Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on September 7, 1975 · Page 62
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 62

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 7, 1975
Page 62
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·\VhiiM Ml ho Norld! MARLON BRANDO He reads his shoes For 25 years people have commented on Marlon Brando's hesitating, often mumbling manner of speaking his lines. One possible reason for it is brought out by Alice Marchak who, with Linda Hunter, wrote a book called "The Supersecs" -all about what it is like to be a very personal secretary to a superstar. "Marlon uses 'idiot cards'," says Alice, ''because he won't memorize long speeches, and he's got to have them where he can most easily read them. In 'Mutiny on the Bounty.' he was not just gazing lovingly into Tarita's eyes, he was reading his lines on her fore- head." In a scene in "Last Tango in Paris," Brando seemed fascinated by the sole of his shoe. Critics referred to it as "a very bizarre piece of business." "Actually," says Alice, "he was reading his lines that were written on the sole of his shoe." In "The Godfather," when he intently stared at a batch of papers in the board room, he was really reading the lines which Alice had typed and put into the folder. "Marlon bus no problem memorizing his lines," Alice insists," but he prefers to use just the key words, then improvise. He feels that memorizing a long speech makes it too stiff, too formal. He likes the free Bow of dialogue." Wanna count the national debt? Recently, a scientist and inventor, Dr. O.A. Battista, sat down and had some fun with just that. He came up with the following "game," which he passed on to FAMILY WEEKLY: Start counting the seconds on a clock this minute and equate each second with one dollar. Never stop day or night, never take the slightest breather for the next 11,000 days (a little more than 30 years). At the end of this time, you will have added up almost one billion dollars. If you had been bom in 10,000 B.C., and at birth had started countm* a dollar a second, day and night without letup, you would now still have another 3,865 years or so to go before you counted up all the dollars in the national debt-528 billion. WITTY TRASH CAN It "Utterly" talks How do you slop people from littering when the threat of S200 fines doesn't even work? A psychology professor at C.W. Post College on Long Island may have solved the problem. While working on studies which deal with man's reaction to the unexpected, Professor Jeff Corey came up with the idea of a talking trash can which operates through a wire recorder fitted into the receptacle and is activated every time someone puts material into the can. Corey's experiment has so far proven successful; the college that has this talking can is a lot cleaner these days. What does the can say? At the moment, "Arthur" (the trash can's name) has a rather limited vocabulary, but his retorts are breaking up students: "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever eaten," Arthur says after receiving popsicle slicks. "Down with Irash" is also one of his favorites. After each phrase, Arthur politely says, "Thank you." DATES: This week has been designated Comedy Appreciation Week. Granddad's Day is celebrated Sunday. ANNIVERSARIES: California was admitted to the U.S. as the 31st state, 125 years ago Tuesday. BIRTHDAYS (all Virgo): Sunday- Taylor Caldwell 75; Peter Lawford 52. Monday- Sid Caesar 53; Peter Sellers 50. Tuesday.-Cliff Robertson 50. Wednesday-Arnold Palmer 46. Thursday-Hedy Lamarr 60. Saturday--Jacqueline Bisset 31; Claudette Colbert 68; Mel Torme 50. BIRTHDAY PEOPLE: Jacqueline Bissel Peter Lawford Quips Quotes ARMOUR'S A R M O U R Y , By Richard Armour /Ala HEIGHT OF FOLLY The mountain climber, asked why he A nigged peak would dare And risk his life on rocks and cliffs, Replies, "Because it's there." I don't like heights. The second rung Of ladders causes fear. When asked why I don't mount still more, I say, "Because I'm here." It may be incorrect to say that a book was writ or a book was wrote, but it might be perfectly all right to say a book was wrotten. --Samuel ]. Siannard We're making such a big thing oter the Bicentennial. In Europe, things thai happened 200 years ago are stili being studied as Current Events. -Robert Orben An obstetrician received a phone call at two in the morning. "Doc." a frantic male voice said, "the pains are coming every five minutes." "Is this her first baby?" the doctor asked. "No," the man on the phone said, "this is her husband." --Lane Olinghousc "Why in the world did you write a policy on a man 98 years old?" asked the indignant insurance inspector. The new agent explained, "i looked in the census report and found there were only a few people of that age who died each year." -Conrad Fiorello THROUGH A CHILD'S EYES Kids see life differently. Send contributions to "Child," Family WeeXly, 641 Lexington Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10022. S10 if used--none returned. Our five-year-old daughter was safely tucked into bed, as my husband filed himself his nightly bowl of ice creain. From the bedroom we heard a sleepy voice, "Daddy, I want a good night kiss." After a short pause, "And bring your bowl." --Mn. W.T. Fryer Austin, Texas The car had just smashed into .a telephone pole, and shortly after a police car arrived. The police officer questioned the dazed man behind the wheel. "How did the accident happen?" he asked. After a moment, the driver pointed to the back seal and said, "She fell asleep." --Anna Herbert By Frank Baginski ITTLE EMILY "Of course it tastes like water. I've got ID make some sales before 1 can buy the lemons!" FAMILY WEEKLY, September 7. 1975

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