The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 10, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Th« Notion Todoyi What Will tht South Do? Supreme Court Drives Peg into South's Power (Editor** Note: This h thr last «• •f four stories on Supreme Court decisions involving Negroes and their rlghls.) By JAMES MARIA)W WASHINGTON; June 10. (API- It may be some lime— mnybc years —before all the Southern states fall In line with the Supreme Cowl'.s decision this week on equal higher education for Negroes. What the court said—In effect- was this: when a state supports a school of higher education for whites, like the gradual* school of a state university, it must: . Equal Education 1. Admit Negroes, so ihcy'Jl get equal education or— 2. Provide ft school equally goud for Negroes. But In the end the court, not the state, will decide what's equal. When it handed down that decision this week, the court was speaking only to the state of Texas, or, rather, to the law school of the University of Texas. Docs that mean the other Southern slates must immediately start admitting Negroes Lo their state- supported schools of higher education or Immediately start building equally good ones for Negroes? Not necesarily. Louisiana, for Instance, could refuse to let a Negro into its state medical school and still not be in contempt of the Supreme Oourt. Why? Because the court addressed its opinion to Texas, not to Louisiana. But if Texas, refused now, it would be in contempt. Louisiana Refuses Suppose now Louisiana refuses to do what the Supreme Court said Texas must do. Then almost surely in Louisiana or any other Southern state which refused, a Negro could start a court, fight, backed by the national association for the advancement of colored people. When that case reached the Supreme Court, It's reasonable to hc- lleve the decision about equal treatment for Negroes would be the same, or similar to, the decision the court gave in the Texas case. Why? Because 'the court in its ruling definitely said how it feels on the subject of equal education for Negroes. It repeatedly has said this. And there's another reason why the South can't expect the present court to take a view very different in the future on a similar case. Texas Opinion It's this: the opinion In the Texas case was unanimous. All nine Justices agreed. • If a batch of the present nine justices died in the next few yeans or resigned and were succeeded by Justices with different views, then some future decision might be different. But these present Justices seem healthy enough to live a good while and none of the nine has shown any Indication of resigning his lifetime .Job on the court which pays $25,000 a year. So, it would seem, the most the other slates could do Is to delay f oliowin s th e decision la id dow n for Texas. Some years might be used up in doing that, because of . the court fighU. Such delays in other fields have happened many times. But you can be sure Negroes will fight this through everywhere, even though It takes years, Just as they have been fighting for years in other fields to win through Supreme Court decisions. The court, through this week's leclsion, has driven deeper its wedge into the power of a Southern state to deny Negroes higher education or to segregate them while giving them equal education. Remember: the decision this week was on higher education only. _ The court said nothing about high] schools or grammar schools. Faculty Named For Nexf Year Af Dyess School Frazicr Watson, iiuporintcndciil of Oyess public schools, has announced Ihe list of faculty members for the next school term to bei;in SeiH. The faculty includes the followg: first crado teachers, Mrs. Opal Ward of Dycss and Miriam Baton of Dumas, Miss.; second grade. Mrs. Ollie M. Thames and Juanita Rider, lx>th of Dyess; third grade. Mrs. o. D. Dennett of nyess and Helen Wasson of Marshall; four cradc, Mrs. Corbet Washington of Rarul- lopli, Miss., and Mrs. Neva Blackard of Dyess. Fifth crade, Mrs. J. o. Craig of Dycss and Mrs. David Cooley, formerly of Dyess; sixth grade. Mrs. Lonard Williams of Dyess and Glen Jones of Winthrop. Junior high school teachers arc Lynn Cox of Dycss, social science and mathematics; Miss Jiiyne Joyce Lybrand of Jonesboro, English and librarian; Robert (Pete) Barnes of Dyess, social science; Miss Jonn- ne Lamb of Brookland, English; Mrs. Ruby Conley or Dyess. mathematics; Miss Billie Lee Bolton of Barbourville, Ky., biology and science. Miss Rebecca Parliam of Pulton. Twin., commercial subjects; Tom F. Park of Dycss, coach and social science. Principal James o. Craig of Dycss also will teach social science. Surgeons Cut Heart Parts Successfully LOS ANGELES, June 10. M'j— Surgeons nt Wndswoiih Vnlcrnns Hospital hnve successfully cut away poNions of llic hcnrts of three |in- ilcnls. Dr. Thomns Bnrretl, chief jf medical services, reported ycs- et'day. Clols were found to he forming in certain pouches of the hearts. A specially designed clump was ap- illed in each Members of the tcpartmcnl of surgery nl the Uni- 'Oisily of California medical ceti- er here cut, away each of Die faulty jouches (auricular appendices) niui titchcrt together the openings into he heart. The main chambers fauriclcs) of lie heart have appendices thnf, help mmp Wood. They appear ns bulges on the heart's surface, and not as i dangling tliljc as in the intestinal i|>I>tmdi.