The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1937
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1937 just Skip It BLYTHEVILU3, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Golden Bears Play Sound Football and Block With Precision Sporls Kiilvr, ^^•:A Omit? BERKELEY, Pec. ?.— Ciilltenia may not have a \vomlei- learn. hut will scnil u tl)Vii)der tciin) oiHg (he Base Bowl turf, Jan. 1 against Ainbamn. 'J1jo Far West, will be well represented at. rasiicienn. Tlir unbeaten Pacific. Coast Conference clifiiiiiilon is a sollu loam. In rollln;,' (o hvo loiirhdcuii.s iti eight minutes against Stanford. the Clolcleii Bears were remindful of the Pittsburgh Panthers in their roiirlli-fiimrler comebacks iieainsl Notre Dame ami Nebraska. Drilled by the fmuliimenhilH Ktuh Allison. CiiliforniH plays sound t football. ' | A liard-cliureitifT Ijiic is the h-iMs | (if thqlr running game, They builrt i up passes . In- displays ol running I ability. Callfcriiia blocks with precision and fierceness. Against Stanford, the Bears employed little ofTcuslve trickery. Superlative mid bewildering crov.- PAGE PlT-'Jk CAREFUL GUSJ <lo\vu. They opened their second touchdown drive with an unexpsbt-' <xl pass, ran the reverse instead of, faking it, .UK! traveled 65 yards to. hit pay dirt in six plays. Stanford's guards and tackles didn't know where the blo:k?n .were coming from In the initial it champion trains faithfully lor his Dout willi Harry Thomas, Doc. 13. in Madison Square Garden. Nor ro]:c-shiniiine jusl a Mum for the newspaper photographers. Mas skips the rope he means it. l!m-m,'^in I* b: !"- c;lnicl '- Tllc '"- 1 »<c current "mostot makes the bmoii rUlilc'le also is a remarkable ; bestcst' " touchdown parade. Dave Anderson! nuiilcr and n lolbouloos on eiliier , dcteriiiiniti" the stile i. faked to Sam chapmnn or Chap- \ end of n pass, j niori * K o X J ,7 ,l*'nii fnl.«,l I- • .,,).. .. r. — !._.., I llnKll.i !,. ~ n-. *•_.._.. . i ' ' "" "- ^''>*.ll ArtcrnifromnorL tiottan s Pat- footed runner smut formation, and after making i who lights for (he last inch, and i . Akron o 1 fa ' :i linU spin, spun back Ihroush gap-1 an accurate ing holes. ' ' I Anderson is cnpalc of can-yin-r Johnny Meek didn't switch until! out the stilfcr nsslciiimciiis.'ami . lll(; Cardinal substitutes brought in in-' Meek, very fast for his 20G pounds, j uiat tlii Mnielions that slopped the spiimcv , is n blocker from BlockcrsvlHc. ' team rtiri "" tlie five-yard line. Then the n "' ir : "' " " ' Armstrong, Feather King, Ready To Tackle Bigger Foes NEW YORK iUI')— "lliirrlcn )l(in-y" Armstrong, toss of vhe 1 InitlUTtvclglita mxl luiiled us »i -second "Terrlhle Terry" MrCiov-. tin, hns set his rap for Ihe light- wrttlu crown held by J.oii Ambers. This Hide, bundle of slu^Li!'. elyimmllp, who rcllixl cut of l.ui Annelr.s lew: than u ycai fti;o, rc- eeiHIy Dallied undisputed posOT- Men of the world's frntlicrm-jgut ri'oivii «lth a Ktx-rouiMl knockout of louKh Jilile iviey Sarron, And now. fresh from his latest important, victory—a live-round (eclinloil knockout, over undetected Billy Flcuiiliitld tif Jersey City, N. J.,—|lu- chunky nrfro 'fighter wauls In meet (he leading lluht- welsibt rhiillenci'i!,, includmi: Pedro Montane?., in on effort to unlii a match with Ain!;er.'