The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1933
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1038 BLVrHRVILLR. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Clasp Hands on Success of U. S.-Soviet Parley Soviet Union Would Be No Set-Up for Nipponese War Machine. MY RODNEY ntTCIIEK t'oinler News Washington C'orre- WASHINGTON. — Russians are wondering whether tr.cir cleat sv America has slaved off war wllh Japan o:' seeded H alcnj. LltvinolC arrived with the Par Eastern situation foremost in mind. Diplomats and military men a-» surne Japanese militarists hope next lo take the far end of eastern £!- buria in a Padiio expansion program. Soviet officials were jrritnariu anxious lo line lip wall us on fi friendliest jxxislble basis in answer to that threat. Hence their concessions lo Kocsevelt. We entered no encangttng alliance—but look at Litviiioif's smile and recall Roosevelt's assurance lethal prosiwcts of peace a:v "great* ly strengthened." . Realistic Russians and CUT-SIIS- piclous American 1 generals anil admirals nevertheless feel that the warlike Japanese faction may prefer u> strike now—bsforc Russian- American rapprochement strengthens and before Russia is better prepared. Probably nothing will happen. The future resis on the increasing or declining strength of the Japanese war party. In Washington ar.d Moscow everyone hopes for the phiimcd effect of assurance tnat Russia will have our moral support in cast- slie is attacked. PAGE THRBB TixinV Rank With Turkey on Menus for Thanksgiving In this, tin- second of four aril- Thanksgiving middlnj Iff on "I'hnnlnr Your . Tlnnks- Nuts Fruit IvdijC Dinner," Slsli'r Mary dr- Coffee •lUmf tin- details (In- housewife! Ilnvo the turkey delivered curly m-c iii Ini-kllnt ilie No-:In tlw morning of the dny before si. ' Thnnksglvliii!. This gives lime to —— i wish nnd thoroughly drain the bird before stuffing lale In the afternoon. If lire turkey must be •itnljcr .10 IIV SlSTIIlt MARY NKA Sm-lrr Slnff Writer It's dillU'iilt lo midmtnml just ';liy Ihe mi-tin for the Thnnksglv- ni{ dhiiii'r should purzle nny one of us. Dm 1 honored ancestors In he days of Ihe Pilgrim fathers nncl mothers established n menu hnt bus remained fixed nnd un- ! DECREES HERE CrV'Kellor Gautncy Has Crowded Day at journcc! Term. actions: Ruth Cmwiord - vs; Ir» Crawford, submitted for dwrw In vacation with temporary alimony for plaintiff; Austin Hodge it. Qerlhn Hodge, citation' Issued for plaintiff to show cause at naU regular term why he should not be punished for contempt of court' | Russell Gray vs. Winnie Gray, wnslred nnd stuffed on Thunks- glvlng moi-nlni;, confusion Is likely lo.reign In Ihe kitchen'. 13o these ihlngs on Wcdnesdny: Cook the chop giblets. Wnsli nnd sluff nnd truss lurkey. Cook onions, They arc llien through Ihe ycurs, yellvendy to relient In the crenm stiuce 'tic 1 ' vcu 1 in countless liome.s, N'o-1 which must lie made Thursday, i-tmber brings the Imporlnnl ques- Select tiny onions nnd cook Ihcm lion of -What slmll we-luive for whole, our Th;inksclvl[ig dinner?" | liske squash nnd remove from UsiiuLy UK- nn.wer Is "Turkey,' shell. by ul! moiins." However, Ihe very,. Bnko the brown bread., inmll fiiiuiiy may prefer n good I Slew pumpkin nnd run thrQugh ilzcd i-hlcken stuffed nnd roast-Icelander. ed I'xiifily like the turkey, or n i '1'lie crunbcvry Jelly can be made snvrt'-v c!iu:k with i-nge mid onion |Tiuisdnv. r'uffh] 1 .'. iiiiinea hc-n nnd any va- j On Tlunsdny morning bake the rlety tif tutue may tnke their pies before the lurkey needs Hie places us the piece de resistance oven. The potatoes must be cook- for Ihe Th:,nksi!lvip.K dinner with Etghtecn divorce decrees .' plaintiff for $m"bi"giTmtihment proceedings In the case of W. G Sample vs. Velma Sample, -In which divorce was granted several W erc l' enrs "80 entered. ' ' grniilod by Chancellor J. F. Gaut- ncy nl nn ucljoiirncd dny of chancery court here yesterday. Decrees weie granted In the following cases:- Cllffe Pox vs. John Canadian Boy Gives Gran Widow Definition _ , •- MONTREAL (UP)—The Echtnl Fox. liidlgnlile-s; Edna Harper vs.'season Is well underway her" wd Marshall Harper, Indignities; Via-' the first schoolboy "howlers'''arc n n? ra>ic vs JitmM S""!*' m ' "inking Ihclr a]>pearance. appeara _.. A nine-yeor-old boy has dignities; James Seyrnorc vs. Jew-1 .-,„...