The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 8, 1937
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J,»l BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS V T1IE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST- A,>^I«C,O ,„ _ "^~^ * **•' VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 225. niythevllle Courier lltytlieviiie Daily News Blytlievllle Herald --•- • •---•' NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOtJTHEACT MISSOURI • . LLlQ, ARKANSAS. \VKnNKSDAY. DKCKMUKH 8, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS F WATERWORKS H lota! Crop and Average Yield Per Acre To Set Records WASHINGTON. Dec. 8 (UP) — The department of agriculture in Its nna! cotton report, for 1938 (o- ilay estimated this 'year's crop nl 18,746.000 bales, an nil time record find 503,000 bales above a month ngo. Oinnlngs to Dec. 1 were retried as IC.178.042 bales, compared vilh 13.164.0S6 bales to Nov. 1. The report estimated the-yield of lint cotton per acre at 2(H.G pounds, also an nil-time high compared with an estimate of 258.8 pounds an Nov. Production and yield estimates by states Included: Yield Stale per acre Arkansas 287 Missouri 304 Mississippi 308 Auto Inspection Date Until December 31 The fiiml date for inspecting "irs. beioiv the- new Arkansas witty Jmv gays Into effect, hiu; Be™ extended until December 3i H was iinnouneed loday U y E E Stone. W ho is hi elmrfce of Blytlw- ville's olilcln) station. Today was to have been the final date for hii'-lnx cays go. through the safety lanes before arrests would be made lor not complying with ii !( , j inv There have been 1,974 cam inspected In this city, since the stn- tion wns recently opened by Tom Little, at the southeast corner of Main and First streets. Mississippi county, which has _ « • —••-•iji iiniLj] inia 5.500 nuloniollvc vehicles this year also Ims inspection stations son and Osceola. 1937 production 1.830.000 3G7.COO 7.S25.000 Tlie final estimate, more than a half a million bales above a month •igo, was due to exceptionally favorable picking weather during November, the department said. This year's crop compares with 12,399,000 bales produced last year BITT[fi REPLY Cromwell Discussing Bank Bill Commander of Slale Legion Department Sustains Broken Collarbone NEWPORT. Dec. 8 <UPi_Rob- ert Steon of Little Rock, department commander ol the Ameri/^n '-•wlon. suffered a broken collarbone when n motor car, In which he mid two companions were rid- A .C. C. A. Manager Assails Charges As "Deliberately Prejudicial" NEW ORLEANS, DM. 8. <U[>>!. K Crcekmorc, vice president and general manager of the American Collon cooperative nssocln- lion, today attacked Col. ijiwrcncu West brook's criticism of the A. C. 0. A. in a .senatorial Investigation as "di'llbcratcly prejudicial." Creekmore resettled that ho hud nsktcl (o appear before the senate lnvc.-ll£a;:::j{ commlltec. headed by Wesll.-rook. former assistant works administrator, and former A. C. C. A. oflicliil. Olliirjpil I'lidcrjrradlii* Woslbrook charged in a sen.ite I.earing that cotlon farmers suffered heavy losses through un u.jyu.wo bales produced last year „,„ ovprim-iipri .« . •,, and with the previous all-time ^j c o" he llhwa ' ? ? 8 , " m™^ „../,„ - r ,,,«™™« ,-,- , JIJU '<- OH (fie niffhuav ear v (fwtnv record crop of 17.978.000 bales in 1926, The crop was prodired on 33.930.000 acres, 13 per cent more thaa the acreage harvested lost year, but below the 1828-32 average" of approximately 36.000.000. •' The estimated ..yield-of 264.G '• pounds per acre—by far an all time -reconl-=£ompares with pounds - per acre in 1830' and the 10-yenr 1923-32 average of 169,9 pounds. Tha estimate today represented tin Increase over the Nov. 1 figures In all major states, with the exception of Arkansas. Louisiana and Oklahoma. Arkansas and Louisiana figures remained the same and Oklahoma registered a slight decrease. j earlv today -L-•.