The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1937
Page 2
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TWO <ARK.) COURIER NEWB MSB Where To? First .12 Months Puke« of Windsor Baffled, Thwarted ol Wy N£A SciTirr Whatever Ertwu'd, Puke Windsor, may .have Ic.nroed the problems of the wording man during thy year since ho abandoned hi; J'jronc on Dec. 1). J93G, he! lias probably learned JljtSi-lhat the life a! tin unemployed kinc Is , HQl v one of simple, uncompllcnU'd I : Facing n second .vein' of virtual 1 exile from his homeland and from] Ihc'dutlcs ami responsibilities Ilia' Jiave been his from birth, EcUviu-rtj i$ profc^tylj' just us perplexed about J his 'Juiure course ns arc the mil- 1 lions whose interest In.his cwwrj is unabated. j Ini a Paris hotel .suite lie Jijcfsj .the rti)niver;;:t{'y of his nmtn-, (Icignent of, a JOOO-ytaf throne. Hi 1 1 cannot remain tlicro wit-owl leading 'just Uie. kind of .nn inmlrrs lite he hits suici he docs not vvimt to I lead. He cannot «o anywhere in Hi? British Empire at present. Alntoil aiiy active \voi'k with u public slant wovikl trina him squarely i\p against iiie .solemn premise or his uMicallou sjicocli tliat "J now quit altogether public, "aimirs." Acutely disappointed, puzzled and chagrined by the fiasco of his projected trip to America, Hi duke faces tin; second year of hi; "exile" thwarted and tallied. without clear ideas of how to use tile jxBitioii and socialized training that still mark him out from other men. JusJ a year Ago Just a year ago, eel-lain clear deliberately-spoken words cnine tumbling from American ntdlus. "A lev.' howl's nyo 1 discharged my." last duty as King ninl Emperor. And now tiiat I l-.nve been succeeded by my brother, the Duke of YorH, .my first words must ue to declare my alleijlnncc to 'him. This I rto vyith nil my heart." ' The King had abdicated! The voice continued, clear, deliberate. •".-•". . the help ani support oi the woman I love . . . one ingtcfclcss blessing, enjoyed by so many of you niul nst bestowed up^n me, a happy horns with hi? >lfe and children. •.--.'"~i~""" VI-, noy; quit altogether public fifl|irs and I lay down my biir- clen. l> jnsy |jj S0!m time before J .return to my native lanj . if, •>[ any time in the future-. I can be found .of service to His Majesty in a private station, I shall not. Jail." Thoughts of FiiulUy. Ip the dead of night on ber 12. after a lonely drive from ^tJrt Belvedere, Ed\mr<i, 0ukr of Windsor, boarded the destroyer Fury at Portsmouth. Landing iu Boulogne. he silently transferred to _a train. At Enzesfrld, Atistria, «ie trip ended. Here at the castle of Baron-. Eugene Rothschild, the duke spent the Ciiristmns holidays. Mrs. Wallis Warflclrt Simpson was with ' friends at. Cannes, France, where she had gone from England bel'ore the crisis, EO that Edward might make Ills decision alone. Her divorce «-o»ld not be final for 'our n-.pnl'.iE. DniinK Ihat time the tivo were to remain apart. jilpre Happy Memories ytOe marked the Enzesfi'hl routine ol skiing, bowiing. iind golf except a luncheon with former King Alfonso of Spain ;md ;i bril'f visit from liis sister. Mary the Pj-jncea, Royal, in ] ;l (e March the duke moved on to Lake SI. Wolfgang In tho Austrian Tyrol. Jf> late April, the moment 'MI-.S Simpson was free, Duke Eihrarj jomed her at the Cljiilentt rtc cande, cs'mtc ol Charles lieu'aiix near Tours. France. On Mav 12 with "Ijie woman I lovo" aiul n group of friends, (lie duke fistonp;! on. the raciio to the coronation ol his brother. At neon of J«ne :t, the correspondents \viio l:-;ul liwanncrt