The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 104!) BLYTHEVILLE (ARKJ COURIER NEWS ?AGE ELEVEN Today Is the Day To Plan Menus Early Start Is Aid To Scheduling Meals For Rest of Week Is America Going into Hock? Pawnbrokers Answers Vary Take the blues out of Monday by planning good things to make during the remainder of the week. Here arc a few gloom chaser recipes: HiuyU. N'ut Devil's Food C:ike (Yields two 8-Inch layers) One-har cup fat, 2 cups firmly- packed brown sugar, 2 eggs, 4 squares (4 ounces) unsweetened chocolate, melted, 2 cups sifted cake flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder. \'i teaspoon soda, »!• teaspoon salt, \'i cun chopped Hrazll nut.s, R"d 2 tablesiioons milk, 1 on vanill a Cream fat. Add sugar gradually and cream thoroughly. Add eggs separately and beat until light and flufiy. Add melted chocolate and beat ucll. Sift together flour, baking powder, sodn and salt; add Brazil nuts. Add flour mixlune alternately with milk to batter- Add vanilla, pour into 2 deep greased 8-iuch pans and bnke in moderate oven (350 degrees P.) 35 to 40 minutes, r^t .stand 5 minutes ahd remove from pans. Cover \vlth desired frosting or serve with whipped cream. For quickly-prepared aiul appetizing luncheon dish, serve stewed tomatoes with tiny ham and watercress dumplings. Slewed Tomatoes \VUli Dumpling; (4 servings) Two No. 2 cans tomatoes t5 cups) 1 teaspoon sugar, M teaspoon salt ',» teaspoon pepper, I'.i cups Wscui mix, I cup finely chopped hnm bologna (4 ounces), Vj hunch watercress, 1 egg, 1 : 3 cup milk Place contents of cans of totna- toes in wide bottom saucepan or »y IH-rl GnldraUi \J;A Stuff CmTcst.iimU'iil CHICAGO (NKA) - Is America going iJilo hock? Old-time pawnbrokers who have weathered lots ot ups nnd dowits in the nation's economy admit their business has jiuupert a lot In the last, year. % But while they've always been mong the first, \o Icel the impact f a crash in the past, the olcl-tim- rs can't agree this time whether or ihe cinrenl llnrry ot paivn- ickcts spells troiible. Take Julius Ginither. who became pawnbroker in Chicago in 1907, vhen the President hnti closed the lanks and scrip was being u.scd in- tead of currency. In those [lays even artilicial eye* and limbs were icing hocked. Today, lie snys, few pawnbrokers >'ould cojisider such items, and it's ;ctting harder all the time to pawn luylhlni; for anywhere near its value. •The pawn business is up 150 pel cent in loans, compared to a year or :.wo ago." says Ounther. "And redemptions are clown 25 per cent." He intimated thai the figures speak tor themsch'c.s. Lloyd J. HuHer, a pawnbroker for 46 years, takes a somewhat brighter view. More people arc putting things ii hock, "but there's absolutely no in dication we're in trouble," he says. liis customers are mostly in the lower income bracket, but in his i Km . s , ft , lovk , h( , s(1 ( ,. lys i| lcrc ' s safe there's a handsome silver tray, j ]UT cl , nl |cs c i, anL . c . O r j( being represented to one of the city's most ( | ( ^, nll . ( ( . I8!l | n . (T his picture was eminent citizens by members of an , tl , a mol , cl ^ exclusive club, The tray is long ' < continued to drop away down. To- daj you can borrow than for- ; nicrly. ' The pawnbroker gels numerous ( catalogues on all soils ol items. On i H*.«Mt* WIIK.V SILVKIl Duck Wise Choice for Thanksgiving Dinner for Families of Three or Less If yours is otic nf the nearly 0,000,000 families in the United Slates who have three members or ss, a roast duck is a liuppy choice r your Thanksgiving dinner. We asked Mate! Sicigiicr, noted expert "n duck cookery, to plan a I'hank.vyiving dinner exchisivley for his column. "Btarl with chilled cranlH'rry cocktail." she says, "adding » little •try while calUovni» wine li jour taste runs that way. Then luckling garnished with fresh vf,\- :ercress atid tubes oC clear lierry jelly. Accompany with bnuer- ed broccoli, candied sweet potatoes coukert in the oven while the duck roa.sts, and a colorful plate of raw :eUifj!e