The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1949
Page 15
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1949 OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams BLYTHEVrLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE FIFTEEN «DU COULD BE GOOD ENOUGH TO HOLD TH' DOC, BACK CAK)"T VOU SEE TM TRVJW TO SLIP OUT WITHOUT I1IMJ HE'S HARD TO GET AWAY FROM. HAW- HAW; FOOTBALL PLAYER..' WITH A PERFECT OPENING,, HE CAN'T G6T AWAY FROM A FAT OLD DOS, WriO CAN'T EVEN TROT ANY MOKE / HAHHAH: "AND WE kWOVM YOU WILL 8S HAPPVTO *500 PRIZE FOR. THE BEST SCULPTORe OF MAYOR. (2k 'FOOL VFATTLETOM HftseeeM »g7p).p,Y-~ h AWARD6-D TO . £Sl F A p/- VOL) COULD voir-j MORE WITH AM AtJD A PILE OP WOO YOU'LL DO YOOR SCULPTURINS RIGH AFTER BREAKFAST/ DETOUR ou ROAD TO FAME = WHY MOTHERS, GET GRAY Vet's Sick Call Rates Cheaper than Taxicab BALLSTON SPA, N. Y., Nov. 21— M'l-Dr. Harry E. Hanson, z veterinarian, got a call from a downtown drugstore. A fanner there wanted him to look at a sick cow. Dr. Hansen picked up the farmer and drove him through winding, country road.s "You can lei me out here. Dot. I haven't got a sick cow. You see. \ou charge only $3 for a visit while a taxi would have cost me $5." About one fourth of the nation's vegetables are grown in California. TAXI Call Ask for either white or colored driver. Eight cabs at jour service- FOR SALE Concrete culvert*. IX Inch to 48 inch, plain 01 reenforred Abo ConrreU Huitdinj Block; cheaper than iDmbet lor barns, criirbrn houses, • pump houses, tenant houses, tool slteds W* drJlTCt Call as fot free estimate . . Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair K-fl LTCRS 'UflLltY SHO€ SHOP 121 W. M 0 I N ST WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drua Store THE STOriVi AI Ilnjuir Hhilr'. llOhHCNNluA 01 Arnold rflen^r, »* h w *it«» >l:irlin Fnller rnmtnitMlnnrtl him lo nell II In Snji K r n lu'U ro H.ld Iknl h hrlr.n K . ,,, M.rti,,. Mr«. .Vrll O'Nrlll h.T. J UM | nppmreti AMitrey i'l.Lov. m,,l rhtlm,, th«- onmrn !• her*. llncnr IH.iir hii* rtTT.-reil i n h tl ^ , (lr e-uncr, >,,,, Vnkov ,„,, I,, („,,.„,,, ,„ ,,„, „. Al |},r* point i|r,,h..|^ir Smith. M «|nl«-r v,,iiTi K I=M who work* for • • • VII ,\ NDP.EY YAKOV stared oh~* liquely al Hagar Blair. "It appears, then, that we have three prospective buyers? You, myself and the young lady. Miss—" he paused, giving Stephanie a look of inquiry. : Stephanie's eyes locked with his as she supplied her name. "Smith." . He bowed. Hagar glanced at Stephanie significantly, then back to Yakov. "You can narrow it lo only two prospective buyers. Stephanie and I are partners." i Arnold PfiefTer had been wrapping the silver box in the small square of tapestry. He slipped it inlo his pocket and was beginning to edge out from behind Hagar, one eye on the front door. t "Just a minute. Arnold!" Nell O'Neill challenged. "Where did you get my cameo?" Arnold, his hand on the doorknob, stood glaring at her: "Don't yell at me! As far as I know, this is Martin Falter's property. If you must know, lie's commissioned me to take it up lo,San Francisco for him." i "You'll do no such thing. That •cameo's mine and I intend to have it." Nell took a step toward Arnold who shrank back against the door. "Give it to me now, and save yourself a lot of trouble." Hagar walked over and confronted Nell, "Look here, how can you expect him to turn