Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 11, 1897 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 11, 1897
Page 3
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ONE YEAR AGO WE OPENED OUR DOORS. PIONEER OF OUR PRICE The World's Beat. First to promise money back, first in entertaining Leaders in quality. No exaggeration. Leaders in Low Prices. We test even- value. Leaders in Furnishings. Leaders in Hats. We never stoop to sensationalism. Big values and little prices. Our clothes lit same as made to order and more style than cheap tailors will give you. We mark our goods in plain figures. We are manufacturers. Truthful in advertising. We right every wrong. We control the best. Our doors are closed to trash. Leaders in boys clothes. Rightness first, profit afterwards. The Secret of Our Success. Analyze the methods by which this growth has been achieved and you'll find the policy of the beginning has never been forsaken. A policy of liberality, of strictest integrity, of highest aim, of pluck and push. A policy whose alphabet spells only success, and makes of unquestionable Leaders. It is a policy that has won the confidence of the people. Where their confidence goes their patronage goes. We've been generously rewarded. You've regarded this as "Your Store," taken pride in its bigness and bestness, sounded its praises, applauded its achievements, helped on its enterprises, shared its prosperity, joined hands with us in giving Logansport the Largest Clothing, Hat and Furnishing house, in great growing sections of northern Indiana. • Given away free with every cash purchase of $20. 00 a handsome Coat and ".Hat Back. Come and get a card. HUB> Harry Frank's Old Stand. TRY Al Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR, THIS FALL Kor-A-Suit or Overcoat •He Makes Stylish Garments. All Work Guaranteed, 304 Market Street, Over Coulson's Drug Store. w. R. HENING & co. jo. O. Heffley, Successor, to The Equitable Produce nnd Stock Kxchance. Canital Stook flOO.OOO, fully paid. Members •o<'Consolidated produce and Stock Exchange, *> a^hA^ji o-n i. We f urntsti our customers dally market re- units Over our private wires In this city, we : wipeotfully solicit your vatronago throng* jour looai correspondents . W. Milner «. A. K. Building. Liogausport, Ind. 'Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213. :1 °!! storsin Pern Oil Stock If yon wunt to buy oil shares in the variou Peru OH Companies call ai Branch of Peru OiJ Exchange. Rooms 6 and 8 Masonic Temple. Call On • James T. Cockburn George A. Gamble. -C«nU»l Telephone 3S5. Mutual Telephone 138 In»uranc« and Loans. All kinds of Insur- . anoe and Bondi written In first class com- panto*. Money to loan 0 per cent, S. M. Closson,3l9 Pearl St. Kroeger & Strain. "Calli promptly attended to Day or Night. US Broadway. TBLBPHON1 — Offlo«. «, Kroejer, 1SS -Mratn. M. If You Want to Borrow Money On City or Jarm Property call on 8RTH M.VHLvSRY, —804 Fourth Street.— He can make you a Loan of J25 and upward <ntere«t on sums over J500 6 per cent. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, does flr« class wort. Stylish and well fltt tlnKClothes;m«de. Cleaning and repairT ing neatly done. See aim. 324 PEARL STREET. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET over Bruggemaa's Millinery Store. GEORGE W. EODEFER. fell Estate, Loans. F "S»^ a Bought. Sold or Kxohanftti. Mon«Tto Loan <-, nortomce or personal lecuriiy. Call on ma > «r wrtnwme at No. 81 KA MYM a^nue.eait *ad.of|Mark*t *trwt Insurance, Real Estate And Loans. 308 Fourth Street. OITY NB.WS. Fall and winter shoes at Walden's Jesse Evans spent Sunday at Wabash. A school of art has been incorpora ted at Fort Wayne, George Phillips, of Elwood, spent Sunday in the city. Samuel Baker, of Lafayette, spent Sunday in the city. Chas. Decker, of Delphos, Ohio, is visiting in the city. Willard VanGundy has moved from Kockfleld to Logansport. George A. Marshall and Jessie Gibson have been licensed to wed. Judge Chase returned, Saturday, from Willlamsport, and opened court here today. Mrs. Joseph Young and Mrs, Wm. Young are visiting in the neighborhood of Flora. F. M. Klstler, has returned from a p^lnt in Ohio, where he went on legal business. Cheslea, Harry Elliott's pacing horse, will be started In a race at Winamac tomorrow. Emll Keller, proprietor of the Barnett hotel, caught a five-foot eel at Lake Maxlnkuckee the other day. Every county ID tLe state was represented at the state convention of W. C. T. U. at South Bend, which adjourned today. The citizens of New Csstle have organized a company to supply natural gas, owing to a raise in rates by the old company. An oyster supper will be given at Long's school house, in Washington township, on nexl Saturday evening, October I6th. All are invited. A street bonfire is chargeable with the burning of the Second PresDy- terian