The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1949
Page 13
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.MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1949 BLYTHEVtLLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS [1949 Apple Crop iiggest in Years PAGE THIRTEEN Oysters Enrich Holiday Fare; An All-American Thanksgiving Food Quality in General Is Good and Prices Are Reasonable Bake 'em, cook 'cm in pies, use I em in cakrs, eat 'etn in the rough I— Apples! Why? Because crop is Ijargcsl in years, of good quality in |;<enoral and reasonable in price, fork tl'Oiis With Sluffins ami Apples One tablespoon minced onion, I few sprigs parsley, chopped, 1 U- Jhlcspoon fat, 1 cup fine dry bread • crumbs, 1-8 teaspoon savory sea- I wiling, salt and pepper to taste, 6 f ork chops. 3 tarl red apples. te)k the onion and parsley in ,xh(^/at for a few minutes, add tlie jbrefcd crmubs and seasonings, and l^btir until w«n mixed Sp.rinklc the I! chops with salt^and pepper, rub •^lightly with flour, and sear, in a hot TJskillet. Lay the chops on a rack in la baking dish or pan with covei PCover each cliop witli the bread- I {crumb mixture and then with half j ! an apple, cored but not pared, cut. isidc down. Cover and bake su mod- ijoratc CiiO to 37,"> degrees P.) for 'OO minutes, or until the meat is ten,';<Ier. Lift the chops onto a hot plaX- -,'ter and serve, Frictl Apples and llaciin Fry bacon until crisp, drain and *'keep hot. Leave abrmt 4 tablespoons ,;of fat in the skiklct, fill It witli .'sliced apples, sprinkle with sugar, ''l\f desired, cover and cook slowly Uintil tender. Remove the cover to . the apples brown. Serve on a .5hot platter with the bacon. Infimi Apple Pudding (12 servings) One-third cup coarsely ground '^corn meal, I quart milk, 7 teaspoon jsalt, 1-2 CUD molasses, 2 cups ap- •Iples, finely diced, 1-2 to 1 tea=1 spoon ginger, j Cook the corn meal, milk and [salt In a double boiler for 20 min- ijutes. Add the molasses, apples and ^ginger. Pour into a greased baking idlsh. Bake at slow (300 degrees -..i F.I for two hours. Serve hot or cold *!with cream or vanilla Ice cream. STARTING OFF RIGHT--O.vsler Rockefeller Is an ideal »ppeli«T for your Thanksfcivinz feast. rurWey is not the only American i 1 can condensed mushroom soup food to he thankful for. Our oystcis with the clumped spinach. Heat to hie wonderful, too. Today, thanks t» mortem refrigerated transportation, air freight and quick free/ins, oysters can be found in almost every part of the country. So include Uiun in tho regal all-American Thanksgiving dinner. Oysters Rnckcfpllrr Tether until smooth- about 10 min- ute.s if spinach is completely tliawcd. Baked Oysters (Serves 6) Drain and pat dry with paper toweling 1 quart oysters. Arrange oysters in buttered baking dish or 6 individual baking dishes. Sprin- • • L ,J*H;» ,M,im-n-iii-i u muiviuuai oaKing aisncs. aprin- Ask your dealer for one dozen 1 klc with salt, pepper and paprika over Coosf Offers Salad Ring Recipe From California, where everyone seems to understand and enjoy entertaining, conies this remarkable salad ring. It's perfect for Sunday supper when dull appetites threaten. Roquefnrt-CnUag^ Cheese Salad Rinjf (Serves 6-8) Two tablespoons plain, unfavored gelatin, 1-2 cup cold watefj 2 (1- pint) cartons cream-sly le (large curd) cottage chees'e with cliives, 1 cup crumbled Roquefort, Blue, or Gorgonzola cheese, 1-2 cup cream or undiluted evaporated