The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1943
Page 1
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SUNDY SCHOOL LESSON : >. Tnl: Mm ZT1J.J1 * » BY WILLIAM E. QILHOY, D, D * EdiUr rf Mnaftt' •, , The appearances of Jesus after .'he Resurrection, as recorded by ' , John, are ^mpressive and we should , -i rt cordetl pi'(he ?«th chapter of > AS these -nojfds transcend f c> erj thipf la /ioi?zuu experience f there are questions th»l )pevitabl>' jaiise cotacerntng them' lhaf cannot * altogether be Ignored; nor can they »he satisfactorily tinswePrt rHie • skeptic disinfiscs these stories of •the appearance of Jesus after the ^Resurrection as incredible, and , some who have had protou^d faitti •>i\\ Jesus as Jbord and Uaitei.-but •"jilio have iiii en Vqu^lly strou^ {sinse of the relcn at natura"i jav. .have Bought to explain away the > jnli nculous appearjiQces ' ' But the mlrkculoue appearMiCf Jof Jesus cannot he's? easily dC- , missed Tlie story of the Walk to ^»EiijnmU5, for Instance, wowe Je*us (hfli them oij tlie'way^and becwne to Uicm In the'breaklng'of ^ transcends cvwy normai expand law Yet tt lt>ear's ln- * f —nytaclng element? Its " ils Is spiritual^ and '. imagine so miracu- ''W unfjund- Is In' i^ukes te^y .a matter j«n,«»m*<'--i At the opnHyfbole ftofn'the ^jXeptio are thoseTmo ^i»ve a very Strong, it sometime? an exaggerit- -ed belief in spiritual phenomena >Qne need ^iot accept aU the ,t*ach- (Ii)gs ,or assumptipt^ " ot modern .spliltualferii (o te' impttssed wltli icmftrkable experience ^riSappev --"rcs that ha\e teen recorded ^within our 0^11 thne by wlfJtu&U&tfi jwhose integrity cannot S doubieii — ..,^,>- ,Je)d of (lie ;ulracu- lous, especial^ ns it i elates to the Resutice(!on and the apiicniance or Jesus aflci the Jlesiiucctlon, is one In \\hlch theic Is ceilalnly little place for dogiimllo unbelief We 110 llvhig In a yorld ui whlcii Bdonce Itself has ic\eal«l mnivcls which everyone ;a,-getierittlon 'or tii'o ago would liaie legauled as Incrcdl'jle surely it Is easi to believe that where tljese icvclnlloivs In the scientific ttoild na\e uccn so i,lon there \vj)l be in fuluic age-; equall) rcmniknblc re\clatloiis in the world of siilrltual phenomena. It Is my omi strong coiulcllon that We' nre only on the fringe of ):osslW)ll!(yi. of;' spiritual jnanlfcs- UtloiiE, like tljesc appcninncci of Jesus, tinnscendlng k;io\\n and lal law, but In nccodnnce . , spiritual lav,b jet to be discovered 'or understood. At any raib, we l!nv c n strong conviction tlia| Jesus Ihcs nnd Iliat He dops numlfeit Jllmseif to Ihose who believe In Him nnd who follpsv His v,ay of life I'nul, who evldeiijl» tjld f)o\, Xnow Jejus In ill" .JW' ^05 conyljttcd that'Jisus h%d gfj^ared tp lilm I'erlmus fitch #n experience Is ix»sD)Je fw every oiie of us. In EP far as *e approach tin comjjlete 'union ^Uh s Cnri4 Oiat wa« Pauls COURIER NEWS DemonstraUpjtt dub Newi •J'ho lipme of Mrs. D. n. -Abbott was dcconUcd with while carim- (ions nu'd stock In jjrceu vases, In ko'pltif \\ltli Ihc St. Patrick' Day motll,'.Insl-niesday when (lie Yo'r- bro Home pewpnslratlon Cllib met there. . ' • Mrs. AW)o[l. led the devotional, nfter which Hie group repeated |li 0 pledge of nlleglnncc to the ring In unison. » ,. Mrs. CluiKle GoiUlnrd cave a talk ti= piny loHi-nnmcnt. St. Patrick's Uay K ainer, were played dur)ng Die social iipyr in winch jtfijKs were awarded Mrs fillies' and Mrs. George Hunch! Mile «mne hp.l.Jday nchemo was nlso cnvrletl out, In the' sandwich' ntatc served (lie 24 PjemlicYs and two visitors present. , Mrs. li. A. Hung will be tly' teles; fo;- tlic next meeting. c h necos- filly Vhen -ii became impossible to f nd nicn [o top nnd trl m (), e acacia trees at her own home THURSDAY, MARCH 25, IMS ., Head_CoMerj<e ws Want Ads. \ ignition. 