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New Orleans, Louisiana
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WEDNESDAY HOWVINQ. JAN. 10 For Mobile. The splendid steamer Louise, Capt. Hopkins, of the Morgan Daily U.

S. Mail Lrne, will leave for Mobile, thiaeyening, from her wharf, at the Lake End, upon the arrival of the 4 P. Pont chartrain cars. Her agent id I. C.

Harris, corner of Cam and Common streets. For Galvoton, Inmaxola a.vd Lavaca. The iragniticent low pressure, "side wheel iron steamship Wni. G. Hewes, Capt.

Geo. E. Tripp, of the Morgan Texas U. S. Mail Line, will leave for Galveston, Indianola and Lavaca, on Thursday, to morrow evening, the 17th at 8 o'clock P.

from her wharf, at the foot of St. Joseph street. Her agent is I. C. Harris1, corner of Camp and Common The Simon Pi re Jouvin's Gloves.

If "you want to get the real genuine Jonvin kid glove made by the original house of Jouvin. Dozon Co which will lit delightfully, anl wear ever long without ripping or tearing, drop in nt Moody's, at The corner of Canal and Royal Mi eta and yon ran he atwuiuio dated. Mco iy, who is always well np whh tlie season, has just received W' dozen of Joavin'd gloves. suitable. Sot spring wear, which, for delicacy of finish and splendor of coloring, we have never seen excelled.

liT Revenue stamps for sale at Ilowcott's News Depot in the Post Office. An Api eal to the Lawks. At a recent meeting of the Commissioners to the Paris Exposition, it was decided to construct a portable cottage comprising the various kinds of wood of the native growtli of Louisiana. This cottage is now being constructed, under the superintendence of Messrs. Gottheil and Murray, who make an appeal 'elsewhere to the ladies of our city and State for flags to decorate the miniature building.

As no specimens of needle work have been received from the ladies as yet, tifese gentlemen earnestly request that they respond to the appeal these gentlemen will interest our lady readers greatly. The Hags ought to be of silk, and embroidered and may be made to represeut the State or national colors. Fancy streamers, we take it, wonld not be objectionable. Interesting to the Laliks The Latest Tmprored Family Seining Machines. The new and greatly improved family machine which has been perfected after more than two years experiment, is the novelty ottered by the Singer Manufacturing Company, this machine uses a finer needle than any other, and has perfect devtces for hemming, felling, milling, binding, braiding, etc.etc., and is capable of the widest range of work.

It is also simple, with few parts, easily adjusted, compact, positive, quiet in actiou, with an even tension, and is a pleasant object to look at in the house, and can be heartily commended and recom inended to all who wish to supply themselves with this modern home, necessity. Simples of every 'style and of the wonderfully fine A I VVtlll V. till uctv A mu II UA.I1111G can be, examined at the Southern Agency, No. 7 Camp Btreet. Harif times will never excnse a man from getting groceries, and the harder the times the cheaper he must get then, and this applies to the retailer and couutry merchant as well as the planter and city consumer.

Our readers, all of whom are interested in this subject, will find in another column the advertisement of Messrs. Malarche of No. 27 Canal and 17 Cross man streets, who have within the last thirty days laid in a stock of the freshest groceries, chiefly imported good: of their own purchasing and importation, besides the freshest ot domestic provisions. As they have bought for cash at present reduced rates, they can sell at the lowest prices attainable, and much lower than those who purchased two orjthree months ago. Their wines liquors and imported goods generally are pure as well as fresh and cheap, and their assortment complete and perfect.

We advise our retail friends to look in on them. Academy of M.l'siu. There was last night, as usual, a large and fashionable an dience at this favorite place of amusement The variety of attractions at tiie Academy is so great, and the performances pass oil" so gracefully and smoothly, that it is dillfcult for even those familiar with each part to remain away. Material changes have been made in the programme during the few nights, and even the nightly habitue of the Academy irresistibly lingers until the green curtain falls. The performance ot Mr.

Hurnell Runnells and his two little sous, recently engaged, fairly carried the house by storm. Their performance was bold and graceful. The two eons of Mr. Runnells are certainly' prodigies, iarely equaled. It is worth the price of admission to witness the performance of the youngest, who is about seven years of age.

The gyrations of the oldest on a narrow plaak, on anelevation of ten feet is remarkable. It is useless for us to repeat our praises of Johnny Thompson, IJilly Reeves, and others of the company, as negro delineators they out Herod Herod," and put the darkies in the peanut gallery" fairly to the blush. Letter from a Son ot Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston. lhe following letter, just received trom a on of Gen.

Albert Sidney Johnston, by the Mayor of Out city, in relation to the contemplated removal of. his father's remains to their final resting place in Texas, will be rca'j witn interest ana pleasure: Louisville, Jan. 9, 1867. Ui Hcor John T. Monroe, Mayor of New Orleans: My Dear Sir Although not officially apprised of the arrangements for the removaPuf the remains of my father, Gen.

A 1 Wort Sidney Johnston, from New Orleans to Texas, yet I laad seen in the public prints that Jan. 15 was the day fixed for that purpose, and, moved by a sentiment which you can appreciate, to join in this last tribute of respect to his memory, I had determined to be in New Orleans at that time. Severe indisposition, with indications of pneumonia and bronchitis, fr rr I otia in A pfrAll tn thn 1 1 I i it iiiysician, to forego this mournful duty, and write to apprise yon of this fact, that my absence may in nowise be misconstrued. I desire also, on my own behalf, and in the name of the family and friends of my father, to return you our heartfelt thanks for the pious care which has through these weary years attorded to bisjnortal body the rites of sepulture, while detained en its pilgrimage to its final resting place, in the State he loved so well. It has been a consolation that the friendly hands of compatriots were permitted to deck his tomb, and that his ashes reposed among the sacred remains of your family.

Permit me to say that the offices to the dead which yon and your family and your city laveTeudered in the spirit of brotherhood and love will ever be gratefully remembered, a nd form a link which years will not break nor weaken. I am, my dear sir, very truly and respectfully, your friend and servant, Wm. Preston Johnston. Revenue stamps forsale at Uowcott J'swa Depot ia the Post Office. The Mexican Empire Not a Failure.

