The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1933
Page 5
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TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 21. 1933. BLTTHEYILLE. TAMP COUROtt TOW» ClAiSIfIEDSECTION- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally ra.te per line lor consecu- Ihe insertions: (Fife averase words to * line) One time per line 10e Two times per line per day .. 08c inree times per line per day .. 06c blx times per line per day .... 05c Month rate per line We Minimum charge Me Ada ordered lor thrte or six limes and stopped before expiration will be charged for the num- ter of times tt-e ad appeared and adjustment ol bill made. All Classified Advertising .copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may-'be easily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taKen {or more than one Incorrect Inse. tIon ol any classified ad. Advertising crdered lor irregular insertions take the one time rate. Phone 306 or .307. I'HONE BUCHANAN . "Our Coal It Blaek Bit We Treat Von White" k!2-9 100 Phones 123 No Price Advance Yet On FAMOUS SAHARA COAL "Hot As the Deceit Sands" E. G. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 30c kll-30 Really • Purchase corporation/ anAi Doyle Henderson, as substituted Iruslee.. . Dated this 7th day ot November, 1933. R. L. GAINES. Clerk. RcH, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys lor Plaintiffs. 7-H-Sl-ua We an eicliulve acenta lor ordinal Geulne Mo&t«nlli> Cut and Slpscy, Arkwoai Anthnclte, Illinois and Kentucky Coals. lh«ne 477 E. f. Fry Wonder City Coal Company 9ckl2-9 Badly prepared mid hustlly eaten Tree, Man Planted Will Furnish Coffin Lumber MORIULL, Kan. (UP) — When Ocoige W. Kcndnll scllled on ft farm here more than 60 years ««o one of his llrsl Improvements was the plaining of some walnut trees. For more ihan halt a century he hns watched Ihese trees grow mid meals are said to be one cause ot[thcm Iliat he hns hnd a premature baldness. Ihc trees, so they \\lll be wllh him In death. Kendall, 79, thinks Hie coffin I beautiful. It will be more so. he says, when he gets 11 jwllshcd, as he told Hie cabinet maker IK wiiiiled to finish It himself. Ills wife, however, ndiull she doesn't cure much for lids piece u( furniture. OUR BOARDING HOUSE FOR SALE Nation's Santa* Happy At Time for Work Neari PHIL-ADELVHIA (UP) — Is In slghl (or Santa Glaus. Fui- 11 months o( tho year, ure few nnd far between for men who Impcrsonalc 1 Ihe Jolly old saint on Ihe streets of the larger cities for a few weeks r eari Work Jobs r Ihe y old luger belore anil hundreds- are living employed hero. •!'•••' ;'''!• Tlio linen of work these men follow during the real of, the year arc varied, ranging from • meat, cul- ler, who Imbibed loo freely .last J'onr nnd became so Jolly with, the children that he lost his job, to a Most o[ llic' department stores use Iho same Santa Onus year atlcr year. 1 iircr • of • flshmg - tackle factory in -PhUadelphl) playing Bant* In a store . for • many 'years. "I JU5t can't, resist wllh the children," he listed why he Deemed to hold ' a position ea The number 'of see in a year by the avert central city:?] he iald, when ;l BUSINESS DIRECTORY FOR SALE-—*S acres on paved road 3-4 mile ol Blytheville. Cottage v:ith lights, tenant house, bam etc. i$75.00 acre-pn xerma. A rart bargain. : acres and collage, etc., on 61, north of Blytheville. $1500. ' '•" 40 acres, Clear Lalte' : $1500. ' $250 cash, bal. annually, no mortgage. THOMAS LAND COMPANY 17ckl8 FOB SALE—Used lumber of al sizes, New post Office. 