The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1933
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1933 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Post Will Give Annual Charity Ball Thursday Freak Distribution Enables Declarer to Make Contract PAGE THRKB The Dud Cason posi of the American Legion will sponsor a clinrily dance Thursday evonliw. Nwrnlwr 30. for (he benefit of the Goodfellows fund. "The Seven Aces from Chicago" will play for the affair, to be yiv- cu at the city auditorium, beginning at 10 o'clock. Ail of the profit-s will be turned over (o the Ooodfellows, of whom Ross Stevens is chairman. Members of the legion In charge of the dance are Floyd White, R. B. Stout and Clarence Holder. It, Is planned to make this dance a gala affair with a large number of out of town visitors to be present. Special attractions will be offered along with tins orchestra's dance selections. 'ihe inoniy will be the beginning of a fund which the Goadfellows will raise so that everyone in till:; city may be happy on Christmas. Uruggadocio Mrs. Earl Summers, who has beon very ill Jar two weeks, is improv-j If variety is the spice of life, then Today's Contract Problem Souih lias ilio contract, liciv. for s-lx lifiiris, ;iiii|,W<'s[ loads Hie I'niir of iliamoml-. It lool;s :i.s though South must ],]M' ':i clhmimd ami :i siHulr. \Vli;it play. -Siowi'in-. will give liini ilii> cuiijrari? AJ loo V K S 4 3 « A Q .1 A K II 0 + Q J 53 * A K 7 V A Q 10 5 2 « 5 2 *A10 2 Solution In next issue. ±1 put liie lead Into dummy at the eleventh trick, and this Is the only way he could nvold losing two heart tricks. ing. -Mi. and Mrs. Nick Buchanan have been visiting the lal'.er's parents, Mr. and Mrs." Earl Summers, during the latter': Illness. Miss Jev;ell Lewis became ill and returned r.ome last Thursday from Memphis, where she was enrolled In the Moler School of Beauty Culture. Misses Mamie Hamlet, Christine Galiaher, Mildred Bruce and Sylvia Huckaba drove to C';ruuiers- vilie-'Monday nig:U and attended the B. V. p. u. association! pat- Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY IV.M. E. McKKNNEY Secretary, Aini-rlean Bridge League reak hands are the spice of bridge. :lands of regular distribution are in the great majority, and their proper handling is a fundamental Jau of one's game. Nevertheless, the freak hands produce most of the thrills, and a bit of good judg-. nvent or good inck in handling such distribution will be remembered for many days. luck supper and Baptist church. program at the Mr. and Mrs. Jeff White returned home Tuesday after a few days visit in Kansas City, Mo., with their daug.ntcr and son-in-law, Mr. nnd Mrs. William Alston Jr. The fat-tailed sheep has so heavy a tail that is drags on the ground. ROXY Last Time Today f Mat. 2:30, 10-25c I ' Nite G:'I5, 10-25c RAMON NAVARRO in THE, BARBARIAN' FOX NEWS - - COMEDY j trump, his contract was assured. If ; the spade finesse should Icse. •so 'would the contract, while a 4-1 split in trump would not necessarily be fatal. North elected to try t'"c spade finesse first and when the jack held the first trick, a diamond was returned and ruffed in his own hand. Another spade was led, the king being covered by the ace, and dummy's last club was rulled in the North hand. Declarer then led the Sting of hearts, which East won with the ace, and returned a club, West '.vise- and Taxes Go Hand in Hand Again PARIS (UP) —Kclmond Egnssc. sentenced to die [or the slaying of a watchman, sut in his Santo j prison cell, lie is to lie nulllollned.! The Jailer timounrcd a visitor, i "1 don't wniit to we anybody," said the condemned man." "You've go' to come along." the tiiiard said. This c.ilter reure.scm.s the government." The visitor was deferential, but discouraging. "I have missed you." he stiid (o Hgarse," 1 was afraid I mltht not find you In time." The iimciuil visitor cleared his throat. "I summon you to apix-av," he said, "before the Ti-iilh Chamber of the Correctional Court. Yon failed to pay the last tax insiahntnt on your motorcycle." No. 8 and Vicinity Emory Brooks of Cooler la In (i very critical condition. He is sufi fcrlngwllli n cnrbuncle of the spine. Clelis