The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1937
Page 8
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SEE THESE GARS NOW SEE HOW GOOFY WE AWAY? ARE HURRY! g 5 *?^! V, WEATHER HAS DRIVEN TOM LITTLE With Every Used Car Carload-Quality GROCERIES 1—Quart of- Sweet I'icklcs 1—Quart: of Mustard 1—,lar of Ten 1—Package- of ( Starch J—Package.- of Tanfak'e Klotir 1 S/j-Pouml Sack of Meal; •1—Oz. Hottle. of Wuinc 6—Rolls • of Toilet Tissue 1—Can of 'Scouring. Powder 1— Can of Pork and Beans I)—Hars of Toilet Soap III—Pound Hag of Salt J—Can. of linking. 1'owder 1- —Can:-of String Deans 1<—Package of GranulaU'd -. r ' pound' hiir. of •Pai'IdiKcs. of Minn-tint •Packages of S •Package of'Jello. -Pai-kagi's- of Corn .Makes -Pottnh Cmv. of C6ffe^ •Can No, 1 [Jink Salmon •Can No. 2!' z Hominy •Pounds of Flour •Hox of Soap: Chips -Packatfc of Quaker Oals •Carton of Matches •Can of Spinach 1—Can of Corn ;—(-'an- of Tomatoes —Can of Pens —Can of Heed; ; —Can of Pumpkin —Can of Kraut -Ti 3^—J?0tmrt: Can-of- Syni|. 1 ; —Packag'e of i\lnr.«hmnlluivs 1—Pound ran of Cocoa 1—Can -ofr Mnstai-d Sardines WITH; EACH. [ISBT) CAH \VI' TO YOUR. (HIOCKR I«'OR' 1—I'arkage of Soda 1—Can of Apricots 2—Pounds CriU'kei's I—Kottle'of- Calsuo I—Hot«c of VincBai- li—Hiirs of Soap filVK YOUR ORDKU THK AUOVK LIST' No. R-2-lfi- 1935 Chevrolet Sedan Yes, cheap, aitton caiis- c<r my owner to:lose-mu —lu's loss is your gain, •f-tloor Sedan, new jiaint OK. in every wny, C!va- zy sale jiricc 1934 Ford Coach If it hadn't rained my owner wouldn't have lost me but' too late now. I> am in (he bug house, you'll: like me, I look and run^ pltniy good; Crazy. Sale |irice Cars Advertised Are Only a Few of Onr Big Stock—All Gars on Sale 60 More to Select From No. :{s:: 1936 Chevrolet Standard T Sedan I am a (.laiidanl :;. ( lo[ir with trunk, hhick ihico painl, ne\v tiros, motor perfect, ivmi't someone- taku iiu> mil <if-this i-ra'/y plarr-ai this- Ion- prio^'.' Nu. \-\'i 1936 Chevrolet i Ton Pick-up Tlic-y only t -all n lc . ;.: | 0 n tint you'll he Ma-prised liuiv inudt work I caii ilo—yi-K, ! ain rrmly fuv IH-IV nu-ucr— OK in net)- ivay. <'i-.r/y Sale I'r No. 41!) 1935' Chevrolet Truck Short, :(2xfi HI) J),,,,| (ires, „,„(,„. ROU(( jnK( l(u! triicl. for real service to some one—yes, we have loo many trucks, that's , v hy (his crazy price NO. n-2r>8 Another rcimssesseii one — l-door scdnn :itul n real jr (u ,.l OIK-. Oitl my lady owner try when (hey took me lo (his - ' ' mi !'lc;tse (;tl;e me jiwtiy. Cnr/,y Ssile I'ricu YOUR OLE « ICCEPTED If Chevrolet Master T Sedan lirown dtifo finish, like new, checked Oit r by our service department. A car you would hi' prmid lo own. Aren't we era/.V io .sell this one for onlv No; .184-A- ISSfChevrolfeti Ton Pickup I w.'inf to work for someone—'hey jiistcovcvhuttled my motor, my tires ;ire R0oil?iinrf:"l am winiin^ out of this—special for ;,'ra/y Sale LIBERAL CREDIT TERM! PAYMENTS' ARRANGKI) TO- ; .F!T 1935 Chevrolet ft Ton Tr Hi : possessed, yes, just anotliev one of dr.