17pi22 FOR SALE—Cabinet Grand Upright piano, good condition, $100 cash. Phone 754 or 141. 15ckZ2 New ?nd Vsed Furniture Boughj and told Staves Repaired—Any Make Alvin Hardy i>" W. ASH 20p &T1-M EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Machine Repairing. U. b. Blankenship, 116 E. Rose. Call 165-J. 21c X12-21 CHEVKOLET — Late 'SI mode TRUCK, lorw wheel base witn slock rack, 2 spare tires, wheels. Perfect condition. Tires practically new. John Allen, Holland, Mo. 15p k22 See Us lor Builer and General Blacksmith Wcrfc by John Wade. Tom Howard's Machine Shop Co kll-30 L. G. Moss Blytheville's Cut Kate Undertaker lOp k 12-10 AUSTIN COUPE, perfect running condition. O. M. Morgan, Phone 293-J. 30c kll-23 TWO JERSEY Milk Cows with first calf. Call 211 or inquire at Knynes Men's Shop. . . klO POULTRY & EGGS and Track Covers made to order, any stie, 9'4"il2' $1.10 op, S'^ilS* 55^0 np. Carney Awnlo« Co. US S. First St. BlytheTille, Ark 23plcll : 23 Pay a few cents more and purchase FRESH EGGS, laid daily. 1 'PICKARD'S STORE, 1M4 CHIC. AVE. 0' 100 yds off pavement on North 10th Street. 2p k!2-2 CLEANERS. TAILORS Look nire for Xm»s! Have your clothn cleaned Sc Ktexed by Dnlque CltaninB Service. C»U 171 20-ck-12-20 REAL ESTATE For Sale:' 40 acres lo good negro Jarmer. No mortgage on it. $1500, $250 cash, balance annually. Thomas Land Co. 2>ck-24. WANTED LAND—We have buyers for land In different sized tracts. For Quality Cleaning • Phone 180 Barnes NuWa Thomas Land Co. . - 17ck24 ,, ....-', .AUTOMOTIVE ^ ^ Call m~- Red's" Place -118 E. Main For Auto Fainting Body and Fender Service Formerly with Shouse-Uttle Co. 10ckl2-10 LARGEST STOCK USED TARTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glass—Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2ckl2-2 Come in, list yoor real estate See what we have to sell E. M. Terry Licensed Dealer Terry-Worthinjton Title Co. BlytheTiUe Phone 617 23CM1-23 FOR RENT. FOUR room newly furnished apart •ment. Vacant Dec. 1. Mrs. M. G. Goodwin. Call 412-W. 21ck24 AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait. Call us lor better service Phone 633. Sbouse-Little Chevrolet Co. 10ckl2-10 EIGHT room house" 123 N. Fifth St. Apply 300 Lake Street. 20-ck-24 THREE room FURNISHED apartment, private bath. Good location. Call 12-W. 18-clc-23 Nice, large BEDROOM. Close in. 310 W. Walnut. oRICK STORE room 25x140, cated West Main Street. Avail-1 able Jan. 1. Address Courier News," Blytheville. . : 6ckl2-6 C?J1 Us When In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tires-Batteries - Replacement Parts HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Auiamotive Dept. IcklS WANTED CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 3ckl2-3 Aulo Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc kl2-10 WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call 633. Shoose-Little Crevrolct Co. 10ckl2-10 Get Your Cnr in Tune for Cold Weather. Woik Guaranteed. RUSSELL ANDERSON Dodge & Plymouth Garage Phone BBS. 6ckl2-6 WOMEN'S TAILORING Expert fur repairing, coat alterations, reasonably priced.. Also buy discarded furs. Mrs. Stnbblefield, 511 Walker Ave., . Carmthfrsrillf, Mo. Call 57Z. • . il-tf-12-tl LOST LIBERAL REWARD for relurn of ,one 30 by 5 casing arid tube mounted on rim and wheel combined for Chevrolet. Roscland Gin Co., Roseland, Ark. ' 21-ck-24 BATTERIES Strayed—One Black horse mule 0 yrs old., 15!