The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1941 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1941
Page 2
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PAGE-TWO- Kroger & Piggly Wiggly FRIDAY & SATURDAY STORES FRIDAY & SATURDAY PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Potatoes Red, No. 2 Washed 10 Ik 15c Grapefruit Texas Seedless Apples Fancy Winesap 2doz. 25c Large Size S for Onions Yellow Globes 3lbs. lOc Sweet Potatoes 15c Kraut Avondale No. 21/ 2 Size Tomato Soup Country Club * 4 for Country,Club, Lge. Size 2 for 35c Country Club, Small Sige ...... 2 for 25c arshmallcw Gold Cake Ea. Clock Bread .20 02. Loaves 2 for 15c Fruit Cocktail No. 1 Tall lOc P&GSoap r«£ 25c 49c Spotlight - TOMATO PASTE.... MATCHES. 2 Boxes.... 3IACAKONI & SPAGHETTI BANNER POTTED MEAT. 2 for 5c Mackerel jN 7 o. -A Tall Cans 3 for "Country Club Tall or 6 Small 19c Thick Rib, K. C. Choice Meat, ]b. 175 Sliced Bacon FRESH SHRIMP IED SNAPPER JACK SAUOf SELECT OYST Fancy No. 1 Sliced, Ib." Ib, 2§c !b. 25c il. 18c 1 lm Mackerel Chilli Country Club 11). 23c Salt Meat Boiling ,, - BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Triangle Must Be Solved I Business-Government - Labor Triangle Must Be Settled, Says Writer BY JOHN T. FLYNN Foremost among the prospects for the coming year for business men are those questions which affect the relation of business and the government. On one hand business Is looking forward to a relaxation of government hostility In various fields. For instance, reports appear of changes in the Securities and Exchange Commission which will bring into control commissioners who favor friendly action with Wall Street. Also, 'the movement to modify the policies of various commissions, such as the National Labor Rela- -icns Board, keeps going at, a strong pace. ' Business sees in the *ar situation an opportunity to mitigate the severity of its Veln- ; lions with the government. On /the other Hand there is a growing uneasiness about the rising movement to invoke dictatorial powers in Washington in the interest of the maximum production for \vnr. The argument is made i:i 1-igh Peaces Hint it is difficult 10 >;<x large producers to shut down on their regular peacetime schedules when Hint; is a growing demand for their pioductr-evea though ihfct demand arises as an Indirect result of defense spending. It is o.', according 10 this argument, that the government I-.AV? the power to say to fi manufacturer that his tools or equip- mr,n. or plum—or perhaps nis mi- terfnh, arc essential to •:l2';eviS2 and that therefore he must shift his production to defense purposes. Manufacturers, of course, are opposed to this. They will probably . makcx profits out o: Uie war business, but they fear two things: First, they fear the disruption of their regular business. Second, they aic afraid of the establishment of dictatorial controls that mav never be wholly withdrawn. Thus there is the puil of two contradictory forces—the tendency to relax certain types of controls In the interest of production and to intensify others for the same reason. Generally the attitude of, business opposes the central gov- [ eminent wartime-controls unless war is declared, . Against; this is -the hope .of .employers thai labor will come' in' for some disciplining. Any number of strikes—and they are beginning to appear—may well ;set off.a very vocal and -powerful demand for control of unions. Producers point out that notli-' ing will touch off a rising of pro- ' duction costs quicker thnn labor I costs getting out of hand. ( Therefore there is a growing I and tightening demand for some [action to .put a ceiling over labor I costs. So here again is another contradiction—an eagerness for curbing labor without curbing employers, j The whole subject is full of dan- Miseriesrtfll II9 of Head UULU5 THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 1941 Tonight Is *Last Chance to Enroll For Air Course Blyiheville youths who want to learn to fly without cost may enroll in . afree training course tonight when the first meeting of the CAA program is held in the City hall -at 7 o'clock. Lack of attendance forced officials 'to postpone classes last year and tonight is the final opportunity tor Blytheville . persons aged' 18-25 to enroll. Although 40 signed up for the course last year, atendan-ce was too.low and if enough interest is not shown tonight the c\A license will be withdrawn. Prospective flyers will take a 72- hour course in ground school work under William Beswiclr. city high school