The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 22, 1933
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I* Served by the United Press BEFTBEVILLE CDCMER TirB.DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHBAbT ARKANSAS AND 6ODTHEAST MISSOUKI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 213 Bl,YTHKVIi.U.;. ARKANSAS. WKDNKS1UY. XOVKMUEU 22. 'SINGLE COPIES FIVE CE^TS. -I ASK RECEIVER AND CO. SUIT.IN ram Charge Tenants Kept in Virtual' Serfdom, Crop Contracts Violated. Groivin^ Widow Flies to Sea In lien ted Airplane JACKSONVILLE. K.I.. Nov. 9:1. (UP)--A rented airplane ami Its pilot, who was :lC'jp:iidont over (':»: Jcath nf rci husband, w2rc b?liev- Keil Cross Enrolls Firsi .-..,.... ..i ;.,_, uujviiiivif M^:I; u.-nck- p- . * i-p i i • •<i today to IK submerged in th?' Resigned I VeaSlU'V Advisor itlimic :if lha toast Lf Florida. , • r il \T7 "-- "•---• -- — rroimses rurmcr War On Monetary Policy. Mrs, Louise Turc-k Stallion, 32- year-o'd socially prominent widow, i-siiuil an airplane at, the tool air- |mrt yesterday and fl::w out to sea. Notes found In her automobile told of lier despondency and her desire to "fly out into soacc and find out wimt It's all about." Airport officials, saying the plane carried fuel sufficient for only a 4-"I °" vcr M ' hour night, thought it had crashed °" lls .- ani The receivership suit against Lee *ViU'on and Co., filed in chan- c«ry court at Osceola Tuesday by a frroup of tenants and share cruppers, was characterized .as "just a bunch of baloney" by R. K. Lee Wili.on jr., co-trustee of the company, In a telephone conversation with the Courier News today. The suit is not taken seriously .by officers of the company, Mr. Wilson said, declaring that it was simply an attempt on the part of Tllc Pilot was disgruntled share croppers to em- months ago to Gordon Stallion, who was killed in an automobile crash several weeks ago. and Mrs stanton drowned hie yesterday- afternoon. Flyers estimated t' the plane could have flown 300 miles to sen before being forced down. married several WASHINGTON. Nov. "i'i. (UP) The administration waitctl anxiously today the nation's reaction to the pointed criticism of its economic nnd monetary policy made by Dr. Oliver M. W. Sprague, noted eoon- ,d financial expert, in rc- Killing of Mississippi Physician "Justified," Ofh- ciels Say. MERIDIAN. Miss., Nov. 22 (UP) j m ° net "y discussions of "what -Trie fain! shooting of Dr. B. L. I £hould ^ done to brl »B nbol| t rc " Robinson, 60-year-old physician, wMIe he sat at his family dinner table Monday night, was a "clos;d incident" today, according to county authorities. The authcri'iics saM that an Investigation, them that the ltJH5*,UjlajIlvlIll.Xt] LllCTlIl lilUL tilt i * a -?*.. slaying was "justified" and feat no ' Undersecretary Dsan Acheson. further official-action would bel who *" understood t° be oui of laken. No coroner's inquest was j sympalh >' with current policies. held nntl none is planned, accord- ~ ing to Eugene Seal, county attorney. Sheriff M. B. Stephens shared the prosecutor's viewpoint. Dr. Robinson's dcalh was at first barrass (he company. Mr. WUson said he expected the court to dismiss the receivership petition Saturday. No responsible parlies are involved in the action against the company, he declared. OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. 22.—Eighteen renters and tenant farmers on the Lee Wilscn &. Company plan-1 tation at Victoria iiled a bill in' chancery court, here yesterday asking for a receivership for the company in order that their rights and these of all other creditors of the Wilson company be protected. The bill charges J. H. Grain and R. E. Lee Wilson jr., trustees of the trust estate of Lsc Wilson & Company, with breaching the company's contract with the tenants through collection of plow-up checks for their cotton witltout settling with" the tenants, alleges the trustees are breaching their several contracts.,; with . renters ana croppers by~sellirig cotton grown on Victoria 'plantation and all other Lee Wilson plantations, for three fourths to two cents per pound more than trie renters and croppers are given credit for, and charges finally that the company is insolvent, having disposed or its real estate holdings to the East Arkansas Mortgage Company and'its per- sonalty to the Regional Agricultural Credit association. Charge Serfdom The bill lists no specific amount ___ iu which the company is indebted]' 0 death. He said-only members to any one of the plaintiffs, stating they were not in possession of their contracts with the company, but states that they sue not only in their own behalf but on behalf of all other creditors of the company, including a thousand tenants who "are being kept in a state of serfdom and have been threatened with violence for seeking their rights," who are' invited to become intervene^ in the suit to command from J. II. Crain and R. E. Lee Wilson jr., trustees, an accounting of the assets of the Leo Wilson company, and to have a receiver appointed "to take charge of. preserve tuid conserve the assets of Lee Wilson & Company." The bill was filed here yesterday! tion!l1 boilrd » f three to carry-out by the eighteen plaintiffs in per- Provisions of [lie soft cal code, i • son. They took up a collection among themselves to pay the flf- D .,, r , „ .. ' teen dollar filing fee but had no CUlld Lllfb 10 Hold summcns issued for service on the v defendants. The eomplaint was t signed by w. H. Fisher, Prank Berry and L. B. Phillips, who are said to he a firm of Memphis attorneys. signing as treasury financial advisor. * Sprngue's criticism was expected by observers here to have a sttong eifect.-amcng important business and banking interests. Around liini were expected to gather "iiard mcn\v" advccat?5 to oppose the art- ministration's experimental monetary program. Predictions were made freely of a stupendous national monetary fight, dwarfing • the Bryan silver i bRtfln of ISSii. Spraguo revealed that 1 his letter of resignation, in which he warned of a drift into unrestrained inflation and a breakdown of government credit, was only the beginning of his offensive against President Roosevelt's monetary program. He plans to arouse and organize public opinion against the program, lie said, incorporating his views in a syndicated series of economic and Sprague's resignation in thc midst of n shakeup of treasury personnel followed sharp criticism of the president's program by the United Slates Chamber of Commerce and the unexplained resignation p! Woodin Replies NEW YORK, Nov. 22 William H. (UP)— first ' Lat- ": Woodin, secretary of of reported due to a heart attack. er, when officers went to th= houss, - "; ence ' in „ n statement to Dow, Jonos and Ccm P an Inc - toda >' Seal admitted to the United Press today that Dr. Robinson was shot if the family'were'present at.tiie time. United States "must borrow $ from the people on bad security." '"In any way to suggest that the United States government ' bonds are or can be or will be In any [sense bad security," Woodin said. "Is not only n reflection on the I wealth and integrity of. this coini- 1 Industry Named' try aml lls peop1e ' b " t !m P caclies niuubiiy iidmeU |Dr Spraguc - s ON,, common sense Compliance Board for 6. Franklin D. Roos<:u>lt (left) is enrolled in the American lie Cross Annual Roll Call by Miss Mabel T. Hcnrdina:i. secretary of th Red Cross. The First Lady is honorary chnlrm-jn of [lie Nationa Volunteer Committee of ,th? : American Hi'd Cross. Observations = JIT C. R. B.- Sayeral hundred copies of the Courier News for carrier dtstribu- Mo,ijp.tiBurdette, Luxorn. fca'Olfij Wilson. Bassett nrul Joiner travel each afternoon on the 4 o'clock Frisco train. That is they do ordina'rily. Sometimes something slips and they have to BO by automobile. Mondnv nlsht. for example, tlwv left the Courier office us the train nulled in, but n lon» freight train blocked the crossings until the troin nulled out and it was neccs- THIEF ,Cini_ DFEICE Rife?. Stolen from City Hall, Recovered and Ex- * I • w ll«WWIIf»l«w»« POLICIDN LIFE Mothev-in-Law of Mystery Murder Victim •" the Beneficiary. ))'<:.