The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1950
Page 12
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1 f AGE Tira,VP BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ainting »"rf p«p«rhRnn]nff. AH work sruntfed »cl| coi))ia)j, J'h- *3W t 1124 South Luke si. 6 7 pk 1|7 FRIDAY, JUNE 9, tartrtio* 1 lint p*r (in* IVc I HUM p«r lint per 6*7 J3c I llnM JUT Hn» p*t *d«y ...... ftc 4 HUM per line p*i <IM Tc II tint* pfj Jin* p«j d»y ...... K MOB i ft pei Mn« We Count five *vi7»xc words to lh* ilur At ordered for three or xli time* »na rt<vpp*o t>«J!are tip! ration will tie en •d f«r in« Dlimber or time* thi tppMtrd »na adjtiKlrnent ol bill a: AIJ eJ i Milled Advertlnlng cttpj flQiiita cy p«rwin* rf-iidlnp nutsid K*l*« m»y t*sll> b« computed from tbr atx>r« t»nje ABimmuR order Joi reguiat intrr Uon« iBteF tne one time l»bt« No responsibility will Qt Ukrn foi Bior* man nnt incorrect insertion or nnj cfftss tne<j td All *ds are re£tE)c(tri to thru pr«pr eifc-'tlflcallnu Ktylp ind tyn* T h . Courier f,>wfl reserve* ib» right to rdl or rr]cci my ad Apartment for Rent Api. for rent 212 S 6 3 pk JO 2 room apartment Furnished or unfurnished Abraham Tnurlsi Courts I ck tf 4-room UNfur apt PI) 3309 2 room furnished upurtmctu. Propane gas, attic fRii. electric re rr Iterator. 100 W. Kentucky, pti. 4152 or 2'Mt. 3-room fiirn1shc<l npnrtmorH, electric relrlHerator, private bath, 1117 W Ash, ph. 2826. . 6.5 pk 12 2-room Ph. 4684. ndir. apt. SOI N Franklin 3-room fur. apt -107 Lilly St, 517 5. Lake. 66 apartment. Ph. 2920. 6] 7 pk 4-room imfurn. ftpt. with halh. 3 room rurn, apt. with hrtth. No children or pets. Call 621R. 6,7 pk JO 1 room furnished nrmrtrnent. Private bath. Block of school nncl churches *40 month. Pli. 3225. 6 ( 7 pk 10 One room furnished npt. 56 00 per W«ek. Ph. 6213. 6;8 pk 6:11 Nice cool steeping rooms, smalt npt. utilities paid. Ph. 6306. 6B pit Gil Small fur. apt. Ph. 2523. 3-room fur. apt. Ph. 2037 or 368.V C;8 pk 6,11 Auto Supplies and Services PAINI'INO — I'APKR HANGING HI 1,1, OAVJK A: CO. 4321 tf 2 pit 7,2 ear Package U«hrerj rail HLVTHK WLLC COMMISSION HOUSK ph *MS 4:il ck tl hAWNMOWiCHS Th« factory war Westbrook s (Machine Siiop Call (HI d|ll ek t( rUHNlTUHK UPHOlJiTKHlNU (JUALlTi ^'(JKKUANBaiJ 1 CiKJ.MPI SKKVK'E 1111 HOUHK Ol- (II All.'J U 6ISHI i t JI ck tf Watch and Jewelry Repair l-lwy «crv!c« on Jewelry— 3-ilays on watched and clocks Guaranteed work (lojio by fiperl reualntmti I/OWMI "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second i U rk tJ Floor* re;inlsl(e<! Quality wiukmau <ilnji Cmmcous prompt service !(<•»• sonanle prices Authored dealers ol Ker.ll" floors. Uonule llald. Veiaattlt ' Uou ol Churm I'lmim 6190 niway 6! 