We have had an opportunity afforded u. of seeing an official and peremptory 1eni of a statement, which bad been prepared at Mexico about the 2ft to be telegraphed fr use in the United States, to the effect that the Emperor was about to abdicate, and would embark at the end of the month for Europe, or tLat he had any design to abandon the Empire. This official denial was sent to Havana, and conies to us by the steamship Liberty, which arrived to day. We are a'so in possession of official information from the capital city to the of De cember, the latest date of news, of less authority. It mentions tlie evacuation of Guadalajara by the Imperial forces, and its occupation by the dissidents three days alter.

The retiring General, Gutierez, had brought ofTall his men and material but Gen. Miramou was on the march to meet liin, and return to take possession of Guadalajara. An intimation is given that the evacuation of the latter place was a ruse. 'Gen. Manjuez was organizing the of the ar.d expected to be able soon lo u' 'be canipiiiiiU, and clear the Valley et Mexico of the panics of niaiMidera which in fe.

1 port'ons of it. Jn Oaxai Porliriu Diaz had su tiered two defeat, and other advantages had been gained at different points. Hut that which bad more increased the moral force of the Empire was, that excel t'iiiglv onerous exactions liWbeen imposed Dy the Libeials on places occupied by them 'sone individuals having been forced to give as much as forty thousand dollars each. People who had anything movable to lose would leave the interior with the French or Imperial forces, whenever they fell back towards the capital. The paper before us closes with these words: "The direct and material intervention whirtv the United States have undertaken in favor of D.

Renito Juarez, as it has been exhibited' at MtaoiOros, of which the papers will have informed you, has caused many persons, who have heretplore doubted that the F.nipiie, and the Empire alone, now represents Mexican nationality, to confess their error, and to gie in their adhesion to its Private letters, also received this morning, by from Mexicans, declare that the departure of the French troops and the ending of their intervention will be the signal for the giving in their public adhesion to the empire by a great number of chiefs, both military and civil, now adhering to the Liberal cause, who will accept Maximilian as an adopted Mexican, with Mexican intlueuces surrounding him, as far preferable to a Liberal Government under American influence, to say nothing of American to follow French intervention. THE BOARD OF ALDERMEN. There was a regnlar meeting of this Hoard last tv niiig. Col. Uosworlh in the chair, and the following named gentlemen present: Messrs.

Smith, Clark, McCloskey, Whitney and Stith. A was received from the Lower Hoard asking this Hoard to meet them in joint session at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of electing a City. Physician for the First and Fourth to till the vacancy caused ly the death of Dr. Uair'e. A resolution from the Lower Board asked the appointment of four members of the Hoard of Aldermen to act in conjunction with a committee from thnt Hoard, to confer with the Commissioners to the l'arish Exposition upon the subject of photographs of city views, officials, etc.

It was adopted, ami the following gentlemen appointed on the committee Messrs. Stith, "Clark, Whitney and Smith. Also, a resolution to authorize the Surveyor to have Delord street graded and put in repair from Liberty and Claiborne streets. Concurred in. A resolution providing for the bnilding of a ity railroad upon Claiborne and other streets, was sent up from the Lower Hoard, but was referred' alter considerable discussion and or dered to be printed in the proceedings.

The following resolution was ottered by Alderman Ros worth, ami referred, at his request, to the Finance Committee for their con bidetation: Whereas, 1'y the failure of the State of laouisiana, in!'orts to negotiate its lion at detriment and serious loss may at anv moment befall the public and private interests of all connected with our State and whereas, her population, commeuial relations, position and property, the ci'y of New Orleans is most deeply interested in tlie general welfare and prosperity. it th i exvlfd, That for the purpose of coming in aid of the State ami subserving the general good, the Comptroller be and is hereby authorized aud required to warrant upon the Treasurer of the city of New rl for the sum of one million of dollars in favor of the State of Louisiana, through its authorized agent, provided that the State of Louisiana, in order to secure the amount of this ad vance, shall deposit with the Comptroller an equal amount of State bonds, bearing interest at the rate of eight per cent, per annum, as authorized by the Legislature of the State at its last session, to be held by the city through its said Comptroller, as collateral security for the repayment of the sum advanced within the period of means. Alderman Stith ottered a resolution of inquiry as to the amount of State money received into the city treasury. This was op posed by Mr. Whitney at some lenirfh, who thonght the resolution was uucalled for.

He thought the whole matter ouyht to be left alone. They had taken upon themselves the State money and they should carry it through. The resolution was. however, adopted, Mr. Whitney alone voting against it.

Alderman Smith said that high city officials had been charged with speculating in thia money, and he wanted to know all about it Just at this moment the Lower Hoard sent np a resolution providing for the repeal of the ordinance receiving State money as originally adopted. It was. upon motion, unanimously laid upon the table. The committee to whom had been referred the matter of the Mobile, New Orleans and Chattanooga Railroad, reported adversely to granting any portion of the neutral ground of Claiborne Btreet to said company, and ollered a substitute, of which the following is the substance, which was adopted Uttohtd, That to enable said company to accomplish its purposes within the city of New Orleans, the following named rights and privileges are vested to said company First To locate, construct, 'maintain' and thereafter to manage by running thence its engines and cars a railroad with two tracts and the necessary turnouts from the northeasterly side of Canal street at its intersection with Claiborne, thence northeasterly, and along aud upon the neutral ground in the centre ot Claiborne street to and across the line of Hernard Avenue, across the intervening streets and blocks, to and across the line of Lafayette Avenue, and thence in such direction as may be deemed most expedient by said company across the intervening streets and grouuds to the easterly or lower side of the limits of the city, provided, however, that said company shall, before constructing the said line aforesaid, acquire the title to all private property to be nscd therefor. Further, that the company hall, after constructing said tracks across any Btreet, restore such etreet to its original condition, so that its usefulness shall not be impaired, or the traffic thereon impeded, except as hereinafter named.