<> Appeals For Cooperation To Provide Jobs He said Arkansas hus been al- w»s taken out on the life of- uu- Trusty Arrested. It didn't take even iiirn-hnlrcil Rheta Oanliicr Wyne- :oop, found shot to death on her MOiher-In-luw's private Operating able last nlelit. The Insurance policy was pny- \We tu Hie mother-in-law, Dr. Alee Lindsay Wynckooi>, prominent woman physician. Dr. Wynekoop. n haggard figure i->. •M-ev'n" hnlr and wearing out- noilcil clothes, had denied exLit- cncc of nn Insurance policy only lew minutes before InveslluiU- nrs discovered the certificate:- The igctl woman, whose family hns xcn prominent for years In Chicago medical circles, then told investigators she had nothing to ilo with having the policy taken out. Dr. Wynekcop rej>orted finding ol the body lust night. Investigators they were bullied by the maze" ol npparcnlly contradictory clues II WHS. one of them said, a "story- toow murder," Everything nhout the" strange cnje added lo the mystery. None could olfer a possible motive for thc slaying nnd thc slayer left no clue which might give police a hlrlt either to his Identity or reason for killing the nnburn haired young woman. She was 23 years old. Dr. Wynekoop found the tody after returning to her 15-room home froJn a trip to thc loop, She tplt police she .had been, in the fibilsi about three hours before she be came alarmed at the absence o her daughter-in-law and began a serch for her. Thc body, stretched face down civic organizations and lociil Kuv- ermuentnl agencies did in the-projects nnd begin the m-ejiaratlom, us soon us possible, Approximately 23,000 men should be woiklng by November 25, he Ircluvcd. second gtnncc for Police Chief Ed Rice to realize something was missing. Gone from their accustomed places when the chief reached tlw scene ward on the piwraling table In the : basement of ite house, was shroud In carry the papers south by of the robbery were three high- automobile. I powered rifles. Hauling a few. express packages j • Hurriedly summoning other of- nl newspapers is not n very lin- I fleers thc surprised chief stnrtcdl oortant item 'of business for the j n search for thc tlilef. who had j cd in n heavy blanket. A 32-cnlibrc revolver lay on the table near her .head, neatly covered by a towel Examination of tiie revolver re vcalctl a hnd been fired tlire times. Only one -bullet entered the body. Town's Officials Bachelors LYNN, Mass. (UP)-Lynn's nctt city government won't have t door against possible cash custom-i Investigation showed Ute daring ^o'' ' f cou " c " Mi5lo »s ™n fa ers. For nil I know, and for nil' intruder hud entered the office ,, Frisco. But still it . seems- strange | been so bold as to enter.his private that even a big institution like n j off ice and take his highly treas- railroad would. In effect, lock thc hired rifles. , , , " a "" illB n " , c " WASHINGTON. Nov. 22 (UP)-~ Thc NRA embarked, today on Its effort to enforce codes by ' completing organization of compli--: once authorities for the bitumin-'l cus coal industry. President, Roosevelt appointed Administrator Hugh S. Johnson, Federal Judge George W. Anderson of Boston, and Fred G. Tryon. bureau of mines official, as.a na- j and competency as a student of j [], c the Frisco knows, several prosccc- ! thiough a window and left llie . live passengers may have missed ' same way with the guns. A scare!