The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1937
Page 9
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PAGK TRN DRCRMliRR 8r IflST CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ••INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive insertions: One time per line lOc Tvo times per line per day ...08c Three times per line per day ..06c >lx tlme.s per line per Jay ....05o Vonth rate per line fiOc i'arck of Thanks Me & 75c Minimum charge' 60c Ails ordered for three or six time.-; and stopped' before expiration will tin charged for the iniin- l*r of times Hie add appeared ami k'Jjustimiit of ,bill made. ' • All Classified ArtvcrtLslng copy tubinllti'd by persons residing out- (Idc of the city accompanied by cash. Hates may be jaslly computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular tisertlotis lakes the-one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Ijiser- tiun of any classified ad. Business Directory .Visit Harry Bniley's Now CURVE IN CAFE On Highway 01 at Holland •Make one stop for Boer, \Vinc, Whiskey, Fresh Crappie, Good Poods. For Sale Washing Ill lif-nltli forces me to sell out! Wasliinu. rouuli-rtry ft finished de- Toinist cabins. Store, Calf Pill- llwml. o cuillts' or Munkets SI inft Station, and Residence. Doing Maying uusher. I wnsli {'itrtnins' i;oo<l busiiu'.ss. Reasonable, or] Sec Willy liell Green •of^, n Sm lld On '" 7 Or<lcr ".r-V'^'ir««-«"*H 11K flr,, n,,e „, thc order, ,, v . mu [,.Y ou^E »* » ~ j - . • "- , - J " .....j IK., vjun-ti (Jl'IUIKl tenas. Known ns "Billle's" plate.! brown's Ice I'lanl M-i>J--r2 V on So. H. W. 81, W. E. lle.ssle, ' Ulythcvllle, Phone 845. 6-pk-U lAntng room suite. Davenport .t- Repairing '•i i in;, t win* >1U til. l/il\ [ I1JJUI \j -V —'•• — -- --- _ ,. _ Chair, Mrs. C. W. AfflicX-. 'Jek-IOI C:nn rcpnirv Ounrniitml «-orf:. I? ' xr Damon, an B. Main, A-l ruiiditlon, $275. Phone )1». lieamiful' hand crocheted bedspreads. Ifcavy, cxd'a Inrfie. Idimi Christmas gilt. Call 10 or StW. a-ca-D laws Is: "r woe to kick like a Missouri mnli! aooiit m-rythln;! llial anyone does. liicliKlIng an extra stroni; kick • "" ««m i. ivr. vi]; MJIJR- i.ooil for thi' of Cnlhiin." Ainciii-an linli-fitlnii U) C;> :i]>];io>;iinat<',s 15,000 annually, Kestaurunt HOME MADE WINE 40c Qt. Mail imlf-tH to II. G. Me Ifaffiy, R(. 3, lilytheviilf. MULESTFORSALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Clie.i]). 1930 IK, ton long wheel ba-ic Che\Tolet truck, with high slocfc rnck. turpaulin cover A-l condition, Plione 127. Blytli D-ek-fl Streamline COAL 4 by 2 c»g $0.00 per ton 0 Liy 4 lump $6.25 per ton Kim Tranlbam Phono 47 COAL Delivered in Blythcvilfe C 0 r SU5 and up. All • Coal Guaranteed.— Phone S-K-< * 878 MODERNIZED COAL Washed, Waxollzed, Dust Treated Four grades: $3.50, $4.00, $5.00 and $5.25 per 1000 pounds. Phone 100 for a trial order. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Furniture Ne«. and Used Furniture at Rock Bottom Prices, WE BUY, SELL & TKAUli Arian-Morris Furniture Store 126 E. Main Phone ITS BARGAINSm New & Usfd FiiniHure ' We Buy A- Sell 'WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Main 1'lioiie 155 Tailors TRADE YOUR OLD SUIT IN UN A NEW ONE GEORGE L. MUIR "BlythevlUe's Only Tailor" We Allow $•! to .515. On Railroad south of Main St. Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop Today the only bargain In slice repairing Is Quality materials & workmanship. Rubber Heels 'Sc up. Sola 50c up. Dyes. Polishes teces. Any shoes dyed black. 35c. Free DelK'erj- Pl, onc i 20 H. B, Otimpbell Glass AUTO GLASS B.\p«ri Workmanship We Deliver ni.vtheville Pain) & Wallpaper Co. We Cut &• Iiwlall Phone (mo 111 S. Second Batteries SATTKRY J. Ben dune hrnir K 81 Tom .l Annoiuicenient We Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1M» Chickasawba Phone 673 Radi WALLPAPER Nciv 1D38 patterns. Close prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 C room modern house at 1500 W. Ash, for sale or trade. See J. W. Maloncy, Clark and Railroad sts. Standard Reference Books Complete 10 volume set with Loose Leaf Binder. Call 239 or 792. 20, ooo RAISE BARGAINS IN MODERN HOMES The Ke.wlek Corp. has uskeil us to close out their rent estnte at Blj'tluivllle, nnd prices have lipe.'i reduced so they will soil. 101 B. Kentucky. 7 room cotlnee, 2 lols $1250.00 1501 to 1513 ChlckasnvvVjn Ave.. 7 houses, entire block S2500.GO 2237 Carolyn. Stucco Buiignlow with bnlli. hrmhvoort floors, tuv- I'lnce -••-..,- SI 100.00 2315 Higlnrny 18. * room stucco bnngnluw. with bath, hardwood i'oois 51200.00 3C7 N. First. Double house, 2 lots. Rents at $20.00 301 Dugan. 0 'room cottage, nice l }lil « ' $1250.00 208 Dug an. 5 room inod^ni l )1: >ce ................... SI250.CO 310 Ougiin. English bungalow $1350 314 Dugnn English bliiiBiilow $T250 108 Dugan. 5 room stucco. $1500.00 51G Chicknsawba. 5 room cot$1150.00 We will sell any of hcse places on smnll down) payment and monthiy •less than rent at G'.< interest THOMAS LAST) CO. CHOP SUKY. Mack's Re.Minnaiu nfxt to tlifatt-r. Jolntr, Ark. fioubcans - WANT VI) - Soybean* IVf I'ay IIJKhi-nl .tiurkrt I'riirs I'm Ml Vai-i.-llf-, MALIWN GRAIN CO. W. «). Itcevrs, Agent Sri. If. i(. K(.. NVxt („ .M;, K nulia riiini — lliyiumilr ,\rl< »AV rir<w; r,ss MC; M . L . r ,, 0 . NK We Speciali/.e Ii\ Ifody & Fonder Repairs Coini! In anil See l!s '•t'c Motor Sale's, Inc. '(•('.slum. ]||.;,(,-rv Defrosters Pecans Wanted Highest Market Prices Hieleft Ktir Co. Hear Joe issues' Store Ain'ono wanting reliable driver to 1-Mrt Smith or Oklahoma Oily notify Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Rmlor I^ixorn i'nst