The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 10, 1950
Page 9
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SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 1950 f BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NflNB OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople TTHIS, IF nrs * ANV <y YORE BUSINESS, ISA NAVWHO 8LAWKET THAT J'M PLJTTIKT AWAV TO PATCH UP we>cr WHITER PURIKJ'TH 1 LOKK3 EVeMIWS.' / WELL, rrs A uous 1 / TIKAE TILL WINTER VET, I AM 1 THAT BEP AIKI'T I STOOD OM ITS OWN l\ FEET FORTWOVEARS-- \ AN' IF TH«T IRON eep / FALLS OFF THAT I STUFF OWTO Me, -CXJ V SETTER HAVE A ^•x HOSS SADPLEP.' iS TKW rue EXIT MARCM TUEfA MOOSE A*i BEASO woises OF A*AO£>*S'.~~ < *~ kUKUUKTURhK TO 6ASSJK AM* 6ETTtW x <UP PER A WAV- l AiAV<GR ^-**~ WHERE'S A<V TRAITOR 0ROTHHR? T'LL TOUCH UP HIS WITH A Me AT CLEANJER/ OF TU& ARCTIC ClRCte ? DOGS rtB 6O 6ACK TO TUG: ice MOMDAV ? A 60RDID WORLD FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Genius WMCT Television on Saturday 1:30 p.m.—President Truman ,2:30—Bclmonl Handicap 3:00—National Open Golf 4;00—Western Feature 5:00—Younj America 5:30—Featuretle 5:55—Commercial Appeal Preview 8:00—Ken Murray 7:00—Ed Wj-nn 1:30—Gov. Gordon Browning 8:00— Ranger 8:30—Buck Rogers 9:00—Wrcstlinr 10:00—News Summary We oiler toinplel* Television service., supplying and install- in); General Klcctrlc, Motorola,, and Capeliart models. FOR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISION 4 RADIO / SAIES AND SERVICE \* BlYTHEVILLESAUsCoS 'J8E MAINST BIYTHEVHLE. ARK L&LONBA By Grace Nies Fletcher THK HTOItVi Wbvn llnnVB bnl«-N nn upl-lf IcniiU In (hr middle of r:ixc, >lr*. Itfiiiiiil. ker . to Ijflkc the |il<> iHwai>i>rni Uody rid For Sale, Cars and Trucks '47 CHEVROLET PICKUP. *T85. Ray Cole, 4454. 6-5 ck 8 Used Cars—All makes and models. From $50 to ?15t)5. 61 MOTOR CO. Hwy. 61 North—Ph. 2142 2-4 ck tl 1D38 Plymouth—good condition cat! 4818 or se« John E. Grimes en Alrbase Road. 6;e pk 6JH Lost Lost ladle* Alton watch, ph. 3608. 618 pk 6] 11 Lost go£ tanJc cap with leather key ca« REWARD. Telcrhone 3488. 6/3 pk «|11 | N found In-lhr Urown iluinl>w:ilt<T. loiter Hie- Jic»* diuir- Mitin til the :ili,trli.ien( Uimsf direct* <;i<irLi t'» Tony's (rull mnr- Itrt wlierr «loHii IN Ihrusl !•!« » linckroum to C«inf liter lo fart «Mh Mrs. Ilcnuiil who nxk* iJlnrla lo IjrlnK thf "Pyi* P 1 * Mr "- ««n«»l I til In h*r klirfcrit—been use »»e hn<l r"t her »«*«• depottrt bo* kry In It. Klnrin rrfiiKM. «nd K"" "» ihc brack whfc kcr husband MU- tliideM. ACTUALLY Gloria was so rc- lieved to get away from the attnospherc of horror ami sUspi- :ion they had left behind at the jplcndide, Uiat she did not care .vhat happened to their things It was just as well she hadn'l old Miltiades about seeing Mrs 3enom because he would have Ln- oislod upon telling the licuLenani and that would hove complicated things still further, for that suspicious McGann would never have Relieved Gloria hadn't planned the meeting that she did not know whether the Benonis had tin jewels or not. Gloria sighed and went into the bathhouse to put on her suit. Tin enormous pair of perspiration soaked corsets she found then were a bit trying, so she got ou as soon as she could. j The hideous events of the da> wove, fo r the m o men t, was he from their memory and for a few moments they floated there side b side, beyond the milling crowd alone with laughter, the sea an< (he sky. Gloria glanced back a the scrambling mass of pcopl near shore, writhing together lik worms in a bucket and sighc -compassionately. I "They're afraid," she said ."Afraid to trust themselves to th deep water and so of course the sink. Let's never be afraid agai my darling. ... My goodnes Miltiades, look at that girl in tl red bathing capl She's in trouble Lost one black mule & one blue mute. W. P. Fitzgerald. North Division St. Ph. 4604. Ixist Lndy Elgin yellow gold watch, blnck cord band. Reward. Mrs. Marvin Xunn, Phone 2643. 