- lors rcco " Us clc>ctct! nre tac " c ' !or3 finance. The plaintiffs are C. P. Colemnn, H. A. Coleman. Green Roby, J. c. Morris. Chnrlie Smith and Louis Goff, renters, and A. S. Ccleman. J. D. Woofard. Burnice Gnnn. Joe Onrr. Lon Miichell. Carle Dowdy, W. D. Wyatt. E. o. Dowdy, Rodier Futcn, Cha'riey Latches, J. L. Johnson, and Earl Morris, who style themselves as scare Victoria plantation. Got No Plow-up Benefits The complaint alleges particuliu breach of contract on the p.irt of thc trustees for their failure and refusal to permit renters and croppers to have samples of their cotton to secure prices as provided for in croppers on lri>in because the crossings j for thc thief and the guns was were blocked. launched Immediately. More rerious. from the stand- The cims uer« found hidden near point .of the railroad, it seems to a storage shed In-an alley half a me. must be the loss In good wi'l ~ block avay. In the same alley New York Cotton I.1TT1.K ROCK; Nov.' 22 IUP)- W. II Dyers, civil works ndmlnls- luilor for Arkansas. In nil address lo mayors and county Judges Iicr6 tins afternoon, asked llmt "petty 1 I W.',,.,! politics be [orsotlon .so that the " '" V alu Irunsfer of men from relief rolls Hllll to Confer With to civil works projects could IK c n r f* r\- blate R. F. G. Director, Aid from two federal acendes for the purchase and operation at the local water system ka a municipal utility mid tile launching of several public works projects; llic latter totaling expenditures of approximately $10,000.,'wai to'.be couclit first hand today by Mayor Cecil Shane.- . '.'"'. Mnyor Shane accompanied .by -"' ' T,. lj. Ward, chairman of the wo- -• ter plant committee, Herman ' Cross, county emergency relief .-"director and Ed Rice, chief of police, were In Little Rock today, to confer with government: aid- offl- . clnls. Cfiunty Judge Zal B. Harrison was also with- thc party, '. planning to secure federal aid for : •' several county road and drainage projects. ' . ' ' Mayor Shane and Mr. Ward were to confer with the state RFC » T n • A- ^r [director regarding the possibility New KllSSian 'Aircraft I of - loan from that source, for purchase of thc local water plant rom the receiver for Associated Utilities. The purchase Is planned as n self-liquidating project with vt liability on the part of tax- Foui-lf.en_ Killed as Huge Meets Disaster. MOSCOW, Nov. 22 (UP)—The vorld's largest airplane, Just completed, crashed at Kharkov yesterday, killing 14 persons, • accord- Ing to dispatches reaching here today. Details of the accident were not available. The gigantic nlane, named the K-7, was nn all mettil ship with Eix motors and was built to curry 120 passengers. •'• • > ; • . . Further dispatches ', from KJi KV stated • 'the bi- -r stated • 'the big- land ship yet built, crashed while It was flying near Kharkov airdrome. . i The (tend Included Micliael 3ne'- ghof, one of Ilie best known nvla- lors of the Soviet Union, and several of the engineers who participated in the designing and construction of the plane. Several officials -of HID local civil aviation society, who v;erc nl- so aboard, were killed. resulting from the frequent in- 1 Buck' Tomlinson. merchants pa- te'-'-iiDlicn of traffic on the city's' tiolman. found Elvie Minis, who! principal streets by Ihc passage | Inler confessed the robbery ac- Dec NEW YORK. NOV. 22 (UP> — Ccllon closed steady. town and cars are spotted the Seep Water in Check CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.— T h 0 ' of Widow of Luther Gaines ' ,. * . • tun u mm Uillfi iUC ^pULlLU IILU Dies While VlSltmg in ! busiest hours of the day complaints ' ^* ! Tvill lir> lim Y-H Home of Son. Ion? trains and thc switching' cording to officers, of short ones. T think thc Frisco] Minis, who hns served out scv- is trying keen this nl | eral fines for misdemeanor offcns- n minimum, but ns long as nines in the city jaiTTncI lias acted trains pass through thc heart of ns a trusty, had evidently seen open high low 10OT 1010 997 -ion ion 1007 close 991 1007' ?.1nrch July Ocl -.1055 10W lOfi?. 1081 1036 10-S9 1002 1081 1024 1024 1030 1050 1007 1000 1067 the guns in the chief's office many; Spots closed milet at 1015. off times. Tile lavout of the police! 