„„, „,, I1U5 IUHJ1J el Seyrnorc. indUniiles; Cnrl Boy- the lead with his classic definition elt vs. Jewell Doyelt, desertion; of a "mass widow." Vlrglc Musiatn vs. John A. Mus-| I.ovcll vs. Kiigcne Lovcll, desertion, rlilM tn'nlnl * 1 w." Read Courier News-Want Ada. S I V ".Lilly, ,, I"" » San, crs vs. Monte Sand. - . ed and mushed. The gravy Is made ?'*' l"<llB»ulcs: Margaret S Ca - Night or day, when you first ' ( begin to feel sluggish and need something to straighten out your bowels (lo relieve constt- patlon) — take a dose of old reliable, purely vegetable THEDFORD'S BLACK-DRAUGHT nt Ihe same dinner, According lo our moiiorn way of thinking and .i'j. cither o.u 1 or the other, but not bath, should be served. Of ccurse. if a bl? party must bo claimed nnd one turkxy Is not enouiih and two cost too much, tlie chicken pie will prove ail Ideil stretcher, since It's quite Make ihe soup and salad and set Ihe table nnd arrange the nuts nnd fruit. Tomorrow'! Menu BREAKFAST: ' Stewed with lemon, cereal, cream, crisp William Hopkins vs. Hopkins, desertion; Minnie Stewart vs." John Stewart, decree because defendant had wife by earlier marriage prunes 1 Proceedings In pending divorce CKADE A Raw Milk Phone : 74 Craig'sjDairy broiled biicofi, corn bread, milk, coffee. Happy over successful conclusion of negotiations tsr recognition of Soviet Russia. William C. Bullitt.Us traditional as turkey Itself." LUNCHEON: Bilked macaroni left, and President Roosevelt clasp hands at the Unicn Station in Washington, as the president prc-| Pl"n vour dinner at least a week | nnd oysters, ^ rye^ bread, ^hearts of pares to toard his special train to leave for his Thanksgiving vacation hi Warm dprhujs, Ga. Hullilt, |t '. c , f0:x ' l Thanksgiving Day, ' ' and or- celery, baked quinces, milk, tea. N'o Setup for^Japan Dreading war In a critical economic period, but with backs stiffened in their Japanese relations, Russians grimly deny in- private that they would be a mere setup fcr N ippon. They have pleasant visions of a Red air force bombardment, of Tokio—of Red aviators racing gloriously to like, death while showering nn inflammable capital city \vl!h thermite. Tokio is just a few- hundred mSes from Soviet territory." Also. Siberia's vast plains are a huge buffer lor European Russia. Falling back to a secondary defense line. Russia believes she could carry on war while bui!din» tip behind. J Confidential reports here alsa say Ihat Russia hai some 250.0M fighting, -m^n;'-available east' of 'Chita and that anti-Japanese uprisings In itfanclrckuo also might b-> anticipated. Some Balm for Relipon Hocsevelt took every possible precaution to assure favorable American reception of the recognition deal By design, discussions of the religious issue were the one thins permitted to leak from the White House during negotiations. Roosevelt feared backfire from the churches and sought to reassure them. Their representatives had been to see him. Russia's religious guarantees were in line" with guarantees of the Russian constitution" and present practice. American churches still will be unable (o two property, proselytize, or engage in secular affairs. Steel Is Great Need Structural steel will be' on? of the primary Russian requirements from this country. You haven't heard much abcut that, because Russia t?as teen inclined to brag of her rich ore deposits. The truth is that most Russian ore is too magnetic for large construction purp:ses, too difficult and expensive to process. Thus her industrial program has hren r.sndi- cappcd. Officials here, worried about our capital goods market, have for some ' time pleasantly anticipated this Accost in steel exports. T-IIuEh" Clamped On All negotiators were sworn to strictest secrecy. Reason: The delicate international situation and danger of "misunderstandings." That's Baor Back There Two Fined $5 Each for Violating Fire Rule Joe KIcban and D. Hammock, charged with violaiion of a city ordinance regulating outdoor fires and requiring permit's from the cllv ,„,....