The Edwardsville Intelligencer from Edwardsville, Illinois on November 13, 1946 · Page 5
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The Edwardsville Intelligencer from Edwardsville, Illinois · Page 5

Edwardsville, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1946
Page 5
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EDWAEDSVILLE INTELLIGENCER, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBEE'13,1946. PAGE ITIVE RADIO PHOORAiS U:00--News. 1:15--Al Donahue's Orchestra. 1:30--Carmen Cavallero's Band 2:00--Dance Music, WEDNESDAY PROGRAMS SD {NBC 650 too) 5:00--News. ' · · 5:05--Salon Musit - . 5:15--Barry Wood 5:30--News. 5:45--Rnss David Show. 6:00--News and Sports. 6:15--News qj the World., 6:30--Tops In Music, 6:45--a V Kaltenborn. 7:00--Mr and Mrs. North. 7:30--The Great GHdersIeeve. 8:00--Duffy's Tavern. 8:30--Mr District Attorney. 9:00--The Fabulous Dr. Tweedy. 9:30--Kay Kyser's College ol Mu- sicaj Knowledge. 10:00--News HO :15--Allen Roth's Orchestra. 10:30--Richard Harkness. 10:45--Music of Manhattan.. 11:00--News. 11:10--The Snooky Lanson Show. · 11:30--News 11:35--Three Suns Trio. 11:45--Lee Sims, Pianist. 11:55--Musical Interlude. 12:00--News. K31OX (CBS 1120 KO) 5:00--Evening Edition. 5:15--Miccolis Sisters · 5:30--MusicaJ Derby 5:45--News 6:00--The Mystery ol the Week. 6:15--Jack Smith Show. 6:30--Ellery Queen, " 7:00--The Jack Carson Show. 7:30--Dr. Christian. 7:55--BUI Henry 8:00--Frank Sinatra Show. 8:30--The Ford Show. 9:00--Academy Award Theatre 9:30--Information Please. 10:00--Night Edition. 10:15--The Seth Greiner Show. 10:30--Sports Review. 10:45--V.'ord from the Country. 11:00--Headline Highlights. 11:05--MusicaJ Houi 11:35--Guy Lombarflo's Orchestra. 12:00--Al Bland Midnite Patrol. (Blue 080 BO 5:00--Terry and t;je Pirates 5:15--Singing Bam 5:30--License Quiz 5:45--Harry Caray's Sports. 6:00--The Rush Hughes Show 6:30--The Lone Ranger. 7:00--Lum and Abner. 7:15--Your Washington Man. 7:30--Fish and Hunt Club. 8:00--Affairs of Ann Scotland 8:30--Pot O' Gold. 9:00--Bing Crosby. 9:30--Henry Morgan Show. :00~Musical Derby .0:15--Bruce Barriagton. 10:30--The Symphonettes- KWK (MBS 1380 ko 5:00--Buck Rogers. 5 ill5--Superman. 5:30--Capt. Midnight 5:45--Tom Mix. 6:00--News. 6:15--Gil Newsome First Five. 6:45--Inside of Sports. 7:00--News. · 7:15--Come See Tour. 7:30--It's Up To Youth. 8:00--Gabriel Heatter. 8:15--Real Stories-from Real Life. 8:30--Spotlight - Bands. 9:00--Victor" Lornbardo's Orch. 9:15--Charles Luckman, Talk. 9:30--Mystery Time. .0:00--Musical Program. 11:00--News. H:Q5^-Freddie Nagle's Orchestra. .1:30--Jan Garber's Orchestra. 11:55--News. THUKSDAJ PROGRAMS . iiSI) (NB( 550 kc) S:00- -News 5:05--Frank Eschen Previews the Symphony. 5:15--To Be Announced. ~ 5:30- News 5:45- -Russ Uavid tinow. 6:00--News and Sports. 6:15--News ol the World. 6:30- -Gay Nineties Favorites with Julie O'Neill 6.45--H. V. Kaltenborn 7:00--The AJdrich Family. 7:30- -George Burns and Grade Allen 8:00--Music Hall. «:30- Jack Haley. Eve Arcten 9:00-- Abbott and Costeiio 9:30--Eddie Cantor Show. 10:00--News. 10:15--Allen Koth's Orchestra. 10:30--Richard Harkness.' 10:45--Music of Manhattan. 11 :OU--News 11:10--Design tor Listening. 11:30--News 11 :i5--Design lot Listening, :55--MusicaJ Interlude 12:00--News. 12:05--Dancing at Midnight. BiMOA (CBS U20 fee) 5:00--Evening Kdition. 5:15--Miccolis Sisters. 5:30--Musical Derby. 5:45- -Robert Trout. 6:00--Mystery of the Week. 6:15--The Jack Smith Show. 6:30--Mr. Keen, Tracer of Los Persons. (-.UU -Suspensa 7:30--FBI In Peace and War. 7:55--Bill Henry, News. 8:00--Dick Haymes Show. 8:30^-Crime Photographer 9:00--Reader's Digest. 