relishes. Khmli up ivith traditional puni^kln pie. ov rich nutty pecan pic, and lots of hot black coflee." a bit of parsley. Next fiisten (ho vent opening with poultry pins onct light suing. Place the duck brcusl hide up on a rack in a shallow roast- iUfi pan. 13o not jnick the skin since this ojily causes the precious meat Jmi't's to run out during the roast- liil!. Uoast in slow over 3L'5 riegiecs I 1 ' nil tender, about 1 'i to 2 hours. At tills time a meat thermometer thrust Into the dressing will rcgis- UT about Iii5 deutce-s F. for a incd- hun wcll-tJom 1 duck, C'ook the giblets, neck ami wing tips in 2 cups boilini, .salted water for about -15 minutes. Striiin broth'and use it to iKakf gravy. Acid the cut-up yiblots and a can ot chopped broiled inush- roi,ms. Season lightly with salt, p»p- pc-r and (jraleil orange riiul.-Servo with the duck. Miss aiesuer suggests piep.\ii»Bj Sinqoporc Police Report your duc-k like this, cut off the neck and wins Hi's. Wash carefully in colct water. Stuff liKlHly with your r.-voi'ite stuffing, made cxuetly ns you a|\vays do ajid omitting none of the fat. You'll neat about 4 cups, as much for a a-pouna roasting chicken and half tluit usually needed for a 10 or 12-puuml turkey. A ['ailicutarly good stuffing for roast fluek, and one with a fittingly holiday flavor, i-s made with cnunb.ecl cornbrcnd, plump meaty oysters and Lists 3,500 Prostitutes SINOAPOKB —<iVi— There an :J.aOy prostitutes in this city o about a million persons This i: an official police estimate. Police Commissioner u. K. Foul gcr. in his annual report, listed .Street-walkers 180. about 180 bro ihcls eontuliiint; !WO; miscellancou Uulu's who vise their own room and can i>c called to places Origin of Radio Tube Credited Three Scientists NEW YORK — I/Pi— The radio acutim ttiiJE In Its present-day ttlse is the result of many sclen- Ists. But In Its early history three lames s(nncl out. They are Thomas A Edison, who n 1883 discovered the basic prln- ipal of the tube; John leming of England, (list to develop the detector tube; and Dr. ,ee DcForrcst, who in 1900 Improv- 'd the tube to (he stage that opened the development of thft nodern radio and television jya- tem.i. ORIGINAL "SCHNORKEL"—Ancestors of this South American Mala Mala turtle had the "Schnorkel" device for breathing under water long before anybody ever thought of It tor submarines. At Chicago's Lincoln Park £00, the turUo shows how lt'6 done, assignment, 2,100. f'otilncr says brothels are raided consistently Ihrou&hout the year and 103 Juveniles have been detained and handed over to the Social Welfare Dauartment. Some are new arrivals from China. S -icutUts have kept accurate records of stmspols since 1740. Added Camera Improves Football on Television NSW YOHK — M>(~ Increase ii the number of cameras has con slderably hclKhtcncd t h e ovcrral effect on football television. One of the extra cameras has been placed in the end /.one to produce a head-on scene when » Kick Is made. Generally the other cameras, as many as three, are put at alxint the 50-yard line so that entire Held can be spanned. Kaeh camera obtains as well as intermediate and distance lenses so that the variety of view* can be increased further- (or njr else) Hollywood Continued from Pnge 6 / cocktail cook their own other words, sausages, roughing it. In Koz Ruyscll anil Frc<Itlic Ilris- sun sailed Tor tlif. ciitiinmiid pcr- formancn in r.onctun. They'll visit Denmark, then sliend tlirne weeks in Paris. Freddie will Inly remakr rights to a couple of Danish movies. New story about Mike Curtiz, the Warner director. H« called in a group of assistants (uiri said: "I don't want a bunch of ycs-nicn sround me. If you don't agree with me, I want you to say so—even If it costs you your job." » * » Tricky camera set up lor a fight scene between Bob Ryan and Wil- Infti'Parker In "Blind Spot." Director Mel Ferrer rigged up L barricade, around tne camera. overdue for redemption— a pawnbroker becomes the legal owner of anything left in hock for 13 montlis —but Butler is stretching points. few "This slioum prove," he that all pawnbrokers don't ice cubes lor hearts." How does a pawnbroker know- how much to loan? He nuist be a careful man, since he suffered heavy losses during the last depression. When the '2!) crash came, people flocked to the pawnshops, which were soon overstocked. The market. says, i jpwehy, for example, there lulVL> I markup from wholesale to retail of as high as 50 per cent. On an average, he may lend 25 per cent of an article's wholesale value, or an eighth of its retail cash value. If the article was botlshl on the Installment plan it might have'cost twice as much, so he may be lending only a sixteenth of its cost. Fists eye. fly right into the camera's France's television station uses the Eiffel Tower as it.5 transmitter site. Dutch oven. Season with sugar, salt and pepper. Bring to boil over moderate heat. Meamvhile combine biscuit mix and ham in mixing boM-1. Finely cut watercress leaves and lightly stir Into biscuit mix. Bent egg and milk together until smooth. Add to biscuit mix to make moist dough. Drop by heaping teasiwcinfulls over Ijoiling tomatoes. Cook uncovered for about 10 minutes. Then cover lightly and continue cooking until the dumplings are done, about 5 nimutes longer. Serve immediately in shallow soup plates. Armenian Immigrants Refused by Soviets CAIRO—Wi—About 4.000 Armenians in Egypt returned to Soviet Armenia as tile result of the Russian campaign to entice Armenian Prices Low! Quality High! IMMMI^MMHMM-MMMMNMMMMMMM^MMMM refugees back to their home in 1940-48. Today Russia no longer tries lo attract Armenians back It their homeland. Instead she rr fuses to accept them. "Housin shortage in Armenia," is the reason given by the Russian Legation. For many Armenians who quit their jobs and sold their homes the policy reversal is a personal tragedy. Uprooted from their former liti* they have become displaced PBT sons. Immediately after World War H Soviet propagandists began thelj effort to entice Armenians back to the homeland they : left during the rjerio'dical massacres- of the' Ottoman Empire. They had left Armenia in successive waves: In 1690. i 1910, 1918 and 1920. They had be- I come one of the most active and I prosperous foreign communities In Egypt and other Middle East countries. Forty thousand lir*4 in Egypt alone. Delicious fresh • 2 h. 33c Thanksgiving At Its Best! *i> Borden's Ocean Spray, No. 300 cans SAUCE - 2ior29c Every truckoperator knows that a worn or defective clutch means expensive power loss and the danger of a complete breakdown in the near future. That's why it will save you money to see us immediately if there's a defective clutch in your truck. Our clutch service gives you two money-saving choices: (1) At amazingly low cost you can buy one of our International Exchange Units—a clutch that's been completely , reconditioned in accordance with fac- ' tory methods. We'll make the installs- ' tion or you can do it yourself. (2) Or ' you can buy a new International clutch. Whatever method you choose, you'll save money by bringing your clutch troubles lo us today. DELTA IMPLEMENTS Jnc. 312 South 2nd Phone 863 Delicious tall cans, 35C Sno Kreem Ib, can 76C A very lilitncliiird is Buck in Our Meal Dent. HAMS Tenderized, \vhole or hull' 00 I'm- I'ork COUNTRY SAUSAGE 29 Self Itisinif or ['lain EA TABLE FLOUR Libby't, No. 2 1 /! can 17c Del Monte, No. 300 can Baker's Premium Gold Nugget, Self Rising or ['lain FLOUR Del Monte Halves PEARS NCI. 2'/j Tin Del Monte Su PEAS 20 Hrook.s BUTTER BEANS 2 No. mi Tins ['illsliury HOT ROLL MfX Hershey's bitter sweet baking IGA Golden Cream Style CORN---- IGA Red Sour Pitted CHERRIES - - No. 2 * 25c Clabber Gii'l BAKING POWDER 29 r liettv Crocker CAKE MIXES 2 ,. M . 35 C All flavors JELLO Cam pf ire MARSHMALLOWS U>. I'kg. 29 C Coast Stuffed Man/, OLIVES 69 C IGA Creamy. Smooth SALAD DRESSING M m. /? Ifi nz. MAYS 9 IGA SUPER MARKET 421 So. 21st., Highway 18 Blytheville, Ark.

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