The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on October 12, 1861 · Page 2
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1861
Page 2
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AW wn WBI SJISIBJk. ... - M . . in s. r. wimm. aw - - . tww uiva Btasraha Saw eisi tew - .IfiwYriirt r S ssarSsrty el a spae JfrSSJi MT c5ms each eabseqaent toMrttan. Frosa 'rSSlMi Third mm BdlslUaaaasilsa win he mm sachissssrtioa. ' - . IfJSSimtTi gashed huwmls, l HrfqurtMek v .S2ttMat wffl m ud to theee whe advarth UL fiwm J eta Bdvertzsesneat pr subscript will jrtopl t?SyriwSwU.malM ass ssseaiel taepre ''atrra!as aae Maasry VoMesa, tree, sat w aajjase , r SrtiotSl trst, o atssach saaawaaant tassrrtkm SATURDAY MOKHIHO.JJCTJia rv Onr thanks are respectfully tendered to the ladies vh are to give a rare musical - entertainment, at Odd Fellows' - Hall, next Tuesday evening, for their eoorteay in send - ' log na carda of invitation. Tbi Cohtikistal Cadets' Bill, This Eteswo. At Odd Fellows' Hall, this evening, the Continental Cadets give a grand mil - itary and fancy dress ball, under the manage - ment of oommittees of onr citizens, headed by the Mayor. We are indebted to them for an , Invitation to attend. As the first ball of the y season, it will doubtless be largely at tended. A KOTlt A9D DlSTIKGUISHED AFFAIR. It will be seen that, under the direction and with the participation of the entire regiment of Confederate Guards, a grand military barbecue is to be given, next week, (17th inst.,) on the ' Hetairie Kace Course, the proceeds arising from which are to be appropriated to the bene - fit or our absent volunteers ana taose oi taeir families needing relief. The arrangements, , which are on the most elaborate and extensive ..oi. - . in inch hands as to place its saccees . gvwv, haw - hwnnd all Deradventure. Besides the barbacue, there is to be a dress nf the Confederate Guards, who will - . tnrn on in 10.11 lurce u,iuu u vwimwu. i 1 , r . .nil .In maia A Atoll VVe ffilft11 Iticr aicaiu auv iuviv mm.., hereafter, to tbis festival, which will doubtless k attended bv mmv thousands of ladies and gentlemen; , ' . THI FORTHCOMING MCSICAL ESTERTAIN - VUT. - Kext Tuesday evening, at Odd Fel. ' lows' Hall, some of the most accomplished ! and fashioaable ladies of our city will join in ' giving an amateur vocal and inetramental con - cert, for the benefit of our absent volunteers. - . Tbis will be a most distingue affair, all the participants in the entertainment being ladles of distinguished position in the social circles t, of New Orleans. They have arranged a most attractive programme, as will be seen on re ferring to it" under our Amusements adver - Using head. Coesini, Weber, Auber, Thai - ; berg, Donizetti, Verdi and other composers, furnish the material of the entertainment, which will be riebly worth attending. ... We received yesterday from the pub - w T 17 T lniLav a mnv of tin. militia law of this State, now in force. As every ; dUzen will wish to be very well posted np about his military duties, this compilation will - find a ready sale. It can, be found at the principal book stores. ' CP We call the attention of oar readers to lira. Lav's card of thanks, addressed to the ladies of , St Anna's Asylum and others, who i : . . j r . . astjiira na wnlt ail .1UHDU WUUVlWtl 1 , ' to persons who subscribed the necessary sum of money to buy overcoats and other articles, ' which were sent to the volunteers, through . Mr. P. Baar's kindness. Acadimt of Music To - day at noon will be given : the last of Mr. Harry Macarthy's popular personation concerts, for the special accommodation of the ladies and the young folks, j This evening, Mr. M.awill take his farewell benefit, being his last appearance but one , this season. The Irish Tiger," "The S wUb " Cottage," a banjo solo by Mr. Macarthy, who will also dance an Irish jig, and a volunteered dance by a young lady, form the attractions Monday evening, Miss Eloise Bridges, the attractive and accomplished eommedienne, supported by a talented company, will appear at the Academy. For tbb Lowxr Coast. The new and magninceni passenger pacaet sveamer liuuu, ' M. N. Radovich. master, will leave every Sun day and Thursday, at 10 o'clock in the morning, for the lower coast, on and after the 2Uih of October, and return every Monday and Friday, 'j For freight or passage, apply on . board, or to Mr. N. Barrois, 74 Old Levee street. ; - : - ' " Milit art Books. Hardee's Tastics, Ar - ,v tillery, QUham's Manual, Ordnance Manual, Military Surgery, Troopers' Manual, Bayonet Exercise, and all. other standard military l.nnk. a waII aa mum. finer anvAlnna i. H . ' tariff books, stationery, &c, are for sale at . . Mr. E. Ezekiel's Exchange bookstore. .Buggy Horsxs Wantkd. A gentleman would like to buy a pair of buggy horses Box 2482, New Orleans Post Office. Board. Rooms and Ml or partial board can be obtained at 96 Julia sweet. For Bxht. The commodious dwelling - 'boose on. Julia street, No. 129, is for remt. Ap - p!y to Messrs. Warneken, Kircnhpff 6c Oo., 41 Union street. Morxt to Loam. Inquire at 1 Magazine street, for about $5000 to loan for one year on first - class security, a good located piece oi property. Any other safe investment would ' not be rejected. . .. XUevAL. Dr. A. Chastant has removed bis office and residence from No. 22 Baronne street to No. 195 Canal street ' B 8eett, auction r. 53 Rravier street. - sells this day a variety of goods. See adver - tisement. - . . .. ET Messn. Gardner Bmithfc Co. will sell this dy, At 10 o'clock, at No. 39 Front Lt)vw, .fin Store fixtures, gUss cases, ga, lUtsres, fee. . . ' The attention of nay dealers Is eaii to the sale at auction, by B. B. 8ykes. thta day, at 11 o'clock, at bis auction store. 59 ; Magazine street, of 90 bales Mississippi grass kay. , i r - Fob Lafovrchk aud thc Coast. The fast passenger packet Music, Jos. Dalferes, master, leaves for ths coast and Lafourche every Tneeday, at 12 o'clock, M., snd Saturdays at 9 A.M.. Returning, she will leave' Donaldsonville every Monday and Thursday, at a o'clock in the morning. . t. Dr. Conrad, of the nary, who eame Mnw tn April u Sorgooa of the Niagara . - frigate, an. WM i,, a prisoner for thirty Borto m la Memphis on Monday, the 7th, en ronu ttn Orleans on dutj. BALM - SALM FOR LINCOLN. The Yankee armies have received a formidable accession we take their own words for it in a Prussian officer with the alarming name of Felix Constantino Alexander Jean Nepommncene, Prince of Salm - 8alm! He has been introduced with much formality by the Prussian Minister to Secretary So ward, with strong endorsement from Berlin or his military capacity, and he Is to have a high appointment in the Federal Army, to give the cause of Lincoln the advantage of his genius for war, and tbat terrible name. The Yankee nation is highly elated at his condecensidn, end their gain ; and they parade his genealogy and the titles of his noble kindred, with the hearty guito of that universal snobbery which is one universal trait of the Yankee character, which, while it boasts of the equality of man, down to the lowest of the Africans, dearly