to Cande iverc able at last to write . , And to they were muiri.Tl." | Presbyterians Will I Hear Captain Scovell I There will 1)0 no prayer meeting ! at the Presbyterian Church \ ! lomshl. The Hev. S. 11. Salmon 1 I arf;s !hal (lie members of thisi J.ilnircl) intend |).inyer meeting nt llij First Methodist Church to V.fjir Cnptuln Ben Scovnll, \v)io will rciKl Cluinnlne PolIoek'B dntHiH. "Tlie Fool." ' M'uhcay Ncwn Notes i An cii:ht-monlhs-old negro ba- | l.y «ns fatally burned when n j leniinl hoiuo belonging |o J. O. i I vans was totnlly ilestroyed l;y [ five Friday noon. | An right and onu-hnU pound nm WiiK bom lo Mr. and Mj'.s. ; Jr;s Walker last week. ' j Mr. and Mrs. pave i )t«l relatives at P;i.rkln j lion Jli'lin went (o IT -mi., on business for a .lati \vcrk. Miv:. Irn MuCilnlpc. ol 81, J^ouls, Is Ihe iiucst of her parents, Mr, | and Mrs-. Earn Walker, for Ihe C'Vjiitmns holtdayii, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1937 yis- , 'rreh'toli. tew days KROEHLER LIVING ROOM SUITES S. LEMONS Wnlklne briskly, bin . withoiil r\ident .destination, isre the Duke and Duchess of )\'lndsor—both ih (he above now picture tind In life itself one year nfter the hi-s- toriu lenunciatlon by Sdvviird of the world's proudest throne. ot the German Labor Front, under whose nnsptccs tlipy loured fnflcrlcs and hp^sing p.rojecls in Berlin, mines nl Dul.'iljprg. Ntiy.i party headquarters at Nureuibrrg. Pn October 27, back in Paris. tlie dvikc Knvc Ills .first pub)le cpecch since : hfs famous radio fnrrwell - to the empire. He tin-. scribed hiinselt ns "a very hnppy married rrmtt,''?['ndtlin(j thra "fiiy •wife itnri •7; q nrt'>ii«ithci- cun'tnnt'iibr willing to lend a purely 'inactive life of leisure." • • . , - • v . * ' * \o Future In It Displeasure 'in. wide American circles with Ihe visit lo Germany and hostility |OH-;I'«! Deduux n's advance agent, for the Ameiicnn '.rip, led to its . lasl-inVxnte ,c;vn- ortllRtlon Novclnl!,pr 5. after tentative arranyoinents hart .been made for i) meeting- with r-cesldeni .Kcosevrit anjl for a nntion-wldi- " tlir bar- Acutely disapix>inted. chagrined. and Iwfricd. (he clukn and" his \vj(e rosurac.-l n .somcwliat aimless life in Paris. Meanwhile, on tlie throne sviiirn tic had abandoned and in country Iroin wii(eh he \\ns red. the duke's, brolScr, li- Inciilar King George VI. will celp- fcrate on Dee. 14 his 4M \)irthd-\y. Fcr him. too, it ], il5 t],, t . n a I R . CI '^ ycsr. wiUi Mc;llt«-rane«u plrnfy r Ihe up5ur B iin; of C;ci-inniif, Ainii- I Jewish trouble in HviliKh-mimilul- cd Palretinr. India in ferment ami t!:e d-.'sperate race to' lmn«' British armament up to pur. There is Djcnt.v lo wlii'i the imprest In his homeland and people-winch Bdward a-sscrtc-d he would nKviijs have. Huffman rivwti a New Xoli- T'ic pair led almost Immediately lor NoetJscli. Austria, to honey - inoon at ancient Cn.Mlc Wjwser- leonburg. Back in Paris in caily October .horever, came a new 'nolc. The -.nuke announced that he intended to- visit both Germany and trie United States "to study housing and K-orking conditions . . " On October n the couple were met to Berlin by Robert Ley. head _ Mr;;. Chnrlriif' Tanltri'.l ( -y :.p<?iu! Tuesday iiiiilii with nii>. y, tlj f { r . mi. of sieclr. Mr?. Muniir-iiiitrinan eiur--1 Mmrd several friend;, \vilh a danrr! Friday nidii. : MI'S. Hox lllln!li-s .-niij IK-OV' -'Kill Tuesday iiitilii will) ii w i,,,-- 1 <»(S, Mr. ami Mi f gam Mi'-VI-' .'