The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1933
Page 3
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TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 21, 1933 Vn^E, (ARff.) COURIER NEWS RflBERlIW <IS MKEFEUEI DF liEJR [ftST Love of Two. Wives Inspires Chinese Knight m Rise to Fortune. liV WALTER CLIVE '" .N'EA Service SiieeM Correspondent HONG KONG--When Sir Robert Ho Tong. wealthiest man in Hcna Kong, returns 'here this, .winter from attending the London Eco- noniic Conference, he will come back not to one homo, but to two —and hi each he will be greeted affectionately by a different wife. Lady Margaret Ho Tung presides over "Idlewfld," the. impressive lawn mansion on Seymour road. Lady Clara Ho Tung is mistress ol the beautiful family .residence on the Peak. Hong Kong's most exclusive neighborhood. Lady 'Margaret, whose-dowry of $200,000 started her husband on his career 10 riches, is Sir Robert's wile and as siicli was presented at court to the king and queen cf England. L'oiu-iibine "Mother of Six Hut Lady Margaret is childless end Lady Clara Is the ackhowl-. edged mother of Sir Robert's six sons and daughters. Her |»slcion in China, as concubine of one of the most esteemed men in the country, k high and assured. This syst'.-ni of concubinage probably is as old as China itself, and marriages such as . Sir Kobert's, contracted years ago, are not regarded as bigamy in this country, although tiio national government dees not legalize concubinage today. What makes the Ho Tung family remarkable is that Sir Robert is not an ordinary Chinese gentleman of ttie old scliool, but, by virtue of ha birth in Hong Kong, a British subject, and no mere commoner, tut a British knight, decorated by King George V. Moreover, he Is the leading financial power of this Crown Colony of Hong Kong. Kathtr Was German Born of a Cantonese mother and a German father 71 years ago. Sir Robert, like many of the most prominent Eurasians in Hong Kong, disavows his European ancestry! He always wears Chinese dress he bears his mother's name, and Jie never refers to his alien father Hong Kong, the melting pot of Britain and China, now has several generations of Eurasians living on , /this little rocky Island. Resenting 1 • she- slur of being regarded as "lulf- •7 castes" by the British here, many of these children of mixed marriages consider themselves Chinese even when blue eyes and fair hair proclaim tTieir occidental blood. Many of these Eurasian families have gained wealth and influence •In the colony, but none has' the prestige of the Ho clan, it is the great disappointment ol Sir Robert's life that his oldest son, Edward, married the daughter of an Irish lawyer in London and so excommunicated himself from the clan. * * * Snn Never Forgiven For Edward, who was sent to London to study banking, to pre pare him to take charge of the Ho fortune, not only married a "for eigncr'' there, but- he married secretly under the despised surname of his German grandfather. Sir Robert never has forgiven this offense and his son, upon hi return to China with his Irish bride, was not permitted to live In Hong Kong. Disowned, this natural heir to the family millions now lives with hi wife and four little children in exile in Shanghai, where he earr. Ills own living as a stcck exchange broker under the name of Edward Hotung, a slightly disguised spell Jug of a name as famous through cut China as "Rockefeller" is h the United States. Second Son Is Heir i-.Robert, jr., second son of thi ^.'•iiereble Hong Kong millionaire MS become r.eir-apparcnt to th Ho estates. He man-led a pretty Chinese girl a few years ago, be came a major in Chang Hsueh Hang's army to protect the family investments in Nfanchuria, and re ccntly joined his father in Europ to accompany him on his return voyage. , Before marrying Lady Margaret who Is ine daughter of a Scotcl- lather nnd Chinese mother. Si Robert was a widower, his firs wife having been a pure-blocdc< Cantonese. Of this' early marriage. Sir Rob crt has- one child, his dau^hlc Miry, who also has been presents at the Court of St. James. When It became evident tha Lady Margaret could bear him n children, gj r Robert Ho Tung mar lied ag.Mn, without, however, dt mlnlshhig Uidy Margarefs position as first lady or the family. The children of Lady Clara fee equally at r . om; nt "Idlewild" am In the Peak house. anc l nt famil Gatherings. Bt wctWln5S> nnd c holidays, both wives appear as join hostesses. One Wife Barred But the governor or Hong Kong tome years ago. notified sir Rob crl that, when omclal tnvltition wore issued lo him nnd Lady H Tune, only I,-\dy Margaret was In illcalcd. • However, when making his no fpale lour of China 10 years ago visit the war lords or this coun Wealthiest Man in Hong Kong Clever Discard Enables Declarer to Make Top Score PAGE Ho • Tung, above, one of t:-.e strangest men imiiong Konj, teeming ctly ol romance on llv: Ciiina coast. At left, above, !s Sir (iubi'rt. Ho Tung with I,,n(ly Margaret Ho Tung nnd Ho Tung's son, Robert. Jr., heir to Ills many millions. Ills daughter. Miss Eva Ho Tung, is shewn .it left, sludylni; in England for a career us n surgeon. Today's contract Problem Wusi hoMs the. fpllowliig hand UKnliibt South'* three no trump hid. He opens tlie four of similes, which East wins with Hie king. Kast returns the Jai'k, Somli covers with tlin queen, ami now what la West's iiroiu-r play? A A ', IH 2 « 10%' A 0 5 4 In next lesiio. 