The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1950
Page 10
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FRIDAY, JUNE I, MM KLYTHEVILLK (AHK.) COUR1BK NEWS ho Arkansas Elementary CotmeU. After completing her duties in the, she will attend '.ht> soin- »e r session at tile college. Wilson Teacher Picked to Attend School Workshop At Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park can be found apartment houses built hy mysterious . Cliff Dwellers as early as 500 D.O. Quality Problems Of Machine Picked Lint to be Studied MEMPHIS, Term., June 9,—The problem of improving qualities of mechanically harvested cotton to meet mill requirement.'* will get lull consideration at the National Cotton Council's fourth annual Belt- Wide Cotton Mechanization Conference at Greenville, Miss., July 13-15. Claude I/. Welch, Council produc-+ — __ lion and market ing director, said yesterday that more than GOO lenders of government, Industry, and agriculture attending I lie conference will hear discussions on botli the ginning and spinning mill HS- pects of the problem. "Both the ginner and the spinner have long anticipated widespread mechanical harvesting." Mr. Welch said. "Gin machinery maufsclurers, with the aid of federal research laboratories, have developed neiv cleaning equipment which Is already being used by ginners in some sections of the Belt, Grades Improved "It now seems likely that rough harvesting of all kinds will grow more rapidly than previously. This has served as a further stimulus fo better gin cleaning. The increased machining at.the gin ap- Cotton Station Study Day Set For Next Week MARIANNA, ArX., Juno 9.—The nnmial Youth Study Day at (he University of Arkansas' cnl.lon Brand] Station hero, will be Iwld pears to have been successful in improving cotton grades, but more research is needed on the quality aspect. "There has been gradual improvement In the cleaning systems at the cotton mills. Over B period of years, mills have adapted themselves to a gradual decrease In grades of cotton. These decreases, in part at least, have been clue to hand snapping and rough picking. "Currently, however," Mr. Welch continued, "there is debate as to whether cleaning should be concentrated in the gins or at the mill level of processing. It is hoped discussions at the mechanical conference vfttl aid in clarifying the entire cleaning situation." May Improve Colors The Cotton Council official said that researchers believe that when mechanical harvesting Is conducted In proper relation to efficient cultural and. defoliation techniques it may easily result In Improved cotton colors one of the factors determining grade. "There also will be some Improvement in the trash content," he said, "but this improvement probably will not produce seed cot- ion equal In grade to the better hand picked cottons. The mechanical picker—not the stripper—lias some selective abilities In rejecting immature or otherwise damaged locks of cotton." The conference at Greenville and Stonevllle, Is sponsored by the council In coujieration with the U S. Department or Agriculture, the land grant colleges of the Cotton Belt, vocational agriculture, the major farm organizations, and the farm equipment industry. Local hosts arc the Delta Council, the Delta Branch Experiment Station, and the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation. India Expects Capita/ NEW DELHI, India—(.<[>)—Foreign capital investment in India is more likely to come from the United Kingdom than from the United States, according tc Finance Minister John MttUhal, American capital, he told Parliament, was not likely to come In except under "extremely attractive terms." He pointed out that there was a big demand for capital in the U.S. itself and that other countries had a better claim on American investment than India. on June IB, according to John I.,.! Dameron, assistant director In [ charge. j Approximately 1,000 boys ami Bills from Eastern Arkansas art- expected to attend, he stated. They will include 4-11 Club members. Future Farmers of America, and future Homeniafcers of America. On a special (our of the station during the morning, the young visitors will see and hear about ad- ! vanccs Itl orcharding, landscapmg. i production of cotton ami corn]! poultry raking, and kitchen 1m- j proremciil. Specialists of the Ajri- ' cultural extension Service nnil Agricultural Experiment Station will dlscius the new developments. Irrigation for maximum production will be featured on the corn stop. After lunch, there will be a pro- Irani of entertainment, demonstrations, and a hog-calling contest, followed by the showin? of a film on wildlife by Tom Mull, of the Arkansas FLsli and Game Commission. A special wildlife exhibit will be on display throughout the day. Scheduled demonstrations include one on "Parliamentary Procedure" by the Barton F.P.A. chapter and another by a team of 4-H girls. Visiting 4-H Club nicmuer.; will lie under tile supervision of county extension agents. FPA and PilA members will be accompanied l>y teachers of vocational agriculture and home economics. ^ Hollywood Continued [rom Page s producer Ernie Martin, Jr. Veteran director Paul Slonnc. who's due for critical huzzahs when his comeback film, '"Hie Sun Sets at Daivn," Is released, told us this Harpo