O/I!ce. (5-i)k-13 Wonl In contact. SO f.lrls Inlerost- (•<! In Iricrcnsliif Hide Incomes mill willlni! to ()i-vol« six jiionths time to leainins highly paid pro- fc-.wion oi Beauty Culture. New, School In open Iti Ulythcville Juii- imry .1st, Write for full details lo' 1-ester Plshcr Glpson, 515 Krcwson Ave.. Joncstoro, Ark, Kirby's TasteTesx CHILL TONIC Contains More Quinine— Mart Iron Tb» BflOommeDded Triklmaut tor MALARIAL CHILLS and FKVKK SWAM!' FEVKIt — AOCK ff.VKK *t All Klil>» Dru» 8tor«. MEN OLD AT 4fli GET PER New Ostrex Tonic Table Is con- liiln row oyster iiwigoralors and other Gthmilnnls. One dose starts tteiv IKII. Value sl.OO, S|»eJai price 8Dc. Call, wrilc Klrby Bros. Drug Store. FARM LOANS 1560 mid Dp Arkarisai and .Missouri f.imrsl rati-s—lowrsi ei|>ens< Alsn rity [ii.ip.THf, DON H. KASKRKMAN Tlirmm Umd Co. OJTlcc l>. O. BO.V 470, Phone 527. Drs. Wert & Wert OiTOMri'lUSTS bw-r Joe Isaacs' Store "WK ,MAKK 'KM SKK" I'hone 540 USED CARS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, IXC. _ __ ..__ Hemorrhoids-Piles \\munrr SOIUIICKV Sufr, sur*; ami uith l <ffs4-use?i aru\ iiJiidlUons fflflt aD/nfitf*, anil skhi ciirrd at our illnic. i-ss dkt'onifori. «f nervous tirl All rlgln, unit OKS. NIES & NTES (Vsleopatiilc 1'liy.ilrlan.i !)8 lilytlievllle, Ark. \Vc Kpeciali/e in •k PRESCRIPTIONS * Plume. 141 FOWLER DRUG STORE Wanted Pecans l I 'rifts Paid WOLF ARIAN >2X I'.. .Main I'hone ntj KLECTMir Ornery Order of Kickers Active in Calhan, Colo. CAUMN, Colo. (OP)—"Are you nn A.o.O.C.K. man?" The latest, luncheon club to he organized In the Pikes Peak region ALLEY OOP Hubert Utiey's Service Station and Cafe 24 HOUR- SERVICE Phillips "66" Gas Tax Paid All I. M <llii(f liramls nf Beer, l.iqimr. U'ine, Gin uiul fonlials. Cigarettes, 2 l>kgs. 25c, $1.15 Carton 61—Holland, Mo. WELDING AT BEST PRICE'S PROMPT SERVICE Barksdalc Mfg. Co. WANTED Junk Auto Tires and Tubes HENRY LOBERG : \v. nx PHONE >9 Used Trucks & Cars ISM r;li<>. v . Mckiip. (;«xl Tin-s 'S3< t'- ton chev. 15.V : W. n. Stake.body m ' ' A-l_ condition $•)•;.-, 1930 riiteniiition'iii' l'icku|> $;(75 SS7S ciicv. J'lallorin tody. vv. a. AtJ, TRUCKS OUABANTEED TO PASS STATE 1NRPKOTION Delta Implements, Inc. PHONE 244 L. J. RICE COAL! AM. {ilUOCK BliY KINDLING FOR ANY KINO OK HIGH GRADE COAL CALL K. F. FRY AT 477 Wonder City Coal Co t Now located at 101 North Seeond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAKUS, PropnXw All make., O j KebuiH TypeHTiters, Adding Machln*. »n( Calculators—Hepalrln?—Par J'honc 50 COBB FUNERAL HOME Funeral Insurance VOUR wowee WISHES TO 3EBME?/ RIGHT AVVAY- SHE'S WORRIED '^e, BUT.VOUCZ. HIGHWE5S-GUI ¥WHAT?HE60T HI5^ 15 ALL RIGHT-HE'S STAVIMG /OWU?.? HAW HAW WITH AILEV OOP AMD FOOiy- iTHATs'GCXDD.'I DIDN'T WhW, UMPA, HE EVEM COT p^K~A cj» KMOW HE HIS OWM BREAKFA5TTHl5| x - ; sf{f>^ HAD IT 1W "'"'•' "" HIM' / \V:. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WELL, ER-VOU SEE-TH£ BOV5TOLD HIM HE'D EITHEE. GET HIS OWM, OR GO HUWGRY- By Hamlfn For Kent 2 comfortable bctlroo mis. private . t . -""II,.i, |UIMIU' «»th. Gentlemen prefrrred. phone TO1-W or 161. 7-rt--tf room furnished niwrtmeiit. "m W. Walnut. G-pk-1.1 >VASH TUBBS WHV, THEM LOW- DOWM BUMS '.' TH |5^ EAf WV6UZIIETAKJW ROUGH STUFF OFF'M TH' LIKES OF THEM' BV GUM, I'LL SHOW 'EM EH? WHATlS THAT*' __ ALL UP FOR RILL 60 , voi;, MO "-iHtRE n\(i MOX BE ROOtA f -tT.Kw^ Im.'r~M.~aef: ii c «2_ By JMgfUn 10 PHONE 155 For Sale 160 acres close to Blytheviile, well room ro.sMe»cc. Inuuedintc possession. 412 N. flth. Phone 345. G-ck-lf 3 room furnished apnilnTcnt~ E M. RUou. 713 Cliickawiwbn. 4-ck-u Nicely furnished 2-rooni" aunrt- ment. 100 W. Kentucky, nans sa __ 4-pk-ll Nicely funiishert bedrooms, steam heat. Innersprlng mattrew. (ill w. Main, i'iione 280. 1-ck-tl •"">. unll I .It 981. jl I2-ck-lf| r »rnl5hcd house on I Mrs. s. S. Sternberg Building on Railroad near courthouse, suitable for Will remodel .„ "Lj IHN, t un; f \\CII \Vlll T-AniA^l 1 f Improved, two nice homes. alsolphiL M I J° T rlght ""*>'• many other buildings. $8000'ner'i^r? ,„ S ' a SlcriAcrg at 984 Acre with $3000 cash and 10 years ^HJH^]. 11 ; 9-fk-12-9 * t(i% - ' 2 or S(furnished a partmentaTe7- sonable, 914 Kearu St. 120 Acres on Bayou N. w. of Blv- thevilfe. well Improved. $75 acre rea-sonable down payment and balance 4750.00 annually at 6';' c THOJIAS LAND CO. sole Agents G-ck-13 WantecT fifty fh-ls to enroll now for State < Approved B(«uty School to ooen wnuary i«t Cooper Bldg. BlyUie- villc Write Tester FKher C.lpwn 518 for lull Jonesboro, Ar!< p , botlrooltr -^Joining ,, Gentleman only, us w -honc 806-W. 23-ck-tr Room and Board KRKT.KLRS ANT) HIS IT'S NONE OF VOUR BUSINESS'. AND DON'T YOU DA MENTION THAT I ARPY A GUJ. , /*?^ ^\ ACQUAJNTKI) , A CON-' , FIRMED iTAPTLETALE. T LI 5TEN, IT'S BECAUSE jyi BEEN LEFT A LOTTA MONE.V AND i FEEL LOTS SAFER WITH A C THAT'S WHY. PERHAPS THAT'S WHV VOIJRE MOT^V' ^°^'-^ w. 50 SMOmvV "21 1N J HE LEAST. I I^^J^Mi 'AN HEIRESS; WELL,"WEU Ry Crane NOT SNOOTY? I'M 1 50 SMOOTV / NUT 1N THE LEAST. I ^woaryji^ PONTCARE in, 1 OH, FORGET IT! LET'S GO \N AND DAMCE- "'JT VOU WON'T MENTION THE SUM, WILL YOU? *3 7/~ > Ash. Mrs. R. p. Birds For Sale Pull enwn raimry slnwrs. "filr.. Mrs. J. K 200. 22-Ck-tf LOOK'S s T LIKE y n-CANT BE' SOME /"WE TEAM CUP SORT t \VAS AWARDED OP A A TO ME IW A CUP? J/ SPECIAL ASSEMBLY AT SCHOOL MOMENTS I. HtC. t IT'S A B L PRESENT TO ME PROM AllBS ViAYMAKl, COACH OR • -•> HIGH! _ ^GOSH,IiM3[j D Ef \ I \V) (AT FOR ~Z ^fswHl, WHAT IT SAYS T HARDLV WAIT ! Bv Blosser BETreRWOT.MOM YOU DOW'T WAWT vJOIKIIWQ IfJ CHORUS!

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