The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Golden Bears' Mentor, 41, Only 3-Year Man In Bic T- 1 line The Dope Bucket By 3. V, Friend RESPONSIVE —Thoso in charge of Die Chk'knauv cliil) pigskin banquet for llic undefeated and untied Blytlicvlllo High Chlcka- saws could not have struck n more rrsponsivo chord thnn H'hen they extended nil Invitation' lo II. G. Crisp, director of athletics at the ! University of Alabama . . . anil Itv JACK OllESTHKH ''""&*" could not Have pleased •I'ttHfd" Press- Slair CorrespomleMtl ° Cal f»»s belter thnn his acccp- PASADENA, Cal, (UP)- Whim 1 '''"™ ° f lllc mvllc • • • A11 o{ us football laurel? arc passed mound for the 1937 season, innny will :c~ »KiMlj?r Leonard (Stub) Allison, the young veteran of University of California, win directed the Golden Bears (o the Rose Bowl :n Ililrd year H.S coach of n inn- about the rnnn behind Die 'Bninn nlliielic gun PCW llfU'C IXX'II 'J(jr oleye.n. Al'lsou Is only •)). » conipnrn- 'live youth who headed -the grlz- -sages of lliy gridiron in (he privileilged to know him-. . . Kut nil who wish to can lie afforded that opportunity Wednesday night, December 10 ... Just what Hank will talk about Is not 1 known, but Conch Joe Dlldy and oilier PS-'Dainnniis .say he cnn do justice as an nfu>r dinner speaker '-"-<i ^agi» uj mi: gnutron in (tic r, , , , ,: ' race toward tlic New Year's Day ' '. Cl ' lltii "'- v llls wl<lc rnll ««' ol cteic. the richest plum of h.! 1 '^''' 1 "'"; ^ mM I' 1 ™""-' him -. Hnt. AUto,-, ',",!«•''" wo'ils for nt least an hour's foctball year. But Allison's Is no "lias,- to KIclKW" story n.rmcr E.ig- In las collect Ion . . . Ernie Hovers. rated by 1'op Warner as 0110 of the greatest, bnejui ever to wear a denied shoe, will be one of the ofllclals in the Commercial Appeal's charity football game. Saturday ivhldi will feature the sensational Bill DcC'orrevant . Ernie is coming for only the ride That's Nev. Just six more TUKSDAV, DRCRMBKU ( 1037 Cinema Favorite minus of one heavyweight, Harry Thomas and experience era all over . . . days ntilll the )wlni< game will be boxer promised to • retire If he doesn't beat Max Rcluiidllijg on (lie 131)1 . .', . Jonesboro will slanc Uieir fourth annual Invitation cage toiiriiiinienl In F'obruary They have won II every year. ' Letters Awarded rt\ '/t>A /''I* • i lo/ZU Lmek.<i And Grid J.cller.s have bi:m nvriinhvl to 21' '"inliers of the Hlyllieville high .school Chlckasuws. uudefealed nnd untied during their 1037 campaign, nnd their student ni.ilinger. .4. . t. Alfred Meredith, only four Dunch. was r, slow, steady climb over ai 1 , ", ."* , C01 'V ,? f n^""'* ptikxl of 9.5 years in 'vliich is'' U al wovk on " 1C «'n"Inilcr ~..,,,. „,„«! meiraiin. 0111 .participant ami Instructor lie'oil-, ' ° P"^ 1 '"'" which promises to year man on (tie sqiind. was „ tnlne'd the necessary athletic ex- lx "' ( ''' " tH yc(ir ' s " nc evont - l a Jlu ' kl ' t "* WC1 ' C eight U'ree year, pcriencc to call on when his up- ' * « » ] men, j. Roberts. L. Brown. ][. Be- pommily arrived. I UOOMER A KG —When tlic .The, -.short, husky coach was N °rt |: «ist Arkansas League dl- IIOIIIXO.N'TAI, I, 7 !>iflitml motion pti'- lure nctoi. 12 Consilfllulion. I3'l'lui.<t why hour. 17 Wine vrsyr lOH.-.iroinaii 2u .Social ius<- 21 Chosen to ofllcp. 2.1 Imbecility. 2ti llridlo sli'.'ip. 2V Sound of disgust. 2fl Aeriform fuel 30 Point. 31 Circular wall. .IS Musical note. 34 Spain. 3.*> l > ;<i<l publicity 37 Cubic. 38Coiii|jc-lr. 41 To fiiivn, 4ii Hrgion. 1-1 Kcmalt.' rhcop. 45 Hour. 47 He ;icls- hi romantic Answer lo Previous Puz?.!c stories. 52 Ilium. 53 Kimono sash: M I lodge-podges. ;i Those who . r >li To decriy. M Cow's c:il! 59 IVrson (o whom ,-i grant is innde. 01 Corded cloth. VKHTrCAl, 1 Sun god, 2 Verbal. 4 I'ouiKi. fiA i-alch, (i Hod of war. 7 To stun. m ">- 10 Person <!4 liorn. opiwscd CO Ho has been all North o t roc» - America. (pi.) f 01 . ninny H To help ycwrs. ' if, 18 War (Iyer. I 20 Blackbird. 1 He i s by birth, I 22 Drank liquor. 2-JOnr Hint rlfarcs. 25 I In has ,1 suave . manner. 29 Dutch measure. 32 Frozen v.-nk-r I Harem. 