The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1937
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DKCKMKKH 7, 1!)37 BLYTHEVlt-LE, (ARK.)' COUU1MII NEWS PAGE FIVfc CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Sale Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions: Due time per line lOc r\vo times per line per day Three times per line per day ):x limes per line per day ....05c Month rate per line coc Cards of Thanks Sue &^7iio Minimum charge 50c Aila ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will he charged for the num- tor of times the add appeared and i.-i.iijfitment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy fubmiltcd by persons residing out- tide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may he lasily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irrciiular i.serlions takes the one lime rate. Wo responsibility will be (akoi for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified tid. ' 111 health foices me to sell out! | Tourist cabins. Store, Cafe Fillini; Station, and Resilience. Dolni- uood business. Keiisoiuible. cash or terms. Known as "llllllc's" place, on So. u. W. 61. W. E. Hcssie. "Q CC J Ulythcvillo, Phono 845. 3-pk-l! inini! room suite. Davenport -t Chair. Mrs. C. W. AfllU-k. Kooin and Board Room iincl board or inriils. 1410 W. Ash. Mrs. R. F. Lowery. Business Directory Visit Harry Hailoy'K Now CURVE IN CAFE On Highway (il at Holland iU.tkc one stoj) for H i' c r, Wine, Whiskey, Fresh Crap- pic, Good Foods. 193S Dodge Panel delivery I ru'„•'<. A-1 condition, 5210. Phone 110. Beautiful hand crocheted bod- -spreads. Heavy, extra large. Ideal Christmas gift. Call 10 or 8b'U. Wantefl Fifty tlrls to enrol! now for Slate -Approved Bcauly School to upon . v .Jnmittry 1st, Cooper Uldg., lllythe'- -jvllle. Write lister Klslicr CUpso-i. SIS Kivwson Ave., Jonesboio, Ark., for full deliiils. Land For Sale HOME MADE WINE 4Cc Qt, Mall crdeis lo H. (j. Me Haffc-y, in. 3, Blyllicvillc. ~~ MULE'sTOR^SALE "~ DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Cheap, Wdli l',i ton lour; wheel base Chevrolet, truck, with high stock rack. Full tarpaulin cover. A-l condition. Phone 127, Blytln 1 - villc. •5 IJ.v 2 C by 4 Streamline COAL fs;: .......... SB.OO per ton lump ........ SC.'JS per ton Kim TrantlKim t'hone « r^T™ 'n,f r n»!Nyi»g Hunting Party |»,»",.,?."^ T u ', "T,'"7 "V hSrlicTifd. UUU1 ' 9 (Cet iU Reports Successful Trip j Wl^tonu'nml Lto^ "" Clnluiliijj a 22-foot cornstalk us nn nil-time record, the chamber clmlleniji'd the corn belt .sink's, to beat it. Investigation revealed -he .TiTii-ncw plot of corn yleld-.'d 231 Ions of ensilage und 1,285 kernels were counted on one ear. Past records or coni.stalk heights show Illinois eliilnviiit of n <M- foi;t, li-ineh record in 1937. At a rrccul Iowa fail- first prlw for Hie corn was awarded for a i.tiilk 13 feel. 3', incite* tali, ac- cordlns to inlonnalion hm'. I'lilJ.ADKM'HJA. >W> - T1..4 .y Ulll>B lh(; 11U!