The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1933
Page 6
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St* j ARK.) COURIEK NEWS HOT GRID' is PICKED TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1933 High Steppers In Saturday's Grid Headlines Sutherland Names Two Army Players and Two Pitt Men On Team. BY JOCK SUTHERLAND Coach, University of I'itlsburfh Member NEA Service All-America Cuniuilltt'C (Copyright. 1933. NBA Service, Inc.) PITTSBURGH. NOV. 21.—It is very difficult for a coach to pic): an all-slur team of any sort. He does not have the lime to ~i'<: .'very player in action, and in many ca-.;- cs he must do an injustice to members of his own squad. This year I have seen K number of gccd fool- tall players, representing eastern teams. I have tnlkcd with oilier coaches who have seen other pluy- eis, and my scouts have brought, back ollichil data on players they have observed. In my all-eastern selection lor 1933, it has been hard, with a lev: exceptions, to differentiate between the first t\vo teams, and bi-tween those finally selected and those that must b; left olf. Of course, such players as our own MiiKsy Skladany, Jack Buckler and Pete Jablonski were outstanding, and cculd not, be Ignored. Here arc my. selections and the reasons: THE ENDS: Bogdaiuki of Syracuse is o:ie of the best end's of the east. He is a good pass receiver, an intelligent defensive man, and hns performed his blocking chore; to the 'satisfaction of nil. It was close between him and Kopzsac of the Army, but I believe thai the Orangeman had a slight cdgs. Stewart of Tech was good. There is no question concerning Muggsy Skladany. FIciv is one of the finest ends 1 iiavc ovrr coached. There was nothing that lie couldn't and didn't do. A perfect mechanical player, he had a (hie. spirit, and always was in complete dirge of tilings on the field. I don'i. think I have seen a better football player. :- THE TACKLES: Four eastern tackles stood out. and there was really little to choose between them. The first team pair, Glnzcr of Dartmouth aivl'Walton of Pitt, • would grace nny line in the country. Walton, alter an indlllcrcnt start, came along in rapid fashion in the last few games. I am told that Glazer was far above the av- ' erage. Nlccoiai of Ditq'uesne play- ed a beautiful game against us, aiitl would be a valuable addition to any team for his field goal kicking alone. A glance at Fordham's record testified to Bino's ruggcdness. THE GUARDS: There was one outstanding guard in the east, Jablonski of the Army. I saw him against us two years, and he played a brilliant game, both offensively and defensively. He is reported to he even better this year. At that -important duty of every good guard, leading lie interference, he excelled. Per the other post I nominate Burzio because lie was the key- man in (he Tartan line nil season, and made ihe majority of tackles. He was closely pressed, however, by,. Hartwig of Pitt and by Hado of Duquesne, two players in the same town, bcth fine guards, possibly better than Burzio when It came to offensive play. His seniority would give him "the edec THE CENTERS: The east had three fine centers this year in Harbold of the Navy, kalbaugh of Princeton, and Del isola of Fordham. Harbold, even in the Navy's at our hands, stood by his good passing and blocking, and by hta vicious defensive play Both Kalbaugh anci Del Isoln had plenty to da with the respective teams' fin = records, but from" what other coaches tell me. Kaltar°h is slightly better than Del Isola? THE QUARTERBACKS: Montgomery of Columbia has been the big man of Columbia's attack for three yeais. He runs 'the team well, carries thc,.ball like a halfback, kicks and passes. His all- round ability would give him tl edge over Soleau of Colgate, a big rugged quarterback who handler the Raiders in fine fashion and whc was also an all-round back ' THE HALFBACKS: The-long legged Jack Buckler of the Arm' was the outstanding back of th' - east. He was an ever-presen threat when In the lineup. He start ed quickly, had the ability to pn while on a dead run, arid In th open field was a lorrcr. His team mate, LcVan of Princeton, lik FOLLOW BALL IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES KV AKT KRKN/. NEA SrrviiT Spar Is Writer Al Michigan Couch Harry Kipkc has depended on deception and power to compile a long string of victories. The Wolverine coach tikes to screen a scoring play ns long as possible. i A plunge limy look like a run. by introduction uf 11 .spinner. And a faked spinner may result In a run. A nii> may result In a lat- j ernl or forward pass. Here Is a Michigan half-spln- NSWERS The Tournament of Hoses Is held annually on New Year's Day at 1'ASAOKNA. CAI.lf. The l&ih amendment became effective JAN. 16, 1920. llrook- lyn brWse was comiiietod In 1SS3. Army-Nnvy! Noire name-Southern California! Harvard-Yale! Georgia-Georgia Tech! That's just :il;o'K the bill of fare handcti isrld lam so lur tills season. Hciv are five Hacks who are expected to furnish fireworks In these giime.s-lell. "Cotton" Warliur- lon, the Trojans' mighty mile u.uailerlKn.