3(i Dowry. 3D Killier. 40 Flavor. 42 You and I. •it! Cluunbi-r. 4H Enthusiasm. k'imi, .M) To carry. 51 Type- of haircut. 57 English coin. S9 0,-.-<i,i. ' '•'Oat' Unmasked In Near Riot Al '- Wrestling Arciu in nine minutes and body slam.s to take !he mini In seven minutes. • „ . . Keiser Teams Defeat Etowah In Two Games , the ' o'iiljitaiidlng iithlete rc ^ois recently lowered the 'salary 111- history of Carleton College in lilnil flom $900 to $800 exclusive 'NorthfU'lit. Minn. From 1013 to| of lllc niiniigcr it looked like a 1S17 Carlcton was , uiKlefeatolJ''!'? 0 '"Islnkc at (he time. They .antl dining two of those yi.-arsw«s! ic<lm l lll ' ll -'ly Ignored the suggestion* l:nown as a "point a minute" '° r Hunk UeBcrry, minor league U Wise, 11. Hunch.'J. Bui ton. 11. Mo.'ilcy and c. Moody. receiving sweaters ,,,, t D. WarrinBton. c. Ilnrdln, u Slat- ford, A. Justice. E. Craig. O. Moo-ly W. Clodwln, E. Hood. K. nnrtart C. Hughes and M. Thompson. unit, tit Postscript. eleven. Leonard Allison,, oml. was one of the prominent reasons for manager of the New'York Cilmits, veternn In the name both as u<: ui me pronnncni reasons lor >vi^i,,u ui uic ^uine uoin as -'•is success. He was named All-! l )ln 5' C1 ' arid oltlclal, lo raise It to conference end for three siiccjs- tllc suggested $1,000 murk, (lie sive years and received lionorulilo somc lls tl)c K "ly League mention on the All-America fHttoally. he captained the foot- tall, basketball and tasebidl leanr*. Was War Flier After graduation -he entered tue army, where he headed the 88iln nre lllls -division football and basketball teams while he rose to second .lieutenant, first lieutenant, nnd ccintimneler of an arlillcry buttery. After a year in Ihe nir service patrolling (he Rhine, he returned In 101S nnd took n position as assistant football coach under c. J. Hunt at University <if Washington. ' His duties there expanded rapidly. He was 'named head basketball and baseball coach, in his second year the baseball team won n championship and the basketball team toured Japan, winning -13 of 52 games. In 1922 he signed as athletic; director and football coach at the University of Snulli Dakota, where he remained imill he moved lo University of Wisconsin in 1927. At Wisconsin. Allison served as end coach, boxing- instructor and assistant athletic director. In 1929 he become line coach and fust assistant to Glenn F, Thistlewhiic. and also directed tin- stale American Lcalon liasctiall tournament Became Head Coach In 1M5 Alliam came to California in 1931, and was assistant under Nibs Price and "Navy Pill" Ingram until 1935, when he was Appointed head football coach. In his first year he lost only panic —lo Stanford. Conference champion. Lost year the BOMS were losing five gnmcs while winning six, but were sufficiently Impressive at the end of 'the season to rale advance notice as the ,leam to natch in 1937. Truth of those notices cnn 1;; confirmed by the Coast coaches who have watched the Bears pulverize every team in the Conference save Washington, and smash into the Rose Bowl for the first time in eiaht years and the tli'.n Hire in the University history The 1937 California team is lii fruition cf Allison's coaching the orirc. Crisp blocking, a strong supply of power that is well itl- nclcd. elTiclpnt tackliin and passing end superb use cf n few In:i- dmnciita! plays are the founda- tion'upon which the team is built The Bears arc not a sf.nsntjoini' team to watch. Neither is Alllsot ••i • colorful personality But theii -seasoned abilities-nnd his as ivcl —are evident in (he record of ai: points against 33 in 10 oames tht< Mason. Evidently, (hey thought (hat Dc- Herry was trying to feather his own nest here In Blythcvlllc having a hookup with the New York Giants . . . NOW the real biu-K Paul Wiilhe.s. 