„....,.,.,„.. . ider the turkev ns soon ns the! UINNER: Baked sparerlbs, .inmcd U. S. ambassador to Russia, rs the first to hold that ;jcst after n IG-year break in diplomatic: relations. BUKts nrf i m :it c d. Your butcher nmshcd potatoes nnd.sauer kraut, or poultry man can give you n bet- baked corn, grated cnrrot and ap- ter selection II he knows several! P le snlnd, cherry (canned) pie, days in advance Just what you 1 " 1 '"*- coffee, want. Ten-Pound Bird for Eishl A ten-pound lurkey Is Ideal for a group o( six or eight. If Ilio fnmily is to include ten or more ncrson.s of course more turkey' will be needed. Two tcn-ix>und turk- Negro Caught With Liquor After Chase on City Streets gro. accused of burgli.ry and grand larceny in the theft of SI3.75 from tu wood-working shop near the city hall, was fined $50 alter the charge had been reduced to pel't larceny. Paul Williams was fined' $15 for failure to pay city privilege license, j • Garland Johnson . was acquitted of a charge of disturbing the peace. Two men were fined for public 1 drunkenness. | Funeral Services Held For Dell Accident Victim ones. Don't, forget to Jeb Taylor, negro porter at a lo cal, barber shop, was arrested by deputy constables this afternoon or charges ol transporting liquor and reckless driving after a wild ended-In'his capture. Taylor was filially nabbed by have the ' Raymond Bemnr arxl Allen Thomp- turkey delivered to yon drawn and j son, deputy constables under Hnr- cleancd. [ry Tnylor. utter he be«n over- Two or three days before the j la!te n by the officers' car. He is feast, polish the silver, brinn outi' lc 8 e d to have been'carrying five and polish the turkey platter, Bnllons of intoxicnllnp, liquor. choose Ihe (nbleclolh vou want to, use nnd be sure Unit all China nnd glassware nnd accessories are In readineis- Order the flowers', or at least decide on the centerpiece. Knrly In the week replenish all such staples ns salt and sugar In. order to relieve your grocer from too heavy deliveries at the last minute. Wcdnesda--- Is a biisv dny with its extra nmi_:eting and preparation for Thursday. 'Funeral services were held this afternoon at bell for Willie Barnhart, IB-year-old son of Mvs. Anderson Ray of Dell, who was killed in a highway accident near Warren Sunday n!gh,t. The report that Miss Edna Dunham had denied in New YorK they intended to wed doesn't disturb the activities of Max Baer, lighter-screen lover. He's shown here behind the feathers Sally | Kftnd uses in her fan dances. Max emerged from the fan long :notigh lo deny he "had a date" with Miss Rand, saying "that fan dance stull has accumulated loo niucn notoriety." This early attention lo detail makes it iws?iblc for the hostess without a maid lo enjoy both her guests and her dinner and insures a successful party. The following menu Is a typical "old time" dinner. While simple ! it is interesting enough to give Youny Barnhart was hurt in nut the cook nmnlr- opportunity to dls- acclden. m w-ilch ar.olh.2r youlh j ,, iay her skm u u docs not mMt was fatally injured and 15 sustained j yo ,, r i mmc dtatc reeds it may sug- lesser injuries. All were civilian: (test other possibilities to you. .Conservation Corps workers. clear tomato soup can be substl- The Hev. Stantield officiated at! tuted for clean broth and a plain t-e services held at the Ray home, j h-csd stuffin? for the oyster stuf- Intermcnt was rnarie at Sandy fling. Ridge cemetery. The Cobb Under- Thank?sivin§r Dinner Menu liking company is in charge of fu-; Clam broth neral arrangemsnts. / j Cclr-y Pickles Olives | The deceased 1-3 survive:! by, be-i Roast turkey Oyster stuffing sides his mother, his step-father.' Cranberry Jelly AirJeraon Rny, three brot'rer.-. ar.d Mashed potatoes Giblet gravy four :!st?rs. ' Shredded cabbage and green ! ' pepper salad Evfry coin minted in Venezuela Boston brown bread Read Courier News Want Adi. YOUNG MOTHERS Don't experiment with chlIdren's colds...Treat them «a your- own mother externally. No dosing! Just nib throat •nd cho3t with . . . bears the profile of Simon BoUvnr. BARGAINS IN.VEWiUS^l) FURNITURE R. J. DODSON 303 E. M.iin Phone 15s Bronchia! Troubles Need Creomulsion Persistent couihs and colds lead I' serious trouble. You can stop- i hem now with Creomulsion, an fmnlsified creosote that Is pleasant 'o take. Creomulsion is a new mecl- 'ral discovery with two-fold aC' lion; it soothes and heals the inflamed membranes and inhibits t'trm growth. Of all known drugs, creosote is .Tcotnlzcd by high medical authorities as one of the greate.; h'sling agencies for roughs and colds nnd other form; (•( tlrront troubles. Creomulslon ruhlala-!, in addition to creosote, ti.her healing elements which jrothe and heal the InfecU-d mcm- cinnrs and slop the irritation nml Innammallon. while Ihe creosote roes on lo ihe stomach. U absorb- "rt into the blood, nnd attacks the £"at of the liouble. Creomulsion Is guaranteed sitb- lactory In the treatment of ivr- i-lstent