The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1943
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.); COURIER NEWS Handel's 'Messiah' Musical Feature For Palm Sunday CIRCLE MEETIXQS HELD JJV FIRST BAPTIST W. M. V. Members of the Woman's Mis' slonary Union, Fii si Buptisl Clmieli met vcslerday at various homes A fowl hour was onjojed al (lie coHilviston of tlio study. f Cncle One met with Mis O R Wiotpn Tlieie nere picsent .sl\ members 'and two guests, Mrs. R. L, Wflde .and 'Mrs. J. A. Wialen ci -Pine, Bluff, who is visiting the hostess. The meeting- was opened wilh prayer by Mrs. Lloyd Stlckmon, after'which Mrs. Wrotcn gave'ihe devotional. , The . Mission Sludy wn.s laugbl ty Mrs St,irtmon and Mrs C i; t dd> gni'e [lie* closing prayer Circle Two mot willi Mrs. J. p. Friend wllli nine members and two visitors, Mrs. J, W.' Reveler nnd Mia E C Ridings, piesenl , Tlie . devotional was given by Mi.S. Ebb.Carson: Mrs. E. P. Hlo- moyer gave Die mission 'study nnd <5>cnticg piuiCi, and Mis Otelta QO fit (lie do Ing pmei • Mia O V Di\s i\ft,s hosle»s to Circle Three with seven. members present. 'Mrs. H. H. Brooks gave the devotional ami the mission study. She was assisted by Mrs. Daws and Mrs, Roy Head. ..'Airs, n. a. cash gave Ihe opening prayer and Mrs. Daws closed Mie meeting with prayer "There' were 10 .prssent at the Circle Four hiceling with Mrs. Mall Mcnaglwii as hostess. •Ilie ' devotional was given by M'S fv> W CidV>ford, lhc lesso" tp light bv Mrs HOj Wood, ami Waycrs given' by Mrs. chorlcs Ray Xc-wconiVi and Hfrs. C. E. Jolinson, Circle'Five., met at (he home of M>». Roj Kemlte v lien there weic l\ meinucis in<i t\\o visitors pies- <m 'J'hc devotional was given by Mrs. Fd Hirdin, with prasei and mis Bride of-Eddie Saiiba •f Ife MRS. IIOST . TO TIIHUK QiMIJS CM)». Mrs. acne Reigiin mid Mrs.', Jimmy Terrell wei'e guests of Mrs. William llrndberry when .she entertained members of the Three Quads Club (it her home last night. In the bunco yamcs high .score was awarded to Mrs. Jewell Klene. Mrs. . . Waters consolation ami -non study by 'Mrs.'. Walter. Uishop. Mr.s. M.' c. Outlaw closed, the mecl- u.g with piajer Circle "Siw met with Mrs. T. R. Shepherd \uth [ive membeis pies- enl The devotional was given by Mrs. R.'W, Woolen, the study ..taught, by Mrs. Richard Robeson and prayers olfsred by Mrs. C. E. Parks and Mrs. Shepcrd. Mrs. Tom W. Jackson was hostess ,,,,.v «uy waters consolation and to Circle Seven with seven mem- Mrs. Mao Smith, low Bunco \vis bsrs and one visitor, Mrs. R. O. won by Mrs. Don Edwards Collie, present. The meeting was] The hostess served a salad ulale opined with a prayer b>-MrsO'and cold drinks at the conclusion J. Chasttiin. : Mrs. S. M. >Hoo<t of • tbe : {jni»es taught the mission study ami closed V Uie meeting .with prayer. 1 MISS'LLOYD WEDS , M : r cTi-wrT V,, JOHN 1.. HKOTIIEHS. MFETS rmnu v^ '"* mm ^° ° r M'» R"vn oeit •••&:<• topic "W study and discus- j' 0 ^ 1 ' , d S ht ?" ? f , Ml ; '"" l Mrs - slon at the Lake Street Methodist ,' n ,' .,° i , , m .^ Brothers, Women's. Sccicly of Christian ';""?'"" !°! n) '', Jllc wefWIns Eirvlcb' meeting yesterday was, ?. , 'i !'",f , hll " dft >' »'sht. 8:30 "TKMng and Stewardship" ° c!o< *' nt " IC tiamc "f. Justice of -Mrs Dates Sturdy, leader for lhc , •' ™ cc T ' L - Cassldy, who per- sreini;.was 'assisted by Mrs. W. L. formctl lhc vUcs •i,«.-.Ti :,r,-K. \\i A 'ti<M,~,-n..,fr x*,... The bride wore a rose ivaol suit ,'ilh brown accessories. ..... — t.'.ti.