loves a lord, and gets into raptures of admiration over the merest effigy of a prince. Here now is a Prussian lieutenant from the Austrian army, not more than thirty - two or tbree years of ae, whose service has been extremely huiittil, aud he could never have had a command at all. Without his title and the quasi royal endorsement of him as a promising subaltern, he would be only a Dagaid Dttlgetty , in tearch of employment; and if he had asked for a lieutenancy merely from merit, the Yankees would have put him aside with contempt, and given the place to some partisan friend, who had served them by carrying torches in a Wide - Awake procession and singing requiems over John Brown. Bat finnkejiem is not proof against that long string of names tbat pedigree, the family of an extinguished German sovereignty, reach ing back to the darkest sort of ages and the whole Yankee race is in a flutter of anxiety to do something for the noble volunteer, and in a twitter of expectation that he is going to do something wonderful for them. He is nothing but au adventurer, after all, no better, and probably no worse, Jhan the xefctof tbe crowd of adventurers wlom Lincoln is hunting np, at the conrta of Europe, to fight the battles of the North. There was, half a century ago, among the petty princes of Germany, an ancient hoa3e of Salm, which bud become subdivided into various conntships, superior and inferior families of the race of Salm, which the Congress of Vienna, iu 1815, abated as nuisances. It consolidated tbe little principalities with greater States, and left the rulers with the titles of Prince and annuities to live on, but without territorial authority. The Salm connections of half a dozen or more separate States, governed by Winegraves, Margraves, Bhinegravea and other graves, grafts, (counts) was dethroned, and the largest of them all, that of Salm Salm, was merged in the Kingdom of Prussia, the then reigning prince receiving an indemnity in the shape of a pension in florins. He, nevertheless, kept his title of Prince, although he had no principality. So did all the other mediatized families of the Saline ; aad Princes of that name, without laud or money, are to be found in any number in Germany princes of Salm - Salm. and Salm. Kejbonrp, aatoV Baim - norstman, aud Salm - Eeflerscheid, and Salm - de - Krrntheim, and other Salms, among whom Lincoln will find half a dozen ready and willing to take anything for a support. The Prince at Washington is one of those princes, by a German custom, which gives that title to all the members of a family, of which the head enjoys that rank. It would be not hard to raise a regiment in Germany of penniless princes. They are as plenty as the colonels which abound in the interior of the North, wherever every popular tavern keeper brevets his good customers as colonels by courtesy. The young adventurer at Washington is known fairly as Prince, by the custom of his country, being the younger brother of the son of that mediatized Prince, wbom the Congress of Vienna extinguished a long time ago. The Times's lieutenant, however, may be quite a catch to the Yankees, who seem de lighted to have a German nobleman to teach the military art to their gallant volunteers. They evidently have something to learn which their native - born leaders had not taught them before Big Bethel, Manassas, Oak Hills and Lexington, and perhaps he can help improve them. But it strikes ns as amazingly absurd to see these blustering bullies, who have been vaunting all over the world of the mighty predominancs of the North over the South, in wealth, numbers, and enthusiasm fer the cause of an insulted flag, going abroad to collect officers among foreign nationalities, and putting the first Frenchman or German who comes along with a string of big names and a long pedigree, in high commands, to sustain the glorious stars and stripes and defend the constitution and the Union ! The King of Prussia is said to have given a certificate of capacity to this young gentleman, and that is hailed as an excellent sign of Prussian sympathy with the cause of the North. Perhaps it is, but' it reminds ns of a historical fact in point, which it may not be inopportune to quote. When the American revolution of 177C broke out, the Thirteen Colonies rent commissioners to Europe to solicit aid in the establishment of their independence from Oreat Britain. One of them approached Frederic the II, then King of Prussia, and presented all the aspects of the case, which he thought likely to affect a monarch who had interests in tne preservation of certain balances of power, which then occupied tbe minds of fcaropeau Courts. The sagacious king saw further than some of his cotemporaries, and answered in substance : " I was born prince and have become king, I can not give any influence as a monarch, to what will destroy monarchy." His successor, in the present King of Prus - Bus, , iuj, rciwuuuig in tue same wav. con cWe that his ancestor's policy can be served oy gwing and not withholding aid. Lincoln represents the very opposite policy to that which Frederick the Second refused to aid. He is the bet, partisan living of the old abuses ui prerogative na power, from which the American revolution, waa a deliverance. The Prussian ruler, who . born Prince ani ho. become King, may very - eu see that it is for his interest, as a King, to straasthan that nart in the straggle on this continent the success of which will establish the old dogma, that there t. & ..... uv tigii i rosisuuice w any esiaDfiejied authority, however odious and tyrannical and that no right to self - government exists ia aqy people, except by the force of battalions enough to defend it against all comers. The sympathy of Prussia, and of Austria, and Bussia, with such pretensions, is not at all surprising. The surprise is, that any people r person claiming inheixitance in the principles or achievements of the American revolu tion should strike hands with such allies in nch a cause. MSl UiippiM. - ntT. C. K. .w .ri,tC,8 to 7ia Jackson, Miss., SnihPw1! exolniy '' tho benefit of 2 W. J a2em U established SreTS lir V eotton, which he can sell EJ mond, as contributions for the benefit of thli hospital. Many of the planters will be ebTI to contribute in this way to the eomfortof tbe sick soldiers. Telegraphed to the New Orleans Picayune Gem, Levell Prometed. BicHMOSD, Oct. 11. Brig. Gen. Mansfield Lovell has been promoted to Major General, with full command in Louisiana and Mississippi, Gen. Twiggs retiring. Letter from Rlcumond. Corrarocdence of tli Ticayunf.J Richmond, Va., Sept. 23, 1861. The temporary appointment of Mr. Benjamin to I jo S - cietaryUip of ar, hai given ra ich aatitfaction ut our people. He hai never bail the reputation of being a military character, but hit uttslomenti ore so vaitoui, and bit talenta so flexiole, that ho cceai at - mo4t equally adapted to any tficial duty that can be iinpoted upon him, while be baa the pertpfc&clty and ekerey that are especially demanded by the bratt of tbe War Department in eveuuui irai n iur i)ie cut. It baa been ugeted tbat be may he re' - alued