10. department offices was also well: Mrs. Myra Ann Gnincs, 58, widcw m't know what it would cost: known to Minis, police snid. Chief ' \Jf,j,. flrlartne Ffittnn 'risco to route long tlirougli Tiice. returning to his office after''' *'«' v/'«t««a 1/MttUK I don't know what it would cost the Frisco to route long through freight trains over the belt line the supper hour, apparently ar-] around the cdcc of town. Very rived a few minutes after tile rob-' 0 U ETki^Pa^ ^^"o'r-^M'tfcteklhte'mwnW at'lhclPoralbly it would be too great to bery. A warrant charging Mims _: .„. """"""i raviiit compan> 01 u ,,«,,i, /-.oi^no nn he nrncttail ns a solution for the with safn ivi>nkfn<r Is hnlri hv tho Tobacco King's Daughter .Is 21 and a Millionaire Today. poyers. for the loan. Thc mayor was also to appear before W. R. Dyess, state relief director, in a plea for the expenditure of about $10,000 of the gov- , einmcnt's huge civil works, fund In Improvements here, such, as ; graveling of several stretLi and' V. extension of. a sewage line viaduct, A improvements that would require -"4 a 'maximum amount ,:'6t common V;:; . "'Judge' Harrison was--to ask.. In- elusion of several road building and ditch clearing projects in the conntv/ns part of the civil works program. .- . . : • Chillicothe. Mo., is engaged "in structing n curb and gutter along home of a son, Russell Gaines. on he ,prnctical as a solution for the vmi, safe breaking _ls held ] by the the Gilchrlst plantation south of lgSw 84. jit west'oTaW'city Blythevlllc. atlcr a brief Illness he project. wh:n completed, will Jlrs - Gaines who lived in W extend for one-quarter mile, and require about three weeks' work. The highway at this point Is built alongside the Itvec. and' during high water seep water has been giving trouble. Tre gutter construction is designed to prevent the water overflowing the highway. the Promised Land community, was visiting In the home of her son when she was stricken. .Besides Russell she is survived by three other sons. R. L. "Billy" Gaines. Luciau Gaines and.Marcus Gaines. She is also survived by two daughters. Mrs. Oliver Kcr- fcol and Mrs. Delbcrl Whitner. difficulty. though if Blytheville Crnlglieod county sheriff at Joncs- twc' on erowinir the time will boio and It is possible that lie certainiv come when it will have may be turned over to the Crntg- to be done. It docs seem, however, bead officer. that such switching ns has to bei done in the center of town might; be confined to the hours between 10 p. m. and 6 n. m., when street traffic Is light. That would be a big help. Seek Three More Men in San Jose Kidnaping SONfERVILLE. N. J., Nov. 22. (UP>—Doris Duke, often referred lo as America's richest girl, celebrated her 21st birthday today mid fell heir to perhaps $10.000,000 of the fabulous fortune left by her father, the N'orth Carolina tobacco manufacturer. Tall, slender and blond. Misa Duke Is one of the least publicized of American nnd her tim- . Idlty has' led to fantastic reports NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 22 <U!>>— ° r hcr wealth. But the late James "Goat Castle" Murder Trial to Qptn Monday NATCHEZ, Miss.. Nov. 22.. (UP).: —The case of Richard H. C. Dana' and Miss Oclavia DocXery, -the ,ln- '- habltarits ol "goat castle,", charged with murder in the.celebrated Jane Stirget, was called for trial today. In district court. Defense motions for a 'po^tpone- ment were overruled but a delay until next Monday was necessary to give a newly appointed' sheriff time to round up 200 prospective jurors. • • . The two defendants arc -charged with murdering Miss Merrill, : 72- neighbor, on the night of August +. 1932; The only motive advanced so far was a feud between. Miss Dockery and Miss Merrill over some goals. Cotton closed steady. Dec Jan Mi.rc!i >!ay Ji.Iy Oct open high low close 1003 1MB 101!) 1013 lO.v; 10?3 1004 1008 1030 1013 105C 1074 095 100 5 1002 1035 1048 lOGfi 996 1006 B. Duke, a devout Methodist, bequeathed two-thirds of his vast estate to a charitable endowment to which he had previously given $SO.