That the company, for its crossings of Canal Carondelet, shall construct iron oridges of not less than 30 feet in width, and which will free passage to all vessels without delay. That in the construction of said road, the drainape''of the streets shall in no way or manner be obstructed or impaired Second To construct, and thereafter to ns and maintain for the eafe ai.d conveuicut transaction of its business, depots at places as may be deemed necessary, npon such private property as the company can procure lor said purtose, situated within the limits bounded by Canal. Ursuliue. Robertson and Galvez streets, provided none of the city cemeteries are interfered with. The company not to be permitted allow cars or trains of cais to remain standing upon any treet crossing upon its said line of road, or to obstruct such crossings in any manner whatever, except so far as may be done bv trains in motion a bell to bo rung upon all trains in motion constantly on the south side of Elvsian Fields street, and no steam whistle I nontli of S'rcet; and that at no time when south of said stree' shall the trains move at a greater speed t.ian eight miles per hour.

'X That said New Orleans. Mobile and Chattanooga Railroad Company is authorized and empowered to assign the rights privileges hereby granted to it to a com; my to be organized iii their interest, under the laws of Louisiana, for the purpose of constructing that portion of their road lying withiu the State of Louisiana, if such hall be found nceessary and expedient. Provided that the said company shall have a daily line of with Mobil. and that" it shall complete said road within the time pn posed, viz by No veniher, etc. The following soinii 'tis were reeehel fioni tin Lower ar l' i iK ucretice I rt.iug the Suiveyoi coti act a plai.k roai'.

without delay, from the i' Warehouse lo such point beiow as nidi tilted lucessary. the road i lead in l'niiaul being ill au iaipasoibie ioa I ii. Com ui red" in. Authorizing the Complro I. to al for leu days for the construction of a ii powder house upon the property of thi city, in the parish of St? Hernard, at about miie below the S.

Harracks. Mr. Clark oilcicd a petition from Mr. J. M.

Hoyle, ag nt for Dnront's powder works, olleriug to build a owcu house and keep all the city's pow der for nothing, if granted the privilege to s'ore private po.vder. Referred. Authorizing the payment to F. Rust of in full payment lor removing, uirr from the Melpomene canal to Dryade, I5h. chus.

St. Charles and Camp streets. aul gr.t I ilir.g them Concurred in. Authorizing the Comptroller to sell, alter live days' notice, contract for! digging aud leaning all the draining canals of the city, according to plans to be furnished' by the City Surveyor, oucurred in unanimously. Authorizing the Mayor to appoint a' commissary for the extension of l'oydras trket, when said market is completed.

Referred to the Finance Committee. Authorizing the City Surveyor to open and ditch MagnoliJT street, "from Felicity Road to Washington street. Referred to the Committee On Streets and Landings. Authorizing the payment to P. H.

Cum mings of for ballast taken from him tor the use of the city. Referred to the Committee on Streets and Landings. Providing for the erection of a sentrv box, six feet square, at the Vegetable Market, for the use ot the commissary of said market. Referred to the City Surveyor. Resolutions of sympathy" upon the death of Dr.

Edwanl Caire', City Physician, and a tender to the family of the deceased of the heartfelt regrets of the Couucil. were adopted. A resolution authorizing the Surveyor to purchase 100.0IKI barrels of oyster shells for the use of the wharves ami levees, not to cost over CO cents per barrel, concurred in. Aldermau Stith offered the following resolution Jif it vidtilnt'1. That the 11th dectiou of city ordinance No.

which provides as follows it shall be the duty of the Chief ot Police to arrest all person's who shall be fi und playing, or caused to be played music in any barroom or cotlee house, or oiher place wore spirituous liquors are sold, who. upon conviction, shall be liable to a line of not more than "0 for each and every offence, and the cotlee house keeper shall be liable to the same peanlty." be, and the same is hereby repealed. The resolution was pnt to vote, after a lively debate between Messrs. Siith and McCloskey, the former advocating, and the latter opposing the repeal of the "ordi nance. The vote stood, veas, Messrs.

Smith. Clark, Whitney and Stith; noes, Messrs. McCloskey and Hoswort.h. but as the President could not decide upon the moment as to whether it bad legally passed or not. the mat ter was laid over until next meeting.

The Streets aud Landings Committee re ported as follows Favorably upon the petition of J. II. Sutton, asking payment for services rendered during the sickly summer of 1 StUI, as per instructions from the City Surveyor, and accompanied their report with a resolution, which was adopted. Unfavorably upon the petition of John Cole man contractors for aving with square block pavement certain streets, asking an in i rease of oO per cent on the rate speci tied in tl.i ir contract, the city, not having, the i opinion o' the committee, the power to release I a contractor from the strict performance of. lii contract, and therefore iso right to lhe rates of the anie.

Unfavorably upon the bill of James Huck ins, for ballast taken from the levee during the late war, and amounting to b. The bill doe. not mention by Whom the ballast was taken, under what circumstances ami at what date Unfavorably upon the petition of uia'hm Talor, to be allowed to pave Calliope I stieet with the Nicholson pavement, at the ra oi per yam, out nave no oniectiou lo i aise against the experiment of the Nicholson pavtn.eiit being tried, providing it is done upon some street which is not now paved, and at no expense to the city. A communication from the Street Commissioner, Alfred Helaiiger, respectfully submitting to the Hoard, for its approval, the nam of the following parties as keepers of the pounds, under an ordinance established Dec. 11, iMiii, was read and laid over until executive session Keeper of the First District Pound.

Thoimis McMahon security, Spencer Field. Keeper of the Second District Pound, Michael Hughes, security, Dougart. Keener of the Third District Pound, Michael Carroll, security, Frank Horge. Keeper of the Fourth District Pound, McOawley; security, Wm.

R. Hell. The following petition to the Hoard was received from Mr. Constant Deere: Gentlemen I have the honor to submit to you today, a project to erect on Canal street ten kiasks, in the same style as those built along the boulevards and grand thoroughfares of the city of Palis. These kiosks not to be more than yards in diameter and in height, made of au iron frame, glassed all aronud, and destined to the sale of newspapers and advertising purposes.