21 Solution to Previous Contract Problem 11V WM. I). HcKKNNKV Smrlary, American Bridie l.ra s uc F.vvry bridm- player Is fiimtllar wilh ihe (act Hint when lie hus c-irils ol :i Mill, he must try tc establish .,(,mt- other suit on which in dlscird those lose::;, If ihcy r:im;ol l;e nillecl olf. while •line I'xu-pilonelly line ploys arc made In establish ilu-sc side thty really are not unusual. The i::iusu:il is I he (ilsciird of u losilnj cnid on a trunp, and tlmt Is the flay brought mn In today's linnd. .'ohn n. Law of 'Cleveland, one of tlu- uittuiiulijis; contract player. <f the middle \vesi, received top .-tore LN this tuard. milking live- odd by accomplishing this exccp- .I'.i'iiily fin-.- p.ay. While West's overran of one ;|>;Uie vulncrab-c* cannot be criti- | pituinlly prefer to use ihe ini:atl\.> double. In which case &sl «iiiild icsixmil with spades. However, the liiml contmct un- (l™l)k-diy would L-c the same. The I'lay Wtat u]:nicil the klnu of ;;|);ules, which Law. In Ihe South, lram]wd A Nonu V A109 1 4 #KJ 6 + AKS 7 5 , Dupllcnto—K.-and \V. Vul Oppnlni: lead—4 K. » South "West ">'«rth 1 V 1 4 l'a»« 2 *• 2 A Paw 3 4, 1'ass 3 V 4 V l'*M . PIIM hearts, winning in dummy wltr. the queen. T!w Xing o! tearl* then was Ployed and on this La>» discarded his losliig six of diamonds. Now, ns the club sn'; broke, he had tiio rest or (he tilclu. . Uy dlscnrdlncj a loslnc card en n tood inmip, | )c h ni j , mu ^ „., eMra trick. '£'<-. yrWit. 1933, NEA Service, Inc.) Annorcl Negro School First In District. Contest 7± "^P?! County Training wu the juitee. Bght°MhooI«.com. : pcled. . '-. •'••. ; • ;,..'. Talks were made by Mi. Hurit*r . Stead man of the Ely thevllle school fnculty, MlsBVWInnte V. Turner, county examiner, and Congressman I'aM Pass I 1 a 83 21 W. J. Driver. U W. Hafdway district president. vliu the four "f led u siniill I'/'f O.umniy with ti o hearts. • He llicn it uiiil won In Jack. His next |,luy \ycis u (,miV! diamond, nnossliiB the Jack from Ms own hand and Writ winning wltli tlie ace. U still loufccei us Iliuugh Law would have !o lose a diamond trick. West continued with tlie queen of spades which Law rut- led with tin.- nine o[ hearts. Law then led the live of clubs West went In with tlie jack and continued with the jack of spades —ami here is where law madi ihe exceptionally fine play. Hi: trumped with the ace of hearts and then led the len ol ul Armorel scoi'pd the greatest number O f points in the orn- torlcnl iincl music contesu for ne- gro schools held at Osceoln Sut- "iday. Tlie Ulylhcvllle school wns second with 235 iiolnts nnd Cnrson third with 38. The At morel school look first 111 female voice, 80 points, first In ntermodlate oratory, 15 points, and In hluh school oratory 87 •Joints. The lllythevllle scliool took first In male voice, 83 points, first In griiininar grades oratory, 08 |»lnts, nnd first in high school chorus, 84 l»lnts. Tlie Carson school took flrs'l h lirlmary oratory, 08 points. Mrs. John Edrlngton of Qsceola was ; reelected Owl Plclu Clock as P«rcb LATROBE, Pa. (UP) —An owl, which flew Into the Hotel Loyal here, has taken up a perch on a large clock in the lobby, from where Is blinks down solemnly at passersby. it seldom leaves the clock during the day, but at night flics about the lobby. TltedicatetL! . | Intredwfits of Vlck* VipoRub In ConvtntBtt Cindy Form VICKS COUGH DROP CIKADK A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy :ry— in the vain hope cf prevailing, jpon the militarists to cease fight-1 ng—Sir Robert was accompanied on the entire journey net by Lady Nfargaret, but by Lady Clara. .Lady Clara is a devout Buddhist and she believed that her prayers temples along their route would aid the peace was" Sir Robert's ambition to bring the militarists together at a round-table states ANNOUNCEMENT . I announce -.'my candidacy for Congress from "the First Congressional District of Arkansas, subject -to 'the action of the Democratic . Primary in August 1934. BARGAIN'S INNKWiliSKU FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 3113 K. Main - Phone !