The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1949
Page 12
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1 / PAGE TWELVE .E (ARK ) COURIER NEWS Youngsters Like These Leftovers Thrift of Homemaker Depends on Serving From Previous Meal Tench children early to eat and enjoy leftovers. The success of tbaf. lesson In thrift depends on how temptingly you serve those leftover vegetables and (hose small amounts of meat, fowl and fish from previous meals. Here's one formula for using leftover ham: Hani Souffle (Makes 6 servings) Six tablespoons quick-cooking tapioca, - 1 ! teaspoon salt, ",B teaspoon . pepper, 2 tens poems grated onion, *i cup milk, a i cup ham or chicken stock, or s i cup water and 2 bouillon rubes 'chick*n flavor), 1 cup ground cooked hum, 2 tablespoons chopped paisley, 3 egg yolks, beaten until thick and leu ton -colored, 3 egg whites, stiffly beaten. Combine quick-cook iug tapioca, .salt, pepper, onion, milk and stock in saucepan. Place over medium heat and cook until mixture cornea to a full boil, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Add ham wild parsley. Con] slightly while bctit- Ing.pggs. Add egg yolks and mix well. Add very gradually to egg whites, folding in thoroughly. Turn imo greased 2-quart baking dish. Place in pan of hot water. Bake In moderate oven <350 degrees F.) one hour, or until souffle is firm. Jellied salatj offers a good way of serving leftover vegetables. Many nutritionists believe thai rehenlhiR vegetables destroys some of their vitamin content. Use that leftover vegetable water combined - with R bouillon cube to give you salad a livlier flavor, Jellied .MnlUv (Makes 6 srrvingsl One package lemon-flavored gelatin, 2 cups hot water and vegetable, stock and I bouillon cube, 2 tablespoons vinegar, 3 1 teaspoon suit, dash pepper, -\ teaspoon celery salt, ?1 teaspoon scraped onion, "i cup cooked diced carrots, \ cnp cooked peas. Dissolve gelatin in hot stock. Add vinegar, salt, pepper, celery salt until slightly Special Creaminess in Pumpkin Pie Achieved By Using Evaporated Milk Both Turkeys, Chickens Yield Good Yet Economical Recipes for November MONDAY, NOVEMBER z \, As both turkeys and chickens are on the list, of November plentiful foods, look to them for svelcome economy. Want something difli'rcnt for Sunday? Then try this chicken ynmljo—iLS tlavorfnl and rib sticking, made at chicken, ham ftjid veB- etable.s. Cliifken Gmtilio 15 tit G gemTnus .serving*) One fowl, 1 quart' Jie-h-skinned choppeil tomatoe.s or canned tomatoes. 1 largo onion, chuppril. 1 sprJK parsley. 3-4 pound cured ham. 1 quart sliced okra, salt to lasle, d:usti c-ayeniie. Disjoint the !<>\vl into pieces tor rvinK. Place the pleies in a ket- tle, add lightly suited water to cover .partly cover the kettle and cook until tender. Simmer, ilo not, boll Allow 3 to 4 hours. When the bird j is about half done, skim off the i tat and add to Ihe chicken and .skimmed broth the tomatoes, onions anil parsley. Then dice the ham, or cm In strip.*, blown' Ihe nieces In tlie ham lat ami transfer them to the kettle. Wash and stem the okra and cut in one-half inch slices. In the ham (trippings brown the okra and add it to Hie chicken, Coni timic to cook .slowly until the chlck- j en and ham are tender mid the I .sauce has a (airly thick con.sLslcncy. I Add fall to la.ste and a dash of < cayenne. Serve with flaky cooked | Tluit recipe and the following are IxHIi from cooking experts or Department of Agriculture. For a full- bodied leftover recipe, here's a chicken ri-sotlo, Clili-kw Hisoilo (SITVM 5 (o (!) Two cu|w or more.chopped, cooked chicken, 1 quart, chicken broth, 1 onion, chopped, '2 tablespoons butter or other fat, 3-4 cup rice, grated Take the meat off the bones and chop it. Stevr the bones in enough water to liuike a quart of broth and iciel any leftover gravy that will 'urnish chicken flavor, in a large 'rung pan cook the chopped onion or a few minutes In (he fat and acfti the chicken broth. When it :oi!s up rapidly, .sprinkle the rice in lowly. Cover the pan, simmer^ the nee. for about 25 minuted, or until Ih 6 ,!, 8 .'?." 1 ' "'"" and "'"""a =0" k7™ Ihn ri' all f ° m t "" C to <"» e l » xecp the rice from sticking but do not stir it unle« nbso , uu |' J^. sary By the ll mc the r i Ce Vdone it will have absorbed thc broth, and Then add the small' piece's o^MA- en and sail to »«Le, turn the mix- i™.