- 1036 ICH8 1066 Spols closed steady at 996. off 5. Chicago Wheat of other tenants on this plant or 'other plantations operated by Lee Wilson A: Co.." the complaint continues, "these tenants are kept •"•"• Funeml services will be held to- » 0rna< | 0 greeks C> C -C- > kidnaping nnd aann, ol -brooi morrow afternoon nt two o'clock at'Lamp in Alabama; 9 Hurt L Hart. 22. San Jnse busme. •ntation, i fie Promised Land church with . • i executive, federal niithonties sa RAN FRANCISCO. NOV. 22 (UP)^ participated in the] n and slaying of Brooke I'ie Pro it the Rev. Grover Sutherland offi-^ elating. Interment will be made at —Winds of tornndo force which Elnwood cemetery. The Cobb Un-11nst night raked eastern Calhoun ANNISTON. Ala.. Nov. 23 (UP) ' their contracts and charges the de-j ln « stnt - of serfdom, deprived qfjderlaking company is in charge of | county "today hnd left nine Civil-,'" Bal , r ^ [1: >"t5 have tnken the cotton and 1 " the^ privileges of handling their funeral arrangements. linn Conservation Corps youths ln-i* racnu " lslrl —— j Jured and one camp in virUml Brush Fire Threatens !«*•"«« i "converted it lo their own use, dts- P°sed of It and kept the proceeds, , a«d have given the renters book credit for such amounts as they ci-.cse to give, which fe under the market price from three-fourths to one nnd a half or two cents per Ppund." while posting notices from time to time mat no settlements t!lD crop ls property and reouired to depend solely upon tfc whims and desires Clmging ite defendants with allure to sc in c vvith thc cro ., |Mrs for their part O f the government plow-uo checks, the bill alleges that "l*c Wilson & Company, the landlord, operating a plantation on a huge scale. Interloped between its tenants and share croppers and absorbed all the proceeds from the plan of the government, designed benefit the aclua! farmer." "What is said with reference to these plaintiffs . to li>mdr<itl' ,Id ns they institutcrt >r three additional suspects. "Agents are now on their way gather additional evidence." Attorney 11. II. open high low 87 1-2 88 1-2 86 3-4 87 3-8 May 90 5-8 91 7-8 89 1-8 90 3-8 IWJ I ••"*-** "K "Mil JJi t riuuaijr ^lYCli ^OU,1023 i MO-MO, leaving one-third to his daughter. • * %Ilss Duke, however, does not, re- ce ' v "e the entire one-third today. She gets only one-third of her share. It may amount to ns much as SIO.OOO.OCO after taxes have been deducted. She will get another third at the oge of 25. and the re- close 1 maincler when she is 30. Fire Damages Catholic . Church at CaruthersviUe CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo. —Fire of an, undetermined origin damaged the Catholic church in this . city. The fire started in the.sancrl tuary, back of the altar, spread to the celling, and badly charred timbers and lathe In the celling and walls of the building. Loss was about $500. • : - "' :. Plans are being made to start re- uildlng and repairing soon, as the oss was covered by insurance". Chicac/o Corn of Lee Wilson & Company and its officials." Claim Esiale Insolvent "No less thnn 1.000 tenants are suffering," continues the bill, .','nnd fully 20,000,000 pounds of cotton will be marketed from these plantations. If a difference of one cent a pound between tl» price allowed thc tennnts and the market prico is permitted, the defendants will wrongfully reap a reward of $200.000 on this year's crop." The plaintiffs further charge .the names would be completely sub- lhe forcst uwkers «« . e Homes Of Movie Stars 'in * hospital here In serious con-j held ln thc crlm0 ' nui Iditlon. - workers n serious listed at the hns- P*«»nirMi Pol Nnv 22 (UP) i ""*'• wns ~ ln less serious condl- PASADENA. Cal., N<n. 22 (UP | u g^ (h ( tcd at —Homes of scores of millionaires. ,...._-„_, and film notables were saved early E "-'nP 0 "^ said. "A natlon-widi underway for the men who we aided the two men now today when a raging brush fire was •».,. brought under control after racing!aoilth6m