The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1941
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, 1941 • BLYTHEVTLLR (AftK.) ; Lottery To Pay For Old Age Pensions Get Run For Money Outer of hot argument in many .states' for many yfilrs hus been the proposal to instituU 1 goverrcim;iU - sponsored lotteries, vriih revenues jjoing to help meet government expenses anil thus lighten tax burden*. To- ility a iif-n- .state lottery plan is >.tim;ijf t-ont-.ovci-sy in Massa- BY JOSKi'II ;\. NKA Special Correspondent BOSTON, Dec. 28.— Thfc mudi- proposeci .slate-sponsored loiter} gets another trial run in Massachusetts soon, but the betting ii> that, • ihe maiden bill won't win when it goes to the post- before ihe legislature convening in Boston, Jan. i. r '"he bill's proponents are the _ ° Osceola Society—Personal I). A. K. A o! the new yt-ar meetings patriotic soviet U-s and on;unli:juicm i.s Him bi'lntf held in Mi-mpULs todav us Hotel Peacody Uy ihr- William Sirony 1'hnplcr Dauj;h!n-.s of (hi- Aineri- i'iu) Revolution. Mrs. John W. djf*r~ *w ' i*/,^ * - K# * 4Jty p ^ %$* $ ke°for a fduJ ni n!r,noTv e i1£ %'* ^ showing l[vat lhe * can take il b ? P ushin - Ull '°^ snow and ISrti f i snow-like drifts are nice warm ocean foam, whipped to a froth by recent storms and high breakers along the Southern California coast. Here, at San Diego, bathers get a ••bubble^ bath'' i l '°m the foamy substance, known technically as spindrift. Hurricanes—i!l Winds to II Duce Cardinal O'Connell Massachusettl; Society [or Old Age PeiV ' and ^.^iliaiits'TLeagu?'" First "group likes"- 0 it because lottery proceeds would increase old age. pensions. Second group believes it would reduce real estate taxes. The Society for Old Age Pensions is headed, by Charles C. OTJbrinell. a 64-year-old disabled Avar veteran of Lynn. His society has a membership of 4000 scattered through the state, mostly ''oiks who themselves would . be beneficiaries of pensions. no- Its an il] wind that blows no good, but these British Hurricane lighters in the middle east bring little comfort to Mussolini's north A.rican legions. Spectacular photo above was taken just as flight of Hurricanes broke formation over the desert to attack enemy aircraft reported to them by radio. C. O'DonncJ] pose the bill because such a lottery would cut into their "business." Surprisingly enough, in view of the vigorous and successful oppo- •sirinon to the passage of such a law in previous years. 30 out of -iO senatorial districts in Massachusetts vcted favorably in a referendum this fall. Official tabulation in the favorable 30 districts trave 305.052 for and 325.63D against. Although many citizens consider the referendum vote as mandatory jupon the legislature, many of the legislators deem the vote merely as instructive or advisory. A poll of legislative leaders indicates that the bill will be beaten just as it has been previously. In past years a similar lottery bill has been vigorously opposed by the clergy of most denominations and Gov. Leverelt Saltonstall went on record when he said: "We have not reached that stage 'in our civilization yet, A tax- raising lottery is undemocratic anyhow. It hits those who can least afford it. I would be surprised at myself if I ever recommended it." In 1935 William Cardinal C'- Connell. head of the Massachusetts hieiai-chy of the Roman Catholic Church, issued a vitrolic attack upon a similar lottery bill. He said: "A stale lottery is an out-and- out gambling machine and where- ever it is established it is a tremendous source of moral corruption." Pemiscot County Officials Are Administered Oaths'. At Caruthersville CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Jan. 3—Pemiscot County officers elected in the November general election last year, including .Sheriff W. A. (Bill) Thomas, took office this ?