUPi-Ninc !c<i:ni:.ii:v>: milk. pre-prohibltion brands of whisky i i:.'V^!iij).i| by K. L. • aud u[:i c'L'iijrin. til;- nirthoj is regarded as n d'Tidc-d departure from the usual mi '. o-ls of purifi i:i|; milk. Aficr ;li.- mi!l: has pissed thrjiijli ' (h- viits. '.viiere it is kept at a ;e:n- BUDWEISER - •: '-.- ..• v • . ' *'&• •'-£"*".-"' ,- ''• "-,.',• I i ^-•^$%t£^ '--.- : ]• w::o ever fingerotl a BIIII would sell iiis soul fcr a elianee to Inuil one. - • •- Ari/ona'-.i him; is mnde po^slbh ..; I'.invvn In jinpnlarily ts a point because the herd is Betting t^o bis where It prvssi-s statu elections for. f o ,- i;j uaslure. The state annuall ... big B.MIIP was pii-iililul. I lie c-,-?n. was stalled 11 few yenrs a^o and i interest. appropriates money to care f^r il jusl to preserve far a-1 time the ! Pnur of tlie hunters li> the party Ecntim-jiitBl and real descendants of ' of six to be led to the kill by S. L. .state fame \vinxicn, will be stair- r:s'.:ipnls. The ol.-or two will famous westerner;. Tne E!x '"inters will ue accom- bc frcm out o! ihc -:!:Ue. " an - C(I lo year the name of Mrs. re- i - °i* Valley by Lc«1s. to see that nuai Event to Be Drawn From Mat. Uy NEA Sm-ire PIIOEKLX. Aiir—c:inr January. MX persons of tlie United SlnleS ban;! 1 ? ti.inu- in his luck wasn't. It is hat. but h> of mem. and the hide ond !:oad. The remainder of ti:e meat will bs sold by (lie stale al aboul SI a pound. ".'s the sentimental flavor that you besi. you understand. Average 52 ni.p.h. and (ie(s 17 .Milts In (Dillon In New [''nrif V-8 Toarin<_' across ilie contincni and bpck nvnln at c)ose to mile-a- rniuule speed, a stock model new, Ford V-8 scdnii. with Floyd ' reatuir of High Point, N. C.. at IK> vhccl. last week broke all rec- crili of furs in Hie Ford class and came within -10 minutes ot break- ins; (he all-time record ot "Can- nonkall" Baker, set in a high- powered, hiirh-priced ear several yea is ago. Ui.'-palclies received by Ford Motor Co. told the graphic story of Furd V-8 performance. Despite a sustained speed for liumlreds of miles of between 70 ni::l 80 miles an hour, normally caiiii'.g for hi<?h gas consumption, !!ie entire trip was marie on a Si-anc! average of 17 miles to ev- •rv galion iiFed. Wcitwiird, from New York to Us Angeles. Tea»ue's time was lion' ihan 52 miles an hour in- j eluding ail stops lor fueling He eft xev: York at 3:17 a. m., Mon- \ day. arnvin s i :! Los Angeles at 1). m. Wednesday, or in 61 •• hours and 30 minutes.—Adv. I -•I.". I'Li.jiJij.T U| 111L VJILil.Hl CltlllVa' L if i i I "-0 II1L ;!!,[] I will |]= c:-ose:i bi- the slat; ot Ari-1 l "" j0 - a] "\ is tl!c Oill 5' K <"i"" to can't get in I ( ID .-.,, l>«fi IMIII+ „« r«,v ° 1 '",'." rn lt:c '""" far. And one other thing- tli^rc really anv zona to take part in Ihc onlv bill-i - .... . ... , - -.- — ralo hmit in the. worw. ' ! u,, - ^-{'1,^ mliMtT,^ 'u " mVt -- • "• — Ml over the siale and; ^' -^ "'^'°J^ % tt ^^ "^^^te^^ and exjisrieiire you won't a'lipre- " ' ci.ue (lie iu-.p:rtunce ot this. A | few herds in the national parks •.•c-cactonally are/ thinned out, but the process is just an official sbnrjhter by park employes. Biickeve Truck Drivers Make Money on Long Run "AMUERFTj Ohio (UP!— nLstance iiieans notlilii!! to Robert Hash, ami Abe HicJcley so lon^ as they ; can bring surjply and drn:and to• nether. ; The pair take their truck from i Aijiheist to Florida and back J a%ain every two weeks. They lake i lor.os of vegetables' 1 to Flciida. anri i ict'iirr. to Oh'.o witli a load of i Rrapsiruit and orange.';. | "Vip. "cm cheap, where thf-y'rr '. P'pntifii!. and sell 'em hi;h ivliere - tljcy're scarce—that's our motto." ' .^iiJd Rash. neichboriiij; commenweall!:; arei iinnlni; lo fidv-et and fr.-t with ;;> impailDiico. The time i; jrc:i£:iH2 for the annual "buf- •r" rD-.!ndii|). ana 1 every he-man with a gun and a hunting llcrnyi' ir.ckin^ a horseFlm? over h!.s clfKir. To be one o[ the chosen few A bufTa'.o. ladies and ne I 1 ,n - i '° t».l'->l-^* ili luck. Treas names I evf!r fcuml „, ( ,. c 3r» drawn from a hat by a littlr Jir!. You gel yr.ur name In ilic hit bv purchnsir.g an llc-.