-ii..jji^oiutvL w»i:i Alls. Brothers' was Erafliiatcd the business meeting- nl': which from liiinletto HiGh School, and lime plans ;vverc discussed 'for the Mr. Brotliers, who is the son of quarterly birthday/ uiiiner lo be Mr. and Mrs. John Brothers, n i,_ lieM next nionlli.'.'. (riwi^H mimni «i r^^i.^.. Follov.-iiig the" ccrc'mqulnl conducted by Mrs. A. L. Reagan, the i 15 men-Asrs'o visitors were •dismissed with a/-prayer. , Mrs. Edward J. Salllja of Wichita I'alls niitl lown Park, Texas, was before lier inarrhigc March c, Miss Clhlda Klldov/, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I', ci. Kildovy of Iowa Park. Stair Sergeant Snllbn, son of Dr. and Mrs. J. A.' Saiiba, now Is stationed al SlK-pparil Field, Texas, Orten, JifiVi.- W. A.. Blekersinff, Mrs. A/ E. Harper nmyilrjsjf'-.C. M. Baxter, w Mrs. W. I>. Green /'presided over LN'C'EI) TODAY. fi,;: Ky.,' was solemnized al "the. ; Mclhodist parsonage In -Hcr- Jiaralo, lAfiss., . Dec. 11, ..with "(lie Iiev.;;;O. : -;.\V., Hunt performing the rites;- it,, was Announced today. They •, were; attended by Miss Thonins .of Jackson, Term., n.(. Bill. Teiigiie • of Memphis -. ,'&\K bride, who' is: the dauehler oUMr, anil Mrs. J. A. '.McKay, (s a'-grtiduale of HIE Burdclte High fc'cKo'ol. •'.-' •••;•• •vWit-.brldegrbpm,' son of Mr, nnd ^Mss>:-H7 : Shannon of Hickman, Ky., ^yas graduated from "Osceoln High Suhoot. He hr.s been employed" for the .pnst several months at Blytbc: viils Army Air Base with the U. S Engineers. Mr. and Mrs. Shannon are making their home at 310 North Filth street until March 31 when he will leave for Little Rock to be Inducted into (lie. Army Air .Corps. ' (ended school nt Kelsor. Mr. ami Mrs. Brolliei-s sill make liicir home tit. UurtU'lto. * * « IIAUGHTEH IIOHN TO .IIMMV iMKADS A daughter was born lo Mr. and Mrs, Jimmy Mead at the Methodist Mrs. Mead is the former "Miss pina May Saiiba ami tlie baby has been named M'nrtba Rase. . Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. VV. H. Minynrd cntcrlnlning Wednesday Bridge Club. Wednesday Conlrnct Club mcel- ug with Mrs. Eugcnn Dickinson. B and L. Club meeling with Mrs Edgar Cherry. Mrs. -Ben Harpole entcrlainiiiir ADC Club. . CBC will meet with Mrs T p Jackson. Chapter N of p.E.O. Sisterhood WOMEN STUDY WAR AND PEACE FKOGKAM The Woman's Society of Christian. Service, First Methodist, Church, mel at the church yesterday afternoon for a Mission study program. Topic for (he l"sson was "Planning For Peace' vith Mrs. G W P-lcs in cliaige Theme of the devotional given b-j Mr- w p Ureter was "Peace" attcr which Mrs Jamis Jim jr C'-vc a talk on 'War, What, It. Is frJ Whit Causes War" 'Is War Jus'liied?' was Ihe subject of the uilk by Mrs. s. B. Wil- Mra W M Tavlor discussed FCimancm Peace' and the Rev mwnln « for coHs' coughiM, sniffle3 and musclo achcagolPcnctro.tliaEaK-owiilinld.f.-ish. w-icd mutton euot baao OrandDw U£ «J 2o<. Do jUceupplj, 35<!. Dem and Penctro I'rcseiiliiig ues Weeks ,~j-,~, Methodist Church ^ rhiirsrlay, Mar. 25, 8 p.m. <*-, r ' fr*6 'Will OITcfing Choir Robe Fund „ with Mrs. w. 1. Demon nt 2:30 p. m. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Club Eight meeting with 'Mrs John Caudill. Double Four Club meeting with Mrs. Howard Frisby. Thursday Contract Club meeting with Mrs. Edgar p. Bormii. Mrs. Harry w. Halnes cnlcrlnin- ing Mid-Week Club. G. N. B. club meeting with Mrs Jlyde Eldridge. Mrs. R. p. Kirshner cnlerlainiii!; Thursday LimcliEon Cliib. Triple Table Club meeting with Mrs. Joe Rflmcy. Miss Julia Limbird and Mk s Mary Olive Tilgbinan entertaining .vlth dinner party at Hotel Noble Ford, bride-elect. '"" • MIND YOUR MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct .social 'usage by answering: (lie following- questions, then checking against (lie authoritative answers below: 1. If a person lor whom there is a star in a horns service flag (lies, wlml is done lo the service flag? 2. Is II. correct, to make n soil pillow from one or several service ;i. when it Is flown from the same staff us our national flag should Ihe service flag be on top? •I. Would it 1)2 correct for an organization lliat has a number of men In the service (o fly n service flag with om> star and under H the number of jnen. in .sorvlccV 5; 'Woiild"-it ''nlsb'/IJri 'correct to liave a star for ench person in service? What would you do> If— you liuve n son In service— in)'Put n servlcj flag in your window if yon wish? <!)> Feel that people inay think yon 'are Iji-iigging. if you have n service ring in your window? Answer.) 1. A ; smaller ijoltl star is placed over the bins .star. 2. No. That is forbidden. S. No. The Stars nn<| Slrlpes arc on top. 4. Yes. 5. Yc.i. Uetter "What Would You Do" i'OllltiOII —(ill. Bits of News Mostly Personal Mrs. John n. McGlll spent yesterday in Memphis. Mrs, O. w. Mooic was admitted to .Memphis Baptist Hospital" Sim- 'lay for 11 minor operation. Ifcrmnn Crass, who Is undergoing .rcntmcnl at Memphis IliipllsL Hos- liltnl, will not be able lo return IIDIIIO a.s soon as planned nnd 'it yc-l In the hospital. H| s daughlCT Mis. Edward see raves, nn<! Mr' ' a spent Sunday with him. Alexiinder of Marshall, Tex . yesterday hers a.s lhc guwt of Ills sister, .Mrs. W. !i. Willlnias flic condition of O. c. Gamke who has Ijcim seriously 111. al my.' (hevllle Hospital for 10 (Jays Is michanged. Mrs. Ganske's slslcr Mrs. John U. Tamil of \Vesl Memphis, arrived lasl night to ha with her, S. C. Mooro, accompanied by his tan. Evraru Moore of Parma, Mo., xc'in in Memphis loday where he will consult an eye .^[icciiillst Mrs. Edith G. missel) of Nor- w.ilk, Conn., arrived this morning lor 11 visit with li ei - .son, Aviation Cudct John s. Russell and Mrs. RusKl). SJie ciime down especially to ntiend tlu^ graduation exercises Thursday at HlytlicVlllc Army Air Field when Cadet niisscll \vM| receive ills wings and his commission as a second lieutenant in the Army Air Forces. Mrs. Waller Lmisford Ims • rc- lurncd from Potts Camp, Miss, where.' she visited her sjster, Mr« Clirlstcen Kirk, and nlplcy, TJiin.j where she went lo be witli her father on his VOlh birthday. James Wilkes Oate.s wlio was injured in a [all several weeks ago and has been confined to his home, iveiH )o Memphis yesterday for nn examination nl Campbell's Clinic, 'flic cast was removed from his arm but his leg W lll remain In a cnst for' three more weeks when Mo will return for ftirthc- e\aminalion. Airs. Chinte Penn wiio was admitted to Walls Hospital yesterday for an appendectomy 'is resting very well, Ann Tompkins of St. Louis nnd Mrs. Jiim.'.s Till! of Louisville. Ky., spent the weekend with Iheir motlicr. Mrs. J. p. Tompkins of Biirdellc. Mr. anil Mrs. Ci. O. Caudill will return tomorrow from Ilnrlingen, Texas, wheru tliey have been vcaa- lionlng for two months. 1'vt. and Mrs. Cliarles Free spent ie week end in Bylialin. Miss., as the must of her mother, Mrs O C. Eouswell. Miss Vera Saiiba of Baton Rouge a-, wlll arrive Saturday' for ' a week's visit with her parents Dr' nnd Mrs. J. A. Snhba Cnrthol Wyde has staric:! hi s G 1 - '!'