-. Mtsws One Knurhuul IjUfiuc I93T. Ariii.slvoiu; clicked in '& contexts, winnlni! all save one hy knockouts. Ughtwcluhl Aldo spoldi ivuK iiw oulv one lo '.(ay (he distance, nnd wus widly buttered. Arinntroni; did Ills early earn ralgitinr; in California and was Hdcrilcrl by the (.-Itjemo folk .... their favorite, lie forsook tlicco.r.l in search of more rugged opposition and a return mutch wllli Mike Belloise. He hat! vm a C ) 0y: decision over JJi'llolse in Los An- Bi'lc-s bill Ihe New York bo,\hi|; srlcns refused to ircoiiiirw Henry':; title 1:1(1 .saying thut 15 rounds Iwithl before a tide cun Lily Maid of Fiction HOHtZQNTAlj I Tennyson's Illy nifikl. CSlic lind an linrcqullcil lov-fi fov - . 13 Pronoun. H Wliarp- cornered. 16 Hoof jioint covering. J7KW. 19 Hat. VOKru. 2t (iHorior. 1'3 Huinaniaii coins. 21 Oeiius of ({round beetles 2(1 Dower properly. Answer lo Frcvlous Futile 11 Music }'t Musical nolc., 14 Note in tc.ilc. ZOforrn of "be." 21 JJer (ilory !e in " - ot the King." 22To jicrcb. ?4 Quaking. 25-r- |« Iho Itlng )n llic Herky Mpeley Is I Onls'ianding Sopl On Alabama Teamj; 30 Gibboi;. 31 Vcnr. 32 Girl tollcso student. 33 Fiber Iniols. 35Sliwl, 30 Girdle. 37 Ursine aniniul ao Kinds Iho nUic.e. of. body. •14 To bantf. •IB .Sound of pleasure, •KHHislle. 4T Ooctov. •<« t'onii of ' 4!) Senior. (id To impel. VERTICAL 1 Koutwi of. 28 Practice performance. 29Cnd of '1)0.' ^'1 To melt. VJ Neuter prnnoiin. 55 This lovely maid ot — — • died ot love. 57 1 lorsc's neck hairs. J!«n. 3 Lnsl words of •I North Amcrlco. $ t'inWi. ii Ktitices. 'I Ancient name 32 Mcdillfs t>/ a loom. 34 Without. 30 Blemlsli. 38 Soaks fla>:, •iO.Snmewliiilold •U J)«l eovejs. "No, !l Credit. 59Sncr«l lutics. ID lawful. room. fiO Moccasin. .11 Dcc.iuw. 1 . OH Mooley JH>)>le MCloH device, MJ'J'ownrd, 5P Mem tire ot urea. UNlVERSlTy, Ala., Dec, i). '_' lfei*y Motley, prabubly Alabawa'.s inert outdtundlne roi>tiomorc )n 1831, will lie ,1 great help to the Crimson TJde In the Rose Bowl Hinic New Year's Diiy. He Is fr.nn Cilvllievlllc, Ai-h.. a city thnt has |ivofJner<l Kflss Uowl stars for Aln- IHUIIII in the just. Although not considered a iiurtlng jiiini, lie )ius beyn B ub- rlllule-t frcauenlly into u :c gj,,^ «t lert liulfimck. wijcn COHCH Kinnk ThomiiK allowed joe Kll- iirow, r,par):|)iui; nnd senior on the lint clpven, lo reinolii In the s«me, ho fihifted him over to liKlit to moke room for (lie nrom- '•IHU pojih. This was done during (he |):ist jcason with very gooc| resuHs. since both men arc so rccori , Buehtcl high school football teiim . - . Kayo plans a fistic career for thc chip . . . One rumor hiis H burly quarterback shitted to a, sin-; duiekly will find out why there Vie. Bottari off the Palo Alto leftlraisity refain, "flit 'cm again, taekle for the score. J boys; hit 'cm again, boys; hit 'citi All fall. Chapman lias been run- again, bo.vs, harder!" -limit reverses inside tlic ends. But on California's second thrust, Chapman broke wide around