Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 6, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1891
Page 6
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TOLSTOI TEE EXILE. Number 36 in tha MalichitQ Mines of Siberia. Hurried Away from His Palace in Odessa. »t NJeht to His Prlsou Homo—No Time Giveu Him to Srty Good-Bye to His If-.mHr-A Letter from His Wife. ICor-YRIGHT, 1891.] sv-nitQCr the writer spent a part of bis vacation at one'of the cozy hamlets that dot the shore of the Great South Hay, on Long 1 Island. He there met Rev. Cornelius Johannes Calkoen, S. T. D., whose vicissitudes and varions learning make him a most interesting•acquaintance and agreeable companion. Dr, Calkoeu came to this country from Holland, the land of his birth, about two .years ago. In !S(54, while pastor at Tuusanucs, Dr. Calkoen received from Prof. Saftcr, of Berne, a letter informing- him that the Reformed church at Odessa desired a pastor, and asking him if he would accept a nomination to that charge. The prospect of life in Russia was, at first, far from inviting- to the young clergyman, and Dr. Saftcr's offer was gratefully declined. Jt was renewed, however, after a few months, in a manner that gave it a providential aspect and Dr. Calkoeu, consenting to be a can- I w» t TTTTEKING A I'lSUClTiC SCKKAM SHE FELL TO THE Fl.OOi;. clidatc. was duly called to the Odessa church. He accepted, and immediately went to reside on his field of labor. His pastorate of four years, carried on amid constant trepidation and alarm, has a history that resembles romance; but it would be foreign to our present purpose to relate it. Enough that the church at Odessa throve under his ministry, as well as a nonconformist church in Russia is permitted to thrive. Toward the close of his fourth year in the charge, an event occurred which had a momentoxis influence on the young- clergyman's future. A solicitation came to him from the Count Gregorieff Alexandrovitch Scephanoic Tolstoi *to "become his private secretary and the teacher of his sons. .The Count, who was one of the most influential nobles in Southern Russia, revered for his lineage and beloved for his humane and exalted character, is a younger brother of the novelist a.nd man of letters,-the Count .-Loff Nikolas Tolstoi. I3e was a- Gen- "•eralin the Russian army and wore the «oveted decorations of St. Ann and St. •Andrew. Besides his palace and estate at Odessa he was owner of twelve other estates in various parts of Southern Russia, and of villas at Volhynia, Pa- dolia and the Crimea. The Tolstoi palace at Odessa, where the Cotmt and his family always, spent the winter, was a building in the Corin[ thian style of architecture.. It was of granite and stood amid spacious grounds on the magnificent boulevard that' runs t along 1 , the. edge of the .plateau, two hnn- t»aps,"Th::t liad cvu;' boon givun there took place on the 101,h of April, 1874. Thu overt xvns preceded liy eliiburnte prepar.-vtiims Odessa, as the intollRnt- ual and commercial capital of XOVGT os- sia, is the home in winter of -many noble families of Southern Russia, and, on the night of the day named, the salons of the Tolstoi pa.lace shed their brilliant lights on ,a magnificent assemblage. Among the wearers of glittering toilets •were the Bower of Bessarabia, Padolia, IkatcriaoslafT and the Crimea. The Count and Countess did the honors of the occasion with unclouded hearts. Conscious of. integrity and of devotion to his sovereign the noble host knew no just cause for alarm. But, unhappily, in Russia, the political lightnings Bash as vengefully from a clear as from a clouded sky;, the bolt descends without warning; the despotic hand that directs it thus subjecting its victim to_.that keenest refinement of torture—punishment inflicted without accusation, trial or liberty of appeal. While enjoyment \vas at its height in the adjacent rooms on that rofroorable April night, in the blue drawing-room, chatting pleasantly, stood a group of gentlemen, among whom were the Governor of Odessa, Birchan'ski, the Governor-General of the province of Va- linia, Kotzebue, Dr. Beranj, the Count Tolstoi and his private secretary. Dr. Calkoen. The talk ran upon the events of the season, and there were joyful allusions to the prospective pleasures of the summer that a few weeks would bring. A cuckoo clock upon the mantel had just struck ten when the Count was deferentially approached by one of the grooms erf the household. He stepped aside while the messenger communicated wit.h'-him \u an undertone. At the message the Count turned pale as if touched by the hand of death. A tremor passed over his frame aod he staggered, momentarily, but as speedily recovered, and, without a word, loft the apartment. While the guests with whom he had been talking unsuspectingly continued