church at Lafayette, and the loss of $20,000. This should serve as a warning to citizens of Logansport. Frank Skinner, the bicyclist, who made his home here for a while, was hurt in a bicycle manufactory at Cleveland, Ohio, some time ago, and It is said that it was *ound necessaiy to amputate one ot his legs above the knee. The remains of the young son of Mr. and Mrs. William Wolf, of Peru, were brought here Saturday for burial In Mt. Hope cemetery. The bereaved parents were accompanied by Dennis Cannon, Andy Spbllman, Miss Bridget Spellman, Mrs. Glennon 'and Mrs. Thomas O'Connell. SUICIDE Of Her. Jacob Fisher by flanjring, Saturday. - The Work of Self-WegtrnctioB Committed at Indianapolis. Bev. Joseph Fisher, of Mexico, Miami county, a German Baptist minister well-known In Logansport and Cass county, suicided at Indianapolis, Saturday morning, by hang- S- Since the death of Kev. Fisher's wife his health has generally failed him, and three weeks ago he went to Indianapolis and entered a sanitarium ID the hope of improvement. Friday he telephoned his relatives he was greatly improved in health and intended going to Brlghtwood to ipend the day with a relative. Soon afterward he was, missed from the building and setae hours later was found in one of the buildings by the attendants where he had hanged himself with a rope. Life was extinct when the body was discovered. Four children survive him, two sons and two daughters, all living in the vicinity of Mexico. AMUSE SEN TS. "Onr Step-Hasband" Tonight—"Palmer Cox's Brownies" Thursday Might. "Our Step-Husband," to be presented at the opera house tonight, is one of the new successful comedy diamai of the year, and will be given by a company of unusual merit, headed by the well-known artists Messrs. Osborne and Baron. The character from which this piece takes its title, Is a graduate of Harvard, yet brought down to a low level by force of circumstances. He has had his life virtually wrecked by an unfaithful wife, and wandering to his old home after a prolonged absence, he finds that scheming woman occupying a false position. To show the world her duplicity and to save his daughter from disgrace and shame he humiliates himself, but at last manages to save his daughter and to show the guilt ot his wife. A strong vein of comedy however runs through the entire piece and serves to keep the audience in constant good humor. PALMER COX'S UKOWNIES. Seats are on sale today for C. B. Jefferson, Klaw & Erlanger's production of "Palmer Cox's Brownies," which will be seen at Dolan's opera house on Thursday night of the current week. Prices for "The Brownies" will not be advanced . A special train will be ran from Peru. No one should miss this attraction, which Is the greatest which has been Drought here in many a day. la the course of its twelve magnificent scenes it will introdace to the audience many remarkable novelties,among which are the flying oallet that Is performed in mid air, the oriental ballet of beautiful women, and the gorgeous rainbow ballet. Palmer Cox, the famous "Brownie Man," will appear in the third act of the elaborate spectacle, and make lightning sketches of the various Brownies in charcoal. Included in the specialty features are Romaio Brothers,the world's greatest acrobats; Newhouse and Butts," the wandering minstrels," and Eddie Plnand, the champion Brownie trick bicyclist. In the big company are seventy-four people, and two sixty- foot baggage cars are required for its immense equipment of scenery. THE LOST CHICORi. Supposed Genuine Message From the Wrecked Vessel Found. A bottle containing a note was found Friday on the Lake Michigan beach, near Chesterton, by E. G. Miller, of Crisman. -The note was apparently written by one of the men on the steamer Cbicora. It was dated Chtcora, January, '95, and signed by Edward Mason, to Kobert his brother, 52 Dearborn street, Chicago. It stated that the ship had gone to pieces off the coast of Michigan. There was also a long private letter. The bottle Is £ common, long-necked wine bottle : and shows evidence of having been in the water a long time. The note Is apparently genuine. The Gnn "Was Loaded. Yesterday afternoon James Con way. jr., and Lanson Castle, son of Peter Castle, met on the Westslde. Young Con way carried a shotgun and Castle was leading a bicycle. While Conway was examining the bicycle his gun was accidentally discharged The charge of shot struck one of the wheels of the bicycle. The tire was badly punctured The best baking powder and flavor ing extracts In the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. Smoke the Columbia cigar ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Buy your shoes of Walden. Miss Etta Wright has returned rom Terre Haute. J. D. Johnston, the hotel man, Is onfined to his room by illness. Born to Mr. and Mrs, Chris Panon, of Miami street, a