Grant Stone, Stanford's .signal-calling; right cut!. Meek took Stone in nnd Anderson swept, around in front of Chapman to mop u« the secoirjnrv. As he stuck lo tlic fake reverse in ! Tim Dope Bucket t ..Iiy J. V. Friend ' n pot bc.t of $74"raiscd by members of two Alabama fratcniitlcs : . Tlie noted crooner, who always ( backs thc Western team, \viis rc- , .. . i ;>-~,iii* ucu-ii learned frcm rclrable ' Mrtc<1 'o liavc lost lii . "ipeedy.J^JiWes 1 that Tom Murphy, former,'' lblcs to rilt students "last the..first .drive,'Meek kept at this; ^ t , By J. 1 fiuccossful piny until Chaiini-an.AvcnL. i u. 1 j :.'v' across the Indians', gbiil Jjiicisland-' ~'~.. ..,-, ~ — = ing.«p.,..; ; ...j '('.'.'.".,.': t \j/'' .'""'! {irjias been lea As someone remarked. ineedvJsq'iirccS' that Toi plan of- the A. A. A. for ^lyiurt- b.ittlc has u i Akvon! chnixjc- liancis. *u ills ui^ui at Madison Sinnre Gulden last March, Avmslioni; did ,c reason why the r>ittsbur c h "-.^"Sm cut" i,,°' t ', "?""»• ,n^ ..^* .,„.„ .. ._ .. .7 ! "' ''jni cut in [lie fourth I'O.Und, )lv wns fail nn ( | p,, j,,, of the New York lad from Iho nil to Uie final imncji. He. never ««vc Bclloist; nn opportunity io t'et ful PJH! kepi hiin-yhif and smas.hjiig at him w!|h a iwc-flslcd attack. nuiry's road to success wasn't, r<isy. Bot'ii in -St. Louis on Doe.I 12. 19J2. Jic iv.-is Die youupest of U children. Although at the ngc of C. lie mnnagccT to Kct a lilgh school oducollon while aid Hint ipending money . . . Just emit for wxi fare, a coke and a hot dog.... some had dcmniided as niucli as $200 . . . Now we've got the Eskimos doing it ... They arc to stage a bowl of their cwii . . . yep. it's an Ice Bowl to decide (he Avcllc championship . . WAGER—Bin? Crosby has called .selling iicwsnaneis. Wiulirii oji iriiilroad Lack of money forced )iim io fofscty early ideas of bccomhif, n ',.iloclcr\ He .worked for ~ year I with ~a ' liuaids than 6'i ;the intention of ejilerin". A™-. -Siocklon and C'lawclc Evans, lacklcs ! Los Angeles . . . Rtcc iind" Arfcan- 339 llo » w S*mcs of' .«$ 'icadins r-work 8 Jc'li^mor'lli?^ 1 wi '"i"",. ' of tlic tyoc of Bill atoll nnd Dnvc I «(5 State 'I'cnchc-rs liave been wliools . . . The Southwest Jrrf 1 Ham ^,,,^1}^ ", "' oll !' ; '' diiVarcno.-and an end like perry granted special permission to par-1 tl!( ' ffs! in increase with lO'if. or 1 ,,..,, ' , J; Lin,^., lll ! y ™ (t >', wh " echwarlz, who is a converted half-1 tU'ipate in postseason games . . .' 1*"' better than the average gain ! « ol ... ":°, ,' " r ".»y «''0utd tic u i Still wonder How we missed . ! . i - • - Buck Shaw, eoach of Sand !!!?. U !'..':- ml " uluccd I!eill '>' "> ^ because lie was entered In a tis-duy bike race at Madison Square Garden vvns no reason v.-hy Giislavc Killian, one-hnlf Ilii.' Gennnn tcnm of Killian nnd Hans Vopcl, couldn't lice.p Hint bnap|>y opporanco. He is shown nonchalantly shaving with an electric razor while pedaling .'IIOIIIH! (lie cnuccr. An elcclrle, s;cnerulor supplied tho current. ri( M"xic;'.n champ:-, nnd tiK'ii '."- '.uriv'd to I/.:; Aifti'lts wlv.c iift^'i- lien 11 llh n vi-toj-y c: .' Ml.'igcl Wtlwsl. other,.. Inicycsiive tri- uniplv. followed and lie v.