The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1943 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1943
Page 4
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, BIGHT BLYTHEVILLfc '(ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY,' MARCH 23, 19«' Texas Aggies Have Only Five Leltermen Out For Football, Boast 7856 In Armed Forces ¥ BV JIAKKY GKU50N ,i" NfcA Sporls tditor , NEW YORK— \ cic\oj picture and » line or Uo fiom Homei Hill Norton >.Ttie famous coach Is depicted all by himself In the simlous field Of Texas A and M, a I the end of the long bench looking und^r it. —for --'football players Spring practice his just conclutl «d it College Station and the Ag- gies have all of fuc lettciinen — B»rnej Welch Ed Slruckcn and Ottb ravne, ticks and Hemj Foldbcie and Jcllj Stejmann, tackles. Hang Foldberg Is the only 1943 started who returned. There aie seven other squid members, 14 frbih the freshmen and i few others maMi\g up Ihe tmallebt Texas Aggie squid In jears % Texas A and M expects to dri\v n ^number of Ami) men for special-courses,, and Coach Homer Norlon hopes that those who hive time will be permitted to pnrlici pale in college athletics 'Well Jill the cmpts spices s6taeho« even if I ha\e, to use the waUr boj,' he writes PERFECT W\K RfCORD That Is one of mimv icasons \vhj tlruversal made the soon'-lobe-released flicker, "We've Never Beci Licked,' 1 '. It's the slory of Texas A and M 'Norton points with pardonable pride at the war recoul of boy coached b> him and that of the In stltutlon All but one plivcr of tin leaihs - Norton has' drilled since hi at .Texas A. and M. ti 193* are oft. active duty Oulj om Is not a commissioned offl ci ,The one nol in service holds i highlv important ixisiliou vvitli • shipbuilding , company Aggies bac.1 1 10 carty-dav thbsc responded to the call II is a mill to find someone from A and who. Is not on duty some*ueie They have been heard from on cv ery > front ,,There are 7856 Aggies on nctlv duty 6382 commissioned A loi' of 96 have fchen then Mies rher are 16 former Aggies who aic ecu erals, three major generals 1M AGGIES DECORATED -Only one is an athletic office The rest are fighting Aggies -- 'ackie Byrd Negro Star Jackie Byrd Is scheduled lo gel another shot at a "name" fishier X)nlBht In a Los Angeles ring when le lakes on the great Negro ilght- vitlghl Slugger While. •According to Information received rorn Uic West Coast, White is re- ;artle<l as 'a two to one favorite iver . the Blythcvllle boy managed )y Joe Craig", but fighting against adds- IK no novelty to Byrd and Craig. They liavc been underdogs nany a night when the hammering ists of Jackie have carried him hrough" lo win. White is one- of the toughest lg)ilweiglil<s.,in the nation and In nany i.slate,? lie' is recognized as tile lightweight champ. If Byrd cnu win over hun his reinituticni along-cauliflower row will be |>ret,y well on'a boom and he possibly vill be given, bigger and more profitable matches. '-'••; v Since going to California tills Wlnicr, Byrd has lost one figlif, a TKO to Jack Chase, California middleweight, champion. Latei Byrd came back to trim sevcra opponents In succession, a fac' which resulted In liis being malchei with White. MI I'M PltOSl'KiS llumcr Norton alone In spaiious College Station field, looks under bench for foothill |il;;, but theic'uth kiiuns Hlicrc lexis Aggies ire I'hivu- on far-llunj lighting fronts ccpt this as nothing unusual for Texas A. and M., witli 1000 students, Is the nation's iill- mnle military college. The Irricll- tldii applies not only to football, but lo nil other sports as well. When Carrcgldor fell, Ma). Gen. George . P. Moore, tackle of '08, went with the bastion he had commanded since he left his .post of commandant 1 al : Texns- A. and .M. in '-10. R. Col. Pelly DHlinnri, back of Jtj \\as the Hist of inoic than 100 'Aggies lo'. be 'dccqraled-^for conducting n 'bixret flight of bdlnb tis from H<inpll<to C6ricglt!oi who did not plaj on,icc- atlilctjc teams wcle Hot behind in "illltinj walk, cami i wllh commissions' thc'-sainc as Hid Ihc. inure publicized ath,lctcs..