\. In some types of heart iiscasc stagnant blood Accumulates n the auricular appendix, clots and eventually moves Into Ihc bloodstream. If carried to vital spots, such us the brain, death results. Wage-Earners Reminded Of Need for Names on Social Security Reports Lcrn E. Bradford, manager ot the Federal Security Agency office in Jouesboro, today reminded wage- earners that an employe who lets bis employer report his social security wages by name alone is asking for trouble in getting his proper amount of benefits when a claim is filed, and in Belling full credit for the wages earned. More than 00 million people have social security accounts in the central bookkeeping division of the Social Security Administration. It is not enough for an employer to show only the name of his employees on the social security lax returns, he said, because by name alone the Social Security Administration cannot identify the proper account to winch those wages should be credited. Tile social security account number and iinino of the employee should be on each social security tax return for the lux return to be corrected Bradford said. complete, Mr. People Said Sitting Home with Soft Drinks HOLLYWOOD. June 10. m People are buying their soft drinks by the case and drinking them at, home these days, says Alfi'c.l N. Steel e. Steele. president of Pr>psi-Cola Co. says television is responsible. People like to sit around their TV sets sipping a .soft drink, he claims. "You can't sit around all evon- ine before a TV set with a glass of whiskey In your hand," he reasons. "You'd fall out of your chair." The National Geographic Society says many varieties of truffles are found in Europe. Truflies range in size from a pea to a big potato. JACK WEBB, M.D. Niiir relocated in the Lyndi liuildinR, IHyllicrlllc Practice Limited to Eye. Kar, Nose K Tliroal SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 1950 General 'Ike' Is Bock in Limelight Morse Talks of Political Platform DO YOU OWN A HOME? HERE IS A SPRING SPECIAL: 50 Any ordinary house treated for termites - We don't have fo practice Of experiment on your job—we have had 12 years of experience. AH our work is done according lo regulations, our work is licensed by lite Arkansas Slate Plant Hoard. FREE INSPECTION & ESTIMATE—IF NEEDED SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H. C. Blankenship L. J. Zeltcr 309 East Kentucky Phone 2350 or 3579 In England — ll's tltc Chemist Shop (n France — ll's the Apothecary Shop In Blyllieville — H's BARNEY'S DRUG For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Yellow Tower Torn Down; Irked Citizens PASADENA, Calif., June 10. (AP) —Some months ago the Sunny Slope Water Co. erected a 10-foot, water tower in an exclusive residential area and painted It yellow. A howl arose that eventually led to official action. The planning commission ordered the construction permit revoked. Filially, yesterday, the board of .supervisors ordered the water tower loin down. Some people just don't like yellow. WASHINGTON'. June 10. (If) —, Orn. Dwlghl D. Ksciihowcr was' back in the political limelight yesterday with at one lawmaker Bc.sliiiR the Columbia University president already ha.s a Presidential platform. Senator Morse fn-Orej told a reporter that Eisenhower's warning against bleeding the economy by ten big military outlays—coupled with hLs new criticism of govcrn- nent subsidies ami unbalanced biid- ;els-.sounded to inm "like an Eisenhower Presidential platform." Columbia Address The general mane a commencement addres at Columbia Thursday that read like a Republican campaign document to Senator Brew- iler of Maine, chairman of the GOP icnatorial campaign committee. 'I am very ;;lad that a man of General Eisenhower's experience and influence is recognizing the dangers which the Republicans have been pointing out and I welcome his cooperation." lirewster said. Eisenhower told departing students that if military expenditures aren't watched they may "dangerously bleed the economy and even destroy what we .seek to protect' EDSON Continued from Page 'i spring. In a talk to n group of Washington newspapermen. Oznkt said: "I have nnt conic to the- United Stales for any material purpose. 