7?ie habit o/ naming down the UiUtcry In ,a car can be checked by aw q/ n;uch Jlglitcr engine oil and n close check on details of M'MOROLINJ ^.X PETRQIEUM JELLY @ Woman FRESNO, Cal, (UPJ-Qjic more profession fell to the ax of tin. mv'fldiiiff women tqnal -. rlghleii when Marie Kmiffimg, l7->'cnr-ol< BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise MADE BY IHE wesson on riant Little River v. Women of LltHe River Baptist •-Church met Monday night, »ith 12 members and one visljor, Mrs W ^C Posers, present Mrs & Lev\is g^ve the devotional and Mrs Jfcf E Bourland opened th n meeting ^illi pfajer ~ { Tlie studj was taught by MR, iBourtand and the following people Uook par! in the discussion Mrs 'Bill M?3S, Mrs Nule Guliey ami 'tlie pas(or. - During the business <&sslon it %es <rci»itcd that Uie stalriljig'of the > floors had b:en completed and "the ; runnels'for Uie aisle? had' been ;placed t Mrs Bpurlaiid dismissed the :group with prajer. 2« Year Record '.-«««, P (UP) _ , Samuel ^inumeer, stockroom foreman at • the phio Machine Tool Co was Hate for work-lhe lirst time-in ,;20 scars He forgot, to wind Ills ;«atch when he retired, overslept ^and was 65 mfuutes late i > - Cream Deodorant tafely Stops Perspiration 1. Does not loHifmxs or catn't shuts. Does not imtatt sliin 2. No muting to dry Can&Uied light ificriluupg 3. losunil;- siops propirjtion/w 4> A jiuic, »hi( C , grcasejcss, sfiimess jinishin^ creim 5. AirarJcJ Appro>il Seal of AraennnrtistiturcofUim mcfcrfc' -g lumlcls to (ax Am d is the lorges ,e\«n fl deodoronl Open 7:H pj». ' SJjow Stui* 7:39 PJB. f Adm. Alnn lie y^l fit ' f^ast Time Today Are Husbands Necessary?' with f Ray MilUnd * Ptnmrant News Friday & Saturday Bullets for Bandits HNES PORK ROAST HQME GflQWN FRESH DRESSED^LB. LEAN MEATY CUTS—LB, IN PIECE 45c 39c 35c " WE1 S 49' SPANiSH: M ' lpl " !Iil!l SMO. MACKEREL FILLETS: 39 SMO. KIPPERS , lr 25 SMOKED HERRING 39 BOLOOBA" ' ta CANADIAN " ACOI< BACON SKINS „, 65 C ,„ 10 Knteh pressed,- §1>10 ca. TOMATO SAUCE s iS No, 2 Cnn Jersey llox PINEAPPLE BRAN FLAKES MATCHES s < rdjl « FRUIT JARS MACARONI ,,„,„,,„ t> For 18 25' 71= '2 27' fiul. . .1.0.5; Qt. |JAc Pint 5!).c 09 CORN Pride of 111. Can13c Shredded Wheat N. n. c. Radishes TEXAS FLORIDA POUND SEEDLESS POUND WINESAP APPLES Fancy, Pound .."...'... DELICIOUS APPLES Slarkc's, I'ound ...'.. 5c 5c 5c POTATOES SWEET CARROTS COCONUTS """ ° Pound 121' 8' PRICES GOOD FOR FRIDAY and SATURDAY CABBAGE Tcxas S cn 9 N>vrtl AAc Dox. 00 ORACHES SPINACH Florida (Jrown GREEN ONIONS JJu 15 REDEEM ALL YOUR POINTS FOR FULL RATION OF QUALITY! Buy Country Club at Kroger's.. ^•^^ -^ ?:%.. J?S i«^ "4&* ««a You're (juality-sd;, ration-wise, with r . 1 .K'.<|gc.r I s'Coij.:i.try Club Caiiiied ,1'esis jmn'e ihetc are aonc finer. l)uy today! ' .'.. . Only 5 More Days To Cash "A", "B", "C" Stamps. Act Now! Save At Kroger's Today! PORK LOIN ROAST PORK SHOULDERS PORK SHOULDER SAUSAGE Kil)or MEATY NECK BONES BACON SKINS BACKBONES LIVER ' I'ound SLICED Pound BHKAD. 2 20-oi!. L»av.e.s . French Mn End .OJfc Pourt.d VW ' Style AAc Pound fcw . !.e.aty end ,Q|Jc i.i). 03 vd 3J C 17 1? ind 112 2 Lbs. 25'° • - - Ac 9 c „ 25 C PIOKtiS ; KOS » B ,S CHFF^F -WISCONSIN DAISY , WIphkVL pound PORK BRAINS WISCONSIN SMELTS „ BONELESS FLOUNDER , , OOD FILLETS FliESS S pj(T!WJ.j{sii!yi^a OYSTERS ™ BS ^ HOI * E ' Stand it rds RED SALMON ,,^ 6 35 25' 10 35 C 3£ 35? '55" 35} No. 2'/2 C, C, AAc HEINZ BAHV FOOD 21 Pis. fc* ] Pint. .2 for..:..:. 'c APPLE SAUCE, No. 2 C.C.' 1<c Cl 10 Pts, ...........;:.:.:.:.. II ,H CICARETS COHN PEAfiHES No. 2 C.C. •,M Pts. i b 27 14 |c CI,A!TS JUNIOR FOOD «iwiis,«-[.,;.:.:.7.v;:"7;;j{/ irrMi* :: s L'oipis if -» PINTO BEANS 39 1 CATSUP Stat n^15 c (JR. N. BEANS 1 Fresfe Frails and Vegetables For Health and Vigor! GREEN ONIONS Tender, Young 2 Hunches LETTUCE California Iceberg Pound 2bch. 9c FJNR QUALITY T^XAS^VITAMIN RICH [ si Lbs. 32c JJRUGE JK)X FLORIDAS^.Meditim Jo Small Size^Juicy Apples 2Lbs.23c 175-2t6s-^Bx(ra Fancy Wasjiington 15' NEW POTATOES 12 CAULIFLOWER Sm ™ h t,S* 32' 21 c L C ^m~m —"IB KKOCEK _JBERTYSUPER MKT.I PIGGIYWIGGLY PPMBU row WONIT BACK SUARANIEE p«M«So3ft7U"y any Kroger brand item, like it as well as or better M'mn ally plher, or rclurn upused portion in original container ami u-c will give you uoubie your money bach.

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