-nr, sinned ir.r a return i',o with Artzmendl. ~J, : <iny was en (hi: short end of thr :i-l bdliii!; bin upset (lie rtoijs end runn: out on to]). Scaled in the luidirncc at. tlic liyht were Al ilolrcn mid Eddie Mcade, voU'ran Ncv/ Ycfk rtp,ht manager. ,jojK,n wn.% nttracled l>y ihc youthful sensation's style nnd Meadc. boughl his contract for $10,000. I _.' Mcnde has since paid ba.cS; the; wmif.y l:\il the Jol;oii.'; rclnln.jiu rnttuiflaslie iiuercst in AnnStrow. S .'Jo his bi'Dtller, Harry, Arin-l s(ron - 4 (,ivc:, niOEl credit for his l!iu:v|rdgc of Ijoxine and his r.p;c.- lacular style. To Mctidc. under i uhL'i.M he has Icvt only one bniil,! lie elves most credit for bringing him to Hi: 1 pinnacle of success. . Jins ;i V e,y l''r n .';o|>hojmni'. Ho has Mirlej the ball 32 times for IOT yards for nn average of n v«idi for cneli (line. He. returned ff nwnt for 82 yards nnd n touchdown In (lie ijowiml ijunie, which was the longtbt run of the season lor llic Crimson Tjdc, Tills ! "in ™ not Included In (he. above TS. which were only f,oin Ihe. line of tcrhiimiiKc. flo hns avernucd 00 per cent til iwssliiR, linvlni; completed 13 out, of 'JO nltemptK for 201 yards Vhrec of ( were louclidown probuljly ': the most onl- kicker ut; a' first year Clan. Moslo.v luis «h iii'ernge. of 4< vnrds for. each boot imide this year. His lonwiiit of the fall campaign is 07 yards, made against Tcc;i in ' - Clilnn hmi nil avett of"JOD0033 ^nnr c - miles. . . ' '• ' back. Against Stanford, the work of tlie. •'King Kong Mallicivs, giant TnJke- California backs was particularly | Inh. La., negro, is bowling 'cm over in little ol' New York . . . The 198-pound dusky recently scored his seventh kayo . . . The." Chicago players lor Hot noteworthy because of the heavy and sliupcry condition of the Stanford stadium field. Chapman is one ot Ihe finest, all-1 Cubs will furnish round backs in the business. Springs in Iheir baseball debut It, is ?. treat to sec a nalMotcr ! This week's puzzling mystery: Why run to his left occasionally, ;,nd • was Clyde "Shorty" fropsi dcco- Ihis chaiunnn does as \rell as any- I rated irith the royal tinware? body you ever saw. ' ] • » * Boltari paid richer dividends in [ WAR—Jock Sutherland, the cnii- 11 scoring way throughout Hie c;im-; ncnt Pitt coach, said that Ihc Con- paign, nnd tlic club seems lo have federate general whose recipe for i.norc plcl:-ui> when th c Vnllcjo succes; was lo "get there fustesl Italian is on the firing line, but ! • ., e mostcst men" had a great i Chapman is an even better blower football idea Remind us of I Clara, which oppixv;? 1,01051111111 i Stale in thc Sugar Bowl, was rived )iot once tut twice—once, as a freij)- iiian and once as a varsity coach- by the unii'rolly' of Nei-Hcte . . . Arc Ihcy blushing of Is Unit Mieir natural face color? WUXTRY!