••<•[) here and Parngould. J. D. Lee. an official of the United State procurement office of Little Rock, suffered similar injuries in Ihe crash while Marcus Key. veteran placement officer of Little ,Roclt. th e third person In the ear escaped with bruises. Slsson and Lee. were to be removed today to the' veterans hospital In Hot, Springs for 'treatment. Employes of the American Legion headquarters here said the party had been lo a Legion meeting :in Paragould and were returning to Little Rock nl Ihe time ol" (he sc- cldenl. Hogs Are Slaughtered During Early^Cold Wave It's hog killing time here. Hundreds of hogs were killed yesterday and. today by farmers In this vicinity for the first kill this season. The' unusually cold weather made It -possible for the hogs to be slaughtered earlier tlmn In most years and so will intike It possible for many farm families (o fresh hams, sausage, souse, hav , , , bones and ribs during the holiday season. Many farmers now brhi" their meat, Just after the kill, to cold storage plants. There, it Is cured. The govomiment recipe is eight pounds of salt, two pounds' brown suirar and two ounces of saltpeter to each 100 pounds of meat with two pounds of pepper optional in the recl|)c. After tile ment has been cured the owner mny take it from the storage plant at any time he mints it. j Dakota Hieroglyphics Of Indians Deciphered HERMOSA, S. D. (UP)—Experts on Indian lore are studying 'litero- 'zlyphles found on Spring Creek 12 miles iouth of hero by J. D. Molnt. Writings on the Dakota sandstone wall of the canyon Imd been pounded out by stone and arc. different from those found In Red Canyon and Craven Canyon, south of the Heumphreus Twelve Mile ranch near Custer. The most striking figures are those of turtles and n bird with long claws. Tlie characters differ from Chlppcva. Bee', Sioux or other Indian sign writings, although Sioux Indians, who have Inspected tho writing, recognized the tepee circles. A line drawn through one of the circles indicated a divided tepee, they said 1 C (Jei'Clatjslflcallon by the A. C. A. in accepting cotton loans. claimed ttuit farmers had lost $2 75 to $3.50 a bale on the A:- C. C. A 's today Creek- umlcrgrnduig. I" his statement more..said: "Wcstbrook's statement to ihe sennte committee .as lo A c c A.'.s uiKterclassing' the J2 cent loan cotlon, as reported by the press this morning, is prejdutciiil and In my opinion deliberately so. "Exhibited Spleen" "Westbrook at one time was associated with A. C. C. A. but since tils .forced resignation was demanded and received he has repeatedly .exhibited his spleen "t'o-i vard A. 'C. C. A. "'.:,„;..,,.. • ' "I have asked for and hope to •KIVQ the opportunity in the veiy near future to give the senate xmmitlce. the pertinent fasts which I believe will definitely and anally end this chapter of the persecution which the cooperative movement, since the beginning has experienced from (he cotton trade." Second Atlack on Co-Op The Westbrook . accusation was the second lime within a week 'hat the A. C. C. A. was attacked In the public press. Last Satur- lay Creekmore Issued a stalsmsnt denouncing the Cotton Tiado Journal of New Orleans for printing a story saying (hat Creekmore had recommended to his directors '.he A. C. C. A. be dissolved. A decentralisation of the co-opera- live's activities ivns suggested In T letter last August, Creekmore 'aid. In line with an old nollcy to mate - ivhen thej of member asssocliUIons. limn Jnmcs II. K. Cromwell, wealthy Doris Duke, Is a monetary . Washington will) Hiicuker of II proposed bill that would give the ks. Cromwell Is m limy iilso be appointed a York husband of .still wealthier em reformer. And «i here he is In c House Bunkhcad as they discussed eminent full 'control ot or of u book on inone- fnalor fiom New Jersey, make operating readjuslmcins" were to the Hdvancijc Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. . Oct. I read «n article the other day that said that the present generation Is amusement mad