The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BI.YTHEVnXE (AUK.) COUH1ER NEWS Withholding Tax Feud Is Renewed Connecticut Woman Sues U.S. to Recover Impounded Pay Levies ' BRIDGEPORT, Colin., Nov. 21. (AP)—Vivien Krifoms fired a Jaw suit, at the government and more criticism at Secretary of tlie Treasury Snyricr today In her battle £f,niii5t the income tax withholding law. The suit, Mi*s KelJems announced liere, was filed in federal district court in an effort to recover $1,819-20 which, .she assorted, the government took from her "in the tradition of the boldest bank jobber." Of Snyder, she said: "The onJy difference between Mr. John Snyder and Mr. Je.sse Jnmes is Mr. James Vas an 'outlaw' and used a gun," A sjMikrs'nfln lor the Uitoyunl Revejue /Jiireau in Washington said the money was 'collected in accordance with t he Inw as passe d oy Congress. He said Bureau attorneys will defend Hift suit. Asked Indictment Previously. Mis? Kellems had in- died synder to have lier indicted for her refuel to collect withholding ttxps from her employes in her Cable Grip inanufacturmR plant. She wanted tn be indirted, she expJiined. in order to test the constiti<t:on,ility of the withholding tax. Her invitation has gone ignored The. Treasury Department, Instead. has seized $7,319.20 of her money thiough den? on her company's fcank accounts. It's that motley, she .said today In a prepared speech to the Brfc'wc- port Chamber of Commerce announcing the suit, (hat she now hopes to recover from the government. The government began seizing KeUems' money hi May, 1918 after she announced she would no longer "net as an unpaid tax collector" aim wo'jld refuse to withhold taxes Throughout her controversy with the government, Miss Kellems said, her employes have pMtl their income taxes themselves Instead of paying them through the company. Obituaries Rites tor Gus Chitwood To Be Held Tomorrow Services for Oils Chitwood, 57, will oe conducted at- 2 p.m. tomorrow at Holt Funeral Chapel by the K'v. Linza Harrlton, pas:or of Lake .Street Methodist Church. Mr. Chilwood, who had lived In Blytheville for Hie past 48 yeais, died at Walls Hospital at !) a.m. today. He had been in poor health for several years He had come to Blytheville from Dyei.-burg, Tenn., where lie was bon>. He was the son ot ine late Mr. ami Mrs. I. B. Chit- '.vood, who lived here for many yens. Surviving him Is a brother. Bradford Chilwood. of Blytheville. Holt Funeral Home ulll direct burial In Elrnwood Cemetery. Brother of Blytheville Man Dies in Kentucky B. W. Posey, (!5, brother of Lawrence posey of lilyllieville, died at Ills home in Hickiiinn, Ky., at 7:30 p.m. yesterday, after being In poor health for several years. Funeral arrangements for Mr Posey, who operated the Hickman Coal Company, were Incomplete today. He was born at Obion. Tcnn.. hud been in Hukman for about :)5 years. He is survived by his n'ife. Mrs. Nellie Posey; two brothers, Mr. Posey of Blytheville and Allen Po- se.y of Bisimu-k, Mo., and a sister, Mrs. George Dillon of Memphis. Mr. Posey left Blythcville yesterday to attend the services. He w:vs accompanied by his two daughters. Mrs. Ray B. Wbltniore of l.uxora and Mrs. K. C. Quakennush of Elylheville. State News Briefs LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 21. (AP) — 'Hie forest fire threat In Arkansas hits virtually ended. State Forester Fred Lang said blnzes, which numbered up to 50 last week, had been extinguished or brought under control. Chambers Gets To Testify about Alger Hiss'Car NEW YORK,,Nov: 21—MV-Federal Judge Henry w. Goildard allowed Whttaker "chambers to give testimony at the second Atger His.s