. flying course at Tulane University, New Orleans. . The First Presbyterian church Choir under the direction of Mrs IWlon c. Fowlslon Im.s been In rehearsal foi- u, e Pl ,sl four week.s on Die production of Handel's -'Messiah" to te presented on Palm Sunday '.afternoon at 4 o'clock The choir Is augmented by personnel from the 'Air Base as well as other picked voices, and by soloists -to be announced at a later dale, ' The "Messiah," Handel's most successful and | )e .st known oratorio, was composed in the vear 1741 in 24 days. It was llrsl performed alf a concert jjlven for cliaritablo .purposes at Diiblln jre- Innd, on Aprij isth, 174'j, Handel conducllng tlie performance In nnr- son. ,'.,-'. . Thereafter Haiidel, ' bcRlimlng with March 23rd, 1743, brought out (he "Messiah 11 , every- year in 1/Jiulon with greal upnlaiise; and it ha.s been broujjiit out eyery year since llien by leuditig churches and choral group's. j n En K \ m i on ^ conlliient, aiKMii: t|il.s' counlry. ' At ThejS$pit»I« Hlylhcville Hosjiifai Dismissed— Mrs. .lack npwen, city Mrs. W. P. Amos, city !i. T. Brook,?, Jfoinersville, M O . Mrs. Joe Chestnut and baby, city Adjnittcd— . Mrs. O. R. Penii, city Mrs. Allen Berry, Caraway. Mrs. W...C. Edwards, Luxorn. Floyd sinipsoji. city. Disblssed— ^ Mrs. James C. Brown, city. Baby Fye,' city. Memphis Baptist Hospital Admitted— 'loin \Vpodard, Cooler, Mo. David Ira Oaines, city. ' Memphis Meihodisl Hospital Admitted — v Born to Mr. ' and Mrs. Jlmmlo Mead, city, a ' rtaiiBhter. TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 1943 • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Headquarters Klghth Service Command Dallas, Texas, March 20, 1943 AN OPEN LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It falls to my lot, as Commanding General, Eighth Service Command, to look nfter hundreds of thousands of lads from nil over the United Stales. Some of them fire your boys, your neighbors, your husbands, your sweethearts, your father*. I have to feed them when they are hungry, clothe them, louse them, doctor them when :hey are sick, classify them, protect them against fire, epidemics fliid disorder. In short, I have to do hundreds of things for them which formerly were done for them at home, Of course, I cannot do all these hjngs myself. Yet r am respon- ;ib|o for seeing that these tilings ire done without' fall and without shortcoming. You will understand, liercfore, hoy; anxious 1 am that 1 have tho very best possible help ,11 carrying out this task assigned o me. Because I know that some of esfi tilings can be better done by vomen than by men, you will re- iltye why I am asking for the ielp of the womanhood of Texas Jitiisiaiia, Arkansas,-Oklahoma and New Mexico in (his watchfulness ove lhc men who go forth to figni Uielr battle and ours against Hit enemies of civlliBitlon. For three weeks I have been privileged, througli the friendly co- operallon of your publicatlofi, lo present this personal appeal for 'a larger itream of enllslmcnl in Ihe Women's Army Auxiliary Corps It te n mailer of great satisfaction , ,f y . "'I" 1 '' e " orfs c <""i»S in now iHiicate Ihat enlistments are rising and promise to meet Ihe goal sei for an enlarged and enhanced VYoinr-M have never Ijecn afraid of sacrifice, American women rto not feru It now. To face the •unfamiliar, to bravo the unknown, to shoulder the challenging work of freeing a lighting man for biillle— appeals to tlie young women of tins country. The free stride of this sisterhood of service marching under tlic- common flag hi Ihe common cause has set a rhythm for the heartbeat also, ft makes us realize thai we are indeed of one mind, one purpose, one