over the piece to you after Falter has told him he owns it? The thing to do Falter and settle the right of ownership — then we can start bargaining." When Nell transferred her at- (ention to Hagar. Arnold yanked open the front door. With escape assured, he turned on the rest: "I'm sick and tired of this whole meFS and I'm not going lo get further involved in it I'm going out right now and hand Martin back his wretched old pin. Anri then the pack of, you can start playins hare-and-hounds with him I'm through with the whole thing!" He closed the door behind him. Hagar grinned at Yakov and Nell. "Arnold is the intense, high- strung type." Nell cleni-hed her lists. "That little rabbit! He probably stole my cameo from Martin." Vakov assumed an expression of pleased surprise. "Ahn! Bui think how fortunate we are Nellya! This suddenly brings to your mind where you have left your wonderful cameo — in the safe hands of your good friend Mr. Falter. 1 shall buy it from you for a generous price." "What do you call a generous price?" Hagar asked. Yakov fingered his mustache, "Let us simply say I am prepared to belter any offer you can make Miss Blair." • • • JVOTING that Stephanie had moved over Hagar whirled the window, Nell: "Mrs O'Neill, it looks like you've got yourself a golden goose, doesn't it? And il also looks like Mr Yakov here has got a tight grip on the pinfeathers. - But just for the heck of it. I'll make you an oiler," "How much?" "First things first. Right now you haven't got the cameo. Litlle Arnold may have had a temperamental til and chucked it in Ihe ocean." Stephanie hurried lo Hagar and grasped her arm. "Don't say j tilings like thai! Please!" H^ gave Stephanie a slow win!; Vnkov's eves nicked to Ntll as he marlr- a show of ronsuHine his walrh. "Nellya." he said careless- Iv. "is II not time to go to (he Din re where Tom and his friend wait for us? Perhaps wo can nr- ranqc for tile tarn of us to have 'li""»r al mv studio." Afler thnv harl vnne. «'.•>'ifod to the window. "ft doesn't add urj." she mum- r>led ru'.iinst h<-r runped tlncors. "If Ynkov wants thnl cameo bad fnnuoh ( n ton anv offer I'd make, he must own a remarkable collection And. if he has a collection of that class, whv haven't 1 heard about It? It minht he in Russia of course. Rut I Klin n<i°ht to have seen some report of it. only one 1 know of in that God- fnrs.nlcrn country is the one in the SI Petersburg Hermitage Museum. There is a possibility he minh! be huyini; for someone else, but I have a funny hunch that's not it." shifted around ahsent- mindodly. crossed her feel in a fantastic way and leaned precariously on one elbow: ^ "No. Stephanie." she continued, "I'm convinced he wasn't acting for someone else. Did you notice how excited he was when he first saw the cameo? That sort of, 'Hallelujah! The lost is found!' expression? And right after that, when Arnold snatched the cameo away from him. his eyes the color of steel and practically skewered the poor Mule guy." Stephanie grasped ' Hagar's arm, "Hagar. please, let's not just talk and talk about it. Let's do something before Yakov gels the cameo! lie must riot must not!" Hagar stared interestedly at Ihe fireworks provided by Stephanie's blue .eyes. Today was the first time she'd seen Stephanie's reserve melt away, the first time Ihe girl appeared lo have any fire. "It's important to me, Terribly