-k'; In'.ve.- left, Tommy CSriln, Yale's sparkplug half; center. Sam 'Brimi' and Homer Key, Georgia's hint-king and rimiiin.; cumbinntluii. mid Jail! Buckler, star of this year's Army amuu, right. BRUSHING UP SPOUTS By Laufer HEHBtR 80S10N IS AU. TilE CLASS/ AU.-AMERICA,. TIMBER |M Pfio : HWIUG LUGGED LEATHER fcu YARDS TrlROUGH TilE BEST DEFENSE IM tCOTBALV AM AVERAGE OF HEARuy 7 YARDS PER TR*... HE HAS BEATENJ tIE RECORD Of 608 'J, SET LAST YEAR 9V lOO^AROS,... ilE IS IAOR6 TrIAN ODVAROS AHEAD OF ... AMP'NEAREST , ... MU&ICK you KWOVJ VJrtAT A.GRlDD&R JIM WAS WITH ' "' CAUKJRWAj 'second fall went t oliewitt in abtuu ! two minutes. The feature match of the night turned one to be the preliminary with fjiii Vcntcin and Roy Allen j grappling lo a draw.-Each had won a fall when the hour time limit expired. Cosily Hack Talk Frank I'atiick. new maim director of tin. 1 National Hockey l-i-Aiiue. has announced a fine of $100 for any player riding an ol- Easily Disposes of Sinkey; Vontein and Allen Grapple to Draw. . Whitey Hewitt. Memphis bad I man, maiis! short work of Charles | Sinkey, Ripley, Tcnn., wrestler, in the main mntch at the armory last night. Hewitt, who ranks higher In the „ mat game than any matmanjin thr country. lu perform here, won the first fall ] from Sinkey when the latter miss- j V.'e consume more than SOQ.OOO.- ed Whitey and dived through ll:c ropes wllli Hewitt polishing him Tt has been -j5 years .since Carl i Benz flrel connected 11 gas engine to a vehicle and drove it on the streets of Munich. I'ilts I'lcnly «ood Dr. Kddie O'l3iicn. noted eastern football official, asserts that Alabama Pills, Sing Sing football Mar. could make any college team uOO ions of each e.ich million tons cost olf in ([nick order after tlmt. The'of six men. year, a.nd the • lives ner. It may hit at any spot in ihe. opposing line between guard and tackle, guard and center, and so on. In the diagram, the play goes between the defensive right guard and right tackle. No. 2 back receives the ball from center. He fakes the hall to No. 1, and No." 3 precedes so thai tv.-o men are in position for a lateral. The blocking back. No. 4. hits the guard. ROXY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & N1TE—lOc - 25c ^' ' << rl-' I I COMMISSIONKICS SALE NOTICE Is hereby Biven thnt the undersigned commissioner. In compliance with the terms of a dem-e rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chtckasawba District of Mississippi Comity, Arkansas on the 25t!i tiny of September. 193:1, v.'liorc'in, The Union Central Life Insurance Company, el al, was Plaintiff. No. 5412. and Enhi Robinson, et al. were Defendant. 1 :., will sell lit public auction to tho I highest bidder, for cash on a credit of three months, at the! front of the Court House, be- j twccn the hours presented hy! law, -in the City of Ulythevillc, Arkansas, on the 9th day of December," 1933. the following real estate, to-wit: The West 2C 2-3 acres of the East Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section Thirteen Township Fifteen North, Range Eleven East, Said land to he sold subject to all taxes and assessments due thereon. Said Sale will be had to satisfy said decree in the stun of $"-513.99. with 8 ]«r cent interest from Scp^ tcmber 25th. 1933. THE purchaser at said sale will !>e required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money. and a lien will he retained upon salt! property as additional security for the payment of such purchase inonev. WIHNESS my hand nnd the seal of said Court, on this, the 9th dny of November, 1933. R. L. Gaincs. Commissioner in Chancery. 14-21-28. *, • A pirate of desert love, he jjl snatched hi.-; fairest i>ri/e ;l fi-nm tho waiting arms of " another! RAMON NOVARRO ny. Ih; LeVati, Princeton, rf; Dan- wskl. Fordham, fb. Second Tcant Kopzsac. Array, le; Niccolai. Du- qucsne. 11; Hartwig. FUlxburgh, Ig; Knlbaiigh, Princeton, c; Rado. Dit- quesne. rg; Sino, Fordhnm, rt; Stewart. Carnegie Tccli, re; So!caii, Colgate, nb: U-issJier, Yale. llr. Myers. Buckiiell, rh; Weinstock. Pittsburgh, Ib. pitched Washington into n pcn- i.nnt" in this vjry year....Crowder is being rewarded by n trip to the r.uction block His work-in Hie world series wSs dlsapiwinting Leonusc he had a^.sorc ar:u, from r.vcrwork in 1 Hie Hag fight, during vhlch struggle he clfered Inniselt Give Now and Give lor service evo;y other duy. | Hooks and Slides' Bill Braucher iiasebull Values Some .startling baseball deals »i-re uncorked during the winter r-ietings — and a few of the stars of yesteryear showed considerable Jhrinknge m values—hut 1 think ilx reported transaction which lirklcd me ma:t Involved Chuck Klein and Lcfiy Grove. *>~"vi " "' ' ii '»^i.vji, UK Yon have thi- picture of Klein .Buckler, was an open field star.