perjury trial today which was barred at Hiss' first trial. The testimony concerned an old Fovii roadster which Cambers said Hiss, a former high State Department official, gave to the Communist Party in 1935. Hiss' lawyer sprang to his feet and objected when Chambers, admitted ex-courier for a Communist" spy ring, testified: 1 "Mr. Hiss proposed to turn the car over to the. Communist Party for the use of some worker." But the 13-year-old Judge Goddard said "objection denied" and Chambers went on testifying. In Hiss' first trial, testimony about the car was limtttd by tlie presiding judge, Saniule Kaufman. Negro Deaths Funeral services for I.ulu Sebastian Ricks will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. in Indianapolis, Ind., where she died Friday, siie moved to Indianapolis 10 years ago from this area, and retained her farm • lauds in Gosnell. She was active in religious, educational, civic, and social life of Negroes here for about W years. She is survived by her hus- bstid, Andrew Ricks: a daughter, Daisy Coffey; 'two sisters. Mattie Stcelc and Sitsla Williams of STUTTGART, Ark.. Nov. 21. (AP) —It's pretty well established that Juke E. Gartner. 66, of SUiUgarl knows how to call cluck.s. He won the world championship for tlie third straight yenr in the annual contest here Saturday. It was worth 51,000 to him. I.ITTLK ROCK. Nov. 21. (AP) Protests of eight railroads ft gainst (.heir 1949 lax assessments have been is.scd by I he Ark» Ta x Commission. The comnil&sion sail the asae&siucutA were in line will those on other properly in the -state LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 21. (AP) — Governor McMath, personally ant officially, has denied that there are any "speed trans" \i\ Arkansas. Several oni - of-stntc mot or LSI t complained that officers in .several communities htvd arre.ited them 01 trumped-up .speeding charges. Ambushed Gambler Not Expected to Live RENO. Nev., Nov. 21. (AP)—Lincoln Fitzgerald, big-time gnmblei .shot down from at midnight Saturday, wa.s given lit tit chanre to recover today, The Rene gambling house operator was delirious part of the time and physicians attending him s his condition wax gradually deteriorating. Investigators, meanwhile, were having their troubles getting a ,tiie on whoever it was that blunted Fitzgerald with a .snwed off .shotgun. The gunman hid behind the jja- rape of the 57-year-old t<:unW luxurious home and fired as Fit/.- gerald rnised the overhead dour Fitzgerald was'preparing to leave for his Reno gambling place, (he widely-known Nevnda Club. Blytheville: two brothers, nnd thre grandchildren. IFT IDEA For Your Ueaiilifully packed in .Mohawk Kits I a iViii-c jugs, any one of (hcsc fine li((tienrs is here for you lo choose. .. i-ieinc de menUie, crcme de cocoa, aniselte Ii randy, coffee chip, and blai-hbcrry, apricol, peach, prppcrinint, or cherry tic|iienr. These gifls, complete with recipe hook- lets, will enable your hostess to prepare delightful dishes to oloase her quests and family in the future. Reasonably priced at ?J.7S jier fifth plus sales tax. See I hem. fC/TEC'/ LIQUOR STORE BUDGET Contimird from Page 1 city and ."-(.'hoot elections. Thp jiiMices adopted a resolution aiithoi't/jng JiJ'ine OtcPii to use any surplus Kcnernl revoniie funds for m* intalning the coiiiny'.s road .system, Thr three-mil I vohmiary road lax. whEch. >i;i> bt'i'ii collected f(>r several years, tin- i'prom mended for IfloO to xuppjf riicnt Hie road icv- era es, Jud^f C3r rn M):d tlie voluntary Inx provit'cs ribnul $ri5 v OOO annually and the iwnufl is needed to snpplPiiifni Ihc regular three- mil] county levy for road purposoy. Oilier taxc.