>1 14 yclu ' B ' head of a loeul ah-c.ufi sc i, 00 | , m j mlta ; "' ']";"' '>'«<* ,»>""•> been ic|:orted imtismil success In limit-i'i" ! ' lvud ™ <1 l>} ' Allu ''' lcivs r«Hfoi«ls. Ins by University Transcribes ICO acres close lo Ulylhcville. -.veil improved, two nice homes, also many other buildings. $80.00 perl D i At u . Acre with $3003 cash and It) yours KOSter Ul IVTartyrS at (is. ' ALHUejUKRQUE, N. M. (UP) — 120 Acres on Bayou N. W. of Illy-1 A document which to the casual (hevilte. Well Improved. $75 acre j observer acinus lo l;c only a list • • ' of iinmiw written In mclieiiloiis Laltn script, hi reality is the first written record of the men who (iiid ourryfiuj ihdr faith | 0 " Uie natives of Iho Now Mexico fron- I Her hi KiSO. u is,being transl-i'.- ctl by Dr. Lynn ISoal Mitchell, head of (he New Mexico Univ.'r- ,',i!y Latin drjwrtmc'nt. . . ica.soHfibh' iloim pnymrnt and bal- ante $750.00 anunnllv at 0' THOMAS LAND CO. •Sule Aueiils 5-ck-13 Birds For Sale Delivered in BlyOieville I'll SJ.75 "iii! up. All Coal Guaranteed.— rhono 5-F-4 * 87S WALLPAPER Ni:v.- IKH paltrrns. Close prii-i- ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 MODERNIZED COAL Washed, Waxolized, Dust Treated Four grades: $3.50, 54.00. S5.00 and $5.25 per 1C00 pounds, I'lionc 100 for a trial order. E.*C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Furniture Ne« and Used Furniture at Rock Bottom Prices. Wli Kill',' SELL & TKAUE Arian-Morris Furniture Store I'.!G E. Main Phone 17(i Midwest Gets Tall Corn Bid 0{ California G room modern house at 1500 W. Ash, for sale or trade. See J. W. Maloney, Clark and Railroad Sts. Standard Reference Books. Complete 10 volume set with Loose Leaf Binder. Call 2SS or 732. 2D. ooo K.AKE HAU IN .MODERN HONKS The K^swick Corp. has asked us to clcsc out their real estate at BJyth'jvillc. and prices have been reduced so they v.'ill £cll. 101 ii. Kentucky, 7 room c^tta 2 !ots ' $1250.00 , BARGAINS IN Xmv .& Used Fuvnilurc .. \Ycjliii.v A 'Sell \VADK 'laiRNlTimK . CO. ll'i W. Slain I'huiic 1S5 Tailors l.'Bl lo 1S13 Chictnsawba Ave., houses, entire block 52MO.GO !C3. ir. Mr, J. K. Mcl-'all, Phone a-ck-tf Restaurant CHOP SUEY. "Mack's Reslauraul next to theater. JoinEv, Ai-k. urioa of Me iv Mexico when the Indians rebelled in 1680 and killed oi- drove out every white mini north of El I'aso, Tex. SAN FRANCISCO IU1>>— Not io - outdone hy tall-corn records of town and Illinois and other corn 1 .stall's, this cliy of i.ail bridges ami stcej) hills claims the talle-st :om thrown in the nation. Four cornstalks, each Ifl feat lall. were sent to the Chamber of Commerce here oy .1. A. Mordi'n, Tin-lock, Cal.. rancher. Mortlen said thr four tail slalhs were specimens seized nt random from .v AIJ^RY OOP "" WELD IN G AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdalc Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 Km! I' 1 . Vllsmdcr .said tio vlsl'.