They are to be lighted with gas at night until a late hour, and will certainly produce the most chnrming eilect. giving additional light aud beautifying onr which can boast already of being one of the largest and liveliest streets in the United States. I propose to erect them on the Neutral (Jrouiul, where they will not interfere in the least with the circulation, viz one at the intersection of Carondelet street, and another at the intersection of Hourbon, and so on with the other bi secting streets. I am ready to pay the city a rent for the room my kiosks will occupy. Enclosed please find a sketch of the character of kiosks I propose to erect." The kiosk upon paper certainty looks very pretty.

RKi Referred to the Streets and ltndines Committee. The following report was read and adopted, and ordvred to be spread upon the minutes: "The Chairmen of the Committees on Streets ami Landings of both Hoards of ta9 Common Council beg leave to report That in company with the City Surveyor, they have made a thorough examination of the streets, and that they have found the same in the most wretched condition. Throughout their jonrnev they have been unable to discover a single laborer or cart at work, and trying to improve their abominable condition, but have, on the contrary, found carts hauling earth from the same to till up private lots. Hoth the cleaning and repairing of the streets, either under contract or performed by the Street Commissioner, have been lately neglected, and the Street Commissioner could not be too strongly censured for the same. Until proper action be had by the honorable the Common Council, the Chairmen of your Committees have resolved to withhold their signatures from all certificates and bills issued, or to be issued, by the Street Commissioner." JAS.

McCLOSKEV, J. H. Prague. Chairmen. The leases of the St.

Mary's, Poydras,, Ciaiboine aud the St. Bernard Markets were concurred in. The securities of the Vegetable aud Mai azine Markets were refeirjd to the Fitiarce The I rd t'it adjourned. KOARD OF ASSISTANT The Hoard Assi 'ant Aldermen met lat evening, at o'clock, in iheir loom, at ths City Hail President McCu'loch in the ch iir. Minutes of the previous meeting we.e read, corrected and then adopted.

Mr lliginl'Otliam introduced a resolution which was adopted, the Hoard of Aldermen to meet the Assistant Hoard in joint session, for the purpose of electing a Ci'y Physician for the First and Fourth Districts, to till the vacancy occasioned by the death of Dr. Edward Caire. A communication was received from the City Comptrollor annoum intr ihe sale, for 11 mouths, commencing from the 1st of February, of tho lolJowing markets, to wit Povdras Marke, for St. Marv Market, Meat Market, for Claiborne Market, for Sf Hernard Market, for iga.ine Maiket, for Vegetable Market, for IS. ni l.

Tlie adjudications of the Comptroller lhe ale ot Mary. Povdras. Claiborne. iler nard atid Meat Marl et were approved; a ti the a. iid catii.jis of the of Vegetable and.

ine Markets weie referred to lhe i i mLMiitee. A iej rl fiotu the City Tr wirer on UiO'iou ei i viss l' ieiri to i ne on Fiu.u: e. Ibis ii'it tha' the receipts 'of i eek January to be io, ox. lulitun s. 75; bal ii ce on hand.

The weekly report of the City Comptr was leceived, showing amount of checks drawn by the City Treasury to be Ct7. Reterred to the Finance Committee The qm stion of the approval of the appointment of subordinate officers by Capt. Supei iiitoiidcnt of the Workhouse, was referred, on motion of Mr. Pasley, to the Ron id of Aldermen, as the proper body, under the chatter, for the ratitievtiou of such appointments. Ao oitiinance providing for lhe sale of the light ol way of a single track railway on and other stieets for a period of twenty years, after a notilication of twenty days by the City Comptroller, was, on motion of Mr.

Pasley. adopted. A' communication was received from the Upper Hoard, announcing its concurrence in the adoption ot the resolution to meet in joint session for the purpose of electing a city physician for the First aud Fourth Districts. Mr. Prague introduced a resolution direct ing the City Surveyor to put iu good repair Delord btreet, from Liberty to Claiborne streets.

Adopted. Mr. Hlgiubotham introduced a resolution providing for the appointment of a joint special committee to consider the communication received from the Commissioners to the Paris Lx Adopted. lhe Hoard of Aldermen was then announced. President Hos worth, of the tipper Hoard, took the chair as presiding officer of the joint meeting the object of which was to elect a City Physician.

The Chair stated nominations were in order. Mr. McCloskey, of the Hoard of Aldermen, placed iu nominal ion the name of Dr. W. C.

Nichols. There being no other nomination made. Dr. Nichols was chosen, visa rjv. City Physician for the First and Fourth Districts, The object of the joint session having been accomplished, the Hoard of Aidoliueu re red.

Mr. Iliginbotham then called up the question relative to the consideration of the ordinance No. This is the ordinance providing that the notes of the State of Louisiana be receivable at pur in payment for city taxes. Messrs Prague ami Kaiser advocated the repeal ol the ordinance in earnest terms Mr. Kaiser stated that he had voted for the passage of the ordinance under honest conviction that it would operate beneficially to the interests of the city, but since it had gone into n.iii ion, he had discovered, that it was nothing but a scheme for speculation among a set of brokers that parlies had gone beyond be limits of the city into various portions of State, and upon Red River, to purchase this, niouey lor pin poses of speculation, and that the hard working and laboring classes of the city would be the sutlerers.

Mr. Prague said it was an attempt to saddle the city with the responsibilities of the State; that this money was at a discount, and the people would have to be taxed in proportion; that taxes were complained of now bv the people. The question recurred upon the adoption of the resolution reconsidering the ordinance, which prevailed by a vote of 1 1 to 'X The Street Commissioner submitted a report relative to the localities which he had selected lor the public pounds, aud asked approval the san.e. First Di trict Pound, corner of St Jane and Jctdido streets, Third Ward, pioperty of Patrick llealy. for which a rent of per month will be paid.

Second District Pound, corner of Orleans and Claiborne streets, on property belonging lo the city. 'third District Pound. No. Dauphine street, betvyeen Klysian Fields and M.irigny property belonging to lirowu, at a monthly rent of Fourth District Pound, on Rmnpart street. (Oilier St Andrew, (temporarily); property belonging to Patrick Irwin, at a monthly rent of Referred to Committee on Streets aud Landings.

