The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1949
Page 2
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FACT TWO THt NATION TODAY— Social. Security Tax Increase To Become Effective in 7950 For Employees and Employers By Jamec Marlow .WASHINGTON, Nov. 21. OP;-Oi. j an j the social security tax is going up from (he present, one per cent each to 1', per cent each on all employes and employers covered by the law. This increase of one-half of one per cent In the social sccurltj tax will affect about 2,700.000 employers and about 60,000.000 employes Congress voted for this Increase in 1947 This Is the way the tax and how it will .work'after Jan. 1. r The employe— You're a covered employe. Nov. you pay a yearly tax of one per cent on whatever salary you make up to $3,000. There's no tax on anything you make over $3,000. ' .-••• Highest Tai fo Be S<S So the highest tax such an em- ploye has to pay now Is one per cent 9! $3,000, or $30 a year .earned froni any one employer. When the 1 1-2 per cent tax a year on the first $3,000 goes Into effect, the highest (ax Is $45 a year. (What happens In the case .of an employe who changes Jobs during the year? Suppose he.earned as much as $3,000 from one employer and paid the maximum tax on that —$30—and then went to work for another employer during the year. (Is he all finished paying his so- coal s'ecuirty'tax for (he year? No. He has to pay, one per cent of his pay tip to the first $3.000 of it earned from the second employer. (But isn't $30 the most an em- ploye has to pay In any one year now? ,Yes. But when he pays more than that, he can get a refund by asking the Internal revenue bureau for It at the end of the year. The bureau .collects the tax.) The employer— You have to match, out of your own pocket, whatever tax your cov- ered'employe has to pay: one per cent of his salary up to the first $3,000 of It. Increases Delayed for Years So the most an employer has to pay on any employe's salary is $30 now, or one per cent of' $3,000. Suppose the employe's total salary is $5,000 or $10,000. No matter. The employer pays' only one per cent—$30—on thc^ first $3,000. Suppose the employe's'sal- .„,,, „„„ „„,, „ ary is $1,000. The boss pays only. 1 Into effect Jan. 1. per cent of $1,000. or $10. When the tax goes up to 1 1-2 per cent Jan. 1, the employe and the employer each will have to pay 1 1-2 per cent of the employe's salary up to the first $3,000, or a maximum of $45 each. (So, while the combined tax on employer and employe now Is only two per cent, after Jan. 1 It will be three per cent.) This Is an explanation of how the lax increase on Jan. 1 came about. When the social security act was passed in 1395, Congress .said the tax should start In 1937 and would run this way: 1937-8-9—One per cent; 1946-7-B —2 1-2 per cent; and and starting Jan. 1, 194!)—3 per cent. House Favored Further [Ida? But 85,1940 began to roll around —with the tax due to go up from one to 1 1-2 per cent—Congrc.'a! voted to. keep it at one per cent. Year after year it voted to freeze the tax at one per cent to prevent an Increase. But—In 1947 Congress voted to keep the tax at one per cent on employers and employes through '.949 and then lei It go up to 1 1-2 per cent on each, starting .Ian. 1, 1950. Since Congress hasn't changed that it agreed !o in 1947, the tax rise of one-half of one per cent starts Jan. 1. This year the present Congress, before It went home, considered a bill to Increase social security taxes on an increasing scale until they •eached a total''of 3 1-4 per cent ;ach on employes and employers In 1970 and.thereafter. The House passed the bill late this year. But the Senate didn't. So the bill didn't become lav,'. Therefore ,thb law 1 passed by Congress in 1947, and not changed since, goes BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS KI.VNN AND FIANCE— Movie Star Enol Flynn and his brlde-to HP r?r y at , r ie r udi ° '- — -— e,^ rb ;:"i: < ding in the near future. Flynn, sporting a beard raised for an 'upcoming screen film S how.n 8 of a picture In which he stars. (AP WIrephoto via Jd,o To," is In Eiwi, r London's Newest Mystery: How Did Helmet Get Atop 25-Foot Spire? LONDON, Nov. 21. m — Dawn+- brolte Saturday on a startling sight at Westminister: the tallest spire which towers over parliament was wearing a'policeman's helmet. The top of the spire is 250 feet from the ground. The last 15 feet are absolutely bare of footholds. And there was a dense fog. Police officials whose job it Is to guard the Houses of Commons and Lords were understandably, reluctant to talk. One of them! however did let drop that police had received a phone call last night from a man with a mocking voice, who said: v ' "There's a policeman's helmet on the'spire of Central Hall tower." They didn't believe him. The did later, though. The Minister of Supply promised to supply a steeplejack as soon as thefvost dried off the tower. An old time member of the House of'Com- nions staff said the spire was last climbed 42 years ago. That time a professional steeplejack went up to scare a crow which had been sitting there four days. There isn't a guess on how the helmet got up there. 