and that the search for constant entertainment is wrecking the foundations of American home life. That sounds pretty scarcy, but I don't believe there's notliln' much lo worry about. lit most cases you'll nnd that either the husband or Uie ere Interested 'nuf In home life lo act as n balance for the other one. I had an uncle that married a flighty woman and the other evening. after the supper dishes had been put away, he turned to her und sajt, "What are you going to do this evening?" She said "Well es soon as I finish my book, I'll write a couple of letters— then I'll listen to the radio for a while . My uncls says "Well, as soon as you get to that 'so on,' don't fof- gtt Uiem buttons on my slilrt," Corn NEW YORK, Dec. 8 (UP)-Cotton closed steady. open high '"" 701 784 789 793 m 803 793 798 803 805 810 low close 778 78!) 782 788 791 796 802 793 79H 802 80'! 810 Spots closed steady at 803, up n Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 8 (UP) — Cotton closed steady with net trains of 35 to W cents a bale today despite an increase of 503,000 bales In the government's 1937 crop estimate. The market wns featured by foreign buying after the federal report. Traders generally preferred to wait on future developments in tlie farm bill. Futures reopened to two points lower (o three iwint.s higher from Hie 11 a.m. levels, following the 15 minute suspension for receipt of the government estimate. Heavy scale down buying appeared after the reopening. Despite n bearish Interpretation of the government estimate traders showed little Inclination to translate their feel- J»fs to selling orders In view of tne fact that current prices average around Hi cents below the government loan peg. Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. Oct. .. open 797 796 804 805 807 809 high low 804 79S 801 795 811 813 815 819 802 80J 806 809 close 806b 803a-05b 810 811 816 818 Spots closed steady at 810, up 8 Health Unit Workers ToJ^ To Capital Tho members of the Mississippi I county health unit personnel will go to Little Rock tomorrow to attend a stale meeting which will last until Saturday. Those wbo will go ore Dr. R. B Schirmer. Misses Annabelle Bryant. Beulah Slaughter nndjrmu Bimch, of this city, Miss' Lucy Milter, of Osceola, and George Shamltn. Committee A b a n c) o n s Study of Plan To Tax State, City Employes WA.=wrNOTON~Dcc. B (UN- Tile house- ways and means committee today abandoned all proposals to tax salaries of slate invl munlclpji) nmnloves or the Interests from las: exemption securities Tli» decision was made after a discussion of Monday's supreme court tax decision. Chairman Pred M. Vinson (Dem Ky) revealed Umt Ihe committee Had received estimates. Indicating a lotal of $165,000,000 a yi'nr mMii have been raised from ihls tome* —S15.000.000 from the tax on «nl- nncs and $140,000,000 on securities. Zoo's Alligator Goes Into Long Hibernation LONDON, Ont, <up) _ Clothing, Toys Made ..By Women As WPA Project Tho 22 women employed In the sowing room here as B WPA project are now engaged In making clothes and toys for the poor of Blylhevllle. to be distributed by lh» Ooodfellows club at Christmas, iif- ter having bssm sowing for l,'hr> county poor houses and convict farm for tho post fen- months. Judse 3. L. Qlndlsh, who Is now sponsor for this project, gaye permission for tlio women to do the special sewlnsr for tli 0 ooorifnllows. Already, a number oi children's dresses are finished and tho scrap* are belnif used for loys, The 430 yards of innlerlnls. purchased br the Dud Ciison posl of the Legion, is making many dresses n:it! Ihe scraps are belli? converted Into stuffed clowns, dolls, cats am! ducks. The women urc eager to make the dresses ns atlracllve ns possible and the pif-sent need Is for Idmmtnis for the dresses, which arc made of cotton nrluls. nuilon* bells, buckles, patterns, scraps of bias tane and %ther Irimmln?. convert, tho dresses into much more Record Knrly Winter Sub- Freezing Weather For Siale Predicted By Hulled I'rrss Mcur y.ero weather WHS scheduled nil over the slate tontuht. according to the federal vvealhei- bureau nt Lllllc Hock , us Arkansas approached Its coldest simp In history for this rnrly la the season. 