A reM'Intiou from the Upper Hoard, providing foi the repair ot IY me Market, at an adjudication of for said repairs, was concurred in. Also, the i esolutiou iu regard to the repairs of Washington Market. A resolution from the Upper Hoard instructing the City Comptroller to return to parties amounts ol money deposited as security for patties in regard to the late illegal sale of mat kets, was concurred in. A resolution from the Upper Hoard, appro printing to purchase blankets for the inmates of St. Viuceut's Orphan Asylum, was coiK uried in.

A resolution from the Upper Hoard, providing for the pu incut of the claim of trie proprietors of lhe Picayune newspaper, amounting to for publishing the tax list of I was unanimously concurred in. A petition was received from the foreman of the Lafayette Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, praying for the repairs of the street in front of their truck house. Referred to the Committee on Streets and Landings. A petition was received from sundry tax pavers in the Second District, back of Claiborne street, stating, in view of the fact, that they receive none of the benefits afforded by the police, ask the privilege of patroling thm selves for their own protection.

Referred to the Committee on Police. A petition was received from D. C. Ryerly, Clerk of the Third District Court, pr.tyiug far repairs, in his office and the court room. Re feried to the City Surveyor A petition was received from sundry prop erty holders, praying that Felicity Road from Bacchus to Howard streets, be converted into a shell road.

Referred. A resolution from the Upper Hoard, graut ii itr certain privileges to the New Orleans, Aiohile and Chattanooga Railroad Company ms concurred in. On motion, the Hoard adjourned to meet on Thursday tthe 17th) evening, at o'clock. tsr Revenue stamps for sale at Howcolt's News Depot in the Post Office. Turkish Proifih.i.

A email stone often makes a great noise. A foolish friend is, at times, a greater annoyance than a wise enemy. You'll not 'sweeten "your mouth by saying "honey." If a man would live in peace he should be blind, deaf and dumb. Do good and throw it into the sea if the fish know it not, the Lord will. Who fears God need not fear man.

If thy foe be as small as a gnat, fancy him as large as an elephant. A man who weeps tor every one will soon have lost his eyesight. Mce fa learned from conversation than from books. A friend is of more worth than a kinsman. He rides seldom who i ever rides am thing but a borrowed horse.

Trust to the whiteness of his turban who fought the soap on credit. Death is a black camel, that kneels before every man's door. i no uiii'is oi uie iiuny mousauu vvo men in New York, who are dependent on daily labor for support, are said to be now out ot employment. i .1 .1 THE JUDICIARY. Ukitei Status Cik Couut Judot DvrtUThe Great 3IMte Case In the cafe of the United St ies and Jesse R.

Irwin vs. and bales, of Confede rate cotton In this case the chrimants of the cotton seized by the (iovernment had transactions will: the United States Treas try Ds partniet.t. and ell'ecteii the release of the cotton, which had been confiscated, by the paj ent into the United States va nry of the rum of Si.iiJ0. Thereupon, the United States District Attornev moved far a discontinuance of the case. The informer; Jesse fv.

Irwin, who che'nis one halt interest in this suit, opposed the discontinuance, upon the ground that the (iovernment had no right to i compiomise lis claim against said cotton, which entitled him to oue the proceeds I ae informer. The cou having tal.en the case under ad visen.ent, decided that it the claimants of this cotton thought i roper to bny their peace with the Government for the. sum of 10, and not at its real value or compensation it could not att ct the claim of the informer in this ciise so far its elates to Ins rights. The United States' in ii printing claim np ni the t'on. could ma discont iiir.e the right of lAvin pr ei utc iii 1' is il i refole cider it lhe ca bi re thf doi i Mi 1 Sm 1 M.

Ibi iy. A t'r. v. Ldcaiii litiiiic. '1ms was iu 'stituled the rciovety of one half of a cor tain poi tit of real estate, belonging to the plaii.tiil, acquired by him the' trri.ig.

01 his fe( etuet! wife. The property was sol 1 at shorn! tale to satisfy a 'judgment ren red against him. and his entire interest was ad.u I dicaleil to the defendant. Tlie one halt of this pr erty assed to the heirs of the wife of the plaintiff, at the time of her death. lhe defendant excepts to the action, and aveisthat Dntty, a.

the sun iving souish, is the heir of 1. is deceased ile, aiid that. theich e. he has a dear rigl.t to the whota I property. I tie Ci' irf The evidence shows that his I eased wife left brothers ami si ters, who are now living.

1 liey inherit in preference to the surviving poiise. Yet they have hot claimed the e. tate. Tin's action, therefore, cannot be maintained until they do. as Dutl'y has no individual interest herein.

II the heirs at l.nv do not claim the succession of his deceased wife, there will be no necessity for any administration, inasmuch as there aie no debts to pa v. It is, thercfoie, adjudged and decreed that thoie be judgment iu favor of the defeudant as against DulIV, either as administrator, or in his individual capa ity, reserving, however, to the other leu'al heirs of the late Mrs. Michael Dully, born Mary OahigHu, who are prefei red in law to him, "all their rights herein to be asserted by them whenever thny shall have been duly recognized, and shall have claimed the succession. Supreme Court Condensed Decision. The following is a condensed report of the decisions of the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana, delivered on the lDth of December, lsf.i;, and which become final on the loth inst.

Mrs. E. A. Knapp. et al Colli of New McNeil, appellant, vs.

J. II. Appeal from lie Fifth District Oilcans. pUintill su. to annul fendan otiirnct of le ise made with the of the house No.

171 Caual street. on the ground that the defendants permitted to ne put in tne liotise gooits that caused a for leiture of the policy of insurance thereon, in violation of said contract. 'Ihe defendants contended that the contract could not be avoided, without first putting them; in default. Chief. Just ire Default is not a necessary prerequisite to the recission of a contract, when the party sued for its recission has made an active breach thereof.

i. Rep. c. c. 1 The lease is therefore lis solved, and the defendants ordered to be expelled from the premises, without prejudice to their claim for improvements thereon.