•ins. of Tyler. ' I ..." i Head Courier News \Yanl Ms. WAKE yp YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilwl C&ciI-M T«T) hi? Onl«! B-J a )«lato rour bowels 4sUj-. If this ts faloata up j • umllku. '(on pft COn?Hp'atC'l. \"f 11"" ' 9 »>-^t<i7] ft ^oisoncii End yoa fed sour, ' and the VOTld IOO):B funk. ' " livci ftc only miAtjhitu; A mere I iO^*mrnt docnn t c<-l si (he I-HUSP. It . «!«<• p»d, rid rwlrj-'n I illlo f .sor ' toitot IttPS^t^Djoiini-'iiof ii!f.n»^jaR « YAniltuftkcl-ourcci 'nprndyp jljirm- ( r, A A for Ca'1er'»I,itU"!l.ivcrPin i * by . ui.v, '-rtt'jM.oytWoKtUtiic. * PRESTONE * ANTl-FREEZt ^r HEATERS * DEFROSfERS Vr TIRE CHAINS Stuck I'runtnl Service Tn All MaliKs of Dili's TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET eo. 2'i Hour >Scrvife Cult 6,'{;{ — I^trgest iMaMufat'.ttii-t'r J'ivjjijj li<)i>|ti l c 'u in (he World^JJuJH for y o M r (.rrlui-y It;i].i(i s OTHER SUITES Piece Tapestry Suite . , 539J5 2-Piece Ai! Mohair Suite , . 539 75 CH AS. S. LEMONS Furnishings Moileratclv Priced Vit l-'uriHlurc- or a S!i K clo«--,Sauf()i-d Hug nuike a most practical Christ was (;ifl whk-n MIC whnle family can enjoy. »ri K hlcji t,,, y«,nr home wilh sonic new nieces of liousu lunu«hins li| ; ,H spuclally j>ricc«l C They'll set up the tree with the greatest of care with hopes that a BIGELOW RUG will be there! A tinael-brjght cfilt idea, this giving a rug to your own'pr somebody else's iajnily! Choose something just right Iron? our largje group oi Bigelpw Lively- Wool rugs and carpets. You'll iind stunning patterns and'colors for 18th Con- lury, Victorian, Modern, Colonial and Provincial rooms. And don'l overlook the cheery (act that any Bigolow rug or carpet you chooso will be gaily gift- wrapped to take it's place with all the other Christmas offerings under Iho IIQC. So make yours a lasting gilt . . . and don I l.eovo it to the lacl miniilc, we imploio. You cc^n be Santa /"lively ! He'll bounce up and down 05 nie Js ? rubber boll, or loU ow obcilicnHy wlitn led by his I ;aih. Home Furnishings Moderately Priced CEDAR CHESTS I'u-furrd VSJIli 52-1 .7/i (Jllicr C'hfjtti wilti Trays •S79.W Hole DESKS $15.75 $19.50 $28.75 Beautiful Windsor Chair$t.«5 Walnut nivJ Muhognny Secretaries Spinet Desks $3575 $8.95 DINING SUITES Bi'aiiliful Fiddle JJai-k CHAIRS A Special Value in a Fine Dim- can Phyfe Suite - - - $99 :r lyncs Dining Suites, 9-piecc, in Gumwoott, Solid Oak. Solid Wiilniit, Hnd ftlahogany CRQ- 93 Ctftfl' 0 " LAMPS A Down Types of THiLE LAMPS 88c to $1157 Boudoir Lamps Set l)f Three $3.95 Spetiii] i^LOOH Ivory ;ind Clirpmium b;i K c. pretty .slunk', 3 r;in()!o lighls, extra s)>i> tlritlpp T,ani|>s liilh rollrctor, Hfiil shades and 4 :; c:nnllr. '.', i\ay Mo^nl rrilrrlnr Mnor Cl^\--''"' I a nip, ^'' Ollirr I'lour I.:UUM S!i.;u lo Stl.M Room Suites 2ii IS'tw iSlyk's l-f'ti-ri' Sulk's in Uuniuxuul, .M;i|iK' \V;tInti( Vcncur, .Solid )V«dnut ;intl '"» li(ii;;u;y . . . rnodeniis-lit. |ios(rr H"< wirlv Amnii'iui rcpniducljons. S!3.95 to S195 SMOKERS Mcl.'il Sitiukcrs iVf-Sl^r) Top Sniukci-s wilh electric cT. jffct-ii, hory. '.. .sa.2.-)-S2,:")0 iVIelal Smoker »i(h (.'ellerede, spi 1 I-JM! while Iliey las! S2.D1 ,S;iio!ii'r.s nilli metal lined humidors, iviilmil ami \iahutt veneer, priced f''«'•' S.'WO (o S17.SO Magazine End Tables Lamp Radio Holders 20 Styles Tables Tables 98c to $5.95 78c to'$6.85 S2.35 to $7.50 $1.96 to $3.95 Occasional Tables, 14 specially selected numbers $3,40 to $17.50 Hassock's, round or square, assorted colors $1.96 to $2.94 Bath Seat Hampers in white, green anil peach $2,94 Coffee and Cocldail Tables, Walnu and Mahogany, Specially Priced Home Furnishings Moderately Priced

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