86 Years Ago Saturday Lincoln Made Famed Gettysburg Address GETTYSBURG, Pa., Nov. 21-W>> —The residents of this historically famous community Saturday joined by hundreds of visitors to commemorate the 86th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg'ad- dress. . Highlight of the scheduled all- day program Is the reading of the famed address of the ground where more than 50,000 Union and Confederate soldiers were killed or wounoed m the decisive battle of the Civil War. The "Voice of America" program representatives were on hand to record the activities for rebroadcast overseas. Next He'will Know Just Who He is Voting For HAMILTON. .0., Nov. ,21— tiFi— Ted Guy, 46, wll be sure the next tune who he voted (or In an election for Municipal Court Judge. Gay wa.i brought Into a charge of intoxication, fined S10» by acting Judge Robert' Marrs. - As he walked away, Gay remarked, "That's what I get for voting for you." . , .Marrs promptly slapped on a 30- day workhouse sentence—he wasn't a candidate for anything at the recent election. New Hearing Device Has No Receiver Button In Ear Chicago, III—Deafened people are hailing a new device • that gives them clear hearing without making them wear a receiver button in the ear. They now enjoy songs, sermons, friendly companionship and business success with no self-conscious feel- Ing that people are looking at any button hanging on their ear With the new Phantomold yon may free i yourself not only from deafness, but ' from even (he appearance of deafness. The makers of Beltone, Dcpt •10, 1450 W. 10th St., Chicago 8 III ' are so proud of their achievement hey will gladly send you their free brochure (In plain wrapper) and explain how you can test this amazing device in the privacy of your own home without risking a penn}>. Write Beltone today. l-TT Single Comma May be Worth $99,000 To Bar Tender Mentioned in Will MONDAY, NOVEMBER M, VANCOUVER. B. C., Nov. 21. —Alfred seigerstiom has his fingers crossed—a comma may be worth $99,000 to him. The comma might change his $1,000 legacy from James Thomson, millionaire hotel owner, to $100,000. Selgerstrom, manager of Thomson's Beer parlor, was Included ir; the $000.000 will of the hotel owner. In the will It was written $',000,00. But Fireman Gilbert Campbell chief heir, and due for about $300000, says he remembered that an unsigned copy of the will stated Selgerstrom was marked down for $100.000. Because no other amounts given In the will include a "cents" column, legal.opinion Is that a court probably would uphoid Selgerstroin's claim. * Thomson, an 84-year-old bachelor, died last December. His will was found Wednesday, after an 11- month search. In the musty files of r. real estate office. Folding Boat Works Well—Too We// in Fact LONG BEACH, Calif., Nov 21— M'>-After careful planning and '£•» , fhard Vt ;°' k ' "W-oW Tom Willett completed his version of a folding rowboat. tocamte ^ big d.ay. He was going Willett headed into the surf. The folding boat functioned per- fectly. . "• Lifeguards fishtd eut the breakers. A diamond is pure crystallize bon, while graphite li «nother J of crystalline carbon. • RELIEF AT LAST For Your COUGH Creomultion relieves promptJybccauM it goes right to the seat of tht trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and lid nature to sooth* and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucoui membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsioa whh the understinding you muit Jikt the way it quickly allaji in* cough or you ire to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs,Chest Colds, Bronchitis tthen you go Chris!mas shopping j n Ijlytheville make Central Aulo & Home Supply your first slop. Uu'JI find a «-j([ e selection of. the finest newest gifts imaginable. . .at new low prices From toys to small appliances to sporting goods to home furnishings lo bicycles. . .your choice is endless. Stop in soon. SO PLtASAHT! . INLOW WILSON u now connected with our firm as a salesman WE INVITE HIS MANY FRIENDS TO COME IN SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 GIFTS FOR YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY CHOOSE NOW ON OUR LAY AWAY PLAN LARGE SELECTION LOW PRICES Complete Stock of Wrapping Supplies CENTRAL AUTO HOME SUPPLY o SPREADS APPREC^ls^loDTy 57 ON LAY-A-WAY \ CHENILLE S PENNEY'S W A beauty of a bedspread ! t Feel the feath- . ery-fine tufts, see the swirling bowknot and floral design. No problem to pick just the right color here-you can have this chenille in a wide range of decorator solid colors as well as the gay-multi-colored design on pastel or all white grounds. Yes, at Penney 'i thrift-price, here's big value! OM Of THRIFTY GIFTS! 4.98 ,oc, OUR V_V*\j MICE IS KEYED TO YOUR CHRISTMAS IUDGETI Others to $12.90 Santas Headquarters for Household Linens Pillow Case Sets 1. So gift-y looking, our fine muslin pillowcase sets. They're hem-stitched and embroidered in stitches so fine you'd think they were hand done! Set of 2. Boxed Towel Holiday Sets 2.79 On every woman's "wishing" list! Handsome terry towels with hold black stripe border. Halh towel, two hand towels, two wash cloths. "Decorator" colors. Others 98c lo 5.90. Fashion Manor Bath Mat Set 1. A practical gift suggest ion I I'euney's own "Fashion Manor" thick-luffed bath mat in gay striped . pattern with matching lid cover. Comes ready to give in special holiday box.

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