[I:;ing peddled hy the Phils to the and ivhile only a sophomore, show- "'-' " ' " • ed ;reil ability. He has a slight edge over the two second team backs, Bob Lassiter of Yale and Myers of Bucknell. Both Lassiter and Myers were big, powerful driving halfbacks. THE FULLBACKS: Weinstock of Pitt was probably the most consistent fullback of the east, but a place must be found for Ed Danow- skl of,Fordham, a triple-threat star. DanowEki. a -left hallback during the season, would make an excellent, fullback on any team. His seniority gives him a slight edge over Weinstock, who is only a iun- ; tor. First Team BogdanskI, Syracuse, Ic: Glazer Dartmouth, It; Jablonskl, Army, Ig; Harbold, Navy, c; Burzio, Camegle Tech, rg; Walton, Pittsburgh, rt; : Skladany, PlttsBurgh, re; Monl- ?an Franclsfo Scores San Francisco was one of Ihc ' clnbs^thai seemed to get its n:cncy's worth—In the trade for Second -Biieman Angle Galnn the Scnls got'iroui the Cubs Pitchers Ix-roy Herrmann nnd Win Ballon, Catchers Dllly Campbell and llugli MrMullen nr.d cash. And oh yei, Pitcher Walter ilaih. hero of Cleveland's pen- mnt victory of 14 years ngo, was i Id by Kansas City to San Frnn- l.'co, proving it is hard to Veep i good man down.' American Red Cross Roll Call W Il RN EVER omcrgoiicy calls—for food, for shelter, for clothing, for medicine for relief of any kind—the American Red Cross is the first to render aid. This year when m-Hls for relief are Ironiendons. the American Red Cross assumes n burden that is lar jfivater than ever. In ll :C world's greatest peace crisis, just as in the world's greatest war crisis, your America:) Red Cross is extending its helping hand to victims of unemployment, accident,'and major causes of distress. The help'of the Red Cross in alleviating actual .suffering locully has been demonstrated. Flour, cotton cloth 3ml other necessities of Itti! have been distributed to fellow citi/.cn.s less fortunate than ourselves Renew your membership in this annual roll call and give more—the need is "real! Chicago Cuts "for $200.000 ,,..... scvertil players. -vrMle the most that Connie Mncfc can get lor Mose Grove Is S 1 50,000... .Wo« Id you t'ade Grove even Steven for Kloiii? ...neither woiiHl I. It Is -my lunskecl opinion that •f Klein Is -n'orth S200.000 and •'(.cveral player-" to the Cnlis Glove Is worth $300.000 and r. '3ll team to 111? lied Sox or anyone eke. * * • Down Goes I'lice Another amazing ivory quota I'on v.-as the price tag appended to George Earnshaw ____ S25.000 ____ and back In tbe 1029. 1930 and 1931 world series, the nig Moose was regarded as a smarter pitcher than Grove, u-ith just as much stuff and nlmoot as much tjwed. Another touching situation Ihnt bobbed up al the conforence in- G. G. [Caudill General Iraorance 106 N. Broadway Phone 797 The B»st Is the Cheapest COAL S UPREME* Surxr-IIe:itE« That New Wonder Coal C\3 Medium CHI CA Si/e Lump *7'J: . IVr Tim f CaSh Halt Ton - - $4.00 Superior Coal <Sr Mining Co. volved Alvin Crowrtpr..; 301 \V. Walnut Phone 7(H Red Cross Service Actually Readies Local Needs! Only 50c of every Red Cross membership goes to national lieadquartf-i;. Thus, a S5 contribution is divided as follows: We to national headquarters for use in meeting the calls of disaster in other sections. S<.5U lo be f'XpviKled in mooting actual Io i: ,| needs. The Red Cross provides direct relief to our r.elE-hVirs and friends caught in th» current economic crisis. Enroll in the Red Cross This Week Only §1 Makes You a Member! A dollar will make you a member, but this yeai', if at all possible, give more. Join at n higher membership fee—?5, §10 or ?25—and give a needed contribution in addition to your membership. Millions are destitute—thejhungry, the jobless, the needy—look to you for help. You are the American Red Cross. Don't fail them now in the hour of their greatest need. When the Red Cross'solicitor calls on you, be ready with a willing contribution to the world's greatest charity. Fifty-one years of active emergency service have proved the merit and worth of Red Cross service. Chickasawba District Chapter AMERICAN RED CROSS MYRNA LOY REGINALD DENNY A Sam AVnod Production FOX NEWS - -: COMEDY Tuesday - Weds. Milt. 2:: J ,0, 10-25c Nile G:<I5, IO-3SC This advertisement Is published without expense «to the Red Cross. Charlet LAUGHTON Carole LOMBARD Charles BICKFORD Kent TAYLOR Paramount News Harry Langdtm Comedy Coming—Thursday & Friday "4 Marx Hrothers" in "DUCK SOUP" COMING: JAMES HAU,, Movie Star And His Movicland Orchestra AUSO: Sally Randall ami Her Famous "KAN DANCE" Direct From World's Fair SUNDAY. .\QV. 26th ' Listen over K-l,-('.\ ;,( J2-.20 Kach Day for K\(,. and lloxy 1'rofifams! v

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