^ Icvlrd included five mills for the yeiiernl revenue fund, five intlLs fur rath of the municipalities In Uif con n(y, exccj)t Hlythevtlle wli'-ie (lie rale wilt be H.I mil]. 1 -. The oiity increase ;n taxe- 1 ! duting 19.50 will be ilir Irvirs foi" .school purposes. !.HM yrar all .school districts levied (he maximum 18- in ill Lix but iirw lepislaUon peuuif.s school ilisrrim In levy more taxes nnd the rule for 1950 was fixed by le volt-is in 'he resjirclive di.s- icf and the mount of tax authored ranges from 20 to 30 mills'. BlyMievillc, Cnsjir-ll, Sliawnec, ajiiln and BriJikley .sclmo! d!s- u I.-, -,olcd fi :ifl-mil! tax. In O,s- •«jla, ni-H, W r !l*nn, KPIKT. and i"wf,]]. i IIP ntie will be IK mills. lUnijf'ttc voted a 27-mtll tax; cjichviilc. Uyess iincl Luxora, '21 :i!l-s each: and SliHinan, which :i - v l.« kimv.Ji R.S the Mississippi ounl> Dislriei. 2fJ niiil.s. Tax Hoard Vacancy 1'iHed Judge Gtcen nominated Arch 106 North Broadway Phone 2868 MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1949 1'iercc of I.eachvlllc for membership on (lie Tux EqiiUlxallnn Hoard onti the Jtisllcos n( (lie peace, who compose the quorum court, con- fiimcd (he nomination. Mr. Pierce, fills a vacancy caused by (lie death ol licv, 11. K. I,. Hear'den earlier this year. The board members are selected for t'vo-ycar terms and the oilier n-.enihers selected last year will continue In office through 1350. Judge Orceii was aulhori/.<?d to iip:)oint a new committee to work with various agencies seeking directly or indirectly to prevent de- HmMtcncj of juveniles by providing worthwhile activity programs. 'the action was taken af(or Hays SiiJIlvaii of jSurdette offered a resolution to commend the farm and home agents for the success of the, 4-H cliiii '.vork In (he comity; nnd the welfare ascncics, the county health unit staff and others for providing programs »hlt)i lond to hold Juvenile delinquency to a nriuintini. The various agencies and the quorum court are to have represent a tic.n on tlie committee and M.-11I submit recommendations for rorre- lat'-ig fiiinre activities in thi* fisld. Ray D. Johnston, county supervisor (or i he Farmers Home Administration, presented a review of (he federal aecncy's work In this county dimiiK the past year. He said t!ie I-'HA is helping farmers in tlic lower income Krouii-, to buy ilicic o'tn /aims, and that next year loans will i>e availniile for imiirovenirm of m the rural areas. r.vcmy ol Hie justices n. the jieiice attended today's quorum court session. These, included: \v. P. Hale, C. G. Alexander, George na;ns, Richard Thomas. J. H. Luns- tard. Charles Felts. Byron Morse P. E. Coolcy, C. C. Marrs. Sidney Rev. Brown Announces Convention Appointments Convention appoinlnicnls for Mississippi County Baptists v:cre announced today by the Rev. E. C. Drown, pastor of the Mis'. Baptist Church, and retiring prosldent of the Arkansas Baptist Con>ci.lion. The Rev. A. F. Muncy'of Wilson, who was elected vice-president, was also named to represent the Mississippi County Convention on the executive board, and. (be Rev Mr. Brown was named to the board as member nt large. The/.Rev. Russell Duffei, pastor ol tha New Ubcrty Baptist Church was named on the radio commission, and Hays Sullivan of Bu.'dette was named on the bourd of control Tor assemblies, while Al'/lti Huffman, Jr., was elected for a three-year tcmi to the Baptist Memorial Hospital committee. Mr. Huffman w,is or: the committee previously, filling a vacancy caused by an unexpLi'vTl levin. The Rev. Mr. Brown and Mrs. Hrown were delegates to the convention from The First Haptiy.. Ch'ireh in Blytheville. Two Drivers Fined T\vo