their conversation. Or Calkoen, the only one of the group who had been intently observing the Count's actions, followed him to the landing and found him grasping the banister of the grand staircase as if to steady himself before descending. "Is your excellency ill?" inquh-ed the secretary. "111! Ah! worse than ill. I am lost!" was the reply. When he had uttered these words his fine features became rigid with the valor of resignation, and with Orm step he passed down the broad stairs to the great hall of the palace. His dutiful em- ploj'e still followed at a loss to comprehend the significance of his master's conduct and words. But theirpurport was soon apparent. A waiting the Count at the foot of the stairs was a Russian THE MAUCHITE ed feet above the sea, on which the > city is built. It contained "G large f Tooms, and 14 smaller rooms or dcpend- "eneies. As customary in houses of the ^'nobility each room is designated by the f~ color of its tapestry and furniture. Bedsides these apartments : 'a magnificent '^uite.was reserved for the occupancy of 'the Emperor Alexander 'when he "^.deigned'to honor his loyal subject with " ' visits; The appointments of tne T'palaee, it need not be said, to the min& •atest .detail, were luxurious and com- %i . „. The external buildings were L-correspondingly ample. On one side of fethe court-yard was a stable for 24 horses.' ^Opposite it was the carriage-house, garden, in which a corps of aners were constantly at work, had celebrity throughout the prov- for the excellence and variety its frnits and flowers. In this jrincely home, with his wife arid f am- jfily, consisting of a daughter and three the Count found his supreme «n- Ijoyment; for, among-his noble charac- ^pteristics none was more marked than Sis devotion as husband and father. *jHere, too, he dispensed, a hospitality Sknd charity so generous that they gave fyise to a proverb. The common people "cwere wont to say that "the lean who passed into the Tolstoi palace came out fat," Petes were of frequent oncurrenee »t the Count's home during the f ashion- |ble season. The mo&t notable, per- COUNT OREGKi:iKFF TOLSTOI AND FAMILY. officer of constabulary, a sable cloak enveloping his shoulders and the broad brim of his official hat shading a swarth face thati .grew a jet mustache and beard. An austere, dark figure, his lustrous, black eyes gleamed sympathetically with the shining scabbard at his side. ' < "Your excellency will go witrrme!" said the gendarme, with great politeness. . "Why should I go with yon,, and where must I go?" asked the unhappy nobleman. "I do not know', your excellency." "Permit me, then, to take leave of the Countess. 1 shall return immediately." . • "That is against my orders." "May I not take leave of my family? I must provide myself with clothing to protect me against the cold!" "Impossible! My instructions are peremptory. . I ani to take you as I find you. You can not take leave of your family, and you have not time to take any luggage." As he spoke the gendarme pointed to the door, beyond which, in the soft and brilliant light that streamed from the home of the doomed man, shone the panels of the fatal coach—the Siberian exiles' hearse. . For some moments Dr. Calkoen was motionless with terror. De-stood as a statue beneath- the Corinthian portico gazing after the coach. 'Returning.to the hall he passed his hands over his eyes to assure himself that he was awake. 'The terrible tragedy had happened so speedily and so noiselessly that. not one among the hundreds of guests who thronged the salons knew of its occurrence. The appalling duty now" rested on the secretary o'f breaking the news to the Countess. No one will doubt his declaration that it was the most trying ordeal of his life. Summoning all his strength he ascended the stairs, physically benumbed, with stifling sensations at his heart. In a room, where she was the center of a.n animated, : laughing'group, he "beheld the Countess, apparently the most joyous of the throng, 'and perhaps the most admired for her lustrous beauty. As Dr. .Calkoen.entered the apartment she approached him and with a gracious smile—the warmth of which was suddenly chilled by his wan and dazed ap- .peararice—inquired/ of the Count's whereabouts. Evasively, but truthfully, the secretary replied tbnt he did not know. "Then you will find him-for me and report to me where he is," bhe said, speak- and as if she would raHy the -doctor 1 'from a somewhat habitual abstraction, for whieh she xvaswoDt to chide him. >; I should bo pleased to obey your cnmin:mds. madam, but I do not know 'where the Count is. The Count has guno iiw'ay." said the secretary "Gone away, gone away 1 " shp exclaimed, as. the color fled from her face. "Why should he go away, and with whom has he gone?" "With four gendarmes," replied the