milk, 1-2 cup Rhine wine, Sauterne, Chablis, or other whit* table wine or cold water, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire •auce, salt to taste, 2 tablespoons chopped parsley. Soften gelatin in cold water 5 minutes; dis-solve over hot water. Combine remaining ingredients and bet (preferably witli an electric beater) until thoroughly blended; stir in softened gelatin. Ponr into R lJf-2 quart ring -mold that has bf?n rinsed with cold water; chill until firm. . Unmold on a platter; fill the center o( the ring with mixed green salad and surround It with sliced tomatoes, pear or peach halves, slices of pineapple or whatever you like. Serve with French dressing. oysters on the half shell, Be 4 as appetizer, 2 as main" course. Cream '/> cup butter and mix in j cup fine bread crumb/;. Add '.{. cup frozen chopped spinach, 2 tablespoons minced onion, 1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley. Mix together thoroughly. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Spread generously over the top of each oyster In the half shell. Place liilcd oyster shells in a large baking or broiling pan^ or in individual pie pans. Place in hot oral, '400 degrees P.) for 20 minutes. Serve immediately. Nole: Save leftover frozen spinach to serve following day. A won- „„„.„,„„; ^ derful way to prepare It Is to mix for 30 minutes. Cover with 1 clip grated' sharp eh.-esc. Drain liquid from No. can tomatoes ana spread thick pulp cheese. Sprinkle again with, salt pepper and paprika. Top with remaining grated cheese. Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees P.) abmu 30 minutes. Tidewater Oysters (Serves 4) Cover bottom of buttered casserole with ',4 cup cooked rice. Add !!• pint chopped oysters and ','1 can il cnmiensed celery soup. Dot witl miller and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Repeat layers. Cover top with buttered bread crumbs. Bake in a moderate oven (350 degrees P.) Tempting Way to Serve Apples Is Suggested A tempting way to enjoy oil plentiful apple supply is to put, then. Into a scalloped dish: Allow about 2 small apples per person. Wash, core and slice them .Place Ihem in lavers In a making dish. Sprinkle eacli layer with sugar and a little salt [ Dot with table fat. Add a little water, sprinkle with crumbs, if tie- siljg. Cover and make In a mniie- raWjoven (375 degrees F.) 30 to 40 minutes or until tender. During the last 15 minutes of making, rcmov. the cover for browning. Evaporated Milk Convenient For Making 'Leftover' Dishes Hy Guvnor Maiitlox NKA Staff Writer Combine leftover vegetables with spoons flour, 1M[3 milk mixed with evaporated there's a chowder for Monday's luncheon. Cold potatoes in the house? Then slice and mix with evaporated milk to produce an American standby — hashed browned potatoes for dinner. Or transform Sunday's chicken into a siKzling chicken pip. i Evaporated' tnllk is'c inexpensive and convenient when diluted with an equal amount of water. Makes ttl[U ocKsonmgs four into I mmr a dairy food equal in nutritional vai- 1 baking dish, cover with biscuitTni« ,-,„ *~ fi.,;,t ..^iii. TT.,j;i,.t«^ i _.