daughter. Messrs. Harry Denbo and E. A. Beall have returned from a days ating at Lake Maxlnkuckee. Hon. C. W. Harrison, of Sioux Falls, S. D,, is In the city visiting is brother-in-law, H. C. Cushman. A. B. Keeport is at Indianapolis stablishing an office for the sale of part of the output of his lime kilns. Mrs. Gottleib Scheafer, sr., whose ,rm was broken several days ago, is mprovlcg as rapidly as could be ex- lected. The Logansport Citizens' band will give a dance Thursday evening at Dolan & McHale'a hall. Admission 0 cents. Solomon D. Brandt, of 2230 High treet, is entertaining his mother, Mrs. Mary Brandt, and cousin, Mrs. Mattie Endee, of Eatoo, Ind. Mrs. William T.Wilson, of Market treet, entertained Saturday aftei- oon In honor of her guests, the Misses Knight, of Fort Wayne. Railroad employes running into Jhicago can borrow money at lowest rates, at 911 Fort Dearborn Build- ng, 134 Monroe street, Chicago. I want to buy 125,000; good notes and judgments. I want to loan, to [ood people, »50,000, on mortgage, <r personal property—Geo. B. Forgy. Miss Emma Manders, a teacher In the Gas City public schools, Sunday- ed in the city the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manders, if the Southside. O Comptroller Eckels exoects that ,he reports from national banks in •espouse to the call just Issued will how a large Increase In Individual depoiits over the last report. A Sunday school under the auspices of the Baptist church was organized yesterday afternoon on the Southside In the old cooper shop on Jurllngton avenue. It was well attended. Master Edmund Wilson entertained a number of bis little friends Saturday afternoon at his home on Eel River avenue. The party was in honor of his birthday and was greatly enjoyed by the juvenile guests. C. E, Carter will represent the local Clgarmakers union at the meeting of the State Federation of Labor at ttarion tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. The local Trades and ,abor assembly will not be represented . Mayor McKee is in receipt of an invitation to attend the civic-philan- jhropic conference which meets in Battle Creek, Mich., October 12th to 17th, together with a request that he appoint twenty delegates from this county. The object of the conference Is the discussion of social, iygenic and philanthropic subjects, and addresses will be made by prominent workers along these lines from various parts of the country. IT IS SOT POSSIBLE. A Successful Merchant Gives Out Some Valuable Points. Mr. Barley, of the big mercantile firm of Miller & Barley, of Marion, is one of the most successful advertisers in Indiana. Upon being interviewed by the Marion Leader man a few days ago, the following points were Drought out: "Do you think It is possible to build up a big business without the aid of newspaper advertising? "It Is not possible now fays with competition as strong as It Is." "Does your advertising as you are now doing It pay?" "We think it does or we would stop, which we stall not do." "What is the best way to advertise any business, in your opinion?" "Newspapers are always the best advertising mediums. J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. * 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana. ^ Men's Suits I Boys' " 1 Chld'ns " Men's Overcoats and Ulsters Boys' Children's " " " -MACKINTOSHES. Fall and Winter Underwear, " Hats and Caps, " Shirts, Sweaters, etc. (" Gloves and M;ittens, " Neckwear. it It tl it : Children's Department Complete We have used our BEST JUDGMENT, and the utmost caution in the selection ot our present FALL STOCE, and undoubtedly hare the finest line of goods, in all departments ever offered the citizens of thif county, at very Lowest Prices. Call and see us. We will be glad to show emr goods, and are satisfied we can save you money. Money Back if Goods are Not Satisfactory. TO BE ENLARGED. The Bee Hive Establishment to More Forward. The death of Solomon Wise, of the firm of Wller & Wise, will not change the running .arrangements of the store, as his interests will be looked after by his eon, Carl Wise, who has developed into ft most capable young business man. It is understood that another son, Victor, will sell out his shoe business at Chicago and come here to assist in the store. With these energetic young men to assist, and Mr. Joseph Wller haying general supervision, tbe Bee Hive will easily retain the splendid success it has recorded for twenty years past. In fact the store is to be pushed farther to the front by its immediate enlargement. The building In the rear, which has been used for some years as a liquor establishment, is to be made about one-third larger and connected with the Bee Hive by proper openings and arches. Both the first and second floors are to be used, thus giving the main store more than double the floor room it now occupies. The Bee Hive will thus be provided with