- iitek hahieH that can't he helped now—hut ^ over onr troubles, ready to go, OK inS , , Won't you liny me for this Craxy Price? LOOK AT THESE SCREWY PRICE&-THEY PROVE WE'RE CRAZY No. II-2.1S 1934 Chevrolet Coach AniitlHT ri'iivMu-ssril• otir. ivilh all il« pjili'iis ynn Munttl:w:uit—Itndlfl. heater anil rverylhiiif:; Ynn make hy the oltirr oncV. loss. See (Ins one to .111- r-reeialp it. (> U r speebl fur lhl.% Ci i- 7j- Snip No. 1935 Ford Coupe 1 have *riiuiiiF. Void K.nlio on inc. Mack rtili.r. good tirrs, mnlor- OK-. You'll In- (iroHd of we. Very low milfase. hurry before n,ry ii-.i,ie me, Cr;uY price No. 4SD-A 1 :i»)i ;i Dfl.nxi* model. Inr^i* trunl; (unit: in. run prrrcrl, fcootb uil>l-ri-, jw\ v isn't lliis n t-riny iti'U 1 :'' 1835 lord Sedaa t ">ty in.tkrr s.'iys "IValt-h tl\r- I'ords -o hy," bill I can't H:OVR sfj loui; ;i.s I :u» in this I>USRV piift\ 11:\vi- kirpn trunk, R«ncl tirrs, IdoT; lilto nrw ciir—1'leasi' lake tuc rut of hm\ Tiiv/.v S:ilt: price NO. '12!M$ 1932 Plpoiiih Sedan My frnnl hniiiprr ROW. 1 don't le.nk .so sond Iml my muter is t)K. T r.ive in.\i\y inilos cheap -.ervCcp. \viiy not riilr when .von ran onn j: r tar M> lillh\ Ci-.<7.v lirlre Oh. Iras-, lack me No. '187 19ii Chevrolet OeLuxe T Sedan hoy,- lock at me—I have all Hie cx- tiaelio, heater anil- everything ami my Conner owner RO«|> (o me? Bui' where 1 am noir . . . please take al this t'ra/y Sale price CASE 0 FA(JUY WHOSE ., SEE. 1930 Chevrolet Coach Ola in asre, yrs,- but- still- in 5001!. con- iliticm and will ^ivc HOIIIO one lot,-; <>;' mih's of cheap transportation. nni- paint, runs gncd. C'ra/y man will- sc-:i me fin- Crazy price -. of No, -172-A 1935 Ford Coach ~ Yrs, I liavn hocii repossessed anil is my linss .sore a( me? I'ahc :i tip. i, u j. ,,, r «««• while lir's so in-ill. Nothing- wrong 'ml HIP Jirirc. railitf rqiiipitril'. Oiuy ^Salo priec 1934 Chev, Coupe m the lie?! ear of this model crazy pl.irr. oh. liuj nnni,i , nv r niviirr lie sere if lie Imcir ilir r they have nil irtc to: Vim have re me. to appwriule me. fn/v s-ilc S269 1934 Chevrolet 1:1 Ton Truck Home made hmly, :',Jx(; lirfs,, mnlm OK. nc.w lir.ikcs, will s jve anyone more service thai) he e?>pecls. Yrs, i Has retiosscwe:!. that's why tlic lios,s is iovc al me. Cia'f Si'.le. jirlco No. -123-A 1933Chevrol Master Coup ' (old DIB boss do [CO .il;eut it. Imagine, f wnn the art;\inie ••> Dol.uxe iiiiidel ii doesn't like inn I, Sale price i pr s hard : wy snqiri t and ho everv mi $169 •••••• No. U-251 1936 Dodge \ Pick-up |f yon "'•it s ™o ^1 ( r; "v pnee aiiils out by Usclf " onrc. I n : nn't stay No. -IW-A Kneu action ride, genuine vclour ii|i- holslery, good 'ires, niolor extra irood. Now nm I not ;i real buy at this C'ra/.y Ssilc price of __^^^•••^•••^•••^^^^^^^^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i ,• These Prices So Crazy-We Know Th<! L ,:i Walnut and R. R, St. rvj DESPERATE-EVERY CAR MUST BE LL-YOU ARE CRAZY IF YOU DON'T BOY! YS OF PRICE SLASHl No. K-2'10 2 You drive etl s You au'l tcJi this from iimv niw, only -1,1)00 miles, rcpossvis- re, that's why I am lifrc. rrlainh- save plenty on this hard luck. Crazy price No. 4li5 1S36 Chevrolet 11 Ton Truck !l is a shame, for a truck like.!