cou»lis and colds, bronc'.ibl •-^thnin. .bronchitis, and Is exccll'iit 101 building up the system alter 4 rnlds or flu. Your own druggist is T authorized to refund your money •••n the spot if your cough or cold li not relieved by Creomulston. Adv. Blytheville Country Club's New Home Is Now Complete] 'fire Blythevilic Country Club : rustic and colonial design. The: house, which has been under con-' large ball room has mezzanine: struction for ths past four months, floors at each end which open onto! has been completed at a cost of the roof garden. The balconies have j approximately $16.000, including pegged floors of random width. | furnishings. i -me red brick fireplace and the Tnc colonial building, situated on ' hand made light fixtures which } the country club golf course a mile ] decorate all the porches and the in- ond a half north of the city on > tcrf °r add p. colonial touch. Highway 61. is said to be one of the [ U. S. Branson was architect and most attractive club houses between Memphis and St. Louis. Tnc edifice, which is 88 by 64 feet, exclusive of tre porches, is of frame construction, painted \vriite, with a green cedar shingle rcof. It has such features as a roof garden, tiled porches, sun room, a grill, large ball room, two balconies, kitchen, and two bathrooms for tire club apartment. It Is equipped with hot air heat and an air conditioner. There k a four room apartment, with Iwo bath rooms and other modern conveniences, which is occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Everett B. Gee, owners of the club, and a room and bath for the hostess, also in the same building. The club Is now complete except for some of the furnishings. A number of changes were made In Ihe original plans, including ihe tiling of the roof garden, the addition of a grill, and a large basement. Toe interior Is a combination of C. M. Baxter, contractor. The club, which will have its first affair In Its nc\v home Thursday evening, \vas opened July 4, 1925. A golf house, erected at that time, will continue lo be used as locker room for the golfers. In addition to golf the club has two tennis courts and both tennis and golf tournaments have been held tlierc. Hunters Brought Back Live Game as Proof LAWTON, Okla. (UP) — When six local sportsmen left recently for New Mexico, promising lo bring back game, skeptical friends scoffed "t them. When the hunters returned, they brought back a live mo'jnuln lion, aboul a year oW, and presented It to the J. M. Stephens museum. They also brought back four lion Pelts. Ihree deer hides, and other trophies. Levee Tax Payers Dot; t fail to pay your 1933 Levee Taxes 2;i per cont penulty \vill he added if you don't. YOUR CAR NOW WITH MAGNOLIA A special law alUv.vs you to pay without penally, ICVCP taxes wliicti are now delinquent, but Una law (lo-js not apply to the 1933 levee taxes now due. Pay now Avoid this MRS. LYN P. GOOCH, Collector At Court House Blytheville, Ark. i- 7 STEPS TO PREVENT WINTER TROUBLE I-CRANKCASE Drill], fluih and rc6H vicH correct winter grade of Mobiloil. 2—CHASSIS M obi Tubcx: ate cir iccorJir.j; tocir muiuficiurer'i rtcom- tnenJattoni, utinj; correct vinttr gradfs of Mobitgreivc. 3—DIFFERENTIAL ' - Driin, fl^ri 3iiJ refill vith corrfci winter'jrade of jear lubricant. 4-TRANSMISSION Drain, flcili inJ itfill with correct winter lubricant, U Free wheeling, refill ai rccom- jmnded by car minuf jctuce/, 5-SASOLINE Fill tank with MofeilgJ! now • djuitcJ for quick winter Stirling. 6—RADIATOR Fluth and clem ridiator thoroughly, putting in Socony Anti-Frecze or ilcoSol. 7—BAHERY Check bittcry and rtfill v[th dinilltd vjccr, cemave cor- roiron and £rrjie ttrminjli. POINT SERVICE Perhaps you luve forgotten the time when trie thermometer hit zero . . . your motor wouldn't turn ovsr . . . you wore out a perfectly good b;r~ tcry . . . you cranked until yv couldn't crink any more. If your car had been Winter-Proofed by Magnolia it wouldn't have happened. Magnolia Winter-Proof Service gives you trouble-free performance all winter long. Instant starting! Easy shiftingl It saves your car, your disposition and your bank account. Study the seven important opera- tions covered in Magnolia Winter-Proof Service. Drive intod'aY'and be safe. •<*«•••«••• MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM COlfTANY A SiKony-Yacuum Company Stay wiffj MAGNOLIA and you stay ahead! 1-21 wr

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