fM.rm.n.iillv in the Srcretaryiutp, ana we portlolio or Attorney General be baoded over to Mr. Yancey in Vnmnn who would be BO admirable aelt now lection lor thbt poat. The appointment or Mr. Maion at Com - tnittioner to t.i.gland would aeem to prepxre the way for Mr. Vance) 'a return, and to warrant tbe belief tbat tbe Government la deairoui to employ tbe latter gfiitlemm in tome other capacity. I cannot say tbat uch ia tbe aoertaiced purpose of the Preaidu lit, but it baa been intimated as probable. Mr. Blidell'a minion to France ia also highly ap - ftroved. He has the entire confidence of tbe Aa mi titration. Though of Northern birth, he has long been regarded oue of our profoundeat and moat trustworthy staleamen, of srrat diplomatic) ability ; besides tbat, bis laaniliaiity with the French language affords an additional reason for the selection, and ia regarded by many aa nearly indispensable to the success of the French mission. It is understood that tbe public mind, both In England and France, is well prepared for the recognition of our independence, aud that the eminent men who have just been sent, as Commissioners to Europe, possess the tact and wisdom neoes - saiy to consummate what their bold and talented predecessors have left unfinished. The recent news from tbe West of tbe capture of Lexington, Missouri, by Gen. Price, has awakened the liveliest enthusiasm among all cla aes of our citizens, aud ia believed to be quite reliable. The poiut ia one ol importance, and the capture ef so large a for re of the enemy, and so much property, enbaneea greatly the splendor and Value of the victory. The uew from Kentucky also Is favorable. Three better men than Jobnston, Buckner and Zolllcorjer could not possibly bare been appointed to conduct the difficult nd delirate operations of the war in that quarter. The tone of Gen. Johnaton'a proclamation is eauallv moderate and firm, aud well adapted to the preseut onerate and firm, sua well adapted to the preseut ligenry of arTuirs, but it does not indicate the strength the Confederate party in Kentucky, which, 1 am exit of the haouv to learn, ia exieudinx itself in every direction. abd acquiring large proportions. That there will be civil strife iu that unhappily divided State is generally expected; tut inasmuch as tbe friends of the South and her liberties are now in decided ascendancy there, the conte.t, we have reason to hope, will be of short duration. Apropos of Gen. Zollicoffer, he, as well as Mr. Ben - jsniiu uud Gen. folk, is currently spoken of in cnu - flection wuu me vacant secreiaryxmp or tue war Office. lie is said to be cautious in digesting his plans but posseosed of a high order of executive ability. Whoever succeeds to the post will occupy a position of great responsibility and no little dirticulty. The war between the North and the South is tbe great military problem ot the age, aud none but master minds cau solve it. The activity recently exhibited lathe Vet seems to rebuke the apparently dilatory movements of the army in this region. The war iu Western Virgiiiia has proceeded sluggishly and failed to auswertue high expectations entertained of the gallantry of Wise, Flojd, and especially of Lee. Dissensious about precedence have awakened tbe ire, it ia aaid, of two of the giuerala, and produced coutumacy. The same cause, son e abort time ago, led to a similar result, and occasioned great surprise and dissatisfaction iu Missouri. It ia rumored that the otl'endiug general ia to be recalled from the theatre of this discreditable controversy. In tbe mean time we hsar of the union of the several wings of the army, and of a battle being fought, of which the result h. not yet reached this city. Some complaiata are made of the inaction of the forces nnder Gens. Beauregard sod Jobaatun, near sahloiton. Uur people are becoming Impatient for another decisive victory in that direction. It ia believed tbattlioae well - tried and glorious generals bide their time, and will seize the colden moment of oppor tunity with an iron grasp aa soon aa it is presented. That moment cannot long be dels - - A. eo - is. witncut doubt, near at hand. which will task ail their powers aud resources to the utmost, aud shake this now distracted country to its centre. That victory will be on the side of the South on the aide of constitutional right, justice, and lib erty none wbo appreciate properly tbe akill or our tecera's or the indomitable valor of our aoldiera. can entertain a doubt. The attacka recently made in some or our newspapers here upon Vice President Stephens, and which you have doubtless seen. nave, as slander and misrepresen tation always do. recoiled n their authors have evinced their folly'or tbeir malignity, and their utter in - seusibiiitv to wortn. natnousm ana ataiesmaosmn. no individual stands higher, none deserves to stand higher. not merely in tbe esteem, but In the love and venera tion of bis whole countrymen, than Alexander H. Stephens clarum et tenerabite nomen. COBBKTT. The Capture of the U. 8. Steamer Fanny. Tbe Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle contains a letter from Elizabeth City, N. C, under date of the 4th, which gives more particular details than have before reached us of this bril liant affair, off the coast of North Carolina : Being thus far, returning from Roanoke Island, and detained for a few hours, I propose a abort account of the 3d Regiment Georgia Volunteers. And tint of all : on yesterday forty - nine prisoners from Hatterss were placed on a barge in front of the camp, who, tne Clint beiore. Dart oeen taken Dy an expedition commanded by Col. Wright, and composed of tbe Dawson Grays, Athens Guards and Wilkinaon Rifles. 'lire command were on ooara tne steamers uaieign. Curlew and Junaluska, a part oi com. tiynch s squad ron. The steamers were armed with cannon. On Tuesday last, at half - past 2 p. M , the whistlea aound - cd, the "tiibandt" of the Confederate Statea kissed the rising breeze, and off the Utile army and navy went. Ccm. Lynch commanding all the steamers. Ip two hours and a half the deep mouthed dogs of war, let loose, told us in tne camp tne work was going on. rresently, quicker and quicaer came tne boom ing thunder, and soon aeveral together, aud then at malar iutervala: aud thus it was. until the white flag went np on board tbe steamer Fanny, a part of the L o. Ft. on flattens, and sue was ours. She made all the resistance ahe could, but was ta ken. Armed with two pieces one a rifled csnnon - and tnoae 4'J men. lone a contraband ot war iu uni form) she was carrying immense army stores to the 14th Indiana Regiment, then establishing a camp about twenty miles Irom ours. ' Yesterday the captured Fanny was unloaded, and before now has, in all probability, done us good serv ice, r or, as we came away, xne caunau, ar. o r. ra... when we were fifteen miles off, apprised us that the fleet and army were again In motion. Tbe Fanny's cargo is very valui very valuable, probably worth 37U.