-A( last the Mocke rs up boxing. The two brothers knocked abort on » bimistoi'mini; tour In an ol.l .car for a nlijle nnd then idcfc frdght (i'iiii'3 lo Callfoj-jilii, ral- liiK anil .sleeping j.kelchilv. l.clioy Haync.s. (hen only' a piv- iHiJinnry /iyhtci- on (lie Coa;,! Henry arc to set. ,-i break . . . Trophic j facllllws al " .local i;yjn. After will lie awarded leading blockrrs in 5lru 8el»is «ion:4 for a year v.llh- thc Southeastern, Southern, and , '";' " lur(> ^success, Armulroiiu fin- iuaii!i<jrr. vvh3 ';f lihn he South Carolina . .. Consistency is I ", y llle 011C w ' 01 "d for the. Boston Bruins lllou sht so Jittle • - - Tllc - v opene<i 1Iockf5 ' lea « uc wit)l Ul cn tied two and ., 0 ;,i VOOVIL CAREER AT 4 \Vl~m SISTERS' r\t Too THIN f C« CHOV?US ; Becaws COHEOI&JNE AT IB, CLOWNED IN been able to even score a There's nothing like ness with pleasure the NWlona) Ht '" l '- v '" wilt K «» f»r S-K'j. -'Jx "victories, I A " er "ghllng locally for n lime, since tuivcn'l llK ' lr n . rsl "break" came when yonl Henry t-ignecj io rncrl Bahy Ari/.- iiiixinp bus!-1 lncll(Ji P ( Mexico Cil.v. Atrordiiw A fcooklcl j lo reiiorlE after (he hchi. iicniv School ijoy Ace Plays Saltinlay On Memphis Grid MEMl'HJB. Tciin., DC:. 8—"Wild Bill" de CcrrcvonJ. tlic most her- nldeil schoolboy tocklield star in history, is coining to Memphis 3at- iii'dn}'. Deo. n, iintl hi- will "carryl tlie mail" as he never carried it, licfor;;. I f)f Corifvon! huppeii:, to lip a! senior at Austin ui|;h, chlcasjci, and! this powerful null was beaten bvl Lee High Generals of Crthnninis. Miss.. 7 lo (i, here last year in tho lirealcst post-season prep jiamc Mcinplii. 1 ; hn.*; ever .SCCMI. It's revenge Bill, nnw tin: jialiBii's Igadlnr; scorer wilh 201 polnl.i. Is after and he nlms io jjcl II, The flashy blonde-lfulrcd ace of Austin will face JiK-kson Gold™ ilenr.s or Union City Onlden Tornado, depending upon which wins Ihc West Tej)i)e,s,Ec,C chinnplonship In. Jack- .wij.".5y<!dnesday. Xiuiln at;uln will tirin'.; nn undefeated eleven lo Memphis and (his time their record doosn't even show a tie. They have swept through every opponent In quite easy fashion, but their previous 'Irlp to the deep South taught them Unit, Dixie produces -some splendid tqiiiids, toa. Coach w. C. Heiland's Maroons of Austin High hold the Chicago city chniii)))oi!shi|> for the second straight, year nnd will rule ii.s ftivon- Ites for thc tussle here .Saturday at crump Stadium, located at Cleveland Street iind lyinden A v emie. The concrete Trenton-New York highway was split In Ihe middle and (lie halves moved 12 feel apart. Duiklni; two onc-wiiy highways. | Dogs Tumble 50 Feet, ! Then Feast on Rabbit ! HI5O1NA. fjask. tUPl— A C0-U)3l tumble down an old coal iiiinc nlmft (lldn'l sjxjll (ho apuetltes of Ihn huntljig dogs of. Joe jiowc. Headlyn. • ausk.. liirmer. 1 Howovlaok-ril.1 'dogs .out to do n little ', rabbit, • limiting. A rabbit was spotted, ^aiidriyvny went .the doss In'full.'cry, 1 Su'ridciily. tlofis nii<i rnbblt, dlsiipiieared. HQKO .found an- old mine slintt! Ho Uiought Ijls doga were dead. liuL he got the owner of, the pit (o (aHc lilin into tlic Hilnc by wny of an ulrshaft. .-..