The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1941
Page 8
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E EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS '<_ . > Equipment, Tactics Remain "A Guarded Army Secret, But Training Goes On By JOHN A. REICIIMANN United Tress Start' Correspondent •WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. (UP) — •The..-army will be prepared to use the "overhead" tactics employed -by'Germany against Norway, Denmark, Holland and oiher countries when and if parachute e and airplane troops can perform a given mission better than any other combat group. Little has been written about the training of parachute troops at Port : Benning, Ga., because much or the^ practice, equipment and tactics are regarded as secret. But every clear-weather day the volunteers .who go into the parachute .service are training at jumping', tumbling and;'the use of arms. At Fort Sam Houston, Tex., experiments" are being conducted in the creation of airplane companies whose personnel can be flown behind enemy lines to take and hold positions. .It'-is difficult to determine which branch is likely to be the inore hazardous and exciting, Soldier Folds Own 'Chute - Training of the parachutist be. gins with his most important adjunct—the. parachute itself. He is taught to fold his chute carefully, pack. it. Unlike the aviator, he does this work himself to give him confidence in his chute. '" .To handle himself in his descent, he is placed in a rigging exactly .like that his parachute carries. He has only 40 seconds in the air when dropping, since the plane delivering '• him to his object flies at low altitude. He must be alert, and ready to go into action immediately on landing. For this reason he must know how to bring his chute down, either by pulling it sideways into the wind or running around behind it. This prevents his being- pulled along the ground, helpless. He 'must know how to handle the •cords so .that he will not oscillate on the way down.. He must break his fall by pulling himself upward as he nears the ground. The troopers are dropped in -; groups or 12. They can clear a plane in 10 seconds and be ready for action 80 seconds later. The chutes are opened automatically as each leaves the, plane but every man cames a spare in case anything goes wrong. , Can Drop Smoke Bomb , Training officers do not believe that a parachutist is a good target for men on the ground. The descent is fairly rapid and the chutist can easily drop,a "smoke bomb or hand grenade—tooth discouraging to .good marksmanship — or even handle > revolver fairly well. "The..airplane troops" have "not . b'een" fully - developed. They presumably -would descend by plane at points previously protected by parachute troops. • Each plane of a contemplated 13-plane • unit - would descend fully equipped for- action with a formid- -, able array of armament. The trouble with this type of troop ^movement is that tho plane must land' at a designated spot, whether it?is a potato patch or a ditch. Officers believe that every plane so used by Germany was a casualty. JTwp .37-mm. anti-tank guns, With, crews and~ ammunition, can be 'c.arriec^ in one transport plane. Other planes would carry .30 and oprcaliber machine guns, .,81-mm. '•; mortars, ammunition and the, crews to man them, as .well as an assortment of rifle and pistolmen. Operating with parachute troopers,, such a. unit, officers believe, would be .formidable if turned against vital supply or strategic areas in the rear of enemy troops. Being Officer Nothing New To Arch Lindsev Bass. W. W. fr Shnvciv Clarence•• Wilson nnd was a deputy 18 months under Hale Jackson, present sheriff, before being appointed last January to fill the post of the late Constable Jim Burns. Lindsey- ran for office, for the. first time in his life and was elected last August in the constable, race in Chickasawba township. He has ben forced to shoot only one man during his entire 21 years as an officer, and that was several years ago "when he and Eddie B. David, now a state patrolman, raided n still operated by "Doc" Hickman. "Hickman picked up an axe and threw it at me." Lindsey recalled today, "and Chen readied for a shotgun when the axe mis.sed me. So I shot him through the shoulder." it was .six years ago that Lindsey went throng}) one of his frightening moment^, when he and Sheriff Clarence Wilson- sat in an automobile near the Blytheville Country club and awaited arrival of two negroes who had been terrorizing motorists there. "The sheriff was asleep in the back seat;" he recalled, "when I heard '-someone approaching. 1 called to him and as the two ne- groe.s came up. he throw a n»sh- liyht beam upon them. "One negro shot through the window and shattered glass all over the sheriff's face. Blood .streamed from his face and he yelled "I'm shot". The other shot jat me, missed by a couple of inches and the bullet tore a hole' in our radio. I shot at one nnd thought 1 hit him when he fell down into a ditch, but both got away. The negroes, Jim X. Caruthers | and "Bubbles" Clayton, later were [arrested, and after a long trial and many appeals were electrocuted in 1937 at Tucker Prison Farm." Lindsey likes boxing and wrestling. He also ]ikes his work, and .thinks that probably the constable's job isn't quite as "tough" a.s was the job of deputy sheriff in days gone by. THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, Wounded swans have been heard to make a musical .sound as they sailed to v earth, so "the death song of a swan" is not a myth. LAST TIMES TODAY DON ANTE CHE BITTY GR ABLE CARMEN '— CHARLOTTE GREENWOOD J. CMJROt N»JSH » HEN IT Paramount wcws & Marcn of 'lime -BARGAIN FRIDAY Matinee 10c Jk 20c Night 10c & 30c When Constable Arch Lindsey began a two-year term of office in Chickasawba township yesterday it wasn't very exciting for him" because he's been a- peace officer for many years in Blytheville. In fact, he's beginning his 22nd consecutive year as an officer in Blytheville, which means that he's been around a long time in public affairs. The well known officer will be 50 years old next May, and 35 years of that time have been soent in •• Blytheville. Back in 1920 Lindsey began driving a fire truck and working on the city-.police force, a job he kept for four years under Mayor Frank Douglas before becoming a deputy sheriff, the only outside deputy under Sheriff Jim Bass. He served consecutively in that position under In a Land Aiiv« With Death... and Diamonds! 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