()00 or $80,000. Uue Item is l'MHi army over - coats. Tbe prisoners are detachments from various com panies at Hatteras, aud were commanded by Capt. ilart, of the Nth Indiana Regiment. Twelve of them are from tbe New York 9th Regiment, and were acting as artillerymen. Tbey are safe, in good hands, and treated as prison ers of war. Lieut. Harris, of tbe Home Guards, had them in charge when we left, and all bands on the barge were vesirous to find all tbe comforts Its open decks afforded in the bright sunshine. This waa, indeed, an episode in tbe life of the regi ment. Daring Robbery at IIumuoldt, Tznn. $,800 tn Gold Taken from the Railroad Company's Safe Escape of the Thief. A daring robbery occurred at liumboldt Mon day night, the 7th inst, and the robber has probably escaped and reached a place of safety. It seems, says the Memphia Avalanche of the 'Jth, mar, mi. a. o. Jones, toe agent oi tbe .uempniM and unio nauroad company, at tbat place, on tne ntgnt in queation, alter being up nearly all night auperinteud - iug the transportation of soldiers, retired to hi room, at the Osborne House, very much fatigued. While overcome by sleep some person entered his room, and rifled bia pockets of the key to tbe safe, without dis till bing him. The robber then proceeded to the safe, removed all the money it contained, $2,800 iu gold, and locked tne sale again, retaining tne key. The next morning, on Mr. Jones's awaking, he missed the key, bnt supposed that be bad lest it. He searched Humboldt til over tor It, and failing to find it. tbe following evening telegraphed to Mr. Dodamead to send a locksmith up there to pick the lock. This was done, and when the safe was opened its contents were missing. It is supposed tbe thief took tbe next train to this city, and ia probably bere now. He must bsve been well posted with regard to the position of affairs there to have accompliahed so aucceasful a piece of Tinainy. we understand tnat most or tne stolen money belongs to Mr. Jones, and not to the railroad company, a fact we regret the more on account of that .iiutmus laitniuiuess as an ohicial and his many excellent qualities as a frlaud - ...a I trust be wlU recover his money. Ditto ere.The Petersburg Express says ton seneiDJO tnrng .uP1??.0 TerI,nmrous class or Individuals in this little Southern Confederacy of ours. We allude to those who. through mst kimin... aad foar pages of foolscap to nominate some friend for Z:H J u, noun ane then forward to Wi in dot I if ,V""' '"juaoie paper," ate, . Vk.i 'r? . ' wumctot in "ruling up uuki u, we nave more wan enough to "fill - r , . "Viauawii Hrstusn is pnxxled every night to decide what articles will lose most in ay. ana oar ki reman is nrurzii interest ny delay. All nominations of frienda to office, obituary tratieet, snd indirect puffs J" " wuu never aays na a cent "viuwug or anyuing else, must n paid for. pevere never needed to Vfill np." We wish that si.iuH.uj uueerswoa, Sickness on Red River. .The Shreveport (La.) Chronicle, of the 5th, says : go much sickness never was known in the pariah, or the whole Red River souatry for that matter, aa haa been experienced during the last month. - Chills and fever are the prevailing complaint. Considerable typhoid fever snd some congestive. Hot verv aum deaths however. Every family hai been rimitmA in some one of these forms. The weather is warm and dry and very favorable for cetton picking for the last two weeks, bat the sickness of slaves much retards the woik. Texas. Tbe express between Belleville and Hemp - Etead has been stopped for want of funds. Rrxtpapert Suspended, The Lagrange Democrat, Brenbam Enquirer aud Richmond Reporter have snspended. A Elorkader Ashore. The Columbia Democrat aiid Planter, of Sept. 24th, says : We lfain that the Sam Houston, of the Mock ad tii i; fleet, came down past Velaseo on frair.niav , and turned back toward Sau Luis, Tr - '.rt she vr ncround. At last. accounts alt hancs bad left Velaseo to assist in capturing Ler. Honing Wheat. Our farmers are busy ptittii g in their wheat. The late rains have enabled them to plouph and prepare the ground in good style. We learn that larger crops than ever will bo sown this fall, and every means need to secure another good crop. We will need it, and let the farmers stay at home and make bread for the sol - dial. Dallas Herald, 2d inst. Rtd River. The Shreveport News, of the 8th, reports the river at tbat place swelling, vrith indications of a continued rise. EF The Nashville (Tenn ) Union, of the 9th, says that Mr. Haldeman, late the editor of tbe Louisville Courier, is about to pnblish a paper in Nashville. . Death of the Hon. John M. Landrum. We are pained to see the annonncement of Ibe death of this eetimable gentleman, in the Shreveport News. He died at his home in that city on the morning of the 7th inst., having, vre believe, been in declining health for some tine past. Mr. Landrum was the last representative from the Fourth District of this State in the Congress of the United States. Mobile Reserve Battalion. Our confrere of the Mobile Register, John Forsyth, Esq., proposes to raise a battalion a regiment, if a saffi - cient number of companies offers to be known as the Mobile Reserve. The two organized regiments of tbe city are being mustered into the Confederate eorvico, and will probably be soon ordered to tbe coast. There is a large linmbtr of persons left who, like myself, (says Mr. F.,) are prevented by official or other duties from leaving the city at preeent, but wbo would be glad to have a fixed place binong the defenders of the city should it be attacked by the enemy. The organized com panies of Mobile, unattacbed, are invited to join tbe reserve, and other citizens who feel tbe obligations to le ready to defend their homes resting upon them, are also invited to form themselves into companies and aid in this movement. Victor Emanuel as a Hunter. The Turin correspondent of the Loudon Times describes the arrival of t lttor Laanuel, King of Sardinia, at Valdieri, an Alpine watering place, on his way to bis hunting quarters : As a body guard round the royal cavalcade, there walked about two - score of the hardiest mountaineers of these districts, armed with rntty fowling pieces, and destined to beat the bntli and drive the game to the sportsmen. The King had a broad brimmed wide awake on, and a a ray hunting suit of coarse woolen cloth, all of one color, agreeably to the present faenion. lie looks a. kind of watt Henry, stouter than ever, awfully sunburnt, with a deep almost livid red round and behind the ears, all bristling with liis moustaches, stretching from the lips all across the face not a man to be loved or valued bytuose wno do not look below the surface. The King rode np, taking his soft felt bat by the crown, and beckoned to one of the ladies in our circle. who went down by the stone steps and stood by ilia stirrup. She was the Countess of liriancon, marcliioness ot ban lommaao, wno was years ago maid of honor to the late Queen Mother. The King stooped low on liis saddle to speak for two minutes to the lady in a tone nardly above a wnisper tnen once more lilted his hat in his own peculiar fashion and rode otf. a lie tents oi the rune; and his party were .pitched about an hour's walk np the valley, deep in a glen siiui