• The dogs were found nl the fhafl bottom, greedily mukillj a meal of the rabbit. J.C. EVANS Ilox UfM niylhcvtllo, Ark. DWrtct Ulinttr S|X)nsored J}y Hamilton Dtposilor.s Corp. /.EKO.N'K FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS SD1 Ward (li't your i.omplelr «in- tci- aulo needs iin<J ^ HIKE OIKJ'S. ARIAN AUTO PARTS MOTOI: on W K. Mai Hl.vth<-villr dealing willi Ihe state of Alabama ! dFssrvcd at Jeiipt u draw l;ut wound; will be carried along lo be distributed at p.i.snd«na . . . Manuel Iralu. Enllwii, Spain, has inquired lor data on thc New Orleans Susur Bowl . . . Sammy Baufjh is draw- 1 ins; doft'ii S15.000 for throwing : slrikc.s for Ihe WatOilnglon |{rd- l skins . . . llalucrl nm;hes. c|iwr- j lerback. and FrnneLs King, tackle, i make Ihe seven cx-7,cl>vas to vep- " re.---ciit. Pine Bluff in Ihc Rose Bowl. lopping Blylhcvilli: ijy one . . . i Hank Crisp will "be making his fiflh I trip with Hie Tide . . . Brc,ssie 1 Danlonc. Dudley j>il!ow and Charley Lusco of Greenwood, placed by up Hal Inoke and on Ihe short, end «f Ihf decision tiltrr tin- jironio(- crs disapjirarcd ivith l!ir in-'ip!s. Itrcan To Kuilii nf|iiilnlUni Annslroiii; knocked olT n (oiii)lr YOU BET ITS Ihe Cliirtf. on l.'iri,- .All-o-.ipoiir-nt 1 team, were iislcd on (he All-DrlLi' 1'ick . . . it eiKt $;, cadi IM! etiuip (he Cleveland jiarons hockey : [ tCiiin . . . Arkansas led (lie H. W. j in fcorini; and al:o jMinl.-,- :,c';icrl j on . . . Remember: When Ifi players composed a football K]ii:i;l. ami i thc extra lour saw very little -,..?- i vice? ' ,' Hurvoy Blcwart Dr.'F. .A, Robinson' :.; STKWART-ROU1NSON succeeds City Drug Store i\t('(llchm) Wine & liquors 2014 w. Mjilii phoijc 20 Kvcryihing for your «nt«r tainment and comfort. Weds. - IMS I'KN WON VlCTOniKS WIIF.RK ARMIES HM> VAU.IU! t ; k M r .BWLMUNl ?. ; m j'n'Thc l.ilc of Emilc IJAI.K SONnv.HCAAHl; .JOUfH .'•Gllll.UICIUW • Obifi MWn • (Ml ' 1.1 Will.. ni.i,,i, . •,„. f,, t >'ara|iioun|. News. jtlallnrc 10c A- 2</e n Night ttir &' Me. CfTi inj; Snou; Klid Slrrrl Itfls.ilic Nl.ini) Jn • llrad Knd ROXY ildinissfon Always lOc & ZSc. Sliow cvcrr nl^bt. -Matfnecs jr'ri- day, Salurflay & Sunday Qjil.i-. Friday & Sunday Matinees star! 2:13 p.m. Saturday Continuous slum-ing from 1 <o IJ:30 p.m. Night Fi:mr-: star! liMS p.m. FOR CHBBTMAS He will .ipprcciafc IL tiuality gitt from our wliisfii>y Whiskeys, TVines, Gins and Cordials CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP i\).iin HIII! WHAT JT COSTS TO l'Ki;i'A»fi T A1TO I'OR C01,l) WKATHIvR I)|{JVJN(; DO UNFLATTERING- IMITATIONS S££T. . -HAS rtLLOWANCe CF ONE COl-U/tf? A DAY. I''!{U/,K.\ i;Al>lATOI; FK()/K.\ KNfJIMi DLOfK .SI'j.OO ; KRO/1C.V WATKIt i'l'A!)' Sl.oo Ijri.'iNKIJ (HJT TKA.\.S.\II.S«JO\ S.'iO.Oo'to ])i.snrAnr;ui> RATPICUY -si no to s^- UUIN'KI) RATTKUV S3.00 lo -S.'iO W TOWING SERVICE SI.00 to 810.00 Don't Let This Happen to You! LllPS MOTOi rnoM<; sio ITS FROM Weds. - Jhurs. PAL NIGHTS! l« you're partial lo a rich, moltow whiskey, you just tan't help liking Crab Orchard. And you'll took a long time before you find onother whitksy lo equal Crob Orchard ol ilt popular prico. BB- cause Crab Orchard is ?, ailmitlcd for the iirice nf I. WHOT PRICE STRAIGHT KENTUCKY BOURBON TOP-RUN WHISKEY 93 PROOF ^ TWO YEARS OLD MORE THAN EVER NOW IT PAYS TO

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