The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1943
Page 3
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'_'' 's PAGE SIX BLYTHKVILLti (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Many Buildings T*^. ,n ' e i IJcing Converted To Provide Homes •Many structures other thtm existing home pigpeitics tue being turned over lo Qoveaunent hoiu>- Ing agencies and utilized lo pio- vitie Jjou-sliig flecommodnlluns fai waV uolkers in critical housing areas. 'An example Is the lecenl pui- chase by the Fedeial Public Housing A\ilhorlty of Peiij. Mill, „ m,." sear-old tour-stgiy stojie Icxtlle- m|ll building at Newport, n i 7t KEEP UP THE HOMES We are Fighting-.for ll'inmelf—it's ftaJ iuiiaea ittiit-t* ri- T . M '.'""' «« roof tf/art iniieid of if, t . r L J . ° '° "° w " ol """h/ »"f«KU»tds home he»lih«nJ home vilucs hui aciuilly hclpi ihewarcfTorib) raakinR your home hit longer. fcnainteed Woodiex .Shinjilei are rtto^nucd , s the f, nt it sb(c jurfjced «ph>l< shingle aladAblc anywhere. The P«*«iw "ucd nmning add missive, reinforced hulls not only jJJ Jisiinction tnit gae e«ir» proteciion as well Ccr- ifi?!?" 1 ^ 00111 " As phal! Shingks are Millenred foe longer life and may te applied nglil aieryeur M roof. They will *ivtioua5mtanceofalong,wcarin K ,firc. teliinnp roof for jcars to conic. Lei us ijow you: simples of thtse ouistandinc thmglei rcceesiminr. E.C.ROBINSON i LUMBER CO. Star-Meat Properly To Avoid Waste In-coiling .with the present, incut Shortage, mid Die problem of nidnl lalioiilng, capitalize on yoiiy ability as n home^niimifier. Figure; out hov, much lopd is wnsted in your home evpi;y ilny through thoughtless pliimilrijj, be cjireless caling habits oil Ihe part of the family, Tjien . i>lnh ' the proper corrective uicasuies. • • Tor one thing, learn tlie great variety of , lipjicllzljij; dishes that can be liikuc- "fora lefiovers, yoii'l) be surprised how completely yoii cnn disguise leftovers so thn't llie faintly won't recogniy.c them 'as old mends froni a previous meal. Too, because much food .spoils and must be, discarded before Jt is even prepared for the table, study your present, storage methods. Even the choicest foods lose ii great (leal of value If iiiip'raiierly stored. Use Hiianirli'il Dishes Meat should be stored with especial cure. l'|, should bo wiped or scraped off- —never washed— iui- mediiKcly, and placed In tiio meat compartment of your refrigerator, If your refrigerator does not have n special compnrlHieiil for meats, use otic of your auxiliary porcelain enameled refrigerator puns for this purpose. Enameled ware Is sanitary because of its hard, non-porous nnd raslly-cleuncd surface. However, ineiit should never lie wrapped before placing it In (lie ehameleil storage pan. it should be left uncovered, or lightly covered wllli ivt\x •un|ibr. for a little dry- Ing of the incut surface Is dcslr- nble since It retards the growth of bacteria. Cooked mcnls, liowevfi 1 , should be covered lo prevent further drying. 1 Guard Ground Meal , Ground meat which Is to be kept .for more than n day should be placed in a:i ice tray or n porcelain cnninc'icci dish in,the frc-wing null because It is more perishable than other meals. •Treat your enameled .slorngc dishes witli care niiti respect these days, loo,..They're essential lo your hcnllli nnd welMicliig in food prei)- nration and storage, and they're scarce. • ' 319 W, Ash <I'h. 551 Qrtainteed ^Sf32i?WlWD SHINGLES Miracle City Produced By Petticoat Builders •»*•> is planned lo convert Ihc struct lire into dormitory .with accommodations for ITS will- workers, ^liis is the Mm .building lo be mil-chased bulr'lghi liiider the National Housing'"Agency conversion program lo provide iumsiiig for war workers thvmigh tiic remodeling of existing striictures.Un most Instance*,.