~ hands high liberal reward. Notify, Highfill Doan Mule Co.. Phone 286. HcklS Battery & KadUtor Sen-Ice We guarantee you better battery or radiator work for less money. Any make radiator repaired or re- corcd. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Sboue-Little Chevrolet Co. 10ckl2-10 New Ford Batteries Rental - Rechargins - RcpairirR 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 25o kll-25 RADIOS All Radios, including R. C- A., arc being closed out at cost for CASH at llubbard Hardware Co. Ilckl2-ll PERSONAL If they won't cot call Ed Smith 30t S. Lake — Hahd saws, meat saws, JSc; cross cut, 5 15-p-k-lE FOUND IVi Ton Arkansas Truck Licensi No. 250787. Owner may hav some by coming in to Courier am paying for ad. 10 kt FEMALE HELP WANTED Sl'ORTING GOODS Von will find a complete line «>f NEW MODEL BICYCLES at llubbard Hardware Company. 16c k!2-!G COAL & WOOD BRILLIANT & KENTUCKY COAL Quality & Quantity Guaranteed BARTNICK'S COAL YARD R. H, & Ash St. Phone 179 3cW2-3 Wnnted: Settled woman to d house work, no cnoking, wash ins or ironing. Apply to Mrs. Ab ner Driver, Osccola, Ark. 21-pk2 PHOTOCRAl'HERS \ photograph—the perfect Xmas gift. Kcdnccd holiday prices. Hn bcrt Dojlc, next door to \Vcstei Union. 21ckl2-Z LEGAL NOTICES ! Sec E. A. Fisher Before Bnym? Good Coal. Retail & Wholesale Out of Car On Track Between Ash & Main 7o k!2-7 ORDER Fi'ed S. saliba; James S. Saliba Mrs. James S. Salita: Charles liba; Mrs. Charles Sallba; and Sn" ly Saliba. are warned lo appear i tV.e chanccrj' Court for tho Chick nsawba District of Mississtp Cnunty, Arkansas, within thrc months. !o answer a complaint n ed against them In said court by Ol all the stales of the Onion, hns the most cities a successful manutac now (heir time has come, exceeding n population of 5000. made out of lumber from ALL AT"JJEA! CUE IRtE «01-«E ISIOO^WLUTA WCE- 50 HE 'EM TOGETHER,SIDE AH5WCR THAT VJHU &REWH5T Or t'ASC WE'LL FLOAT ACROSS ON A COUPLE OF TREES.' NO 1 HAVENT VERTECTED THE. CALENDAR,VET, "BUT IT V=> Of THE- TYPETHM I HAVElH MV TWAT YOU -DONT OFF THE tiXTE EACH WITH rAY V-OOK M tA ' SPOTLIGVVT, AS TH' INVENTOR or OUR WORKIN' ON NEW KING OF CjLN-SS, Klt> S —RUBBER <SLAS€> TV4AT STRETCHES J THINK OF THROWN" A 'ROCK ACt OF- /AY RUBBER GLASS — ANf TH^KOCK •BOUNCES BACK TELUNci rA VIEW WNTO ' RWER NOW, HOW ftRF WE GONNA POVLOW WORKING • WHAT OME W\TH ,- , MONDAYS <? SWEET, AFTER EXPOSED TO THE AIR. AND LIGHT FOR 7i HOURS,SUR\VEL«3 UP AND FALIS OFFf WELL FOOZV, KEEP «R EYES OPEN WILLIE CAN'T HE-ROTHERED! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SOJIKTHING_TO THINK ABOUT! fan, IT ISN'T'A V R> PARTY, MF. SftID Iff'SSO ALL- IT wfts uRGtwT, IFIBEO IM PORTPMT, WASH TUBBS AW.NlK, GWL. IT'S TOO COLO. BESIDES, TH6 DEAL'S SETTLED/ AMD VJE HAVE OUR MONEV. WHATEVER HAPPENS NOW VS HIS WORRV-NOT OURS, ^ BUT, i THINK UJE OUGHT TO GO. WHAT IS IT? A FfcRW OR 4 |OO,OOO IM (SOLD CURIOUS, AUDI SOO AMD • WASH TO GO W'VH ME. -HAT SOMBTHINSS HEOi'S (SUN Mis UJOK AFTEfj POKFS ? UK'S VERY FORGETFUL! »'n supposed Tft OVT wtf CUT OFF, Tool BV6UM, TMhT ME. OP PUT IT QlitTe. AW ORIO-lfJAU VO6A, UiEPiRIM' ! \ . on Sea eeftao! HOWJ cor\e.lsoM l . -CWOUQ-HT- OF THAT? -4 ee RIOHT toiTu Vft ,VouMc-sT6R.I. eve BR.GUJ TRIM, p, ' OWE O 1 THEtA SWAPP'/ A TROUNCING! "THE WAVE PUSHED DOWN ALL RE ^ Tine PURPLE BRIL'-IAMT E SEWD IN WE BALL.... IMPETUS PERFECT DSCEPTICM, 7MEY START TPE1R STEAM ROLLER , AS IT RO-LED UP lo^XH(»^5 111 THS FIRST, SECiVJO A>JD TUIRD " SC032: ISckLtf

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