6|B dH 6,13 Loans Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS Gloria saw had dived and had come p, but not all the way. Maybe ic had a crump! Her face and ody were still under water and er head rolled ns if she had no ontrol over it. As they watched, ic began to sink again. "Quick. She's drowning!" Gloria aspcd. Miltiades' big shoulders flashed ast her and she could only fol- iw as fast as she could, her rcalh coming in gasps, her heart oumling. By the lime she caught P, Miltiades had the red-capped irl in his arms and was holding icr, up to his own neck in water. "Go back!" he told Gloria des- icrately. "Gel away from me! Don't let on you even know me ce? Just go home at once!" Was he crazy? Gloria slared al im and then down al the f.;irl ler heart stopped beating entirely or a second because it looked as X the girl had two caps on, the ed one on her head and a white m her hack; bu, when you looked more closely you saw the red hilt ol a knife protruding from the cap that clung to her shoulders. Someone had stabbed her In the jack with a knife wrapped in a lathing cap! The crowd, sensing excitement, lad begun to surge toward them and the lifeguard was blowing his whistle and running from his tower toward his dory. As Miltiades strode grimly closer to shore with his lerriblc burden, a minor riot ensued. One man yelled, "She's drowned! Get the copsl" A woman screamed, "Help! I ily, to the cop. "Believe it or hot I I haven't an idea who she is or anything about her." He murdered her! See the cnife?" The crowd surged around urn, shoving, pushing, angry while Gloria fought with her arms ind knees lo get through to him, half-sobbing, "Let me Ihrough! Ic's my h-husbandl" "Slmul back!" the first bawled again. "All of yez." no one paid him any altenllon. The jostling had loosened the dead giiTs red bnthing cap that, as Gloria finally reached Mil- .iades 1 side, the cap fell back to show a strand of dyed, parti-col- ored hair and she knew where she had seen the girl before. • • • IT'S Sal!" Gloria knew blankly 1 and then yelled, "You let go of my husband!' A big bruiser clad in a pair shorts printed in large palm trees had. jumped up onto Miltiades' back and was bawling, "I got him! He can't gel away!" "Let him go, Mister, i'rn In charge here," an aulhoritalive voice said and Gloria was never so glad to see anyone before in her whole life as Lieutenant McGann's stern plump face, his de- I pcndable salt and pepper arm to ! which she clung as Miltiades an- 1 grily shook oft the kabitzer. "We found her out in the water!" Gloria babbled. "I sent Miltiades to help her—to save life." Then, as this did not seem exactly an appropriate way to put it. "1 saw her bobbing and thought she was drowning so Miltiades went to save her—" Her voice died away for the lieutenant had bent down, was examining the knife between the shoulder blades of the gir. lying there face down on the sand. He pushed back the white bathing cap gently from the handle and a Police!" (peculiar look came over his fnce. Two policemen had left the ra- " You folk s should patronize a new hardware store," Lieutenant McGann said, straightening Gloria and Miltiades stared at the