'Hank" Crisp To Make Spwh Al Cllicks' 'Manqucl H. G. "Hunk" Crisp, director of uthletles at the University of Alfl- .Ixima, Ims itccpple.1 an Invitation to deliver the princlpnl address at wl honoring tlic untie" ' Blythcville hlijl. here Wediiesdny presiaenf of Ihc Joneslwro e!iili| aUempled lo make a big lenijue coimcclion wliilc attending Hie tl , n . . minor league annual winter meet- "1, Z ,n (S m'n m ", i", •' In* was .shmitcd nK u he was In- ;',,'' r L l! .B'-^^'ille hi B h fericd with some sort of n plague 1 Chlckisans . . . Finally the Cincy Heds broke the sad news . . . They couldn't consider .sending their kids down to Class O with a salary limit of only $000 ... One ain't blame tlicm, either . . . For 13 players I would 1 mean less than $6'2 a uoiiths ... Not very enticing for a yoimg.ster, however ambitious . . . rectors ought to tnkc n tip Isn't too late yet. Jonesboio •Juniors High Whirlwinds, will receive sweaters . . rite local Papooses will hiive lo be content with just letters . . Michigan State lias reserved license No. 1 for Dutch Clark as _on» as he is conch of the Detroit us . . . That wns his number - Skates worn by figure skat- ors range from $25 to $50 ... Ducky lUcdwtck Is a collector of P'pes . . . Has several hundred Practically all babies have blue eyes at birth, but the permanent color appears In (he first fev weeks. le may be That enthiisinsiii ... von'l fill an empty stomach , . lc lias lo have a certain stanrt- ird of appearance . . . And as ittlc as one Imagines, he should lave a Taw social coutncls . . . U2 bucks won't enable him to do in iiny line The di- Blue Room of the Hotel Noble nnd at least a hundred or more grid fans nml Clilckasaw supporter* are expected to attend. Mr. Crisp Is a veteran athletic conch and lias teen connected with the Tusentoosa Institution, as n football nnd basketball coach and a director of athletics for many years. Much of Ihc credit for the powerful defensive grid tennis pro-'. duced uv Wallace Wade when he was head coach at Alabama was given, by those close to the Alabama athletic set-up, Id Crisp, who as Huo coach, not only told his charges how the fsimc. should bu pluyed but often participated in * * l I workouts. When Wacie went to - 15 members of the Duke Crisp wns named director and ' .11 inini-..- tH..l. IITL,.I._I i . i. . . . . . . •>.«.«•> i , )rc jllk. "id hind legs; but insects hnve .'hies orlBlnally innrio lor the pur- lose or Hying. hns since worked In elase nccaid with coach Frank Thomus. In 1113. the British government offered $100.000 to anyone who could make a. clock Unit, would not lose more than three seconds n rtiiy. The was collected some yenr.s Inter by n clockmnkvr imiiicd Harrison. Read Courier News Wiiul Ails. WHAT IT COSTS NOT TOl'KUI'AKK T AUTO KOK COl,P WKATHKR I)R!VIN(,' . RADIATOR .............. c,,. of) , S70 ()() '; NGINK ni ' 0(:K --^ 5 -<>0 to $-100.00 VATKU 1>UJn> ........... $! - 00 »o S12.00 °, U '' '"'"ANSMISSION S30.00 to §200 K1) MTTKUY ..-..Sl.W lo friBO ! !ATTKRV ............ S:VOO in S:io.OO KHVK'I.; .................. Sti0n t Don't Let This Happen lo You! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY PHONIC Slfl ecans Wanted Highest Market Prices Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs' Store C ARM LOANS —SB— I5M «n<l Cr *t*atw», *nd Missouri lx>»»»« r»t-«—lownt trpfnw AJsn city prop»rtifs I>ON H. KASSERMAN Thomas Land Co. Office P. O. Box 470, Phone 527. SPECIAL Merchants J|A Si 40c HOTEL NOBLE "WfcWR ft«»ll»llty ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY' LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Kastcsl closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states.' FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities , OSCKOI.A, ARK. whiBS of a bird, or of a bat. arc -'-over fore legs; fls'ini;' i fishes glide nlotif? on (heir fins, and | l^ins who liislstal on unmasking the hooded wrestler known us' "Thi! fiat" precipitated n ,,ear riot fit, liie Legion alliletie arena here last night, climaxing ;u i unusually rmuih battle In the riny In which Hie masked performer was disqualified by neferee Mike Me- rOi:<-y. The Hat had contlniiully ruuiili- til Ills opjMnent, Nujeeb Hnbban the Kurd, who substituted on the card lor big Jim I'arker. Finally, silii'r Thr> Hat had tfau^cd fcab- ban'.