out by bare crags, a wnole craggy wilderness, tne reiuge or cnamois and bovqvctxn. lilt majesty nas always been a keen desperate sportsman. For a ion time ne seemed to ttiinlr. tbat tne only occupation fit for a king was war and tne cease, tnougn ne never was unmindful of the noble saying of one of his ancestors, that a sovereign s greatest prerogative was to give and torsive." Uuring bis lather's lire - time, in peaceful days, the then Duke of Savoy was only a forester. Men saw but little of bim, unless tbey cboee to meet mm in tne woods of Pollenzo or Sacconigi with a double barreled gun bn hie shoulders, and so plainly attired that a good peasant of the neighborhood once mistook him for a gamekeeper, and offered him a three - franc bribe to shoot him a fox which laid waste his poultry yard, when the King humored the good man. did the job for him, and earned and pocketed his money. After Charles Albert's death, when Victor bad to play King in the camp, in the council chamber, and Parliament, his favorite field amusements were greatly curtailed. But the gun and the rirle were never set aside, and in the hot summer tbe King had his holiday, when he would pilch his tent near "Our Lady of the Snow,'' on the top of Val d'Orco, or in some even more inaccessible savage spot iu Val d'Aosta, and hence run and race and climb and creep on all fours, on the brink of precipices, staking his royal life against the carcase of a stambecco. Stambecco Btalkiug on the Alps lasts naturally but a short season, yet business shortened it more and more with the subsequent aggrandizement of the State, and the deepening of. political complications. Baron Ricasoli holds Cabinet councils tbree times a week regularly, and three or four more times irregularly ; Sunday is no day of rest with him. Fleeting, therefore, are tbe King's visits to the hills. liis hunting habits are very austere. He robs himself of sleep, rises regularly at midnight, calls np the whole household, visits the stables, sees to horses, hounds, and guns, and after assuring himself that all is right and all in readiness, ne snatches a few hours' more rest, then np he is again at earliest daybreak : the horn is wound, the hunt is up, and away he rides as fast as the nimblest mountain nag can carry him, and then takes to his legs, and tbe race is between bim and the swiftest quadrupeds over crags and along gullies common men shudder only to look at. He came back to Turin a few days ago in great glee, telling bis friends he had given chase to a bou - q tie tin for two whole days, had parted company with his aides - de camp, his guides, his huntsmen, every man in his suite ; he had followed the coy mountain goat, he had pressed closer and closer, be had driven higher aud higher np' he had knocked it np, blown all the wind but of its panting body, and at last brought it back triumphant, the prize of that untamed strength which has no match in there regions. It is not from vainglory it is not even, now at least, from mere love of sport that the King indulges astounding feats of strength and agility. His physician plainly tells him tbat he must either subdue his strong consti tution or it will be too much for him, and bids him choose between his beloved toil of the chase and his (the doctor's) lancet that formidable lancet which dispatched the King's father and brother, and came in at the last gasp to give the coup ae grace to uavour. The Kiss is barelv 40. bnt his full habit al ready overpowers him ; his brawny chest, his stent limbs, grow alarmingly. There is a late attending him, doctors think, which can only be warded off by incessant violent exertion. The dangers from slippery paths, from daring leaps, from crumbling rocs or sliding glacier, are nothing compared to the least chance he might give to the enenjy whom he contrives to dodge by nara living. TEE CITY. The Fsis Market Yssteroav. The number of 1 Sicilies au 1 pulled at the Free Market increase sieeauy everv week. v..tHnl. th... wm families wno received their provisions from that noble institution, sua ww nave no flnnbt - hebire tne ena or we snoiiiii this number will be increased to 2000. At the opening oi tne r rce Market, some weeks ago, no more tnan 5M families avDliea for annnliM. aud the energetic members of tbe committee had then as many provisions os were necessary, bnt now, the perusal of the rouow. ing use oi tue rsinnruion mans yesrero&j win cou t of the distribntioo mads yesterday will con - the planters ud other geueroas vltuous of the VU1W aaceasitT of patron ix ing the Free Market mora than ever : - 1425 loaves bread, 7 beeves, 58 bbla. meal, H bbl. vinegar, S bbla. rice, 1 bbl. peas, 6 bbla, molasses. 9 ska. nnions, S bbla. mackerel, 613 esbbtges, 10 kits salmon, herrings and tongues and sotted, 293 bunches tnrnlpa, 170 bnncbea esurots, 12 haiketa aalad, 30 baskets snap beans, 120 bunches leeks, 120 bunches mustard greens, 42 bucrbes sballota, 30 buncuaa parsley, 16 baskets osra,4C0 pumpkin. Tne Oklkasi Gudj Batteht. Messrs. Tbco. - '"oasis, paul j oiui,i Mortimer Belly, Charles McMurdo and Jas. H. Saydam, were appointed a oom - mittee to solicit subscriptions to place the Orleans Guards Battery on a war footing, ready to march at a moment's notice on a requisition ol ths Governor. We hope that all our rittxens, banking and insurance institutions win respond uoerauy to tne appeal. Home GcttDSdr the Vktebaxs or 1814, '15. Tbe members of tbe Home Guards of the Veterans of 1814, 'IS, are requested to meet to - morrow morning, at 9 o'clock, at the president's house on Ursulines street, Mo. 245, for the purpose of electing their offi cers. William Goodiich Guard This company, corn - posed of. tbe workmen in Messrs. Thomas, Gritwo'.i at Co.'s factory, asd named in honor of Mr. Win. Goodrich, an active partner in tbat house, held yeater - day a meeting at their armory, under the supervision of Major Eraeat Forataii, and elected tue loiiowing narned ofiicera: Mr. John Springer, captain; Mr. Lawrence Turner, lat lieutenant; Mr. Peter Eng - maim, Sr., 3d lieutenant ; Mr. f bilip Storcks, 3d junior lieutenant. Fifth Militia Kegimcxt, Comfast B Mr. N. J. Pegroro, captain commanding. Company U of the 5th Militia Regiment, orders all male resideats of the district bounded by Delord, Thalia, Prytanla and Sc. Charles streets, subject to military duty, to attend drill at Tivoli Clrole, at 5 o'clock ia the aitemoon today, and every day, Sunday excepted, at 4 o'clock, P.M. Magazine Gcabds. There will be, this eveuing, at 7 o'clock, a meeting of tbe Magaziae Guards, for sue transaction of business of great importance. Punctual attendance is specially requested by Capt. Aiden Mc - Lellsn. Coll teder ati Guards, Compaxy A. An adjourned meeting of the members of Company A, Confederate Guards, will take place this evening, at 6 o'clock, at their armory. Crescent Rules, Company D. This afternoon, at 4 o'clock, the members of Company D, Crescent Rifles, will assemble at tbeir armory, in full dreaa uniform aiid white gloves. British Fvsileers. This company will assemble to - morrow morning, at 11 o'clock, at 97 Customhouse atreet, instead of at Wood's Cottou Press, as it was previously advertised. Capt. M. Quayle informs ail members who don't attend this meeting that they will be dealt with according to law. Recorder Gastikel's Court. Ditmisted Cairt. Recorder Gattiuel dismissed yesterday tbe case of John Gernez Henry, charged by John Gomez, of the corner of Dumaiu aad Roniau streets, with assaulting him aud threatening to cut his throat with a razor ; that of Eniilie, tlave of Mr. Switzer. 