__> . . . . "".it UI.'iLUJL CTUS cup chicken cooked stock peas, cups evaporated 1 cup water, from honos, 2 tablespoon. minced onion, 2 tablespoons c^ parsley and *,* cup chopped celery leaves, ni cups diced cooked chicken, salt and pepper to season bis cint crust mi cuns biscuit mi with water to make soft dou»h) Melt butter, slir in (lour the'i add milk. Stir over low heat unti w.i.. iui> ILCUL, HI] thickened. Add vegetables, clucks seasonings. Pour into 1-quar ue to fluid milk. Undiluted am! chilled, it is rich enough to whip. Vegetable Chowder i (Serves 4) One cup coarsely chopped onion, 3 tablespoons'butter, 1 cup sliced outside leaves celery, 7. cups diced raw potatoes, *' 2 cup leftover green peas, \'-> cup diced leftover carrots, '/i head shredded lettuce or 1 cup shredded raw cabbage, 4 cups boiling water, 1 teaspoon sale, '! teaspoon sugar, 'i teaspoon pepper, 1-113 cups evaporated milk. (1 tail can), 3 tablespoons flour. Cook onion in butter until beginning to brown, acid raw potatoes, lettuce or cabbage, water, salt and sugar. Cover arid boil gently for 25 minutes or until vegetables r-r3 tender. Then add cooked vegetables. Add evaporated mils, hcut to boiling point, stir in flour mixed smooth with a little cold milk Let boil up before serving. Serve with pilot crackrs or plain soda crack- cr; as a main luncheon dish. Hashed Brown 1'olators (Serves 4) Two cups finely chopped, cooked, cold potatoes. ',;: cup evaporated milk, 2 tablespoons butter, salt and pepper to season. Meit butter in 6-inch frying pan. pack in potatoes and cook over very low heat for about 20 minutes or until crusty and bro^n on the bottom. Fold over like an omelet and turn out on a hot pl.ltn Chicken Pie (leftover chicken) (Serves I) Four table-spoons butter, 1 tabl?- anrt bake f.) for 15 is brown: United States Travel Increases JO Per Cent CINCINNATI _W)_ The nation' vacation travel income this yea will exceed SI 1,000,000.000, an in c:ease of 10 per cent over 1348 it. is estimated by auto-builder Posv hot oven (400 degree, minutes or until crus SLICED BACON Crisp, Tender, Tajty Serv» it for breakfast, lunch or supper. Washington Apples 60 With Holidays! Wonderful WASHINGTON DELICIOUS Get them at your grocer's NOW Buy frie KING SIZE BIG ONES . . . premium frail a! no premium pnc« ood Party ~ood Ideas Suggested One of the best cooks In Call- irnia contributes these two sepcial icipcs. They arc the kind of ctish- i you waul for imUculnrly goori U'lies foe Ihosc good friends who ijoy fine lood. akcil Ham Slice Witli PiMr:ip|ih- S:tUL-ff (Serves 5 or 0> One {•> potmd) slice smoked hnm, tablespoon^ prepared inuslard, 3 • -i slices canned pineapple, halved, tablespoons butter or fortified largarine, 2 tablespoons (lour. 1 ip pineapple juice and \' 3 cup lorry wine, or 1 ',-i cups pineapple uice, \-. cup brown sugar; cook, irring constantly, until mixture is ilckened and smooth; pour sauce vcr ham, Bake, uncovered. In « lodcrate oven (350 degrees P.) for ne hour, basting several Umcs ith tlie sance in the baking dish. Italian Cream (Serves 5 or H) One envelope plain gelatin, 'i up white port or other desert ic. or ','3 cup water, 3 eggs, sep- rated, 'i cii)) sugar, juice and rated rind of two lemons. Soften gelatin In wine nr water nt about a minutes; dissolve over ot water; curjl. Deal cgg yolks and ugar together until thick and le- 1011 colored; add dissolved gelatin, eiuon juice and lemon rind; mix «ll. Beat et'g wlntc.s until stiff iut not dry; [old in yolk mixture, 'lending until no trace of egg white cumins. Pour Into 5 or 6 sherbet lasses; chill until firm. Serve plain T topped with whipped cream. Chocolate Baked Alaska Cake Is 'De Luxe 1 Dessert Looking for easy de luxe desserts? iere is one that hegins with bak- :ry cake and