Man story, shortly after Alexander Woolcott discovered the four Marx Brothers in New York, Sloane signed Harpo to play the village idiot in "Too Many" Kisses" with Richard Dix and William Powell. Harpo agreed to do the role only If Woolcotfs name was used in the cnst credits as the idiot and if all salary checks were made out to Woolcott. When the plump critic discovered the trick, he threatened to sue ^ Harpo for forgery. "To this day," says Sloane. "Paramount has never beer, able to balance ils books because of the uncashed checks made out to Woolcott " WHEAT (BREAD) POTATOES MEAT ICE CREAM EGGS SUGAR VEGETABLES MILK forty years ago, B rancldad ale more hrcad, meat and poluloes than we do today. Today we consume more eges. sugar, vegetables and milk than granddad ever did. The Newscharl above, based on data from the Cleveland Health Museum, shows the average yearly consumption of leading typos of food then and now, revealing our changing dietary habits. On Missco Farms County-Agent Keith J. Ililbrcy Soybean Freight Hales to Increase headquarters at Manila, are ar- In H year when It looks like Ark- ranging and will sponsor a regis- ansas will increase its soybean pro- lercd hog breeders sale at the Dis- duction from 5,000.000 to over 10.- tricl Livestock Show at Btytheville 000,000 bushels, the railroads are now indicating that they wish to I'iUse the freight rates on beans from here to New Orleans. I understand that this rate increase would apply on southern soybeans for export only. If any group of farmers America can hold the export soytwan market in Europe, it is the southern soybean producers. Wtty handicap the southern farmer still more? America needs this export market, and. bad. The local and state Farm Bureau worked hard last week in collecting data nnd nrgumenl to persuade poslponeinenl of this rate increase. H. C. Knappenbergcr from Blytheville and Ed Teaford from Ijiixorn attended this freight rate hearing in St. Louis Wednesday. Wbat's New in Agriculture Excuse me for one week, folks, I am at tiie University, Payetteville, this week along with all the other county and home agents in Arkansas. We are having a week of "in- service training", learning what's new and important in agriculture, and how to do things in a belter way. One of the great values of the land grant college system in Amer-I ^ lea is lhat when science finds something new for agriculture, farmers are quick to find it out through their county and home agent system. More Soybeans I talked to Miles MePeek, crop statistician, in Liltie Rock last Pri- tills full. Breeding stock from Du- rocs, Hampsliires, O.l.C.'s, spotted and black Poland Chinas. Ilc-rk- shlrcs and Yorkshires are expected to be shown and sold. This should be the time and place for you to ijcl swine breeding stock. •1-H Chill Rally Our summer •!-![ Club Rally will be held in Hlythcvillc on Friday. .July 14. It will be a great day tori hundreds of rural 4-H club "boys' and girls. Parents and .4-11 Club' leaders will be • Invited too The i event, no doubt, will be held on j the Blythevllle fairground. Mark will not ignite unless they are struck across the specially" prepared phosphorus sand strip on each safety park. I hear this idea Is original with some of the Uvachville ginners. my sincere congratulations to these nu'n. Why not let the idea spread all over Mississippi County? Another War? J. W. naytlcr fights Johnson Rra.-s mi his Huffman larni like the (IS. Marines fought the Japs. About three years ago he bought a heavily infected Johnson grass farm and immediately turned it into a "goose day. He says farmer reports indicate now that our soybean acreage will be more than 80 per cent nlfove the 1949 acreage. With favorable weather, Mississippi County is sine to produce more than 3,000,000 bushels. Hegislercil Hog Sale Stanley Frartenbnrg ami hts Livestock Improvement Committee, Government Loan Cotton Papers TOP PRICES PAID Bring Your Papers to Our Office Before the Redemption Date Expires your calendar for July 14. r-'ire Control In Gfns Dinners in the Leachville area are cooperating with each other to prevent gin fires this fall. According to their estimates, each gin has an average of three fires per week, once in a while serious, 'iliev report, also, that at least 50 per cent of these fires arc caused by labor-j and cotton pickers accidentally dropping loose matches in picked cotton. When these matches hit the gin saws they naturally explode ami cause a fire. I understand these ginncrs are to buy great volumes of 'safety" matches, sometimes called "gopher" matches, and will distribute them this fail through every means that they can devise, to all people who smoke. Tt is their hope that ' when anybody smokes this fall they will carry and use "safety" matches. These matches, of course. ' FOR SALE Itargain! Bargain! Hnuling Cotton Choppers TRUCK $275 503 EAST AIAIN WILSON, Ark., June 9 — Miss Norma Anderson, teacher In the elementary school at Wilson, has been selected as one of the three Arkansas grade school teachers to represent the state at the elemcnt- Eary workshop at Pabody College in Nashville, Teini., beginning June 12 and lasting six weeks. Educators from 13 southern slates will participate in the workshop which Is being conducted by Southern Cooperative Study of