-Mimy tradiiaUs had kept up restive training. Wlien war was'.declared,'the Ag- glci. utrc imdj t Prospective Arkansas Der- Sby Star Takes Featme At Oaklawn HOT SPRINGS Art, March 23 —Ocean Wave, the Calumet Farms Arkansas and Kentuckj Derbj hope, demonstrated his superiorly over three-sear-olds In training h«E Monday afternoon at Oak lawn Park »hen he came up from dead last to win the $1000 Ouachlla Purse n six furlong prep foi Aiknn fust Derbj cllgtbles nirs Janet Kellers consUtent Besu of Mine was second three ou.ifsrs of a lengtl- back of the winner, with W Causes's Shin> Penm one of the two nonDcrbv cHeiblte in the race third, a Icnplf. back of Beau nf Mine Wlm In Close Finish \Thc victory was fairly easj for Ocean Wave despite the close finish \The chestnut son of Blfiihcln Il-C&umbianj ran a tjplcai Occar Wavc x race breaking last liom the gale and trailing to the turn a Shin/ Penny and S:\en Hearts se a'jfast pace , Under mild urging bj Jocke Wendell Eads Ocean Wave bcgn t<5 move up at the turn sllppc into third place, and then cam forward with a rush on the out side to »m without being hare urgsd ( ,Beau of Mine in close quarter at the turn time through with rush on the inside to get the plac S'rid': then went on after the finis to work a full mile in 1 38 3 h'ard urged. Ocean Wave worked o the full mile In 1 40 casilj Bei of'Mirte's work for the mile bette ed'the Oakiavvn Ptrk track rccor to thrce-fiflhs of a second Ocean Wave Pays 53 By IIAUUY GHAYSON Nl^A Sports ' K<lilnr NEW .-YORK. — Andy Coakley cad .Ihe slory nlioul Ihc best 'first ascman having been pitchers — ^Hal husc, Bill Terry, George Slsler and ou Gchrle. It was Coach Coakley ho swilchcd Gchrlg from the box firsi base at Columbia. And you rnlght'iuitl . Ty Cobb's line lo the list of piti,heis wild urhcd lo first basing," says Conks' of the old Athletics. "Yes, sir, obb' pilchsd and he liked lo piny rst base, vvhlcli, • incidentally, he Id very well. He preferred first ase because he wanted to be In ,ie (hick of thintjs. There was not e [irly enough activity for him in lie outfield. Perhaps that . vvns • one f.,thc reasons why lie made up ost time at bat and on the 1 bases. It was during' the earlier part of ils illustrious career that .Cobb vanled to pitch, Imagined himself nothcr Artdie Jass. He always Old "Ripper" Now Is Overseas; Recall His Gridiron Feats lo glvcvllic' Georgia' PCacli 'an op poilunlty to ..atisfj lib. Insatkblt. deslie ;to pitch. ' Cobb .experienced ho.Ulllle' difficult} in getting Ihc othci side out ttns seeking help us faui inns (,lut (tied acioss Hie plait, but Co-iklcy wns looking the other »n> May Get Extra Gas Without Legal AU Owners of commercial vehicle iced not obtain lefiiil assistanc when applying for additional mile allowances,. R. 'T. Lawrence llslrict 'manager, of ODT's DlvLsioi of Motor Transport, said here -till week. "If an operator needs extra mile igc for this necessary operation? he fan get it without legal assist aiice," Mr. Uivvrencc 'declared. 1 This Is not lo say thai employment of'an attorney is prcjudical to- any case; b'ul lliosc who cannot afford attorneys' fees will receive Ihe snmc consideration if Ihuy file their appeals personally." The district .manager's statement was prompted by receipt of many appeals filed by attorneys, and others "containing notarized statements: '. "II is not Ihe Intention of the Office of Defense Transortation to rcQuirc anyone to incur any expense in filing his appeal", lie said. "Each appeal Is. handled on its merits, whether filed direct by the owner' or through his aycnt. In each case, there must be nn operation .record for the ast 30 clays." "Mileage restrictions imposed by Certificates of War Necessity aic designed to save rubber and e'ul\V- ment without interfering with necessary operations", the OUT ofH- elal declared. "There Is 11 critical shortage of new trucks and buses", ho conlln- ued. "Those now in operation must At the Once again the old "nipper" U> : vinglMg into wllon. This time c's going to fininck Ih6 Axis' with fe\v of those teeUi-rallling tacks he used lo throw at the- boys :> Hie jirldlroii. • '•, • In case your