men forfeited cash bonds in Municipal Court this morning on separate charges of diiv:uR while under the influence of liquor. They were I.ui? Martinez, a S'i^ 25 bond; and \Vtlhatn Tiouer, a 5-15.25 bond. Chrestman. .lack Tipton, C. B. Qraul, Arch Pierce. O. W. Potter, M. E. Cook, Andy Harsbman. W. B. Haear., Hays Sullivan, Tom Cix and Bob Green. Plane Carrying 28 Children Reported Lost O.SLOW, Norway, Nov. '>l--0l»}_ A plane carrying '28 under-nourished Jewish vehisce children from North Africn v/:is missing today, believed cra>-hrd somewhere in tangled forest, country near Oslow. The plant! 1 with :J5 aboard ~ 28 children, three 1 nurses and four crewmen ~- .^enl Us last radio mesxnBe Ei>x>ul (i p.m. last night as It near O.sJo's Furnebu Airport. Soon afterwards, a sharp tlnsh ol light, foJKnvcd by an explosion was sccti near CJjersjnen Lake a mite southeast of Oslo. Hundreds of searchers struggled through the trees and swamps in the hike ie»tMu (luting the night and this morning searching for a trace of the missing craft. The 28 children were in a group of 55 North African Jews from Tunis being flown to Norway for -six months of icsl and rehabilitation be/ore tia<relin<; on to Israel. were bciwyeen six and 12 years of age. Another plane with 27 children arrived safely earlier in the afternoon l r o tn Tunis. The missing plane, a DC-:i trans- poii, u:is opprairrl by a Dutch com* pany. 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Reg. 1.39 BATTERIES • 45-Plole .90 APM • Reg. 10,19 • rich Guotantccd IS Monlht Use our Convenient Time Payment rian on purchases of $20 or more Phone 584 Blythevillc' We invite you ' to use our Mail Order Service for Thousands of Catalog Values ctl Hall, HOLIDAY Continued from Jagp 1 :holr, iiiidcr the dlrecllon of Mrs .Viiinn Hnniv w m presi-ni the a,,. i Mem.*-, win present the an"Praise and Thanksgiving," U'ilson ...Xli .Ji ...l^ n*kL-J JIUUjl .S IHI1C. ,y r . 13. Nicholson, supcrlntcitdcnt of mytlicvlllc schools, announced a '"•« sveck-enrt for (he students nurt idiers. After Hie Individual clnss- havc i-ccogiilzcd Thiiiikssiving with parlies and programs on Wednesday Afternoon, class sessions will ha discontinued until Monday. Downtoivn businesses will be clos- :l. exLcpt for dri-g stores. The Cit.v lull, Court House and all stale and federal offices will remain closed I for tiie day. Bill Malin, city clerk, said that municipal court would possibly be the only activity for city i/liciiils, while postal services will be Gill Pontiac Chartered LITTLE ROCK, NOV. 21-(«_ Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc.. Blytheville obtained a charter from the « c j rctary of state today. The company lists authorized capital of $100,000 and incoriiorators as H. Noble dm M. w. Spencer and Marcus Evrard' all of Blytheville. limited to special deliveries and the Iwx .services. The Junior Chamber ol Commerce (tance at 9 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday's football giunc, matching the Blytheville High School Chicks against Booncville, Miss., will be special features of BlyllicviUe's Thanksgiving observances. For CAHI'KNTOY - I'AINTlNfJ SI'KAY I'AJNTINO PAPKK HANGING CALL :!S20 — 723 — G56G Tosl £ that-satisfying- BEER EtIEVllK ILL, si. tOUIS. MO '•;£s^'^--i£^i>>-: . ; ,..-,• ; •»- iRe^-Estate -v^lortqaqe*'Loam - Insurance i:'»»T^«i\ I • " ^.., feCSOlA Phone 521 BLVTMEMLU Phone 3075 KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 DITGH BANK LEVELING '- ANY MU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Phone 4474 In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service

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