country To welcome Into Uie Army these fine, upstanding, womanly young women, is a pleasure. And, In the days to come, when tl^ey return lo their homes, wearing the badges iwjl!uigerj,vc]| braved and duty BABYS COLDS Relieve misery fast ty. Rub on well done, I do not think that there will be any word of apology or any word of regret. RICHARD DONOVAN, Major general, U.S.'Army -.1 Commanding. Honor Students Named Honor students of Junior High School for the first six ivecks of the second semester were: A. G. Shlbley, Dorothy Hun, !'et!By Van Winkle, Dick Williams, Sam Johnson, A. J. Book, Carlene Chllders, Charles Henderson and Jack Homer for Die seventh grade. The following students in tho eighth grade were placed upon Ihe honor list: Owen Harrison. Grace Jennings. Mary Lou Joyncr, George i'ollock, Billy Williams. Vivian pell- nar, Rulli Virginia Sony,. Vannyo Whitney, juii a Ann Woodson "mid T. J. Ijansard. First twin state.? admitted (o the Union were North ami South Dakota. from lack of -;•*" "J "yum Plnkhum's TABLETS—one of the best a»U Quickest Jiorae ways In simple anemia to help build up red LydiaPinkliani'sTAeiCTS Marriage Licenses These marriage licenses have run issued from the Blytheville olllce of ihc comity court clerk dining Ihe pust week: Herbert Irwln Bapin of st Louis Mo., and Mrs. Klaine Anderson' Ford of Blylhcvillc; Eiul Stacks of Benten Hurlior, Mich., and Miss Marie .lohnson of Manila- J p Hdwnrds nnd Mivs Ver;i Edwnrds' both of East Prairie, Mo.; John L nrothws utul nbvn noil Lloyd both of Biudelle. Cliarlo.s Kdward Caldwell of Bly- tlievllle and Mi.« : Robbie Butler of Biirdctle; Elmo Murry Margnn •ind Miss Luclle Vn.slbinder, both of Blytheville; Kmerion Ashbv of Kan Francisco, Calif., nnd Miss Thclinn Shepherd of Ulythcville; C. B. Terry and Miss Ruth Mao Waters, both nf [Jell; Joe Pale of Hot Springs, nnd Miss Prances Sanders of Tallahassee, Fla. PERFECT CROOMINC LINE© HAIR TONIC Just Received New Shipment Playboy Play Shoes! • • In Buff, Beige and .Russell. New aUng Punij)s wiih Wi'd^« lli-e!^ riiey'rc Priced a! $5. '' WAAC Recruiters Coininy Thursday There will be a Woman's Arrm' Auxlhary Corp, recruiting party a't Hie niytheville Court House on lluirsday afternoon, it was announced today. At lhat lime' Cnpt. Orni P For- bron jnul Sergt. j. n. stamcs will K vc examitiations to all WAAC applicants at 2 o'clock. During (he clay the captain will talk lo any girls interested in join- mgjhc WAACs nt a later time. USE 666 TABLETS. SALVE. NOSE DflOPS Nurse Will Graduate Ona Lee House of Dyess will rcceivo a ((eeree In mirsing Monday from Die University of Tennessee, Memphis, when tlie commencement exercises will be held :il Hie University. Center. Dr. Oren A. Oliver, professor of dental surgery at Vanderbilt University, will deliver the address. CARD OF THANKS 1 want 10 thank Dr. Uubener and nil the were so nice to my son, James Bell, while he wa.s in lilylhevilte Hospital. Also, my good friends who helped me with him. Mrs. Bobbie Hell Alford, his mother.' . Read Courier News want adj. "Pull the Trigger on Constipation, with Ease for Stomach, too When constipation brings on discom- lort after nieiits, stomach upset bloalinir ibzicy spells, gas, coaled tongue, .inil had breath, yoiirstoiiiach is probably "crying the blues' l,cc;»isc your bowels don't mftve. It C3lt.s tor I.nxa(ive-Scnna lo pull the IngKcr on llmsc Inzy bowels, combined willi Syni|) Pepsin for perfect case to your, stomach in taking. I : or years many Doctors have given pepsin tircpa-' rations |n their prescriptions lo