Pacific over a two mile front In the exclusive foothills residential section. An army of 500 fire fighters was spread along the soul!) enrt of An'• geics forest with leaders, confident »„ C»»:i-a tO alnKe Holds Up Announcement of City Milk Grades The first announcement of milk grades under the city's standard milk ordinance and dairy license ordinance, scheduled for today, will that through conveyances within a few hours unless new mortgages, "Lee Wilson & Co..' wlnd-.hazards arose. placed in-other hands .virtually all | -Tile fire. started in Plckens can- of its, real eslatc and is a mere shell, a device lo defeat creditors; and with a $1,955.138 mortgage, thc Lee Wilson & Co. trust estate Is insolvent," J'on. Within an hour il had spread over a wide front, menacing more lhan 50 estates, including the palatial homes of Irving Plchel 'and Victor McLaglcn, film actors: , , HOUSTON, Texas, Nov. 22 (UPt ; net be forthcoming until later. O. -The 3.000 employes of Southern i Shonyo. milk Inspector, said (his Pacific Lines in Texas and Ixrjis- i morning. Isna today vo'ed for a strike in' Mr. Shonyo declnrert lie was protest against 108 enumerated withholding 'announcement at thD grievances. request of Dr. I R. Johnson, city Official action of the four broth-' r.calth officer, who planned lo ap- crhocds of tjio employes, to be |x>al to Mayor Cecil Shane to allow based on (he strike ballots count-!dairies attempting to comply with cd today, will be taken at a meet-: thc ordinances a few more days of Ing lale today. | grow. Dec Way open -16 1-4 47 53 1-8 53 high lov? 4.1 7-8 -8 62 3-4 close W 1-2 53 1-2 Lee Tracy Departs From Mexico City MEXICO CITY. Nov. 22 (UP) — lee Tracy. ^American motion picture a^tor, who was virtually expelled from Mexico on a charge that he had offended public morals, was missing today ns far 6s the capital was concerned. Tracy, freed from charges through flic Intervention of Am- umj-Mt,- is 1-2 crlcatl Ambassador Josephus Dan- Cities Service".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 2 1-811," 15 -' apparently left here yesterday. Stock Price." A. T. find T '119 3-8 Anaconda Copper 157-8 Belhtehem Slid 32 3-4 Chrysler Cities S Coca Cola : General American Tank 30 3-8i General Electric 21 1 1 General Motors International Harvester Middlcwcst Urtlltles .... Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Bert' St. Louis-snn Francisco Slandnrd of N. J Texas Co 20 1-8 Student Breaks Arm U. S. Steel 32 7-8! 42 3-4. 3-161 I,UXORA. Ark.—Arthur Rodgers 23 1-2116-year-old student at Luxora hlg^ 36 3-41 school, sustained .a severely frac- 4 I t'jrod forearrn while playing L-al 17 on the school campus. When the 7 1-4 other players attempted to get tfce 17 6-8 ball from Rodgers they knocked hin 2 1-2 forward and fell upon him causing <" 1-4 him to fracture his forearm. Rodgers Is the nephew of Harry Wors- 44 3-8 ley, with whom ne malt** his norn« Rotes WiO Entertain CarufhersviHe Grid Team CARUTHER3VILLE. Mo.— The 3aruthersvll!i Rotary'club will entertain the 1933 Caruthersville high echocl football team and their •Dads" Friday night of this x week. ul a banquet In the basement of the Presbyterian church. A special program has been prepared, and addresses will be made by a member of tlie club, n member of the team, the athletic coach, and by one of the Dads. TOPEKA. Kansas, Nov. 22 (UP) —By a vote of 03 to 56 the Kansas house today killed a bill to legalize the sale of 3.2 beer in Kansas. Action of the legislature will defer possible state regulation until next November when the state will vote on repeal of its 53-year-old dry law. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tonight and lo- morrcw. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair to- • night and Thursday. Thc maximum temperature here yesterday was 73, minimum 55, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- ' ris, official ^fattier otaervn-i

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