~":.K, tping administered their oaths by Circuit Clerk E. A. Long, and county Clerk E. 3. Huffman., Sheriff Thomas succeeds former" Sheriff John Hosier. Thomas was chief deputy under Hosier, and county officials stated this wns, the first Lime .to, their knowledge that a chief -deputy lnvs succeeded: his superior, to the office. Sheriff Thomas named Jack Anderson of Hayti as his chief deputy, with Tom Ward, also of Hayti, to retain his position as deputy nnd office assistant. Anderson was formerly | with ihe Frisco railroad as a ] special agent. Two new county judges took office, being A. G. Sanders of Hayti for ihe north end of the county, and J. A. Bishop oi v the south end. They succeed O. H. Acorn of Wardell, and E. T. Griddle of Steole, resnectively. Ed Goatcher of Hayti is the new surveyor, succeeding Hans E. Doerner of Steele, and Dr. J. V. Moore, also of Hayti. is the new county coroner. Obye Coker. new county assessor, will not lake office until Juno. 1941. and will succeed George McGhee. of the north end of the countv. Coker resides in Cnnith- ersville. Circuit Court Judge L. II. Schult. and Prosecuting Attorney R. W. Hawkins, both of this city, who were re-elected to office, were also given oath of office by Clerk Long. Miss Mm-jonr Eilrlnsjion. UM- of Mr. and Mrs. Must us Ktlriny- . ( ion. is ;t .spodsil uu:v;t 01 honor j, i and will rwhv a medal in recognition of having been chuscn for the Good CHi/mship award. Fivo o:?n»r 'winners Liu-ludin- \ViiYiii Wilson of Wilson will be Drf-si-iuiul nvdul.s. CXsccolu nu.'inbifi'.s in Memphis lor thi> ijii'oiin« an- Mrs. John W L'llrlngion, Mr.s. p. p. Jmiob,. Mrs \V. J. Drivnr. Miss Hu;.], M'.'^V' Mr.s. Susie Keist'r, Mr.s. Mario Moon; :uul Mrs. c. A. llivls * V , \tlcntl Suyar Howl Cumi* Miss Elhel Briekcy, Jirroni-xuiiccl by Edward J. llick.s Jr.. o! KMOX- villt 1 . 'IViin.. arc in Nc\v Orleans this week whi'rt' both aMcndiHl the iootball game between ih:- University of TtMmtssrt* uiul Uci.-ton Mr. Hicks, who arrived Saturday to bt> the houscgucst of Ml.s.s Brick'- ey for the weekend, and the latter are graduates of ihe University ol Tenne.s.see and attended ihe reception Kivcn in the Gold Koo-n of tlie Roosevelt Moid on Tuesday for fonncr u-u!ii:Ufs mul nii-nibers of the Vol Club. While in New Orleans, Miss Brickey was the honse»uost of two former classmate:; :il Maryvillr College in St. Louis. ML-w ' lyel Jackson and Miss Marg-aHe Lamerci. Mr. Hicks, who is the district nuunmer of the Post Si^n Company in Knoxvillc. tuul Miss Brickry will return Sunday. Others who went in a pnrtv to New Orleans include Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cromer. Mr. nnd Mrs. AI'-T Se»i'nve.s. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cromer and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cromer. Miss Ann Scmmo.s Barbiers ha* returned to Jasper, Ala., where she is connected with the Pcoole'r Hospital, after spending the hoi'- days here with her mother and grandmother, Mrs. Mnrgnret Bar- ( biers and Mrs. p. J. Semmes. Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Segraves and daughter. Mnry Virginia Scirraves. motored to Trenton this wock for a visit with Mr Segrnves' mother. Mrs. Sherrod Sog:)'aves. and hir ;.iunl, Mr.s. L. M. Tyree. On the ..return trip they stooped in Dver.s- ^urg to visit- another ' : ;\unt. Mrs, 'Dan Cotton. ' " ' : ""•' : '-. - They will accomoanv Miss Se- fjraves to Memphis Saturday where she will leave tor Lnkcbnri Fin. where she attends Florida Southern Frank Chiles Has Passed Radio Thone Examination Frank M. Chiles, who attends Midland Radio and Airline Schools in Kansas City. Mo., was notified tcciay that he had passed the Federal examination to become a first class radio telephone operator. Mr. Chiles, who has been spending the Christmas holidays here, will leave Friday night for school. After graduation about Match 1. he expects to be employed as radio operator for commercial - airlines. Marie Moore and John P. Keiser were Memphis visitors Thursday. Mr« Fmmn Mooi'e is a patient In the Methodist Hospital in Memphis for diagnosis and treatment. Mrs. ,E. S. Shipaen has returned from a visit in Cincinnati. Washington and Annapolis. She was ac- comuanied by her sister. Mrs. T. C. Kelly of Cincinnati, who will visit here for -two weeks. Mrs. Alice Mulkey is esrlously ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. T. Ramsey. Mitchell Moore and Bill Watson were Memphis visitors Tuesdnv. They were also in Blytheville Thursday in conference with other boys regarding; on»ani/ation of a Paramount Club there. Among the Influenza patients in Osceola are Mrs. E. H .Riley. Walter