instructor. Flight instruc-1 turn later will be under J p Hoi- i land, Blytheville business "man- pilot. I ITie "business-government-labor triangle must reach a early .settlement U U. S. economy is to enjoy full benefit of defense spend- Missouri Guardsmen Entrain For Little Rock CARUTHERSVILLE, MO., Jan. 2 —The two Caruthersville units of the National Guard will entrain here Saturday morning at nine- thirty for camp Robinson, Ark There are m men in, the two' units, Company B and the Medical Detachment.,The special train will first pick up Company E at Kennett, then members 'of tho local units., and later Company A at Steele. gers. Generally this may be said about this phase of the outlook: that it ought to come to a head and be settled in the first coming months of the year. Steele-Cooter Society—Personal Put 3-piirposc Va-tro-nol up each nostril... (t > it shanks swollen membranes; (2) Soothes irritation; (3) rtelps flush out nasal passages, clearing clogging mucus. VICKSVATRONOl Pinks' Entertain For Guests Mr. and Mrs. John Parks Jr., entertained with a dinner dance in Steele Monday night in compliment of tlieir houseguesLs, Miss Mavis and Miss Mildred Whistle and Marguerite Simmons, students of the University 'of Arkansas. Pay- ettevilie. who are spending the holidays with their parents at Dell. Ark. After dinner dancing;" was enjoyed. The other guests were Mr. and Mrs.'.'Bert Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil • Hahs, Frank Harper. Willie D; McDaniei; Buddie Bates, Carl Sheeley . .Jr.. Mrs... Ruth, ; Lawhqn and -Miss ''Marjorie Kelley 'all" of Steele, Miss Louise Beckham and .Miss 'Hazel Sharp, students c! State Teachers College in Cape Girardeau. Miss Beth Thcmason. and Miss June Green of Cooler; ] O. R. Tow'nsend Jr. of Cane Girardeau, Reginald Hopper and Jack Benton, students at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Elberi Lisbon, student at Gulfcoast Military Academy. Gulfport, Miss., and L. E. Cooper Jr. medicnl student at Vanderbilt University. Na-shville. Tenn. f ^ T. Mrs. Sophia Lee Wall was a visitor in Steele Tuesday en route to Flint. Mich., to bo with her daughter. Mrs. C. F. Do'dson. who is to undergo a major operation j Thursday. Among those from out of town who were here for the funeral of J. M. Kinson Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hinson. John Hinson and J. B. Hinson of Lexington. Tenn.. Dan Hinson of Huron, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Eutra Maihies an?. Thelbcrt Travis of Caruthersville, Mrs. Lnras McFnll and Jack Travis of Parma. Four New Year Babies, Three Of Them Girls The stork visited " Blytheville and immediate vicinity four times on the first day of the New Year and three of the babies left were girls. Honors for the "First New Year" baby go to Dorothy Mae Woods, corn a:. 1:50 a.m. at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Woods, who live near the Cotton Belt station. This is the Woods' second child. At .9:12 a.m.. a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reagan, of Half Moon, who is a first baby in this family and who has been named Minnie Sue. The son born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cox Jr.. at 2 p.m., died early this morning. : Mr.. and Mrs. Homer Forrest, who live on the Yarbro road, are parents of a daughter born at 5 p.m. They have two other children. At The Hospitals Blytheville Hospital Mrs. C. V. Sebaugh, city dismissed. Airs. J. A. Taschner, citv, dismissed. Floyd Bell, Charter Oak, Mo dismissed. Miss Kathryn Thompson, citv dismissed. Walls Hospital Mayola Trotter, city, admitted. Howard Pierce, Steele, admitted. Yvonne Cullum. city, admitted Mrs. G. G. Saliba Jr., city admitted. Mrs. J. G. Garrett, city, dismissed. Mrs. James BarksfcUe and baby. city, dismissed. Memphis Baptist Hospital Billy Pain Sheddan, Osceola admitted. Read Courier <\ews want ads. City of Camthersville Women's Shoes Case CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Jan. 2 —Circuit Clerk FJrnesi A. Long stated Wednesday thai he had 'received a decision from the Springfield';-; Court, of Appeals on th;e"? t ?£pndemhatioti proceedings case ^til n by the City of Caruthers- ;\nHe|£ig;ninst John o. Paris. G. V. Paris," and Charles < Charlie » Faris. The •'•'•decision ordered the circuit court to render a decision favoring the City of Caruthersville. Tho suit involved an effort by the city to purchase 4.29 acres of land adjoining Little Prairie cemetery. The cemetery board end the Faris brothers could not' agree on a price and the city filed condemnation proceedings in circuit court here March 5. 