important." Hagar leaned back against the cabinet. "Suppose you tell me why?" (To He Continued) ATTENTION EX-G l.'s To Maintain Vnur Benefits, I'AY youil I.KXilON DUES NOW! DUD CASON POST 24 FOR SALE COM I'KTE CUI.VEK'I Tin. outs TOU LHSS ret Jasu KIIIRM Ulan any olhct bridge material COM.'fJKTf, SKWKR TILE Size* l-b-B IncliM CONCRETE SKPTIC TANKS • Itcst r-rlrej «Wr ItrJlrer A. H. WEBB Bl at Slntr Line Phone 7H SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work (or gins, alfalfa niilJs, oil mills Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 ini-h Iliickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Hroiidwiiy Phi.m- 2f,ftt -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc All Work Guaranteed For 12 Months 531 Nnrth 10th Phone GOO] WINTER IS ALMOST OE so Painting Interior & Exterior • Expert Paper Hanging Ksliniatcs Gladly Given Russell Price Phnne 6560 LJLl CO LU O See Our Dependable Used Cars 10.17 Stiidehaker Land Cruiser—a shiny hlack color, clean inside and out equipped with overdrive, white sidewall tires and Sludcliakcr's exclusive Climatizer. 18J6 Ford 2-door Sedan—has good healer, excellent molor and a bargain price lag. Check These Older Models .inIt Kord Coupe 1010 Slndcbaker Conimander 1939 Chevrolet 2-door 1939 Plymouth 2-door 19.'!7 Chevrolet Coupe 1935 Dodge 2-door CHAMBLIN SALES CO RAILROAD & ASH "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" PHONE 888 * RUCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERKILL BLOS8ER Lot's Go, J,:ulics COWL- oN.sieus. LETS REJOIN itie rv\EN/ SORRY fusr HM-F. Bor.oH.eoy, WHAT A SPEFOI BAfitEV Miisr HAVE MADE TO HIS BOYS/ ItlEY TOOK1UE' PlELD LIKE , ' UTS CPAM THOSE WORDS RIGHT' DOWM MIS , THROW/ JUST HAND ME THAT PILL AMD SET OUTTA MY WAV/ Pop says WB re going to be stuck at home so much with our new baby we'll probably have a houseful of relatives all the time!" PK1SCIU..V8 I'OI BY AL VERIMEER THAT BIG BULLY DOWN THE STRF-PT! I SURE TOLD HIM OFF! HE 0)0?? WHAT DID V3U . TELL HIM? A I TOLD HIM I DIDN'T HAVE ANY MONEY 1 rwo CENTS SMACK ONE) HY MICIJAKI, O'fllALLEY ftru) RALPH LANE THERESA MILLION DOtUBS IN JEWELS DOWN THEBE, HINT. TURN US IN AND YOU WOW SET A SMELL THERES AISO A DErtD DIVER DOWN THERE, AND YOU'RE 1115 MURDERER / BUCK, YOU'RE WE.' IE LI ME, WHAT WAS VERA DARKLING AFTER OUT THERE ? jewels, BABY--A POST-WAR NEST EGG THAT TORMER U-BOAT COMMANDER CL6EK WINTER HAD STASHED AWAY IN HIS SUB WHEN ir WAS SUNK Of F WERE. CAPTAIN EASY HY LESLIE TURNER EftW WVftV OMOUtJ APPOINT- EMT AT THE CASA THIS TIME I TAKE TOU WITH ME...1HWE DECIDE VOU CAM BE TRUSTED! BUT TU8BS WAV BE WUK. FATHER SMS \ VES.-lHtM SENOR WASH WAS TRSIMSTO \30HES UPPEAR LEASE MINERAL EISHTSJAND OFfER WCRE FROtt HIM WHEN HE /WOWEY TO LEASE DISAPPEARED'. SWt SAME LAMO 1 . HERE.,,V;E use THIS JEEPSI PAP<k WISH TO OWE SEtlOR 1UB85 XCHAHC6 TO MEET THIS OFFER. KEPT WAITING FOB. WH TO RETURM! THEN OWE DM I N DISCOVERY l NOW JON6S HOWS UP &GMU DSCHTRE OOW6 THE SAME HUGS BUNNY f GATHER 'KOUNP HOW THIS SUPE APER WORKS / YA GRABS THIS LUSCIOUS, YELLEK THUSLY, WITH ONE WANP... I'LL NEVER SELL ANY O' THESE G1MMICK6 TILL I GCT SOME CARROT RESISTANCE/ BY V. T. HAML1N J I HE PROBABLY KNOWS VES SIU...AND ON SOME \MV OF CUS MORE HMARCtfUS EXPEDITIONS HE'S A,—-\ &0 °5 . A ?_A SOJAD SEPPESBNT US , ON THE BOOTS AND HRH BUDDIES BY BDGAIt MARTIN

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