9:30--That's Finnegan. 10:00--Night Edition 0:15--The.Seth Greiner .Show. 0:30--Sports' Review. 0:40--Post Parade. 0:45--In My Opinion. 11:00--Headline Highlights. :05--Musical Hour. 11:35--Jerry Wald's Orchestra. . 12:00--Al Eland's Midnight Patrol. KXUK (Bine 630 ho) 5:00--Terry the Pirates. 5:15--Singing Sam. 5:30--License Quiz. 5:45--Harry Carayrs Sports. 6:00--The Rush Hughes Show. 6:30--Down Memory Lane. 7:00--Lum and Abner 7:15--News, 7:30--America's Town Meeting. 8:30--Lead a Band. 9:00--World Security Shop. a:3U- -Raymond Swing. 9:45--fllmo Hunt Fish Club.. 10:00--Musical Derby. 10:15--Bruce Barrington, Nem 11:00--News; Leighton Noble. .1:30--George Towne's Orchestra. 12:0ft--Dance Music. liVVK (MBS 1380 KC! 5:00--Buck Rogers. . 5:15--Superman. 5:3U--Capt Midnight 5:45--Tom Mix. 6:00--News. 6:15--Gil Newsome First'Five. 6:45--Inside 'of Sports 7:00--Sound Off. 7:30--To Be Announced. B:00--Gabriel Heattei 8:15--Real Stories'from Real Lite 8:30--By Popular Demand 9:00--Eddie Dooley's All-American Football Roundup. 9:15--To Be Announced. 9:30--Mystery Time. 10:00--ABC Club. 11:00--News. 11:05--Jan Garber's Orchestra. 11:30--Jimmy Elgart's Orchestra, 11:45--Les Elgart's Orchestra. 11:55--News. Envoy to Sweden Louis Goethe Dreyfus, Jr., of Santa Barbara, Calif., former XI. S. minister; to Iceland, has been made minister, to Sweden. A career diplomat since 1910, he succeeds Herschel V. Johnson.. MRS. ROBERT JOHNSON PLANT SEEKS CURB ON PICKET ACTIVITIES Joliet, 111, Nov. 13 (IP)--Officials of the aircraft division of the Globe Corp. have asked for a temporary injunction limiting picketing by striking CIO United Steel Workers at the plant five miles north of -here. , The 123 members of the plant local have been on strike for three weeks . demanding . an 18% cent an hour increase for all em- ployes. The company alleged intimidation of non-striking workers, and the use of automobiles, horses and the pickets as barricades to prevent entrance to the plant. ffion Lutheran Church Thursday night the men's club will have its regular meeting at the public school basement at 8 o'clock. The . guest speaker will be Rev. J. Henning of Gehlenbeck. A light lunch will be served. All members are requested to be present. Any men of the congregation not members of the club are welcomed. The Sunday school teachers will attend the meeting of the Madison I County S. S. Teachers association at Edwardsville next Sunday, The time of the meeting is 2:15. Beat Estate^Transfers Clover Leaf-Home Bldg Loan to Lawrence J Druhe lot 8 blk 2 Jramte City $1. Catherine Frances Lee to Albert Achor lots 20 21 blk 9 West Madison add Venice $1 Bessie Achor to Luther Bioyles lot 32 pt lot 33 blk 8 West Madison add Venice $1. Charles J Keller to Vivian D Brown tract 1 Grand view Faims sec 23 Collinsville $1. Robert E Thurman to Ralph E Knox lots 169 170 South' Wood River in Hartford $1. Earl C Wilson to Jared Nem- mch land in. sec 13 Edwaidsville 510 Eail C Wilson to Olin Wetzel land in sec 13 Edwardsville $10. James A Taylor, to Aloysius J Sendelbach lot 2 blk 2 James A Taylor add sec 4 Jarvis $1. St Louis Smelting Refining Co to Charles H,. Miller land in sec 3 Collinsville $1. . . . Nathan Matties'to Marches Realty Co lot 55 N Edwards sub in pt blk 91 Lower Alton $15,300. Nathan Mathes to Mathes Realty Co lots 13 14 blk 70 Granite City $166313. '" ...'