memory is a little 1m, or in case you are a new- omer to Blylhevllle, Ihc old "Riper". Is. Byron Walker, now a first eutcnant In Uncle- Sam's army, lis fatlicr and mother, Mr. and Irs. B. I'. Walker, have just re- elved word thai lie has arrived ufcly overseas. . • ,. ; When and where is military in- orinnlloiij and It really doesn't iiUtcr whether the foe lie Jap or Geniian. He's going lo be thrown or a loss when he runs into the Kipper." Fans Hi-re 1 Kemembfr lllvlhcvillc fans who followed Ihe thicks along back in IMG and 1937 lon't liavc to be lold aboul the Kipper." His feats are legendary and Ihe fans will 'iie ^retelling them i generation hence.' For instance lie (line he put the quietus or 'Five-Yard" Evans, lowering Searcy fullback, who came up .against iariiey Laslln's Chicks wllh Ihe i-pulallon o[ being some sort of •superman. Evans, it was reported ni'ount Hie locker rooms and bleachers could tuck a football under his lef Him and tear right out Ihrougli brick wall. A 210-pound -glanl Evans'seemed to be living up to re port.s against every tcain on th Si-arcy schedule. 'I'hcn came Ihe game, with Bly Iheville, played on the Searcy Tick Both teams were unbeaten,', an tans and players alike,- were workc to a high . pilch. II' promised t Ijc Arkansas' gainc of 'the^yea and maybe it would have been ythcville hadn't possessed 1 a i-irh a i ung - coach and a great alhlet Walker. l.asitc Gives Instructions Laslie talked lo his boys In. tl essing room Just before' tl me. , Based on what scouts-ha first, play. When he does, I want. c line to open up and let Walker he line bicker) liavc the first, ipt at 1dm." "True to expectations, Evans did t the line on the first 'play. The btdJent Chick ' forwards politely lowed themselves to be removed •om his path, As Evans charged rough the opening, a human utnderbolt In red pants met him ith .'a cruel crash of bone and nuscle. When the dust, cleared, ic da&ed Evans came slowly to Li' feet and went back for the uddle, but he was not Uic same 'arlng, .slashing demon who had rushed -Scarcy's opixnients all fasori. The Chicks had lltllc or o trouble with him during Ihe cxt 59 'minutes of play. The esull of , Walker's vicious- tackle •as Uie end of Ihc Evans fable nd a 51-.0 victory for the Chicks. A Great I'layer Walker was as near perfection sv : ny youngster who ever sunk his leats In.the torn October turf at laley, Field. He weighed 105 xnmds and could .sprint the liun- lrc<l in a iltllc more lhan 10 ilat. Ic learned to block and tackle the He cnjojed leclng Cobb tak- it K nmdc to hist longer. At the for n chinge, P , same, lime, .all .the essential sdr^ •,,,», n,,, .,>, l,i ,.,, n f, ,K fi,.. vices they iicrform must be coh- (b first Ihe followinf Inning ncvei to talk pitching again. Palci'sons were'booked nl;.tlvs'.-.pld Hollywood Horse 'Sliovv'. Grpuh'ds.'at LOIIB Branch. The : field was Umipy. Cobb complained aoout playing conditions told Coakle> not to ?i pcct him lo do anv baserunntiiB Well In the \eij ,fh£t inning relates CoakUy, "Ty.bolted,Ihe ball bv Ihe led ficldci, n)id started to urn i inn home The kit ficldei t,ot tlic bnll bick iipldlv Tl\c it laj was good There vvns n plfty at the plat" It would Have nipped hrcvv.n few lo Ihe Dclrolls in bat- 1 anybody': but iTyrus Ra'yirioiul.'CO'bb. ing practice. It was Coakley who had the litchlng idea knocked out of his lead. Coakley had a scmi-prolessional club in I'.ltJr.son, N. J,. in 1910, and Ihcie being no Suiulay base- Kill in New York at the lime, Cobb used lo get away to play with it vlicn Ihc Tigers were in the neighborhood. Cobb played first base in thssc side games,' and when Ihe Paler ton.hurler was belted from the premises in (he middle i)f this particular contest, Coakley decided Gobb lounricd third bise like Whhlitvvaj In the stietch and IhiLVi a hook slide Iho like of which I lynvt never seen No C c i,,lit of Ihc rough grounds tten Tj Cobb couldnt liclp sliding H2 would; have • hit the dirt-.