'Hie mercury was expected lo dive toward the vwro mark In lhi> Cteark region of tlie northwest, with | the whole northern section of (lie slate scheduled lo have low temperatures ranging between wro and six degrees. l/ow Murks Precast 'Hie low marks predicted for lo- nlght, ns anoiumccd by the weather bureau: ' 1 Northwest, zero. Northeast, four. West central, sis. Southwest, is. Southeast, H. ' Central, 12, Snow nnd sleet, of varied precipitation full generally over Die stale during the morning hours loclny ''"l in most towns the snow stopped shortly after noon. The weather bureau predicted clearing .skies, with a shorn drop in temperature beginning shortly before nightfall. Heaviest snows were reported In the vicinities ot Helena, Little Uock, Mena and DeQuccn, according lo a survey. Temperatures stood near freezing lost night with lows ranging from 18 to 34'all over tlie sliilo,.'IV night's recession Is <»cpeotedl to -surpass t|ie;ic lows liy rionrly ''-ft' degrees. . . • • -. \ 1 Winter • Throughout * Dlxlo.{ j Sub freezing temperatures' continued throughout : mast of -the southland today with a forecast 'or "colder toiilglil" for the entire Dixie 'nrou. 'tlic cold snap will bo accompanied by "rain, sleet or snow" in many nolhern seollons tonight, Iho weatber bureau at Atlanta re ported, Two inches of snow blanketed '.he muscle shoals dlslrlcl of Alabama totiaj'. Miami reported Ihc highest lein- 'cmtiire for the urea when tha thermometer reached a top of SB yesterday. Floridn< citrus growers reported but little damage to their crops [rom heavy frosts but. truck gard- ners snld they had lost nearly 40 per cent of their crops due lo the freeze. Temperatures today were slightly higher than Tuesday when record low of 8 for December iv,,., reached In Atlanta. There wns no Immediate outlook for n break in Divorce Defeats Their Contract SELL 10 Cllf ' v«'. \ \ji i — JIICIU* • ~- »• »"nj vii vaova UllU I |]l medes II, Sprlngbank ?.oo's otic attractive garments nnd a .„ ..... nnd only nlllgnlor. ivlll get Ids ' of t"e«! is being asked today. Even „,„ o n ,, t , -" next meal next April. a few buttons are a grout hclo. nc- "' e ?,°" thcm M „ %^.™.^*. Phased wHh "^Injjo Mr,._Qui n . y Alexander. ^ u ,^, ^^^ jVerbal Agreement ReacK- cd In Conference At Liltle 1 Rock Tuesday After almost seven hours ot consultation at Little nock yesterday HHlirrt. K. Johnston 'of Oklahoma City, owner of Die Ulytlieville Wa- Icr company properties here, iigreeil to sell the system to the City of lilythcvlllc for $300000 "• I'arllclpMlmr In the conference us representatives ol the City of wim' (lle WCI '° M(iy ' 0r Mnrioli Williams. City Attorney Rov Kelson and Alderman Jess White. Actual transfer of tho utility from private ownership to the nui- nlclpnllly luvnlls enactment or necessary ordinances and the float- In^ "f a revenue bond Issue to ue reared over n period of 30 ycnrs. city officials who f ftvo r thn purchase of the waterworks by tho tlly estimate that the actual trans- <T will l,c completed. it tha en- ure cenl Is rnnsuinmnted, somc- llme In January, '" K fBi-emcm readied between city oirtclals and Johnston yester.