·' : : " Melvin B Miller to James Lee Ridings lot 9 blk 9 Granite Hgts add Granite City $1. H I Steinrauf to William L Beaver lot 13 blk 10 Victory Gardens sec 21 Wood River $1. H I Steinrauf to Jack E Richards lot 11 blk 13 Victory Gardens sec 21 Wood River $1. - . H I Steinrauf to Nicholas E Warner lot 13 blk 13 Victory Gardens sec 21 Wood River $1, Gladys O Fischer to Arthur F Tindell lot 8 blk 6 Kellers Heads add Wood River $1. Granite City Home Bldrs Corp to Fred F: Maixner pt lots 12 13 blk 2 Northlands add Granite City $1. ... ' ' . ,, Carl -V Moore to Delbert Dale Bartels- lot 6 blk 1 Ferdinand PI sub sec IS Nameoki $1. proof of death testate made. Proof of heirship made. Claim date first Monday in January. .George C Dlntelmann, fiec'd, inventory approved. Bruna Conde, dec'd, proof of heirship. made. ' John A Fruit, dec'd, inventory approved Balvina Conde, dec'd, proof of heirship made Cocoiro Conde, dec'd, proof of heirship made. Edna Giger, dec'd, proof of death, testate, made. Emma R Geisman, dec'd, inventory approved Adolph Zobnst, dec'd, final report set for hearing on November 29 T/4 Lorman. Wehling was home | Eugene M Perry to Alexander W for a short visit. He is now stationed in Chicago.- Morriss lot 1 blk 1 Northlands add Granite City $1. There will be morning and eve- Alexander W Morris to William ning communion service on t h e i C Me y ers lot l bik * Northlands 'first Sunday in December. "£ £TM? lte . C \ ty | X . - ,, . 1 C C Morris to Francis D Morris On the last Saturday in November and the first three Saturday's in December at 1:30, the children's Christmas service will be rehearsed. Personals Mrs. Ida Brakhane and Edwin jBrakhane spent one afternoon the past week with Mr. and Mrs. Hil- jert Brakhane of near Hamel. Mrs. F. H. Opel spent Friday afternoon in Edwardsville. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Finke were Bunker Hill and Woodburn callers on Sunday afternoon. Yourees sub Granite City §1. Apex Realty Co to Robert W Mrs. R. L. Johnson and son Ed-1 Wheeler lot 3"6lk 4 T P Eggmanns 'ard of Worden, Norma Osburn of (add Roxana 51. Edwardsville were Carpenter call-1 Mary Long to Josephine M Fei 1 - ers Sunday morning. · 'aud lots 17 IS hlk 30 Amended Miss Eileen Neuhaus of Ed-,P !at o£ Granite City $1. wardsville and Lloyd Neuhaus ofL. J o h n , A n ^ u TM e e t ? orden spent Monday with their ^ mu f 'ft 2 * blk 5 In S Ie! * de parents, Mr. and Mr, G. H. Ne»- Gl TMAltS,^ San ' ft Investment tlaus ' lAssn to James Lauchner Jr lot Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson 14 blk 2 in Blinn Hgts $1. were Fruit callers on Monday eve- E Alton Loan' Investment Assn ning. to Edward J Snedeker lot 10 blk Mr. and Mrs. Marion Stoecklin^l Bowmans sub 51. of St. Louis spent the past week I E Alton Loan Investment Assn end with Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Opel. HO Correnna B Apple lots 179 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Pickering,! 180 pt 178 in Sterling 51. Mrs. Blanche Wriston, Mrs. Halton | E A!ton Loan Investment Assn .Vriston and children were Alton i t o R a l f h B 'i rtl e« '«* 2 blk 6 Blinn "I had less trouble getting used to Kindy bifocals than any I have ever worn . .. I'll tell the world I like them!" If you have worried about Hie trouble you might have wearing bifocals . . . ask your neighbor about hers. She'll tell you she's had more comfort from Kindy bifoeals tran she thouciht was possible . .. with none of the old bifocal troubles,.. " ^ Kindy Bifocal Specialists actually guarantee your comfort and satisfaction with Kindy bifocals. Your first cost is you? only cost . . . it insures you until they are completely comfortable and