Judgment reversed and the case remanded for proceedings in conformitv to law. City of New Orleans vs. The Louisiana State Insurance, appellant. Appeal from the Second District Court of New Orleans. The question presented in this case is.

whether or not the subscription notes of the company constitute a part ot the capital which is subject to taxation under the law Justice. In the cases of the city of New Orleans' vs The Union Insurance Company Same vs. The Star Mutual Insurance Company, he decided this question in. the affirmative, for tho reasons tuereiti given. Judgment all'ruied with costs.

Sa'iiion W. Iloyt. appellant, vs Hiram Hen tii cl als. Appeal from the Filth District Court of New Orleans. This was a proceod ii by attachment against the defendants, who are owners of the steamship Western Metropolis.

I he defendants took a rule lo set aside the attachment, on the ground that "neither tin; nor petition has any such United States internal reveiuie'btamp as is requite! by law." Riggin Co. vs the Union Hank of Louisiana, appellant. Appeal fi om tlie Third Dis trict Court, of New Orleans. The plaintiffs li ed. ill May.

IMio. a notice of protest of one of the notes of said bank, in conformity with the act of lih March, Is.X, "An am to amend te XMth section of au act to establish a general system of free banking in the State of Lou isiiiua." A notice was served on the Attorney Ge'n 1 eral. H. L., who applied for a writ of sequestration of the property and assets of said bank, and prav ed for the forfeiture of its charter aud tlie appointment of liquidators The Attorney General had agreed, on the representation of the bank that within a few days it would receive means to pay its debts, not to urge the forfeiture or its charter, until he gave notice of so doing to the attorney of the bank The bank to answer withiu the three days after citation, and a judgment was rea dtied.

at whose instance it does hot appear, against the bank accordingly, aud without the consent of the Attorney General. II niiur). Chief Jestirr. No one but the At torney Oeneraf, under the act referred to, was authorized to urge the forfeiture of the charier of the bank, and the judgment was obtained i not only without his consent, but contrary to his express agreea.ent. On the trial of the rule, it appeared that the stamps had been affixed to the papers subsequently to the rule being taken, but there being no evidence to show the fact, the rule was dismissed.

The defendants then filed a peremptory ex oeption to the attachment, on the ground that it was null and void, because of. the fact that "the provisions of the internal revenue laws were not and have not been complied with by the plaintiff. 1 fie plaintifl refused to try the exceptions, averring that the same issue only was presented as had been already disposed of in the rule. That the matter was re.i judicata, and he objected to the. introduction of evidence, because the exception was too vague, and that the cause of nullity must be specially pleaded.

The court sustained the exceptions, and the plaintifl appealed. Ji. leij. Justice. The dismissal of the rule judicially established the fact, that the law requiring a stamp had been complied with, and it iheie be any other provision, of that, law, different from that already invoked, the non observance of which reudfcfed the suit null, they should have been specified, in order that the plaintiff might have notice.

The position taken by defendant's counsel in argument, shows the importance and jus tice of this rule of pleading. He contends jfcat the plaintiff affixed the required stamp after the rule to dissolve was taken, which subjected him to a penalty for a fraud upon the government, and rendered the proceedings null. Charges so grave in their consequences should be definitely set forth. Fraud must be specially pleaded. Judgment, reverss I.

and the cause remanded for further proceedings. V. Perin, tuior, vs. McMicken's heirs. On a rule taken by George McCerren, auctioneer, appellant.

Appeal from the Second District Court of New Orleans. A decree wc.s rendered by the conrt below directing the property of the succession to be sold by Win. Syer, auctioneer, and a final partition of the proceeds to Le nu df before A. Da iocourt, notary. Afterwards, on the suggestion of one of the heirs that the above parties were not acting officially, G.

W. McCerren, auctioneer, and P. S. Ryron, notary, Were appointed in lieu of the former. the day the property was advertised to be sold, a rule was ttketi by two of ti he' rs to stay said sale on va.

i (HiS grounds, which was made absolute. it sK.uently fhe property was. on motion of the Lfcl Oldeted to l'e sold by Will Syer, aud the pehitiit took a rule to ser aside the order as being made in violation of his rights I OireH, Jvttite. We are not prepared sav tin under lhe circumstances, the appe! huil had such a vested right under his appointment, as to preclude the mrt. on the application of the pai ties in interest rom n.

lining another auctioneer in no'hiT rderof sale, issued sul seqnertiv to the sfajing or' the former sale; The law recognizes the right of the pirfies in interest to pelect an anetioneer to make succession sales. The case' might be ditlcrenf. if the appellant had b' en removed without carsc, a'tal substituted to make the sale advertised by him, pending the order of his ii ppointment. .1 laltment'aftirme 1 v. ith costs.

Augustus ilham Walker, appellant, vs. relix A Duitos. from the Di. tritt Court St. He! Hard l.ih'l.t.

as holdi of one of tl. notes bv the phiinijtl 1 he pnrelvi of a pi itita t'Otl ilt'tl sliiVCs at tl i i i i si and sale bought 1I0M .1. S. il, i an oru ol i a writ i. s'li 1 The ma I h.p ti; I oi rtv and I i ecee vtigs wire, staid.

When im term ot ti.e conn came on at which the i'ljuuction was to be tried, lhe inclemency of the we i 'n aial bad. loads reventing parti. from a't 'ad ing the lii. day ot the term, tlie judge passed over a'l cases until the next day, subject to call." On the second day the case beiug called, the counsel for plaint ill' objected to the care being set down for trial, on the ground that the rule of the court requires "ail Cases shall be fixed for trial on the first day of each term of the court and that a case not fi xed on that day Oaunot be tried at that term ot the ouit. The court overruled, the objection, ami the plaifititl appealed.

T'tltiiit'tre, Rules of court Ijavfl tlie foicw ot law, and are not less obligatory upon the jr.dge than upon toe parties To an action. Judgment reversed, and the case remanded for luither pioceedings. Revenue stamps for sale at Ilowcott's News Depot iu the Post Office. Newni Hon. James Semple, formerly U.