Elementary Education. The workshop, a continuation of one being held in Daytona Beach Flu,, this week, will publish material on elementary education to be distributed to schools throughout the southern states. Miss Anderson was appointed, by farm." Most of the farm Is now free of Johnson grass except for that which will automatically come up for a few years from seed. This spring a little Johnson grass came up from seed in a new field of alfalfa. He just could not stand the • sight of it so he sent labor out into the alfalfa field to dig up the young Johnson grass before it started root system. H. L. Halsell. Sr., in the Promised Land community, said this week that something should be done about the Johnson grass problem In this county. Wide concern on the part of farm people in this county will cause something to be done about Johnson grass. The expense, of destroying or controlling it is much cheaper than losing our good farm land completely to this grass. KILLS JOHNSON GRASS, BERMUDA DnAoo r and many other grasses and weed i. Destroys weed roots . . , prevents regrowlh. In conven- ienl powder form; easy to mix for use crc a spray. E. C. Robinson Lbr, Co. For Jmproued KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cases investigated in several hospitals and clinici, subnormal Kidney (unction woi improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after ihe use of Mountain Volley Water. H your doctor has diagnosed your condition ai functional Kid- n«y impairment Ihis nalural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial Try it for a few weeks. H k delicious, pure*tasting, and may b« consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division HoantainYalleV J Water ^-^^ Wade Lee Cotton Co. Across the Street from the City Hall m'/i North 2nd. I'hone 221S A Complete Shallow Well WATER SYSTEM FITS UNDER THE SINK Heie's <j complete walar system so imal! And compact thjf- you can Init^ll U undor your tilchen lin or cellar tlept . . . and it deliver* up to 390 GPH. Tha low priced Lanc»iter Turbo-Pol It furrmVie J com p! of* and ready for pl^m rruTdl.alion. U ri.ii only on« moving pjil ... no v&|v«t, no belli, no lubrication tequi/cd, Ideal for bungalows, coH^qei, etc.. »Via)evcr space n tirmtod. Contact ui lor complete informA- IJon. There ii no obligation. EAIY termi can be fttr-sngod if you wii^, Ask About Our Kasy Puy Plan E. C, ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ur Ferguson Tractor. You make ,o or circling. If» easy on ihration-you don't »et ~ t,on. Tapered roller l>«rj"f^ power mum - «r. Year Bfl« year, you can k«P nine smoothly, quietly, efficiently. ROBIHSON IMPLEMENT CO Your Genuine Ferguson Deafer Blytheville JfiL CHECKERBOARD CHUCKLES * From Your Purina Dealer m m m C IT'S MY FIRST ONE! if '^v~^ v r\\l~ WHATS SHE SO VJ'/ EGG-CITED ABOUT ?t ITS HER F/KST EGG — AT ONLV 20 WEEKS ' THATS NOTHING... WE RE ALL DOING AS WELL- THANKS TO PUR GROW EN A /// ^*rv HELP TOUR PULLETS LAY EARLY E«GS THIS YEAR! Early {all eggs are worth money ko you! That's when egg .prices are usually highest! Growena-jed pullets laid a.1 20 weeks . . . laid 21 extra [all eggs more than straight grain- Jed pullets. Stop, in today for Purina Growena. L K, Ashcraft Co. Railroad & Cherry Ph. .MS»3 Best truck service in town at- Delta implements n /0ase cfo're///fe is like a hole in your pocket! MJcc tuce the wtt««U fn jour tr-xk g« all ihe rrKrgy ili« engine KnJi them! A »lip-up or weaknen xiywlierc the itrivt line wa^cc* jx> \]<M*.< axle &*fa. WS« JMM s*. » « from out S*nrk* »v*riifig pottibk jiMjf itufk of hauling rfiKiciJcy. uko ft<y fafff*/ I r >olu> oo. of ,0,,, rocU, ! WT,, no, «_ « _i .ft k _* A l< p*yi t«>/v rtfrt about the corvtldort VTc'lI b* g^t to explain pM« vtw* w« ^7 cf your (rink's uaaimitii'on, j>ropclti-r <$•."> ce> kef f roAoing gcjr rMUMM.rtgW4 I DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. 312 South 2nd. Phont 6868 TRUCKS DEARBORN Side Delivery RAKE An outstanding Ilcary Duty r»k« for th« Ford Tr*rtnf Hint handles hay gently and ix-rmiU th« s0ee4 tk*t t^e« full advantage of good weather. Gentle handling la assured bf new fcwvth, motion an4 reel angle that give* approximately t ft raking wi(h Jrj.i travel-handling of hay. Find Tractor Hydraulic Touch Control lifts and the full tlcnting reel for short, fast turning. Rak« ph'oti on tractor drawbar, turns almost us short a-s th* trwrior'a own turning raditw. Equipped with 22 roHcr bearings. Fr*»Hr* typ* j fillings. Automotive type wheels, 6.00-IC four-pi); tires. Tires sold separately. Come in RIM! see this great new rake before yon buy! * « tor »npe,i Sarv/re and C«nuij f*/ alJ models o l F/it Forrf Tractor k Dforbaim farm TRACTOR RusseSI Philiips Tractor Co., Inc. Al.KKN HARDIN, Manager Highway 01 South Hlyfheville RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR Co. J.EACHVIM.E, AUK. J. A. DAVIS, Mgr. Buy on .PROOF.', SK FOR A DEMONMRATJQN Did You Hear? of the Crops Ruined b; Hailstorm 11 car II nil and. Mo Buy Hailstorm Insurance iS T o\v—Hefore il r s Ion late United Ins.-Agency Ml Forms ol Insurance 1st A Main—Rear Oil; Drug [LOANS CARS, TRUCKS R«l Estsle <i FHA United Insurance Agency A. F (Dccl l)ie(ricl), Hfr. Isl ,1 .Main-Rear City Drof Blyllicville. Ark.

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