183 Royal street, charged with grossly insulting Mrs. Louise Coliu, without provocation, aud that of Rose Tesier, equally charged with insulting Mrs. d ard D. Farr, f. w. c, at the corner of Roval and St. Philip streets. V ester day mcrniug, at the early hour of 2, MUs Fanny Taylor was standing in the entry of her house, No. 2it Treme street, gazing perhaps at Venus, the loveliest of all stars, when, to use her owl words, ahe was all at oace "smacked in the face" by a rough customer, Wilson Foil, who lives at No. 32 Melpomene street, waa the man who took this new method of making Miss Taylor's acquaintance. She made yesterday an affidavit against him, and he had to give bail in the sum of $3uo to appear. Mrs. Barbe, a resident of Bienville street, between Villere and Marais streets, gave bail in the sum of two hundred dollars to' appear before the Re comer, on the charge of grossly insulting Mrs. Wale, a free colored wonisu who lives in her neighborhood. Kmilie Longet, wife of Joseph Bertat, 4!1 St. Ann street, prosecuted for insulting Mrs. Krauroia Preuat, on aeveral occaaiona, aud Kosa CUrk, with her friend Lizzie Weaver, arraigned lor iusuitiug Mr. aud Mrs. K. Beck, 322 Customhouse street, had to give bail each iu the sum of $ 2UO to appear. First District Court Judye T. V. Colhnt. The Grand Jury found a true bill for murder agaiuat rrancois Messier, tue .ouave, woo killed, la - it Sun day, tus comrade, on Ola Levee street. They discharged Thomas Mahar, accused of manslaughter in killing Jerry Sullivau, on the 20th ol September, on the groimd of self defence. James Reid. who had been sent t tbe Wsrkhouu aa a dangeroua and suspicious character, by Recorder Adama, wua brought Into court on a plea ol habcat totpu; suea out oy nis counsel, u. w. uaiennie. Ksq. He bad been arrested three times in compauy nth tluevea, and each time sent to the orkhousH. The Court ordered him to stand his trial before this bar, aud used his bail at $1,500, which he was unable to give. James Hairy, lor an assault and battery, was tent to tbe Pariah Prison for ten daya. T. B. Green, for a similar otience, was sentenced to pay a hne of 4lt or get two weeks in the Parish Prison. Dan Snyder, charged with an aasault with intent to kill, pleaded guilty to an assault and battery. Mary Hlnes and Emmanuel Lopez plead guilty to larceny. Joa. Renne son and Cbaa. lienderaon. charted with assault and battery, and C. Keuner, with larceny. were discharged. Mrs. Lay Left est(rdav morning lor Virginia. She sivea her thanks tq ths ladies of tbe St Anna Aiyloni, and others, for their kindness in knitting comforters for tbe aoldiera; to Mr. rj Baar. lor aeeing to purchase and aend ths overcoats; and to tbe fuilowiug persons for their subscrip tions! Chase, Lay sc Co., 34 yarss oil rlotb anil SI3; Moore St Simmons, & ; Chaa. Laytorj, alo ; O. W. Dunbar, , J. Cirarmau, 1U; Stanley a Wright, sib, J. Maury, 410; Mis L Lay, t2f: Cash, ; Magnolia School, S3S i"i A. P.O., 10: in different small sums, through the Misses Schmidt, Sii 50; J. H. Nicholson. 10; Cuism, 5: Terrell, ; Ctapp, Mitchell Jack, S J. U. PonJhans. :., Cash, as; F. A - Boyle. Sfi; Mrs. Conan aud dauznter. 7 SO: J. Fleury, 6; Mrs. Smith, eft; Bebee, SIS: E'mer. .1; Isrleton, Sr; several small sums, 7 at): Sam. Boyd. lr. Total, .ro. Disbursed 7 dozen overcasts, at tl?. 1189: 19 over - contF, at Si AO, $47 .4); It lbs. worstsd, at 4, 7i; : 1 V4 dot. comfoite, at S7 60, I0 75 ; 4 comforts, at 7.'.c., 1 ; advertisements Pica, une , Delta Si. rt). Bee $7. Bulletin tree. Total, i - r. 75. oi 2dplt N O Tl C E . At a meeting of the WILLIAM GOODRICH GUARD, held at their araiory 011 the lith inst., uuder the supervision ol Ma.for Eineat Forstall. the follotringotiirers were duljtlected John Springer C spin 1:1 Lawrence Turner 1st Lieutenant. Peter Eugmann. Sr. Zd Lieutenaut Phi Ip Storcks Junior id Lieutenaut. oU - Sdplt Orleans Guards Battery. At a meeting oi tie members of the above company, tbe following gentlemen were appointed a committee to solicit subscriptions to lace tbe Battery on a war footinr, ready to march at a moment's notice on a requisition of tbe Governor. It Is hoped tbat all our citizens, lianUng and insurance institutions, will respond liberally to our appeal. Thto. Livsudais, Charles McMurdo, Paul J. Gleiaes. Jas. II. Suydam. Mortimer Belly, HENRY DUCATEL, Lieut. Sr. Com'?. M. A. CALOKGNE, lat Sergt, otl - 5dpst f Military Book, 3tc. Girham'it Manual. Ordnance Manual, Military Surgery, Trooper's Manual, Bayonet Exercise, Hardee'a Tactics, Artillery, Army Regulations, &c r. Maps and Flag Euvelcpes, C. S. Tariff, Books and Stationery, for sale at Exchange Bookstore. els tdpet c. Ecrvit.i. rSeniethins that Never Fail. We bear a good deal, through tbe press, of "infal lible" medicines, but tbe only reliable proofs ot tne real excellence of a medical preparation are Its sales. In this respect, HOSTETTER'S 8TOMACII BITTERS defy competion. No curative ever attained tne same popularity in tbe same time. Seven years ago it was not known out of private practice. Now, tbe sales amount to over twe thousand bottles a day. Every sgent of the pre - prietors makes tbs same report : cores marvelous conn - dance of tbe people In the preparation stronger every day demand continually increasing. Letters poor in by every n all announcing its wonderful eSects in dyspepsia, liver complaint, general debility, diarrhea, dysentery, and all complaints of the stomach and excretory organs. It Is not only efficient, but palatable, being the most agreeable of all the Bitters at pietent before the public. KT For aale by druggiata and dealers generally throughout ths world, on adptit Col. Scott's Regiment L.a. Cavalry. Col. John S. Scott's 1st Regiment Louisiana Cavalry is nearly ready for service. Thia Regiment ia one that every citizen of tbe State ahouid be proud of. A finer body of troops has not yet entered the service of tbe Confederate States. It haa been raised, mounted, armed and equipped witboutcoat to the Confederate Government. Between four and five hundred thousand dollars have been raised in the country parishes towarda making Its outfit complete, withent recourse to tbe General Government. AN APPEAL Is new made to tbe citizens of New Orleans for means to still further add to its efficiency. There is attached ts the first company numbering one hundred men two 12 pound mountain howitzers and one 4 pound rifled cannon, representing New Orleans. This has been done, relying upon the well known liberality of our citizens, that thay win furnish tbe means to properly equip them j and in tbat manner tbe commercial metropolis of the Southern Centsdtracy will be represented in a regiment that must prove a credit to oar State. The torn required for this purpose ia about 16,000. The following named gentlemen have kindly consented to act as a committee to receive subscriptions, with such as may be appointed to act with them : Allred Munroa, George H. Chaplain, L Marsh Penman, ' Q. S. Mansevilie. oll - tdptf Cltlzene Ticket, NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 10, 161. To the Nominating Committee t Gentlemen I thank yoa and all my friends with aratl - tude, for your consideration in nominating me as a candidate ta tbe State Legislature. Knowing tbat the good eittsan at all times, and more especially in these, does not belong to himself, bat that his whole energy and capacity belong te la country ; having my heart and feelings, together with the Committee of the Free Market, centred ea the success ef ths Institution ) and believing tbat I can be of more advantage ia dispensing the generous gitta of our plantera aad rnirens to tue families at aor mire "'""'"'r.'""" the Legislature. 