knife. The small gilt letters stood out clear in the sunlight, M. B." It was Gloria's knife! It couldn't dio car up on the street and came running to meet Miltiades who, pushing his way through the rnob, laid the body unceremoniously into the arms of one of the cops and wiped his streaming face of perspiration and sea water. "I found her this way, floating i **- But » was out yonder," Miltiades said wear- I (To B« Continued) er all but school employees In 686 cities. In most of the others, only firemen and policemen are covered. Noble Gil! Agency RRAlTORS — Cecil Earla — Glencoe Blrig. Ph 68fi8 : /or City Help CH1C AGO—07*)—Re t ire m en t sy stems for municipal employes now are in effect In 998 cities In the U.S. The International City Managers Association says the plans cov- ~. WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 We're Proud of Our Work ine work • Woodwork itacturing • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Machine work Manufacturing TRUCK BEDS Made from the Finest Oak BARKSDALE MFG. CO. SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service Expert Workmanship fUHLITY SKO€ 1 SHO I z i w> M -HM N. «'ir BILL GOD WIN SPORTING GOODS Swim FYunks 2.95. Tennis Rarjuets Caps of all kinds Jimmie "B" Boats $50 Baseball & Softball Uniforms, all prices, leftering All types Summer Alh- leic Equipment. 'If It's Sporting Goods, See Us." 121 W. Main I'h. 6762 The Strongest GRAIN BIN Made The Martin "Husky Gainl" is (J. S. Gov'l approved —wealher-proof, fireproof, ratproof. Designed espe- f daily for soybean growers, this storage bin contains t more steel than any other. The V/i in. corrugation prevents bulging and sagging. Sold by Blytheville Soybean Corp. Blytheyill* Phone 6856 Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. PRESCRIPTIONS Fr*sh Stock Guaranteed B«st l'rice» Kirby Drug Stores FLAME CULTIVATORS 2-Row . . . ?230 4-Row . . . $360 BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your friendly Studebaker Deafer* RAILROADS, ASH PHONE 6888 "I SAW ^ " POP, MAY 1 GET YOUR \ WHY, 1 OUESS FGCM THE / SO.SOM STOREROOM 7 "I've thought it all out after hearing the grown-ups talk about movie stars—I'll have no babies until after my third marriage!" Why Take Chances? HY Al, VER1HT5ER YOU'LL JUST GET ANGRY WELL, DO you? 1 GOSH, POP, WHY DON'T J WHAT /ou ANSWER AGOOD WILL IM f\\ WHY MUST SOU ALWAYS WITH ME? 00 YOU THINK YOU KNOW BETTER THAN VOL1R OWM FATHER? ISV MICHAKI, O'MAU.EY mid RALPH LANE 1H ERE .'SHARP AMD CLEAN AS A WHISTLE. MOW NOBODY'D EVER GUESS IT WAS 50 DULL/ I GREETINGS, COASE LONG JUST PSFTTf I IN THE MOUTH ABOUT CYAJTHW THAT'S Qut there uuere some oilier people who were thinking that things were boxing up. HY LESLIE TURNER Loin Tells Him UO VOU WU'T! WITH SPRUCE UP AM' HEP IMNEKTWM 'EM 1 . ftfj 1 BV THESE FOLKS IS SO GEUTEEL TMEV GO OUT III TH VAED TO BURP! ftU' THEV USES WOEDS TrtftT'D KUU EIGHT TO TH' POUUD! MWBt- ft SPECK Of THCIR POLISH WltL RUR OFF /" ME ? OtJ VOU ! -T7 , WM .f ME6TW EM™ AW. LOLM Y YE-P. THEY JUST MOVED TO PCAIEIE DOG YOU MERU ( RATS. WJ' REE ITcMIU' TO VOU MET SOMEM EfcSTEKN DUDES INVITED tM TO CM.I OM US POSIES, WU'RE GCTINft ftCK DOWNR1 ' CULTUKED FOKONCT, IF IT'STH LAST THING VOU EV6K BUGS BUNNY WEEK WE LEARNEO HOW TO TIB THREE NEW KNOTS' YEAH, BUT V/HV TH' 5(7 IN TH INTEEE'STB 3F JJSTICE. SOME PUNISHMENT MUST BE LEVIED <?N THIS MISERABLE MI5CKEANT. I KNOW OF HO CEBWUEE OTHEK THAN THIS WRETCH AGUILTV CONSCIENCE WHO CAME" CRANVUNG BACK WITH MV NECKLACE HE '. I WO WOW WttKT covis \otwct '. K C OfNlTO ,

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