&:> ponded President may bo n candidate. The failure to re-elect .such suspended president to automatically terminate the tenure of offlcs of nil his appointees. The term r.r office of President to be lengthen-' ed and office of Vice President to be appointive. Some of the Benefits With Congress abolished, such n recall provision should hand the government back to the |>co- pie. prevent a dictatorship, prevent any possible revolution, destroy at its .source the greatest aggregation of machine and spoils politicians and- world ever contained, recover lost, respect for the law, and strike down to its Preamble conference which would end civil Warfare in China. Since the failure of that enterprise, he has taken little active part in Chinese politics. t * » Earns His Knighthood But Sir Robert's work among British, Eurasian, and Chinese communities at Hon& Kong is world famous. He also has contributed vast sums to educations! and philanthropic, institutions, and it was this generosity, as, well as his efforts fur the welfare of the colony, that earned him his knighthood. One of his largest donations was to a school here which excludes Eurasian pupils. u^«niuie The Constitution of the United | " lani was reamed ISO years ago knees the rule ol predatory wealth anei raise to its feet the rule of for-13.-colonies of without money. Success..- jjresses and many-servile appellate j courts have so manipulated it and I the lav.- as to enable a tew men I to . control the country's money and through It the destinies of the people. Tlie many bad congressional and judicial .laws which have brought the people to proverty must be repealed. . My Platform Plank Repeal so much of the Constitution as provides for a Congress —both Senate and house — and transfer all its powers to the president. Amend the Constitution by empowering a majority of the Gov- 11 • farmers i^W". Arkansas, iive con- i November, 20, 1033. • Clinton L. Cnldwell. Arkansas, Overall's Home Soli! VISALIA, cnl. (UP)—The home ol Orvn) Overall, oiie-time major league pitcher, was sc-hl the other day of Fred Uhl, Jr., of Visalla. Overall moved to Fresno som? lime ago to become manager of the Security First National Bank of 1.03 An»e!cs bianrii lh?iv. Head C'ouilcr News Want Ads. All the children of Sir Robert I cr " ors of 'he 48 states to suspend and lady Clara, except their two any ac ting president and at the eldest daughters, are married. The same time lo cali a special na- youngest girl, Florence, was wedded' tional election to elect his sue- last spring. ^cessor, at which election the sus- But the two oldest, disinclined toward marriage and society in Hong Kong, surprised their friends by persuading ,their father to p;r- mit them t» study medicine and surgery in England, where both are I taking post-graduate courses. Son "Subs' 1 for JIayor-Dad '. BOSTON. (UP)—When Mayor, James M. Curley. because of an attack of bronchitis, couldn't continue his radio- address in behalf of a candidate for the mayoralty, his son, Paul, was called in and continued where his father left off in his appeal to the voters. NASAL IRRITATION 1/RHieve all dryne«< anill] irritation by apiriyl Menlholalinn iiigli ami morning. MENTHOLATUM Liquid, Tablets. Sntve. Nose Drop's Checks Malaria in .1 days. Colci- first day. HeauVichcs nr Neuralgia in 30 minutes. Fine Laxr.Hve ami Tonic Mo-it Speedy Remedies Known .MOONLIGHT m Next Door t{) Grocery Goorl Things To Eat U'P r.pecialrio in Fried Chirkcn ami Sic3^3 OI'UN AM, NIGHT REAL ESTATE PRICES SMASHED 15 Homes and 2 Pieces of Business Property MUST SELL AT ONCE •^•VMUMMMMHBMM J. C CONNER Phone 228 Noble Hotel OF the People FOR the People and BY the People This litliel is concrete evidence that we slanri squarely behind the government's drive to reestablish the principles which have made this, nation great. It indicates that both we and the m;ikcrs ot our clothing are helping (o.create more jobs, are paying better wages, and are providing happy working conditions. It sounds the death 'knell of "sweat shop" labor and starvation salaries. H is definitely a symbol of belter times for all. Look for it in all the clothes you hny. YOU WILL FIND IT IN AM, THE CLOTHING WE SK1X NEW MEAD CLOTHING COMPANY Tom, Marj has asked us to dinner Wednesday. She says she has a new pie to spring on you! Dolly was so queer. She practically asked me not lo serve pie. I Say, Marj, why don't you I try Criico? Tom soys I he can eat Crlsco postry. And here's o newspaper lilory about it- More pie I for me, Marj! Yes, the paper says it's a pure vegetable fat. And it's better for you because it digests quickly! You can't buy a new stomach ... so protect it by cooking with CRISCO! Before you fry another egg or make another pie —remember this: CriKO digests quicitly Cti3co protects your digestion-makes food, wholesome! Why? Because Cnsco ,s a pure vegetable fat. It isn't heavy. Its light and creamy. And it digests quickly! _ Eat what you like and eat all you want-if you cookwithCriscoINoriskofCrisco foods overtaxing your digestion I •• CRISCO BSa. U. S. PAT. OfT- digests i At the Courier News Cooking School, Mrs. George Thurn used and • recommended CRISCO, the modern, quick- digesting shortening.

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