inakc medicine more agreeable to ,-i touchy slomach. bo bo SMIC ymir laxative cnn- t.aiiis Syrup Pepsin. I,,i;i s i 0 ,. Dr. CM- wells Laxative Senna combined wiih byrun Pciism. Sec how wonderfully Ihc l.axatlve henna wakes up lizy nerves and muscles m your inlcslines to bring welcome relief from constipation. And lhc Kooil old byrup Pepsin makes Ihis laxative so comfortable nnd easy nn your jtoinach. tyen finickj- children love the !S s . lc °f 'h'S Pleasant family laxative. rakcnr.CaldivHI'sl.axaiivcStmiacnni- Miiwl with Syrup I'ciisin, as directed oil label or as your dnctor advises, and feel Wld.'sbetlcr.Ciet genuine Dr.Caldwell's \ • • ,^ I nusscil bril- / / li.ince, in di«c iritcr-foclc .. Wcil-I.ok ensembles Chosen liy America's sm.irt cst brides ,ts perfect sym l>ols of their bclrolh.iis am! weddings. Only modern Wcd-f.ol: ensembles combine this luxurious txMuly, tliis cnscmblcil hrilli.incc| .UK! tlicso exclusive patcntcil features. Prion ? Others from 21.7s Ve Have a .Complete Showing of New Mmmtings H.v OR AN AT and MELQDY PAT O'BRYANT JEWELRY STORE NOJ JUST A BOLT OF YARD GOODS... it's lovely dresses-, smart pajamas... *• new clothes for the kids... ust a bolt of Yard Goods, it's mucli more than ihat! It's a new dress for Mrs. Miller -Play Suits for the Fletcher kids-Pajamas for Mother arid Dad-a Bedspread for Aunt Martha! U' s tlie hundreds of clever and useful and pretty things into which the nimble wits and shuttling fingers of women can transform it. Jn a sense this simple holt of Yard Goods is the crest and hallmark of a great American husincss-The J. C. Penney Company. i : * THE FIRST PENNEV STORE, OPENED 4I YEARS AGO IN KKAfMERER, WYOMING, ^ SJIT A NI?\V PATTERN OF NJEKJUDORLV, LOW COST, RETAIL STORE SERVICE. Yard^Gooils wore ,1 major p.irt of the stock in tradc'of Mr. J. C.' I'enncy's first little store — opened •(! years ago this montli in Kcmmcrcr, Wyoming. From ihe outside it looked far liom impressive. Inside, though, people discovered it was different. For this store was dedicated 10 a new kind of siore- fcccping—to a neighborly ides—an idea as typically American as ride-sharing and quilting bses! Mr. Penney didn't think- "How much can I take!" but "How much can I give*' He cut out useless frills, charge accounts and deliveries; pared prices to the bone; preferred many sales at small profit to 2 few at large profit. THE PENNEY IDEA SPREAD, AND GREW, UNTIf, TODAY PENNEY STORES DOT THE ENTIRE MAP OF THE UNITED STATES Kemmerer took lo the first Penney store M huf- files take to pas lure! So did Moscow, Idaho later on. And Salt Lalt City, Utah. And San Antonio, Texas. And tot/ay there »re over 1COO Penney sloics in all <!S states, and Pcnney's is truly an American insiitution. For every hundred dollars ^worth of sheets, or hlankeis, or shoes, or Yard goods llic Penney store sells in 1'coria, Illinois or Scrimon, Pennsylvania, or Savannah, Georgia, it piys IMC!; lioncst and substantial savings. Tor every hundred dresses, or shirts, or overalls it sells in Waltrnrrt, Massachusetts, 01 Stockton, California, or Chillicothc, Ohio, it pays back rich dividends in local silwies, rtnt and taxes. Today Penney stores from Coast to Coa>t ate making a tremendous contribution to the nation's war- program of Thrift and Savings. Today Penney stores, in neighborly fashion, are helping to balance die household budgets of millions of Americans. Today Mr. Pcnncy's 41 year old idea of success through giving, rather than taking, is still the Penney way.

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