1040. A board of three commissioners. Sam Buchanan. M. J. Zarecov and A. P. Kersey, appointed by circuit ?ourt. appraised the tract of land and set the price on it at $, which sum \va.s ruled acceptable by the appelate court. STiaLdUMrn |||c ASPIRIN III WORLD'S LARGEST VALUES TO S3.95 BLACK BROWN BLUK KfJ) Combinations and Sucrlo SIZES a-!). WIDTHS AAA-to-r Wonicifs Sliocs BLACK S5.0f) to Sfi.75 Values BROWN in Enna .Tel tick. Red IX KIl) WINES Cr °ss & Paradise Shotv & SUEDE and Woman's Ring Too Tight So She Calls Firemen LITTLE ROCK. .Ark.. Jan. -2 (UP)'—Firemen at the Central station here arc \vonricrina if the young woman \vho appealed to them tor fivst aid this week had ,i;> much trouble getting her wec'.- riinp ring n.s she did 'getting rid of ii. Buf of course, they were dis- <nret enough not to'ask and mero- iy performed one of their many f-ijblic iif.rvif'cs with their usual »tr.cicnry. 1 nc %oung \voman heeded the :V";t. nici siyn on the front of the Sire stritior, t^.r; went in \vith ]ier r-irticular rcfi' She luic{ a baci- .-. swollen /inirer caused by a too;: :'nt, fitting wcdriing ring. Hie fivt-men got out everything nut the lac!r-cr-tr;;ck in an attempt to aid. (ho lady so distressed, tire- men's wives were telephoned for i:rir suggestions on hew the ring •T'is hi be removed. \i remained for tiir chief to - !vp 'the problem unci save the, c -sy. He appeared with tin .snips •:io rcfiecrion on the ring whicn •••>•(s a very nice one inciced) and j -r.ily .snipped the rinc from tlie f::iser. nficr winch the yourjij lady ?h.inked the obliging fircnien and wnt on nor ^.a. niSCOXTINUEj) PATTERNS & BROKE NI. Sixes !-io AAA-lo-H FIRST LADY HOSIERY 3 Thread 79c; 2 Thread SLOG THE FAMILY SHOE STORE 31 312 W. Main .Plane Walrhcs LANSING. Mich. iUP>-Thc state p.servntion dcpartmcni has cn- ;ed tho aid ot modern science in ;-,trcllinj the operations of com- •rcial fishermen operating on the :cat Lakes. Short - wave radio mmunications between a pon- in-equipped airplane and shore 'tions arc used to detect and : : >rencnd violators. The fuel bvrned in blast fur- Hi'-cQis, coke, is the residue after K.-..-CS have been distilled trom Bituminous coai. Open Daily G A. M. Til 8 P. M. EGGS Strictly Fresh 25c POTATOES Nice 10 Lbs. 14c CRACKERS Fresh ..... 2 Lbs. lOc FRESH OYSTERS Extras Pt. 29c LETTUCE Crisp Nice 7c SWEET POTATOES .. 10 Lbs. 25c ONIONS Yellow ^ Lbs. 5c XMAS CANDIES Lb. 1',-lc POTTED MEAT Can fcJic TOMATOES Large Cans ...... 5c SPAGHETTI or MAC .. Box XJ.fcc MATCHES or SALT .... Box Z^c. TOMATO PASTE 2 Cans 5c SUGAR Pure Fine f» Lbs. 25c ASPZRIX Pure 12's Box 5c SORGHUM Best • •:: Gal. 35c COFFEE Dated Chase. & S. Lb. We TOMATO SOUP Can 5c MISSCO PEAS Large Can .... f>c PURE LARD ,j u )S . 29c JELLY Pure Quart ITc BACON Puritan Sliced . . Lb. 22c 11UIVFKO Lb. lOc: •! Lbs :;TC PIG BRAINS Fresb ...... u>. i2 c OLEO Lb. lOc; Butter .... [,b. 32c COUNTRY CURED MEATS Lb 12c MEAT Smoke ... 250 Lb. Sizes 43c HENS Fresh Dressed Lb. 22c. ORANGES, TANGERINES do/ lOc RLY. BEANS or Greens Can 7!»c BEAUT E BAKE FLOUR 2-fs ~5o ! SPICED LUNCH HAM ... Lb. 25c PORK CHOPS OR STEAK Lb. 13c I BEEF CHUCK Fancy .... Lb. l.Jc! DAIRY FEED 16% ..... SI-59J RITE PRICE STORE i j One and Only — 111-113 E. Main | Across from Bakery J i r BEST FOR LESS EVERY DAY NEVER UNDER SOLD Fancy and Staple Groceries Meats., Vegetables and General Merchandise Phone 234 — Free Delivery Anywhere T. H. VanBibbcr, Owner A Operator Liberty Cash Grocers Prices for Friday aid Saturday 4-« Ib Avg;. Tenderized .!• Ib. Swift Selec. Shldr., Rnd. Ib. 23c Chuck Ib. 19c CLEO Ib. PORK CHOPS Iftc End Cut, Ib 10 Ctry SAUSAGE Pound CLUB STEAKS Jb. SWIFT SELECTED ""£ STEAKS 2S< Pure Lard Loose Ib. SWIFT SELECTED VFAI , 0Ru r si BEST GRADE SIDE MEfiT 1? .1UICE Dole 46 cz. Tin OYSTERS lie APPLE BUT- Nearer. HeaH, Tin I! ran CAMPBELL TOMATO SOUP ran 7 RONCO SPAGHETTI or M f 5 Stnd. No. 2 Tin Jolly Roger No. 2.1/2 Tin SNOWDRIFT TOMATO. PASTE, Tin T0MATO JUICE Frazier oz. Can ' • •• ^^^^^^BPJP^ Celery "^«M Spinach California * Crisp Tender. Stalk YORK APPLES" Pound.... 5 Turnip Greens Pound 6 Home Grown. Ib. Brussels Sprouts Qt Green Onions 3 Bchs 7Jc 5c CARROTS Bunch 5 1! W Grapefruit JO for. Peanut Butter 110!c Bread Miss Liberty lOc Loaf MARSHMALLGWS 1 Ib. Cello. Ratr 1 MOTHERS COCOA SALAD n ib. 17. ••.. Box » * Red Pennant 1 Ib. Pkg. 1=J C Chase & Sanborn Lb. 19Jc Crackers« 12Jc •••••• 55c SILKO (ruaranieeri 24 Ib. Sack

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