-conversion Is.beiii" car- AT HOME Put your lipusc in order at biicc. With the diversion_of TiuiltMng materials into defense construction, present homes must be kept safe from the elements. They'll be v/cll protected ariii for a longer period if ybri use PITTpURGHPAINTS HARDWARE CO. WANPOHT, ORE. — s ' pelliciut Iniildcrs can take credit for having helped to huild liio secontl Ihrgrst city in Oregon in less than four months. Called Vanporl because it is located ho- Iwcen Vancouver and, Portland, Ihc new city is imbiber .production miracle by. llie shipbuilding wixiird, Henry J. kaiser. No ordinary housing project, it is h fiill-flcdgcd city of aboiil 40,000 inhiihilanls, boasting apartment buildings,, fire slaiioris, .schools, playgrounds, ,ii library, a clinic ;md ; ;i liospjlfil, I.i(.!ht,'siitu'iy apariments, broad fli'cels and perfect niuhi'cip'ai appointments , iiinkc it n Inb'dcl inoi alc-bbpstinii community for K.-iisei- workers and their faiii- ilies. Thou'Rli it has grown as fast as Jack's hcaiislhlki ViVnpbrl is ii '.w'cll-plnnnca, well-constructed cq'mmiiiiH.v, iiccofditig tb.Ti i-ccoht issue of .'Practical Builder ma"- azlno. The apaVlmei'it buildings are laid but )h clusU-Vs over an area of find acres wilh fourteen iili.ii-lincnts Ion building. Kighl of these are oh the. ground lioor with outside .enlrancqs, Ihc remaining six on tin;.second floor wilh private stairways. fhsiUe/aiid mil. Ihoir npp'e'jiVafico is altVa'c- livc. The lower two-thirds of the exterior .walls .arc finished in clapboard siding wfiilc the upper Ihird is .wii'tei proof fir plywood. The roofs arc covered with fire- resistant asphalt lo piblecl them against .lir-bornc sparks.- The women who pitched in a-, laborers had n hand in. almost ovecy aspect of llie t-bhslriiclioii winch was iiccomplished on a mass production basis. Prcfaljrj- cation methods helped lo speed llie millwork rind the inslallatibii "I hundreds »[ njiles of piping Sidewalks are under conslriiclion nnd 'roads arc !}(.•»)(• Ijiiili, A branch of the Columbia liiver winds llirougli tin- ciiy a tut ils shores are being landscaped. The a'parlmciils .thpniselvcs-arc laid out in fine, two ancl ih'rcc room unils. all coniplelely -fur-- nishcd. All have kitclic'hctles, ample slorage space, and 'well- equipped,'modern ballirooms'. This is Tlbl only llic,.cbu|ilcy.'s largesl wartime housing project but ils population will be grcaler- than Ilial of Siilem; the capital of Oregon. Practical Builder. mn«; : axlnc'.estininti's (hq cos) of llie development at $25,600,060. It's nil- 1 jusl one inor'e proof of Itic foro'-'s, siglil of Henry. Kaiser, who isJi'l^J going lo have any housing lio'acU''- ache. 1 ; bbttlerie'ck his p'rograhi lot' 1 bliilding the most ships the fas't- v < est. •-:'•• rtert on cltlibr..HiroiigU .tVic 'iisb 'oj private funds or ionsc of the property, to the Government j,...: Since the. launching faftfthe con-i version jHxjg'nun, (lie. FPHA has Inkcn over, fpur structures fur re-' modeling under Government. Icnsc. These'Include-mi -office building at Mobile, Alri., vesoH hotels nt Sniii- ineiTille, s. C., and SoulhbVii Pines, N.'O., mid n ilaiiiiitdij' nl AVoostbck Slnte :Nunnnl Scliooi, Ph'sqUe Is- Inntl, MnliVc. I'lie Perry I\!ili building nt 'Ne'jy- port will require only interior par- lUiaiiing anil the liislnllatlon tit necessary utilities, nucl can lie made ncnllnblc for occupancy quickly. . ..It Is pointed out Uia'l liie Perry Mill project Is lyjiienl of llie structures to be uUlizc'cl in Ihc conversion prqgrnm to provide dormitory units. FPHA negJbnii'J Offices linvc been Instructed to tnnke surveys for suitable structures in their regions tlmt may be converted. BEriKELEY, Cnl. (UP)—Emily Post having npprivently lulled to ulvlse Uie American public .suffi- clcntly thht g\ibsls slibiild hot park their coals on n bed loo close to nn open window, four guests of Mr. nnd Mis. Richard S. Johnson arc coallpss. Wliilc nVl we're llsten- inff to (he radio, n long-nrmetj lliief extended his arm through the window ami relieved, the bed of its unaccustomed weight. Remodeling Projects Placed On Same Basis With Ne\v Construction Privately financed conversion remodeling of existing buildings to provide ndded living