- <lnv culminated .about two months ' | preliminary. >0 rk by w j £™ r UK ccapany, the city's agent's, iMfclns up to (he conference. Tho council, at 11., lost rceulqr stvtoa inwscd a resolution- uuthoilzlng' Uw r-Jltto Hock mm to oiler John^'' *WM» for tho waterworks alter naming the firm usut.? agoat, vth ft commlssiou W ual,,to Ve Her cent of the pmchaso' price at an early meetlriK. ' May Act Next Taesdsy H Is understood that'tho cltv council will adopt the n CCS5 a V y " ow " TOr as Ihc - „, _ ... „ 1|L|1LI., Archlmedeb' dletlc hnblt, ,, 5 , m rcptUe will not take any food dur- "'- the winter or parly .spring ] months. On the eve of Epiphany, Twelfth Night, old women in Syria, go Jo the cellar and shake tiieir ars of oil and wine. Supcrsli- tlon says lhat If their faith I, strong the stores will mulliply. Stock NEW YORK, Dec. 8 (UP) — Forecast by the government today for a 1937 cotton crop of Ig7«000 bales— the largest in history— nnd 803.000 bales above the estimate a month ago bad only negllolblc effect on collon future prices lhi> price iicgeing quality ot the government loau restricted selling. Ti.n Ft«vk murk-el mnde a brnad substantial advance today 4 with a mortcrnt" liicrM.w In trndlno-. Bctlt | 5 rose and wheat led commodities im- ;ynrd. Cotton futures rose despite the government cstlnntc indicating th AT&T.....'... Inwsl crop in history. 150 3-K i.i-j •)->* Anaconda Cop 33 1-4 AJBOC DO '.'.'.'.'.'.'." 81-j 57 5-8 27 1-2 :a s-8 Boeln? Chrvslef .. Cities Serv ...'..'.'.'. 2 Coca Cola \\\\'_ )is 1-4 Gen Elcc .... 41 3.4 Oeii Mot '.'.'."" 30 Int Harvest '.'.'.'.'. 71 Monteomcrv Ward"'! 37 1-S ! 20 1-4 ""irvlsor. who asks that the articles be sent to the city hall. Tlie Blytlievllle sewing room, which Is the only prelect o' MX w-vi In Mississippi county at this time, was slnrted two yenr.s wo last November. The women. v;ho are needy but who do not receive direct relief, are paid J24 monthly for 17 days oj work. The present group Is the largesl group used In •°veiai months. At all times, the materials ore puchnsecl by the county and the labor is paid for by Ihe federal government. Captain Scovell Tells Of War Experiences Captain Ben Scovell lo!d the members of the Dud Cason Post wine of hts experience;; in tlie Boer and World Wars when they met last night at the Hut. Fifteen were present. The men planned further en their work with the Goodfelloivs for this year and saw some of '.he garments made by the. WPA workers from materials furnished by the American Legion. Wew York Cotton . „ „ / open high low close .J ';" Dec 54 1'8 643-4 537-8 541-4 Radio". !!!!!!!!!!."!' 4 ? Jl8J May * 7 '•* ^s-s 57 i-2 573-4 M Till €hi , : as »-4 23 1-2 15 5-31 Bid on K j:::::: % -i Chi ™i>o_ivheai Corp !!!!!!!! 4M-8S open "" 2 smolt 7? i Dec 95 1-8 8 S te »' M 7-8 J May 82 1-4 high 9 o 7 d 3 ,' 4 , 94 1-2 low S2 1-4 cloao 81 1-: 94 1- Appeals From Fine In Assault Case J. E. Mccord, of Big Lake, wns fined $10 In municipal court today on a charge of simple assiuilt utter the charge had been reduced from assault with a deadly wcnpon. lie was granted an appeal to circuit court and bond set at $75 after Municipal Judge Doyle Henderson found Mccord n-as "not guilty" of a charge of carrying a pistol. W. R. Fleming was bound over to circuit court on n charge of disposing ot mortgaged property. Carey Sigmon pleaded guilty to a charge ot driving a car while under the Influence of liquor nnd was fined $100. Seven men, charged with public drunkenness were fined $10 or forfeited bonds. Leachville Physician Heads Medical Society . A. E. Robinson, of Leaeh- vllle, was elected president of tho Mississippi county Medical Society In a, meeting held at the Blytlie- vllle hospital last night. Dr. T. F. Hudson, of Luxora, Is the retiring president. Other officers nojned were: Dr. Joe E. Beaslcy. of Blylheville. vice president; Dr. P. D. Smith, of Bly- tlievllle, secretary and treasurer. Tills group will continue to meet tha first Tuesday of each month. Out of town members present There la a saying that bridge and ninrt-1nu« rtnnt* _Ji._ - a >»..•< . B.M't - -noHe don't nUv, srrl U'x'truo •«4iu J Jkv*cvM,-t3oni,'»ifQV'j-r-'- .-.burwith the usuafyft'alt&S'tfl-'" versed. MnOJosephlrie L'titbert- son will se^k a Reno'..divorce . because she' can't stand nis "moods" at rtonio, although they -.get along fine ot a bridge iMe. •were: Drs. J. b. TldwelJ of lean AtWti^n and A, E. ! of Jfjeschyflls, Japanese Resort To Long Range Bombardment Pending Big Push • SHANGHAI, Dec, 8 <UP>—The Japanese armies took recourse to IOHB range bambnrdmenUs today In tliclr Beige of Nanking, pouiid- Ing the walls of the capital from the air, land and water when in- fnntry assaults failed to dislodge tho Chinese defenders. 