S. enator from Illinois, and afterwards S. Minister to New Granada, died on the XJSth ult. Hon. Stephen Salisbury, of Worcester, has recently given as an additional donation to the Free Institute of Industrial Science in that city, and the work of putting up the buildings is to be commenced at an early uav.

The Metropolitan Police of New York ami Hiooklvn cohi about two millions and a half dollars for the year just closed, and they made arrests. The Nashville Union learns, from Mexico, that Gov. Harris continues in good health. 'I hough the recipient of courtesies and kindness at the hands of all parties iu Mexico, he exptcled soon to bid adieu to that distracted and nnfoi innate country, with the view of engaging in commercial pursuits in Liverpool, F.ngkiiid. Reust Utitler writes to a gem Ionian of Detroit to say that "the annexation or absorp tioii of the Canada is both necessary aud inevitable to the future welfare of the United Pennsylvania is uo'rr supporting and educating three thousand orphan children ot sol diers.

The total assessed valuation of property iu Chicago is The State debt of Pennsylvania is (Jov. Curtin, in his hist message, ex presses the opinion that it may be paid ott' in fifteen years, if economy is observed in expenditures, and the re of the State are care lullv husbanded. There are published in the State of Pennsylvania sixty newspapers that Hj printed in the (ierinan language, of which seven are dailies, eleven are devoted to religious discussions, and of the secular papers lorty oue aie published weekly. Hon. James Hfn of Lancaster.

ha3 undertaken to raise a fund of for the use of the National Temperance Society, and Hon. Wm. Dodge, of New York, has subscribed lor this fund, Lieut. Gen. A.

P. Stewart has located in Memphis as a Professor of the Male High School. he Mayor of Ronton s.n the main ship channel iu that harbor 'will soon be impassable for large vessels, unless the process of tilling up is speedily aries'ed. The Massachusetts whaling vessels for lii'i numbered HI 1 an increase of Ivl over last year, ami registered a tonnage of an increasi; otTOIV The year has been generally sue cesdul A telegtam from Rcli' Hay, Vli ii Mien Ttriitory, Mates that the piospect, for working the toal mines at that place ia i ai piovmg. Cieo.

Peabodv, a Hoston dispatch says, has pot given to the New York House of li iiitslry, as reported. Webster's Dictionaries have been excluded liom ihe Philadelphia public schools. A Wall stri ct operator is reported to have given his wife a Christmas diamond set worth d. Senator Keverdy Johnson, who has been re taiia as coin. sel tor the prisoners confine'! at the Dry Tortugas, is saidto be confident of his to invalidate the finding of the military coniii.issiou.

Revenue stamps for sale at Ilowcott's News Depot in the Post Office. IV lint Goods Trade. In his letter of January the New York correspondent of the Mobile Advertiser writes Merchants looked 'forward to the holidays to relieve them of tb; embarrassment of Holding heavy slocks of the most expensive foreign goods. I heir expectations were not realized, toi thonth the holiday trade was moderately good, and some very burdensome fabrics were woiKea on, irie i Beivcsoi sucn Douses as Slew art's, Arnold's aud Lord Taylor's are still loaded ith goods that are most dangerous to ciirry. 1 learu on good authority that the daily receipts at Stewart's retail house, during the week before Christmas, averaged five thousand dollars a day less than the receipts ot the same week last year.

Tliis affords a fair index to the holiday trade of all the retail houses. It has been far below that of former seasons, and a greater portiou of the goods im 1 orted fi it remain unsold. The state of the wholesale trade is still worse, for the prospec's tor the spring trade, here and elsewhere, are so unfavoral le that sare buy ing har lly anything. Many c'eiks and salesmen were discharged on the 1st ot January, and an improvement comes soon, mauy ho.tses will le obliged to suspend before March. Pretcntativ.

of the Memorial Cane lo Mr. Davis. handsome cane recently re pal ed by the ladies of the Catholic congregation of Nortolk, for Mr. Jefferson Davis, was presented to the illmtrious prisoner on the 7th inst by Mr. John O.

Gamage, of Norfolk. The Day Hook sj of the pleasing incident. Mr. Davis accepted the beantifal gift in a brief, eloquent and feeling rejoinder, in which he iilludea to the kindness of the people of the South to him daring his prison life, spoke of his having been, on several occasions, the recipient of similar tokcus, alluded to the kind riess.coDstaiiey and patriotism of the people of Norfolk, and concluded by requesting Mr. Gamage to extend to the ladies of the Catholic Church, ot the city of Norfolk, his grateful acknowledgments for their beautiful present, and intimated that, with the permission of the ladies, he would acknowledge its reception by letter.

Mr. Gamage then passed a pleasant hour in conversation with the distinguished gentleman, and with a parting shake of that now withered hand, and a wish that the new year n.ight be more full of hope ami happiness to him than the dark dismal months of the past, retired from the Fortress. BP Revenue stamps for sale at Ilowcott's News Depot in'the Post Office. Gleanings of Knroperfn Newa. A Paris paper states that nn extremely in portHUt work is being carried out on init.of the bill of the Trocadero, on th op oJ site side of the river to the Camp de Mars namely, a reservoir for the supply of wter power for the purposes of the this reservoir will contain KJiO cubic metresl' and is more than a hundred feet above tlie lcVel of the Seine the water wiil be pumped up inlo it from the river, and will.4lsrcnJ tbrcngh pipes lm across tlie bridge of Jen.i to the exhibition grounds to supply the fountains and cascades, and any water po.ver nut may be required.

A subscription has been started in Denmaik io priveiil the Princess wiili a so Mr nt her native country, consis inaf of a splendid ebony bo cas.e, richly inlai I with. hIvo and niothei. pearl, and containing tho choicest wotks i nil the great Danish authors. Another part of the present will he a beautiful album, with pictures of the finest views and landscapes in Denmark. At the present day the Rom in Campagaa by at least three lines of railway, anil telegraph posts have been stuck iu t'ie toii.

bs which line the Via Appia A subscription has been started" iu Lond ju to aid in prosecuting a search fol' Sign ir Caai, ihf pi. lie i Inter against Popery, l.o I as niiHi i oiii.tablr ilisai pcared. Two tiioie theatres to be forthwith et ted i.ii London one on lie site of tho Horse Piiaar in Hi 1 lolhoru. and the other i ib.ii ol House in Leiccsu Square. 'lhe new i ne oi s'eimers tl any and Ihe I'liHcd toartiing a Southampton, from Hanoverian port of (J iisteii'inde twi a week wil'n the Pra.o si.n mail.