quarljrs for i'.m>iuial war worker's will lience- fci'fli receive to critical war mnlorlals on n par with nil oilier types of war housing operations Frdwal .Housing Commissioner Ab- ncr II. Ferguson declared. As llie rcsull of new policies dc- veloi/ei) by the War Production Hoard, and the National Hoi'isins Agency, applications for priorities assistance in obtaining materials for privately, financed war lini'islng reniod-llng wili be brought ivithiti tlti' same procedures controllng new l.'rirale construction for war workers. Mr. t'erguson said. Approved ]>ro]ccts will be eligible for AA-3, preference ratings, Ihs same as now assigned bv tlic WPB for m\v publicly or privately financed •'; war housing project nnd for publicly financed conversions. I'ari (if llmisiiKf Qiiola 'I'hc added family dwelling units produced by .private remodeling un- j tier Uie • new procedure will , lie charted against the war housing Unola for-(lie critical lioiisfng iirea Involved on the same basis as new construc.Uon, .and will be subject to I Hi; NHA's occupnricy regulations designed jo assure tlint war housing, will l-e reserved for iiidispchsable immigrant war workers. Mart private remodeling previous- 1 ly carried but In the critical arras wns not part of the war housing quotas for tliosa localities anil occupancy priority . for war workers was not required as, a condition for | receiving WPB preference riVuigs.' Under 'these, circumstances, the lilglie.<>t. .preference rating issued by the WPB for. private remodeling was A-l-a,..witli an AA-4 for necessary purchases of lumber: : ApiiNciiiicHM fcheckeii by FilA AlipliciilipiK for prcfei'eiics ratings 'oil private remodeling or cbn T version prbjce'ts are received aiid proccs'sed by the fiolti offices of llie Fideral Ho^'iing AcVminif;ti-filio'jij OF HEAT LOSS IS. TH(tt)U&H U.S.FAMILIES CAN ., ,$131,613,000 TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 1943 It pays-to conserve lieat brdiiiav. ily lost llirbugh, window panes 1>y drawing a)l sli'ades to »|Hs n't iijglit, and in unoccupied robins during the <I;iy. In rooms the family uses, shades sljould be raised only liajf way. 1'heso easy precautions save i as much as 10 jj'er cent of the annual fuel .bill—aii ccoiiomy on ii c basis of $],'il,«];!,flao. need through rooms aiid family accommodations in existing buildings requiring no iiUcr'aUon, • ilirbiiBli privately rinancsd conversions of existing slriieture.s, or (liroiigh government lea^e of existing buildings to be converted Into war housing nuarters with public fiihds. In the field ol I'jrlvately financed ccnv'evsions, speciat financing ' ar- rang-inents ni'e available under the I'jaderal Mousing Administration's Tjllc I loan liLsurance i>rogr<iin, in which more than 3,000 private lending fnsllluttons are actively participating. Loans financing conversion projects- producing added living accommodations for war workers In the critical housing areas may be /scoured under the Title I plan in amounls up to 55,000, to be repaid in eiiual monthly im-tnl)ments running for nslong as seven years. on behalf of the ( WPB which issues all preference ruling orders, Tlie higher ...preference ratings low available for private war housing conversions will represent an mportant aid to private builders •uid properly owners in securing iiiitcrials necessary )tction of such projects, Mr. Ferguson pointed out. The new procedures will therefore •mo be important to tlie program or jnn.ximiim utilipntion of e.vlsi- iif strnclures In waV hbusin"- areas developed by tlie. National Htiushig Agency through its Homes Use Service, he.said. I'rivale alia Public Fiihils Available ' The Homes Use Service is i\e- Ignert lo satisfy as much hs possible of the cjjsbntini war Housing Study Wohyhiallon . BERKELEY, Cal. (U.P.)—The war ha.s so Intensified the demand for 'deliydratcd fruiLs, milk, vegetables, ami other foflclsturfs that the University of California has added 'courses In dehydration. Nearly, all the "students" consist of hi|lier.officiats of the state's canning ImlustYy, The Army and- Navy arc I:K bjggcsL buyers of ilchvd- rateil foodstuffs. Read Courier News want ads. Horace Sloan Dies JON'ESIJQRO, Ark., -.Mm;. .. 