The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1950
Page 13
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FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1950 BLJTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HE'S WRECKEP A JOS AN' THEM LOONS ARE HAVIM 1 FUN FINPIM 1 OUT WHAT KINO OF PERSONAUTV A 6UV LIKES BEST AT SUCH A TIME.' THEY'RE IN A SMILER NOW I NEVER HAV6 FI6LJREP OUT HUMOR J <5ET OL5TA HEBE 'FORE 1 KICK VOUR SHIMS-1 FEEL. BADENOUSH WITHOUT YOUR SOBBlM 1 TOO/ 1 CAN'T HELP rr-- I FEEL SO PEEPLY OVER, A FELLOW- Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople T, WON.DIDt^T VJUAT DO YOU ME TO oo> PULL OFF RING ROPES AMD TIE HIM UP FOR. A HAMMER. THROVJ * RATS A SCOOT MEDAL, BURKE WINNING THAT MATCH APTER. 5OAKIKSG UP EhJOU6H JOLTS b KhJOCK DV£R GEMERAL'S •5TATLSE IKi TUEV'D CRIT1CIZ& MAPOLEOM FOR . CARPYJMG . A MUSKET/ FRECKLES AND HIS F1UENDS—BY MERKILL BLOSSER He's Siitisfied WMCT Television nn Friday 1 :30 p.m.—Headlines 1:40—News 1:45—MidSoiilli News 2:00—Rerle Olswangcr 2:30—Fashion I'iirncle 3R^—Jr. Disc .fockcy 3:sO— llowily Ilnody 4:00—C'aclus Jim 4:30—Hello, Ladies 5:00—Kukl:i. Fran & Ollie 5:30—Kobcrla Quinlan 5:45—News Caravan 6:00—Parade of Stars 6:15—What's New 6:30—We Ihe I'diplr 1:00—Versatile VnriellcJ 7:30—81); Story 8:00—Cavalcade of Sports 8:30—Fights of the Century 8:45—Belmont Si.-ikex Preview 9:00—Cancer Telethon We oiler complete Television service., supplying mid installing Grneral Electric, MotnruU. »nd Cape hart models. FOR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISION & RADIO SALES AND SERVICE '38E MAIN5T BLYTHEVlllE. ARK For Sole, Cars and Trucks Used Cars—Al! makes and models. From ?50 to ?15'J5. 61 MOTOR CO. 1H&. 61 North—Ph. 2142 2-4 ck tf 1338 Plymouth —good condition call 4818 or see John K, Grimes on Alrbnse Boad. 6\G 'pk 6|K By Grace Nies Fletcher THE STORY ( Whr Brovtn It-arm hn** lo |ile a [ the next 1. !• Ihr mlri- , The Hcn»nl« ad hod? of «- Clorla and hrr »r Ih b.t J'O who at>£«r »l«rl- ttlnrfB 1» ri. whrr* r;iur(n » f;ic«- vrltb Mr*. <, ".My hu«hn»d 1 have NO «>«»e Ml Chrysler, radio & heater. Fnlr Condition. I'h. -1&58 betwetn 8 AM Ja 5 FM. Ask for Shaw. 6)7 pk 6JIO Lost Lost lAdlea Alton watch, Ph, 3G«&. Lost gns tnnk cap with leather k«r case. REWARD. Telephone; s-iBfl. G;S pk 6!It Lost one black mule & one bine mule. W. F. Flt?*;eraUt. North Division Bt. Ph. 4504, 6;8 pk 6jU Lost Lncty Elj-ln yellow gold wntcli, /nek cord band. Rcwtxrd, Mrs. Marvin ^mm. Phon« 2643. G"8 flh G;i3 Loans Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS ! IX A S Mrs. Benoni spoke, Gloria pulled her hand away from the woman's grasp. "My husband is in danger too, and because ol you," she said coldly. "Why did your husband murder Jack the Cork with my husband's knife aru leave him on our dumbwaiter?" "He didn't! It's a lie! The police have lied lo you," Mrs. Benon wailed. "Why should he murdei one of his own men—friends?" she amended hastily. "Lofty Gordon got out of prison yesterday am came to my place after Jack th 'Cork." | Maybe, Gloria thought, Mrs .Benoni was merely the poor de lluded wife who stayed at horn 'making him apple pies with deli jcate slivers of lemon while he I husband was swiping emeralds. Mrs. Benoni, sensing Gloria •softening mood, came out from be jhind her shawl. Her cheeks wer really wet from crying. She sai with a queer sort of dignity, should not have bothered you ex eept that you are the only on who can save my Benny. All wanted was a very small thing for you to bring me the apple p I baked yesterday and left on m kitchen table.