Evniis of Tennessee fci vls- iling velnilvcs in tills communlly. Mrs. S. v. Wnlvcrlon, wlio spenl (lie past f,-«- weeks with her diuigli- ler. Mvs. Umdon Hainllioii. Ls now 'slllns In t:-e home or her con, \V. Jl'lLklf.S. Mr. and Mrs. Hiicy Bond nnd chllcln-ii ;uiJ Mr. and Mrs. J. K, Roberts of Cooler mv visiting rel- ullvos and friends In Mlsslsslpjil. Even:; Wllklns nnd Mlis Verna Read Courier News Waul Ac's. Evans united in marriage at Cimi'.hc:svii:c l-'rklny by Judge C. D. Travis. Th: j y were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs, 1,. .Wouilard line] .Mr. ana Mrs. Henry Evnns. Ohio School Board Bini Teachen' Week-end Tripi WILLARD, Ohio (UP) - ThtMtl be no more "Blu« Mondtys" (or the teaching staff of Wlllird's schools. The Board ol taucatum, noting the somewhat droopy manner !» which Instructors came back In work after week-ends, placed In effect a rule that every teacher must :uk permission nnd present a \uiiii excuse before leaving town over the week-end. "Frankly." said Board Member H. C. lilnke, "we made the rullns r>o we could be sure of having the teachers on hand Monday inorii- Incs. Last year a number of Mondays rolled around with several teachers sill) unaccounted (or, and olliers so very sl«py (hey'were ->t llttlo value." .-The teachers themselves .have Mile lo say about the new rule, bul they're obeying It. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump Out of Bed In the Morning Rarin' to Go No\v f~ tlu; Time To lVnnm; I'or tin 1 lioliday Season -Many >ituE:il emit!! arc up the i ikmLtr fur till- next sl\ wt'cltSj mill you'll n-unl lo Iui>k your best. K<H»d Courier News Want Ads. fiut Just Another \ ly refusing to trump. North trumped, led the iiueen of hearts, nnd then put dummy in the lead with the quecti of sp:uics. West must rull whatever is led from dummy, and North will over- ruff, making the last two tricks and ois contract. Notice that the declarer had to \ reduce his trump hoMlng by r.ilf- ing four times, so that lie might Today's hand shows '.:iat opposing high card strength sometimes may be offset by favorable distribution and brilliant, strategy. South's bidding may have oetn a little too bold in view of his partner's t,::ird hand opening, but freak hands call for aggressive bidding nnd Norlh ivas equal to the occasion. The Play East cashed his king nnd ace" of clubs and then led the king of diamonds, vXiich North ruffed. The declarer could see that, with a sue- I ceisful spade finesse and u break in I expensive. Insist on THEDFORD'S. If yen f«l sour and sunk »rJ the world took i pynk, don't swallow u lot of itUs. min- crtlwatt/.o!!, biktivt randy urciw»ine «uro &r>d bi[xd Itit-in 10 nuke yo'J«idJttly»wcx-t and buoyant, and full of tumhi/w. Fur tl,«-y rasi't i!u it. Thf-y or.Ly move the bon.di and a n:rrt ir.oVt-uw r.t d<M^n'L {cl at (tii' r^usr. Tl.t [(.-u^oii (or vcut iJo»r.-aml-out Icrlt^c t5 your live. U should [*mr oul two pounds ot liyuid bilu inlo y<wr bowda dally. If Lljii li:l« l» IK>I iluft'tnt; litely, your food ' Remember that me proper use ol Thedford's Black-Draught lor constipation, tends to leave the bowels acting regularly. old N °* your Lre»th h foul. blttiu'ihs. Yourheij r y t>.:cV, tijte nr.d ikin often l.rf-nfcs out ! . •chfs ami ynu lurl down and out. Your »ho!o *>*tttnii poiionrJ, It iaV e i thwu- KOoJ. old CAHTER'3 LITTLE LIVEK PILLS lo B et tbew two po'-iadi of LUe flo»ing frtely and roakv you i**\ "up »aJ cp." They contain wondf/ful, bkrmUu, lentle vegetable citi&cU, »maiJoc wbtn It conn to m*kir.£ the bite flow ftetily. But dcn't nk (or liver pill). Ailt (or CarUr'j I Friday & Saturday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c HOOT GIBSON in 'THE ROILING POINT' Creighton Chancy Serial— "Last Frontier" and Cartoon Thursday & Friday Matinee 2:30—lOc - 25c N'urht 6:45—lOc - 35c A dish fit for a King! BROTHERS • POCK SOUP A Paronount Picl»r« Diraciid by l»o McCo;«/ Oddity Comedy "Menu Harry f angdon in "Marriage Humor" CASH PHONE = GO3 „ Free Delivery Free Delivery SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY No. 2 Can, Sliced or Crushed, per can 17!c COFFEE Canova OOC Lb. Can £0 PECANS Nke - Medium5 ^.35 I'ge. Jumbo Paper 'Shells. 