6;10 rk U Custom ploturo Innnliii; We or/ti iHiallty — acasnnalily prctctl — H.tncl tlnletl Mats Dlplomua fru/ned at tp*c- lal rnte« TIM lions, ol Clmrn. E lll»-i\r 91 Ph OIKJ Power & Maud lawn mowers sharpened & repaired. Motors ;ui)L'd up 01 completely over- muled Parts for ClinLun Strulton motors, carried in stock \Vc repair all makes of wasiiiny machines i'arts available for all types in one week. Hlythcville Machine Sliop 211 S Second Plume 2328 5-^4 ck tf For Sole, Misc. Don'l endnnger your family wrth IdUltv -ttreSr-HUY LEK TIHES CHAPMAN SERVICI STATION Main A Dirlifon Phone 2^8.1 n|l.l ck It Service* TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS 111 W Wfclnut fhnne 33S2 Plenty of Parking ice Spac SE14 tr AUTO AND FUfttflTORK LOANS i'rompt Persona] Service General Contract Purchase Corp IM South 5th Pbons 0203 W ek If Lei m» do jour wlndawa, floor*. . Woodwork, w«Jla. ceilings, etc.. In your general ho»s« cleaning-Call 3858 « to 8 a.m.. 5 to 7 p.m FILL'S Home Cleaning Berrlee S ; H ck tr Oil iLoTfl snri pump repairing by contract or hour No Juh too lar>-« oc loo small All work Guaranteed Hurry Myern Ph RURS cleaned equipment No mranterd Call Dealu «iyo Tha House nl ChRrni S Acrou From Ra/^irbar 5|23 pV 8,23 your home New Satisfaction Gu- PAIKTINU (lone reasonable Ph 3fi7Q r j 417 - fi.8 pic Sjll Rugs and upholstereil fiirnivurc cleaned in yoiu hump Rest ol references given PILL'S HOME CLEANING SERVICE. Cat! 3693. 6 to 3 Am Mnsscy Harris 22. s ] (!\v tractor uuaraiiU-c. 1 19'19 Case VAC. New .vaclor guarantee. 2 19^10 Massey Harris fi cylinder 101 Supers. Guaranteed. 2 Alassey Harris 101 Jrs. Guaranteed. 1 AJIis Chalmers \V. C. Priced to Sell. 61 Implement Co. N. Highway 61—Ph. 2142 4-1 ek tf Simmon Btudlo Condi, rmlnwny 6ca nd 5-burner New Perfection oil Stove 2L20 Kenwond Ortve 5jl ,in A'lTKNTJON Slrelcli Your Doltnr ,/eb.ster white linuse paint now S2 D5 nl. MnDanteh Auction West Hwiiy . 18. Neil door to Boy f!ro. 60 ck C,I3 loacrcte Pence rnt-ncvrr rn« Johnson Block Co Hlwny 61 S Phone 2380 5:2? pfc 6j27 CLAY GRAVKL. PHONE 6303. K1KSCH DRAVERT and curtain imrdwnre Also Klnsch Venrilnn Ullnds Custom mndt »nci Ainndnnl •I7M TraTei.iD rods Kor Imcnecltutc dellrcry Cnl] Oral* The Hoiisa or Clmrm S fi] Ph 61TO 5; 10 ck tl aosling.«! (or sale. Ph. \VASIIKKS ' ?'I5 §(jQ $75 TWO USED CAS STOVES ??9 ?S9 MOKTGOMEJ{Y WARD 6-9 ck 12 TRADE IN ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR CAR When You Trade for a New 1950 Chrysler or Plymouth BEFORE YOU BUY GET OUR BID! T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phor.e 2122 FORD OWNERS Get This Special June Safety Check-Up He sure your cur is safe lo drive. During (he inonlli af June we'll give you a FRBB CIIKCK-UI' of Ihe steering mechanism ;ind the front wheel alignment on your Pord. And. especially, we'll pult one wheel on your Kord car or pick up to see if lh« brakes nocH rolining. AH Ifuit WITHOU'I CHAHttE. BRAKES RELJNED If vour brakes need relin- iiiii, ('on may have all four wheels relincd al lliis special low price. So come in for I his checkup today. $ 14 Dependable F.ORD Service "As Good As the Best —Better Than the Rest' Motor impany 5th ot Walnut Phone 44S3 Reconditioned & Guaranteed FORD-FERGUSON TRACTORS '550 '650 '750 -1945 model with good tires . . . reconditioned and guaranteed 1—1946 model with good tires . , . reconditioned and guaranteed 1—late 1947 model equipped with step-up transmission . . . reconditioned and guaranteed Also Several Good Used Combines for Sale FALL TERMS CAN BE ARRANGED Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway 61 Blytheville FRYERS Ilallcry tp<l. alive or rtrcsscd V.'liole* "'BLAYLOC K HATCHERY Phone 3172 SOYBEANS Certified and Non-Certified Ogclen. jlale Seed Farms Hurdette, Ark. Ph. 702 5-22 ck tf New Power I.awn Slower Headquarters. Gas or Kk-ctric Reel or Propcllor Tyiiii- We give you iiiu- year's Free service oi> Ezy Cut and Master Alowers ourchased from us. I'arlK available for all types we sell. —Call us for free demoiistra- IfSU. A bargain in H few Cood Reconditioned Powei Muwers. Blytheville Machine Shop 21 1 S Second Phone 2S'J8 5-25 ck tf Table lamp, piano acrorrtlan, ph G - 8 65 ck 6!13 One Fischer super Deluxe M-Scope metal locator Good <onilUloii One :16" attln ran r:henp Ph 464J. 48 pk B;1S Visit our expanding fluor covering depurtnicul. Best prices, plus the best installation. Wool carpeting, tile inlaid. If you are within 75 miles take advantage' of our free estimate. Bring your problems to us. Call 591, after 5:80 call (>328. Prompt service. MONTGOMERY WARD. 6-6 ck 13 Oeese lor sale, Wli!r,tla Gin Co nell Ark I'll. 2633. (, y c k 6 | 5 ' BUILDING SPECIALS Red Hum 1'aini 51.25 gal. ilex Shingles -J.50 S([. No. 210 Shingles 5.65 Sq. Odds & (On(Is Shingles ?,.f,0 gq. Miss. County Lumber Co. Ph. -M.I5 R-f> ck 13 Foe Sate, Real f state New (i-lurge rooms & bath, automatic boat, electric hot wale-i heater, attic fan. All installed. This property is vacant and one of the neatest arranged houses in town. Can be hamiled for $1200 cash, balance $.18 per mo. Shown by appointment. Nice bricK home, 5 large rooms & bath located best part of town. Carpel & Venetian blinds &. several things go with 111 is home. Most modern 3 - bedroom home, beautiful flowers, larfee lot, well located. Nice 3-uedroom home on Holly. See us if interested in City i Property or Farm. RIAI ES LAND CO. PH 3322 • Kl'SSKM. K. RIAI.KS PI I <113n \V. T. BARN'ETr I'll. 22G2 0-7 ck 10 A choice lot nnd the otily one Rvall- nUte In thh nio-.t dcslrnblft tociulmi 16CO W Walnut Fh 2271 nr 2131 Rny ^ I'/lce 63 rV 7n 1941 CADILLAC $ 795 Here's a beautiful, well-kup Sedan. Ihis Cadillac has boll Clu'ck the special price. I!)Ifi Dudire l-ddor Sedan, has radiii X- healer, a clean car.. .$!)<I5. 1!)I2 llnic-k 2-donr Sedan.. . offers you good, dependable transportation. . .S:!!). 7 ). l!lll Oldsmohilr 2-door Sedan, a nice car al a new low price. .S1!)5. IMS Ford 2-door Sedan, an excellent buy at only 5215. l!i:!7 Ford 2-door Sedan, he sure lo see this car. ..$l!>. r > t automobile. A I-door Ji nuiio and heater... Chevrolet 2-door Sedan It's well worth I be money. . .$1!)5. Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. USED CAR LOT Across from (he City Hull — Hlvthevillc New homes, quality built, ready for immediate occupancy, 2 bedrooms. Can finance FI1A 01 UI. Call 'M-15 Miss County Lumber Co. G-ti ck 13 FOR SALE 7-i-oom brick home in one of the best locations in Blytlie- ville. Bath & '/o. 3 large bedrooms with extra large closets each. Large living room with gas heated fireplace Gas floor furnace, day & night control. This house has 2MO Sq. Ft. of floor space, and is in extra good condition. Garage, servants house and out door storage. Good