** "What," asked Gloria, not tin MmiJy, "is in the pie that 1 do n know about?*' "Fhe key to our safe dcpos box," the other wife said frankl. "We need money to go away, tell you the truth. My Benny ha een in prison. lie did not steal ie jewels. I swear it on the bones the blessed sainls. But if he is ailroadcd for it, this time he will o to jail for life. So when I read the paper that Lofty Gordon is ut ol the slir, I locked you in the alhroom till I could put the key get it. 1 my pie. But we had (o way so fast, I could not take tfO, Gloria was not going to ge 1 him into another mess by being aive and bridey. This was loo angcrous. "I'm sorry," she told Mrs. Be- ioni, "but 1 do not like gangs or i kid. "Cnn I help with the lunch?" Ie got a knife lo cut the cake. "Not thai ofic. darling!" she pro- .ested as she saw it was the "Mrs/ <nife nc was putting into the lunch jaskct. but Miltiadesdid not agree; ne said stubbornly it WHS like falling off a horse; one had to get on again al once if he ever expected to ride again. "I'll eat no angel cake cut with that knife." Gloria told him firmly, but when he still put it into the basket, she said no more. But. ns it happened, she was right about not eating the angeJ cake. CINCK it was the hitler parl of a hot July day, the train going to Jones Beach, all the bathhouses, and the beach itself were already unbelievably crowded when the | Browns arrived. All the people eoplc who have been cannot help you." She turned on her higb while iccls and started to go. "You lika some my pears?" Tony ippcared at her elbow so suddenly ;he Jerked aside. "No. 1 seem to have lost all ip petite for pears," Gloria told um, furious. "I suppose the doorman who recommended them so prison-J who hadn't gone to Coney Island we-re here, Gloria said ruefully as liltiades hunlcd lor a spot of unoccupied sand large enough to prcad out the steamer rug they'd rought to sit upon. But as they urncd to settle their lunch basket. large woman, whose alarming rolls of (at bulged out of her bra lighly is one of the Benoni gang, oo?" She glanced up the street lopefully and was rewarded, for she had guessed right. The little plainclothes man was standing over there by the bakery watching ler and Tony talk. "You see that :op over there by the bakery?* she asked Tony. "If I hear one more squeak out of any of you. I'll sic him onto you." She was beginning to have a positive affection for this protecting shallow ol hers; she wondered if he'd go in swimming or slay on the sand when all three of them went to Jones' Beach. Miltiades was waiting for her when she got back lo the apartment, pleased because the boss hat told him that as long as nolhin. got into^lhe papers, there wns n need for tbe company to kno^ what had happened and why didn r he lake the rest of the afternoon off since he'd ruined [he day al ready? "Let's go," he urged Gloria lik and shorts of large red roses on blue background, threw herself lappily down upon their rug. "Come, Molly! Here, Sam, Is i nice place lo sil!" she called. 'You do not mind? Is so crowded icrc today," she beamed at the startled Browns. At [he sight of an entire family materialized from nowhere, smiling up at her from her own rug, loria giggled hysterically. She suggested, "You keep it for us till we grt back from swimming—il we can find an empty bathhouse, And don't let the kids got into the lunch basket, will you?" 