The capital of the company which is to enjoy the monoj oly of carrying tin Piussiati mail, is seven thaler. Messrs Rossini. Federigo Kicci, the libret tists Piave and Solei aud the choreograph Saint Leon, have all received tho order of Alexander Nevesky from the Emperor of Russia. This decoration is iu each io provided wi'h the not unpleasant a IJitiou'of tine thousand roubles pension. Oiiccu ictoria has appointed Ism iii Pacha, Viceioy of Egypt, (6 be Knight Grand Cro, of the Order ol the Hath.

Earl Pin sell, M. OloZeigd, nn 1 the Grand Duchess Mary of Russia, were present" in the Hall ol the Five Hundred, nt Florence, at thJ opening of the Italian Chambers. From Iti" to isbii there were French shipwrecks or disasters at se i. The crewn of the vessels amounted in the aggregate to U'J iO l.r:i of whom perished. The Minister of Education in France, ftf.

Durnv, hasonitred people's libraries to be established in all the inairies of Paris. Large rooms have beeu hired for this purpose, and they will be warmed and lighted iu the evening for the use of the working classes. To facilitate the establishment of ra'lways in Switzerland, the cantons have accorded them exemptions from all taxes, ami the Con federation on its side, admits, free of duty, the materials required for their construction a privilege which is equal to an aunual Jubver of t'8000. Ijff' Revenue stamps for sale at Ilowcott's News Depot in the Post Office. Ilnw as Knnoit Pit Toiirooi.uitr.

find the following paragraph in ihe, Aberdeen Fxaiiiiner. A Tonibigbee man got tomahawked that The editor says We stumbled into the Probate Clerk's office yesterday, and, ignorant of the fact of the court being in session, called the judge, who was seated quietly at a table wri ing Tom anil sliuhtly interlarding our vocabulary with enss Hiincuiicod that we had a splen did joke on bis honor; then pitching our voice', at a. very high key, proceeded to tell it we tbou. I. it was funny.

No matter what we thought, the rest of the crowd "couldn't see it," but listened with as much gravity as though we were preaching a funeral sermon. We real bed the part where the laugh com in nobody laughed we paused. Judge Davis turtii to i Uey en aud remarked in mild, but at the same'time emphatic tones Mr erk, enter a line of twenty five dollars against Major Jones for contempt of conrt." Had the judge's head been a powder magazine, into which we had inadvertently dropped a coal of fire, we couid not have been more astounded at the explosion, than we were when we heard that Inst remark." We explained, we pleaded ignorance, (uji compn mthtix to the extent of. claimed that so far from holding the court in contempt," we even loved and respected the court house nnJ its tumble down fence, for the sake of the coutt. His honor heard us for our causw," and corked the vials ot his wrath." "Mr.

Clerk, remit the was the sweet umsi that quivered upon our tympanums. W' bowed our thanks aud mizzled," fully niiiieA to keep good joke on Judge Davis uutil we can meet him outside of the court house, as the hero of a thousand hap.iy recollections, and call him Tom," undor "our own vine and lig tree," with "no oue to make us afraid." DnoiiTAVr Decision. In the NaMotml. Intelligencer's icport of decisions in the U. S.

Supreme Court on the 'Jth we find ilia following: Yt Tor The Shares of National Hanks to be Taxed, Without Regard to their Capital Stock Invested in National Securities Tin; People of the State of New Yoikex rol Dennis Dtier vs. The Commissioners of Taxes ami Assessments, of the City of New York, and eleven other cases. These rases rnme from the Conrt of Appeals of the Slate of New York, where the question presented was, whether the amount of the capital stock of a national bank invested in national securities was liable to State taxation, or whether thu amount could be deducted" before taxation. 1'he Court of Appeals held that no deduction could be made on Recount of the investment of the Hock of the I s.ik iu such securities, anil this court ntlinnsth it Igmei.t, Mr. Justice Nclsoif delivering tie opinion.

The Tiu Policy fob A correspondent of a city paper, writing from Pike county, after showing how those who hired freedmen by the month or on shares have found their' balances exceedingly small when at all successful, and that most come out poorer at the end of the year, thus shows who have come best efforts at growing cotton during the past year The class of citizens who miM'ered least from the revolution are those who in ide their crops by their own labor, assisted by their children, and may be one or two iugpitss. These having all tneir lives been inured to in dustry and econvniy, are now the most independent people iu the South. They are self reliant and self sustaining kuow nothing of thetblighting horrors ofd bt aud insolvency and making their own clothing, their own ather and shoes, aud raising, ou their own little farms, all articles of family supplies, except flour and collee, that are esseutiu 1 to their con fort, they live at home, like a wisa man should do, in comfort and independence, on the fruits of their own labor. tlW Two patented improvements, besides the ue of good material and earful use "of it, make the Charter Oak etpve the best before the public for its use, aud give it uurivalei popularity. The first is Filley's hot air circulating tine, which cariies the intense and sm plus heat to the forward part of the ovs? bottom, where it is most needed, being farthest from the tire, equalizing the heat, and baking nnifosmly, besides saving faeL The other is the patent increase draft Hues, which make this stove draw well where other Blove would Hot draw at all.

It is well known here that no stove used in this city has tret givea bo general satisfaction as the Charter Oak. CS?" Revenue stamps for sale at HowC'tt News Depot in the Post Office. A hatter in Herlin has post'd op in His shop the following question and answer (. Who is over bead and ears in debt A. He who has not paid for his hat.

E3T Lieut. Cov. Winchester, of Connecticut, is in Paris, urging upon the French eminent the adoption of his new gnus in th military and naval nervice..

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