- USED CARS At Bargain PRICES Leo Motor Sales, We Specialize In Hwty & Fender Repairs Cuow In and Stc L'B l.oe Molor Sales, Inc. c Healc« IM rosters Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' store "WE MAKK 'Kill 8KK" Phone 6«0 FOR ANY KIND os- HIGH GRADE COAL CALL K. F. FRY AT 477 Wonder City Coal Co. Wanted Pecans Highest Prices I'aitl WOLF ARJAN 128 K. Main Phone 17(1 We Spcciilliy.e In A" PRESCRIPTIONS* Phone 111 FOWLER DRUG STORE PHONE 244 L. I. RICE COAL! ALL GRADES IMIY K1NDMNO S "DUST TREATED" ti, the VJnXDL Pracett Clczi\. . Easy to Fire Exceedingly Economical to Use Phone 76 Used Trucks &Cars liKiti Chi-v. PU'hup. (lood The:; $;m 19:il 1';. Ion Clu-v, Ififi" W. II. Klakc Ijody In A-l condition $'2'i."i I03ii inlrrnnttinml I'lckiip $:t7S 10:w clir-v. lftf>" \V. It. I'lnUorm hndv, uooil tiivii ' 5175 AM. THUCKS GUAKANTEED TO PASS S't'ATK INSPECTION Delta implements, Inc. WANTED Junk Auto Tires and Tubes HENRY LOBERG 7 U 1 . Ash I'll,,,,,- IIH NO NKK1) TO LOOK I-H1R- T1IKH. HKRE THEY ARE: "M tt.M.C. short whwl base truck. Llcerlse, good the', ami mofor 5395 'IH C'hcv. Slake trurk. Brady for hard \vork ^115 •SI Kuril V-8 "«5" 1'itkup. A- l«t class bargain •jM.5 '3C t'oril V-8 I'ickup. Guuil i-oiullllon 5J7J 'M (.'Inn'. I'ickup. kit sure lo see this tint 1 $'i7.) '31 Uodfo rirkii|> .J175 «()()/) OAKS (JOOI) 1'RICES (iOOl) TKHMS GOOD SBRVICIO' BERNARD GOOCH Phillips Motor Co. ('hone. 810 or 811 Now Localca at 1»1 Nortb Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU' DON KDWAKDS, 1'roprkH* AH makes oi Kebullt TyiiewrU«»s, Aitdlng Michlnri >tn( rs—H c palrl lie—Paris— Ki bbons i'lioiiv COBB FUNERAL HOME Finicrtil a2?.7 Carolyn'. Stucco Bungalow -.viih Ijatli. hfirdWDCd tloovs. fivc- place ..., SIHJO.W TIIAUK YOUR OI.l) SUIT JN UN A NEW ONE GEORGE I,. MB1K "Dlytheville's Only Tailor" We Allov.- S4 to S15. On Haili-oad south of Main St. 23ir> •lir'liway PI. .T room stucco lunigalo'.v. \vith b:Uh. hardwood floors snco.oo 2C7 N. Tirst. Ucul;k house. 2 loi.s. lu-jiis nt omoo stiso.oo (i rconi colt;>.^e. nice SlZoO.OO Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop Today (he only bargain in shoe repairing is Qualily materials & workmanship. Ruhher Heels. Sc np. Soles SOc up. Dyes, 1'olishes, laces. Any shews dyed black, 35c. Free Delivery phone 120 H. B. Campbell 203 I) u ;r a n. placf Glass AliTO GLASS Kxpcrf Workrmi .\Vc Deliver Wylheviilc Paint & Wallpaper Co. We Cut cc liiolall iH! 88C) m s. H :ilp Uiigan. English bungalow $1250 314 Cugan iLiijjlish biinyalnw .5i?jO 108 Dusan. 5 room stucco. S1500.M Chickasawbu. o room coi- 51159.CO , OH, HUM- 1 SAV- \ AW,LET'(M REST,'HE'S Grrriw'-bp TIME 15 PLUMB PLAVEDOUT, ' ^PAST.TP BETTER / WHAT WITH UMPATAKIM 1 OVER HIS THRONE AM' RUMMIN' HIM OUTA TH' PALACE/ ,.__xS SIT GUT. UP ~ HE'LL MI55 .BREAKFAST/ WHAT. HJtl'-AKI'Ah'J' IN l!J';i)? "V W £sL-^ ^^"*— --Ui* ^tt-i r kl , , -: BRIMS YER BREAKFASTT , M6l • WHAT5AV V'MEAM,TO EAT IM , IDEA? WHAT'S TH' \ BED? HEV, WHAT IM i MATTER.? WHYUCHA, ' ^ &RINQ MV BREAK, FAST IM TO MET 1H' HEC«.' HAVE L VOU GOME.GOOFY IM TH'HEADr ,g ®m m mt^ •m ^, l!v Hamlin X w &LL>~y VOUR BREAKFAST? ON, V6H• HERE, J'M UP MOW-\ GUI- AMD VOU'LL FIWD NDUR. WHERE'S MV ) BCiEA,KFA5T . RUMMIN' AaOUMD OUT / """'" THEEE SOMEWHERE -LIKE WE ao: GOOD J.UCK.' 6REAKFA57 ? ^ KOOTS AND HER BUDDIES -.. ~~p<\ COPR. 19370V MELLlflPTHISAlMT HECK, OF A NOTE ?.'i =C. HEAet? OF A KING HAVIW 1 T'GO HUM7IM 1 8ER5RE BREAKFAST.' We \vill sell iiuy ot hcsn platre.s tn .'mall clown payment and inon'.hly Jess than rout at B'.'r interest. THOMAS I.AXI) CO. Sole Agents 6-CR-13 Batteries ArrKRr J. Ben Clune i > honn.8 'at-Tom iattmrs't Announcement We Give ~ EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1041 Ch1ch;»iiwb% Phone Kn for Rent i room fiirnisiieil a)>artincnt. \v. Wainut. G-n "2 room residence. Immediate possession. -112 N. 9th. Phone 243. 