«« to lie in ihK line house when I want ti> l;c ivnrK:i»g- for sonie one so liail. I am in perfect comli- tion, heavy 32x(J Jll) dual ilrcs ncavly neiv. my motor OK, nnlh- inp- to but ivork for you. C'ra^y price ON TO CORHKSPONI) WITH NUMRKR SHOWN ON HAi.ES iJMJ, Prices Pfely iarked on the ALL CARS FfA-VB KKKN CHKCKFJ) HY OIH< SUKVICK niOI'AHT.MKNT. Al,|, l.ATli MUDl'iT- CARS Hi\VK SAKKTV LANK HTICKKKS ON THKiM No. 50S-IJ 1929 Whippet Coupe ' Can you imagine i m . still here in jfond condition htit I won't he in (his lni!>: house long af this Cva/.y prico. Yes and yon get a car load of Kroccri.cs with mo, too li ' MINE- IT'S TWE (jest -THE COONTP ../ivTAKE MINE? No. 1937 Chevrolet I Ton Stake Body Sold in Srplrinlirr'new, cli'mp;cot- icn paused mo to' come buck, Have whal my mracr hart |iaM on me— Oh, liny, ,,-|,,,| ., li., rs ,|| lt . , SO | (I new over 5700, Crazy Half price $489 'N«. 1935 Chevrolet Ton Truck lU'im.sst'.s'setl yc.s and the cult has hnrnetl also hut we will ; sell like it is at the-low price that only a Crazy S«lc wotiltt SI 29 No; 40;! 1936 Chevrolet \\ Ton Truck Jteavv duty (ruck, 33x6 ilual files, liluc finish, niRtor OK; tires Rood, ready lo work faithfully for. a. new owner, so clicaii—so good; Cn«y sain No. -174 1S35 Chevrolet \ Ton Pick-up Ki)Uiji|Jci) with 7.W-]f, air uliccK, Jo I ride, easy—OK in-evtrj' detail, only ust-il for faun use P'.ul was my ownrr fjooil lo me. Take a tip from me, buy me ill lliis Crazy sale 5269 Cars Are Not Going To Stay Here Long! T No. -ISO 1936 Ford Coupe Cam a deluxe model, liavc l:\rgr Vorrt V-8 motor, lots of iicp and spctit^ ready for .1 new owner, pkasc ijuy me now. Cra/,y sale price No. ;'..'! J-A 1935 Chevrolet Standard Coupe I inn ;L ^tinnl.uil model, .inst Uic «;\»" for dm 1 KIIS consuinplioji. Xciv Ifrrs, black (ttico, cream wire wheats, motor ovrrliatded, you wcm't IK; t-fH7.y in ijny me ffti' nnly " No. -I till-H 1932 Ford Coach V-H• model' wilh tftjilHcril nioliir. ttial's (tie ri'ason it runs so j;nod. Ionic ;il- riKhl. why IH me. slay in tills awful lilacr. Tidy mo at this rra/y sale I>7icc 119 No. .Ill 1935 Chevrolet Master Coupe It makes my v.atcr boll, it ii'i-vrr lioileil iK-rfire. haause 1 ant a !!)?."> Collar in Ilic. liest' or comlition. Xew |i;iint. tires sood, motor OK} biit look at the irazy No. 1936 Chevrolet 1! Ton Truck Short wh'cclhiiste .with new stake horty, !!2x(i H!) Urcs. f!ce hul I'Nmli gbAd and rnn line. Yon won't linel mycquRl at near the price you can buy me for at. this; Cvaiv Sale No. .128 1936 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe 1 am ii-delu.xv'job'i Ji prelfy KIIH metal, new-tires, motor too^ jfiiod, safely lane stickei', take me out' of this buir house—"Surprise yoor wife, the liny of your life" for onlv No. K-2-12 1933 Chevrolet Coach I-am one of tho models tlialgivc the most i gn« mileasjc, I have had extra good care, very dean in every respect, won't someone l>ny mu for only No. '171-A Ifnn't fniitt at me* unless von intedd ID Imy, ' you'ivmrCrnr abl^' In -rrsist. Vr,«, I am all you would'want in a-good, clean car. Ci'Mj- sate jiricc OUR TERMS ARE JUST AS CRAZY AS OUR PRICES To Suit Your Purse

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