'Here," the plump, be flower ea rug sitter took a key from around her neck and offered the length of soiled gray clastic to Gloria, explaining, "Is fifly-iifly, I use your rug, you use my bathhouse. Sam, get your hand outa that basket! Here, Take a nickel, yourself an ice cream cone.' (To Be Continued) the Tnoue Kyo Mai school In Kyoto's famed Gioii geisha quarters. Male Kabuki dancers traditionally portray both male and female parts. i anj-in* tee Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Glencoe Bldg. Ph 68G8 Geisha Men? fl|oTO, Japan—(/p>—A classical Jnpanrsc dance school has admitted men for the first time In its five centurirs. Several of Japan's top Kabukl dancers arc studying nt WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 TRUCK BEDS Made from the Finest Oak 6ARKSDALE MFG. CO. We're Proud of Our Work inc work • Woodwork :lacturing • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Machine work Manufacturing SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! E'rompt Service Expert Workmanship UflUTY SHOC SHO 121 W M O I M ST., The Strongest GRAIN BIN Made The Martin "Husky Gain I" is U S. Gov't. approved — weather-proof, fireproof, ratpronf. Designed especially for soybean growers, this storage bin contains more steel than any of her. The 2'/; in. corrugation revents hulginj; ami sagging. Sold by Blytheville Soybean Corp. Blythevill* Phone 6856 Our Telephone Numbtr 4438 Shelton Motor Co. BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Swim Trunks 2.'J5. Tennis Rnquets Caps of all kinds .linimie "B" Boals Kasfhall & Softball Uniforms, all prices, lettering All types Summer Ath- Icic Equipment. 'If It's Sporting Goods, See Us." 121 W. Main Ph. 6762 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranleed K«st Price* Kirby Drug Stores FLAME CULTIVATORS 2-Row . . . $230 4-Row . . . $360 BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • 'Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROADS, ASH PHONE 6888 WATCR. LOOKS Goco/ WISH WE HAD OUR fiATHIHO- SUITS OI.' DO*JT BOWER BUB.' , ., wetu HAUU YOU our/ 940 tl NCA StRYICt, M)C. T. I* fltt How can I stand it? Here she is graduating, next wilt come marriage, next I'll be a grandmother—and at my age!" Al, VEKMEKR COME. NOW, VOL) CAM TELU MEi REMEMBER WHAT WE ALWAYS SA10.../VO SECRETS' JUST THINKING... THE LAWN SURE NEEDS CUT! INS 1 HY MICHAEL O'MAU.HY and 1IMNK5 FOE FIA6G1MG ME DOWN, MRS. KYLE ANY IDEA WHO'S CAILING Mt? THAT BAKER I THINK HI THERE, CY,VTIII/\. I WAS JUST THINKING WHL, \WATABE YOU WAITING FOR? 1 ONLY CAILED UP TO BRIBE YOU TO COME TO DINNER CYNTHIA BAKERS LITHE COUNTRY PLACE.* IT'S LIKE THE PENTAGON OUILOW6, COME TO VERMONT. A LITTLE Ctlir-CHAT. LESLIE TURNKR BEGIMNIU'N APPC.ECIME . I CECKOW, WOU GUESS WOT? I MET SOWEl WGHTV HIGH-CLASS CITV FOLKS IWTOWW TODfWi IHEY'RE GO«Ni\ VISIT Tk 1 KMICH TOMORROW! HOW COME ICtC WM'T KEPIU BUILD THM FEUCE, UK.McCALEBT ITS WIGHTV HOT: MIZ COBB. I- CC.- ID RUtHEK HE'D Sf IU TH' SHM* TW WORE DDWM TO R NUBBIU' ICK'S CHORES TO KEEP HIM PACIFIED, Mi' KEEPIM' A EYE Oil HIM SO HE CAN'T RUM OFF' JUGS BUNNY LISTEN, YA 4IL.UY FELIW9, VEK SUPPOSED T' BE CADOYIW... NOT G1VIN ADVICE/ YA NY6RE? WELL,, HO'/ I'H: GOWNA HELP YOU Why, You Old I'hony G0ME OH. MEN. \VE\E TTJCIVE THAT VARMINT AY FKOM TH" <3E\MD WIZEE'S CAVE; LETS GO. CWW. WIZEE, YOU CAN COt-'.Z CUT N9W.' WfVE DRIVEN TH' CREATURE AWAY CBoVTUSE? WHAT \NT) HKK HUD01KS iffiil

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