shade, lots of flowers on l/a acre lot. Good terms or will take in smaller house or small farm close to Blytheville on trade. See or Call JOHNNY MARR Phone <im lies. Ph. 2596 5-10 ck tf Corner lot mr Dusiness. on HLway 61 North, across Iroin camp Moultrie 50 Dy IM rt deep Price 13.500. Terms i'n 2951 i22chtr F.OTS KOR SALE 14 choice lots, city water, close in. N. Secund St. Price ?G50. RIAI..KS LAND CO. PH. 3:!22 RUSSKU. K. RIAI.ES . PH. .1130 W. T. BAKNE'IT PH. 2262 6-n ck 6-13 KpecJRf Prices oo nullcllng ^tator1at 167 Ib Hexagon shtn^lrx J? 50 sq -JO Ib B q butt Rhlnslf.s is 75 f,ti Also mnny more low price* nn building material AL NOAO LUMBKH CO 110 B HecoDd St Ph fi712 ot «37^ Slio pk 6; 10 By owner. 7 room house. 2 bath?, n pood residential .srrtlon. Pnvcil itreets. close In. For Information write i!ox fFF. Courier Nrtts. 6 ,7 [)V. 6110 For Sate, Real Estate 54X60 BullrJIriK. liietnl on 79'X132 P lot j on M»m Si. S3250. Leonard Cnmnboll i P " 9 ' 7 ' 6,7 ,>): 6.14 Notice For cotton choppers ph. 554. | 6-3 ck 10 i Foundations repaired HOUBIB lacked up Cull 67<2 after 6 p in or tec Frnnl: Crockett at 705 Cli-.rk Si LIVE STOCK ML-N ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, tallen and e crippleo animals picked up free ol charge in sterilized trucks. Cal) collect, 6142 lilythe- ville. Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMA1 DISPOSAL CO. Private Rooms Bedroom adjoining b.ith Phone 23HB 5112 ck «il2 Comfortubl*! bedroom, close In Attic fan Men only 310 W WuJmit 5]1S PX 5.1K Comfoitiibte bedroom Cal] 26Y5 5i 18 pk 6<1H Bedroom, convenient to biuh ph J325. 611 W. Mulii. 66 pk 1;6 Insurance CaJ) 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned , Protection 121 n Ann at OLENUUK HOTKt BUILUINO 4i£-ck. Wonted to Buy CHICKENS RLAYLOCK'S Itorth tlwy fi) fh 3172 S:13 CV e^l pnccft paia roi cill<;K.KN3— Asn Street Urocery ft Marfcet High est Prices Pa id for HENS & FRYERS Nabers Gro. A. Mkt. Phone 201 DON'T BUY A LICENSE FOR YOUR OLD WORN OUT TRUCK—TRADE IT IN ON A GOOD RECONDITIONED TRUCK. 1947 International KB-5 long whecfbase 1 Vi-ton Truck, low mileage, has heater and defroster, 825x20 10-ply tires 1946 Dodge 1 !/2-Ton Pickup with stock rack, the motor has been completely overhauled 1946 Chevrolet T/i-Ton Panel Truck . . . here's a mighty good buy 1946 International K-6 short wheclbase Truck, has new tires, completely overhauled motor. 1946 International K-5 long wheelbase IVi-Ton Truck with 12 foot platform body .,.,., ,.„.. '895 '675 '585 '895 '625 312 South 2nd Parade of Bargains TO CARS 10 Must Co by Saturdcy. v°.-:ces Art Dcwnf "Cream of the Crop" — All Cam Guaranteed! •% 1917 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan 1917 Chevrolet <l-door Sedan 1918 Ford V-8 5-1'assenger Coup* 19 IS Ford 6-CyUnder 5-Passenjfer Coupt 1916 Ford 2-door Sedan l!)lf, Dodge <f.door Sedan wllh fluid drlvt 1916 Plymouth 'i-door Sedan 1911 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan IMS Chevrolet 2-door Sedan 19,18 Plymouth 2-door Sedan Musi of these cars have radios, healer, seal covers and many other extras. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Gel A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phone 878 Help Wanted Two liimllles. one tractor driver {or general tiirm work. O. N. .Morse. 2301 Kenwood Drive. Uavld Acres. 6 pk 13 Help Wanted, Male Young married man between the ages of 30 and 45. Earnings unlimited—but must be experienced in appliance, selling Late model car necessary Write Box GGG, C-o Courier News Co. 6-8 ck tf WANTED two men. »gc 18 to 25 for direct s:iles work. Selling: experience not esseiUttd. Yon receive tbe necessary tnttiilny. The work 1.5 permanent, dignified ana Interesting s:!0 weekly salary paid, plus lllieral coin- missions Unit pays to tnc r\il| extent. or yoi.r enrnlns- power. For further Inforinatlon. write Box HHH care tills l"'P cr - 1^9 pk 6;0 Salesman Wanted WANTED AT ONCE— Man or woman to supply Rawlelgli household nec- rsKltles Dyns-s. Osceola. b'ISOra city open foil or part time. Mississippi County, also available. Two localities avallahte til this County One of the most valuable counties In the state or Arkansas. Dealer Buchanan who sells In Northeast part or the county 1s une of the teadlnB dealers In the state. Write RjiwIelKn'R. Dcpt, AKP- 2IU-216A. ^!e[^ph]s, Tenn. or see W O Buchanan. 716 Claris St. Blvthcville 0;9 anlcstnan for BCythcvllle and vicinity Must own yood car. Auc 28 to 40 ami be experienced In catling on retail grocers. Guaranteed salary against commissions. Apply to Oscar Fiedler. Hotel Noble. Friday p.m.. or Saturday a - m - 6.3 ck fo Wonted fo Rent Large window, fan in good condition. Write Box AAA, C-o Courier News. 5-18 ck tf For Rent KUK KKNT; Hjoo loctM» 3cn"' CB fCr r ? nt "' Fronc snlte ot rt>°JM» Jail HubbaccJ Furniture Co'., ph. 4403. 6J2 ck tf G-rooin house, fur. or nnfiir.. K ood location. Ph. 6728 or 4100. 6 ; 8 pk 6^1 Two room house, furnished. Pb. 6213. 6;8 pk Sjll S H r ^ 1 ' house wlth mod «m kitchen and bath. 501 N. Broadway !•[». 4256. 6;3 pk 6^11 4-rocnn house & bath unfur. K first. St. Ph. 2330. 6;9 .Two three rtn unlnrnlahccl ,„. per nio. 801 l.lly. 6 ; 9 pk B j 12 for Sale, Con and Trucks BIGGEST USED CAR BARGAINS BURNETT AUTO SALES 503 • Main Phone M37 CALL OR sn CARL PAUL New PODtUct New Pickup* NOBLE GILL PONTIAC, Inc. Pboni 4330 or U71 ''17 CHEVROLET PICKUP. $785. Hay Cole, 4454. 6-5 ck 8 (Continued on Next Page) BARGAINS In See Them Today! GOOD USED CARS 19 IS Biiick Super -l-tlnor Sedan, lias only 20,000 city driven miles, very clean .. .equipped with both radio K he;i((!r. 19 IS Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, only 11,000 acfua] miles, has both radio & healer. I!M!)-Fiml 'l-door Sedan, a clean car at a bargain prlct . . .and all these accessories — radio, heater, overdrive, and sunshade. 1311 Ford 2-door Sedan wilh a new motor. 1!) 10 Kord 2-door Sedan — clean & mighty low priced. JiMO Chevrolet Convcnlihle with radio, heater and all (he accessories you'd want. 1 !),'!(> Otdsmnbile Coupe — you can buy it cheap. 1030 Ford Model "A"— what's your offer? ALSO ALL SIXES AND MODELS OF CLEAN USED TRUCKS AT NEW LOW PRICES. Easy GMAC Payment Plan HORNER-WILSON 309 East Main MOTOR CO. Phone 2056

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