secretary. It was enough. Uttering a piercing scream, she fell to the floor before the .unnerved guests could render her assistance. For the moment she was believed to be dead. Medical aid was Summoned, however, and she gradually regained consciousness; But restoration to life was more cruel than death. When the sense of her calamity returned, the hapless lady's grief was poured out in ton'ents of wailing. "He is lostl He is lost!",she cried. "1 shall never see him again. What has he done? What has he done? My darling, my doucldnka (dear dove), what has he done?" It was at length agreed that the Governor-General should confer with the Count 'Dolgorould, the father of the Countess Tolstoi, as to the course to be pursued. As a result of their interview General Dolgorouki called on Dr. Calkoen the following day, and, in the name of the Dolgorouki family, requested him to carry the solicitations to Count Stro- banski, then of the Imperial Cabinet at St. Petersburg, and to ascertain from him if it might be possible to obtain an Imperial reinitiitur and secure for the prisoner a trial before a high court of justice. Dr. Calkoen. promptly accepted the mission. His love of the Count Tolstoi was such that he would willingly have taken any risk or undergone any labor in his behalf. The utmost dispatch being necossary, a special train was provided by General Dolgorouki for his direct conveyance to the capital, at :tn expense to the Dol- gorouki family of twenty-five hundred rouWes. The journey took three whole days, stops having been made only at Moscow and Wlodimir. After the customary ceremonies the faithful secretary was admitted to an audience with the Minister and was courteously received- He related the particulars of the Count's arrest; explained his mission', and assured his excellency that, as private secretary of the Count Tolstoi, he had conducted the correspondence of that nobleman for more than six years; that having had the duty intrusted to him of opening a.nd classifying all letters as they were received from the mails, be was acquainted with their contents and knew that, in the period of his service, a treasonable line had never been received, dictated nor sent by the Count from or to any society or person. Count Strobanski's reply was kind, but for tHat reason the more discouraging. What ground for hope when power confesses itself powerless? "Personally, I do not know the Count of Tolstoi," he said, "but were it in my pewer I should be glad to aid him But see! the ukase! I can not alter that. No one may alter that. I will give you some advice, however. Go to Tobolsk, in the neighborhood of which place the Count is a prisoner, and I will give you a letter of introduction to the Count of Suracnow, Governor of West Siberia. See what you can 'do for Tolstoi." Thereupon Dr. Calkeon forwarded a telegram to General Dolgorouki asking for instructions. The response came promptly: "Go; the charges have been prepaid to provide you with a special train." Immediately on receipt of this dispatch the secretary began his long journey from St. Petersburg to Tobolsk, a distance of three thousand English miles. Allowing.for a few.brief stops at long intervals the trip occupied five days. It was performed toward the close of the month of May, and when Tobolsk, built on a crag two hundred fee.t high and surrounded by its kreml, or stoue wall, came into view, it was still winter in.' that far Northern latitude.' .The snow lay upon. the ground and long icicles drooped from the boughs of the trees On arriving Dr. Calkoen repaired, at once, to the palace of Count Suracnow, to whom he presented the letter he had received, from Minister Strobanski The Count received him with the utmost kindness. He was a man advanced in years, and of pleasant, even benignant bearing. The doctor was surprised to find so humane a gentleman engaged in the administration of a penal colony After he .had explained his errand and given his testimony as to his master's fealty to the Emperor, Count Suracnow, who had heard him attentively, said: "I willingly believe you. But what can I do? My instructions admit of .no deviation. If I do not follow them I lose my place and another will come and the situation of Tolstoi will not change, save for the worse. Tolstoi has lost all. Fortune, 'name and Influence—all are gone! Indeed there is no longer a Count Gregorieff .Tolstoi... He who was Gregorieff Tolstoi is number thirty-six in the malacJiite mine. But, as much as in my power, I will give him 'liberties; and the greatest liberty I can afford him is to permit him to work in the mines."' The mine prisoners : .are, indeed, the best off," as Dr. Calkoen: afterward learned; others against whom special ukases had been directed being compelled to herd like swine in a barrack- like structure, where about