Cox. Mrs. J. A. Gwaltnoy. Mrs. Edgar Skinner. Mrs. W. B. Colbert. We Proudly Announce Ihe Arrival of Our New GADiUJC AMBULANCE The addition of our new Cfidillac Ambulance to our ambulance fleet marks our sincere desire to be able to serve you rapidly nnd safety when the need nrises. Remember . . . thurp'.s always a safe and comfortable Cobb Ambulance at your immediate disposal. FOR AMBULANCE' SERVICE CALL 2(i Cobb Funeral Home Thcuisands of: Hotrsewjye? |£* S'entrv'Coal Betadse '*• 'v- *lt Is Sujptr-fileaned I ' " • • Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Blytheville, Arkansas Specials ! Extractions - --- $1.00 Upper and Lower Plates ...... $25.00 (Extractions Included) Try Our "Warm-Morning" Sentry Coal, For the New Warm Morning Stoves PHONE 76 NOTICE! Privilege License for the first half of the year 1941 now due and pay^ able at the office of the city clerk. Frank Whitworth City Clerk PAGE V THREE One Volunteer the R. A. F. Refused Kenneth Kerner, of Surrey, England, has been interested in air- n nff SU T C 'I 6 WM a . iittl0 ^ So il w «s nalura hat wh"n he t ought iiboul ways in which he might serve hs country ° ng ' lhcR F - ™ C Air ' Liltlo Rock this week. Mr. will return home Sunday while Mr$. Segraves and son will remain '' for a longer visit. Dwight H.'Blackwbod was a bus- '* mess visitor in Little Bock three*"' days this week. . Woman Seeks $5,000 For Injuries From Accident A lawsuit seeking $5000 for per-" sonal injuries allegedly suffered by Mnrtha Delroy in an accident here April 18-was filed today in Civil Court, against A. G. Shlbley. Bly- (hfiville wholesale grocer, The complaint alleged that on the date named the woman was ' walking along a street when a "truck owned by Shibley struck her 'causing a broken left Jeg and ankle; • iind other injuries. Claude JP- 1 Cooper represents the plaintiff Another civil suit filed today-was"'* made against Manila special school''- district No, 15 and other school '-• districts. by S. T. Freeman and A ' M. Glover, who seek $1000 damages 'in a petition alleging that the : school districts jointly leased various property to the men and re- ''• fused to grant possession of one •lot. Attorney W. Leon Smith filed -« the .suit. • .;, .Chancery ooiiit minus included •' a divorce petition by W. W. Langston \igninst Ruby Langston. Ed' Cook i.s attorney, for Langston. ' Eulala and James Lawrence '-•'• brought a suit agabist Mary -East -' Morse seeking judgment for $300 •on AH allegedly unpaid note in a -" property transaction. Claude p u Cooper represents the. plaintiffs, ' A civil Court term opens this. month and chnnceiy court will' convene in February — : . . •& Bull Stares Blitzkrieg ; HOUSTON, Del. <UP)-HoustonV" ; ' 295 residents, have experienced a" 1 '' three-hour "Hitler blitzkrieg." Hit-'"", ler, a black bull owned by W. E ,'' ; Simpson, broke loose and charged' "" into town, sending residents scur- " ryliiB for shelter and demolishing shrubs, small trees and other ob- ""' Jccts, before being subdued. Approximately 28 persons die in Hres in the United States every , cluy. J ' Mrs. Jesse Clinton, Juun 'Fogy. Joe Mr*. Jellle Driver, Mrs. Alec Smith, - - - r ..... Wealhersby, Mary Evelyn Jordan. Mrs. George Abrey, Mrs. Annie L ' OUI *cto« on thli Inttrtstlng tubtet wil Lynn and Warren Welnbi-rg, Roy .Smith, tind Russell Crockett, t be stnt FREE, while thW l*t to mv »~4~ ^^^^r- .^n I %f-«r m 5 "'nrcrrrirr,in For On/yAPenvy •/ -/ i L ux t;« r c .. * 0 { t . j, uor . d iiervet *u>] IIIUItlM. MORE EKRKGY. . . SounJcr «r l)in( ItuilJ* US' gcncrut hcalllj. . ,'. r»ii;mit ._.. uficr « turlicd PREVENTr.-t rc»t at n^ht ibal keep* /ou ibroiifU (lift tUy, Yc«, Bcauiyrcsl sleep r.osls only a penny a mglit. Tl»e price of a Bcantyrcsl is ?39.50. Ti Is Buurantccd for 10 yeurs, Fijure il out fbr yourself. Just . . . J penny a night. IT'S TO OWN A SIMMONS BEAUTYREST lost * few 'dollars for * few months pays for this famous mattress. An ."ordinary* 1 mattress may cost lew to start willi, hut a BctutyrcM is an economy in the end. And, besides, you'll not gel such glorious comfort with an ordinary mattress. Drop in and we'll explain why • Beautyrcst Is different and 'tatter. . ! HUBBARD FURNITURE CO.

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