The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1943
Page 3
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Mexixcan Performer And Von Zuppi To Oppose ', Roy Weichj;Jack Moody ' The Bit; Lake water still;, swirled this alteinoon around'the'wil- low loots where tlio crapple; and goggle ties hang-out \vnitinis for a baited .-hook, but something was missing, it was (he familiar hulk "of Prof. Michael M'eroiiey, wrestling impresario and amateur, fisherman. : ' "And for goocr reason Mister Mc- roncy abandoned his plcaloilal hnunls for an afternoon, because the press of business' will demand !ih full aid complete attention tonight it the Legion Arena. Mister M.'ronc'y, It seems, has ladled out an assignment to n pair of his wrestlers and Mister Meroney mmi fce on hand, ; rr he. assisnment is in ,tl)c laps of ine jfick• Moody, on i-'e?,anl speci- nian,,\vith two arms, I wo. legs and !a' torso like .Tennessee oak, and his partner, Roy Welch,' cngy- veteran of seasons in the white baltle. p(ts. Their assignment is to •tamc,' ( suMue. and manhandle a couple' of fire - breathing vlllians. big. Carlos Roilriucz and Carl Von . Ziipp'!.' * ' Lbok at It any way you like rind the-result is-the same. It'll be n hectic evening for somebody.' Kod- riquez" and .Von Zuppi have been thrown, tossed, pummelled and bashed o\er their heads, In't thej nc\ei, nc\er have been tamed They're combining their Inlents tonight^ against Moody and Welch in what should prove one of (lie most intciestiiig lag matches of fe'red here in many' moons Professor Meroney ,it has been unofficial!} icpoited, is even considering moving the.ringside cftuirs back a-lilUe more as r; measure of public safoh But nny\\aj, liie customers' are assured .their ihon ey's'-Avorth of excitement and the folks will be willing to take Inch chances. As: an'added measure there will be.two'iwilvidual one-fall 'matches. One will see Rodriquez in action against Welch and the other , will be. a match between Moody and Voii Zuppi. The time is 8:15 o'clock. Precedent Favors Lindell; Best First Basemen PitcheiW Cliase, Terry, Sisler, Gehrig (ARK.) G0URJUI ttBWJI MONDAY, MAhcii 22, BV IIAKKY (iUAYSOS NEA Sporls LMilur ASBURY PAHK. N. J. — John Harland Unctcll would not establish n precedent by switching Iroin the pitcher's box and milking guod at first base for the Yankees. The besl first baseiran In history broke in us pitchers -- llnl Chase. Bill Terry, Geoigc Harold j Sisler and Lou cehrlg. 'Chase was u left-handed plli-li- cr and catcher lor bantu Clara and pitched for the I.m Angeles Coasters before coming i-a^i to be a first basing fashion plait-. Terry pitched as a si'inl-profM- sloiuil and lit the minors for nine years before settling down in first base.. Skier was n phenomenal pilc))- er Ihc alternoon In l!H5 on which ihe reported to the lirouiis, lint Branch Rickey handed him !i half docen baseman's gloves and lolil him io take his pick. Wlial little pitching Sisler did in his earlier years In Die American League was confined lei knv-hlt duels will. Waller Jolmsou and other famous muuudsnu'ii on big days. First four-masted schooner was launched at Bath, Maine, in 1880. COLLIXJI: i'i'n;iii:u Gehrlg, whom many rcganl as the daddy of them all. oiiulnally was a lett-handed pilc-lier lor