-i eyes until In? could not eoji- lii'uir,. Meroney disqimlilied the 1 hocKled out' ami elevated llati-' tan's nrm in ttic slg n of victory.! Meroney waved The Hat • lowam ' his dri-Mint; mom and ; LS tn> climbed out of (he ring and m:ul<'; his way ainoiiK tlw spectators, oni-1 of Ui-jsi- j!t':lr )iini mad*' a gran ! !<•'• the black huol Tn,. Hat »- ! cistcd UK- citon to unmask him and Kaiiieu'no brought a lealhcr 1-liiekinck Into j>la.v. .striking- ((»•' ixrlcjimcr on the forehead, Mimu,' hu iiiask The; Bat sought rcliiBi- In (hr- rins; us .spi c-talcrs stood In their i-halrs to fain a belter vic-v,' ol the dlsiurtance and threw launLs at the dlslicveled tupanle. The Bat had taken t!io ii rs t fan j of the match with a front crotch and tody slnm in 1C minutes and I Rnbban had evened the score in ] seven minutes using body Mains i and a body pin before (he m,iskc:l | performer was tlisiiiialifietl. i In another 1-out Eddie Malone I won easily over Floyd Byrcl. taking ,tl:e seconj mia third falls after llyrd had won the first in 13 minutes with front crotch and body •Mam. Mnlone employed tlic . .Japanese lei; lock to take the .second QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highesl prices on poultry at all time's. $ SAVK MONEY AT GAINES MKT. US IV. arain , Phone , Ark. — Keher started tlii! basketball season Wednesday night by defeating Klowah In two! games nt Keiwr. The eh'ls were | victorious by the score of 40 lo l.l while the toys played a close: name, Kelw winning 14 to 12. i Tear Drops and Marriage; Rain Drops and Divorc« SALEM, Mass, i UP)—Tear drops got Henry Reiehert into matrimony —rain drops g<H him out. Ilcchcrt testified in protale couri that he married Mrs. R*lch- ert, a southern girl, because sho cried when he told her he "didn't intend to be married." When he brought her north, Mrs. Relelierl deserted him "because )t was ralnlnt? all ilie time." Ordinarily, babies do not shed i One theory of the origin °f HIP tears until they are iibonl three! Iftklnio is that lift is df:M-Hul«l inmijhs o!d. rioin ihc Indian of North America. Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURfiRHY & G1MHANTKK1) Safe, sure and with less discomfort. All diseases and conditions of nervous origin foot ailment* and sfcln runrcrs Irpaipd an I'ureil at our clinic. DRS. NTES & NIKS and 511 M Osleopathle. Thyslclana Phone 98 Blyth«vll!< > , Ark. SKK THK ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARADE (..'AKDTHERSVH.I-E.' MISSOURI Friday Night, Dec. 10,1937 ON WARD AVKNUK—7:30 I*. M. BANDS-FLOATS-STUNTS OVER THIRTY IMI'TKKKNT UNITS! 10 Neaiiliful Toylii m l l''loats Old Santa Clans iind his Reindeer '1'he (Juccns' and Kind's Floats 20 Hilariously Funny Grotesque Figures The "Clown .Band" After the Punulc . . . Animal Christmas Parade Dance 'Wit Thomn and His Ten 1'riiicclonians II) p.m.—Armory Hall—Script, Sl.'iO By (flui^ta Stadia Go-ucb&i, Attractive piltnn- roiiifainatfnii. ing writ. Raumlnl i-orncrs. Siiimioris in- iMT-sprlnR maltrrss. Opens lo lioubli; nr twin hcd". Slumber Kiny c;i> " trasl " $0050 Couifuitablc amis. lo»s. Of.fns (o do nir-spriiiif mattress, nttmctive colors. Buck In support pll- or i^ ln beds ln . wide sclcftlon 01 Princess $4450 Pull Kasif 5 59 75 A slight 1:1111 en IpacU rail opens it. Two innrr-.s):riii; insltrcssr-j. Arm rrsls anil lark. Opriis to tlouhlc- »r (win. litds. l.owrr section rises automallrallv lo ror- rcci slrfpini- hclEhl. Your rltoi fc ,,| s'lnail ni-vi- rovers. Famous Bcaul.vrest style anj couslnif- tion. Has two iinicr-sprliij; mallresses. Choice of ftnD giiallty covers In nil colors. Opens (o double or (\rin beds. Beautyresl V Tillaway $49 T' (Ills up and innei- scrlinn slltlps 1 C A llo front to make bed. Ar n \ rest and *'*' hack, liuicr-sprlnjr mallrcss. Opens to double (!r twin beds. Has spaclniK bed- BK.AUTYRKST Pull Kasij $7450 llcaulyrfsi Mv ,,, . |ni , comfort rom,, with famcus I'ull F.asv features lla s «m!^ I!C :" 1U1 >"-''' matlresscs. Back' to support pillows nt ccmfoftahlc poslure. Arm rrsls. Hounded corners. Modern ecu veil feel. , V selection of lovely rov- cix opens to twin beils or a double. ITURE

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