5-ck-tf \V.'l,MllMi INU 1IW1', VOOR. Oy MarCIo H\fe JFASH TUBBS I room furnished apiutmont. E. M: Eatdn. 713 Chickasavvba. 4-ck-li; ^iuc'ly furnii-hrd 2-j'o^ui apart-1 inrnt. loll W. Kentucky. Phone I <;0;i. •l-pk-ll! 2 furnished rc'onis. Light.s and water. Mrs. J. L. Shanks. i4C!> W. Ash. , 4-pk-3J ; i Personal room apartments. E J hone Nt). 1 Nicely furnished bedrooms. Steam' Anycne v.-miliug reliable driver !o-' heat. Innewpriii!; nialtref.s. 'ill Fort .Smith nr Okbhomo CilyjV.'. Main. I'lionc 280. 1-ck-tf i.olify Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Kcedcv luxor.i Post Office. fi-pk-ISJ' ™. u ,..^v. ..-!^-u, - 01 ' a rooms Plenty of — -I hot \vater and liglits furnished. Want to contact 50 C-irl.s iuterost-i 113 South Division street, rcl in increasing their incomes 1 l-pk-8 ;ii)d uillina to devote six nionMi.s! '. J time to learning highly paid pro-'"' furnished roams. 2 upstairs or 3J fessiou of Beauty Culture. Nc'.vi downstairs. 91* Hcarn. ( School to open in Blylhcviltc Ja,i-: \ 30-;ik-I2-33J nary 1st. Write for full details to 1 - L I " ' urnishcd house on Holh. Cal! I Mrs. S. S. Slcrnbcrj at 984. 12-ck-tf! PONT Hi ^-7lMQ,NOf & ' ', - •* ^~ W o -J / ^ • HIM TO \ INVESTIGATE LAPlES'j MANP GAGS' &-! A tlCinvi) ANn.HTS KUlRNnS J!y Crane -«—^7 ^. nw iuwci |H£'5ONLV W-BOOYGUftKr ROUGH WITH YOUI2JOUICK! LETS GET AWAY S£L F _WW r-^^~\ FROM TWS AWRJL CKOWP. .... 1st. Write for full details to ! 7. " — Lester Fisher Cipson, 515 Krewsan- llrnlshcd Ave.. Jonrsboro, Ar'it. Kirby's Active Liver Pills j . , -ig on Raiiroad near courl- Arnino Sliiutr-ili I i"«orc ' linllsc> - stiilablc for Karclrausc. arouse Livers wm , cm(Klc , for ^\ A ,, arlv Plionc Mrs. rf. S. aicmbcrB nt 084 ] before in a.m. 9-ek-12-Bi IT'S THAT SPHCIAL DELIVERY Y6u •ZXPECTIMG, DADDY l!»-R<larhc». Arlivo l.ivcr Tiltj, K WAVfl you .'cv-l like * neff pei ^ /elite Mvpr Pills. IlnrmlcK. , RoM nl ill Klrtj- lirutf ijlnron. _ j Comforlabli, bedroom ailjuinitn; ' < bnlli. Cicutlcnian oiilv. 113 W [ .Main. 1'hoiiB COf,-\V. ' L'3-ck-tf | 2 or 3 furnished apartments rcai i sonahle. 9H Hcarn St. ! Wafliln?. coiigli-rify A finished. <[;•• livficd. 0 quills or blaukcls il.i See Willy 13cl! Green bchinOi UuTTTnianT Urc.-«-n'n Ice Plant. 30-iik-12-10 M. u'amon Repairing ntc.i-J j,-ork. E j Main. ' I I KUOW WHAT IT 'WILL SAY : YOUR SERVICES AS COACM AT MIGH VALL TEPM1- WATE AT THE EXPIRATION OF YOUR CONTRACT I" TKA.M WOKIv II. S. PAT. Off. LISTEW TO THiS, JUWE ! 'THIS IS TO INFORM YOU THAT YOUR COW TRACT IS TO BE REWEWED FOR VEARS AT AW , THAT'S A OH,D,ADD Y ... SURPRISE MUST CALL MR.DRISCOLL OF THE BOARD AMD THAWK HIM ' 1UCREASED FIGURE.' ^'.ln5^p^ HE SAID THAT klWGSTOM WAS PROUO OF THE WAY I *CASRED THE BALL/'AS COACH; BUT THAT A BOY WAMED W C GOOSEY "PAW SPLEMOiD FOR WE .' 'V-.rl ^-r

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