1 represent no political group, no financial sroup, no propaganda groyip I have come with only one Idea This is to prevent, if possible, the further deterioration of the relationship between the United States and Japun. and lo lay the foundation for E» true and realistic understanding between our I wo countries, I want to sec created a morn! alliance between your nation and mine." Chinese lierts Worry Him Communist control of China IF bothering Oznkl most. "Culturally. China is nur mother country," no explains, "therefore, you can understand what happens in China will have a great impact on Japan." He- cent riots in Tokyo he attributes directly to Communist nspiralion. What his countrymen need most, be says, is courage and confidence, which he thinks cnn only be inspired by America'.s unwavering stnnd against the spread of Communism in the Orient. He ndmils that every Japanese citizen would like to .see an eiid^-ftf the occupation. But he also acfrnft's that if Japan is to keep any semblance of democratic freedom, it lias to be protected by the U.S. Navy, Army and Air Force. How the U.S. is to reconcile these two things, he doesn't say. Mr. Oznkt, with all his mature wisdom nmt experience, is not very optimistic about (he possibilities of avoiding World War HI. With Oriental resignation he shrugs his shoulders iwrt says that only by Ihc complete eradication ot the Communist elements in the democratic countries ami by ending the sprencl of communism now, can war be averted. u BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE Sal unlay — nOtlllt.i: I •'KATUKK— Melbourne Stone "THE JUDGE" Kill Klliott ns "Kcd liviter" in 'SAN ANTON!A KID' Open 7:30, Starts 8:00 Sadirilay —noum.i: FKATI;KK— .Tolmny Wclssmullcr and John Sheffield and "ChRta" in "TARZAN AND THE AMAZONS" Virlor Mcl/igten anil Frcslon Foster In "SEA DEVILS" Also Cartoon Sunday S: Monday 'WHITE SAVAGE" "Growing Dependence" He struck at "growing dependence" on federal subsidies, said an unbalanced budget nullifies Ihc gains of workers and fanners and listed high taxes, medical care, ctlu- cntlonal aids and industrial strife as top issues of the day. lie even took note of the Washington uproar over Communists !n government with the observation that ways must be found to protect the nation "against Insidious and even traitorous corruption In sponsible places." This mint be accomplished, the Kencral said, by means which "neither endanger nor reduce our civil rights." Some lawmakers recalled [hat a recent slatcmcnt by the general that defense outlays were being reduced beyond what he regarded as the safety point caused an about- face here with Indications thai Congress will order more money poured into aircraft buying and some other fields than it iiad planned. Eisenhower's pnsiifnn ns n iG.- ble candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination In 1052 has party members divided. Youth Sentenced for Slaying Father PITTSBURGH, June 10, f/Pj T«'cnty-t',vo-ycar-old Vlilocut Kos must, serve for two to five years prison for killing his father because "lie was raising hell all the time." Kos. who pleaded guilty to a general charge or murder In the shooting last February 20 of his 63-year-old fatlier. Maltliew, at nearby Cuddy, was adjudged guilty of Involuntary manslaughter. Under Pennsylvania law, a guilty pica to a murder charge calls [or the presiding judge to hear testimony, adjudge degree ot guilt Ltid fix sentence. Young Kos—one of 13 children— told Judge John p. Egan. Mial on the day of the shooting he heard repeated bickering between his father and other members of the family. That night. Kos said, lie got a revolver and went to his father's room, adding: "Something snapped in me right then. Something drove me to kill linn. 1 walked into his room and told him, 'I EIm going to kill you.' lie said, :what?' Then I shot him." Walnut Ridge Workers To Decide Upon Union WALNUT RIDGE, Ark., June 10. I— Workers at the Walnut Hidge Manufacturing Co., a garment factory, will decide within the next JO days whether they want union representation. The National' Labor Relations Board has ordered an election to determine If the employes want: To we represented by the Amalgamated Ck.thing Workers of Ainer(CIO), the United Garment Workers of America (AFL) or do not want union representation. The AFL union now is the bar- unhii; agent for the workers. A contract wi'h the company expires June 19. The CIO recently petitioned the NLRB for an election on ground that it represented a majority of the employes. The "actoty closed down its operations last May 3. About 150 em- ployes were thrown out of work because of stoppage. The firm has not announced when it will reopen its plant. Ciuckell, ore hereby warned to appear In the Chancery Court of the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, wityiin thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Alice Crockett Fletcher, filed against them In said court, Case No. 11,282, an*, upon their failure to do so, said complaint will be taken as confessed. Witness my liana as clerk of the Chancery Court of the Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkan- sas, and the seal of said court till* 2nd day of June, 1050. HARVEY MORRIS Clerk. IX TUB CIIANCKIIV COIMT CHICKASAll'BA J) I S T li I <; T Mississii'Pi'couxTy, ARKANSAS. Alice Crockett Fletcher,.. .Plaintiff vs. Mo. 11.382 Leonard E. Crockett, et «!.Defendants WAItMN'G