™.^.. 11 ..!.^ pl "" e f. «»<' WlnUe grated hard Here's How to Make Pineapple-Coconut Cake One-half package (11-2 ounces) I'«l>a«<J vanilla pudding. 7 cup milk, 1 (13-ounce) bakers' angel food cake, 1-4 cup grated cocoll u, '-'!• cup pineapple tldbils. Prepare vanilla pudding accord- i>K to dirr-cllons on package. Cool unti llukcwarni. Pour pudding over anecl food cake. Top with coco- iiu and pineapple tidbils. plump and tender FRANKFURTERS MIMPHIl I-ACK1NO CO and onion. Chill . thickened. Then tnld in vegetables. Turn into individual molds. Chill .until firm. Unmolri on crisp lettuce, sprinkled with French dressing. Serve with mayonnaise. For a more sulislanflal entree: Prepare gelatin mixture as directed above. Cover bottom of ring mold with slightly thickened S elu- tin. Arrange slices of hard-cooked egg against sides of mold. Chill until firm. Fill mold with ir.mam- ing gelatin. Chill until firm, tin- mold on crisp lettuce, sprinkled with French dressing. Garnish with watercress and radish roses. Leftover chicken or meat, or other cooked vegetables may also be added. CUT ttOOU RESULTS—Evanurad-d milk tives pumpkin checker- iHiaril pie a sp<;( crefunljitiu. When pumpkin pie has a firm Clislafdy filing with a creamy taste, that's someihinB to be 'doubly thankful for. To get that consistency and flavor, use eva[>oratcd milk in the recipe. The fat of this popular dairy fo-irt, now in abun- Thai's why its in pumpkin pie is so .successful. l'iini|ikin Clirtki'iluiui-il I'le III servings) One and one-half enps cmined • - cup evaporated milk. »i cup water, 1 pound deep colored sweet potatoes, uncooked, 23 cup sugar, 13 cup butter, melted. 2 eggs, well beaten »• teaspoon salt. ! s teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon ginger, 1 tablespoon grated orange rind, 'i tea- .s]xx)n grated nutmeg. Place ice cream In freezing compartment of refrigerator until need- d. Combine evaporated milk — ^..,... i...,,,,,, u n,. v,iuiiume cvaixjraterj IUIK an™ or sieved cooked pumpkin. 3 oegs. i water; scald. Wash, peel ind tf", e t.l cup brown sugar, <:. tensixrau tile sweet potatoes and mix iheii. Singer, 'i leaspo uilineg. 1 lea- at oiue will, all the oilier Wred spoon cinnamon, '-, teaspoon salt. hems. Pom i,,lo a well-bmlered I'* cups evaporated milk. '{. cups square baking dish and bike In water. plain or pas.ry for! a moderate oven ,350 drW, F" one-uusi 10-inch pie, 1 package 1 '- • • uigrees h.i snappy i-hcese Mix ininipkin with all other In- jrcdlenui. pour into deep jile plate lined with plain or pa.stry, make latice lop with strips of pastry and bake in a hot oven—425 degrees F.—for 10 minute.'. Then duce heat and bake i-e- iniiuites for 1 hour or until firm. Serve warm. For serving, place mo Urae . , tablespoons of the pone in indiv- Pineapple Cake Is Suggested for Surprise Supper For a light surprise supper dessert turn to "Favorite Desserts" by Chicago Home Economists and come up with this one: Pineapple Nut Cake (G-.1 servings) One-half cup butter. ] cup sinjar, 3 egg yolks, 1 cup crushed canned pineapple, ',-; cup nut meats, chopped, 14 graham crackew, crumbled U cnp pineapple juice, % cu » whipping cream, whipped. Cream together butter ami su°ar Add egg yolks and continue creaming until well blended. Add pineapple and nut meats Arran B c alternate layers of crumbs and pineapple mixture on a loaf pan. having crumbs as bottom and top layer Moisten with juice. Set in rcfriijer-' ator for 12 hours. Serve in slices with whipped cream. Constituent Assembly Spurns Soviet Preamble NEW DELHI (AP)-A proposal to adopt the Soviet pattern In the preamble of India's new constitution was rejected by the con-litueiu assembly recently. Ha.srat Alohaui. a Muslim member from the United Pro- longer or until the filling is linn nad the crust delicately .browned. When done, place rounds cut from roll of snappy cheese on each point where the laUicc crosses and return to the oven' for 2 er 3 minutes to soften the cheese slightly. Or. if the pie Is to be reheated for serving, let it cool when removed from the oven, thcii before reheating, place the rounds of cheese on the pastiy ami heat in a j moderate oven-Soo" desrces P.