10-lb Sack. CELERY Jumbn Stalk Each LETTUCE I^irge Head Each SOAP 0. K. Giant Bars, or P & G Giant Bars, 7 Bars 25c At Ihlt shop YOU iretfve ihe (vU udvanlajrs of sklllfd, attentive (perutors and stylist*, wba w»r* with spffd nnd rase at any k*au<jr Permanents— $3.50 Margaret Deen Beauty Shoppe jrrum Hlilif. ' Phone I'M) But * woodtrful nodtra mtdl- cioc which wti upoe tb« (joodiuoai which CAUSE cht pmlo. Tike them cvffululy and you should tafftt leu •nd leu each monih. PERSISTENT USE DRINGS PERMANENT RELIEF. Sold «t all good drug Mom. Small JLM 50^. LYDIK L PINKRAM'S TABLETS PORREUEfAHD PREVENTION OP PERIODIC PAINS Coming Attractions Week of November 26th CITZ r . SUNDAY - MONDAY, NOV. 215 - 27 7)ick Powi'll, Ann Dvorak, I'at O'liricn nnH Kyle Tnllml in The Orwitcst Football Picture Ever Filmed!'. Paramount News .. Comi'ily "Sherman Said II" with Churley Chase NOTK: Sw our other ad for Special Sunday Stage Attraction TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY, NOV. 28 - 29 Joan Crawford and Clarke Gable in 'DANCING LADIES'^ Paramount News Caronet Comedy "Get Along Little Wifie" PEAS Tom Thumb umb OAL No. 2 Can L\J ASPARAGUS sgra, 22 L MEAL 21-Lb. Sack iM Each 4U TOMATO JUICE Iftech Nut. 3 Cuns l,u\ Gold Medal (PI OfT 2.1-1,1). Sack <pl,LiJ PEACHES No. 2\ Can, Mo-Ark. Maid, 2 Cans CRACKERS 2-Lb. Box Gold Medal 5-Lb. Sack 16 C CRANBERRIES Fanc U2 c OATS Checker OA 55-Oz. liox L\J FLOUR Stjuarc Deal m nr lS-I,h. Satk Red Sockcye DelMonto. Tall Can Why I5uy Cold Storage Fowl for that Thanksgiving Dinner? All Our Turkeys, Geese, Ducks and Chickens Will lie Fresh Home Kiisd—Order Now—Prices Right! BACON Sliced 101C Lb. J.62 STEW ""' PIG FEET "ffifi . te IT Beef. T-Bone, Loin 101C or Round. Lh. COUNTRY SAUSAGE PORK ROAST ,. k 11" BEEF ROAST «««*.»-' 9c BACON Wrappe( ' Smoked in the Piece THURSDAY - FRIDAY, NOV. 30 - DEC. 1 Jack Oakie, Jack Haley, Ginger Rogers and 100 Hollywood Beauties in a Great Musical Show 'SITTING PRETTY' Mickey Mouse Cartoon Comedy with Charles Jiedel? SATURDAY ONLY, DEC. 2 • Hi chard l)i\ in 'DAY OF RECKONING' New Serial "Perils of Pauline" No. 1 With Evelyn Knapp and Robert Allen SUNDAY - MONDAY, NOV. 2fi - 27 Lee Tracy in 'TURN BACK THE CLOCK' Comedy "Taxi Baron" with the Taxi Hoys Baby Burleska in "The Kids Last Fight" TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY, NOV. Marie 'Dressier and Wallace Beery in TUGBOAT ANNIE' Fox News and Comedy FRIDAY - SATURDAY, DEC. I • 2 Randolph Scott and Judith Allen in 'THUNDERING HERD' Creighton Chaney Serial and Cartoon $3,000.00 IN AWARDS?! Junior League Pictureganw ,, Send »1.00, nnd 3-c«nt stamp, for Olfklal Cataionue of Winning Titles- and. ANSWER BOOK which en- lllk'S you to all 63 pictures FREE In the Plcluregame NOW IN COMMERCIAL APPEAL,, i'nu get all rules and Instructions. Nothing else to buy. No solicitation. NS canvassing. You do not b: n subscriber to the Col Appeal to win $l,000,o|$J AWARD, or one ol 278 oth'a' PRIZES. All you do Is >f lo pictures. Lust picture : . _. December 9lh but you 'hare . ,t time. Your set ol answers/i be mulled as la!e os January 'lOth:Y Bend your order NOW for Of- . Iclnl Catalogue of Winning Titles " mil Answer Book. Get in nnd win! . Address— ' •'' IMeturejjame Editor, Cure Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tenn. A REAL TREAT FOR THEATRE PATRONS OF THIS SECTION SUNDAY ONLY III/ MATINTEB—25c - Site NIfiHT—50c TO AL1, • The Most Unusual Stage Show in the History of This Theatre ALL IN PERSON JAMES HALL Handsome Screen Star of "Hells Angels" "Four Sons and leading man for Clara Bow And -His . Famous Moieland BAND Featuring RAY ELZIE, Pianist Formerly of Abe Lyman's Band Direct from World's Fair SALLY RANDALL In Her Sensational Fan Dance TIIE 3 MUSICAL NOTES 3 DARLINGS OF HARMONY AND RYTHM STARS! STARS! IN A WHIRLWIND STAGE 1'RKSENTATION ON THE SCREEN You Haven't Seen a Football Game Untill You've Seen ~^^~- ^^^^" ^^^^— ^^^^ i^^i^^v •^^^^ COACH Warntr Iroi.' AM-Amtricon (math . of Ifw hour, with Thit Big SurpiM Cow— DICK POWELL, ANN DVORAK, PAT O'BRIEN, LYLE TALBOT •nda K0f« of famous gridiron start I PARAMOUNT NEWS - CHARLEY CHASE COMKDY

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