-nsc. '. Of all the nuniminis in the ![ world scicniists ratifc lliis one j| Our history. Iliernturc. art, folk;! , 'ore. legouds, cvrn our coins, pro- 11 l::e hunt will be stascj up in elul nithc imporlance of the bison'! itous^ Hock Valley on the . lln« as units weie he:d vvhe-.i the in Hie Anicrlcnn drama, and jusl!| about every mcdcrn oiitdoorsman MOONLIGHT TAVER1W ^•c^l Tlnor lo Groi-crv Oont! Thintfs Tr> Ktit \Vr- .vpcrbliif in I'riutl C'1-.irkni and Steaks OI'KN Al,l, NIOHT Have A Turkey Dinner On Us! Turkey FREE A large live Turkey will be given Free with every sale of MEN'S SUITS OR G. G. Caudill General Insurance 106 \. Broadvuy Fllune 757 OVERCOATS Selling at $22.50 and up starting teday and continuing until Thanksgiving HAYNES MEN'S SHOP and v FiRST I • for non-skid safety and protec- I - : ' lion r.ft.iinst trouble on winter's slipper/, darker, colder roads. SECOND for greater mnenjJ.c. Now rubhpr .—1V"- T3 'ori^cr on cool ro;nls. ..T.iCoodycars pnr or, now v,-Hl aliU be aln'.ost new nest spring. THJRD for Icr,--cosr economy. Most Goody .iirs today Kill '.ov.-ct- priccii tiian :i ye;ira^o. Goou reasons, these, iorbuyingnuw.VVhy r^Ct Irndc us your ;^ tf oubtci before they *"" happen? Moct Qtzrs a-* Icvc- priccd ai a y.-,\r p.ia — yet you f.e i a M c "- thickv-c trend tilth Juli OnlcT TTSC- tion and Dealer Gcodyoar Pathfinder Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Prices are loiv, but rising. The purchase time at present prices is limited Rough Cypress $15 to $25 per M Dressed Pine $36 to $75 per M Wood Shingles - .... $5 to Sfi.50 per Sq. Asphalt Shingles ----- $410 to $7.50 per Sq. Roll Roofing - - - $L25 to $.50 per Sq. Wall Hoard - - - - - 3c to 4H C por Sq. Ft Wall Paper ----- 6c to 20c per Single Soil Paint - --- $1.50 to S4.50 per Gallon Hoof Coating - - - - 45cper LUMBER- I NT NATION' ^^AK^; C ^ UlfiniiP IMUCKS S:ive Hy Huyiog JVOW! E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. LUMBER vlLX* VLYTHEVILLE ~ . ,. PHONE IO6 - We'Do The.Res-fc * ARKANSAS J S~ TO LANDOWNERS TO THE LANDOWNERS IN GRASSY LAKE & TYRONZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 9 AND SUB- DISTRICT NO. 3 OF GRASSY LAKE & TYRONZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 9. Read lhe Following Offer Carefully: (1)^ If ,yoiir land was sold more than two years ago for drainage taxes due Drainage District No. 9 or Sub-District No. 3 of Drainage District No. 9, you can pay the receiver. FIFTY (50*) PER CENT of the tax for which the land was sold, and no effort will be made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent tax, prior to November 1, 1934. (2) If your land was sold for such taxes le;s than two years ago, you can pay the Clerk of She Chancery Court FIFTY (50"') PER CENT )f the tax for which the land was sold, and no effort will be made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent delinquent tax, until November 1, 1934. (3) If your drainage tax is delinquent and your land has not been sold, you can pay the Clerk of the Chancery Court FIFTY (50"') PER CENT of the tax for one year (oldest year), and no effort will be made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent taxes, until November 1, 1934. j!f ^ ;T (4) For any landowner to receive the benefit of this offer he must make-the 50" payment prior to January I, 1934. (5) If any landowner does not pay said 50'• by January 1, 1934, he will lose the benefit of this offer, and will be subject to penalties and costs. This is the order of Hon. John E. Martineau, Federal Judge, made October 24, 1933. This day, October 30, 1933. E. N. AHLFELDT, Receiver, SOS Rector Bid*., Little Rock, Ark. J. T. COSTON, Osccola, Ark. A. G. MEEHAN, Stuttgart, Ark. Attorney for Drainage Dist. No. 9. Attorney for Sub-Dist. No. 3 of Drainage Dist. No. 9. Many large landowners, such as Lee Wilson & Company, have signified their intention of taking advantage of the above offer. (44-52)

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