1 beg leave to ask of yoo 1 te wtlbdraw my I nsmc frew taid nominations, and you will oll - - .t THO "AS MUttblAY LOUISIANA MILITIA. COMPANY C, FiriH REGIMENT, FIRST BKI9ADE AU persons Subject to duty ia this company, betaf na dsnts ot the squares cosDprbad witbiai Bacchaa, Harare. Tballa ard Triton Walk, wiU meet for drill ea SATURDAY EVENING, the llth inst, at o slock, aad every evening thereafter, (Sunday excepted,) sAUw Car rollton Railrcad Freight Platform, or yard. Those claiming exemption will bring their certificates. CHAR H. CHORcaiLL, Ceptala. WM. B.BOWLES 1st Lieutenant. olo - Mptt CITIZENS' TICKET. Senate RAN DELL BUNT, JOHN LAIDLAW. Repreae atativea. First Diatiict Second District.. .. P. N. WOOD. L N. MARKS. J. M. LABORDE, THOS. MURRAY. Third District .JAS. McCLOSKEY, R. W. ESTLIN, GEO. C LAWRASOST. . W. ALEX GORDON. .DANIEL D. ROGERS, F. MORENOS. .& P. VOORHIES. ..LEONCE BUBTHE, G. LAROQOE TURGEA0. - JAMES PHILLIPS. .D. FARRAR. ..GEO. JONAS, A. W. BOSWORTH, G. A. BREAOX. Fourth District.. Fifth District.... Sixth District.... Seventh District.. Eighth Dutrlct.. Ninth District.... Tenth District... . Sheriff of Criminal Court E T.PARKER. SherifT of Civil Courts T. D. HARPER. Coroner Dr. CHS. DELERY. o9 - gdpte V Notice to Ladies. SALE ON ACCODNT OF LIQUIDATION. The entire stock of Human Hslr, consisting of Ladies' Braids, tide Braids, Corls, Frittttes, Bandeaux, 4c. Also a fine assortment of rich Shell Ivory Combs, Fancy Pearl Ccniba, Gilt Pins, Bracelcta, Gold and Silver Belts, Tassels, Arc, all of tbe latest importation. Firfumery, Combs, Brushes, tc, will be cold regardless of cost, on account of liquidation. A:so, Store Fixtures for sale, at the store under the St. Charles Hotel, Comuion street, next door to the Ladies' Entrance. of zdolm THE THROAT, LINUS, AND HEART. DE. A. FOLLIN, Formerly Resident Partner of Dr. Robt, Hunter, Takes this method of informing all persona who may be suffering from any eflection ot the Throat, Lunga and Heart, to the treatment of which d jesses his practice is exclusively ccunned, tbat he will be glad to receive them at bia office. No. 186 CANAL STR&ET. Persona in the country, desirous of availing themselves of his peculiar mode of treatment by Inhalation, can con alt him by letter if unable to attend personally. A lioeral deduction ia invariably made to members of famllh a of abrest aoldiera. OfEce Hours 8 A. M. to 4 P. M. SW Consultation in English, French and Spanish. If say of my former patlexts or ethers bare our INHALING INSTRUMENT, or any INHALERS, and are net using them, tbey will not only confer a favor on us, but on many invalid, by sanding them to our office, whrre s liberal price will he paid for them, olo sdpllt Volunteer Belief Committee. SPECIAL NOTICE. From and after tbis dste, no more Tiokets forCasb Belief will be granted by this Committee, aa per resolution adopted at a meeting held 00 tbe Sd lust. JAMES BEGGS. ot'2dptf Chali man oi the Committee. DIRECT IMPORTATION. IIAGGKKTY BROTHERS, IMPORTESS OF FOREIGN DRY GOODS, Tonro Buildings, 128 CANAL STREET. Hsve now in store their usual beavy atock of Foreign DRY GOODS, and respectfully Invite an examination of prices by parties desirsusof purchasing WHOLESALE or RETAIL. Flam Black Ores de Rbin, 3 - 4 to 8 - 4 wide. Mode Silks, in all colors. Heavy Black Brochs and Damask gilka Rich Embroidered and Brocbe Silks, In newest designs, small and large. Plaid and Striped Silks. Colored snd Black Satins, SJsrcelllnes and Florences. Our stock of SILKS is unusually heavy, and will be found complete in. all atylea and qualitlea. 100 plecea Assorted Black and Colored Bilk Velvets, 6 - 8 tos - s. Black and Colored English and French Merinos and Cashmere a. Black and Colored All Wool Monaselaine De Laine. Rich Printed Mouaaelaines De Lalnes and Cashmeres. Department of Black Uoeds. Full line of Blsck Bombazines, Bombazettea, Silk Warp Alpacas, Bsgnos, English Bareges; 5 - 4, K - 4, 8 - 4 Black Cashmere, Parisieanaa, Llama Cloths, Escot, Tamise, Barpour. Black French Calicoes and La was, with many other makes of best quality Mourning Goods, English and German Hosiery lor Men, Women and Children. Merino Shiita, Drawers and Hosiery, for Men, Women and Children. Linens Linen Sheetings, Damasks, Clotha, Napkins, Doilies. Diaper, Cratb, Cplored and Fringed Bordered Towela aud Napkina. French and English Bed Blankets. Marseilles Quilts, aU sizes. Heavy stock of Velvet and Cloth Cloaks. Cashmere and Plaid Waol Shaw's. Black and Colored French Cloths and Caaaiuierea. Ladies' Cloth for Cloaks. Silk and Wool and All Wool Damask for Curtains. Brocbe, Jacquard and Plaid Muslins. White and Rose Bobbinet for Bars. Linen Netting. English Long Cloth. Complete atock ot coatly Laces and Embroideries. Kid Gloves, Perfumeries axd rrencn Corsets. French snd English Prints, new atylea. French Furniture Prints, Turkey Red. 60 bales Assorted Jeans and Llnaeys. Full stock ef every brand of Domestics. Red and White Flannels complete assortment. With the fullest supply of every article usually found in a well - assorted establishment. oo - sdptf HAQGERTY BROS. Notice to Hotel and Housekeepers. c CONTINUATION OF THE GREAT CARPET SALE. AT 120 CanalStreet liiO 0 p STAIRS THE BALANCE OF THE STOCK Of CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, MATTING, WINDOW SHADES, MATS, RUGS, CORNICES, STAIR RODS, CORDS AND TASSELS, DAMASKS, LACE CURTAINS, TRIMMINGS, c. stc, Have been rsmoved to the Second Floor of HO CANAL STREET, Touro Buildings, and will be cleared out REGARDLESS OF COST! N. B. - A largs lot of REMNANTS OF OIL CLOTHS AND CARPETS very low. tW Remember the number I 120 Camml Street, TOURO BUILDINGS, sjo - gdptf Dp Stairs. REMOVAL. Ths Wholesale and Reran Clothing EstabUshaaent of aja HONTROSS, of long atanelng. Is removed iroatt ths corner of Magazine and Common streets to Na, 43, opposite St Charles Hotel, wker. h. ww bt ideaeed to aeeh - tld friends and easterners. At bis new Store hla Meads and tha pnbUe will tod fine and seasonable CLOTHING, of every deacriptloa, aad at moderate rates. . MONTROS8. 