two thousand human beings were then immured. In her desolate home the Conntess Tolstoi. remained- with her family until, her shattered health was i6 far restored as to enable her to quit Odessa. Happily she possessed thirty millionS'Of roubles in 'her own name, which the imperial decree in no wise affected. She is now residing at Dresden, Saxony, with : her son, the Count-Gabriel'Tolstoi. Dr. Calkoen received a letter from her during the past month, which he was good enough to show me. It was written in Russian, and contains the following sentence, his translation of which I am' at liberty to use: "No' intelligence of my dear husband The Governor of West Siberia has ceased answering my letters. It remains only to be quiet. I hope yon will not forget us—you who knew him so well in all his tenderness." S. GIFFAHD NELSON FREDERICK IN MARBLE. Queen Victoria Oirailn Bo*lim'« Statue of the Latri German Emperor. The last work of Sir Edgar Boehm before his death, which occurred recently in London, was a statue of the late Emperor Frederick of Germany. It was unvailcd December 13 by. Queen Victoria, in the presence of a distin- gniislied gathering 1 inSt.Gcorge's Chapel, Windsor. She was accompanied by the Prince of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, Princess Margaret and Prince Arthur of Cotmaught, and Prince Henry of Battenberg. General von Wittich represented the German Em- •peror. Several floral gifts had been forwarded to the castle, and these were laid near the Lincoln ChapeL, The Queen's wreath consisted of tastefully, arranged white camellias, chrysanthemums and other blooms and foliage, and was tied with broad white silk ribbon. That sent by the Empress Frederick was formed of palms and flowers. The Empress Augusla Victoria, wife of Kaiser Wilhelm, sent a wreath similar to the Queen's, its white silk bows bearing her name and the imperial crown stamped in gold. The largest and most noticeable wreath was that from the Emperor William. 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Jmpotency, and all diseases caused i>y abuse.^ [BIFORKJ indiscretion, or over-exertion, f. blx cacksges Guarantetdto Curt when auothtr* Fail. Aslt your Druggist for Tl»« 6™»»Z»«ll«k Pre.oriptio.i, take no substitute. One package $1. SliSS. bvrnall. Write for Pamphlet. Addrefcg Eureka Chemical Co., Detroit, Altch. V«r nalp hv B. F. Keesllng. rnai6d*wly WANTED ior DHy 6COTT8, . ™ M ™ ' tu bcauUIril Electric kCoroetB. Sampletrce to those b*. t coming agents. N» rijk, qnicic ulM. Territory given, saUsIacdon gnannieed. Addreu DR.SGOTT.842 Broadway St..W.Y. B i BY CARRIAGES^ I make a specialty of n:anufactur- jnc Baby CJirrluRes to »«ll direct 10 private partle*. You can, therefore, do better-with me t&nn with a dealer. Carriages - ^ 1 Delivered Free of Charge to ail points in the Criited States. Send lor'UluKtrat-ed CataJOffu?. o CHAS. RAlS^fecMfr. 62-84 Clybourn Avc * CmciQO. lj> TO WEAK MEN uffering from the effect* of youthful errors, Bprly ecay, -wastinB-vreilmMB, lost manhood, etc., Iwill , Bead a valuable treitine feealed) containing fall particulars for homo cure, pREE 0 * charge. A. eplendid medical -work ; should be read by every raKQ VrbO is BGTTOUB *nd 'debilitated. Addreu, rrof. JF. C. FOWXJEK, Moodus, Conn. HOFFIMN'S HARBLEST HEADACHE POWDERS!. the Best. CURE ALLHEAMWE& eyarenotaCathartic Lake Erie & Western Railroad Co. "NATURAL GAS ROUTE." Condenseo Time Table; tu EFFECT MARCH 1st 1890 Solid Trains between Sandusks and Peorta and I JLndlanapolls and Michigan City. • • DIBECT Connections to and from all points In tl)« United States and Oanade. Trains Leave I/ogansport and connect with tbe L. E.&W. Trains as follows: . WABASHE. B- Leave Lopjmsport, 4 :1S p.m.. 11:2fl a.ro..'. 8J9 a.rn Acrlve Peru 4:SGp.rn..11:44a.m.... 8£5a.m L. E. & W. B. B. Leave Pern. . NortU Bound 4;45p.m 10:40a.tr Sontn Bound U :50 a. m WABASH B. R. Leave Lozansport, SrSSp.m.. 7£0a.ra Arrive Lafuyette, 4:55 p.m.. Ban mm L. E. & W. B, R. Leave LaFayette, • EastBonnd l:50p.m West Bound „.... .5:10 p.m • a C. PARKER, Traffic Manager, C. F. DALY, Gen. Pass. ± TiclteL Agt. 1 .NDUNAPOL1S. IND. ' A Chicago druggist retailed-;2QQ00QO.o.f; B. F. KeesUng and Collen & Go.,sole I'D JUDICIOUS ANO PERSISTENT Advertising has always proven successful.•: Before-plaotn»:an7 Newspaper Adrertisinff. consult LORD & THOMAS, ADVKKTISINC iCKSTS, It, to «0 llniKlulpt, 5lr»»U CHICAGO- FO8ITIVB CVJtfFOK: BRIGHTINE DIABETES, IlRIftllTH ' Correspondence iOlloted.valrmWe .nformaUon free. 0»u»l discount to «nde. WM. T. 18 XA Sulle Street. URIbklTS MX. undred »l)menU CO., . Chl W. L. DOUGLAS other erwelnl- Ladies, etc., «re warranted, and so stamped on bottom. • -Address \V.l.. DOVGL.A.&, Brockton,MUM. HoUbr: J..J3. iBroad-war jjjnnldfimo-eod

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