22. (LT, P.)— lioVncc Sloan, 53, a pVom- Ine'nt Johesboro altoi'ney. died today nt the Baptist Hoaiital • in Memphis. • fee was a , past member of . tlie AVl;a'iisas Ititsliway Audit Committee", ex-preslUeht of the Cralgiiead ' County IJar Association, and author of "Th? Law of ImiirovemeiH Districts In. Arkansas," an Alkatisas • law authority. . Billy Meharg Overseas Pfc. liilly Mcharg of the Marines -Vjfi has arrived safely overe;as accord- " V In'g lo n cable received by .his \ mclher, Mrs. Buck Meharg. Pecan Point -News A11SS . HONOltCK BY STUDENTS Kfiss Betiy Braneli, daugluer of Mr. nnd Mrs. R. c. Branch, ha.s been elected Uie most capable student nt' Gulf 'Park College, Gult- porl, Miss. Lust year she was elected ."Citizenship Girl" in the. 'high school department and this year tile college honor was bestowed on lier.- Pierre Dorion, \vlio settled on the' James river in 1175, wns the first while- resident of South Dakota. HOW'S THE TIMS TO 8XING »** « Don't just dream of your "air castle!" Spring i, here .Let s have some action! Start work td-day —right in your own front yard. Sure, iHakes time and energy . . . but with careful attention-and plenty of water-your yard becomes an added asset, a real beauty spot! And your entire home reflects its charm. s * ore for . your yard and you have a head start on bringing that "castle" home. • I M ? Let's painf the town green ~yard by yard! BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Manager ?Waler Is Your Cheapest Commodity fc&4v4Mft^6^e^£ _*.* A^«AA*»..... - One gallon^ doesovfef atoom! MIRACLE WALL F/.V/SH WALLPAPfH,polnlsd wolli. wollboord, boscmeni wolli. ' APpLliS lASllV. IGAUONbOISTHE AVERAGE DOOM. NO OFFI'NSIVE PAINT ODOR. Ifem-roneROUER-KOATER f?o//s Kcm-Touc right j over your walls i|»kl:- ly, easily, sniootlily. Save Money with Y OU snvc when you point— and long after—with SWP. Its remarkable case of appli- cnlion saves time nnd labor. Its tremendous covering powers save point. Its well-known dura-' bility saves your bptnc from decay; O.'lf) expensive repairs. VRa\. SHERW/rV.VVuilAMS HOUSE PAINT for Kitchens, Bathrooms The ideal finish Tor kiteben and Bathroom walls nnd for woodwork throughout your lionic. Amazingly wasbablcl In many l\i^- trous colors 4 1C and I' 1 / ; tiuis. - • <jt. SHERW/N-lVlLUAMS SEMI-LUSTRE 'Giant Color Style Gu Yours, lo borrow — FREE Sec hundreds of homes, rooms — n) l in bCQiitifiil, triic-to-lifc colorl SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT & COLO*? STYLE GUIDE TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Your Complete Hardware Store ; S\ 12(1 W. Main Phone 515 TEX-TAB ASPHALT SHINGLES lex-Tab's popular wood grain Icilure.snd alliaclivc colois make Email tools. TM- Tab vrDars longer, prblects you againsl fire. Many discriminaling home owners preltf Tex-Tab. Looks cosily^ yet you'll bo pleased at die Ihiiity price. Made by Bubeioid — makers of line roof products lor over half a ceniury. See us today! DELTA LUMBER CO. I II CLEAN-UP--FIX-UP--PAINT UP F6ii ie^s 160" Pure Oulside White . . . 3,20 Adarii3' BbileH Lmsieed Oil (Sealed at .Factory) . . . 1.50 per gal. True's Seihi Gloss . . . AH colbrs . . . 3.30 ^er gal. \ Floor Eriarnels ., . . Iriiide or oulside . . . 3.30 per gal. f True White Enamel . . . Super \vKite gldss . . . 5.25 per gal. (Other Enarrteis 2,60 ^er galltfn and Vip) Mural Tone CASEIN PAINT Tlie Original Casein Pairit. One Gallon does the Average Room. One Coat Covers—All Colors .25 Gal. Specials On Better Grades of ; WALLPAPER! Decorate with the better papers to last for the duration. Complete new stocks noW oh display. Beautiful new pastel shades of all colors direct from the factory in the heavy types of papers. / 250 patterns to select from! \ Arkansas 105 E. Main Phon/2272 •*;

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