-htid he known that It wns going tct tear him apiit ' j That incident | mints best " lc picture of Ty Cqbb- i'fpl Ojviier? who cannot cbH- limic - tliese operntoins \vilh nilcngc now allowed them can np' L jly to this oflicc lor revision ; bf .heir Certificates of War Nccessl- ly." . VlSOA Advises On Gardens NEW YORK 'lU.P.) — Digging vegetables, as well as''divots'may'be wartime diversion for some of America's golfers. Anticipating establishment of co- op'crallvc Victory gardens at some golf'clubs, the United' Stales Ooll Association Is sending suggestion! as to the size.of the gardens, grndc and amount of fertilizers, rccom mended crops, conservation, har vest ing and preservation of it member clubs. AMES, la. (U.P.)—Clayton Sutherland liaji bten named bascbal coach at Iowa State to replace Le Roy CvTlmm, who has been com missioned a lieutenant Ijg) in Hi Navy. ' vcntiun would bo held nl St. Louis. April 1G, 17 and 18, but delayed naming delegates from Ihe local club unlil the next meeting Standing commlllL-es named for Ihe year arc as follows Altenciincr and membcislnp. Heavily, favored in the inutucls, Cecil Book, chairman, Dick Ncclcy, O WE /S Ocean Wave paid only $3 to win, running the sprint in 1;12. 'Monday's daily double Was another long priced one pijing $179 to fhose who coupled J PC trace as Quaker Lad, winner of the first race/ with J. Crulchficld's Count, Foray,'.winner of the second. Jaycee President Names Committees CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo.. Mar. 23.-^Presldent Jcre Kingsburj' Of Chamber of Commerce announced standing committees for Ihe at the reguru meeting Monday night.- Clyde Harper'-.and Glenn Tihsley,• Immediale -past president and treasurer respectively were named' as members of Ihc State Board of Directors, and Bob Mar- tin'was .appointed financial sccre lary, .replacing Bill Willoughby who has moved. The club donaled Dnlton Teroy; Publicity and ad ertising, Clyde Harper, chnir- nan. George King, Raymond Choatc: Naltonal Defense. Bruce ishcr. chairman. Frank Wilks. Claude Downing, Wayne Goodman 'rogrnm and entertainment, Bob ifnrlin, clinlrman, Kenneth Asher. Uoyd Rogers: pccial projects, Glenn Tinslcy, chairman. Julius ^rildcn, Jake Lalimcr. Dave Hen dricks Bill Nolan. Albert Cravens: Sports, Vernon Williams, chairman, Chick Lipscy, Erni'it Roberti: Roster Board, Byron Ward: chairman. Clyde Harper, Hip Rldg- ley, I, I,. Litnbaugh; Scrgeant-at- Anns, Jerry Schauman. Trollcrs Keep Trcsidcnl LOUISVILLE. Ky. (U.P.)—'Hie United SlaUs Trotting Association hns re-elected G. W. Rittcnour of I Plketon, O., as president. The en- ' tire slate of 1D42 officers was re- Ifc could perform equally well in the line and backfleld. As a fuU- back, he literally ran over his opponents like a Pampas bull, but oil Ihe field he was a quiet, modest chap .and the mention of his achievements made him almost ihy. He was All-American as far as his teammates and coach were concerned. ' _^^^ Another story they lell about the "HJpper" concerns his first foot: ball game. Coach Laslie told the hoys lo go home after school and relax by taking a nap before time to dress for Hie game. The thought of taking part In his first real game evidently didn't bother the "Ripper," because when game time came ho had not been to trie dressing room. Someone was sent to the Walker home to find him, and there lie was fast asleep! He hastily awakened and rushed lo Haley Field. Hurriedly donning his togs, Walker finally dashed out on the field in the middle of the first quarter to take his position. 1 When Coach Laslie went to Virginia Military. Institute at "Lexington, Va., lo serve as line coach he persuaded Walker lo follow him and there- the old "Rlppcv" carried en his fcolball career. Ill his senior year lie captained the V.M.I .squad and was outstanding boll! in athletic and school activities. Now an Army oillcer, Walkei lias grimmer' business ahead thai whenever or wherever he goes Into ,ction/a little bunch of Blythe- 'ille fans will remember bygone days and give him a silent "Y«a, Upper!" week he, wore football togs, galloping across the gridiron, Wise, who Is in Division of the Uic En- Wise In Australia j Sergt. Lloyd Wise Jr., son of Mr, -nd Mrs. Wise Sr., lias arrived safc- y In Australia, according to a V- nall letter received this morning by his parents. Scrgeani Amphibian gincering Corps, Is a former foot jail star, having played with both Blythevillc High School and University of Alabama football squads. Smart Track Team ANN HARBOR, Mich. (UP.) — The University of Michigan's track team, Big Ten indoor champions, is as proficient in the classroom as on Ihe cinders. For Ihc last 1C- week semester, the 32-man squad had an average of 2.70—"B minus. 