Columbia University. Bnbe Ruth was anothn pitcher and a great one—who could, and did, play first nccvjiltibly for both the Red Sox and Yankees. Hooks Wiltse, the old giant southpaw, performed at first so smoothly that he was pressed into service Ihcrc in a Woiltl Scr- ies nlth Ihe Athletics. Moe Berg recalls catchim; n game pitched by vcrsaillc Jimmy Poxx In Japan tltiit would have been a credit lo an athlete making a carcur of handcuffing the hitters. While he lacks the physical advantages n left-hiindcr 1ms ,-it first base, Johnny Ltndcll bus the height — (i.'l—nnd is rcmnrkabiy loose for a boy weighing more lluin 200 pounds. He IMS the speed of Ihc hurler lhat. he was. lie hns the npprnrnncc of a roljnst rlghl-luinrt hitler . . . swills 11 loiiff bull." HI'ITINC! IS TIIK () , Open "i CO p m fehow Starts 7:30 pm Adyi Ahravs He and £fa ' , J .Monday Night 5'' % ^' OKE SIfOW ONLY-•>, TAo\ 6lTice Opciib 7.8(1, {iic( u r e Slai(b 8:00 p'ni. No Athance in t-rices! VOTED THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE! J5REER •-...'. GARSON WALTER PIDGEON DitMUa ky WlU.tAM,KSlE4 Jack Bcntlcy was a costly pitcher whom' John McGnitv employed as a i>ii!di-hlttci' for (he Glanis, but when tlie Phillies stationed the former Oriole ut first base, he Johnny United, six feet four, is lull enough to piny first base for Yankees, batted no more tlmn'.262. One hit in four bat Ij excellent on ihe purl of a pilcher or :i pinch-hitler, bill it Is not, nearly enough from a first baseman over n stretch of 15-1 engagements,.. Providing his fielding. Is passable, Johnny Llndcll's bat will answer the most Important ciuostion. BQG QQE3IDB NEW YOniC.-A good race horse The big .righthander 'believes he can rumble on nny khul of « track, should have won . at least four A good hitter can see 'cm til night, ] more gnmes. which 'would liavc pul "; ',,.•;„ . . lh e .Worici.Series in Ebbets Field The, 1!)>I2 night game balling fig- ' ' ' . ... lires iiulicatp ihnl bad Boston's Fcmyaj" Paik. hceii equipped for nocturnal*.engagement;;, Tcci Wl[- lii>ins.'cnsily-\wpnld linve hit .400 or: better .n .second straight season. William's,.;how a'-Naval Aviation cadet, paced": all' Ai'iierican League arclighl baiters with 1C hit-s in .13 Spikes On Bikes Field of 12 Racing At Oaklawn Today Includes Sjjecdy Ocean Wave HOT SPRINGS, "Ark., March 22. —Twelve nominees for the $10,000 .idded Arkansas Derby, - Including the Calumet Farm's Ocean Wave, will be seen In action In a pair of derby prep races •'arrange^ by Racing Secrelary Eugene.W. Bury for Monday afternoon at. Ouklatvn Park-. , .<..-/; Ocean Wave, .second (o Anibor I Iklil In .'the Louisiana Derby and nlrtady^ regarded :as one ; of > the fading; 'jioiUcnacis ' for", t,hV Kcn- tliLky Derby, has been entered In the sin Cfurlpiig '•< ilOOO jOUchlta ;• ,', '/;'' •» • "; "'.-.•. . 