-;for about.8 minutes. The richness of evaporated milk combines smoothly with dark colored sweet potatoes to produce another special Thantosiiviiig dessert served warm with ice cream. Swei't 1'olalo IMne \Vllli Ice Crt'iun (Serves (i-8) One quart vanilla or butter-pe- dishes with the ice cream ball between them, Ice Cream Rates High on List of Healthful Foods With busy homemafcers. ic-: cream is one of ihe man important o; :h« dairy food* foec:uLse: 1 Everybody likes it 2. They can bliv :t in bu'c =-d theieby cut down kiK::en cmt-itrv '*"'" lh:e* SCOXK c; Artificial Articulator Produced by Engineer Who Heeded the Device MELBOURNE. Australia — liFi — An engineer and his doctor have worked together to perfect a chromium larynx which gives speech lo mule people. Ten years ago. Harry .Shannon, thc engineer, had his larynx removed and «-as told he would never speak again. But he made a thorough study of the larynx and used his engineering skill to make an artif,cin] articulator. His first Important clue was the discovery that Hie vocal chords prciuce a constant tone, which Is modulated by use of the tips and teeth. When in use his chromium piirlpet which resembles at, inhales, 'is lirld in one hand, one end of the tube being Conner-led to an aperture in the throat and the other slipped between the teeth. N'mv Harry Shannon talks like any normal person. By rliant,Mi)> faun one artiruiator lo another.' he produces (he voice of a baritone nr a sopiano. while he even Ims what he calls a "roarer" for cheering nt football matches and a "whisperer' r mnre cnnifdential moments. The vince.-:. moved an amendment to name India a Un.on o! Indian Fo- V-'tliirhi " ml "" ! " t " 111 "">"""'*- The coHlisi Republic. US IP. on ihe ' b rfc ? "'"" I" 5 b ™"R h ' s »™ch Ime-sof the USSR ," " Inally ""'"' Im1lc Auslral- ln» made from duct.s uv^o or cream supply the .= . calciuin is one »las.< H--> • milki. < It make.; it t.,jr -.> =*-. a - o - f !"ilk illlo Ihe riiet; of ii:;:a:en""ir'c adidi.s -Aho don't liie M cr:r.k nu t eier ftXMl value it can be 'L ill family menus. But -.i> i\3Tu,-,-~-Zf it for partie-s a>.d .spe-bl iccaswris serve^in novel form or 1)1= ]uxur>us saltoes: * Bulk ice cream from th» r.e:eii- borhood store should be kept ~ m the freezing compartment of vour re/riijerator with control jer" 3t Dressed, Biq Breasted Swift or Armour Half or Whole Russellville Blackberries SUGAR Ib. box Standards For delicious dressing freezing .Stand tempera- - ture for 10 minutes before serving if necc.s.sary to soilen. SU8STITU1E fOR ME At" MACARONI-SPAGHETTI PURE ESS NOODLES "George is a whiz at breaking records . . . why ' W ™' le 9 °* ° '° an on his car irom CONTRACr PURCHASE CORPORA- FLAVOR IS MAKING JOM eJJimdiJrQTte THE NO. 1 COFFEE IN THI MIDDLE WEST Baking Directions For Poultry (at room tcmptrsiuic, stuijtd »nd itady lor baking) Oven Temperature CHICKKN.underSlbs. 40 min. per Ib. 350°P. CHICKEN OK UUCK, 3 Ibs. and over 40 min. ptr Ib. 325 "F. GOOSE, 35 min. rxr Ik 325 ' F. TURKEY, under 12 lh». "25 min. per Ib. 325"F. TURKEY, over 12 Ih,. 18 lo 20 min. per Ib. 3OO ° F. Hole: f/.Tf i ,hi!fo-r uncovered bating pan anil do not baste. PLUMP HENS S "'T49' 33c Del Monte Sliced In heavy syrup No. 2!/2 can All Delicious Flavors JELLO Del Monte Fruit Cocktail No. 2'/a can 33c The Dainty Cooking Fat 4 Ib. ctn. 79c Tall Can Ocean Spray CRANBERRYSAUC|2W2g PET MILK LETTUCE 5 Do/.t'n . . Si/.c . 2 , ()l . 25 C ORANGES .(nicy I'lorida 8 CELERY Ci'isj). I'-rcsh -JA C -•• 1'ascal Stalk IU CRANBERRIES 1 I'oniul Cello 15 3 COCOANUTS tall cans 350 2 Large A|-c Size AU APPLES Hrruto i '' Csl1 l<i Cris " PUMPKIN F'Vc.sli, Cnlden . . Fi>r (Mes . . 1,1). SWEET POTATOES 2,. ta . 19 C Liberty Cash Grocery's RECIPE OF THE WEE'.; __ Cauliflower with £99 Sauc* Mraadr.att: Nov«mbtr 26, 1949 rttttn ai muth- room loup j nip V»( Milk dictd Vi cup ctuih«d pouto chip» Break cauliflower Into floverett. Dtc* leavei and stcmt. Cover and boil cauli- fio'-er, UAVCI and ncmr- 10 tmn. r or until tender in boiling water and f /\ trajp. 3,ilt. Mir »o»ip, milk, ] /s K-.isp. irtlt, the pepper nnd Worc«(t*rsKir« sfliicc. Fold in fCS s - Heat and stir over low heat. Do not boil. Drain cauliflower and serve with the bot sauce. Top with crushed pot, no chipi. Makei 4 Krvingi, You Will Rcfih Pet Milk can!2c Cauliflower hd 29c Coiirlcnserf Cream of Mushroom Soup ..... can 16c Eggs ..... doz 65c ,

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