ends wHh cries of more, more!" ChuiofMe Haked Alaska Cake fG-8 st-rvhigs) Four egg whites, 6 tablespoons lugar. f? tcasjioan vnntlla extract 8-inch) layer bakers' cake, 1 quart :hoco!ate lee cream. Beat egg whites until .sEiCT, but jot dry. Blend In sugar and vanlila ixtract. Continue beating until mr- •ingue stands iti peaks and is well blended, place cake on a coekic licet, pile ice cream on cake Icav- tig about '.i-iticli around ed^c -jT cake uncovered. Cover ice cream and cake with meringue, making sure hat ice cream Ls well covered by the meringue. Brown quickly Jn a hot oven (450 degrees P.> for approximately five minutes. Serve immediately. The first major league baseball game to be televised \va.s Brooklyn i's Cincinnati August 26, 1939. el Croslcy, Jr. "Present indications sre that between 65 and TO million people over (he nation are taking vacation trips in their family auto- mr biles find another 10 million are going by train, bus, airplane and boat," hi said. "Vacationers witl spend, all told, more than $11,000.000.000 at- hotels, resorts, camps, restaurants, motor courts and gas stations." ON THIS DELTA ELECTRIC LANTERN Good for • Mrtim* of icrvict. Throwi bright COO fi. fcr.m. Cocnplrle with bil- trrici. Dtlailt with KELLY'S PRIDE FLOUR l»it vali* VI,03 Vou (an buy f( for I full coupon and 12 00 OH THIS PLASTIC TABLE COVER Sod. 1 pc. clinCc. Colorful loir Vilut. ..II. SO rluy k for 1 .ponk II.4S *$&& COUPONS AKfPACKED 'NIACH f'l^/3>7 SACK OF MOORE BROTHERS Hlthwa; 18 West. Blythcvlllc AT YOUR GROCERS AN AMERICAN TRADITION,.,THE WORLD'S BEST-FED NATION Lei u> count our bleyingi . . . Ih, woild'i highest ilondord of living . . . freedom of religion, and opporluniliei which only lh« American lyslem often. OVEN- READY TURKEY Young Hens 10-14 Ibi. Ib. PORK ROAST ,„ 39 Cuf SPARERIBS ,„ 49 . 2 i ,1,8. 69 C Small Lean ;uul Mealy PORK SAUSAGE Wagner Hrand - 69 Cop,.iuM im, rke Krogt, Co DUCKLINGS Ih 69 C dressed mid drawn BAKING HENS 59 Dressed and drawn SLICED BACON ... L!) . 49 C Dressed and drawn ICED B klovv Hi and SELECT OYSTERS Krcshore Large PI. 79 C 25-llj. . Hajf •l-ll). . Cln. II!-<)/.. . Jar. 57 t CORN MEAL Honeysuckle PURELARD Firm White MIRACLE WHIP Salaci Dressing TOMATO JUICE 1;; 25 Kroger WHITE CORN Royal C!cn) Cream Slylc PORK & BEANS Kroger TUNAFISH California 15raml (irutecl HOMINY Country Clnh Nf r 10 C No. .10,3 -iftc ,. Can IU No. 2i/i OCe Citn No. 21/2 . . . Can ^^^itfis^iijMi^i^ps^ PEACHES California Sliced L Cans UUU SUGAR 1'iire Cane GranulHtcil %*? SAUCE Ocean Spray CKANKKKKY 10-Ui. 89 2 NO. ;«)() Cans KROGER PEARS 4 NC ^ 1 Kancy Barlltlls PRUNES Large Sunsweel RAISINS 2 Stinmaid Seedless PEANUT BRITTLE It 29 Chuck l-'ull of rcniuils CHOCOLATE DROPS 25 Kroger (ROGER BREAD 2 i: 27c 1 5-ox. \'kss. 'I'wislcd While DotiKli fin- Finer Texture FRUITCAKE 2 " c £ Kroger Viictiiini i'ack LAYER CAKE EiR , 59 C Kroger Special 'rhaiiksgiving Cake CORN XIUIJCTS Whole Kernel PEAS Kroger Stores CLOSED THANKSGIVING DAY 12 * 1Q C 2 X0. 303 Cans GREEN BEANS 2 S;, s2 IT Avandale Cut BUTTER MACAROONS 31 SUNSIIINK—8 Oz. I'kK. CRANBERRIES 2 Fancy - fresh picked. CELERY KROGER Pumpkin 2 For smooth golden pics. MILK ^«j Kroger I'nre Kviiporalcd PECANS ^SS° „ .-.. New Crop Large I'sipcrshcll—3 Ib.-mesh bag it!)c Selected Washed Triuniphs APPI F^ '"" H "' 5Q HrrLtO j.yy ]. cck 33 U.S. No. 1 lied Crisp, Tarl, .Juicy POTATOES 50" r' I 69

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