'G*)d Oiifs In Kielil Tlic.vWave will IK opposed by such.: ^6photclie|-.s as Mrs. Janet Kelly's;'Beau of Mine, winner of fom• Alt'tiljflH; J. C. Bentley's Bring Me Home, the Brown Hotel Stable's Seven Hearts and the Mnrloog Faun's Take Away, all derby nominees. Shiny Penny and Chnrler Member complete (he field, In tilt Monday .'featured sixth race for the $800 Marquette Hotel Purse, to be run over, a mile and i sixteenth route, Siravo and Pct- niccl's Spartlule, • winner of Uiree straight dislaiice .events here, and Ifie,. lone"fJlJy.v.iibniliialfd..for the derby,. wll\ nie.e^ such 'other derby n6m!ncfs as ' the ~ Happy Hour arm's : Iron • Works, the Brolltc Kami's Iron' Works, the -Bi-olite •s 1 - Dove, Pic,, .'and ; Darby Dan b Wnlkmg Is good for the legs, ,mil so Is bioycle liding-, ind Nc* \crk G,,u»t.s tu.n to more pleasant melted in gelling from hotel to.field at I.akcwooci', N. J. In ,, 0 ,,t, i e( i to right, are GILS Mancuso Dick Bartell' and Tom-Sunkel, Hear, Babe li-.tim nnd Curl IliiljOcll AAV Heads Decide On Tournament Date urn.B ROCK. Mar. 22.—Wcd- nescfay 'and Tlunwtay, April 7-8 lias been set for the annual A. A. U; boxing tournament. It was announced this morning by Billy Mitchell, secretary of tho state A. A. U. Following their IS43 motto of 'nil-out physical education, the A. A. U. tiecid-d to hold (lie tournament only alter considerable argument, had been raised, pro and con. Although the committee, headed by C. M. "Mackey" Whilten, has not decided l.ic tournament spot, it Is certain that it will be held In UlllB Hock. (Mitchell staled that in\ itatlons to all Army camps and j'xisls In Arkansas would lie extended as well as to other boys' chilis of (he state and Independent teams, As usual there will be «n open and novice divLsloh, awards presented to winner* in each weight class of both divisions, Officials and definite plans were not umdc public In the announcement made last night by -Mitchell. Both the North LJllle Hock and Litlle^Iiock Boys' Clubs will "enter learns. Joe Red, Noilhslde athletic director, hns one of the finest Icmns the North Little Hock Club has boasted in many years. J!i V>> Heinle Wagner Dies NEW ROCI1ELLE, N. Y... Mar. !. *UI'J—Funeral firran^etnehts ire being completed, for Charles Heinle" Wagner, shortstop- of. (lie world champion Boston He'd'Sox of.liHH and manager of Ihe club TOO. ' - ..--.-- Ebony . Enturdiiy.; lie' opelicd ,his career with the .Giants and later played 'witii'ibb.K f. Constitutes Tryo'ut'V Monday's sprlnV.-will , mark the -i ui ,,lni s of the American Associa'-' fiiit- appearance.,on s the Oaklawn' • --' • -.-••:?•--"^W!.oval of Qcean Wave, stablemate of 1113 fumed Whiflaway,--''/and will give OnklHwri-.-. fiiiis'.nii opportunity to see how the .Calumet star tncks ; lip Ihrce-year-olds in training here. ' • . ; and '.six ( chiidi-en. Marines Adopt Own 1'rnnk j lou | -SAN, .DIEGO, Gill. (UP>- Mnrl.iics have' adopted as a to.'frank' 'their Idlers fror /ron( the .-'writing ' <UP>—The devicu 'om the , - , — o in the upper right-hand, corner of the envelope Ih'eli-., fiiihous'slOBflii "The Marines Have; Landed^!'' Formerly Ihey used ! the device .ol the Navy, wliich isi .n ciiele, with ,"lX S. Navy" penned inside, i..'.,...' The thicc-tocd sloth has average .speed of one mite in ± rs. novs mm-: I Mexico city.—While the majority | of jockeys at the .llipodrmno de In.s Americas are American boys, ycsl 1.-: added by the excellent riding of Mexican youngsters, An African okupl is nbic lo wiish Its cars with H.s tongue. i.i^f!;'! 1 '! 1 , 1 ., Alaska, has an ns„., i . ,, r ,, -,-L- -, ., r." i. -,.• ..v ..'*""' mnji^ii, iiii.