1 ' Two points—"C"—Is average. Tennis tollelp lied Cross NEW YORK (U.P.)—The United States Lawn Tennis Association has asked all clubs and public parks to: hold tournaments for I lie benefit of Red Crofs War Fund on Memorial Day week-end. The egg of-the shark pure black In color. . arned, he told the. Blythcvll ayers: • -' : 'If Searcy. receives, Evans will t Ihe center of. Ihe lino on the Open 7:00 p.m. Show Starts 7:30 p.m. _ , \dm. Alwsivs lie and x&c Tuesday PAL NITK ' '< Z .tickets for 25o '( 'Pacific Rendezvous' ;l,te vyilh . .ISovvman ^& Jean Hclcclcil Sliorls AVeilncstliiy '&':Thursday 'Are Husbands Necessary?' with .'••'' Kay Milliiml * BeKy Field I'arainoimt News C'omcdv CH1CKASAW West Main Near Zlst St. .at. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Nichl shows 5:45 . Except Monday, opens G.4£ Continuous shows Sat. and San. |10 to the Red Cross, and $10 to i lained » tcourity : lood contest, for school I — children, being sponsored bj the' A London iihjslciiu first de XAA" office. President Klngsbury scribed hay fever In 181D, wlicii it announced the annual State Con- was called summer cnlarrh. We Buy Loan Cotton V H. McFadden & Bros. Ag'cy. Q**r^B»nini's Drnp Store P O Bo\ 218, Bhihexillc, Ark EiC.PAnON Phonem BAKER L. WILSON MELLOW, Ripe, (?iCH_yer PRIN.CE ALBERT SMOKES SO MILD. LAYS RIGHT FOR SPEED-ROLLING WITHOUT SPILLING. THE CRIMP CUT DRAWS 6ASV AND P.A. SMOKES STAY'UTf • IN A PIPE, TOO! Tuesday .BUDDY NITK 2 tickets (or the price of 1 f arson of the Pahaminf wiiir Ivii.sglcs Se Ellen Drew Comedy I'.illic News Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature. FIKST FEATUKE: 'Espionage Agent' ,lwl McCrra will) «V nrcnda Marshall SKCONI) KKATURE: 'QrannyGet Your Gun" wilh Kobson How to "PREPARE" Tin Cans for War Duty almost. Clean can well and soak of! label Tuck cut-off ends in can Cut off both ends .and flatten firmly Save in separate containers and give to an authorized collector UNCLE SAM NEEDS YOUR TIN! 1 • ' • ' • L' ..'?••' Follow these Official Instructions iA/ by the War Production Board! Nearly ninety percent of America's tin formerly ciiiuc from Malaya. And tin is vital to the war effort — for airplane parts, machine gnu mounts, j;as masks, countless oilier military uses! That's why Uncle Sam needs your cltl tin cans. Read the simple instructions below ami cooperate with your Salvage Committee, Defense Council, and Municipal Authorities to help make the salvage of tin cans a big success in your community. Important Facts to Help You. Why "Prepared Cans" Are Needed 1* Washing prevents deterioration of tiu coating—assures SHiiitary conditions—and [ire- vents contamination of dc- tinning" fluid. 2. Removing lop and bottom permits the. free flow of detiniiing fluid over all surfaces of the can. 3. Firmly flattened cans occupy less spuce in collection, shipment, and delinniiig operations — thereby decreasing handling costs and increasing plant capacity for delinniiig. Start Saving Cans Now—Properly 'prepared cans" are clean and fit All paint, oil, varnish, floor polish, • or- eonc-shapcd cans are not wanted for salvage. Evaporated- or condensed-milk- cans are sohdl y. ml » a baskel f r othcr 'T Tf ' Y ™ l ^ ^ " l the home conveniently for an indefinite period until collection not worth saving. Pul these with vour tra^h Coffee cans and others with painted-on-can labels are wanted. • It is not necessary to wash off the. small amount of glue which holds labels, Bl Patriotic.— Keep tins leaflet in your kitchen for handy reference. methods are arranged. Collection Day Wilt b e the last Saturday In Each Month! NOT A SINGLE CAN SHOULD BE WASTED

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