40 St. Charles at,, olO - Sdptf . opposite St. Charlaa HetsO. BABEYB TRICOPHEROXI la tha best aad ekisgiat ss - ttcU tor dressing, baa amy ; ararUae, as saw Tl at aad rastorlrii the kel aa, atoUhf aUdimfgeMassara. est frJJ Confederate Noteo Tstkeai at Par " AT Tlie ', . - . '.Jl GREAT MILITARY EMPORIUM . . or - t 33. PIPFET, 123 Canal Street, Tears BallsUac - The following named foods have jest been 1 and will be sold cheap 00 pairs Assorted BLANKETS. ' SO dose WORSTED NECK TIES. SO .. . STOCKINGS. ,7 T5 .. COTTON AND MERINO STOCKEfaj. ' - SCO balla WORSTED TARN. , 360 IB KNITTING COTTON, assorted Colors. ' '"' ITS tb Asao - ted ZEEHTR WORSTED. 10 dozen WORSTED DRAWERS, r , f, - J . 30 .. WORSTED UNDER 8BIRFS. . S .. INDIA RUBBER OVERCOAT. - S . 750 great gross CHINA BUTTONS. S dozen KNITTED SILK SAIBES, fer Oficera! ' ' ' OFFICERS' SHOULDER, STRAPS, lll Agni BROIDERED STARS. - SOLDIERS' COMPANIONS k OFFICERS' BIYonAn BASKETS. wuc - ILK AND WORSTED BINDING, of every discs' ' GOLD BRAID, of every quality and width. ', GOLD AND SILVER CORD. I - .. GOLD AND SILVER TASSELS, COEDS and TRIMMINGS FOR FLAGS. SILK, MERINO AND COTTON CONFKDERATI FLAGS AND GUIDONS. a 600 dozen MILITARY BUTTONS, tat Louisiana, ITjaaa. sippi and Texas. DRUMS AND FIFES, ot every quality. LADIES' DRESS TRIMMINGS AND RIBBONS, ef every quality. , CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES, BOBBY HORSES ABD VELOCIPEDES. . FRENCH, ENGLISH AND GERMAN TOYS. .' tsT All of these goods will be sold low for CASH, tos CONFEDERATE NOTES TAKEN AT PAR. ' oSSrtnttSaWeU NOTICE. A satisfactory arrangement having been entered lata " between Gov. Moore and Rev. Ballard S. Dunn, tbs Confederate Agent for the purchase of Small Arms la Leeiai - ana and adjoining States, whereby tbs guns obtained ' through tbis sgrncy ara to r (turned over te ths Soveraor for home protection the? ablic are hereby inforaed that Mr. Dunn, and those employed by bim, ARB THE ONLY PERSONS PROPERLY AUTHORIZED ts receive or purchase Small Arms In ths name of thaeevsra - ment. Office, No. 16 Camp street. e4 tdpiai NEW COMPANIES. Twenty Companies can be supplied with Materials itr Uniforms, at very reasonable prices, at HOFFMAN A MARKS' o4 dotf 1T S3 Chartree street. Carpet Warehouse, 19 Caartrea Streets We have a largs assortment of CARPETIN9R sock a Wilton, Majalliona, Velvet, Brussels, Tsaestry, SFlya. Ingrain, Dutch. Venetians, Ac Also, Floor Oil Cloth sj all qualities and widths 1 White, Colored and Cocoa Baitings, Windew Shades, Table Covers, Bogs and Matst Drogget and Linen Crumb Cloths, Ac, Ac, at mod seals P1o6dait A. B ROUSSEAU COJ SHIRTS SHIRTS. 100 Dozen Colored Calico.. .SHIRTS. 60 Dozen Linen Check SKIRTS. 100 Dozen White Linen Bosom. For aale by SHIRTS. L E. WOOLF, ' ,t 4S ChaaltlCS taPr36t 01 Sdptf Notice to Forcer and Finishers. . Good workmen can obtain GOOD,.. WAGES aad PROMPT PAYMENT by applying to' the Rifle Factory of tha subscribers, on Third street, betwasa Baccaras aad Drjadea. THOMAS, GRISWOLD tt CO., et tf dp3t t ' Formerly Hyds A Oosdrica. Wltaeat Eceaoaty there la ao Uooa PREPARED OLTJE, V A REAL COMFORT TO A NEAT HOUSEKEEPER. Manufactured in this dty by t FREDERICK tig SHITHV This Liquid Gins is equal, if not superior, te any sxtsat, and is warranted to excel wherever it caa be aasd. It mends, In the most perfect manner, Mahogany Fanilart, Chain, Marble Ornaments, Toys, Shoes, Ac ' The bottles contain one - fourth more than thosstrssa tbe North, and are sold at the same price, so cents. - - Ssf A Brash accompanies each bottle For sale by BLOOM FIELD At STEEL, Na St Camp street 1 H. D. McGINNIS, Na 38 Camp street 1 A. DAPREMONT, and stores generally. BaT Orders sent to Bsx 1236 Post Office, will be attended to. as - edpiBa MILITARY. Hessra. P. F. Werlela de ilsUsaa Mo. S CAatf STREET, Are aow largely engaged In man af acta ring DRUMS SdS FIFES, ot a superior quality, tor MiLltary CoBapaniaa, at greatly reduced prices, owing to their increased tacilttsea Dealers anppliad on the moat Uberal terms. a" Orders from the CO an try at tended to with dispatch. oS - tdptt N O TIP E. Contributions for ths Sick and Wounded Soldiers el onr Army are to be left at WILLIAM H. SMITH'S sure, Ko. M Gravler street.' By order of ths Committee 1 W. A. ELMORE, P real lens. D. L RICARDO, Secretary. sl - sdpnf AARON BIRD. TJCCESSOB TO SEWS LI. Ta TATLOKt ; Importer of Flao Ol Wine, Lleaen, eke " U AND II ROYAL STREET, as bow ta store a large sapeJy at the saassasjat CRIME Oi BOOXY CHAMP AaHB, ta auras aa pints 1 also, ether brands, vUt CHARLES HXLDSElCaU PIPER KE1D8EICK, P AJUtCMTIIX, sad other sraakii e( lnfsrior quality. I bars a large assortment tt ths seat Old Sherries, each aa AMONTILLADO, TO PAR, BfJSaj RA, 80LDEH, DOTF GORDON and ANCHOR sTHsW HJXS 18X&. SOCTBSIDK MADEIRA, af direct aa portatioai ether Madslrs at tower grade - staparlaTOkt, Kaadoa Dry Dock PORT, and ether ports as aaaa grmdaj The celebrated SA1ARAC BRANDIES' Vlatasa 1WS, lrse, tsoa aad lsoa a large aapply always sa head AS arades ot CLARET and WHITE WINES, la stoat aaf weed. WHISKETS - Scotch aad Irian, Old Rye, I tnrn and Wnaat WbJskeya. SCOTCH ALB aad POI to Dints aad aaarts. CORDIALS, As. Myasaal autat of the BEST WINES, which wttl U sent ea rsaaosuvbU taraas as say athsr hoose la the dry. . AARON BIRD, ' aahZl aladoly U aad If Royal a BAIK DYE HAIR DTXs M.MnwMBM in airs SSWW I. Mu PyekaowB. All ethers are saere tinltaZaoBS ef tals grsssl kbowb. au euiers are aaere rmnsnwu ei saw aT inaL It predacea blatantly a splendid black sr aaisia ra, without Injuring tha hair or ataintng tassatoa Uffsss'rMddyraiaaiad,a4 taw halt iBftoasJ lor Ufa, enanisH. BTOWB, the 111. Tha genuine Is signed WLLIAM A. BATCHSLOsL ae the atealesienvlafcamaach side of every boa. All SIS sag are counterfeit, aad ahoald be avoided. . . ota aw . SL MunlwiM. a, BamU. Mam Ti si Baa i auusrww asmi, awwii raadwavt Volnntter Belief CosUsutttoor TO at.t. GOOD CTTIZENK . New" TJrtoaaa. Aagast Hv lsSU a thla Commrttas baa received, with dees, rasrr, peat. tlve proof that Impositions have besa sa - aettcad sraea aa public saerostty by persons ebtsialnf ?t", w" entitled to the asms, they hereby appeal ta ell awed cJat, aens waa aney coma ta tha knsrwlasga af say ssKAsaaeaa fraud, ta Inform mem bars of ths Cematittae la assaaa,sf leava such Infonnation, with as Uttto seUy as poaafWaal their office, 8scrstsxy'a office Board ef Asatataat Aldsej men. Room We. it. The followtof are tat n asses af tas CensaUttes. GERARD STITH. Board af Allarial 8. F. DsLABARRE, - - : L. E. FORSTALL, ' m J. B. HUC KINS, - JAM. BEGGS, Board sfAsst AUsTtat W. F. HODQKINS, - J . B. LEKFX, . - - JAMES DAVIS, - - . JAMES BEGOsV aall - adp tt - . Chairaaan ef tha CsasuanSaa. NEW QOODB. - 34 nagaElae Street, Up SttlYtV. - ; JnjojeSMlaforBalaBrsTnstorkof :. .r , MILLINERY GOODS, RICH VELVETS to. all shades. . . , UNCUT FANCY ditto. - 1 SILKS, SATINS, MARCELINES, , PLAIN an FANCY RIBBONS. .. VELVET RIBBONS, in all numbers, LACES, BLONDS, - - STIFF SKIRTS. TARLETONS. ' - - - RCSSIAS aad TRIMMINGS. , The above tooda wltt b sold cheap tm . atS - tdpttl r ,f f. J.TRAUuaa. ill

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