^ an .is"' K " 1 ' : W«vark ;0f-.thc:'.ftiter p ational. sesse.divalue".'vbf $7,000,080, the 0 League and Ihc Red Sb.O ;'-.. :l Uhiodnf paM' bythe United (States «. '. Wagner is survived, by Mils >wjfeTor the:w,h6lc of Alaska Senators Trade For Bob Johnson WILMINGTON; Del,, Mar. 22. (UP)—Big .Bob. .Iqlmson, who Connie. Mnck said never agtiln would play,.with the 'Athlctjcs, luur-bccii traded to the Washinnton Senators. Dne-.-to. a. niisiiiiderstandiDg;. regarding n. bonus • clause In last year's, contract, 'Johnson hnd refused to sign :willi the A's this sea-, .son. Mack , : Said; tlie club -.owed him no nio'ne'y and'refused to-meet Johnson's 'deriiairil.s."" r ' ' -'..^ •Jcj'hi'isbn •joined: (lie''A's in '1933 and has-been one .of the leading home run hUters"tif the American Ung'lic- slnce"th!ii'-lime. : • : ;. No . casli, : was -.iiivolved ' in Ihc dc)\l.'which.''semis oiitfieldcl Robei-to Estalelln ..ami'/liinelder' James Pb- oiticln] trips for nvflinniiig .485, His aftemooti mark was .3-13, his Brand nnd Icnguc-lendlng ligiiro .35G. Ted Williams would pickle the pellet tn the conflicting light of a Klass-voofed field nouse the rirsl day lie reported, nnd without Imv- ing had a bat in his hand all winter. -When you can hit, you can hit Period. New York Giants, with nothing more than (he local Y.M.c.A. gymnasium to turn to in nise of ad- instead of' Sportsmen's . "Park, St. Louis. '.''•• Wyiitt can't rcciill" h:^.training ason in which his ariii if pit.'looser, and he crodit.s,Ihls: to,'ii:'visit to Hot Springs. ,Kc never -had n lioor season"foltoH-liiB. : a:'tr.Ip-tc,5 the Arkansas'Spa, and links- 'his' fall- lire to get going earlier - in ''1942 to his neglect in not preparing at the famous fountain of youth. Like ail other IMII players ivork- in™ in field houses in Ihe north Whltloiv Wyntt. n Georgian, -puts (he okeh on intloor training. The Dodgers arc thankful • that Branch Rickey made the best, deal of all In lining up the huge plant at West Point. . .. liucky Hnrrls asks the Phillies lo act nnd (hint like major leaguers That will liuve to do under the circumstances ... phll- - whicli should be required listentii!; lor all players until the war is won. "This is going to be a camp different from anything you've over nown," said the little maunder. Forget the set-up we had in "loritin. Forget minor inconveni- nces. I-don't want anyone urip- ng. You'll liavc to work harder lo et In shape than yon ever did Before, but remember— "We're lucky lo be plnying bnll. "We're lucky to be alive." Whitlow W.vnlt traces Hrcoklyn's :oss of ihe National Leamie pennant last ye..r to Ills slaw stnrl Tmu WHIGHT • O«me M»y WHITTY Xe«iMld OWEN . HtorrTRAVERS .HicK.rdNEY . H.mjWILCOXON A W1U.1AM WYLEB P.oJuclion on I»N STRUTHEH'S Noy.l Plsyb), Artlof Widp»fu. CKJIO. IIO««ch«], Um*i KUton 4ad CUcdin, W.rt Kens of llic Day Selected Shorts :an Girls' Professional Soft- bull Lengiie . . . He go t that way from looking at the Cubs . -. • . fttcher Herb Brenner, drafted from Little Hock by Joe Crbntn,' Is a railroad fireman . . . The Hctl Sox intend to get around . . : Joo McCarthy cnn't" say Johnny Lindell, whom j te is trying at fii- s t base, has short arms, which was the -Yankee manager's objection lo Babe Dahlgicn . . . Undcll, con- . a^,, has been In ojit bf tjie'Washington organ-' button, .for the past seven years. Am) Ppfiihl was purcbasdcl by Ihe Senator's", from .'jvfinn'enpotls for 550,000 in 1041 but'failed to live up, to 'expectations. ', ' BABE. IIKRM.VN MANAGED "L&s 'Angeles.