satisfactory. This Is an important part of our specialized bifocal service for which no extra charge l« made. Modern bifocal fenses, the development of improved methods,-over thirty years of experience . . . PLUS the satisfaction of thousand* of patrons stands behind our promise of satisfaction. Drop m today for a friendly char... there is no obligation. CONVENIENT CREDIT ALTON, ILLINOIS 213'PIASA STREEt New Office Hours: 9 to 5;Daily . . . Sat. 9 to 9. NEW OFFICE HOURS: 9 TO 5 DAILY . . . SATURDAY 9 TO 9 lot 22 Meadow Hgts sub sec 22 Collinsville $1. . Richard McGowen to Helen Baum pt lots 2 3 blk 10 Penning odd Wood River $1. Esther Rule to Floyd E Willman lots 1 to 3 blk 1 HP Stulkens sub sec 23 Edwardsville $6800. Theodore H .Tunghans to Silvo Grisolano land hi sec 29 Collinsville 51. H I Steinrauf to Clyde Smith lot 3 blk 11 Victory Gardens'sub sec '11 Wood River 51. Howard Henry to Arthur C La Rose pt lot 14 blk 15 McCasland GRANTFORK Church Notes,, Sunday school at 9:15, worship at 10:15. Thought for meditation: We know that in everything God works with those who love him. (God speaks). Remain 8:28. The. Madison Regional of the 1 Woman's Guild .will meet-here at 9:30 on Thursday for their Fall rally. .Walter T Z/yskowski, dec'd, inventory appifived John. Schmitt, dec'd, proof of death, testate made, pi oof of heir- ship made Thomas W Wright, dec'd, proof of death, testate made. Elmer C Stahlhut, dec'd, proof o f : death, testate' made, proof of leirship made. - Claim date first Monday in ..Tanuary. George J.ienry Handler, dec'd, in- 'entory -approved. A hew claim date is .fixed for the first Monday n January. . Irene Conley Donovan, dec'd, supplemental inventory approved. JSdith Davis, conservatorship, inventory, approved. ' - . ' · . Mat tie M Cramer, dec'd, said report of sale of real estate at pubic sale is approved and sale con- Irmed. ' ' Jennie Vaudrey, dec'd, claims al- owed. George Shane, dec'd, inventory approved. Claim allowed. Christina Salzman, dec'd, : final report set for hearing on November 29. Emma Launer, dec'd, inventory approved. Award for three children allowed. Leroy J Fournie, dec'd, supple- j mental inventory approved. 1 Lewis Albert Johnson, dec'd, administrator is authorized to make partial distribution.. Anna B Martin, dec'd, .proof of death, intestate made. Proof of heirship made. Inventory approv-j ed. . Claim date, first Monday in j January. . ·. . . . Personals Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Figge and children of Collinsville visited Saturday with Rev. Arby Hosto and mother. . Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schwehr children visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schmitt at Troy, Mrs. Emma Voegle of Highland' spent a few days with Mr., "and Mrs. Clem Petery and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Messerly and son of Steelville, Mr. and Mrs. William Ryan and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Moss, Mrs. Leroy Moss and daughter, Mrs. Louis Schoen and Ed. and Leo Ryan visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Messerly. * Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sacket and daughter of Edwardsville visited Sunday with Mrs. Mary Schrumpf. visited Monday with relatives at Edwardsvile. Mr. and Mrs. Al Mettler an'd children visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clem Mettler at Highland. . , John '0. Zimmermann-and sister Emma of St. Louis spent the week end with William Zimmermann. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bccher and Mrs. T.. S. Grigg of Coffeen, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bandy. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Messerly and son visited with relatives at Steelville, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Messerly and son of Steelville spent the week end with Mrs. Viola Mollett and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Helm. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schwehr of, Edwardsville visited Monday with' Mrs. Ida Schwehr. : George Wait of St. Louis spent; several days with John S. Leef, ; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schmitt and! Elm Sprouts Hickory Nuts Jerseyville, III., (I?) -- Hickory nuts growing on an elm tree have appeared on John Springman's jwoodland pasture. Springman believes it is a natural graft which must have occurred years ago, since the hickory ..tree has disappeared. . A Three Days' Cough is Your Danger Sipal Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial- mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to'have your money back. forCousfts,ChestCo!ds,BronchUis Circuit Court Cases Filed George Vambaketes vs Harold F Wadlow, et a), Local Liquor Commission of Alton, Appeal. j Harry Hemphill adm vs Pennsyl- j vania Greyhound Lines, Law. Maggie Zelma vs Clyde W Swift, Divorce, X-ray pictures now can 1 made through one foot of steel. 1--USED KITCHEN RANGE 1--USED COAL CIRCULATOR 1--USED 24" CAST IRON FURNACE, COMPLETE JONES 201 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 1363-W :allers Saturday morning. Mrs. G. H. Neuhaus and children and Mrs. Rose Voudrie spent one afternoon the past week In Edwardsville. PLANE CEASH INJURES TWO ABINGDON Canton, HI, Nov. 13 (IB--Two men who flew to Astoria, 111, to hunt ducks were treated today for injuries suffered when their small plane crashed near there .as they were taking off to return home to Abingdon. The men were Leo Eppley, about 45, and Ledru Millspaugh, about 40, operator of a roller skating rink at Abingdon. They were pulled from the plane's wreckage by two farmers, with whom they-had been visiting, and were taken to Havana, HI. A doctor there summoned an ambulance and brought the men to a. hospital here. Hgts 51. Donald B Warnock to Raymond E Meter lot-3 blk 12 Wat^nn H". ward add Wood River $ 1 . George F Smith to Byron F Killam lot 13 blk 7 i? 'unys ;::!! Wood River $1. Edward G Huette, incompetent by cons to C V Nord lot 8 blk 8 Dulanys add Wood River $6000. George Buns to Lewis Buhs lot 18 hlk 3 Altona Highlands sub sec S Wood River $10. j Thomas K Mclntyre to William E Dugge lot 7 blk 3 Lockyers add Alton $1. Probate Court Proceedings Charles W Terry, dec'd, inventory approved. Gerster M Grossheim, dec'd, PHONE 147-t TRO*. ILL. MEN LABORERS AND MACHINE OPERATORS WOMEN FOR ENAMEL DIPPING Both Hourly and Piece Work Rates fiafioiial Enameling AND Stamping Co. 1100 NIEDRINSHAUS AVENUE GRANITE CITY," ILLINOIS TELEPHONE SERVICE requires a maze of wires and much complex equipment. To install, operate and maintain this equipment takes a lot of highly skilled people -around 40,000 at Illinois Bell. IT IS FUNDAMENTAL with Illinois Bell to pay good wages. Good wages are paid to attract and hold the kind of employees needed to provide you with the kind of service you want ' SBNC1 1940 our payroll has more than doubled, partly because df an increase in force, but largely because of general pay increases. Sixty cents out of every dollar we receive is paid out in wages ^ I L L I N O I S B E L L T I L I P M O M

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