an entrance from Wall street, as well as from Broadway and Fourth. The firm is to be congratulated on Its faith in tbe future of Logansport, as shown by this movement to provide for a bigger business. AMUSEMENTS. D OLA1T8 OPEKA HOUSE. WM. DOLiN, MA»AQ«B. Monday October n, '97- The Eminent Character Aotow and Comedians. Chas.Q.Osborne & Will A. Baroa -IN- OUR STEP-HUSBAND Management F. A, Vinney. Elaborate Scenery, Startling Effects, £ Pleasing Specialtiei if Touching Fathos, Delicious Comedy. PRICES..25c, 35c, 50o, and T5c. Seats on sale at Jonston's drug- store. VJNFORTUfl.ft.TE ACCIDENT. Those Dreadful Sores They Continued to Spread In Spite of Treatment tout Now They are Healed -A Wonderful Work. "For many years I have been a great sufferer with varicose veins on one of. my limbs. My foot and Umb became dreadfully swollen. When I stood np I could feel the blood rushing down, the veins of this limb. One day I accidentally hit my toot against some object and a sore broke ont which continued to spread and was exceedingly painfuL I concluded I needed a blood purifier and I began taking Hood's Sarsaparflla. In a short time those dreadful sores which had caused me so much suffering, began to neaL I kept on faithfully with Hood's Sarsapa- rUla, and in a short time my limb was completely healed and the sores gave me nci more pain. I cannot be too thankful lor the wonderful work Hood's 8«rsap«- rHila, has done for me." MBS. A. E. n, Hartland, Vermont. Mrs. A. Grusenmeyer Knocked Down in the Street by a Horse. Saturday evening, as Mrs. A. Grusenmeyer was crossing Market street, at Third, she stopped to converse with a friend, then turning to continue on her way, she stepped almost In front of a horse attached to a trap occupied by County Treasurer Cash, his wife and son. The latter was driving. Mrs, Grusenmeyer was knocked down and sustained several severe bruises, but fortunately no bones were broken. Two men, who were passing In a surray, took her In and conveyed her to her home, No. 96 Eel River avenue. She Is resting easily today and no serious results are anticipated. Tfce accident, although unavoidable, was very much regretted by Mr. Cash. Street Car Accident. Yesterday afternoon while one of the summer street cars, No. 8, used __l a trailer, was being pulled through the Twelfth street switch, going east, a guy wire, which hung low, caught on the trolly pole attachment, aad dragged the heavy iron arrangement to the ground. There was nobody hurt, but the passengers were badly frightened. A boy narrowly escaped being crushed beneath the heavy weight. A Bad Kid. Yesterday afternoon while motor car No. 4 was moving east on Broadway and was crossing Fifth street, a boy, probably 8 years of age, threw a small stone at Motoiman Skinner. The stone missed Mr. Skinner, but struck a lady passenger over the right eye, causing an ugly bruise. The lady's name was not learned, That kid should have been given a good spanking. Fell Down Stairs. Mrs. Louise Englefried, of 410 Grove street, fell down a flight o cellar stairs and cat an artery on her forehead, losing considerable blo6< before medical aid was summoned Dr. Hetherlngton dressed her In- Sarsaparilla Is the best— in fact the One Troe Blood Purifter. • j^ _ JJ^ HOOd S pills core an lirer iHs. 28 cents. _ A. W. Stevens and «oa, Walter Sondared with the former's daughter Mrs. Louis FoulleU, at Gas Olty. D OLAtf'S OFEHA. HOUSE. • • • • Thursday Night, Oct. 14. No Advance of Prices for thU Great Attraction. C B. Jefferson. Klaw 4: Erlangur's World Famous Production. PALMER COX'S The Only Company! The Original Company! The Same Big Orgaaization of BROWNIES! witnessed in New York. Chicago, Indlaa- apolU and other Large CTtieo. All the Remarkable Features. The Flying Ballet Palmer coz. the Brownie Man, The Oriental Ballet. The Wandering Minstrels, The Marvelous Homaloe, ere. Saat Sale Opens Monday. PrlceH 25o 50c. 75o and II. No higher. Special train from Peru for this Great traction. THR First National Bank, CAPITAL||250,,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PBBSIDIOIT, W. W. ROSS, CABBIBK, J. F. BROOKMEYER, AWT. CASHTJIB. DIRECTORS: A. J. Kurdock, W. H, Brinfhurtt, DannM Ubl. B. B. Rice, B. t, YantU, W M. Jbktwood, W, T. Banking in all its Department* promptly and careniUy done. Safety to Customers and stockholder* sought'tor. Strong BejerreJPuntf Maintained. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AMD VAR IDREh .ft. CHICAGO. FIRE PROOF. One block fro»» c. B. fc t. 8. ic X. S. H«llro»4 «epob Improvements costing $75,000.00 just been completed, and the house nov offers every convenience to be found in my hotel, toduding hot wd cold waterselectric light and steam heat In every i Rates 75 cent* per day a»d npw»rd$. First-class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Oner a*

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