—Babe Herman, old Brqoklyn'-da'ffodil.'Is'aE.sisting Char- Icy' Root, .who• pifclied so .long for tho'Cubs, In piloting .Hie Hollywood Coasters.- ' .. .. • UVROUIIEil. COACHKS -CADETS . WEST POINT. — Leo Durochcr, shoristopplng manager -..of ''. the Brooklyns, Is assbtlhg, Piuil Amen in 'coacliing :the. Army baseball yerlcd pitcher. 'has n reach, four inches longer Ihah -'• Ills' ' height, which is 6.1 . . , FOR COLDS' COUGHING, MUSO.E ACHES PENETRO WITH THE MUTTON.SUET Federal Land Bank 3V LOANS —LONG TERM LOANS -LOW INTEREST —Short Term'Privileges Marcus Williams Secretary-Treasurer Cotton Btlt N.F.I/,A. Osceola, Ark. Let Us De-lint and Treat Your Now Is The Time To'Get This Work Done—Before The Rush Is On! lee Wilson Cf Ca. Armdrel, Arkansas »& Geo. H. McFadden & Bros, Ag'cy. Over Kfli-iim's Drug : .Slore; : -^-P. 'O. Box 218, .Blylhcvillc, Ark. E. C. RATION V'riiiniJU'- BAKER L. WILSON WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, M«r. 22,8:15 p. in. Lowest Admlisiori-• of_?»DJj W«§8injf ArW In Amerfc*. 30c, Ux J»c. i» NOTICE!'.. CIIANGjE'-:;iN : ADSnSSIONi ' P i«c. : Keserved seals ,15c: Children 15o. Reserve, Seat -TtckBtii; oh Sale »t Scbmuck'i SUn<Urd Oil Station Corner Main' iindD I vision^ ,--,"-. •....'. ' '' -''' ' ' '' TAG MATCH- •Carlos Rodriquez and Carl Von Zuppi ys. ' : •."• Jack Moody and Roy Welch One Fal! 'ftlatchcs '.RODKIQUEX vs. WKI.C'II MOODY vs. VON XUPl'I .IH West Main 21st SI: at. starts I2M5; Sun. sliirts 1:15 Nictit shares 5:45 Except Monday, opens ZAf. Conlinunns shows Sat. and Sun. Tuesday PAL N1TE 2 tickets for !l5c 'Pacific Rendezvous' willi Boisnian H Jean Rogers » Sc!«lcri Shorts I.itsl Time Today '1 Wanted Wings' with Kay Millaml \. Vcronic;i Lake Co:ncily Uuivcrs.-il Xcivs Tucsrtiiy KUDDY N1TK 2 liikels for (be price of 1 'Parson of the PanaminF will. Charlie Kugglrs A- ];|| CI1 j) ro ,,. Comctly Valhc News Next Time You Write Your Soldier- Nc,\t limr yoi. M .,,,| a i c ii cr •a you ate A«w f y nvr p , r uiai iiui »Ar iiroiliiclton T'« 1 I'VM,'! ''" - C ° ^ou will send t lo VOHr so ,,| icr or ^ „ ( b .v coi«er>-l,, e «•!„( ,-„„ have sn can net more r.iw malcrlals lo hrln " rVC <IO " KS< shccls ' ( ' ltllc lillcn * f lo us for careful l.nnulry work. NIU-WA PHONE 474 BLYTHEVILLE.ARK. Hecieaned 1913—Seed SOYBEANS R. D. HUGHES GIN COMPANY AX PAYERS Mr. Farmer See Us For Farm Equipment Of All Kinds! Twn Horse liKKAKINO I'l.OW-S (N T o ccrtificalc rcQnlrcd) ' Horse Drawn, 1 row PLANTERS (No ccrtincate required) All flies new A-C .TRACTORS (Need certincale) AtK'sIzes Clipirer t SEED '.CLKANEKS Need certificate) Horse and Trac\or 1)1SC HARROWS (Need certificate) Sec us tor "• FIELD SEED of;aII kinds. PAUL BYRUM 122 K. Slain rhonc 401 The Books Are Now Operf'.for the Payments of^ 1S42 STATE & COUNTY TAXES —and— 1943 IMPROVEMENT TAXES On Real Kstkte and Personal Properly Penalties Will Apply After APRIL 19 Penalties maybe avoided by paying at least, one-fourth of the total anual tax before April 19th HALE JACKSON Sheriff and Collector Mississippi County Arkansas H Hjv 1 ' ~v '. ~*>si , :c •, -

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