'llicre was serious fighting a few miles outside tho city, directly In line with the east gate., but the Chinese were withdrawing inside the east gate and the Japanese vaneuard had not aiught up with them. Foreign military experts here believed- ttiat the Japanese were preparing for a dual rush toward the cast wall, following the Chinese retreiit. Japanese sources declared that heavy artillery pieces were being set up on the summit of purple mountain to dominate the city and the Yangtze river for many nitles, Pall of the capital appeared inevitable although no one was able to predict when. The Japanese wore confident that It would-be soon, perhaps today.' ft was reported in foreign-quarters hero that Ihe Japanese, fol- owing tho capture of Nanking. Intended to occupy the remaining Important ports of China, Including Canton, Amoy, Pnk-ho i\x>chow, and, Swatow. It was not believed that the Japanese would make an attempt, to take Tslngtao n Shantung province. The Japanese control valuable mills there and they were said to havo abandoned a campaign against the city for fear the Chinese would destroy the mills. meeting Tuesday ni 3 ht .If aia sd"for CS ' bCUl5 prcparc * by'coun- id-company. UttlJ'KOO!C ' are icady by that tlni'u. hcnring <jr lengthy dls- tho proposal is antict- staiA ?' th ° 1soss| on/ cltyomolals itnlo. but a hearing win "bo hald lhe M urc (ate " 0 U "^ a that a public hearing bo held wllhln 10 days after fo of (ho ordinance, at which the council shall hear com- 3, if ftny, and Giiggostions of taxpayers and citizens No special election 'to approve simucc of me bomb U necei- £«ry under the statutory auSty ii'ovldlng for the city to pur- i.ise Hie w : aterworks according •o City Attoney Nelson. The bou'ls "e Issued-only against the revenue derived from operation of he Plant and the plant itself, .which can be put, Into receivership i'f th^euy fall., to meet bond pay- Kxpect lo S.IVD City Money ASo C n In ''"° m - by thec ^ n in the near future, It is ilnted. but the snvlug or the city's I'imml water bill of around $s,ma or municipal purposes Is anticipated rhe watcnvorks would bo operated under control of a self 'erpettiiuing board of commS- loners alter appointment of the original board. Reports submitted by Mi-, joha- slon relied a gross annual In»me of $47,500 from the wa'ei' *orks system in 1938, with operating expenses of 522,037 G7 Tho . Mr. Johnston purchased tho waterworks about three years "so at less than the $150,000 offer made to the city at that time. Ttv- Unable to , cash, required in the deal supplemented by bonds, after ne' diluting- for some time on tha possible purchase of the pi a:lt t through loan and grant rn around S200.000 for purchaso d improvement of the water: wlcs. Johnston bought the plant along with some six others, at a ederal court bankruptcy, or "distress" sale, and has made improvements of around $60 000 or iiore since thai time. T!ie proa- Arties were valued by Ihe 'Arkansas utilities commission at around S2c.fl.COO prior to recent. Improve- iiniiWn »•»«• — nients. Motorists Kccklcss Walkers COLORADO SPRINGS. COl'o, <UP>— An nppcal has been made to Colorado Springs rcsidenls to guard against "unaafo walking" which was described as a heavy conlrlbutor of traffic accidents. Many motorists, tt was said, contribute liberally to campaigns for . safe driving, but ore careless when they turn to a pedestrian role. Alabama has an old statute which makes -if Illegal to buy or -ell a bag of peanuts between (he hours of sunset and sunrise. Arkansas —Generally fair and Bolder tontirht and Thursday; so- vera freeze tonight. Memphis—Cloudy arid much ^il- er toni?ht and Thursday; probably Enow tonijht; teest tcmperatura tonight, 1^ to 16.

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