ORIJKIl Tlie defendants, Mrs. Napoleon M Crockett and Mrs. Elgcrnon E. Car, House Catch Fire; Life Gets Teedjius — EAST HARTFORD, Conn., Jjme 10. (/]')—Leon Martin drove up alongside a fire department pumper here, calling out "my car Is on fire!" After firemen extinguished the blaze yesterday, Martin asked what they were doing there. A fireman pointed to a swelling farther along the street where there was n fire in the basement. "Holy smoke I" Martin yelled, '"null's my house." Neither blaze did much damage. Firemen Win and Lose HOLLYWOOD, June !0. (Al>) _ The fire laddies fought ,1 winning battle against flames In a rooming house on Aigyle Avenue yesterday, but, there wasn't much point in it. Nobody lives there. In fact, the home is to be demolished soon because it's in the path of the new Hollywood freeway and has been condemned. NEW Hox O(icns Week Days 7:00 Matinee Saturdays A- Sundays lat.-Slm I p.m. Cont Siinwini Manila, Ark. Arkansas Plans Dance Festival LITTLE ROCK, June 11). w,-An Arkiinsns SCIHIIIO dance festival is being planned for Little Rock. The Little Rock Exchange Club Ims voted to underwrite the festival which will be sponsored hy the Arkansas square dance federation Hans call for tl,e high jinks to be held tins fall. A spokesman for the federation said yesterday he expects about 50 stliiiire dance teams to participate Saturday "TRIGGER TRIO" with the Three Mr-st([ii[[*crs Selected Shorts Saturday Owl Show 'AN ACT OF MURDER' nilli Prrdric Slarch Sunday & Monday "ADAM'S RIB" ipcnccr Trucy, K:ilhryn Hcpluirn RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday 'RANGEL.AND' wilh Whip Wilson Sehafl «V Cartoon Saturday Owl Show "BLACK MAGIC" with Onon Wolli-s ami Nancy nuiTd Sunday. Monday & Tuesday "THE BIG WHEEL" with Mickey Kooncy, Thomas Mutehell aiirt MJIT.V llatflirr Warner Xr\vs fr Sliorls Rent- A Cor. .. Drive It Yourself Fresh Crappie Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Anywhen Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE I'liouea .I'MS - EK!7 Political Announcement 1'lle Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, suhjccl to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8. FOR COUNTY JIJUGE Roland Green FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. II Autry Re-election Post No 3 John .1 Cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Post No 2 E. C. "Gene" Fleeman (For re-election Post No. 4) W. P. Wells For State Senator W El Nicholson J. Lee Bearden SHERIFF ANI1 COLLECTOR Ckee Nunnally Here's Our New I'hone Number 6817 CITY DRUG CO. LOAN SI CARS, TRUCKS Real fslale & FHA United Insurant Agency A. F. (Dec) Dietrich, Mjr. 1st i Main—Hear City Drngl Blylbcvllle. Ark. You'll l.ove Our Flowers I lilytheviile FLOWER MART Memphis Fliway Phone GOO^ 2 Days — Saturday & Sunday Adults Only — Adm. 75c tax inc. SNAPPY I ! SPICY ! I! SEXY ! ! AVAILABLE • ORDER RIGID FRAME & TRUSS-CLEAR STIEL • ALUM3NUM. BUILDINGS CAPACITIES (or Culler Building! •fO' WiJexlOO'Long 28,450 BUSHELS By shoring up 5 feet along sides 2nd ends. 13,000 BUSHELS "* On the floor twilhouc shoring) GORGEOUS GIKIS GREAT COMEDIANS GIAMOROUS DANCERS Galvanized STEEL GRAIN BINS Quickly erected — in days Instead of weeks— ro meet urgent demands for on-i!ie- farm grain storage.'After grain .is marketed,your Butler Building gives you year-round use as implement or livestock shelter, for hay storage", many other farm purposes. See- us today for full information on ihesestunlylonglifc buildings. A puoouct ! OF ^4yjyyfyP MANI^ACIUBINO COMPANY C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authori/ctl Dcfilct For Butler Steel Buildings General Contracting P.O. Box 83 Phone 6896 Blyfheville,, Ark. J Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer Custom Application Phones 6847 — 6234 '/2 Mile Sunlit on Highway 61 GROVER'S BODY SHOP Clear Lake Ave. & Clark rif. Expert Body and Tender Repair Highesl Quality Aulo Painling All Types Kadialof Work By Hi.trhly Skilled Mechanics Every Job Guaranteed Owned & Operated liy Grover Canada Phone B!)SV RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Kiiclory-Traincd Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred CaHihan lin So Pirsl SI . Htythpville SHEET METAL WORK , OF ALL KIND5 Custom mirk'for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up (o 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway ['hone 2051 Fire-safe, wcAthcrtight, rodent- proof. Permanent, long-life construction. 3 convenient sizes: H' 1000 bu.; 18'xir — bu.; I8'*l6'-m«bu. REMODEL NOW Nothing Down—Up fo 36 Mos. to Pay its easy (o finance your home improvements—or a new garage—through linilders Supply. Now you can gel a low interest KHA loan with easy monthly payments. Don't delay any longer us for (he details. Builders Supply Co, Inc. South Highway 61 Phone 2434 Order Butler Galvanized Grain Bins NOW from A BETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 J 31 2 South 2nd Phono 6863 NU-WA

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